Cupid is a C*nt by Drea Denae

Cupid is a C*nt
Drea Denae



A dumb dating app that I refused to sign up for. I’ve seen the movies and read the books, but most people don’t find love by swiping through shirtless pictures and photoshopped selfies.

My best friend didn’t feel the same. The diabolical she-devil signed me up for a special Valentine’s Day single night through the app. She answered all the questions for me so that Cupid could shoot their match making arrows through the database to find me a soulmate. Or a hookup. Whatever.

I didn’t have a match though. Nope, that would be too easy. Instead, I had three.

And they just happened to be my bosses.

For some reason, they don’t find this as ridiculous as I do. They want me to spend the weekend with them, convinced the app didn’t completely screw up.

Obviously, they’re insane.

So why did I say yes?

Cupid is a C*nt is a Valentine’s themed reverse harem novella. Meaning it’s supposed to be a quick read with a little bit of plot and some steamy situations. I repeat, it is not a full length book.

Val’s best friend and troublemaker, Noel, has up and done it again. This time she signed both of them up for a Valentine’s date on a dating site. There are no pictures of the participants and Val didn’t want to do it at all. But that’s how Noel operates.

Now Val works for Ground Up an architectural firm the builds with green materials. Her bosses Hart, Beau and Romeo are young, attractive and successful. They actually had a disagreement about hiring Val because they would all like to date her, but her qualifications were impeccable, and they needed her talent on the team.

Before we get to Valentine’s there is a scene with a co-worker Chad. He’s one all the females avoid because of his inappropriate remarks and suggestions. Val handles him very well in my opinion, but she’s overheard by Romeo.

This is just one of many favorite scenes.

Scanning my badge through security, I make my way to the elevator bank. I can see one of my coworkers, Chad, waiting in one of the elevators and intentionally slow my steps. Luckily, another one is available, so I hop in.

Unluckily, Chad is waiting when I make it to my floor. I begin walking to my desk, but he follows along.

“Good morning, Val. Looking as beautiful as ever today. Say, I’d hate for you to be lonely this weekend. Come to Chad. Or for Chad. Whatever.”

Chad has somehow continued to fly under the radar. He’s pretty harmless, but me and the three other women who work for the company try to avoid him for obvious reasons.

I stop and face him. I smile and he thinks his line landed. No way, buddy.

“Oh, Chad. If I wanted to have a mediocre Valentine’s weekend by having to ride a tiny dick than hiding in the bathroom after to take care of myself, I’d absolutely take you up on that offer.”

A deep chuckle comes from behind me and my face turns red. I probably should have looked around before running my mouth, but it’s too late now. Besides, Chad either has a stupid sense of confidence or think insults are foreplay because he’s still looking at me like he has a chance.

Doesn’t make it any better that my boss most likely only heard my response and missed Chad hitting on me. Romeo is one of the owners of Ground Up, the architectural firm I work at. He and his two best friends started the company in college.

Taking a deep breath, I do the mature thing and resign myself to an apology. “Sorry about that, Romeo. Just joking around with a coworker, but I’ll refrain from the details next time.”

He smiles. “Let me walk you to your desk, Val.”

Fuck. I’m barely out of the company probation period. I’m doing a mental tally of my savings with every step to try and see how long I’ll be able to afford rent if I get fired. I come to the conclusion that I can make it six months without dipping into the emergency fund if I give up the weekly order of Chinese delivery and one cup of coffee a day.

My mental math is interrupted when I feel a hand on my back. I stumble on my heels, but Romeo helps me balance and I don’t fall. I look up and see a smirk on his face though he’s looking forward and not at me.

Is this a personal escort to my desk to collect my things? And if he’s going to fire, can I get a sexy punishment out of it? Maybe a goodbye spanking is in my future.

Probably not. I’m sure he’ll be calling human resources and security before I could bend over.
Drea Denae. Cupid Is A C*nt ARC (Kindle Locations 91-111).

As it turns out Romeo sets up a meeting where Val gets the opportunity to join the team on a very important project for the company. Which she accepts with little hesitation.

It seems these guys don’t get out much and the decision is made to sign up for a Valentine’s date on a dating app. There is much surprise when the venue is a sex club and it seems they’ve matched not one of them but all of them with one woman, Val.

From what was to be a single night turns into a weekend and what a weekend it is.

This book is funny, romantic and sizzling! A perfect Valentine’s read.

5 Contented Purrs for Drea!

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Drea Denae lives in Texas with her small family. She hates the heat, lives off iced coffee and loves to rock red lipstick. She also collects book boyfriends and enjoys reading anything and everything.

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