Rory – Hope City Book 7 By Maryann Jordan

Hope City Book 7
USA Today Bestselling Author
Maryann Jordan


One city… Countless stories.

Rory McBride was a protector, but went his own way…
his brothers were detectives but he found his calling as a paramedic.
Saving lives was second nature to him…
Now if he could only save the one woman who held his interest.

Sandy Carmichael hid her secrets behind a brilliant smile and flirting…
But never let anyone close. Especially not the handsome rescuer who filled her dreams.

When secrets are exposed and danger lurks… sparks fly.

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Discharged from the Army, Rory was easily able to get his EMT license, now he’s studying for the Paramedic exam while working as an EMT/Firefighter. The favorite hangout for police and firefighters is The Celtic Cock Pub it’s here that Rory meets someone who manages to captivate him.

Sandy is Harper’s best friend, she’s soft-spoken but not shy in flirting with Rory. She’s a bit intrigued by him and surprised by her reactions.

This is a favorite scene.

Bill lifted his hand and waved toward the other end of the bar. Turning, Rory glanced toward the door, seeing two women enter, one waving back toward Bill. Both women were attractive, but only one snagged his complete attention. Her hair was pale blonde and thick as it waved over her shoulders. She was petite, on the verge of being tiny, and as the two women pushed their way through the crowd toward them, he lost sight of her.

Craning around, he finally caught sight of her blonde hair as she popped between two people, leading her friend to the bar. Up close, he realized just how petite she was. He and his siblings gained their height from their dad. The boys were all over six feet tall, and his three sisters were tall as well. Their mom was known as the short one in the family even though she was five and a half feet tall. But looking at this woman, even in her heels, she’d be much shorter than his mom.

The blonde moved directly to the bar, and he could see her hair was even longer and thicker than he imagined, pulled back away from her face and held with a clip with waves cascading far down her back. Big blue eyes, heart-shaped face, and pink-slicked lips. A fitted blue, silky blouse set off her eyes as well as showcased her breasts. It tucked into a tight black skirt that clutched her narrow waist, perfect ass, and thighs. It came to just above her knees, and while he had little knowledge of women’s clothing, he had no doubt hers was expensive. Small diamond stud earrings graced her ears, and the only other jewelry she wore was a thin gold-and-diamond bracelet around her small wrist.

He and Blay immediately slid from their stools, offering them to the women. She placed one hand on the top of the bar and a heeled shoe on the rung of the bar stool. He threw out his hand to assist. She was still looking down as she reached out, placed her hand in his, and he gave her a little boost into the seat. She crossed her shapely legs at her ankles then looked toward Torin and ordered a Lemon Drop Martini. As soon as her friend ordered a non-alcoholic drink, the blonde turned toward him. She wore makeup, but instead of looking like warpaint or attention-grabbing, it seemed to make her eyes pop and give her whole face a glow.

Her gaze held his and her eyes widened as a smile spread across her face. Not a little, polite smile, but a wide grin that beamed toward him. If ever there was a cheerleader smile, he was faced with it right now. And yet it was slightly crooked. And he loved that… a tiny imperfection in an absolutely perfect face made her all the more interesting.

Hating to stare, he forced his gaze to shift to her friend, noting her wrist was in a splint. She was beautiful as well, and yet there was something about her that gave off a sisterly vibe. Looking toward the blonde again, he knew his immediate reaction to her was anything but sisterly.

Before he had a chance to speak, she said, “Obviously, I know Bill and Blay, but you’re new.”

Her voice was soft, which struck him as incongruent. He expected a louder, more rambunctious tone or perhaps a cat-like purr. She stared straight into his eyes, something else that caught his attention. No downcast or side glances. Just straight-up interest. Strangely thrilled that she recognized he was new, he flashed his version of a white-toothed grin. “I’m Rory. Blay and I grew up together.”

“So, why am I just now meeting you?” Her blue eyes seemed to light with what he hoped was interest.

“I just got out of the Army.”

She nodded, her lips still curved. “It’s nice to meet you, Rory. I’m Sandy. And this beautiful woman with her arm in a cast is Harper.”

After greeting both women, Bill stepped in, leaning closer to Harper, giving Rory a chance to focus on Sandy. He nodded toward her drink and said, “Does that actually taste like Lemon Drop candy?”

“You’ve never had a Lemon Drop Martini?”

A chuckle erupted, and he shook his head. “’ Fraid martinis are not exactly my style, but I remember my grandmother used to keep Lemon Drop candies in a bowl on her coffee table. Probably drove my mom crazy since that bowl was within easy reach of all us kids.”

“Let me guess… you just couldn’t resist the sweet and tart, could you?”

Her eyes sparkled, and she leaned in ever so slightly. Even sitting on the barstool, she had to look up to hold his gaze. Her glossy lips were close, and his brain short-circuited as he thought about closing the distance and seeing if they tasted as good as they looked. Sucking in a deep breath, he forced his mind back to the flirting and off the kissing. “Sweet and tart… best combination. I can’t help but ask— are you anything like your drink?”

She threw her head back and laughed, and just like her smile, it caught him off guard. Her belly laugh was real, coming from deep inside. Holding his gaze again as her mirth slowed, she nodded. “I would have to say that most people who know me say I’m exactly like this drink.”
MaryAnn Jordan. Rory – ARC Copy – nor for sale or distribution: Hope City (Kindle Locations 158-195).

While they definitely have attraction, Rory has commitments and doesn’t hang around long. He does however look forward to seeing Sandy again.

The second time they meet is so much fun, trading crazy pick-up lines and getting to know each other. This night ends with a steamy kiss in the parking lot that doesn’t go unobserved. That’s when Rory makes a really big mistake, believing what others say, instead of listening to his inner conscience.

Sandy owns a somewhat successful interior decorating business. Working with corporate accounts she designs custom offices along with her team. The account they are working on could be the one to have her business soaring to new heights. However something is off and what she discovers could ruin everything.

I love meeting up with all the McBride and King family members and it was fun meeting Shania, Rory’s partner as well.

A fast-paced fun, flirty, suspenseful and scary tale with romance and eventually heat.

5 Contented Purrs for Maryann!

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Maryann Jordan

I have always been an avid reader. My early memories were of my mother taking me to the library and allowing me to check out as many books as I could carry. My favorite books were checked out numerous times and read over and over. I would use my Barbie dolls to play out the scenes in books (such as Nancy Drew!).

I have written as a hobby for many years (probably since childhood). I have written devotionals, autobiographical writings about having a severely handicapped, medically fragile child, about my mother’s Alzheimer’s, and other subjects that interest me.

I joke that I “cut my romance teeth” on the old historical romance books. In 2013, I started a blog to showcase wonderful writers. In 2014, I finally gave in to the characters in my head pleading for their story to be told. Thus, Emma’s Home was created.

I worked as a counselor in a high school and was involved in education for the past 30 years, until retiring in 2015. I have been married to a wonderfully patient man for 35 years and have 2 adult, very supportive daughters. When writing, my dog or one of my cats will usually be found in my lap!

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