Weakened Mountains – Artemis University Book 4 By Erin R. Flynn

Weakened Mountains
Artemis University Book 4
Erin R. Flynn


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My name is Tamsin Vale, and I survived my first semester at Artemis University… And several Biblical plagues. Of all the things I’d been expecting, plagues weren’t one of them. We still don’t know who the culprit was or if it was simply a prank, so there’s possibly another threat out there against me.

Add it to the list.

Unfortunately, that damn list is getting long.

But despite all of that, I think I’m getting the hang of this college thing. I like my classes, I’m doing well in them, and I’m making progress on also finishing high school. I have some normal in my completely crazy life with friends, a boyfriend, and typical worries someone my age should have.

Granted, I’m still sleeping with my professor and a dragon prince, while trying to save all fairies, fair folk, and Faerie, but also help my friends and women in an extremely sexist society that treats them like property and fight the corruption of the councils. That should be enough to keep a woman busy for the rest of her life.

It should have been… Except there’s a serious problem the dragons are facing, and they need my help. The lives of millions are at stake, so as much as I want to only focus on my people and my problems, they might have to wait a little bit longer.
This will definitely end with more threats against me.

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To say that Tamsin’s plate is full to overflowing is an understatement. She’s one person and she’s trying to right so many wrongs.

The latest developments, Tamsin can up the value of basic crystals to a level of seven, totally unheard of but when she’s really happy it happens. The other big one is heartbreaking, Darby and Tamsin were taking their relationship to the next level when she allowed him to drink from her. Big mistake and one she had no clue about. The people who should have been protecting her and him failed miserably to prevent poor Darby from going into bloodlust.

In this book, Tamsin once again let’s those people have it in spades. She’s more than just a little angry that no one told her vamps can’t have fairy blood and wants to know everything that could be adverse and/or out her.

Now with the plans for a women’s shelter, they are in a position to find those who are a danger to her. This leads to some surprising or rather not so surprising arrests.

Things get even weirder and then dangerous with Mason, the bear shifter who runs with Tamsin. He’s always been a bit of a stalker but this goes way over that line.

I love the Harry Potter references and her English assignment is really fun and leads to an interesting invention. Her mental shielding class was a bit of a surprise though as Hudson was in it. He’s a senior and this is a freshman class. Seems like Professor Koch was a bit lacking in his teaching methods and yes Tamsin calls him on it and gets him to make a deal. If she improves Hudson’s shields in one class he resigns.

This is just one of my favorite scenes.

Damn, he was pretty fucking literal. “Right, yeah, you literal stubborn dragon.” Oh, that was the answer. “Fine, no pressing, but we’re going to heat it. Let River use his fire to heat it as that’s how acrylic and plexiglass is made or whatever. Heat it up and let it melt into that thick, sturdy plexiglass dome.”

“Got it,” he agreed after a few moments.

I saw in his mind he did. I squeezed his hands and opened my eyes, smiling at him. “Good job.”

“What next?”

“Take a break,” I chuckled.

His eyes snapped open and he frowned. “But we have to make progress.”

“Hudson, you just did.” I gave him a soft smile. “You have a mental shield on right now. That’s way more than the fisherman’s net he had you picturing. We’ll build on it later but that’s amazing progress and fast. You’re really smart and—”

He pulled on my hands and leaned in, kissing me full on the lips… In front of everyone. I didn’t remember that fact for a moment and didn’t stop him at first. Then I let go of his hands and pushed him away, nervously chuckling.

“Yeah, yeah, I get it, you pushy dragon. You better also explain that to my boyfriend.”

He winced, seeming to remember the others as well. “I will. Sorry, I’ve just been so…”

“I know, but it was the teacher, not you. You were really easy to work with if someone bothered guiding you.” I glanced over my shoulder and smirked at Koch. “Go ahead and see if I got anywhere with him or if you can keep bullying him. Remember that I can hear if you’re lying as you think you’re so fucking good and you don’t even know how to block your thoughts from a telepath.”

“Tamsin,” Hudson hissed.

“No, let him try,” I pushed. “Let him see what I could do in one class whereas he just wanted to bully you and lecture me that I was just garbage that didn’t know your supe ways.” I pushed to my feet and fisted my hands, getting angry all over again. “I get it, you were bullied as a student by dragons. Hey, Hudson wasn’t alive then, you jerk.

“You had every chance to be the bigger person and move past that, but you’re a sick and twisted fuck who knows saying ‘penetrated’ makes the women uncomfortable and you get off on rooting through their minds to learn about their sex lives. That’s not education, that’s violating them mentally. You’re full of it that others have learned from you.

“I would bet others cheat with charms or hire outside help after one round with you. But you’re so awesome then have a go with me.” I took a threatening step towards him. “Because I have two shields. One mental shield and another keeping my thoughts in, which you do not as I can read your thoughts. That’s not invasive. You should not be looking down at anyone when you don’t even know that.”

“I agree,” Headmaster Edelman said from behind me.

“I tried to warn you,” Hudson grumbled when I flinched.

I slowly turned and glanced over my shoulder, seeing it wasn’t just Edelman but several other deans standing in the doorway. “You said I couldn’t punch anyone for their thoughts, but you didn’t say I couldn’t trick them into making deals to resign when their thoughts are I’m an easy lay and how much he’ll enjoy seeing my escapades and whacking off to them later.”

“Oh dear gods,” Professor White muttered, looking slightly pale at that. “You breeched his mental shields?”

I shook my head. “I don’t know how to do that.”

She gave a slow nod. “You said he doesn’t protect against a telepath. He can’t block you.”

“Right, but it’s not…” I sighed, trying to think of how to explain it.

“Let’s table that for the moment,” Edelman interjected. “Koch, you made a deal with these witnesses?”

“It was a joke,” he lied, flinching when Hudson growled.

“Mr. Vogel, what happened here?” Edelman asked. His eyes couldn’t hide his shock when Hudson answered, and I went to battle for the dragon prince so fiercely.

Yeah, well, I would have even if I hadn’t been worried people would learn we were sleeping together. Hudson didn’t deserve to be treated that way.

“Koch, my office. White, if you would supervise as Ms. Vale finished her teaching of class,” Edelman said, shooting me an amused look before giving Koch a wave to follow… And he might lose his head if he didn’t.

Wait, teaching class? Shit.
Flynn, Erin R. Weakened Mountains (Artemis University Book 4). Kindle Locations (2062-2110). Supernatural Script, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

Once again there is much to keep up with in this book, Tamsin is again surprised by a meeting, well a dinner with dragon royalty. She does have plenty of backup with her though and also Hudson’s aunt who is also a telepath. The dragons have a problem they need help with and Tamsin and her ability to charge up crystals is the answer.

There are also some very interesting interactions with the Rothchild’s and Mel, one I really didn’t expect.

I am really enjoying Tamsin’s journey as she discovers more about herself and helping so many along the way.

I am getting ready to start the next book, I really need to know what happens next.

5 Contented Purrs for Erin!

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Erin is a born Chicagoan who decided to state hop a bit, given she works from home. She currently resides in Georgia with her pup, Lord Vader Flynn. With an eclectic and addictive personality, there isn’t much that doesn’t interest her or she won’t pour herself into if it catches her fancy. She has always been interested in the darker aspects of life and mythologies—especially vampires, shifters, the occult, and anything paranormal.

To date, she has published more paranormal books than she can keep up with the characters for, in different genres with dedicated readers who await each release to her numerous series under any of the three Flynn names she writes.

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