Nonstop – Open Skies Book 3 By Becca Jameson

Open Skies 3
USA Today Bestselling Author
Becca Jameson



Life has dealt her a difficult hand, making it hard for her to trust men.
She’s introverted and shy and has only dated a few guys.
Dating leaves her tongue-tied and nervous. It’s not worth it.
When her friends set her up with Bracken, she can’t help but give him a chance.
He’s older. Confident. Kind. Patient. Trustworthy. The entire package.
Can she open up to him and share her dark secrets?
A hostage situation on a previous flight has left her afraid to go back to work.
Perhaps she should have listened to her gut.
What are the chances her next flight would end in a hijacking?


After twenty years in the Army, Bracken has retired.
He works part time for his buddy, but only as a diversion.
No way will he turn down a blind date arranged by his friends.
He’s had his eye on Bex for a while. She’s exactly his type.
He doesn’t mind a bit that he has to coax a conversation out of her.
She has him wrapped around her finger in less than an hour.
But she has skeletons, and he’s not sure he can drag them out of her closet.
She also has a rightfully earned fear of flying that he shouldn’t have ignored.
Now he has to stop a hijacker and pray she will forgive him for putting her in danger.

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In the last book, Christa and Bex aka Rebekah were involved in the takedown of a human trafficker in which Christa was taken hostage as Bex looked on helpless. They are both on leave and doing the required counselling to deal with the aftermath.

This book opens at Christa and Kraft’s. Christa and Bex are making scones while the guys watch a baseball game. Well at least Kraft is watching, Braxton is watching Bex.

Bex knows this is supposed to be a setup but she’s so shy and introverted that nothing is going to proceed quickly or so she thinks. Braxton is far more extroverted and hopes he can draw her out of her shell.

Braxton decides he needs water to go with his scones and follows her to the kitchen where she begins cleanup. As they sort of chat he decides to take a chance.

This is a favorite scene.

He watched her move around the kitchen, putting things away, loading the dishwasher, wiping the counters. “You’re meeting with a counselor, right? Someone from the airline?”

She nodded. “Yep. It’s mandatory.”

“How much time do you get to take off?”

“Four more weeks.”

He wasn’t sure if she was avoiding his gaze because it was her natural inclination or if she didn’t like to discuss this subject. It was hard to read her, and he didn’t know her well enough to be sure. Or hell, maybe she didn’t really care for him.

He continued to watch her, pondering his options. Everything about her made his heart rate pick up. She was exactly the kind of woman he was attracted to. Cute, shy, petite. But damn, she was young. This was probably a bad idea, but he decided to go for it. “Have dinner with me.”

She flinched and then lifted her gaze. For a moment, he thought she might turn him down, but then she swallowed. “Okay. When?”

“Tonight.” He glanced over his shoulder at the lovebirds on the couch and then returned his gaze to Bex. “Now. They won’t even notice if we leave,” he joked.

Bex’s eyes got big and she glanced down at herself. “I’m not exactly dressed for a, um, date.”

“I think you look perfect. We can keep it casual. Do you like Mexican? I know a place that’s totally laid back.” He wasn’t dressed any different from her. Jeans. Black T-shirt. Vans.

She chewed on that lower lip again, holding his gaze, thinking. “I guess I could do that.” She looked over his shoulder toward the living room. “They certainly won’t notice us missing, will they?” She smiled.

Damn, he loved her smile.

He slid off the barstool and pulled his keys from his pocket, returning her smile as he dangled them from his fingers. “Bet we can walk right out the garage door and they won’t even flinch.”

She giggled. Even better than her smile. Her hands went to her hair. “I’m a mess, Bracken.”

The sound of his name coming from her lips was musical. “You look perfect.”

She turned around and grabbed a small purse from near the back door. “Give me two seconds.”

He watched her fantastic ass as she fled toward the bathroom.

When Kraft cleared his throat, Bracken begrudgingly faced his friend. “You two have fun,” he teased.

Christa was grinning. Her cheeks were red. Not surprising. Her skin was so fair that her cheeks reddened up easily. Bracken didn’t even want to think about where Kraft’s hands were on his girlfriend. He couldn’t see well over the top of the couch.

“Don’t say a word,” Bracken warned, glancing toward the hallway.

“Wouldn’t dare.” Luckily the two of them went back to cuddling and pretended to be completely unaware as Bex reemerged from the bathroom.

Her hair was down now, the glossy waves brushed out. There was no longer any evidence of flour on her face or shirt. She took a deep breath as she approached. “Should I follow you in my car?” she whispered conspiratorially.

He shook his head. “We can come back for it later.”

“Okay.” He set a hand on the small of her back and guided her toward the side door. He wouldn’t even be able to say who was playing in the baseball game he’d come to watch, let alone the score. Who the hell cared?
Becca Jameson. Nonstop: Open Skies, Book Three (Kindle Locations 117-144). Becca Jameson Publishing.

A successful dinner and several dates occur before we realize so much more is going on with Bex. The incident on the plane has triggered something from in her past.

I loved Braxton’s patience with Rebekah and also the fact he uses her full name. Their slow but steadily growing relationship is perfect for the situation. Which makes this so much more than just simmer to sizzle, and of course the envelope gets pushed in more ways than one.

I can’t wait to read the next book in this series and I really hope Raeann gets one too!

5 Contented Purrs for Becca!

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Trent and Destiny’s Story

Coming Soon!

Becca Jameson Becca Jameson

Becca Jameson is a USA Today bestselling author of over 100 books. She is most well-known for her Wolf Masters Series, her Fight Club series, and her Club Zodiac series. She currently lives in Houston, Texas, with her husband and Goldendoodle. Two grown kids pop in every once in a while too! She is loving this journey and has dabbled in a variety of genres, including paranormal, sports romance, military, and BDSM.A total night owl, Becca writes late at night, sequestering herself in her office with a glass of red wine and a bar of dark chocolate, her fingers flying across the keyboard as her characters weave their own stories.

During the day–which never starts before ten in the morning!–she can be found jogging, running errands, or reading in her favorite hammock chair!

…where Alphas dominate…

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Stranded with a Cajun Werewolf – Stormy Weather Book 5 by Selena Blake

Stranded with a Cajun Werewolf
Stormy Weather Book 5
NY Times Bestselling Author
Selena Blake


Kendall Carver knows one thing for sure – security doesn’t last. Injured and on the run, a sinfully handsome stranger saves her life.

Cajun werewolf Burke Devereux learned his lesson 200 years ago. No humans, ever. No looking, no touching, no kissing and certainly no making love. Eager to escape his Pack’s matchmaking attempts he heads for his cabin. But nothing could have prepared him for the raging blizzard or the beautiful woman begging for his help.

Burke’s always prided himself on his self control but as things get cozy, desire sparks and old secrets are brought to light. He must decide how far he will go to protect her.

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Once again I’ve started a book at the end of the series instead of the beginning. I really need to do better with that aspect, although it does tend to make me want to go back to the beginning.

Burke is headed to his cabin in New Hampshire, some skiing would help him settle a bit. The strain from everyone in his family pushing him to mate is overwhelming. He didn’t expect to be traveling in a blizzard or for a little red car to go zooming around him. Even with four wheel drive it was hard navigating the road.

Now anyone who’s ever driven in a snow storm knows what happens to speeding little cars and this one ends up like expected, in a snow drift. Which of course almost causes Burke to lose control of his vehicle as well, but though he struggles, manages to be okay.

He knows he has to check the vehicle and the driver when he has no cell signal.

This is a favorite scene.

The other driver made no move to back out of the drift and Burke figured that the idiot had wrecked his car. He pulled out his cell phone. He’d report the wreck and wait until the wrecker got here. If it got here.

No signal.

Great. He tossed the phone aside and reached behind the passenger’s seat for his coat. Maybe the lunatic in the other car had a phone that would work. Tendrils of snow swooshed into the car as he opened the door. Bracing against the icy wind, he planted one boot in the ankle-deep snow and then the other.

Tugging on his thick Northface coat, he headed down the road toward the other car, once again questioning his decision to try to beat the storm.

The collision had killed the engine, mangling what he could see of the front end.

Ah hell.

A blonde lay hunched over the steering wheel, not moving. Blood soaked the back of her gray sweatshirt. He knocked on the window and wished he’d tugged on his gloves. The woman didn’t move. He peered into the car, looking for a phone, and saw a large purse wedged between her chest and the steering wheel.

He tested the handle of her door. Locked. Figured. The small window behind the driver’s seat was shattered, half the glass missing. He reached through the gaping hole and flipped the lock.

He wrenched the door open and checked the pulse at her throat. Still thumping. He braced both hands around her neck and the base of her skull and then, as gently as he could, settled her back in her seat and took stock of her injuries.

And arrestingly adorable features. She looked like an angel, a cherub, with glossy pink lips. With a bloody gash across her forehead and— was that a pink streak in her hair? He leaned closer. And a thick purple stripe, too.

A fierce wind howled overhead, making the trees sway and groan. She gave a soft moan, and then, as if she’d awakened, her body went rigid.

“You’re okay, petit. Just relax. Where do you hurt?”

Stunning aqua blue eyes met his for an instant before she closed them again, wincing. The fear he’d glimpsed there shocked him. “Please,” she said, her voice hoarse and barely a whisper. He leaned toward her to hear over the roar of the elements. “Don’t let… him… take me.”

There was a raw desperation to her plea, and somehow he knew that this woman had rarely, if ever, asked for help. But she was asking now. No. She was begging.

He pivoted to look back down the road. Aside from the brilliant white snow, all he saw were bony gray tree trunks. It wasn’t fit for man or polar bear out here. Who the hell was chasing her? Better question, what was she doing in this storm?

The woman didn’t answer. She’d passed out cold, her body limp in the seat again. Gritting his teeth, he surveyed the damage to her car. He’d be surprised if it wasn’t totaled.

What he needed was a cell phone signal.

Hoping she didn’t wake up, freak out, and deck him in the balls, he leaned into the car and unzipped her purse. Using her door as cover from the wind, he squatted down and opened the bag. He’d never snooped through a woman’s purse before. Had never had any need to, until now. And though he wasn’t sure what he’d expected to find, he had at least hoped it would contain a cell phone.

Or a flare gun.

Hell, at this point, with cold snow biting his ass, he’d settle for a homing pigeon.

But what he found inside her bag was baffling. A curling iron that had seen better days, half a bag of Doritos, and a smorgasbord of cosmetics. Mostly lip gloss. In every shade and flavor imaginable. But no cell phone.

Is this how she planned on protecting herself? Distract the guy with a flash of Berry Tasty lipstick and the scent of flavored corn chips, then beat him over the head with the curling iron before choking him with the frayed wire?

He would have laughed if the situation weren’t so dire. The car let out an agonizing groan as another blast of air hit them, whipping her hair away from her face.

Maybe he could head back down the mountain for help but in this weather, who knew how long it would take him to return? She’d have frostbite by the time he got back. No, he couldn’t leave her.

What the hell are you doing, Deveraux? You’re not a knight on a white steed. Just close the door and get on the road. She’s not your problem.

But he couldn’t stop the protective instincts surging inside him. He was after all, male and a werewolf, both of which made him territorial to the core. Besides, what kind of asshole left a complete stranger, an unconscious woman, alone in a blizzard to fend for herself?

He glanced at her body. She wore a pair of jeans and a thin looking sweater. Letting his eyes trail down her curvy frame, he frowned at the sneakers on her feet. Way to prepare for the Great White North, lady.

He flipped open her wallet and glanced at her photo. She was truly angelic when awake and unbloodied. Her name was Kendall Carver from somewhere he’d never heard of in Florida state.

All right, Kendall Carver from Florida, let’s get you out of here.

After zipping her purse, he carefully scooped her up. Settling her against his chest, he turned for his Land Rover and tried to ignore the delicious feel and sweet scent of the beautiful woman unconscious in his arms.

A loud crack sounded overhead. Burke’s gaze jerked up to the ice-covered trees. Pop. Muscles tensed, he bolted for his SUV as a massive tree sliced through the forest, raining ice and snow around them. The boom of tree connecting with earth jolted his bones.

There was an instant of groaning metal, then a bright flash of light, then a wave of heat and a loud bang. Sheltering the woman in his arms, he dared a glance over his shoulder. Her car was no more.

Gin barked from the backseat, but Burke needed no urging. He wrenched the rear passenger’s door open and told his companion to get in the back. Gin obeyed the order, his big black nose twitching as he tried to catch Kendall’s scent. Somehow Burke managed to adjust the seats and settle her without jarring her too badly. At least he hoped so. She didn’t rouse. He shrugged out of his coat and tucked it around her from chin to foot.

He shut the door and surveyed the damage. Through the thick snow he saw the massive tree lying where he’d just been standing, now a pile of splintered wood. The debris covered his footprints.

Thank the gods she hadn’t been in it.

Another gust of wind battered the mountain, fanning the plume of black smoke into a gray fog.

His keen ears picked up the sound of a motor on the road below. Gin stood in the back and let out a low growl. If Kendall was right about someone following her, they’d have to do it on foot. But he wasn’t going to stick around to watch.
Selena Blake. Stranded with a Cajun Werewolf: A Stormy Weather Story (Kindle Locations 101-155).

Once back to his cabin with her, he checks her for injuries and finds she’s been shot. Now he’s got to remove a bullet to prevent this human from getting an infection or worse.

When Kendall wakes, she knows she’s warm but isn’t sure she’s safe. Her magic is locked so she has none of the senses she’s used to using. She looks and smells human, although she isn’t.

Burke, finds himself attracted to Kendall but he’s sworn off humans. The pain of that one relationship so many years ago won’t allow him to go that route, ever again.

As she heals and their attraction grows, he comes up with a solution to both their problems. At least he thinks so.

A short perfect bed-time read with just the right amount of heat.

5 Contented Purrs for Selena!

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   Selena Blake

An action movie buff with a penchant for all things supernatural and sexy, Selena Blake combines her love for adventure, travel and romance into steamy paranormal romance. Selena’s books have been called “a steamy escape” and have appeared on bestseller lists, been nominated for awards, and won contests. When she’s not writing you can find her by the pool soaking up some sun, day dreaming about new characters, and watching the cabana boy (aka her muse), Derek. Fan mail keeps her going when the diet soda wears off so write to her at

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Managing Expectations – Artemis University Book 9 by Erin R. Flynn

Managing Expectations
Artemis University Book 9
Erin R. Flynn


My name is Tamsin Vale… And I’m no longer no one. I’m not simply an abandoned orphan without any answers. Granted, most of the answers led me to ask more questions, but I have at least some now.

Fairies aren’t what I was promised they would be and I’m certainly not what they want, but I’m the only one who can save them from their magical prisons. They’re the best help I have to fix so many wrongs in the world and keep the ones I love safe, given all the threats against me.

And if that wasn’t enough to crack my sanity, I’m still on rocky ground with the men in my life. Why the hell did I think it was a good idea to get involved with more than one?

I’m trying not to run. After almost two decades of knowing that the only way to keep myself safe is to run, it’s not a reaction I can easily change. I might be making a mistake by not running away from what people want of me.

Because who I might become to defeat the monsters would be as bad as the people I’m fighting against.

It’s Spring Break and before they get to relaxing they have a trap to spring for the Vampire council. Tamsin does something really sneaky to one of the councilmen behind it as well. Julian is being a yes man and Tamsin really wants him to snap out of it. As they binge through food and old TV shows Darby, Hudson, Lucca and Julian become closer even as Tamsin tries to make headway with healing her relationships.

Before classes are to start again, Tamsin is going to revive more fairies. This time there will be a difference, some of these fairies are severely wounded. Those fairies with the best healing abilities would be standing by to heal as they wake. Faerie once again takes hold of Tamsin hurting her once more. She can’t move and she needs to let go of the reservoir so Iolas can heal her.

In the aftermath she compares this to a story she once heard and then she walks away.

This is a favorite scene.

I walked off, ignoring the crazy and fighting that erupted behind me. I hadn’t wanted to start drama but… I hadn’t. Our damn planet had, and I’d simply been honest about it.

Without a real goal in mind, I found myself lost, the whole area new to me, but not even remotely where we’d usually drive in from the portal. I reached the end of where they’d been pushing back, moving along the wall of caustic darkness and staring out into it. My mind was a blank. What had happened had fried me out to the point there was static in my head.

I wasn’t sure how long I walked for. A while. Probably not all that far though since my pace was a stroll. I’d honestly walked to Mars for all I knew.

Something moved in the darkness and I thought I’d finally lost my mind. What had happened today and what I’d realized had finally snapped something in me, and the rest of my sanity was just gone.

Turning to look at it, I saw the shape of a large person, much bigger than a fairy. An animal trapped on the other side? We’d found tons of animals now that there were huge sections of Faerie cleared. They were trapped in the darkness, but the magic didn’t affect them the same. Once the darkness was cleared they were free.

I hadn’t seen it, but I really didn’t have any reason to not believe the Light Guardians who had been talking about how cool it was.

A hand shooting out of the caustic darkness snapped me out of my thoughts. Before I could react, it grabbed my wrist with a grip stronger than any I’d ever felt, even now in the supe world.

I screamed. I screamed and screamed, this being one of my many nightmares about Faerie and the darkness. I think I tried to pull away, but I was so truly panicked in a way I wasn’t sure I had been before, I might not have. It was probably the most scared I’d ever been in my life. The nightmares that plagued me about Faerie and the spell, trying to find fairies had been constant.

And people reaching out from the darkness to drag me in had been something I’d dealt with at least three times a week for over a year. So yeah, it was like my personalized horror movie that left me screaming my head off.

Except the man didn’t pull me in, but shoved me back. My whole body was weak from what had happened and panicked from this new crazy, and I landed hard on my ass. I couldn’t focus enough to keep up my barriers or cloaking—though apparently he could reach through all of that anyways.

Yeah, that wasn’t terrifying.

More than terrifying. What came after terrifying on the scared scale?

A leg came out with the arm, and that seemed to give the person the leverage needed to yank out from the darkness. A few more seconds and a loud popping sound and I was staring at the largest man I’d ever seen. He had Hudson and Mr. Vogel beat by at least a half of foot. The girth was unreal. The guy was massive.

And he had bright red hair that was so bright, it looked like it couldn’t be real. Curly red hair… Like I saw in the mirror every day. I’d never seen someone with that color of hair before that hadn’t dyed it.

Was it a thing for fairies to die their hair?

No, right? And fairies didn’t get this big. So he was some type of fair folk I didn’t know about?

Yeah, probably. I would bet good money there were other species of fair folk I didn’t know about. I certainly didn’t have any clue about the plant or animal life of my home world.

“Tamsin,” he croaked. “Tamsin, stop.”

Oh, right, I was still screaming.

People must have heard because they started showing up in a blur of fairy rune speed, Taeral one of the first.

“Get away from her!” he roared when the man moved towards me, launching himself at the new person.

“No, don’t,” Iolas shouted, blocking the Dark Guardian and standing in front of the man recovering from the darkness.

That he somehow broke out of all on his own.

I was still slightly stuck on that.

And how he knew my name.

Why did people seem to always know who I was in this fucking world?

“Tamsin, don’t be scared,” he said in between coughing. He moved closer and looked like I’d slapped him when I backed away with a whimper.

“Did he hurt you?” Taeral asked.

I couldn’t make my mouth work, shaking my head to answer.

“I would never hurt her,” the man snapped.

“Oh well, now that you’ve said that, we’ll just believe you,” one of the other Dark Guardians drawled.

“You should,” Iolas sighed. “He’s her father.”

Well, that explained the red hair… Just not how he could break from the darkness, and why he hadn’t before now.

“How were you able to get out of the dark magic alone?” Taeral demanded, not backing down just yet and keeping close to me. He shot me a quick glance. “Did you release him?”

Again, I simply shook my head.

The man didn’t even give Taeral any notice, focused on me. “I saw when the first light came back to Faerie. I’ve been trying to move through the darkness since then to find you. We never thought—we never dreamed—it was like fighting to move through tar. We couldn’t have known that.”

There was a long pause, and I realized he was waiting for something from me. I nodded. I’d seen it myself how hard it had been for him to get free of it.

“We never thought all the portals would die. I’ve activated portals many, many times. I couldn’t. I couldn’t get to you.”

I held up my hands in front of me to hold him off. He wasn’t making sense. Or jumping around. I was still ready to pee myself that someone had reached out from the darkness and grabbed me.

“How did the magic not affect you?” Neldor demanded. “Every fairy was frozen until Tamsin was able to—”

“I’m not a fairy,” the man stated easily as if saying the sky was blue. “And refer to my daughter as you should, Neldor, or you won’t like what I do. Meira might have thought you were crucial to the survival of all fairies should the worst of her visions come to pass, but I didn’t, and my mate is gone.”

That was a whole lot to digest and no one seemed to know what to say for a few moments, Taeral finding his voice first. “You’re not a fairy?”

“No, Lageos is a demigod,” Iolas explained. “The last demigod.”

My vision went black, and I never felt myself fall to the ground.

I thought fainting was a fairly appropriate response to hearing that.
Flynn, Erin R. Managing Expectations (Artemis University Book 9) (Kindle Locations 1554-1631). Supernatural Script, Inc. Kindle Edition.

The discovery of her father and what he is shocks Tamsin, but it also explains a lot of things. Especially with regard to her power.

So many things in this book as Tamsin takes more control of her life, but also allows help from a different source. Reveals that aren’t really reveals are both fun and interesting.

Laughter, tears, fun, fighting and of course plenty of sizzle in the page-turning read. I really can’t wait to see what’s next for Tamsin.

5 Contented Purrs for Erin!

3 Hisses for Editing Though, with several right words, wrong spelling/meaning.

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Erin is a born Chicagoan who decided to state hop a bit, given she works from home. She currently resides in Georgia with her pup, Lord Vader Flynn. With an eclectic and addictive personality, there isn’t much that doesn’t interest her or she won’t pour herself into if it catches her fancy. She has always been interested in the darker aspects of life and mythologies—especially vampires, shifters, the occult, and anything paranormal.

To date, she has published more paranormal books than she can keep up with the characters for, in different genres with dedicated readers who await each release to her numerous series under any of the three Flynn names she writes.

Website | Twitter | Goodreads
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Hot SEAL, Secret Service – SEALs in Paradise By Cynthia D’Alba

Hot SEAL, Secret Service
SEALs in Paradise
NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author
Cynthia D’Alba


As a Navy SEAL, and then as a Secret Service agent, Liam Ghost’s best work is done out of the spotlight. When he’s assigned to the Vice President’s daughter, the magnetic pull between them leads to a hot, passionate affair. But the public attention on him, and on them, shines too bright a light and he backs away into shadows, leaving both of them pining for what they lost.

Liz Chanel is used to the being in the public eye. Through her formative years, her father served as state governor, senator and now vice president. When she falls for a member of her secret service detail, she feels every piece of her life is perfect…until her lover walks away. Even though she doesn’t need the money, she jumps back into her modeling career in an effort forget Liam.

During an intense reelection campaign for her father, Liz is snatched off the runaway and held to force her father off the ticket.

Liam assembles a team of ex-SEALs to go get his woman back from the kidnappers, and maybe talk her back into his life.

This book opens with Liz being held hostage in a bid to get her father to not declare his run for president.

Liam had once been on her security team, but had requested a change when they found their attraction to be mutual. In spite of their differences they had dated until a few months ago. People were pushing marriage and Liam knew he couldn’t do that, not in the spotlight her family commanded.

That didn’t stop him from assembling a team to go in to rescue her. There were three possible locations and two had just come up empty. Theirs would be the one, and they needed the people involved alive, and Liz safe.

I really got a kick out of Liz as Liam finally gets into the cabin.

This is a favorite scene.

Liam raced around the cabin and through the rear door, his Glock leading the way. Before he could proceed down the hall to the bedroom where the hostage had been taken, the sound of breaking glass shattered the silence followed quickly by a gunshot. His heart racing, Liam ran toward the sound, his gun and trigger finger on the ready. He swung around the door frame and came face-to-face with the barrel end of a Glock.

“Don’t shoot,” Liam yelled. He ducked to the right as a bullet zinged passed his head.

“Damn it. You almost shot me.” Liam stepped forward and snatched the gun from Liz’s hand.

“Well, hell. I couldn’t wait for you, now could I?” She slapped a hand on her cocked hip. “What took you so long?” Dressed in a matching pink bra and tap pants, her four-inch heels looked completely wrong and yet, so damn sexy. But then, she could make a burlap bag sexy. She tossed her long, dark hair over her shoulder and gestured toward the injured man on the floor. “I have to do everything myself.”

Before he could answer, the front and rear doors burst open and his team charged though guns at the ready. Behind them, a swarm of FBI filled the small area.

“Stand down,” Liam shouted. “It’s under control.”

His team lowered their weapons while the agents stayed on guard. On the floor, Sampson moaned.

Liam slipped his arms from his coat and held it out for Liz. She had to be freezing and, to be honest, he wanted to be the only man who got to see her dressed like this.

“Just a minute. That bastard threatened to rape me,” Liz said and kicked him in the ribs with the pointed toe of her shoe. “Whew. That felt good. Now, give me your coat.”

As soon as she grasped Liam’s jacket, she was surrounded by the men wearing heavy, black vests with FBI on them. With them were a group of men and women attired in white camo and earpieces. He tagged the second group as Secret Service, even though he didn’t recognize any of them.

“Yes, sir,” one of the men in the second group said into his radio. “We’ve got her. Yes, sir. She’s fine. Yes, sir.”

A man dressed in a suit and heavy trench coat followed the other two groups into the room and stepped up to Liz. “Ms. Chanel, I’m Michael Brandt. I’m the new head of your Secret Service detail. I need for you to come with me.”

She flinched away when he touched her shoulder. “I don’t think so. Where’s Liam?” She turned until their gazes met. “He’s my bodyguard.”

Liam walked to her side. “Your safety is the most important thing here, Liz. You probably should go with them.”

“What I want is for the people behind this to rot in jail and to go home with you.”

“Ma’am, we have a safe house ready for you,” Brandt said.

“So do I,” she said with a sniff and an upturn of her nose. “It’s called Liam’s house.”

It took a couple of hours to get everything in place for her security. The eight men at the kidnapping site were secured and hauled away by the FBI or Homeland Security, or some other alphabet agency. Liam wasn’t sure which agency took them, and as long as they were never free again, he didn’t really care who took them or where.

As she’d insisted, Liz and Liam were transported to his house while the rest of his team were flown home. Of course, he and Liz were accompanied by her security team. There was no getting around that.

Once inside, he closed and locked his door. Even with Secret Service standing guard, he wasn’t taking any chances with her. Standing in his living room, still wearing his jacket and a heavy blanket, she was the most gorgeous woman he’d ever known, but he was also keenly aware that the issue that had broken them apart was still the elephant in the room.
D’Alba, Cynthia. Hot SEAL, Secret Service: A Navy SEAL romantic suspense (pp. 19-21). Riante, Inc. Kindle Edition.

These two sizzle off the pages as they finally throw off the effects of the night.

There’s still some things to discuss and they won’t be going anywhere until the all the people involved in her kidnapping are in custody.

I love these short stories, they are the perfect bedtime read.

5 Contented Purrs for Cynthia!

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Cynthia d'Alba Cynthia D’Alba

Hi Y’All! I’m Cynthia D’Alba from Arkansas.Here’s a little about me…New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Cynthia D’Alba started writing on a challenge from her husband in 2006 and discovered having imaginary sex with lots of hunky men was fun.

She was born and raised in a small Arkansas town. After being gone for a number of years, she’s thrilled to be making her home back in Arkansas living in a vine-covered cottage on the banks of an eight-thousand acre lake. When she’s not reading or writing or plotting, she’s doorman for her two dogs, cook, housekeeper and chief bottle washer for her husband and slave to a noisy, messy parrot. She loves to chat online with friends and fans.

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D’Alba Diamonds Street Team

Reaching Answers – Artemis University Book 8 By Erin R. Flynn

Reaching Answers
Artemis University Book 8
Erin R. Flynn


My name is Tamsin Vale… And I’m no longer the last fairy. I found someone else finally and brought them out of the darkness.

A huge part of me wishes I hadn’t. The answers he had weren’t ones I wanted. I can’t trust him, and I don’t think he’s going to be any real help with the serious trouble we’re in.

Plus, he’s poking the men in my life and they aren’t handling it well. Everything is shaky right now. I’m on the outs with Mel and everyone has an opinion on that. We win one battle and more evil pops up. I make up with one man in my heart and another hurts me.

All I want to do is run, but I made promises that I plan to keep. I might be doing that alone instead of with help like I’d thought. Maybe people will come around. Maybe things will get better and I can find a way not to give up.

It’s probably more likely I’m going to learn about supe prison from firsthand experience.

Artemis University is an ongoing hot burning reverse harem, university-age paranormal academy series with darker elements, strong language, violence, and a heroine who follows her own moral compass of what is right… And who she ends up giving her heart to.

In the last book when Tamsin is losing hope, Faerie ‘aids’, and I use that term loosely here, her in releasing a fairy from the darkness. Doing this hurts her and the fairy released isn’t what Tamsin hoped. Prince Neldor is a royal pain in the arse, he believes they are betrothed, something Tamsin will not ever go along with. He annoys everyone even the almost unflappable hobgoblins. She also delivers some vengeance to some who need that which will cause a bit of chaos in this book.

In this book we see the first of the consequences of the vengeance, which really is nothing more than a lot of hot air and annoyance.

Professor Campbell shows her true colors in this one and Julian finally realizes how blind he’s been, that was fun…

Mel is still pissed and has distanced herself, totally not getting that what Tamsin did not only saved her live but her family’s as well. This is causing Tamsin a lot of pain, but there really is nothing she can do about it.

White, Craftsman and Larson are evaluating how much energy to unlock another fairy. In this way perhaps it could be done without hurting Tamsin. It’s almost surprising that Neldor is the one who finds someone who will boost everyone’s mood. Especially her lawyer Geiger who is quietly becoming more frustrated.

Cluym is a dark fairy like Neldor but he is also Geiger’s mate, so hopefully will have some logical sense. Everyone is anxious when the time comes to do this, all hoping it works and Tamsin isn’t injured again.

This is a favorite scene, it’s a little long but it was necessary.

I felt the tension shoot up from Craftsman, Zack, Ray, Izzy, Dean White, Instructor Larson, Lucca… And even Neldor. I ignored it and knelt down in the circle of boxes of crystals and my smaller reservoirs like before. We had debated using the bigger one, but given how my magic liked to go off the rails in Faerie, this was more than enough, and we knew this level would unlock one fairy.

The proof of that was standing with us.

I took in several slow breaths and let them out as I focused my center and then prayed to the gods. Please? Please give me the strength to do this and not hurt myself again. My friend needs his mate and we need the win. I need the win and hope. I need some good and hope instead of Neldor.

Sad, but true. Ramping up my magic wasn’t how I did it this time, more it was so excited, I simply opened the door and tried to hold it back from all coming out. The waves of it swirled out of me as it got free, layering more and more as it shot towards Cluym as I wanted.

And then it was done and much faster than when I’d let out magic into Faerie to push back the darkness. It was easy, so easy. I actually blinked down at my setup and couldn’t hide my shock. I was wiped and it had taken a lot, but it was… I finally believed Neldor that I was made to do this. My blood was part of the spell my mother had cast to help or whatever.

I snapped out of it when I felt magic surge in front of me.

Lucca didn’t hesitate though, using the charm I’d given him to lock Neldor in a barrier of my magic so the dark prince couldn’t break it. We all knew he was going to use this moment when I was wiped to take control of what was going on.

No fucking way. I was not letting him take control of anything, especially not when I was involved.

“Cluym, Cluym, it’s okay,” I comforted as I jumped to my feet. I moved closer to the handsome dark fairy whose eyes were wild with panic. “Call your magic. It’s okay. You’re okay.” His gaze locked with mine and the fear got thicker. I didn’t know what else to do, so I blurted out what came to me first. “Adrian is waiting, Cluym.”

“Adrian?” he coughed, his magic ramping down. “He’s here?”

“No, at my house. I’ll take you to him, okay? He’s been waiting.” I blinked back tears. “He’s been waiting a long time for you, Cluym.”

He rubbed his throat and nodded, giving me a confused look. “Who are you?”

“Tamsin Vale.” I swallowed loudly when he did a double take. “I’m sorry.”

“You’re grown,” he rasped, closing his eyes. “I’m so sorry, Adrian.”

“He needs you. He’s missed you so much. Let’s go see him.” I held out my hand to him, glad when he opened his eyes and took it.

“Yes, thank you, Princess.”

I ignored that, relief filling me that I’d managed to make this happen.

“Tamsin!” Izzy squeaked. “Tams, you overdid it again!”

I glanced over my shoulder at her and my eyes went wide as I felt more magic flare. “Oh, fuck.”

“Yes, it seems we were wrong on the level of magic it takes to unfreeze a fairy,” Dean White grumbled. “That was the level it took to unfreeze Prince Neldor.”

“We should have realized it took more to unfreeze such a powerful fairy,” Instructor Larson bitched.

“Why? That’s not logical,” I defended. I shrugged when he shot me a dry look. “Okay, it is, but it could have gone either way. We get a pass on this shit.” I dropped Cluym’s hand and moved closer to the four other fairies who were also unfrozen. “Call your magic, but know it’s not lost. You’re safe and I’ll explain everything.”

“Who are you?” the one with the most magic snarled, not backing down when the others started to.

“Tamsin Vale. I unfroze you, so chill out, and let’s get you food because you’re going to need it and fast.”

Izzy snorted. “Yeah, we gotta get a ton more. We only got gobs for Cluym.”

“Princess Tamsin?” the light fairy whispered, instantly shutting down his power. “Is it truly you?”

“I’m Tamsin Vale,” I repeated, holding up a hand to cut him off. “You guys are going to need fuel and fast. I know it’s a lot, but you’ve been frozen a while. I’m sorry, but we weren’t planning for all of you, so let us help you. Everyone here can be trusted.”

“Except you have Prince Neldor in a barrier,” one of the other fairies worried.

“He deserves it,” I drawled, rolling my eyes and going back for Cluym. “It’s going to be cramped in the vehicles since we have more, but we’ll take you to Adrian.”

“Yes, please,” he whispered, more than ready to see his mate.


His willingness to move things along and come with us seemed to push the others—who I thought were all light fairies from their lighter tones of hair color and eyes—and we got in the vehicles. The fairy with the most power demanded to be in the same vehicle as me, which I found odd, but let it go. Poor Izzy had to sit on Zack’s lap in the other SUV.

And I almost died of laughter as Dean White did the same on Ray’s so we all fit.

“Not one word,” she said from the front seat.

“I wouldn’t have thought of it,” I muttered from where I sat on Lucca’s lap.

“I don’t mean to question you, but you’re going to leave Prince Neldor in a barrier there, Princess?” Cluym worried.

“Only until the energy of the charm wears out, and then he can join us,” I promised. “It’s just a time out.”  I smirked when Lucca snorted. He’d voted for the fae dogs to eat the dark prince when I’d filled him in on what was going on.

It had been tempting for sure.

Larson pushed the speed and Craftsman had no problem keeping up. Luckily, it wasn’t all the far and the moment we stopped, I couldn’t get to the portal fast enough. I hurried to take Cluym’s hand again, scared out of my mind and excited all in one big ball of spiraling energy even as I needed fuel.

I fired up the portal and about dragged him through, pulling him along as I showed him the way. When we entered the kitchen, I saw Darby sitting at the table with Geiger and Claudia, my heart swelling even as I had no idea what to say. “Geiger.”

He turned to me with a smile, but then his eyes went wide and he stumbled to his feet, rubbing his chest as he took in a shaky breath. “Am I hallucinating?”

“No, my love,” Cluym choked out. “I came back to you. I’m so sorry, Adrian.”

“None of it matters as long as you’re safe,” Geiger whispered.

I let go of Cluym’s hand and he about flew across the kitchen to the dragon. They wrapped their arms around each other and kissed with so much love that everyone in the room could feel it.

Leaning against the wall, I covered my face and started crying. I’d wanted this moment since I’d learned Geiger’s mate had been trapped. I’d sworn I would bring the three of them their mates, and I finally could get at least one of them. I could finally deliver someone the one they loved and heal some of all this pain.

Lucca hugged me and kissed my hair. “You did it, kitten. You did it.” He murmured comfort as I nodded, the tears still coming.
Flynn, Erin R. Reaching Answers (Artemis University Book 8) (Kindle Locations 2261-2341). Supernatural Script, Inc. Kindle Edition.

Now along with Cluym, several light fairies were awakened. Iolas, Captain of the Light Guardians and four of his Lieutenants. While they still need to acclimate, they do know Tamsin is the heir and their Princess. They will protect her, even from Neldor.

Julian messes up even more by making assumptions, now they have to figure that out. More with the fae dogs, and allies with regard to the hobgoblins still in captivity and oh so much more!

Every page in this book is either sizzling or an adventure in one way or another. Lots of good, more bad unveiled and somewhat taken care of as Tamsin continues to unfreeze fairies a few at a time and continues to learn not only in classes but from others as well.

I am already reading the next book in this series as it became available just before I finished this one.

5 Contented Purrs for Erin!

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Erin is a born Chicagoan who decided to state hop a bit, given she works from home. She currently resides in Georgia with her pup, Lord Vader Flynn. With an eclectic and addictive personality, there isn’t much that doesn’t interest her or she won’t pour herself into if it catches her fancy. She has always been interested in the darker aspects of life and mythologies—especially vampires, shifters, the occult, and anything paranormal.

To date, she has published more paranormal books than she can keep up with the characters for, in different genres with dedicated readers who await each release to her numerous series under any of the three Flynn names she writes.

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From the Captured and Captivated Anthology: Alien Abduction for Pirates – The Intergalactic Guide to Humans Book 2.5 By Skye MacKinnon

Captured and Captivated
A Limited Edition Collection of Alien Abduction Romances


Alien Abduction for Pirates by Skye MacKinnon
The Alien Warrior’s Princess by Piper Fox
Gifted by Eva Priest
The Shifter Alien’s Stolen Bride by Margo Bond Collins & Nova Celeste
Captured by the Fire Dragon Prince by Aria Winter & Jade Waltz
Dark Nebula by Luna Jade
Dire Tidings by Leigh Kelsey
Aldebaran by Tiegan Clyne
The Zexian’s Second Chance by Luna Wren
Drashar by Harpie Alexa
Her Alien Lover by Tricia Schneider
Stolen by the Star Lord by Dany Stone
Drashar by Harpie Alexa
Her Alien Lover by Tricia Schneider
Stolen by the Star Lord by Dany Stone
Theirs to Keep by Sadie Marks
Sold to the Green Man by E.J. Powell
Double Star by Niobe Marsh
Reproduction by Maggie Alabaster
Forohn’s Fated by Pearl Tate
Madness Unlocked by M. L. Guida
Wanderstar Warrior by Thea Dane
Forbidden Alien’s Mate by Katrina S. Karter & Lashe’ Lacroix
Captivated by the Alien Viking by Lucee Joie
Capricorn’s Luck by Jessica Marting
Aura Awakened by Vivienne Hart
Commander Captive by Ashley Amy


Sexy aliens searching for their fated mates, finding them on Earth…and abducting them!

All hunky aliens know Earth is the best place to find a mate. But convincing human women to leave their home planet isn’t always easy.

So what’s an alien in love to do?

Sweep his mate off her feet, of course. Literally. Then take her to his spaceship and seduce her so they can live happily ever after.

Don’t miss your chance to binge-read this all-new collection of steamy, seductive alien abduction romances by New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors.

Alien Abduction for Pirates
The Intergalactic Guide to Humans
USA Today Bestselling Author
Skye MacKinnon

He never expected her to be his mate…

Aedan and his crew of space pirates are in a bit of a pickle. The authorities have finally caught up with him and he faces years of imprisonment on a prison planet. The only way out: volunteer to teach an Alien Abduction course at the Intergalactic University.

Disillusioned actor May has prayed to be taken away from her miserable life every night since her fiancé died. On the day she decides to end it all, she’s whisked away by aliens. Life couldn’t be better. Of course, she pretends to be an unwilling abduction victim, but really, what could be better than starting a new life among the stars with a hunky purple alien?

This anthology is huge and contains many new to me authors, I started with the author I read all the time and review that one first. I’ll spotlight more once I read them.

Pirate Aeden Xerxi and his crew are in deep trouble when they are apprehended by Lurian enforcers. Now they await their sentencing. The judge is Karangi and if you are following this series you will notice a resemblance to someone. Specifically one Professor Katila. Aeden is concerned for his crew and agree to a longer sentence for himself if the judge reduces there’s to 3 years instead of the 5 just offered. Seeing something in their history the Judge makes a decision to offer them something a bit unusual. It seems the Intergalactic University is seeking a new Alien Abduction teacher. Since he and his crew have on occasion abducted aliens they are the perfect choice for this unique postition.

I have to say Professor Katila seems to have a bit of an obsession with Peritus aka Earth. She seems to send all her students there to do their abductions. With cameras and microphones installed on their ship to record the process for their students, Aeden selects his target.

May is about to end her life, she’s struggled so long and leaving a letter in her suitcase at the Inn she heads to the cliffs. Instead of falling when she steps off she starts flying, well sort of. A tractor type beam has intercepted her and brought her to the ship. Because of the angle she was held her clothing is askew and her breasts are revealed. I laughed out loud at the things Aeden is thinking, but instead of moving forward to the probing they have a problem.

Threatening ships are approaching them and in spite of being told not to say anything, May does the unthinkable and yells out she’s a captive.

This is a favorite scene.

I don’t understand what the aliens from the other ship are saying – only the four aliens around me are speaking English – but they’re my only chance of rescue. I refuse to be probed, dissected and turned into a museum exhibit. It can’t get any worse than this, can it?

Aedan stares at me in anger. His horns seem to bulge from his skull, making him even more intimidating. I shrink away from him, just in case he decides that he wants to do the dissecting before the probing after all. Not long ago, back on Earth, I wanted to die. Now, I have a fierce desire to live. In one piece, without probes, with my body intact, with my freedom unbroken.

The alien from the other ship growls something which makes the four beings around me spring into action. They push buttons, type stuff into their holographic keyboards, and Aedan suddenly wraps an arm around me and pulls me against him.

Obviously, I struggle. Especially when something hard pokes against my back. Please let that not be what I think it is.  

“Stop,” he hisses. “They might try to beam you over, but they can’t while you’re touching me.”

He’s just given me even an even better reason to get away from him. The enemies of my enemies are my friends, right? Aedan and his crew are kidnappers, so the other aliens must be better than that. Maybe they can fly me back down to Earth.  

I pause at that thought. Do I even want to go back?

It doesn’t matter. I certainly don’t want to stay here waiting to be probed. I ram my elbows into Aedan’s chest as hard as I can. He groans, but his grip on me only tightens.

“They’re Pletorians, you idiot. They’ll rape you, beat you, sell you as a slave.”

He could be lying, but the slight panic in his voice tells me otherwise. Fuck. From the frying pan into the fire. That hadn’t been my intention.  

I stop struggling and press closer against him. I don’t want to be beamed to the other alien ship after all. I don’t even mind Aedan’s hard cock against my back. I wonder what it looks like. Will it be human or more… alien? Does he have more than one, maybe? Or is this not a dick but something else entirely? For all I know, his species could reproduce asexually. He might grow a little Aedan somewhere on his body, like in hydra corals. It’s not like I have any clue about aliens. Humans might be the only species that has sex in the entire universe. His cock – well, his hard appendage – jerks against me and I hope to all the Gods that I’m wrong.  

“You cannot have her,” he says loudly while protectively crushing me against his chest. It feels strangely good. It shouldn’t, but it does. “I abducted her. She’s mine.”

“Stealing an abductee would be a serious breach of Intergalactic Law,” the female alien   on the screen adds. I don’t know if she’s talking in English or if her voice is somehow translated, but at least I can understand her, unlike the aliens on the other ship. Just like the two males on the bridge, the female has three eyes. It should look strange, but they somehow suit the shape of her skull. The eye in the centre of her forehead is wide open and doesn’t blink, while the other two could almost pass for human. Her purple skin is paler than that of Aedan and has a beautiful marbled effect, with patterns swirling all over her face and neck. She reminds me a bit of one of my tutors at the Royal Conservatoire – stunning but incredibly stern. An ice queen.

“You are being watched,” she continues. “I am ready to send ships after you should you not retreat at once.”

“This isn’t your remit,” Aedan hisses. “I abducted her, I’m going to protect her. We don’t need your help.”

The female rolls her third eye in exasperation, but doesn’t say anything more.  

The aliens reply in harsh, guttural words that make a shiver run down my back. They don’t sound happy. And somehow, I doubt they’ll simply back down.

“What are they saying?” I whisper.  

One of the two three-eyed males in front of me presses a button and suddenly the harsh sounds turn into English words.  

“… claimed her. Surrender her or be prepared to be obliviated.”

“I’m not going to give her to you. She’s my human. Mine.”

The way he says that makes me clench my thighs together. Goosebumps erupt all over my arms. The way he said that… Mine. I’ve never heard anything this sexy before. It’s like an orgasm embedded in a single syllable. Mine. I want him to say it again.

“Our ships are stronger than yours. We’ll blast you into atoms.” The Pletorian sounds thrilled at the prospect. I wait for Aedan to deny that fact, to say that we outgun them, but he stays quiet. Which means we’re screwed. And all because I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. But then, I was abducted today. I deserve some lenience.  

“Delta-four manoeuvre?” the female on the bridge, one with yellow skin and fangs that look like they could easily rip a chunk out of me, asks in a whisper.  

“Do it,” Aedan commands. “May, prepare yourself. This might be a little uncomfortable.”

With no further warning, the galaxy expands right inside my stomach, tearing me apart.
Skye MacKinnon. Alien Abduction for Pirates: The Intergalactic Guide to Humans (Kindle Locations 274-315). Peryton Press.

Lots of Star Trek references here have me giggling when May is surprised they have no idea what she’s talking about. Also the defensive maneuver they execute makes her sick. The cure, well lets just say things heat up really fast from here, beginning with the probing.

Lots of fun, plenty of laughs and kindle melting heat!

5 Contented Purrs for Skye!

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Skye MacKinnon

Skye MacKinnon is a USA Today & International Bestselling Author whose books are filled with strong heroines who don’t have to choose.

She embraces her Scottishness with fantastical Scottish settings and a dash of mythology, no matter if she’s writing about Celtic gods, cat shifters, or the streets of Edinburgh.

When she’s not typing away at her favourite cafe, Skye loves dried mango, as much exotic tea as she can squeeze into her cupboards, and being covered in pet hair by her two bunnies, Emma and Darwin.

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Dodging Calamities – Artemis University Book 7 By Erin R. Flynn

Dodging Calamities
Artemis University Book 7
Erin R. Flynn


My name is Tamsin Vale and I’m the last known fairy… And I think I’m out of time. The walls are closing in from all sides and we’re quickly running out of options.

But I don’t think help is coming.

Making up with Darby and Lucca—having them at my side—has helped my soul, but I’m still missing pieces of it. I want to let Hudson back in, though I don’t know how.

And I really wish I could move on from Craftsman. Why can I not let go of the man who nearly destroyed me?

There are too many other things I should be focused on. McGrath is circling and must be handled. The warlock elders are stepping up their attempts to get me. Others are getting too desperate and that makes people dangerous, but trying to make friends with the wrong people will get me killed.

I really wish help was coming because I don’t think I’ll survive without it.

Tamsin and Darby are an item again, and Lucca is with them too, but in secret because of who his father is. With Hudson, they are going back to square one, working to be friends. Only Craftsman hasn’t been forgiven at any level and it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon.

The first order of business comes with the appearance of ‘supe security’ demanding she come with them, and threatening all that get in their way. This is a violent scene as Tamsin protects not only herself but also everyone around her.

Next order of business is Instructor McGrath, I really liked that one. He truly gets his comeuppance.

Then there’s the supe version of football, lots of fun with Darby, oh and I might have been wrong about Julian Craftsman.

Tamsin hasn’t really forgiven anyone but Darby and Lucca, and with all that’s going on around her she’s still feeling very alone. Her working to bring faerie back is slow, she wants to know if there are answers to be found.

This is one of my favorite scenes.

I needed a serious break and brought everything I needed to work in Faerie as I did almost every Saturday morning now. My power was strong enough that I could let out all the reservoirs I collected during the week and the boxes and boxes of recharged crystals. That was my routine.

What had also become my routine since I’d been able to do this on my own without White was to pray. To whom?

I had no idea, but I had been. Maybe I was praying to Faerie to help a girl out.

Maybe to the gods to realize I couldn’t handle any more.

Maybe to the other fairies to hear me and fight to meet me halfway.

I didn’t know, but I didn’t even have it in me to pray anymore. No one was listening. No one cared. No one was coming to help pick up the fight and take the next round before we all drowned.

I was so tired and out of hope, part of me wondered why I still kept coming and pumped so much magic into this world. Was I stupid? Was I crazy to keep trying and trying and trying to find someone—anyone—after over a year? Not even an animal yet and still, I nearly killed myself to keep doing this when we had piles of problems, fair folk were in trouble all over the place, and people constantly wanted my head.

I had to be a machoistic.

Definitely insane.

Still, I focused my power, closing my eyes and visualizing as I needed to. I frowned when it didn’t go as it had been for months. It didn’t stall, but started almost revving like I wasn’t in gear.

I adjusted my magic as if I was shifting gears and moved my hands over everything, making sure I was calm and centered. I let out a cry as it all shot out the left side of me, down my arm, and splayed from my fingers hard enough that it hurt. Seriously hurt. It was a huge burst that was made me feel worse than any hit I’d taken during sparring and totally knocked the wind out of me.

“What the fuck was that?” I whispered, clutching my throbbing arm I couldn’t even move to me. I felt woozy and heard my heartbeat echoing in my ears, trying to calm down and relax now that the burst was over. I was fine and I could ask White later.

But then I realized it was Faerie.

And it wasn’t my heartbeat echoing.

It was a second heartbeat here.

I jumped to my feet, tripping over them as I thought of the rune to use fairy speed. I raced in the direction my magic had shot out, traveling miles too fast and pushing myself too hard. Sliding to a stop when I felt where it ended, I locked gazes with maybe the lightest green eyes I’d ever seen.

“What did you do?” his deep voice choked out.

“I-I—” I didn’t know how to explain any of this, too shocked I actually fucking found someone. I gasped and stumbled away when his magic ramped up, able to feel it and terrified of his power.

“What did you do?” he shouted, his voice still completely raw.

It took me a split second to decide what to do. I was injured, drained from releasing him and racing there, and at a disadvantage. He was powerful, pissed, and clearly disoriented.

I ran. I turned on my heel and used that rune to get the fuck out of there. I put every ounce into running and headed for the bike I now kept there, driving it with one arm at full speed back to the portal. I dumped the bike and activated the portal, flying through it and pulling my magic back.

Panicking on what I should do, I patted myself down to find my phone, freaking I’d dropped it in Faerie. Then I remembered I’d left it in the kitchen to charge and after a few failed attempts, managed to push to my feet. I stumbled up the stairs, ignoring Darby and Mel in the kitchen, and practically tore my phone from the charger, calling who I knew I should first.

“Tamsin, it’s not a good—” Geiger greeted.

“I found someone,” I shouted. “I found someone in Faerie, Geiger, and he is pissed and scary and I don’t know what to fucking do! I just ran. I don’t know if he can come through the portal, but he was—his power is more than mine and it hurt me to do. He was disoriented and has green eyes. What the fuck do I do now?”
Flynn, Erin R. Dodging Calamities (Artemis University Book 7) (Kindle locations 3151-3199). Supernatural Script, Inc. Kindle Edition.

The fairy she released, or rather Faerie had released wasn’t at all what Tamsin expected. He was a Prince and thought they were betrothed and she should be compliant. Yeah, right.

Everyone rallies to support Tamsin even as she struggles with new knowledge coming from Prince Neldor. There’s more and more fallout and traps set. One that Tamsin is really worried about hurting someone she loves.

Plenty of action and suspense, some forgiveness and yes, sizzling heat too.

5 Contented Purrs for Erin!

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Erin is a born Chicagoan who decided to state hop a bit, given she works from home. She currently resides in Georgia with her pup, Lord Vader Flynn. With an eclectic and addictive personality, there isn’t much that doesn’t interest her or she won’t pour herself into if it catches her fancy. She has always been interested in the darker aspects of life and mythologies—especially vampires, shifters, the occult, and anything paranormal.

To date, she has published more paranormal books than she can keep up with the characters for, in different genres with dedicated readers who await each release to her numerous series under any of the three Flynn names she writes.

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Alien Abduction for Professionals – The Intergalactic Guide to Humans Book 2 by Skye MacKinnon

Alien Abduction for Professionals
The Intergalactic Guide to Humans Book 2
USA Today Bestselling Author
Skye MacKinnon


Being probed by aliens was only the beginning…

I was abducted by incompetent aliens. They didn’t know what they were doing and they still don’t have a clue. Now that we’re done with all the probing, they’re taking lessons in ‘Caring for Vulnerable Females’ and ‘Nest Building for Beginners’ and want to turn me into their mate.

And no, they don’t listen when I tell them I don’t need a nest.

In theory, I could fall for these three hunky aliens who can bring me more pleasure than I ever dreamed of, but we’re being watched and analysed every minute of the day. A creepy professor from the Intergalactic University uses us as examples for her lessons, sometimes with dangerous consequences, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

I don’t want to be a science experiment, but can I resist falling for the aliens who stole me from Earth?

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In order to get a passing grade and their certificate from IGU, Xil, Matar, Havel and their abductee Trish, have agreed to be a case study for Professor Katila’s class Alien Abduction for Professionals. The first lesson in this course is taking your abductee to a public place. Apparently to see if you they could control jealousy. They decide to take her shopping on Kitt-Y-6, where there is quite the diversity of items for Trish to choose from.

Of course there is almost a screw up from the start as they are accused of not having the correct paperwork and need to be scanned. After that the first thing that attracts Trish is the combination of many foods, but it is Pikis that the guys gravitate to and buy a lot of. Havel and Xil want to look at technology so Matar continues to stroll through the booths with Trish. When she sees the pet vendor she is drawn to it and Matar knows he’s in trouble.

Trish gravitated toward the tribbits that reminded her of rabbits. Fortunately Matar remembers Xil had mentioned them and said she could have one.

This is one of my favorite scenes.

To my relief, Trish ignored both the aaven and the loovins. Instead, she stared at the tribitts housed in a large cage beneath the stall. I remembered how we’d once mentioned them in conversation. I dimly recalled that Xil even told her she could have one.  

The little long-eared creatures were a sorry sight. While the other pets were all in pristine condition, the tribitts looked like they’d not been brushed in days. They were well-nourished but clearly hadn’t been given the same attention as the other animals.
“Those are tribitts,” the owner said dismissively. “Very old-fashioned. Nobody wants them nowadays. I only keep them because nostalgic tribitt enthusiasts need new breeding females for their herds.”

“Ooooooh,” Trish exclaimed. “You told me about them, Matar. You didn’t say that they look like rabbits!”

“That’s because I have no idea what a rabbit is,” I chuckled. “But if you say so…”

“What’s a rabbit?” the stall owner asked curiously. “Are they cute?”

“Very,” Trish replied with a dreamy expression. “I used to have one as a child. They have ears just like these tribitts, but they’re a bit smaller and less colourful. Mine was white with beige spots, but you’ll also find black and brown ones.”

“That sounds dull,” I remarked. “It would make them hard to spot.”

She laughed. “That’s the point. In the wild, they’re prey and need to camouflage.”

“They’re not bred to be pets?” the seller asked with a strange expression. “You take them from the wild?”  

He looked horrified at the idea.  

“No, but their ancestors were wild. Wait, does that mean tribitts don’t exist in nature?”

The stall owner shook his head. “All these pets were created to be just that. Pretty, cute, easy to look after, house or space ship trained. Most of them listen to simple commands, while others are more intelligent. Tribitts can be too clever for some owners, especially when it comes to food. They’re known to learn how to open drawers. I’ve even heard of some that can manipulate a fabricator. That could be just a myth, but I wouldn’t put it past them. Devious little beasts. I don’t know why they were even created. Now, my dear, how about one of these gorgeous Sliviean poro’la? They like to ride on their owner’s shoulder and are excellent at removing body hair.”

One look at Trish told me that we’d leave Kitt-Y-6 with a tribitt. And when she looked at me and began to flutter her lush eyelashes, I knew I had no choice.

“Which one do you like best?” I asked, repressing a sigh.  

Most of the tribitts in the cage were a shade of dark purple with bright pink ears. Two were golden with dark stripes, and-

“The green one,” Trish said determinedly. “It’s the same shade as you. So pretty.”

My heart did a little jump at that. She chose that tribitt because it reminded her of me. I would have bought her a dozen tribitts just to hear her say that again.  

“Are you sure?” the owner asked, clearly not happy about it. I guessed the other pets were more expensive than the tribitts. After he’d told us that they were out of fashion, he couldn’t charge a lot for them, not without losing face. That suited me just fine. We’d have more left in our budget to buy Trish other things. I wanted to treat her to a necklace I’d seen the last time we’d been on Kitt-Y-6. It was unlikely it was still available, but it would suit her perfectly.  

“Yes,” Trish replied without hesitation. “That is if you’re okay with that?”

She turned to me.

“Of course,” I said quickly. “Anything for you.”

Trish smiled. “I’ll give you a proper thank you later.”

My cock hardened. I knew exactly what she had in mind.  

I squeezed her hand, a promise of other squeezing I was planning on doing later. Her breasts were made for me, perfectly fitting into my hands. I loved massaging them, using just the right amount of pressure to make her moan and gasp.  

“Do you need a basic tribitt accessories set with that?” the stall owner asked, clearly hoping to increase his profits. “It includes a harness, leash, food bowls, litter tray, some toys and a first-aid kit.”

“First-aid?” Trish asked with wide eyes. “Do they get injured easily?”

The male grinned. “No, that’s for the owners. Tribitts can be moody.”

I rolled my eyes. “Don’t listen to him. If you treat a tribitt right, he’ll never scratch or bite you. But we’ll take the set. I assume they’re vaccinated and microchipped?”

“Yes, they also have sensors implanted, so you always know where your tribitt is and how it’s feeling. There’s an app for your communicator.”

An app to monitor your tribitt. How silly.

He opened the cage and grabbed the green tribitt by its ears. It let out an angry bellow, but the seller didn’t seem to care. I was starting to regret buying from him, but it was too late. The way Trish looked at the tribitt meant she’d already fallen in love with it. Not that I could blame her. The little animal was adorable. While most of it was green, it had small pink spots beneath its eyes. Its paws were a lighter green, the same as the insides of its long ears. Trish had been right. It was almost the exact colour I was.  

“Do you want a cage for it?” the seller asked. “Or I can put the harness on it and you can carry it around with you. I should warn you, though, they go crazy for piki cakes so don’t let them anywhere near that stall.”

I sighed. That was going to be a problem.
Skye MacKinnon. Alien Abduction for Professionals: The Intergalactic Guide to Humans #2 (Kindle Locations 222-265). Peryton Press.

When they meet up with the others, everyone falls in love with the tribbit. Trish refuses to name him until they return to the ship, which circumstances has them doing sooner rather than later.

Seems Professor Katila has been up to some mischief and when they realize she’s behind their troubles they begin to wonder about continuing the course.

I have to say that nest building had me laughing, and of course there’s plenty of sizzling heat. Trish really does love her aliens. The professor is also going to get schooled, by Trish. Don’t mess with the earth woman. However the OMG ending may have me modifying that thought but I didn’t throw my kindle so that’s a plus!

I really can’t wait to read the next book in this series.

5 Contented Purrs for Skye!

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Skye MacKinnon

Skye MacKinnon is a USA Today & International Bestselling Author whose books are filled with strong heroines who don’t have to choose.

She embraces her Scottishness with fantastical Scottish settings and a dash of mythology, no matter if she’s writing about Celtic gods, cat shifters, or the streets of Edinburgh.

When she’s not typing away at her favourite cafe, Skye loves dried mango, as much exotic tea as she can squeeze into her cupboards, and being covered in pet hair by her two bunnies, Emma and Darwin.

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