Dark Lovers – Iron Wolves MC Book 5 by Elle Boon

Dark Lovers
Iron Wolves MC Book 5
USA Today Bestselling Author
Elle Boon


Raina wanted what every female wanted…As the only daughter of the vampire king, and a wolf shifter she was given everything she could ask for. Sheltered her entire life. Until her world was turned upside down as she was kidnapped to become Satan’s consort.

Creed was equal parts good and bad, or so he said…Being the son of Satan and an angel, he lived a life filled with death and battle. Each he excelled at, until he saw something he’d die for. Raina Cordell, his Chosen.

What would you do to save those you love? For Creed, he’d give up his eternal soul to the very being who’d relish in his blood. Raina had searched for hundreds of years for what her parents had, thinking never to find the one being who would complete her. Just as she finds him, she has a choice. Her life, or his. Will they survive the coming battle, or will the battle be more than either are willing to sacrifice?

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As I continue my re-read I have realized just why I love these books. Not only are the characters personalities complex, the world is also.

The couples we have at the moment are Lyric and Rowan, Breezy and Xan, Laikyn and Kellen and although they aren’t prominent in this series, LeeLee and Slater. Just as important are some of the other characters we’ve met especially Jennaveve ‘Jenna’ the Fae Queen and Damien and Lucas the vampire/wolves.

In this book we meet not only Damien and Lucas’ sister Raina but also Creed. Now Creed’s a bit different in that he is the son of Satan and an angel. That relationship is how he finds Raina.

Raina wakes to a disturbance she can’t identify and finds she can’t reach out to her family. She wakes up in a place that is almost a scary as her guard. Creed walks in and demands her guard leave, but there’s a battle instead. Raina sneaks out of the door and connects to her father, but he’s not so certain it’s her. When he does Raina can’t say anymore, she’s lost too much blood. Creed needs to get her out of Hell and quickly. At the portal he asks his mother for help and ends up in Jenna’s realm.

There are many revelations made at this point, but they know Raina’s parents need to know she’s safe and protected.

This is just part of that conversation and a favorite scene.

“My father would like to speak with you again.” Raina held the phone out.

Creed rose with the grace of the predator he was. “This is Creed. How may I be of service to you?”

Damikan snorted. “So formal. You can start by explaining how you came to be in Hell.” Even though he’d appeared the debonair man all those centuries ago, he still hadn’t shown his true self. A fact he should have realized meant Luna wasn’t meant for him.

“That is easy. It is where I grew up, and the home of my…shall we say, father, for lack of better terms. Although, I will say there is no love between the two of us.”

Raina raised her head to the ceiling. Creed was being purposefully obtuse. To him Damikan was not his king.

Creed waited for the inevitable explosion, but he was not one to cower to anyone, least of all his Chosen’s father. Start as you mean to go on has always been his motto, and the last way he meant to go on was licking the boots of a man who was probably younger than he. Oh, that didn’t mean he wouldn’t respect the man as the father of his woman, but he wouldn’t allow the man to talk down to him. Hell, his own father ruled the entire underworld with an iron-spiked fist, and Creed didn’t shake in fear when the bastard brought the hammer down on him. Repeatedly. Even if that meant he would have to regrow limbs lost. Not even if it took him years to heal. Nope, he was a stubborn bastard that way, in more ways than one.

“I don’t think I like your tone, boy,” Damikan said in a menacing tone.

He made sure the other being could see the image he projected. “I got your boy, boy,” Creed said without heat.

Raina gasped. “Creed that is my father. You can’t talk to him that way.” She jumped up, reaching for the phone he easily held out of her reach.

“He started it.” On her next jump, Creed grabbed her around the waist and held her against him.

“And what are you, a two year old?” She tried for the phone again.

He looked to Jenna for help, but the woman seemed more amused at the display than anything. “I do not remember being two. Two hundred, maybe. Two thousand, most assuredly.”

The sound of the couple on the other end of the phone gasping had him stilling.

“Exactly how old are you?” Damikan asked in a measured voice.

“Do you really want to know? Be very sure before you answer, for once you have this knowledge, you can never…well actually, I can take it away. Although it is painful I’m told.” Creed tossed the phone to Jenna as Raina’s squirming was demanding more of his attention. “Deal with that. I don’t need the phone to talk to them.”

Jenna caught the phone in her hand and pressed a button. “Hello again.”

“Is the man you are standing near able to hear us?” Damikan asked.

“Tell him the answer is yes.” Creed walked over to a chair and settled down with Raina in his lap. She looked tired.

“Let me have that phone back, please,” Raina pleaded.

“Raina, honey, are you safe?” Luna’s voice came over the speaker loud and clear, holding a note of fear Creed had never heard his own mother display.

“Luna, I can assure you, your daughter has never been safer than she is right this instant. Whatever took her was able to do so under you and your family’s nose. I’m not accusing, I’m just stating fact. Until the threat is stabilized or eliminated, the best place for her is with Creed.”

“What is this Creed to her?” Damikan asked the million dollar question.

“She is his Chosen, I believe that is the term he uses. You would call it in your world a Hearts Love. No matter the name, she is his other half that much is true. Fate has decided for them, and for better or worse, we will work together to keep her safe.”

“Daddy, my wolf recognized him from the very beginning.” She looked at him.

“I want my baby girl home. Why don’t you bring her here where we can protect her with my Elite soldiers?” The demanding King was back.

Creed shook his head, a chuckle escaped. “Sir, I believe we are where my father can’t reach us, other than Heaven, there are not many places he doesn’t have access. I can block all our paths from my father, but if his minions come to you, they will be able to extract information from anyone in your household. And before you say you are too strong, remember you are dealing with the ruler of the Underworld. If you’d been here, he could get that info, and possibly send someone here.”

He let his words sink in and waited. Raina’s eyes widened. When she didn’t immediately jump up and demand he let her go, his heart resumed its usual beat.

“Jenna, explain to him what my Elite and I are capable of. Yes, she may have been taken from my home, but that was a mistake that will never be repeated. I foolishly thought nobody would dare trespass. Believe me, I’ve corrected that oversite,” he growled, every bit as fiercely as any wolf.

“Be that as it may, I won’t allow her safety to be tested. You don’t know him like I do. He won’t stop, unless I stop him.” Creed wrapped his arms around Raina. The thought of her back in the waiting room outside his father’s court sent a cold chill down his spine. Never!

“Mom, tell your husband that he needs to accept his baby girl is grown.” Raina rolled her eyes. “Listen, I’m tired and really want to rest. I’ll call you both in twenty-four hours. Every twenty-four hours, okay?” She looked to him for confirmation.

He nodded, and watched as Jenna gave her assent as well. At least they were on the same page.

“If you don’t call me every twenty-four hours on the dot, I will track you down, and there will be Hell on Earth to pay. Do you hear me Creed and Jenna of the Fey?” Damikan threatened.

Creed smiled, while Jenna didn’t look the least bit fazed.

“And, Jenna. I do believe there are two very anxious young men looking for you. The last time I saw you we had taken you back to my home.” Censure clear in the words had Jenna turning away from them.

“I apologize for disappearing on you and your wife, but I needed my realm to heal properly.”

“Don’t let him upset you, dear. However, have you tried reaching out to Damien or Lucas?” Luna asked.

Jenna and Talia stood. “I need to rest. I am not at a hundred percent still.” With a regal nod, she folded her hands.

“Got it, old man. Now, off to bed with you folks.” Creed waited till Raina said her goodbyes, then disconnected the call, making sure there was no link back to them.

“Now what.” Raina asked.

Jenna took a deep breath. “Now, we rest.”
Boon, Elle. Dark Lovers, Iron Wolves Book 5. Kindle Locations (426-468). Elle Boon. Kindle Edition.

Creed doesn’t know why his father has set his sights on Raina, but he isn’t letting him win.

Raina is once again taken, this time through her dreams. Here she meets Kyrene, a halfling, sibling to Creed. This is both good and bad.

Kellen, Lucas, Damien, and Jenna accompany Creed to Hell to get Raina.

Plenty of hair-raising moments, some more interesting folks, and the sizzling mating of Creed and Raina.

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Elle Boon Elle Boon

Elle Boon lives in Middle-Merica as she likes to say…with her husband, two kids, and a black lab who is more like a small pony. She’s known for her penchant of dropping F-bombs like a boss, needing coffee before she’s human, and blessing so many hearts, she is going for sainthood.

She’d never planned to be a writer, but when life threw her a curve, she swerved with it, being that she’s athletically challenged and all. She loves where this new journey has taken her. She writes what she loves to read, all things romance, whether it’s erotic, contemporary, or paranormal, as long as there is a happily ever after.

Her biggest hope is that after readers have read one of her stories, they fall in love with her characters as much as she did. She loves creating new worlds, and has more just waiting to be written. Elle believes in happily ever afters, and can guarantee you will always get one with her stories.

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