Onyx – K19 Security Solutions Book 10 by Heather Slade

K19 Security Solutions Book 10
Heather Slade



A crash and a coma has grounded me. Without flight, I’m a pilot without wings. I refuse to give up, give in. I need to be back in the air with nothing but gravity threatening me. For now, I’m recovering at the winery, biding my time. The last thing I need is a distraction to deter me from my goals—even if she’s a mirror image of the woman who stole and shattered my heart.


Answers, that’s all I’m after. My sister’s gone, and I’m hellbent on uncovering the truth. These guys—even as sexy and as rugged as they are—have the knowledge I want. I’ll stop at nothing to know what happened. Even if it means getting closer than I know I should. It won’t be easy though—Onyx is one cold and hardened stone.

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It’s Thanksgiving a year since Onyx was shot and the plane crashed. A month in a coma and rehab for his injuries has been more than a bit hard since he can no longer pilot a plane. He’s visiting family now and is about to get quite the surprise.

Blanca Descanso is Sofia’s(Corazón) twin sister. Her father has died and left her with a sort of mission. The one thing she wants to know is what happened to her sister and she believes Montano (Onyx) has those answers. She’s forgotten it’s Thanksgiving since she’s lived in Europe for so long and that in itself becomes interesting. As she finally gets the chance to speak with Montano, their interrupted by a phone call. Some came to the winery looking for Blanca, she has no idea who it could be and now everyone’s on high alert.

Fortunately where Blanca’s headed has an ally in Owen ‘Ranger’ Messick and they will be able to keep her safe while looking for whatever it is Sofia left her. Unfortunately she makes a stop in Manhattan first, doing some touristy things.

Onyx and Ranger get word that Hatchet is on the circle line boat with her and things immediately change pace. I really loved Blanca’s reaction to meeting up with them and also how this part plays out with Onyx.

This is a favorite scene before they head to the Adirondacks.

Instead, I arrived at seven and ordered a drink from the bar. The lobby was small, so from where I sat, I could easily see Blanca exit the elevator.

I made use of the time by mentally assessing the team. Ranger and Swan were staked out near the restaurant I’d chosen. Wasp sent another report that Hatchet’s twenty hadn’t changed, and once Blanca came downstairs and the town car I’d made arrangements for arrived, Buster would be our driver for the evening.

Over dinner, I planned to get Blanca to tell me what Hatchet had said to her, but not at the expense of adding to her anxiety. Since my intention was to spend as much time with her as I could, we’d eventually have that conversation.

I took a sip of my drink and rolled my shoulders. My muscles were stiff from lack of exercise, like they were when I was at my parents’ place. Once we got to the lake, I had to get back into my regular routine, or I’d wind up in too much pain to be helpful if Blanca was in danger.

I heard the ding of the elevator, looked up, and saw her take a step out. She faced the street, her back to me, but I had no complaints about the view. The woman, from any direction, was a walking goddess. Her long dark hair had more red highlights in it than Sofia’s had and hung down her back in soft curls that made me want to weave my fingers in them.

The way her white dress clung to her full, round, perky ass made me want to cup those perfect cheeks with my palms. She spun around on her stiletto heels and smiled when she saw me studying her.

I stood and walked in her direction, holding out my hand when we were close enough that she could take it.

“You’re stunning.”

“Thank you.” Her cheeks, pink from spending the afternoon in the sun and on the water, grew more so, and her beautiful smile spread across her face.

The halter-style dress she wore made her already bigger-than-average breasts look even larger. It was all I could do not to tear my gaze from hers and look down at them.

“Ready?” I asked when I saw Buster pull up out front.

She looked around the bar area. “Where’s Ranger?”

“He won’t be joining us.”


Was that disappointment I heard in her voice? Was her only reason for getting so dolled up to impress him? It sure as hell wouldn’t have been for me, now would it? As far as Blanca was concerned, I was her dead sister’s boyfriend.

“I’ll do my best to be a worthy second choice as your dinner companion,” I said, winking through my discomfort.

“Second choice? Um, no, that isn’t what I meant. I just…”

“It’s okay. I understand. He reminds you of his brother, Jimmy.”

Blanca laughed and put her arm through mine. “That isn’t what I meant either, but it doesn’t matter.”

We’d been in the town car for several minutes, me studying her while her focus was on the views we passed by.

“I’m surprised you didn’t ask where we were going.”

“Hmm?” She turned toward me. “I’m sure wherever you’ve chosen will be lovely.”

If they didn’t look so much alike, I would’ve questioned whether Blanca and Sofia were even related. The twin seated beside me wasn’t just warmer, calmer, more alluring, she possessed a grace I hadn’t witnessed in her sister.

“What took you to Europe?”

She sat back against the seat and looked down at her hands. “It was the farthest place from home I could come up with at the time.”

“Where specifically?”

“Italy. I must’ve watched Under the Tuscan Sun thirty times when I was a teenager. I was obsessed.”

“Is that where you stayed the whole time you were over there?”

“For the most part. I traveled around quite a bit for my work.”

“Which is?”

Her cheeks flushed again. “I’m a writer.”

“What do you write?”

Blanca turned her head toward the window. “Fiction, mainly.”

“You gonna make me drag it out of you, sis?”

“It isn’t that interesting, honestly.”

I leaned closer. “Let me guess. You write that Fifty Shades stuff?”

“Not quite.”

“Okay. You don’t want to tell me now. I’ll get it out of you later.” I rested my hand on the seat between us like hers was and brushed her pinky with mine. “Just joshin’. I’ll stop buggin’ you.”

“It’s a little racier than that.”

“Wait. What? It’s racier?”

Blanca raised her chin. “Yes.”

“Well, damn, sis. Can I read it?”

She laughed out loud, and, wow, it was a beautiful sound. “Maybe some day.”

“You write under a pseudonym or your own name?”

“I’ll never tell.”

“Damn, girl…” What? What could I say to her? I wish I’d known you before your twin because I think you’re the prettiest, smartest, sexiest woman I’ve ever met? Fuck. This was a major Charlie Foxtrot, if there ever was one.

“Are you okay?”

“Yep. Fine and dandy. Hey, if you loved Italy, then I think you’re going to enjoy where we’re having dinner.”

When we pulled up to the most exclusive hardest-to-snag-a-reservation-at restaurant in all of New York City, Blanca’s mouth dropped open.

“You’re kidding. We aren’t really eating here.”

“Sure, we are.”

“Why? How?”

The owner of the restaurant was someone I used to pilot for occasionally. Since I had no intention of telling Blanca why I wouldn’t be returning to that particular career, I kept my answer simple. “I know a guy.”
Heather Slade. Onyx (Kindle Locations 554-606). K19 Security Solutions Book Ten.

There is definitely an attraction here, and once they hit the lake and the cabins (called camps), things change in so many respects. Onyx learns she’s looking for something Sofia left for her and Ranger and him are sure that’s what everyone is after as well. Ranger’s brother Jimmy also shows up and there are many twists and turns.

Plenty of fun and romance interspersed with the intrigue and suspense as this story unfolds. You won’t be able to put this book down.

I’m so glad Onyx will have his own division of K19, I can’t wait for that series to start!

5 Contented Purrs for Heather!

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Heather Slade

My books are filled with things that bring me joy: music, wine, skiing, families, artists, and cowboys. Not always in that order.

I’m an Amazon best-selling author, and a PAN member of Romance Writers of America. I speak, teach, blog, am an executive sommelier, and all-around entrepreneur.

I grew up an east coast girl, and then spent half my life on the west coast. Now my husband, our two boys, and I happily call Colorado home.

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