Drowning Studies – Artemis University Book 2 by Erin R Flynn

Drowning Studies
Artemis University Book 2
Erin R Flynn


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My name is Tamsin Vale and my life is radically different from a few months ago. I’m a college freshman who didn’t finish high school. I’ve inherited more money than I could ever spend after nineteen years of never having much of anything.

I’m the last fairy… And no one knows what happened to the rest of them.

That doesn’t even cover half of it. I’m having hot sex with a dragon prince that I have some weird energy thing with. Then there’s my sexy professor who I can’t seem to stop crossing lines with when I know it’s stupid.

My best friend—who has turned out to be from a dragon knight clan—now works for the college and is helping to keep me safe. And it’s needed since I’m drawing attention with being powerful as an unknown.

Also, because I’m not declaring my species—but how can I when some people on campus can tell if I’m lying? And telling the truth isn’t an option.

Not if I want to stay alive, much less pass the semester. At least I have the school’s best tutor helping me and I like a challenge.

Including handling the impossible, like trying to save all of Faerie.

Artemis University a hot burning reverse harem, university-age paranormal academy series with darker elements, strong language, violence, and a heroine who follows her own moral compass of what is right… And who she ends up giving her heart to.

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Okay so here’s what we have so far. Hudson the dragon prince is the first of Tamsin’s lovers. There are several who would like to be but she’s having none of it. We have Mason the bear who flirts constantly and is a bit of a stalker, then there’s Darby her tutor who is giving off mixed signals. She’s still teasing the living daylights out of Dr. Julian Craftsman her advisor and power assessor. There’s quite the attraction there.

In this book we meet hobgoblins, learn more about things that have been kept from Tamsin and she deals with more and different bullying. She’s also discovered she can open the portal to Faerie, and is feeding it her energy to heal it. That’s a slow process but she needs to know what happened.

This is a favorite scene with the hobgoblins.

I was pulling out my phone when I felt something hit my leg.

I looked to my left and no one was there. Until I looked down. A very little hobgoblin was jumping and head-butting my thigh to get my attention. Oh damn, that was so cute.

“Good morning,” I greeted with a smile.

She beamed at me, her skin bright yellow which seemed happy, and held out an apple to me. Why was she giving me a gift?

“Thank you, I was thinking of getting an apple,” I fibbed, glad when she smiled as I took it. “Would you like to join me?”

“Please,” she said. Oh, she was a kid. She sounded like a five-year-old might talk.

I pulled out the chair next to me and helped her up there, realizing she was waiting for me to eat her gift. I bit into it and thanked her again, eating it in between my cereal.

“Me too!” another little voice declared not long later.

I glanced down to find a hobgoblin with orange skin. Nervous? They were holding a plate of cheese and grapes.

“Darfin too!”

“Well, thank you, Darfin, I’m Tamsin,” I introduced, taking the plate from him.

The girl introduced herself as Elasha and apparently the two of them started a trend as five more hobgoblin kids came over and brought me more food. They climbed up on chairs on the other side of the table and just stared at me, smiling when I ate their food.

Okay, this had to be something I didn’t understand. Did they like bright red hair?

Elasha kept touching it and giggling so maybe none of them had that hair color. They all had cute tufts of hair but nothing like doll trolls, and one of the girls had braids so it wasn’t as if it couldn’t grow longer.

Before I could figure it all out, Elasha made a shocked noise and jumped on the table, the others doing the same as they changed colors to bright red, which must mean scared as well as angry.

I turned to see Hudson standing there, watching all of this. I went to stand but Elasha and Darfin tried to block me.

“No, scary,” Elasha declared, looking back at Hudson.

“Him? He’s not scary; he’s a friend,” I promised them.

“Always frowning and upset,” Darfin argued.

“That’s because he hasn’t gotten any hugs today,” I told them firmly, seeing their colors cool off a bit as they glanced between us. I smirked at Hudson, who gave me a look like he thought I had to be kidding and wouldn’t try anything.

Of course I would. Silly dragon.

“Come on, let’s give him a hug and he won’t be so scary. Don’t hugs make you happy?” I smiled when they all nodded.

I picked up Elasha and handed her over to Hudson, who looked completely gobsmacked as he took the tiny hobgoblin child and gently held her.

“Who’s next? Who wants to hug the big dragon prince?”

Oh, it was hard not to laugh when they all raised their hands and jumped around. I started loading Hudson up, smiling brightly at him and pointing to my lips to show him how to do it.

Just to try and push him over, Elasha kissed his cheek and he rolled his eyes, the big quiet gruff.

“What are all you rascals doing there?” a hobgoblin said as she raced over to us. “Oh dear, please forgive me, Prince Hudson, Ms. Vale. We thought the children were outside playing.”

I opened my mouth to ask how she knew my name but she shot me a look that told me something was going on.

What now?

“They must have snuck in to have some fun,” she continued as she picked them off of Hudson. Again I got a look.

“They seemed excited about my hair,” I fibbed, well not completely. “Elasha kept playing with it and giggling.”

“Yes, we don’t have hair such a lovely color,” she praised.

“Or bad dye job,” Katy drawled as she walked by. She was one of Blake’s friends who was now taking center stage as the new leader.

I ignored her and focused on the hobgoblin. “It’s no problem. They were adorable and well behaved, trying to make the big grump smile even.”

“Thank you,” she said as she waved them to come with her. “We’ll be by later to pick up your laundry and handle it for you.”

“Why her?” Katy demanded. “I told you to do mine and you refused.”

The hobgoblin gave her a withering look as her skin turned red. “Yes, because you ordered us to like we’re your servants and we’re not. Ms. Vale has a lot going on and offered to watch our children and play with them.” She smiled at me then as her skin turned back. “We’re here to help as you’re doing something very important and we support you.”

I tried to hide the thrill of fear that raced through me, Katy bitching actually acting as good cover. I was such an idiot.

Izzy had said hobgoblins were fair folk… They knew I was a fairy.

And somehow, they knew I was trying to heal Faerie. Oh boy.

She seemed to understand I’d just caught on. “Dr. Craftsman was looking for you to go over some things, I believe. Do you want me to pack up this food for you, Ms. Vale?”

“Tamsin, and you are?”

“Irma, it’s lovely to meet you,” she introduced, dipping her head. “I knew your distant cousin well and we’re glad the estate is not cold and sad anymore but new life and love to fill those houses.”

Wow, so they were really tapped in. I thought back to a movie I remembered saying the staff and help always knew everything. That might really be true.

Hudson gestured with his head and I sighed, knowing what he wanted but then shook my head.

“No, I’m sorry, but no,” I whispered. “It gives me headaches around so many people, Hudson. It’s hard to have telepathy and everyone’s gotten louder now that the vaccines are out of me.

“It’s deafening in public with so many people and—I finally have silence and peace, okay? Text me if you want.” I gave him a hurt look. “If you want to talk to me and not just with someone who can talk to you that way.”

His eyes flashed shock but I turned back to my food to clean up, needing to find Craftsman.
Flynn, Erin R. Drowning Studies (Artemis University Book 2). Kindle Locations(838-908). Supernatural Script, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

I love all the interactions with the hobgoblins and all the things going on to help them.

Of course Tamsin finds more injustices to right, and somehow manages to learn the things she needs to. Some surprises with her roommate Izzy and well lets just say a lot happens in this book.

Fun, laughter, tears and plenty of sizzle in this one. I am already starting the next.

5 Contented Purrs for Erin!

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Erin is a born Chicagoan who decided to state hop a bit, given she works from home. She currently resides in Georgia with her pup, Lord Vader Flynn. With an eclectic and addictive personality, there isn’t much that doesn’t interest her or she won’t pour herself into if it catches her fancy. She has always been interested in the darker aspects of life and mythologies—especially vampires, shifters, the occult, and anything paranormal.

To date, she has published more paranormal books than she can keep up with the characters for, in different genres with dedicated readers who await each release to her numerous series under any of the three Flynn names she writes.

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