Just a Taste from Midnight Magic: A Limited Edition Collection of Magical Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Tales (Charmed Magic Collections)

Midnight Magic
A Limited-Edition Collection of
Magical Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Tales
(Charmed Magic Collections)
Gina Kincade, C.D. Gorri,
Laura Greenwood, Juliana Haygert,
Rebekah R. Ganiere, Louisa Bacio,
Siera London, Susannah Shannon,
Ariel Dawn, Fiona Starr,
Julie Morgan, Taya Rune,
Taylor Aston White, Quell T. Fox,
Autumn Breeze, Asa Maria Bradley,
Kate Rudolph, M.C. Solaris,
Emilia Rose, Mia Meade,
Hanleigh Bradley, Pepper McGraw,
McKayla Schutt, Lilith Darville


Enter a magical world of
sassy heroines and mystical creatures..

Fall under the spell of these outstanding USA TODAY and Bestselling authors as they spin unforgettable tales of witches, demons, dragons, shifters, and more.

Explore enchanting worlds filled with magic, unexpected twists, strong leading ladies, and just the right amount of flirty romance.

This limited-edition collection of BRAND NEW paranormal romance and urban fantasy books will take you on a thrilling joy ride you won’t soon forget.

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Witch Switch
Bewitch Me Book 2
Louisa Bacio

How do you fight evil
when it’s yourself?

Rafe turned away from an arranged marriage for one based on love. His choices, though, left the woman he loved in danger.

Cheyenne took her inherited witch powers for granted until she needed them most when the jilted bride wants revenge.

Together, Rafe and Cheyenne must unravel which witch is real in the ultimate Witch Switch for power and love.

Cheyenne and Rafe are in love, the only problem is he’s been promised to another.

Meredith has been waiting a long time for Rafe to set the wedding date. When he arranges a meeting that what she thought he was going to do instead he calls off the engagement. One thing about Meredith, she always gets what she wants and she’s not always nice about it.

Since the council has approved the match, Rafe also has to get his parents on board with the change. That’s not going to be easy since they never felt Cheyenne was good enough for him.

Cheyenne knows Meredith and has strengthened the wards on her house. She knows how evil the woman could be and their families have always been in conflict. She’d need the extra protection.

In the middle of all this she finds she has two sisters on her father’s side. He was/is a musician with very much a love ’em and leave ’em attitude. She also has very little powers since she vowed not to use them again after her mother died. She’s also hoping her sister, Justine, who just showed up on her doorstep can help her reconnect with her powers.

Unfortunately, Meredith shows up before that can happen, and that results in something unusual and in the witch world dangerous and illegal. This is just part of what happens with Rafe.

This is a favorite scene.

“PLEASE STAY.” It was almost impossible to ask for help. It’s like part of her fought with another for control. “My body is kind of miserable right now. I hate it.”

That didn’t sound right. Why was she thinking of herself in third person? Cheyenne slapped her palms against her thighs and resisted the urge to pinch the soft flesh under her arms until it turned red and swollen.

She lost.

“What are doing?” He grabbed hold of her wrists. “Since when do you hurt yourself? I never seen any signs?”

The question stilled her movements. Rafe calling out her actions only highlighted them more, upping the stakes.

Because he potentially saw through her, she wanted to hide even more.

“I don’t know. It felt right in the moment.” Did she look as confused as she sounded? Another voice whispered not to say anything else so only she heard. “I shouldn’t mess with my magic. Once I push it, I kinda lose control of everything else.”

It’s not like she wanted to do it, or even consciously did. It’s like the brief flash of pain helped her get out of whatever fugue state fogged her brain and allowed her to be present, totally present. And not subdued like the feeling of watching her life behind that two-way glass seen in cop shows.

She’d viewed the discussion with Rafe, disconnected, and not able to directly interact.

“I need help.” She placed her hand over his. “I’m not feeling like myself.”

Her throat tightened, like an invisible claw squeezed until she could barely breathe, let alone say what she wanted to say. She tugged at her neck, gasping. Her vision blurred and tears streaked her face.

“Chey. Chey!” Rafe called out to her from a faraway tunnel. His voice echoed as if he called her from a distance.

The lack of oxygen caused her to be lightheaded, and she fell, back-back-back, without ever hitting the ground. His strong arms caught her.

“I’ve got you,” he murmured. “Everything’s going to be all right.”

She wanted to tell him that she loved him, and managed to squeeze his hand before losing all consciousness.
Midnight Magic: A Limited Edition Collection of Magical Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Tales. Bacio, Louisa. Switch Witch. (Kindle Locations 27676-27691). Naughty Nights Press LLC. Kindle Edition.

Now the problem is to not only find Meredith, but also prevent her from doing anymore harm.

Siblings, flirting, and sizzle with that touch of drama.

5 Contented Purrs for Louisa!

Louisa Bacio  Louisa Bacio
A Southern California native, Louisa Bacio can’t imagine living far away from the ocean. The multi-published author of erotic romance enjoys writing within all realms – from short stories to full-length novels.

She shares her household with a supportive husband, two daughters growing “too fast,” and a multitude pet craziness: Two dogs, five fish tanks, an aviary, hamsters, rabbits and hermit crabs. In her other life, she teaches college classes in English, journalism and popular culture.

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