The Apocalypse Wow Collection – Magic and Mayhem Universe by Virginia Nelson

The Apocalypse Wow Collection
Magic and Mayhem Universe – Volume 2
USA Today Bestselling Author
Virginia Nelson


It’s time to save the world, witchy style!

The Witch Element

Savannah Snickersnee swaps places with her twin and becomes tangled with the two men her sister left behind. Before she can deal with the romantic snarl, she needs to figure out why her sister went back to Assjacket—and fast. A catastrophic cluster$%&* is shaking the entire western seaboard, spilling magic throughout Seattle and causing no end of mystical chaos.

Any Witch Way but West

Sadie Snickersnee is stalked by a wraith who drains her soul and magic. When her landlady suggests she mend an amulet to destroy the wraith, Sadie’s more than willing to try just about anything to escape—even if she has to swap places with her sister and head back to her hometown. When her longtime crush shows up, she needs to not only break the enchantment, but also protect him. What’s a magical twin to do but call her sister in for help? Luckily for the universe… Snickersnees come in twos.

Love And Other Calamities

Bobsy Blatherskite saved the world—twice—but she’s alone and not sure what to do next. Love? Seems like a mundane goal, but it is what everyone else is doing, so Bobsy begins going on a series of first dates. After all, how hard can dating be? Enter Ambrose Foster—the perfect man. Or is he? She couldn’t have swiped right on the one witch hunter on the whole dating site, right?

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In this book Savannah is asked by her twin sister Sadie to switch places for a bit. This is something they haven’t done in years and they also live on opposite sides of the country. Sadie’s reasoning is a romantic dilemma that she needs some time to figure out. Apparently there are two men in love with her but she’s not sure who she loves. For Savannah that also means monitoring magical things on the west coast as her sister is supposed to do, and also follow Sadie’s schedule. Packing up she takes her time and brings only a tiny kitten that needs special care with her. Although she worries about Sadie’s owl familiar Max’s reaction to that. It bothers her most that with this switch they also have to switch familiars and Savannah’s familiar Larry, an otter was most vocal about it.

Savannah has barely gotten any information from Sadie and switched out hair and clothing before Sadie pops out, leaving her alone with Max. She doesn’t even get to unpack her suitcase when an earthquake hits and the two men Sadie is involved with show up on her doorstep.

This is a favorite scene.

Max flapped his wings again, feathers ruffled in irritation, while Savannah tried to soothe the kitten in her arms. A knock from the front door had Max’s head swiveling almost backwards to consider the interruption.

“Someone is here,” he pointed out unhelpfully.

“So can it,” Savannah replied, tugging the beret back on her head with one hand. It landed askew, but she decided it was good enough. “Owls can’t talk, remember?”

He swiveled his head back to glare at her, but she simply headed to the door to answer it.

A man stood outside Sadie’s apartment. His suit looked nice, but the shirt beneath it was rumpled and wrinkled, as if he hadn’t pressed it before yanking it on that morning. His hair hung in equal disarray, with dark curls mussed in a way that suggested he’d run his fingers through it more than once since leaving his home. His eyes really caught Savannah’s attention, though. A catlike yellow, they peered at her from under his bushy brows and expressed genuine concern.

“Sadie,” he said, jarring Savannah out of her bemused staring. The single word reminded her of the role she intended to play and that she was, for all intents and purpose, currently Sadie rather than Savannah. “Are you okay?”

“Yes?” Savannah replied, realizing perhaps too late that she didn’t know any of Sadie’s acquaintances or friends and how awkward exchanges would be until she figured out who all the people were without introductions. “Are you okay?”

His warm smile did funny things to Savannah’s belly, heating her skin until she wondered if she blushed.

“Just like you to worry about others rather than yourself,” he replied, his smile growing. “I’m fine, but that was a decent sized earthquake, and I knew you were likely here all by yourself…”

He trailed off, peering behind her while seeming to try to be less than obvious about it.

“I’m not alone,” Savannah admitted.

The man appeared crestfallen at the news. Before Savannah could say that Max and the kitten were with her, footsteps thundered up the stairs leading to the hall of apartments. “Sadie!” came a cry before another man, this one considerably slimmer and more casually dressed, appeared in the hall. “Are you okay?” he shouted.

Savannah nodded, petting the kitten in her hands. Great, another stranger. “I’m good.”

“Oh, you.” The newcomer derisively sneered at the first guy.

“Good afternoon, Maverick,” the first man said. He cut off the ‘k’ in Maverick as if the name itself tasted bad in his mouth.

“Louie,” the casually dressed guy replied. He wore a plaid button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and tucked into khaki pants. On his feet? Sandals. His well-groomed beard appeared to be the exact shade of brown as the hair he’d pulled back into a bun on top of his head. “I’d say it is good to see you, but I don’t like to lie.”

Savannah smiled brilliantly at both men. Since they’d been kind enough to identify themselves, these were at least two of Sadie’s acquaintances she could address by name, furthering the illusion. “Nice to mee—”

She cut herself off before finishing the sentence. Caught off guard, she almost said nice to meet you when Sadie clearly knew them both— well, if she thought she loved them both.

“See!” she nearly shouted. “Nice to see you both!”

Both men blinked at her as if she’d gone mad, so Savannah went back to petting the kitten— a far safer pastime than talking to them.

“Did anything break? Are you okay?” Maverick asked, practically shoving past Louie to catch Savannah by the elbows. Up close, she noticed he had very nice brown eyes and smelled a bit of peppermint.

“Fine,” she managed to warble out. He stood too close to her, and she wasn’t used to people crowding into her space.

His brow furrowed, and he seemed to search her face for something. He squinted his eyes a bit, considering her carefully, for long silent moments while Savannah panicked that he’d see through her and say outright that she wasn’t Sadie. That would be just perfect, wouldn’t it? A whole lifetime of swapping places with no problems and then, whammo-kablammo, I get busted within seconds of taking over the role again.

“Don’t crowd her,” Louie said from his place in Sadie’s doorway. “Give her some space.”

Maverick backed up slowly but not before running his hands down her glittery mesh covered arms one last time as if to assure himself she was indeed intact. “Sorry,” he muttered. “I just got really worried because I know the earthquakes lately have scared you.”

Savannah’s brow crumpled as she considered his words. Was Sadie afraid of earthquakes? Should she be playing up her terror more, if she wanted them to believe she was Sadie?

Savannah honestly didn’t know.

“I’m fine,” she said, ushering both men back into the hallway. “Barely felt it. Thanks for checking on me.”

“Did you get a kitten?” Louie asked, noticing finally the creature in Savannah’s right hand. “Please don’t tell me that’s food for your owl.”

The horror on the man’s face would’ve been hilarious if not for the fact that something about his gaze made Savannah’s stomach flop in a way she wasn’t sure was good. “Yes,” she replied. “New pet. No name yet, just trying to rescue it for now.”

“A kitten?” Maverick asked, eying the creature with something like disgust. “Since when have you been into kittens?”

“Since yesterday,” Savannah lied. “Trying something new. You know me, always trying new things.”

Maverick’s brow furrowed, actual confusion obvious on his chic but handsome face. “Yeah, but a kitten?”

“I think it is adorable,” Louie said, stepping closer to Savannah to inspect the baby animal. “Hi there, little guy.”

“Girl,” Savannah managed, but it was a struggle to get the single word out. Unlike the other man, who’d crowded her in a way that left her uncomfortable, Louie didn’t reach out and grab her. Instead, he took a single fingertip and bumped it across the tiny square head of the kitten in her hand. The animal lifted its nose to sniff at the offered digit before rattling into a purr that shook its whole body. Savannah understood the cat’s response as just the smell of the man and his nearness practically made her want to purr, and he hadn’t even touched her.

“She’s lovely,” Louie said, but his eyes locked with Savannah’s when he said it.

Savannah swallowed hard.

Get it together, girl. These are the men your twin is supposedly in love with. This means no touchie.

“Thanks for checking in on me,” she quickly said. “As you can see, I’m fine and the animals are fine, so have a great day.”

She tried to close the door on them, but Maverick stuck out a foot, causing the door to jam on the extended appendage. “We planned to go to lunch today, remember? We can leave now, instead, if you have the time?”

Savannah sighed, glancing back at Max for help. The bird didn’t respond, closing his eyes lazily as if to say, “Good luck, witch. We warned you not to trade places.” Getting no help from him, her gaze tracked to the bullet journal, which she still hadn’t gotten to inspect thoroughly to verify her schedule for the day.

“Um, now is fine I guess,” she answered, but even she could hear the defeat in her tone.

For real, get it together. You’re not Savannah, you’re Sadie. How would she respond to this?

Her mind offered nothing, as helpful as the stupid owl.

“I’ll just… get my shoes,” she managed, trying again to close the door. Perhaps if they gave her a moment, she could glance at the journal and pry Max for more information about the two men.

“You’re wearing shoes,” Louie pointed out, gesturing to her sneaker-clad feet.

“Erm, yes. Other shoes.”

With that, she snapped the door closed finally and leaned against it with her eyes closed. “What have I gotten myself into?” she whispered to the kitten.

“A date, apparently,” Max hooted from across the room. “Not to mention the magical bursts your sister was supposed to be investigating. They’re what is causing the earthquakes, you know.”
Virginia Nelson. The Apocalypse Wow Collection: Magic and Mayhem Universe (Kindle Locations 282-338). Virginia Nelson.

Now Savannah has to investigate the magical bursts and hopefully do something about them. Then there’s Maverick who apparently has already figured out she’s not Sadie as he reveals over lunch. That still doesn’t help with the earthquakes that seem to be occurring far more often than usual.

Then there’s Louie, he’s very different from Maverick and she finds herself attracted to him. This could be a real problem if Sadie really loves him and not Maverick.

This is a fun and flirty read with an interesting magical problem to solve, an interesting proclamation from Baba Yaga and a couple of surprises from Sadie.

5 Contented Purrs for Virginia!

At the end of ‘The Witch Element’, Sadie is about to reveal something important but to do that she has to start with when they switched places.

Sadie has had a wraith attached to her for years, it’s why she’s afraid of the dark. Her landlord Mrs. Dankworth knows she has the wraith, and she tells Sadie to get rid of it. She also has an idea of how to do that. She will have to complete three tasks, three being a divine number. The object she has to fix is the broken amulet her mother has. Apparently, her mother saved it because it was her failed attempt at a fertility charm. The way to get rid of the wraith is to fix that amulet, but first she had to get her hands on it.

We meet Maverick right after her visit with Mrs. Dankworth, and he has some questions for her regarding a possible other man in her life. It’s at this point she decides to switch with Savannah and things are familiar if you’ve read the first book. Sadie now has to get her hands on the amulet.

This is a favorite scene with Savannah’s familiar.

“Savannah!” her mother chirped. “So nice of you to stop by. Honey? Savannah is here. Sweetheart, are you staying for dinner?”

It was so normal, so Mom of Mom, that Sadie found herself struggling to hold back tears. She’d missed their parents more than she’d realized, apparently. “Hi, Mom,” was all she said, then hugged her mother for far too long.

Her mother brushed the hair back from her face when she emerged from the woman’s shoulder, then she said, “Is everything okay? I just saw you yesterday and usually you’re not that big of a hug fan.”

“Everything is fine, Mom. It is just really good to see you.” Their father joined them and Sadie hugged him, too, probably also for too long for a Savannah hug, but she needed the hugs.

“Are you staying for dinner, pumpkin?” their father asked.

“Yes,” Sadie replied quickly. If she stayed for dinner, she would have more time to hopefully sneak into her parent’s room, swipe the amulet, then begin to fix the enchantment.

A pop of sound next to her followed by a wash of pineapple scent warned her moments before the river otter appeared by her side.

“Hiya, Frank,” said their mother as she swept into the kitchen past him.

“Hiya, Mom,” said the otter, but it simply stared at Sadie with its beady black eyes.

“Hiya, Frank,” Sadie said to the creature. She should’ve stopped off at Sadie’s house and collected him, probably, but she was sure her sister filled in her familiar on the situation and she wouldn’t have to worry about him telling on them.

“Hello…” The creature tilted its head at her curiously. “And what are we doing here?”

“We’re going to have dinner,” Sadie replied, passing the small animal to follow her mom to the kitchen. “You should just go home. I’ll be there shortly.”

“Uh huh,” said the otter as he followed behind her closely. “Something feels sketchy.”

“Ignore him,” Sadie said simply when her mother looked at the animal in curiosity.

“So, we’re having lasagna tonight,” her mother said with a shrug. “I didn’t feel like cooking, so it is just one of those frozen ones. I didn’t know you were coming by, or I would’ve at least thrown together some dessert.”

“Lasagna is fine,” she said, even as her stomach rebelled at the thought of eating. The guilt and panic over stealing something from her parents stacked up by the second, and Sadie wasn’t sure she’d manage to eat more than a bite regardless of what her mother served.

The house looked just as it had when they’d grown up there. The same curtains blowing in the breeze, the same faded but ridiculously comfortable couch, the same smells… for a moment or two, Sadie could pretend her life was normal and she was just home for a visit.

But when her parents suggested they go out to the porch for after dinner tea, she excused herself to the restroom to have the house to herself.

She stood with her hands braced on the sink and listened as her parents brewed hot water, prepared the tea tray and headed onto the deck. It was part of their daily routine— her dad got home from work right around when her mother did. They cooked dinner side-by-side, unless one of them had some work to finish up, and then retired to the porch to watch the deer or birds in their mountain home’s backyard.

Savannah came by her love of animals honestly, as they’d been raised by parents who enjoyed the wildlife of the area, both natural and magical.

Once she was sure they were outside— she heard the sliding glass door close behind them— she crept out of the bathroom to face off with the otter waiting for her in the hallway.

“Whatcha dooin?” Frank asked with a cock of his bean shaped head.

“None of your business,” Sadie responded, striding down the hallway to their parent’s bedroom.

“You told Savannah you were here because of romantic problems, right?”

Sadie ignored him for the moment, focused on her goal. There, on the dresser where it always sat, was their mother’s black jewelry box. Inlaid with seashells and designed with a gorgeous swan on the top, the box was their mother’s prized possession. In it, she kept her mother and grandmother’s pins, broaches, necklaces and earrings as well as a few family rings.

If she hadn’t changed from when they were kids, the bottom drawer was where she kept the fertility amulet, so Sadie ignored the rest and went for that.

It was there, laying on the red velvet lined bottom of the drawer where it had always been. Sadie grabbed it, tried to ignore the shock of liquid fire that shot down her arm at touching the thing, and then stuffed it in her pocket.

She spun on her heel to find Frank, the otter familiar of her sister, staring with his mouth hanging open in horror. “Are you stealing from your parents? While pretending to be Savannah, so they’ll think she stole from them? Like, you were never my favorite, but—”

“I’m not stealing, rodent,” she muttered in annoyance. “Come with me.”

She escorted the familiar back to the bathroom, but he hesitated in the doorway. “You’re not going to hurt me for seeing you steal, are you?”

“What? No! Why on earth would I hurt my sister’s familiar?”

The otter shuffled inside but she could hear him muttering under his breath, “I never thought I’d see you steal from your parents, did I? But today is full of shocking revelations.”

Once the door was closed behind him, Sadie cast a quick privacy bubble so her parents wouldn’t overhear her talking to the otter. They’d smell the magical residue from her casting, but hopefully they’d think it was just something cosmetic as it was in the bathroom. “Look, I’m going to be honest with you.”

The otter rubbed his nose with one of his adorable paws. “You just stole but you want me to believe you’re being honest. Okay.”

She scowled at him. “I didn’t steal it. I’m borrowing it, and I’m going to fix it.”

“Why?” The otter came a bit closer to her. “Isn’t that thing a fertility charm? You want to get knocked up?”

“No!” Sadie yelped. “Why would I want that?”

For some reason, though, the image of Maverick holding a baby popped in her head unbidden, but she quickly shook it off. How scattered were her thoughts that she’d imagine him with a kid?

“It is a fertility charm, isn’t it?” Frank insisted.

“Yes, and look…” She pulled the amulet out of her pocket, gritting her teeth against the dissonant almost whine that rattled up her arm at touching the thing with bare skin. “It is broken. When I put it back soon, it will be fixed. So, you see? Not stealing. Fixing.”

“Does Savannah know you swapped places with her with the intention of stealing from your parents to ‘fix’ their fertility amulet?” the otter asked, head tilted comically.

“She’s helping with—” For a second, Sadie was at a loss, trying to remember the lie she’d told her sister. “My love life.”

“I should tell her the truth.”

“You should do nothing of the kind.” Sadie bent low to stare the little familiar right in the beady eyes. “I’m doing this to protect her and myself and my family, so you’ll keep your little gob closed, got it?”

“See, you said you wouldn’t hurt me, but I feel very threatened,” Frank replied.

“I can’t with you,” Sadie muttered, dropping the privacy bubble and stomping out of the bathroom. She joined her parents on the deck, taking a seat and a cup of tea while cricket song lit up the night air around them.

Once enough time had passed, and Sadie felt confident her parents wouldn’t think her leaving was mighty suspicious, she headed back to Savannah’s little house in a huff. It seemed like no matter what she did, she ended up being seen as the bad guy. Now that she had the amulet, though, she needed to figure out how to fix the thing.
Virginia Nelson. The Apocalypse Wow Collection: Magic and Mayhem Universe (Kindle Locations 1829-1836). Virginia Nelson.

I love that Maverick shows up and that he confesses to a secret.

Sadie has to succeed in fixing the amulet but she also needs help. More from Baba Yaga and lots of secrets divulged.

5 Contented Purrs for Virginia!

Bobsy Blatherskite is a powerful witch, she’s saved the world a couple of times but now her thoughts are turning to love. First though she has to save the world again. Tabby, a child with lots of power is grieving and a wraith is telling her to destroy everything. Once that’s under control, Bobsy turns back to her love life and she signs up for a dating site. Her mother tries to discourage her from that path, but she already has some dates lined up.

The fun begins as she goes to the first one, lunch in the park. She meets an older grumpy gentleman first. They are interrupted by a very good-looking man who knows her name, she assumes from the website. Although when she asks if he’s Andrew365, he says his name is Ambrose. This is where things get a bit strange as they share her sandwich and then walk by the duck pond. He asks her some weird questions then shoves her in the pond and disappears.

The next date she has is not going well when Ambrose shows up again. This is a favorite scene.

Might as well enjoy the view, since she’d already hiked all the way out here and he was no longer causing a cacophony, she decided as she leaned on the railing.

The day was cool, so she’d worn a comfortable sweater which she pulled closer around herself. She’d put on makeup and, damn the bad luck, shaved for this date. It wasn’t like she’d intended to boink him on the first date, but in books, people met the love of their lives and things just happened sometimes.

She didn’t want to face the possibility of true love’s first boink without at least making sure her bits were ready for action. So shave, makeup, blow dry and flat iron the hair… the works.

Instead, she found Kevin the Caterwauler… who ironically had turned out to be a better date than Andrew365. Maybe she wasn’t cut out for online dating.

Maybe she wasn’t meant for dating at all.

She’d saved the world, after all, and fulfilled her purpose in life. Some were meant for happy ever afters, but perhaps her lot in life was to be satisfied with the lives she’d saved and nothing more?

It sounded like a terribly lonely fate, and she’d been lonely for so long already.

Morose thoughts heavy on her mind and heart— she was the savior, meant to protect the world from ending… shouldn’t she be knee deep in her happy ever after by now? Didn’t she earn it a few hundred thousand times over?— she didn’t even hear him approach her on the little platform.

“Hey,” he said, and she spun to face the guy who’d pushed her in the duck pond.

“You have a lot of balls, just meandering up to me to chat,” she said, then she wondered if he could’ve guessed she was the same woman he’d dunked from behind.

“I followed you here,” the guy said with a shrug. “Seemed rude to follow you all the way here and not even say hello.”

He was hot but weird, so she decided to return to marinating in her unhappiness. She did keep an eye on him, though. And her legs braced evenly apart, so that if he tried to shove her into the falls, she had a better chance of staying on her feet.

The weird thing was, just as the first time she’d met the stranger, she felt drawn to him. Like she knew him, or should know him, or something else vague. Her magic didn’t lean toward prognostication, though, so she didn’t give her gut reaction to him much credence.

“Who are you, anyway?” Bobsy asked. “I seem to recall you knew my name, so it seems you’re at an unfair advantage, because I can’t remember yours.”

He had been looking at her when she began speaking, but his head dropped as soon as she asked for his name. Perhaps he was shy? She’d guessed some sort of anxiety disorder the last time they’d spoken, but she hadn’t really thought about it too deeply since he’d plunged her in to swim with the fishes… or at least the duck poo.

“Do I?” he asked.

“Do you what?” she replied, confused because it wasn’t an answer to her question about his name.

“Do I have you at an advantage? Because I’m starting to think I don’t.”

Bobsy sighed, in no mood for mysterious hot men who had a history of dunking her. “Look, I’m trying to enjoy the serene view after what might have been the worst date in history—”

“Date?” Duckboy asked.

“Yes, date. You probably passed him on your way along the path to the falls.” She answered before she thought better of it, then realized he hadn’t answered any of her questions, and therefore didn’t deserve her responses to his.

She pinched her lips closed, determined not to say another peep to Duckboy, not even to cast a spell on him.

“The guy with the cartoon character tattooed in the middle of his forehead?” Duckboy responded, looking just appalled enough to earn back a half… no, a quarter of a point toward her good graces.

“His name was Kevin,” she answered, despite her plan to remain silent.

Duckboy glanced down the path then back at her. For long moments, his gaze wandered over her body in a way that was less creepy than it was considering. “He doesn’t strike me as your type, if you don’t mind me saying that.”

“What if I did?” she replied, giving up on silence since she seemed utterly incapable of not responding to this strange man for whatever reason.

“Did what?” he asked, brow furrowing.

“Mind you saying it,” she replied with a smirk of her own. She didn’t know why, but it felt as if she’d scored a point against him.

“Ambrose Foster,” he said abruptly, and his gaze locked on hers.

She couldn’t explain it, couldn’t understand the whys or wherefores of it, but her heartbeat sped a bit when she held his gaze. He had gorgeous lashes, lovely eyes, and a body built for sin.

Too bad he is an asshat.

“Is that your name?” she managed in a voice that came out a smidge breathier than she might have hoped. Why did she react to this man this way?

“Yeah,” he answered. “Not that it matters.”

Her head cocked and eyes narrowed as the confusion set back in. “What does that even mean?”

“Look, sorry about this,” he said, then he lurched across the distance separating them.

Her hands came up automatically to block him if he intended to shove her into the water again. She braced herself and planted her hands on his shoulders to grip him. If he tried to hurl her over the edge into the waterfalls, he was coming with her.

But he didn’t shove her. No, instead he pressed what felt suspiciously like a rock against her forehead firmly.

That close, she could smell him— he smelled wonderful, like bourbon and vanilla blended into one heady scent. His fierce expression did lovely things to her body, but she still wasn’t sure what he was doing.

“So… what part are you sorry about— lunging at me like you were gonna try to throw me over the edge or shoving a rock against my forehead?” Bobsy asked in what she thought was a reasonable tone, considering.

“Shh, give it a sec,” he replied, staring at her forehead aggressively.

“Okay,” she said with a shrug. He wasn’t hurting her, and although she had no clue what he was trying to accomplish, it was still the most action she’d seen in ages. He was attractive, smelled nice, and seemed intelligent enough.

Too bad he is weird.

After a few more long moments of him pressing a rock against her forehead, he sagged in defeat. “I thought for sure that would work.”

“What exactly were you doin?” she asked, reaching for his rock. He gave it to her with a disgruntled little huff of sound. It was a smooth stone, rounded on all corners like it had been found near water. The center was gone, and she remembered reading something about rocks with holes somewhere… “Nice rock, though.”

He reached for his rock again, but she dodged his grab easily. “Give it back,” he said.

Holding it up toward the falls, she looked through the hole. “Oh, I remember what these are for.”

“Yeah?” he asked. “Well, that one is a dud.”

“You didn’t even try to look through it,” she explained. “I seem to recall these being used to look into the unknown, or into fairy worlds or something.”

“That one is powerless,” he replied with a shrug. “Dud.”

“Wait!” she said, a devious smile curling her lips. If he could be an utter weirdo, she could hold her own. “Can’t you see it?”

“See what?” he asked leaning closer to try to peer through the rock she still held out toward the water.

“If you look through the hole… I see it! Isn’t it magical?”

He stepped even closer; his gaze fixed on the rock in her hand. “Do you really see something through there? Wait… maybe I do, too…”

She snorted and chucked it over the edge, watching as it vanished in the falls below. “No, you didn’t, because people don’t look through rocks as it does literally nothing. Later, Ambrose.”

With that, she considered the day won, and she walked away.
Virginia Nelson. The Apocalypse Wow Collection: Magic and Mayhem Universe (Kindle Locations 2954-3018). Virginia Nelson.

The strangeness continues with Ambrose showing up and we get a peek at who he is.

Bobsy is confused but seriously who wouldn’t be with the crazy. There’s a really big surprise in store for these two.

I laughed and cried a bit in this one, it’s truly a delightful tale.

5 Contented Purrs for Virginia!

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Virginia Nelson Virginia Nelson

Virginia Nelson believed them when they said, “Write what you know.” Small town girl writing small town romance, her characters are as full of flaws, misunderstandings, and flat out mistakes as Virginia herself.

When she’s not writing or plotting to take over the world, she likes to hang out with the greatest kids in history, play in the mud, drive far too fast, and scream at inanimate objects.

Virginia likes knights in rusted and dinged up armor, heroes that snarl instead of croon, and heroines who can’t remember to say the right thing even with an author writing their dialogue.

Her books are full of snark, sex, and random acts of ineptitude—not always in that order.

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