Winning Wyoming – Boot Knockers Ranch Book 11 by Em Petrova

Winning Wyoming
Boot Knockers Ranch Book 11
Em Petrova


An old flame and a strong-willed cowgirl
have their sights on one man—Wyoming.

Sex therapist Wyoming is a betting man, but even he wouldn’t lay money on these odds. Running into his old lover one time is coincidence. Twice is bad luck. But six times in a year? Fate is gunning for him—and it’s brought the hot man who haunts Wyoming’s dreams…and a high-spirited cowgirl to further tempt him?

Sportscaster Rome Ramiro lives the celebrity existence of sports events and parties, and his new relationship with the stunning and sassy philanthropist Cecily is scorching. But when he keeps crossing paths with Wyoming, the cowboy stud from the sex ranch Rome used to frequent, he realizes something is missing in his life.

After Rome and Cecily bump into Wyoming, she proposes that the only way to mend bridges is with a bottle of tequila and a game of strip poker. Trouble is, one night may not be enough.

Rome and Cecily set their sights on the same man, but with three hearts on the line, there’s a lot more at stake. One thing’s for sure, though—it’s bound to be a wild ride on the way.

This series has always been a go to for ‘almost every page sizzles’ and this book is no exception.

Wyoming is a Boot Knocker Therapist and he’s got a problem. He’s not sure if he’s burned out or the unthinkable has happened. Taking some time off, and even starting a new business inspired by a lamb with a deformed leg, doesn’t help when the person haunting his dreams keeps showing up in person. There’s anger and lies between Wyoming and Rome.

Rome Romiro fell in love with Wyoming, but he couldn’t follow through. Now he’s proposing to his girlfriend Cecily. She’s madly in love with him but she sees something in his eyes that is holding her back from saying yes. Rome isn’t rushing her answer so she’s hoping he’ll eventually tell her his secret.

Cecily sees the video of the lamb with her prosthetic and knows she has to try to get one for her foal Flint.

Wyoming and Rome keep running into each other, the first was on purpose as Rome arranges for a visit to the dugout. Unfortunately this backfires on him. Fate however has them running into each other over and over. The most unexpected one was on Cecily’s family ranch for a banquet, and Rome was definitely trying to hide.

This is a favorite scene.

“Why are we dancing in the potted plants?” Cecily let her palm slip from Rome’s broad shoulder down to his chest.

The corner of his lips quirked. “Because they provide cover. When does the guy come to make the leg for Flint?”

She issued a laugh made husky by the desire he brought out in her and a glass of wine too many. “Don’t change the subject on me. He says he’ll text in a week or so and give me a firmer date. Now again, I ask…why are we dancing in the potted plants?”

“Can I convince you I’m interested in local flora and fauna?”

She laughed. “I prefer the floor.” She grabbed his elbow and towed him out just as the music changed.

He cocked his head to listen to the song. The lines were already being formed, and to her total shock, he joined one. She stood back, hands over her mouth, watching in complete astonishment as Rome kicked up his boots in a line dance.

He waved for her to join him, but she couldn’t do that in her formal shoes, and she laughed, gesturing for him to keep going.

When the line of dancers completed complicated footwork, Rome followed it to the very cross on the top of the T. As they twirled on the toes of their boots, he did too.

Then he ground his hips like he worked in a male revue.

Holy crap—was this her boyfriend? It wasn’t the Rome she knew. This man was loose and killing it on the dance floor. Women were gaping at his sexy moves and Cecily’s insides quivered with brand-new desire.

The stomp of boots on the floor vibrated up through the soles of her strappy high heels, and she squeezed her thighs together in her bodycon dress each time Rome tossed a look her direction.

Where did he learn how to line dance—and when? It must be left over from his college days. She couldn’t picture Rome taking the time to learn these intricate steps, but he knew them as if he’d danced them a hundred times.

She latched her attention on to his hips grinding, rotating. Women wolf-whistled to him, but he only grinned and fixed his stare on Cecily.

The final strains of the song faded, and applause took its place, a thunder that rivaled the dancers’ boots on the floor a minute before.

Cecily rushed forward, and Rome sauntered across the room, crushed her hand in his and continued walking, hauling her outside. The night whirled past her vision as he put her into the luxury car he’d rented for the occasion and drove her back to their hotel.

The minute they were in their room and the deadbolt in place, he turned to her.

“Where did you learn to—” Her question was cut off by Rome’s lips slamming down on hers.
Petrova, Em. Winning Wyoming (Kindle Locations 811-833). Kindle Edition.

Rome knows he has to tell Cecily his feelings for Wyoming and he also desperately needs to reconcile with him. That will happen in an most unexpected way.

A fun read with lots of sizzle and a few surprises too.

5 Contented Purrs for Em!

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Em Petrova Em Petrova

Em Petrova was raised by hippies in the wilds of Pennsylvania but told her parents at the age of four she wanted to be a gypsy when she grew up. She has a soft spot for babies, puppies and 90s Grunge music and believes in Bigfoot and aliens. She started writing at the age of twelve and prides herself on making her characters larger than life and her sex scenes hotter than hot.

She burst into the world of publishing in 2010 after having five beautiful bambinos and figuring they were old enough to get their own snacks while she pounds away at the keys. In her not-so-spare time, she is fur-mommy to a Labradoodle named Daisy Hasselhoff and works as editor with USA Today and New York Times bestselling authors.

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