Spring Fling: The Protector – A New Dawn Book 2 by Jen Talty

Spring Fling: The Protector
A New Dawn Book 2
USA Today Bestselling Author
Jen Talty


A traitor…
And a deadly potion…
Lead to an unexpected union
that will either destroy the world…
Or save it…

Isidore Crowe has always been ashamed of being born into the Coven of the Unseen Moon, a group of witches dedicated to destroying all fairies, especially the Wolfairy, a creature created by the union of a royal fairy and her wolf protector. Isidore never understood her Coven’s hatred for fairies. But you can’t pick your family.

When her father sends her off on a mission, with a deadly potion, to find the princess fairy and poison her before the coming of the Spring Fling, Isidore comes face to face with a wolf who not only takes her breath away, but could easily take her life away, if he knew her nefarious plans.

Nico Ferguson, second in line to be the Alpha in the most powerful wolf pack known on Earth, accepted his fate as the protector of his brother, his brother’s wife, and their unborn child-a child so special it will change the world.

However, when Nico’s girlfriend turns out to be a traitor, selling information to the Coven of the Unseen Moon, it puts his entire family, and the world in jeopardy. Determined to make things right, Nico dives deep into the investigation, only he’s quickly blinded by a beautiful witch who isn’t who she portrays herself to be. In order to save his family, he’s going to have to put his trust in the woman sent to destroy them.

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Noah Ferguson has an important job in his pack, he is the protector of his brother the Alpha, his sister-in-law the Princess and her unborn children. The legend of the Princess and the Wolf has come to pass but there is more to it. In keeping with what he knows he contacts Eliza for a match.

Isidore Crowe is supposed to do the unthinkable, yet she doesn’t believe she has a choice in it. Her Coven of the Unseen Moon is a corrupt and evil one. Her father uses the one thing he can hold over her to keep her under his control and true to the path, her sister.

When Nico and Isidore meet, he knows what her intent is, but somehow they both need to change the path. Isidore doesn’t want to be part of the Unseen Moon anymore but she needs to get her sister out of there first. They are also mates and that proves to be more than a little interesting.

A fast-paced and intriguing tale with lots of twists and plenty of sizzle.

5 Contented Purrs for Jen!

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Jen Talty

Welcome to my World! I’m a USA Today Bestseller of Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance, and Paranormal Romance.

I first started writing while carting my kids to one hockey rink after the other, averaging 170 games per year between 3 kids in 2 countries and 5 states. My first book, IN TWO WEEKS was originally published in 2007. In 2010 I helped form a publishing company (Cool Gus Publishing) with NY Times Bestselling Author Bob Mayer where I ran the technical side of the business through 2016.

I’m currently enjoying the next phase of my life…the empty NESTER! My husband and I spend our winters in Jupiter, Florida and our summers in Rochester, NY. We have three amazing children who have all gone off to carve out their places in the world, while I continue to craft stories that I hope will make you readers feel good and put a smile on your face.

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The Blind Date: Legend of the Princess and the Wolf – A New Dawn Book 1 by Jen Talty

The Blind Date:
Legend of the Princess and the Wolf
A New Dawn Book 1
USA Today Bestselling Author
Jen Talty


A burnt-out werewolf cop…
An innocent human teacher…
Two weeks of passion…

Chaz Ferguson has sat on the Twilight Crossing Council for the last ten years, policing the paranormal world, making sure that injustices to humans as well as paranormal creatures are punished to the fullest extent of the law. There is nothing he loves more than his job. So, when he’s forced to take a vacation and he’s set up on a blind, Chaz isn’t too thrilled.

However, he is tired of the rat race and wouldn’t mind a warm female body, even if for only a short period of time.

Daphne Jade hasn’t had good luck with men her entire life. She has a tendency to attract the whackos of this world. The paranormal realm was something she avoided the majority of her life. She never expected to have a fling with a werewolf, much less one being her soul-mate.

And just when she thought things couldn’t get any weirder, she finds out she’s not who she thought she was…

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Daphne Jade wants an unforgettable vacation fling, in order to accomplish that she contacted The Ashton Smith Agency to find that match.

Eliza Ashton selected Chaz Ferguson for her two week fling and attendance at her family reunion. The thing is Chaz didn’t sign up for the agency his family did it for him, although they did let him answer the questions. The council put him on leave as well so he could decide his priorities.

These two meet up at the airport for their flight to New York and they immediately hit it off. Liking many of the same things right down to the choice of wine on their flight. While Daphne had grown up south of Lake George, Chaz grew up in Killington, Vermont. That’s just a stone’s throw from Lake George.

What Daphne didn’t expect was that while she didn’t actually know his sister from college she knew of her. It was rumored that ‘Fergie’, as Cheryl was known then, was a werewolf. Her family had warned her away from anything paranormal claiming all of it to be evil. In fact her whole town felt that way.

From the kiss on the plane to distract her from her fear, to the cabin and the revelation that Chaz is a werewolf this tale will enthrall you.

I loved the way the story unfolds involving their families and changing  everything in Daphne’s world.

There’s laughter, tears, action, sizzle and so much more!

5 Contented Purrs for Jen!

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Jen Talty

Welcome to my World! I’m a USA Today Bestseller of Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance, and Paranormal Romance.

I first started writing while carting my kids to one hockey rink after the other, averaging 170 games per year between 3 kids in 2 countries and 5 states. My first book, IN TWO WEEKS was originally published in 2007. In 2010 I helped form a publishing company (Cool Gus Publishing) with NY Times Bestselling Author Bob Mayer where I ran the technical side of the business through 2016.

I’m currently enjoying the next phase of my life…the empty NESTER! My husband and I spend our winters in Jupiter, Florida and our summers in Rochester, NY. We have three amazing children who have all gone off to carve out their places in the world, while I continue to craft stories that I hope will make you readers feel good and put a smile on your face.

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The Lord and the Spy – The Royal Agents of MI6 by Heather Slade

The Lord and the Spy
The Royal Agents of MI6
USA Today Bestselling Author
Heather Slade


What is sexier than a billionaire English-accented spy?
Put him in a tuxedo and make him a lord.

An MI-5 agent shattering the “forbidden” in love.
Homeland Security’s breaking hearts and taking names.
Reckless and ruthless, the lord and the spy are uncovering more than just secrets…


Espionage, secrets, and all the other crap my team wants me tight-lipped about. And that’s fine. I’m used to life undercover. As an MI5 agent, I take on a lot. It’s who I am, and what I do. But the fiery new weapon for US Homeland Security is more dangerous than anything I’ve touched—or tasted—before. With her curves and sass, she’s dangerous and powerful. Let’s be honest, she’s never faced off against me though. I’ve got tricks to make anyone cave.


Poisonous, deadly, and perilous, I know how they see me—and why they fear me. With terrorist attacks piling up, there are enemies to take down, and I’m going to make them defenseless. But my number one target right now is a sexy and strong MI5 agent. If I shatter his heart, so be it. If I shatter mine, oh well. It takes more than just a lady to weaken that LORD.

While each book in the Royal Agents of MI6 series is a standalone with its own HEA, they may be more enjoyable read in order. Previously released as Wilder.

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Finley “Wren” Harlow has arrived to extradite Michael Caird to the US. She has the paperwork she just has to get past the rest of the red-tape. Unfortunately for her, the UK lower courts approval of the extradition gets rescinded before she can take custody.MI5’s Agent Sutton “Wilder” Whittaker is in charge of the case, and he finds himself very attracted to Wren from the moment they meet. What he has to do is get her to participate in a little subterfuge so she’ll stay on the case in England.This of course is against what her boss at DHS wants. It’s also her boss who is known to Wilder, and not for a good reason.

This is a favorite scene.

He led me up the same winding staircase and into one of the rooms with a lit fireplace that I’d noticed earlier. Once inside, he pulled the pocket door closed behind us.

“Mighty cozy,” I drawled.

Wilder motioned to the table and held my chair. The formal place setting in front of me was as eclectic as everything else I’d laid eyes on since walking into the Five Hertford. There was no doubt it was the finest mismatched silver I’d ever seen.

“Dinner will be served shortly,” Wilder said, joining me at the table after making a brief call on the old-fashioned-looking phone sitting on a small side table next to the two chairs that faced the fireplace.

“May I?” He motioned to an open bottle of wine.

“Please.” I watched as he poured, twisting the bottle effortlessly so as not to spill a drop as he lifted it away from my glass.

“Are all of the dining rooms this private?”

“Not at all. In fact, most of the other rooms are quite a bit larger.”

He placed his napkin on his lap, leaned forward, and rested his elbows on the edge of the table.

“Please say whatever is on your mind,” I said, trying to shake off my discomfort over my earlier frankness.

“I have a proposition for you.”

In an act that would’ve been pure drama, I considered tossing my napkin on the table and walking out, but something told me that my attempt at humor might fall flat.

“I didn’t phrase that very well. I didn’t mean it the way you’re probably thinking.”

“You have the floor, Agent Whittaker. Speak your piece.”

Wilder sat back in his chair. “I know that I suggested we leave our siblings behind while we enjoyed dinner, but I must admit, mine brought something to my attention earlier that I find myself anxious to give him credit for.”

“And what was that?”

“He said, in essence, we both want the same thing.”

He waited as though he was giving me time to protest.

“Very well,” he murmured when I didn’t say anything. “You want to extradite Caird to the US in order to question him about whom he was working with. The UK seeks the same information.”

“And your brother’s suggestion?”

“We work together.”

“I assume he’s suggesting that it be done in the UK.”

“You are aware that Matthew is mentally ill.”

“Our government would conduct their own tests to determine the validity of his illness.”

“He wouldn’t survive it.”

“The tests?”

“The trip to the US.”

Before I could ask what he meant, there was a rap at the door. Wilder waited for me to nod before he stood and slid it open.

Something that smelled absolutely divine was wheeled in on a cart and dramatically placed in front of me.

“Lobster bisque,” the server announced as he removed the silver dome.

“I can assure you there is none better anywhere in the world,” Wilder said as the server placed the same in front of him.

“Is there anything else I can bring at this time, sir?” the man asked.

“Nothing for me, thank you,” I answered when both Wilder and the waiter looked at me.

“Shall I close the door on my way out, sir?” he asked.

“Please,” Wilder answered. “Where were we?”

“Caird’s extradition and our unwillingness to take no for an answer.”

Wilder smiled. “There’s no point in continuing that conversation. SIS will never agree to it.”

“My assignment is strictly to extradite a man who is wanted for crimes committed in the United States. The treaty is quite clear—”

Wilder held up his hand. “I am aware of the extradition treaty.”

“You are also aware that your own courts have determined that you must release him to my custody.”

Wilder sighed. “What they determined is that there is cause for extradition. Not that he should be released.”

“Same difference.”

He smiled. “Are you enjoying the bisque?”

“Not half as much as the conversation.”

That made him laugh out loud. “I’m disappointed that you don’t appear as eager to collaborate as I am.”

“You’re only interested in collaboration because you know that soon the suspect will be out of your jurisdiction.”

There was another rap on the door, and before Wilder could summon the person in, the door opened and someone other than the previous server came in.

“I’m terribly sorry to disturb,” the man said. “But there is an urgent call for you, sir.”

“Excuse me.” Wilder stood, not appearing surprised by the intrusion.

When the door closed behind him, I pulled out my cell phone only to find that I had no signal. It wasn’t surprising, given the exclusivity of the club; however, it left me annoyed at my inability to at least check my email.
Heather Slade. The Lord and the Spy (Kindle Locations 322-368). The Royal Agents of MI6 Book Two.

This book had me gasping in surprise more than once as the complex tale unfolds. There are many twists, even as these two try unsuccessfully to avoid a relationship.

Plenty of heat, many surprises and suspense. I can’t wait for the next book in this series!

5 Contented Purrs for Heather!

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Coming Soon!

Heather Slade

My books are filled with things that bring me joy: music, wine, skiing, families, artists, and cowboys. Not always in that order.

I’m an Amazon best-selling author, and a PAN member of Romance Writers of America. I speak, teach, blog, am an executive sommelier, and all-around entrepreneur.

I grew up an east coast girl, and then spent half my life on the west coast. Now my husband, our two boys, and I happily call Colorado home.

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Her Banana Bears – A Claiming Her Bears Novella by Skye MacKinnon

Her Banana Bears
A Claiming Her Bears Novella
USA Today Bestselling Author
Skye MacKinnon


“What are you thinking of?” Torben asks me, stroking his banana.

Bananas are extinct. Or so they thought. When a lone banana is swept onto the shore of Bear Island, Isla knows exactly what she’s going to do with it. She’s heard stories of this mythical fruit, of how long and hard and curved they are. How sweet. How thick. How juicy.

Of course, her four hunky bear shifters won’t let her play with her banana. Torn apart by jealousy, they challenge the curvy yellow rod to a daring duel that will see the longest fruit win. Who will Isla get to taste in the end?

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From one banana to discovering five, a miracle in this world. Dividing them up is yet another story entirely. They agree on some aspects, but Ilsa needs to step in.

This is a favorite scene.

Finding one banana in a post-apocalyptic world is amazing. Finding five bananas is a miracle.

Torben holds one in his hand and turns it from side to side. His touch is gentle as if he’s scared to break it. I stare at mine reverently, not quite able to believe it.

I remember bananas from before the Drowning, from when I was a happy child living with my parents. I had no idea that the world was about to end back then. I took bananas for granted, just like everything that doesn’t grow on the islands that were once the
United Kingdom. Twenty years later, bananas become a treasure that I’m not quite sure how to deal with.

Holding it to my nose, I sniff it, trying to discern if it smells the same as I remember. I can’t be sure; it’s been too long.

“Amazing,” Finn sighs, inhaling the scent of his banana. “I never realised I missed them until now. I mean, I miss all the food we used to eat, especially proper chocolate, but this… this is special.”

I want to show them to the children, but they’re staying with Bertie this weekend. He plays babysitter for us from time to time, giving us the chance to focus on our relationship. It’s not just nice for us, but also for good old Bertie. His partner Arnold died two years ago and even if we weren’t stuck on an island, I doubt he’d ever look for someone else. Bertie and Arnold were the dream couple everyone aspires to be. Now that Bertie is all alone, he loves taking care of our kids, either playing with them as human children or showing them the way of the bears if they’re shifted. Ruby, our eldest, now has full control over her shifts, but Arcas doesn’t. At least he’s no longer breastfeeding. My nipples hurt at the memory of his sharp little fangs drawing blood.

“What are you thinking of?” Torben asks me, stroking his banana.  

“We should show the kids, they’ve never seen one before. But… I also don’t want to end our weekend quite yet.”

Húnn hugs me from behind, pressing me against his large body. “We’ll keep one for them to taste once they’re back. I’ll share mine with my brother.”

“You are? I don’t think so,” Ràn huffs. He twirls his fingers around his banana’s stem as if he’s tempted to pull it down, revealing the soft sweetness inside. “I’m going to eat this slowly, relishing every bite. I’m going to close my eyes while memorising the taste because I doubt we’ll ever find another banana again. And I’m certainly not going to share.”

“You will,” Torben growls, all alpha. “We share Isla, we share a home, we share bananas. You need to set a good example for our cubs.”

“Please don’t compare me to a banana,” I complain. “But Torben is right. We’re going to share. Let’s give one to the kids and one to Bertie, that leaves three for the five of us.”

“How about a competition?” Finn suggests eagerly. “The winner gets the biggest piece.”

Some days, I wonder if Finn ever really grew up. He’s the most playful of my four bears which is why the cubs love him. Luckily, Torben has taken charge of discipline, teaching them from the start that the sleuth’s alpha is to be obeyed.

I hold out my hands. “Hand me your bananas. Now. Before this escalates into yet another fight.”

They grumble, but all comply, even Torben. As much as he likes to posture as alpha, everyone knows that secretly I’m the one in charge. Alis, the spirit residing within me, is stronger than him. If she wanted to, she could take over our sleuth, but that would start all sorts of complications. Besides, Alis has become more withdrawn since her son died, preferring to simply stay in the background with only the occasional snarky comment. She excels at sarcasm.  

I stuff the five bananas back into the chest we found them in. It’s pre-Drowning, some kind of storage container that kept the bananas fresh for over two decades. I don’t know how it works, but maybe we can reuse it for other purposes. Much knowledge of the technology we had before the sea levels rose has disappeared, although we do occasionally find things like this chest washed up on the beach. Most of the time, it’s scrap, but today we were lucky.  

Real bananas.  

It’s a miracle.  

I carry the chest back home, followed by my guys. They’re still bickering, but I ignore them. It’s better that way, I learned that early on. As half-brothers, Húnn and Ràn are constantly at odds, although in a loving, brotherly way. Finn likes to play jokes on the others – and on me – which can disturb the peace, while Torben… well, he’s Torben. That says it all.
Skye MacKinnon: Her Banana Bears. Eat Your Heart Out: A Charity Anthology (Kindle Locations 3889-3926).

The initial sharing is easily decided, for the rest a hilarious competition is born, The Banana Olympics.  You really just have to read this.

Sexy, Sensuous, Sizzling and I laughed until I cried.

Complete Trilogy


Skye MacKinnon

Skye MacKinnon is a USA Today & International Bestselling Author whose books are filled with strong heroines who don’t have to choose.

She embraces her Scottishness with fantastical Scottish settings and a dash of mythology, no matter if she’s writing about Celtic gods, cat shifters, or the streets of Edinburgh.

When she’s not typing away at her favourite cafe, Skye loves dried mango, as much exotic tea as she can squeeze into her cupboards, and being covered in pet hair by her two bunnies, Emma and Darwin.

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Convincing Leah – Surrender Book 9 by Becca Jameson

Convincing Leah
Surrender Book 9
USA Today Bestselling Author
Becca Jameson



A childhood reprimand has caused me to be extremely hard on myself.
To this day, I never misbehave.
But even my thoughts require absolution, and I get that at the club.
My favorite release comes in the form of impact play.
Two nights a week. That’s all I allow myself.
Many of my friends are little. I get it, but it’s not for me.
I can’t be little. I was never little.
I became an adult when I was five.
I don’t know how to be young. What if I do it wrong?


I’ve wanted Leah from the moment I first saw her.
I don’t care that she’s not little.
But I’m a Daddy, through and through.
After two months of playing exclusively with her at the club, I want more.
Can I set that part of me aside and be what she needs?
Her world gets flipped upside down by a crazy fan.
She needs to tap into her inner little to escape and hide.
And she needs me to protect and nurture her.
Can she see I’m here to pick up the pieces no matter where they fall?

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Leah is a successful author who goes to Surrender a couple nights a week to relieve stress. Craig is the only one she scenes with, which in itself is a bit strange since he is a Daddy Dom and she doesn’t believe she could ever be a little.

Leah and her best friend Eve, who is a little, are having lunch together and the Daddy Dom subject comes up. Now Leah’s wondering if she’s being fair to Craig, it’s a conversation she’ll need to have with him.

Leah and Craig talk and facetime between visits to Surrender but they haven’t gone out on a date or anything. The evening after the lunch with Eve, Leah brings up the issue.

This is a favorite scene.

I rejoined the club a few months ago after Roman asked me to come play bouncer for a few nights to keep an eye on the women, especially the littles. Before that, I hadn’t been going to any club for several years. I’m pretty sure Roman had an ulterior motive. We’ve been friends for many years. He’d been trying to get me to come back to Surrender ever since my divorce five years ago.

The first night I was there, I watched Leah perform with another Dom. She took my breath away. The woman wrapped me all the way around her finger that first night, and I never even spoke to her.

It took me a few weeks to ask her to submit to me, and the rest was history. She hasn’t submitted to another Dom since then, nor have I dominated another sub. We don’t have a verbal agreement. It’s just how things have been.

Leah picks up a pen and chews on the end of it. She does this often. It’s a cute nervous habit that I don’t mention. I wonder if she does it when she’s trying to think of what happens next in one of her novels. I wonder if there are pens all over her apartment with teeth marks on them.

I wonder if I’ll ever be invited to her apartment.

“I don’t tell anyone my pen name. Hell, I don’t tell most people what I do for a living,” she points out.

“Eve knows, right?”

“Yes. But Eve’s my best friend. She knows a lot of things.” Leah stands up, taking the phone with her as she moves around her apartment. She’s holding the screen in front of her face, but it jiggles enough for me to get an occasional glimpse of her chest.

I can’t help but look. She’s wearing a white tank top and no bra. She often goes without a bra at home. She doesn’t really need one. She’s about five-six but slender with perfect, pert breasts that fit right in my palm. I know because I have cupped my hands over them many times when she’s restrained to a bench at the club and squirming with need near the end of a scene.

As she drops down onto the couch and props the phone against her thighs, I get a better look at her chest. Her nipples are hard points straining against the tight tank top.

I lick my lips and try not to moan. I’m pretty sure she’s oblivious to my plight.

A moment later, she spins so that she’s lounging longways on her couch, holding the phone up higher and ruining my view. “How was your day?” she asks. “Did you make headway on the hardwood floors?”

“Yep. I rented a sander and managed to strip the hallway. Tomorrow I’ll stain and seal it. I’m getting too old for this kind of labor. Not sure why I didn’t just pay someone to do it.” I’ve been retired from the military for two years. I’ve done a few odd jobs now and then to keep busy but I’ve mainly been focused on remodeling my home. I left the hallway for last, choosing to rip out the carpet and refinish it this week.

Leah giggles. “You’re not old, and I know you love doing the work. That’s why you don’t pay someone else.”

I smile at her. “I’m old compared to you. Forty-five. Fifteen years your senior.” But she’s right. I enjoy working with my hands. The remodel has been satisfying and keeps me busy. I’m not sure what I’m going to do to occupy my time now that I’m in the home stretch.

It’s been so gratifying learning all about home remodels that part of me feels like I should sell the house, buy a fixer-upper, and do it again. It’s not a bad idea. On the other hand, I love this house now that I have it exactly how I want it.

She rolls her eyes. “Forty-five is not old. Stop it. Even if you are old enough to be my father,” she jokes.

I can’t restrain my reaction. My eyes widen and there’s no way to stop my next words from sliding into the conversation. “Though I did have sex with my high school girlfriend, I was eighteen, practically a late bloomer. Not fourteen. I have no interest in being your father, but you know if you’re ever looking for a Daddy, I’m your guy.”

She groans. “I walked right into that trap.”

“Hey, you set the trap. Not me,” I tease.

Her expression switches to something more serious, and I panic a bit. Our time together always feels like it’s borrowed. I’m constantly waiting for her to tell me things aren’t going to work out. She’s probably right, but I’m still hanging around waiting.

When she licks her lips, I watch her tongue. I’ve never kissed her, but I’ve thought about it a lot. Her full pink lips often catch my eye. “Speaking of which, Leah brought up the same subject at lunch today.”

I swallow. “What subject?” I ask as if I’m dense.

“The Daddy subject,” she responds. “She made me think.”

For a second, I’m hopeful that she might be willing to give my preferred kink a try. “What did she make you think about?”

Leah sighs. “Mostly that I’m stringing you along with this odd friendship we have. I’m worried you think someday I’ll decide to submit to you as a little even though I’ve told you many times it’s not gonna happen.”

I can’t say I’m shocked by her declaration. We were bound to have this conversation sooner or later. “You’re not stringing me along, Leah. I enjoy your company. I don’t currently have a Daddy/ little relationship, so there’s no reason I can’t dominate you the old-fashioned way. As long as we’re both enjoying our time together, that’s all that matters.”

She chuckles. “The old-fashioned way?”

I laugh. “You know what I mean.”

“Yeah, but are you sure I’m not holding you back? I know you haven’t been in the scene for several years since your divorce. I’m worried that now that you’re back, I’m keeping you from finding what you really want.”

I shake my head. The sad truth I won’t be admitting out loud is that I’d rather have ten minutes with Leah than a week with any other woman. Maybe I’ll change my mind someday. I can’t predict the future. But I’m into this woman, and I have no choice but to take what she gives me until she decides she doesn’t want to do it anymore. I just hope that day isn’t today.

“You’re not keeping me from anything, Leah. I enjoy spending time with you. We have chemistry. We click. Judging by the number of people who watch us scene together, I’m not the only one who feels that way.” I hope I haven’t said too much. I always worry I’ll say something that pushes her to run.
Becca Jameson. Convincing Leah: Surrender, Book Nine (Kindle Locations 146-196). Becca Jameson Publishing.

Craig and Leah meet up at Surrender, Craig has booked a private room for them as they take this relationship to the next level. The resulting sub-drop Leah experiences is startling and concerning, as is something she said.

With Leah in his home, it feels right to him but Leah still isn’t a little. He does need to get her to open up to him and the way this happens will have you on the edge of your seat.

We see many of the characters from the previous books as well as Craig and Leah enter into something that may well be life changing for Leah.

From the cause to the temporary experience, this book rapidly becomes my favorite in this series. Extremely emotional, with laughter, tears and sensuous sizzle.

5 Contented Purrs for Becca!

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Becca Jameson Becca Jameson

Becca Jameson is a USA Today bestselling author of over 100 books. She is most well-known for her Wolf Masters Series, her Fight Club series, and her Club Zodiac series. She currently lives in Houston, Texas, with her husband and Goldendoodle. Two grown kids pop in every once in a while too! She is loving this journey and has dabbled in a variety of genres, including paranormal, sports romance, military, and BDSM.

A total night owl, Becca writes late at night, sequestering herself in her office with a glass of red wine and a bar of dark chocolate, her fingers flying across the keyboard as her characters weave their own stories.

During the day–which never starts before ten in the morning!–she can be found jogging, running errands, or reading in her favorite hammock chair!

…where Alphas dominate…

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A Taste From Love and Legends – A Fantasy Romance Collection Inspired by British & Irish Mythology: Storm Witch By Skye MacKinnon

Love and Legends
A Fantasy Romance Collection Inspired by British & Irish Mythology
New York Times Bestselling Author
Margo Bond Collins
USA Today Bestselling Authors
Skye MacKinnon
Laura Greenwood
Arizona Tape
Ann Gimpel
Anthea Sharp
Zoey Indiana
Tina Glasneck
Bec McMaster
Demelza Carlton
Plus These Wonderful Authors
Joely Sue Burkhart
Tracy Cooper-Posey
Mia Harlan & Hanleigh Bradley
Gemma Cates
TB Mann
K. R. Max
Lili Black


Discover the legends of the British Isles and fall in love with witches, ghosts, shifters and more in this collection of paranormal, fantasy, and urban fantasy romance books from bestselling authors.

Whether it’s haunted castles, witches, or hidden demons, there’s something for everyone within the pages of Love & Legends.

If you dare discover the spooky goings-on of British Legends, one-click for your copy of this limited edition anthology.

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The Original Legend
The Storm Witch of Westray

Jonet Forsyth lived on the Orkney island of Westray in the 17th century. In 1627, she foresaw the demise of her sweetheart Benjamin Garrioch and begged him not to go to sea, but he didn’t listen. After he drowned, the islanders who were already suspicious of Jonet began to accuse her of being a witch in earnest. Things escalated when during a storm Jonet saved the crew of a ship that had got in trouble. Since nobody thought a mere woman could achieve such a feat, she was ostracised further and finally taken to stand trial in Kirkwall. She was convicted as a witch and sentenced to be strangled and burned at the stake.

All that is fact. However, legend says she was spirited away on the night before her execution by her sweetheart…

The finmen appearing in this story are a Scottish myth likely based on Inuit sailors.

With highlights of the original transcripts of the trial this book shows the horrors of witch trials. We see Jonet as the witnesses tell their tales. Then we go back through her memories of the events.

One of the most poignant is the ship floundering in a storm, about to hit the cliffs and she sacrifices her own boat to steer them to safety. She almost loses her life in the process, but instead makes the acquaintance of some interesting folks. Mavel, Jamen, and Chiv are finmen, they save her from drowning yet she insists on returning home.

This is a favorite scene.

The beach was deserted. I didn’t know how the finmen had known that this was the closest beach to my house, but I didn’t ask.

We stepped out of the water, Ma’vel and Chiv still holding me, steadying me. Even though they’d done most of the swimming and had simply pulled me along, this had been the last drop in the bucket of exhaustion. I was so tired that my legs were close to giving in. All I wanted was my bed. If it hadn’t been raining, I may have simply laid down on the beach to sleep here. The storm had passed on, but dark grey clouds still hung low, mirroring my mood.  

I didn’t want them to go, but there was no other way. I took one last look at the three finmen, their imposing statures, their inhuman yet terribly attractive faces, their greenskin that was begging to be touched.  

“Thank you again for saving my life,” I said while wrapping myself in the blanket Jamen had handed me. “I will never forget you.”

“As will we.” Ma’vel bowed his head, suddenly strangely formal. “You’re special, little human. It’s been an honour to meet you.”

He whistled and it didn’t take long for a bright blue fish to appear in the water. It was unlike any fish I’d ever seen before and I was the daughter of a fishermen. I knew what creatures lived in these waters and this wasn’t one of them. The fish turned its head and looked at me with a strange intelligence that reminded me of a cat staring at its prey.  

“This is Fin,” he introduced the fish. “She’ll come with you. If you’re ever in trouble or if you change your mind and want to stay with us after all, tell her and she’ll know where to find us. You don’t have to feed her, she’ll find her own food, but she loves scratches between her ears.”

“Ears?” I echoed, staring at the fish in front of me. “And how am I supposed to take her with me? It’s not like I have a bucket of water to carry her in.”

Ma’vel laughed. “Don’t worry, Fin will walk. Come on, beautiful, don’t tease the human. Shift.”

Don’t tease the human?! I was about to tell him exactly what I thought of that statement when the fish’s scales began to glow bright blue before turning into fur. It all went so quick, it was hard to see whether they simply transformed into black fur or whether they disappeared and fur grew in their place, but within seconds, the fish was no longer a fish.


A black cat looked up at me with an expression I could only call cheeky. Her eyes still showed the same intelligence, but they’d changed to the colour of her blue scales. She purred and rubbed against my naked legs. I couldn’t help but reach down and pet her.  

“This is your last chance,” Chiv said, sadness reflecting in his voice. “Please, don’t stay here where you’re unhappy. Nothing good will come of it.”

“It’s my home,” I muttered, fighting the impulse to tell them that I’d changed my mind. What was I doing? He was right, I wasn’t happy here. But maybe that would change now that I’d saved the crew of the Starlight. People would see that I wasn’t a witch. The seamen would be able to attest that I hadn’t used magic to bring them to safety. It had been nothing but courage and local knowledge. The sailors on the beach could have done the same thing if they’d been brave enough.  

Yes, things might change. I had to believe that. I had to think positive. I looked at the three finmen one more time. “Goodbye. And thank you for everything.”

Then I turned around before they saw the tears glistening in my eyes and walked away, through the machair and onto the path that led to my home.
Skye MacKinnon. Storm Witch: A Lovers of the Sea Story (Kindle Locations 557-587). Peryton Press.

In the present the trial continues and we get to hear it all.

I laughed and cried as I turned the pages of this tale and see the unusual turn of events.

5 Contented Purrs for Skye!

Skye MacKinnon

Skye MacKinnon is a USA Today & International Bestselling Author whose books are filled with strong heroines who don’t have to choose.

She embraces her Scottishness with fantastical Scottish settings and a dash of mythology, no matter if she’s writing about Celtic gods, cat shifters, or the streets of Edinburgh.

When she’s not typing away at her favourite cafe, Skye loves dried mango, as much exotic tea as she can squeeze into her cupboards, and being covered in pet hair by her two bunnies, Emma and Darwin.

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Fallon’s Flaw – Bullard’s Battle Book 6 by Dale Mayer

Fallon’s Flaw
Bullard’s Battle Book 6
USA Today Bestselling Author
Dale Mayer


Fallon returns to Africa and Bullard’s home base to follow the only active lead they have in their hunt for their plane saboteur. Once home, Fallon finds Dave, Bullard’s right-hand man, heading out to check on a lead for Bullard, and Dave’s niece, Linny, is home for a visit. Fallon and Linny have shared both good and bad moments, as the two of them dance around a long-term attraction—which Fallon refuses to pursue, not wanting his relationship with Bullard and the crew at the compound to change.

Linny plans to confront Fallon but instead finds an old beau dropped dead on the front steps of the compound, considered her second home. Uncle Dave is everything to her, and Bullard sent her to medical school, yet it’s Fallon she keeps coming back to see.

As her world implodes, the same issues facing Fallon take a turn for the worse… putting them all in danger.

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Fallon returns to Africa just as Dave is getting ready to leave following a possible lead on Bullard.

Dave’s niece Lindsey is there on vacation from medical school and would be taking over his duties while he’s gone. Well she would keep the guys fed anyway and treat any injuries that may occur. Fallon isn’t thrilled over ‘babysitting’ but Lindsey isn’t a child she’s a doctor preparing to specialize in surgery. Quinn is meeting Fallon and it turns out he arrives in time to take Dave to the airport so Linny as he calls her isn’t left alone.

There’s been some strange things going on with the alarm system and when it goes off for no apparent reason, Fallon becomes suspicious. As Quinn and Fallon start looking into it, they start wondering if someone might think Lindsey is there alone. When they question her she relates about the creepy, with the guy who always seems to know when Lindsey comes to visit.

This is one of my favorite scenes.

“There’s nothing to explain,” Lindsey said. “If it was important, I’m sure Uncle Dave would have mentioned it to you.”

“Well, that certainly gets our interest,” Quinn said.

She shrugged. “Last time I was here, there was that guy— remember him?”

Quinn asked, “The delivery guy?”

“If that’s the one you’re talking about, that was a few years ago, wasn’t it?” Fallon asked.

“Well, that’s when it started, but he always seems to know when I come into town.” She shrugged. “In the beginning, it was kind of flattering.”

“And now it’s obviously not,” Fallon said, crossing his arms over his chest.

She could already see his anger vibrating, just at the edge of his frame. “No, it’s not,” she said. “But it hasn’t gotten particularly bad either.”

“Okay, so how bad has it gotten?” Quinn asked.

“He just won’t take no for an answer.”

“Well, that’s bad enough,” he said. “How far wrong has he gotten?”

“Come on,” she said coolly. “It’s not like he’s attacked me or anything.”

“How does he contact you?”

“He usually texts me or calls,” she said. “Uncle Dave changed my number before I came over here, so the guy can’t see if I’m in town. Because we were trying to figure out how he always knew when to call.”

“Yeah, that’s a good question. So how does he know?”

“Uncle Dave figured that he had some kind of alert set up, whenever I hit town.”

“Well, that’s fairly dedicated,” Quinn said, sounding surprised. “Outside of keeping watch on the compound, I’m not sure how he’d do that.”

“It’s also fairly creepy,” Fallon said. “Does Dave realize that something happened, since you came back?”

“Yes, but we thought we fixed it,” she said. “I didn’t think it had anything to do with the security system.”

“Well, I don’t like the sound of it either way,” Fallon said, firming his jaw.

She stared at him. “It’s got nothing to do with you anyway.”

Quinn whistled at that. “Well, if that wasn’t guaranteed to get his goat, I don’t know what else would.”

She glared at him. “It’s got nothing to do with either of you. He’s just some guy who’s got it in his head that I’m supposed to be somebody special to him, and he’s wrong.”

“But some people get it in their head,” Fallon said, “and unfortunately you’ve not shaken him loose, no matter what you tell him.”

“So I’m supposed to just let this guy dominate my life or what?”

“Obviously we would have preferred that it not go down that way,” Fallon said. “But a stalker like this can be very dangerous. And, if he’s doing something to the security system, then that’s even more dangerous.”

“Do you know what he does for a living now?” Quinn asked.

“Last I knew, he was doing IT for a gold mine or something over here, working at one of the older mines,” she said, with a shrug.

“An IT background is a little more concerning,” Quinn said. “I think I’ll take a walk around, take a closer look at that box he left behind, and see if we’ve got anything else happening.”

“Sounds good,” Fallon said. “Maybe take a bug detector too, to see if he’s somehow gotten into the house.”

“You think?” Quinn frowned. “I guess, with less of our team here, it’s possible.”

“In theory,” Fallon said, “he could have shut down the security and come in at any point in time when he thought it was empty. Then he could have done whatever he wanted.” Fallon turned and looked at her.

“When did you get here?”

“Three days ago.”

“When did he contact you last?”

“Within an hour of my arrival,” she said in a dry tone. His eyebrows shot up, and she nodded. “I have no idea how he knew. Neither did Uncle Dave. He wasn’t real happy about it, but he had a talk with the team, and they just laughed and said it wasn’t any of them.”

“But you had the guy’s text.”

“Uncle Dave gave him the warning of his life. The guy said somebody hacked his phone. Anyway, Uncle Dave didn’t consider the guy much more than an overzealous admirer.”

“He wasn’t really worried about it?” She nodded. “So,” Fallon continued, “if we told you that he had completely screwed with the electronics system so he could get in and out of the compound whenever he wanted, how would you feel?”

“A little more dismayed maybe,” she said.

“I would hope so. The fact of the matter is, it looks like somebody has access to something we don’t really want them to have access to, and that’s a concern. Because, if he can get in and out, you could be sound asleep when he comes next.”

In the end, Quinn jumped in and added, “Remember. He probably saw me leave with Dave.”

She looked at him, chewed on her bottom lip, and she thought about it. “Do you think he’s planning on coming in tonight?”

“I don’t know what his plans are,” Fallon said. “But I think it’s something that we have to assume is possible and be prepared for it.”

“In that case,” she said, “maybe we shouldn’t remove whatever he put in place and use it to trap him instead.”

“I like the way she’s thinking,” Quinn said, with a big grin.

“But listen,” she said. “You can’t just assume that this guy is nothing more than a lovesick stalker because I haven’t had any relationship with him.”

“And that’s possible,” he said, “but it could also be exactly as it seems.”

“I guess,” she said. “It’s still bizarre.”

“No doubt about it,” he said. “But that’s how these stalkers can be. They get a very narrow focus, and nothing else is important in their world but getting the object of their desire.”

“I really don’t like the way you said that,” she murmured.

“Maybe not, but maybe it’ll keep you safer if it keeps you more aware.”

She shrugged. “Or you’re just making too much out of it,” she said lightly. But inside she knew that they weren’t, and she realized this could be a serious problem. “Maybe I’ll just go home early,” she said, with a shrug.

“Well, you could, but then he’ll just wait until you come back again.”

“Once I go back, I could be there for years,” she said.

“And yet you’re so close to Dave. So, chances are, you’ll come back and see him on a regular basis. Do you really want to deal with this every time?”

She sat here, tapping the counter, watching the ice cream melt. Finally she put away the ice cream and said, “You guys should eat.” And she handed off the desserts.

“Do we get dinner first?”

“No,” she said. “It’s not dinnertime yet. And, hey, why wait?”

Neither of them argued, and they both quickly sat down and ate their pie in front of her.

She had a small piece, but her mind was consumed with the problems at hand. “I haven’t had anything to do with him,” she murmured. “I don’t understand why he’d even care.”
Dale Mayer. Fallon’s Flaw (Kindle Locations 374-434). Valley Publishing.

The next thing we know that creepy guy is dead at the front gate.

With it just being Fallon and Quinn, Linny has to stay close. What they discover is more than a simple stalker.

Plenty of suspense and intrigue in this, as Dave checks out folks that have been pulled out of the ocean. It turns out to be more than just one lead it’s several in different locations.

The attraction with Fallon and Lindsey is explosive and this time she’s not going to let him get away.

We are getting closer to finding Bullock, yet not. I really can’t wait for the next book in this series!

5 Contented Purrs for Dale!

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BB2 Cains_Cross

Coming Soon!

Dale Mayer

Dale Mayer is a USA Today bestselling author best known for her Psychic Visions and Family Blood Ties series. Her contemporary romances are raw and full of passion and emotion (Second Chances, SKIN), her thrillers will keep you guessing (By Death series), and her romantic comedies will keep you giggling (It’s a Dog’s Life and Charmin Marvin Romantic Comedy series).

She honors the stories that come to her – and some of them are crazy and break all the rules and cross multiple genres!

To go with her fiction, she also writes nonfiction in many different fields with books available on resume writing, companion gardening and the US mortgage system. She has recently published her Career Essentials Series. All her books are available in print and ebook format.

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A Thankful Heart – Love at the Chocolate Shop Book 1 by Melissa McClone

A Thankful Heart
Love at the Chocolate Shop Book 1
USA Today Bestselling Author
Melissa McClone


Chocolate is better than men, and so are dogs. At least, that’s what Dakota Parker tells herself as she mends her broken heart and finds forever homes for rescue animals. So far, so good. She can indulge her love of chocolate where she works while her foster dogs provide her with the unconditional love she craves. What more does she need?

Seattle architect Bryce Grayson is counting the days until he can return home to the big city with his father in tow. That is if he can convince his dad to leave Montana. Bryce’s escape plan, however, goes astray when he meets Dakota. Her sweet kisses put the chocolate she sells to shame. Maybe he should be the one to move to Marietta, but could he be happy living in such a small town?

He has until Thanksgiving to decide.

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I bought this as The Parker Family Trilogy and I’m reviewing them individually.

Dakota Parker works at at Copper Mountain Chocolates and volunteers at Whiskers and Paw Pals animal rescue in Marietta, Montana. She’s fostering two dogs and a rat at the moment and has also written a proposal to get all the animals adopted by Christmas. The rescue director Lori Donavan thinks it’s too simplistic and the timeline unrealistic. She put a lot into that proposal so Lori’s words hurt. An interesting twist to her day is when a stranger comes in refuses the sample and claims he doesn’t like chocolate, yet purchases some of the top sellers. The man was gorgeous but paid cash so she couldn’t learn his name from a credit card.

Bryce Greyson has come to town to help his father and stay until after Thanksgiving. He’s hoping over that time to convince his father to move to Seattle. He doesn’t like being so far away from his father and now with those two broken legs it proves his point his dad shouldn’t be alone.

Dakota was stopping by to see how Walt was doing and bring him some chocolates. That’s when she first meets Bryce recognizing him from his stop at the chocolate shop. It’s while they were all talking that Dakota gets an emergency call from the shelter. A pipe broke and they need to get the animals out. Walt wants to go but Bryce and Dakota both squash that idea and instead Bryce would be going to see what he could do.

This is just one of my favorite scenes.

Amid the barks and meows, a whimpering sounded.

Oh, no. Someone was unhappy. Most likely afraid due to their new surroundings. She needed to find out who ASAP.

Clipboard in hand, Dakota followed the sound. The whimpers grew louder. She was getting closer, but she noticed none of the dogs near her looked happy.

Molly, a poodle mix, faced the back of the crate as if in a time out, but she wasn’t making a sound. She was a lap dog who loved being petted and brushed. The dog hadn’t gotten along with her owner’s new boyfriend, so Molly had been surrendered. A generous donation had been made for the dog’s care, but that hadn’t helped the dog understand why she’d been left.

“You’ll be inside soon. I promise.”

Molly didn’t move. The only time she perked up was when someone held her.

Poor baby.

If Dakota had been faced with the same decision, she would have dumped the guy and kept Molly. Dogs were the best judge of character. None of her foster dogs had liked Craig or her other ex-boyfriends, either. The men had blamed the animals and the rescue for taking too much of her time. She would have to remember to trust the animals’ judgment the next time she dated.

The whimpering stopped.

That didn’t mean all was well. She needed to find the dog.

The next crate contained Fred, who’d come to them from a high-kill shelter in Southern California. The Dachshund mix trembled, even though he wore a sweater that a volunteer had knitted for him. Fred was another Lonely Heart animal. He’d lived at the rescue for over a year.

“You look dapper, Fred, but it’s colder than you’re used to. You won’t be outside much longer.”

The whimpering sounded again.

Who was that?

She spotted the crate—Maverick, a Border collie whose owner, a retired rancher from Livingston, had entered an assisted living center two weeks ago. Pets weren’t allowed in the facility. With no other family around, Maverick had no place to go, so he’d ended up at Whiskers and Paw Pals.

She kneeled in front of the crate’s door.

Maverick’s head hung low. Being in the rescue was hard enough after having a huge ranch to roam. She had no doubt he hated being locked in this hard-sided crate.

Dakota stuck her fingers through the door’s grate. “I can’t let you out, honey. This is the safest place for you right now.” She touched his fur with her fingertips. “You’re going to spend tonight somewhere else. Maybe tomorrow, too, but you’ll be back before you know it. If not, I’ll come visit. I promise.”

Maverick rubbed his muzzle against her fingers.

Her heart squeezed. The dog was seven, well behaved, and loved kids and cats. Dakota was surprised he was still at the rescue, but adoptions had been slow lately, which was why they were so full.

“You’re such a good boy.” Touching Maverick seemed to calm him. “You’ll find a new home soon.”

Maverick’s ears perked.

“What is it?”

“The dog likes you,” Bryce said. She recognized his voice this time.

“This is Maverick.” She kept her fingers between the grating. “He likes everyone.”

Too bad she couldn’t say the same about Bryce. Okay, that wasn’t nice. The man had brought her pizza. 

Dakota focused her attention on Maverick, who pressed against her fingers. He wanted to be on her lap, but she couldn’t let him out. Instead, she petted him as best she could.

“There’s pizza left,” Bryce said.

She glanced over her shoulder. Her gaze stared right at his pant zipper. She gulped. Not the view she expected or wanted.

Dakota faced the dog.

Maverick pressed his wet nose against her fingers.

She leaned closer to the crate and whispered, “Be right back.”

Dakota stood. “Thanks, but one slice was enough.”

Bryce gave the dog a cursory glance—one that matched his eye roll when Walt had talked about volunteering at the rescue.

Whether he liked animals or not was unimportant. He was here. Sure, his father had told him to come, but Bryce had construction knowledge. Maybe he knew the status of the building.

“How bad is the damage inside?” She asked the question that had been weighing on her mind and her heart.

Bryce didn’t say anything.

“That bad?” she asked.

He rubbed his chin. “A major pipe broke and affected both floors. We don’t know the extent of the water damage yet, but if this hadn’t been discovered until the morning, it would have been much worse.”

“A volunteer had stopped by to give animals their medications and clean.” Dakota glanced at the building. “Seems like a lot of activity inside.”

He nodded. “The water and electricity have been shut off, and plumbers have been draining the pipes while furniture and other things are being moved out of the affected rooms. The insurance agent stopped by, too.”

“One of the blessings of living in a small town.”

“The rescue’s director, Lori, said mold can affect an animal’s health so a professional water restoration company has been called in. They’ll work through the night. We’ll have a better idea of the damage tomorrow.”

“Will the animals be able to return then?”


The one word brought Dakota’s worst fears to life. A tennis-ball-sized lump of panic lodged in her throat. She swallowed. That didn’t help. “They’ll be able to return, right?”

“I hope so.”

She crossed her arms over her chest, as if that could protect her, the animals, and the building. “You don’t sound hopeful.”

“It’s hard to say what will happen. The inside is a real mess.” His words increased her worry. “Tomorrow, we meet with the claims adjustor.” “We?” “Since my father can’t be here, I’ve offered to help in his place. Lori asked me to attend the meeting and walk-thru. Though she seems capable enough to handle things herself.”

“Lori is. I call her a pet-saving superhero.” The director spoke what was on her mind, but she would do anything to help any animal, whether they were part of her group or not. “The rescue is her life, but she knows to ask for help when she needs it.”

“Happy to do whatever I can.”

Was he? Dakota wanted to believe him, but trusting was hard for her. Especially someone she had just met.

Maverick whimpered, and she stuck her fingers through the grate again. He quieted.

People with headlamps walked into the shelter.

That made her wonder…hope… “If the electricity’s off, maybe the inside isn’t as bad as it appears tonight. Things could look better in the daylight.”

“That’s one way to look at the situation.” His tone suggested he thought it was the wrong way.

She raised her chin. “What can I say? I’m an optimist.”

“I consider myself a realist because I know better than to get my hopes up.”
McClone, Melissa. The Parker Family Trilogy : Love at the Chocolate Shop. Kindle Locations (618-671). Tule Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Of course Bryce sticks his foot in his mouth yet again. It’s a habit of his.

In spite of his father’s protests, Bryce still insists Walt would be better off in Seattle.

He gets talked into helping Dakota in redoing her proposal to meet the requirements of a challenge set by a very generous donor and even helps with the set up of the adoption events.

These two have chemistry but there’s a lot to overcome for a happily ever after.

5 Contented Purrs for Melissa!

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Melissa McClone

USA Today bestselling author, Melissa McClone has published over forty novels with Harlequin and Tule Publishing Group.

With a degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford University, Melissa worked for a major airline where she traveled the globe and met her husband. But analyzing jet engine performance couldn’t compete with her love of writing happily ever afters.

Her first full-time writing endeavor was her first sale when she was pregnant with her first child! When she isn’t writing, you can usually find her driving her minivan to/from her children’s swim practices and other activities.

Melissa lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, three children, two spoiled Norwegian Elkhounds, and cats who think they rule the house. They do!

Caged In Flames – Blisshaven Academy Book 1 by Drea Denae

Caged In Flames
Blisshaven Academy Book 1
USA Today Bestselling Author
Drea Denae


Two years ago, I learned that a prestigious academy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Especially when three boys are determined to ruin you. I was there to pursue music. They were there to destroy me. The sad thing is, they almost succeeded. Their games went too far and I was the one who almost paid the ultimate price. Now I’m back. They were supposed to be gone. This year was supposed to be different. And when I come face to face with my tormentors, it’s clear that things are. They aren’t the same boys I thought I knew. I will never be the same naive girl they once took advantage of again. This time around, things will be different. I’m no longer alone. I’m no longer silly little Diana. I’m Phoenix Carter and I won’t be caged by anyone. Not even myself…….

Caged In Flames will have themes of bullying, mental illness, and mentions of suicide. It will also include MM relations. This is a reverse harem/why choose romance, therefore the FMC will have more than one love interest throughout the series, but will not be forced to choose if she doesn’t want to by the end of her story.

Phoenix Carter is returning to Blisshaven Academy, they have the best music program and she deserves the best education she can get to open doors. It’s been a long road to this point in her recovery but she has the support she needs. Both her mother Cheryl, and her Therapist, Dr. Grace are a phone call away if she needs them. A pleasant surprise once she’s on campus is Gunner Wright. He volunteered at Green Woods and they had several conversations before she was discharged. This is a great beginning.

The first day of classes begins with a welcome back assembly of all students. Gunner and Nix head there after a pleasant breakfast. This is when Jane introduces herself, she didn’t recognize either of them and this is her second year attending Blisshaven. They immediately hit it off, then things take a turn when the guys who are not supposed to be there, are indeed there.

This is a favorite scene.

Clearly whatever he sees on my face worries Gunner, but before he can try to offer me comfort, someone yells out for him.They shouldn’t be here. When news broke that I had attempted to take my own life, the school announced that the students involved would no longer be attending Blisshaven. I guess discipline can easily find an expiration date if you throw enough money at the right people.

“Gunner, you didn’t mention you’d be at Blisshaven this year.” Sawyer sounds intrigued, but there’s an edge to his voice too.

I turn my head to my friend so quickly, I hear a small pop. How does he know them? What is going on? And why the fuck are we all standing around in the hallway for a chat?

“Hey, Sawyer. Yeah, got settled in over the weekend. Can’t say I’m looking forward to starting classes tomorrow.” He’s so casual about making conversation with them while I’m frozen in place. I can’t move or speak. As soon as he’s finished talking, his eyes are back on me.

“Sup Gunner, sup Jane.” I almost forgot Jane was with us until Jude mentions her. When I look over, there’s a slight glimmer in her eye as if she senses this is a conversation worth witnessing.

When Charlie approaches our circle, I feel suffocated. Lowering my head, I hate that I’m showing even a moment of weakness, but I need time to recover from the shock.

“Hey guys, this is my friend Phoenix. We met a few months ago.” Poor oblivious Gunner. He has no idea that I’m about to give his little buddies hell.

Charlie’s eyes are trying to burn a hole through me. I refuse to speak yet. I want them all sitting in the awkward silence for a minute longer. Once I’m confident these assholes are a little uncomfortable, I look up into Gunner’s eyes trying to ignore the nagging sense of betrayal in my gut. “You know these guys, Gun?”

He smiles so sweetly at me. “Yeah, Nixy. We met at a few parties over the summer. They all just got back into town, and husband number five lives in the same neighborhood.”

I squeeze his hand before breaking the hold. I finally gave a good look at my former tormentors. Staring them each in the eyes before spitting out my next words. “Well, if these are your friends, count me the fuck out.” I turn and walk to the door and begin stomping my way back to the dorms.

“Woah, pretty girl, what the fuck?” Did they seriously not remember what they put me through? I turn around to find the mini crowd has followed me outside. Sawyer looks offended that a girl would even dare talk to him this way. Idiot.

“The only reason I am here is because you shitheads aren’t supposed to be. What the actual fuck? You guys can bully a girl to fucking suicide and after a year you get to come back and pretend that it didn’t fucking happen?”

Groaning, I raise my hands up in disbelief. I’m not usually one for the dramatics, but maybe that’s changed these days. “The world is so much more fucked than I thought it was.”

The words pour out of me soaked in venom. I want to pace, but showing weakness just feeds them. Like bully demons who ingest pain for dinner. Instead, I’m a statue. I am not about to be their next meal.

“Wait a minute, it was them?” Gunner looks at each of his new friends then back to me. He immediately walks over and grabs my hand back. He’s showing me his loyalty and drawing the line. The softness in his eyes has me melting.

“What’s going on? How do you even know that?” Jude looks haunted. Sawyers seems uncomfortable, but his eyes are on the hands interlocked at my side. Charlie hasn’t stopped staring at me, analyzing everything in front of him. Creepy fuck. I spot the exact moment his confusion melts into recognition.

“Diana.” Charlie’s voice is softer than I’ve ever heard it. Especially considering it’s directed at me.

Jude and Sawyer recoil with their shock. “I only know one fucking person with those eyes. You changed your name?” That voice. That awful fucking voice. I haven’t had to hear it since it last taunted me.

“I changed a whole fucking lot, you piece of shit.” He flinches just enough to prove the blow landed.


I refuse to give them the chance to speak to me about anything. “Nope. Fuck no. Absolutely not. Hell to the fucking no. You don’t get to say shit to me.”

Yeah. I think I might have a thing for dramatic flair after all.

This time Sawyer tries to speak, “Princess-”

Gunner growls at him. Fuck, that would be so much hotter if we were alone. “Don’t fucking think about it. I am so sorry, Phoenix.” His body is close enough to mine that I can feel the vibrations that noise causes. “You’ve never really given me any details. Just tidbits here and there. I swear I had no idea.”

His words are rushed and he’s barely taking a breath in between each statement. Gunner’s shoulders roll back like he’s itching for a fight. “I never would have wasted a fucking second around them if I knew.”

I look over at him and feel some of the tension in my body release. I nod at him in acknowledgement.

Turning back to the shit stains of the planet, I put on the best bitch face I can. All three of them look like they have no idea who I am anymore. And they don’t.

“You do not get to talk to me. You do not touch me. If I am in the same room, you leave. The only exception is class. And even then, you sit as far away as you possibly can. You are nothing. What you put me through…” I need a minute to calm down. Eventually my anger will bleed into tears if I am not careful.

Jude appears heartbroken at my demands. Interesting. I pinch the top of my nose and move on. “You have no power here anymore. I will do everything I can to make sure you are nothing, anywhere. What you have done will follow you wherever the fuck you go, if it’s the last thing I do.”

I am able to give my speech without interruption and even though I want to pee myself with the anxiety racing through me, I hold strong.

“Blue, please give us…just give me a minute to talk.” Is he serious?

I turn a scathing look on Jude, “Fuck you. I am not your Blue. I am not your Princess. I never was. Move the fuck on because I have.”

I’m not here for their entertainment. I’m here for me. I have to make this clear right now. There will be no repeating the past.

Turning my attention to Charlie, I make my next demand. “Tell my father that he fucking owes me for not giving me a warning. Tell him to do whatever form of apology he knows as far as his dead-beat father skills go, because this was the one time that waste of sperm could have picked up the phone instead of the credit card.”

“Diana-” I hate that name. I don’t want to be Diana ever again. Not for anyone.

“Stop. Calling. Me. That.” I hiss out every word. “My name is Phoenix Carter. I do not know Diana anymore. She was weak. She fell for lies and pretty boys.” I look to Jude for this next part. “She let her body be taken advantage of. Diana was no one, and you three did that to her.”

Sure, I’m being a little over the top. But I’ve earned this moment. This time I’ll make the rules.
Drea Denae. Caged In Flames – ARC Edition (Kindle Locations 323-379). anonymous.

Charlie Westbrook and his friends Jude and Sawyer had attended different schools the previous year. It was Jude’s mother’s idea for them to write letters of apology to the headmaster if they wanted back into Blisshaven. It worked and they were surprised the school didn’t want monetary compensation.

Phoenix/Nix isn’t going to let anything stop her from succeeding, especially not them. With every page I admired her, I love her friendship with Jane and Gunner. There’s just so much that’s going to play out, with twists and turns all over the place.

I’m still not seeing a way for this to work, but I can be patient. I am truly impressed with this debut book for Drea and I can’t wait for the next book in the series.


5 Contented Purrs for Drea!

Drea Denae lives in Texas with her small family. She hates the heat, lives off iced coffee and loves to rock red lipstick. She also collects book boyfriends and enjoys reading anything and everything.

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The Gold Digger – The Billionaires of Silicon Forest: Prequel 1 by Melissa McClone

The Gold Digger
The Billionaires of Silicon Forest: Prequel 1
USA Today Bestselling Author
Melissa McClone


A real estate agent, a billionaire, and a mudslide…
On the bright side, not much else could go wrong, right?

Real estate agent Cambria Baker needs to make a sale, or she’ll be homeless. So, when her broker asks her to do a showing on Mount Hood, Cambria jumps at the chance. The only problem? The buyer is as gruff as he is gorgeous and not impressed with her or the dilapidated cabin.

Tech billionaire Adam Zeile wants to build the perfect mountain lodge where he can forget about work and the women who are only interested in his net worth. He’s excited to see a property with a dream view, but the beautiful real estate agent’s eagerness to make the sale raises his suspicions.

When a mudslide traps them in the cabin, they must put aside their differences. As mutual respect grows into attraction, an unforgettable kiss changes everything. But can their newfound connection last once they’re rescued? Or are they better off burying it and saying goodbye?

In the middle of a torrential rainfall, Adam Zeile and his friend Henry Davenport were heading out to look at a property. According to Henry the other interested buyers wouldn’t come out in the storm so it was Adam’s best change to purchase the property if it meets his specifications. One particular photo had caught his eye and if the view was the same he would buy it.

Unfortunately Henry had a meeting to attend so he left Adam at the property with the promise take a look at it when he got back. Adam was hopeful this would be the perfect property and even though the agent Cambria Baker was honest about the condition of the cabin he only needed to see the view. Once he had it was off, this was not the place for him.

While he was waiting for Henry to return, Cambria cleaned up the snack she had prepared and changed into clothing more appropriate for the weather.

This is a favorite scene.

A protectiveness welled up inside him, which was stupid when he was the one who’d made her feel bad. The least he could do was not make her wait.

“Go ahead and lock up the cabin.” He was still damp from when he arrived. A little more rain wouldn’t hurt him. “I’ll wait outside.”

Her forehead wrinkled. “Listen to the rain. It’s pouring again. You’ll get soaked out there.”

“My friend will be here soon,” he countered. “You should get on the road, given the weather.”

An uncomfortable silence descended.

Come on, Henry. Adam shifted his weight between his feet.

A noise sounded.

Henry and Frank must be here. Adam blew out a breath before opening the door, but no SUV was parked next to the other car.

Rain pelted the ground, and water poured like a sheet from the roof. But the noise he’d heard became louder— rumbled.

Her face paled.

Adrenaline surged. “Earthquake?”

“Slide.” Cambria pushed him aside, slammed the door, and grabbed his hand with her free one. “Upstairs!”

The rumble turned into a roar— deafening and frightening and all-consuming.

The bag on her shoulder swung and nearly took him out, but he stayed upright.

As she ran up the stairs and into the bathroom, she never let go of him. “Get in the tub.”

Adam’s pulse raced. He shouldn’t be winded, but his breaths came fast. “Isn’t that for a tornado?”

Cambria released his hand and climbed into the bathtub. She flashed him a stop-being-stupid look.

The rumbling continued.

He didn’t need to be told twice and got in next to her. “We should be safe here,” she reassured him.

Something crashed into the house with an earsplitting blast. The cabin shook.

She gasped.

Adam bounced against the wall and then fell. He held back a shout.

Cambria curled in a ball, so he covered her with his body. He had no idea what was happening, and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to know.

His heart pounded, threatening to explode, but that didn’t drown out the horrible sounds of breaking glass and splintering wood.

Is this how it ends?

He imagined his mom, dad, brother, and sister. A carousel of his friends followed.

Adam gulped in air as if it might be his last breath. Images of the future he wouldn’t have filled his mind— a wife, kids, and a forever kind of love.

“I think it’s over,” a quiet voice said from underneath him.

He straightened so that Cambria could sit up.

She was correct. Everything had stopped, but he had no sense of time or how long they’d been in the bathroom.

Her face was paler than before. Her lower lip quivered.

Adam touched her shoulder. “It’ll be okay.”

She raised an eyebrow. “And you know this how?”

Her sarcastic tone surprised him.

“I don’t.” Tired of cowering, he stood and found his footing in the tub. “But we’re alive. I wasn’t sure if we would be by the time everything stopped. And you look like you needed to hear it.”

She didn’t disagree. Nor did she say anything.

“Thanks for getting me upstairs. I had no idea what was happening.” Adam didn’t know the extent of damage on the first floor, but he assumed— hoped— the immediate danger had passed. “How did you know to run upstairs?”

“My grandpa was on our neighborhood’s Community Emergency Response Team. He stopped when he and my grandma moved into an assisted living center, but now he’s the head of the CERT he formed there. He taught my brother and me what to do in different, um, situations.”

Her voice shook, and her hands trembled.

Was she afraid or in shock? Perhaps both?

Adam hadn’t taken a first aid class in years. His security team included a medic, so he hadn’t needed to remember anything and didn’t. “You okay?”

She nodded. “Delayed reaction.”

That was a relief.

“You should check on your friend,” she added.

Henry and Frank.

Adam’s heart dropped. As he yanked out his phone and hit call, he held his breath.

One ring. Two…

“Are you okay?” Henry asked in a breathless rush.

Tears pricked the back of Adam’s eyelids. He exhaled, letting his tension go, and cleared his throat. “If by okay you mean standing in the bathtub on the second floor, then yes, I’m okay. What about you and Frank?”

“If we’d been two minutes earlier, we would have been caught in the mudslide.”

“Mudslide,” Adam repeated so Cambria would know she’d been correct. Not that he’d doubted her. She’d taken action while he stood frozen, unable to make sense of what was happening. “Something hit the house, but we haven’t been downstairs to see what. How bad is it where you are?”

“The road is covered with mud. There’s no way to pick you up.”

Adam let the news sink in. “But you and Frank—”

“We’re fine.” He needed to hear that again. “How long do you think cleanup will take?”

“Frank is on the phone with someone. But I doubt it’ll be fast. With this weather, calling in a helicopter isn’t an option.”

That meant… Adam scrubbed his face. “So, I’m stuck.”

“Yes, but at least you’re not alone.”
Melissa McClone. The Gold Digger (Kindle Locations 215-266). Cardinal Press, LLC.

Lots of mud, damage to the cabin and no way to get out until either the weather or the road is cleared.

Sparks begin to fly between them even as Cambria’s world starts falling apart more than it already had.

A wonderful romance that is fun and playful in difficult circumstances.

5 Contented Purrs for Melissa!

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Melissa McClone

USA Today bestselling author, Melissa McClone has published over forty novels with Harlequin and Tule Publishing Group.

With a degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford University, Melissa worked for a major airline where she traveled the globe and met her husband. But analyzing jet engine performance couldn’t compete with her love of writing happily ever afters.

Her first full-time writing endeavor was her first sale when she was pregnant with her first child! When she isn’t writing, you can usually find her driving her minivan to/from her children’s swim practices and other activities.

Melissa lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, three children, two spoiled Norwegian Elkhounds, and cats who think they rule the house. They do!