The Alien’s Farmer – Aliens and Animals Book 3 by Skye MacKinnon and Arizona Tape

The Alien’s Farmer
Aliens and Animals Book 3
USA Today Bestselling Authors
Skye MacKinnon
Arizona Tape


Rachel thought it couldn’t get worse than losing her farm. But when a hot stranger turns out to be an alien, her life is about to change forever.

Tamsia’s sisters both have human mates, but she can’t quite understand the appeal herself. Until she meets Rachel, the owner of an adorable yet intimidating Highland cow. Will Tamsia be able to persuade her to move to Kyven?

An out-of-this-world f/f alien romance with a headstrong human woman and an alien female used to getting what she wants. This is a standalone sapphic love story with a guaranteed happy end. If you love lesbian romance, cute animals, and humorous science fiction, this series will make you laugh, swoon, and wish you had your own fluffy Highland cow.

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Rachel meets Tamsia, at a Halloween party, totally unaware that she’s an alien. They have a few too many drinks and Rachel takes Tamsia to her hotel where they both fall asleep rather quickly.

Back on her home planet, Kyven, Tamsia is in charge of financials at their Animal Park while her sister Valla and her mate Tilly are podding. Their planet enables couples of the same gender to give birth in a process called podding, it is sacred and the couple stays together throughout the process. They are running out of money and they have to do something. There just isn’t enough income, even with their main attraction of the hybrid katzpard cubs. Disturbing Valla and Tilly wasn’t a good idea so Tamsia approaches Sahra and Abby. Sahra decides they need cows so they can sell earth products like clotted cream.

Tamsia is sent back to earth to buy the cows, only instead of going where Abby wanted her to she heads to the farm owned by the woman she met eight months ago, Rachel.

Rachel’s surprised to see Tamsia and even more so when she discovers Tamsia wants to buy cows. Since her cousin Heather owns the farm so Tamsia would have to talk to her about that and Heather was in town. It was starting to get late so Rachel offers their guest room to Tamsia for the night.

Heather arrives with disturbing news they were going to lose the farm. Tamsia decides to buy all the animals on the farm and then convinces both Rachel and Heather to go with them.

This is a favorite scene.

Humans and their drinks. They were certainly fascinating in their own way, not that I was in a hurry to admit that to my sisters. I didn’t want to put up with Bavalla’s gloating that she’d been right.

“What are your sisters like?” Heather asked, hiccuping once.

“Sahra is annoying and wishes she was the eldest. Valla does whatever Valla wants and gets us in trouble. It’s her fault we ended up with an animal park,” I said, surprised at how easy it was to talk to them. I wasn’t a very chatty person but in the moment, I was feeling bubbly and glowy and warm. I blamed the wine.

So to remedy it, I drank some more.

A couple of bottles later, the spirits in the kitchen were high and I couldn’t stop laughing at all the things they were saying. Most of it didn’t make sense but that made it so funny.

“I’m hungry,” Heather announced abruptly, rising from the table and wobbling over to their oven-stove. “I want greasy food. Oh, let’s order a munchy box with thick chips. And kebab.”

“And eggs?” I asked hopefully, hungrily licking my lips. I loved eggs.

“Eggs?” Heather echoed, gripping the counter so she didn’t fall. “We have eggs. I’ll make you the best scramble you’ve ever had. Sit tight, I’m going to get some fresh ones.” She stumbled out of the house, leaving the door wide open.

“What are you doing? Come back!” Rachel cackled, howling with laughter. “I don’t know what Heather’s doing. Why is she collecting eggs in the middle of the night?”

“I don’t know.” I laughed even though I didn’t really understand what was so funny but her amusement was contagious.

My controlband chimed to alert me to an incoming call from Amison and excited to hear an update, I accepted. A little holographic version of the spotted pink alien appeared in the air.

“Oh my god, that’s so cool!” Rachel screamed, tilting my wrist towards her. “Wow, that’s some advanced technology you got.”

Oops. I forgot I shouldn’t show her this stuff. At least she didn’t seem freaked out or anything.

She waved at Amison. “Hello! Cool outfit!”

The smuggler seemed confused and ignored her, speaking in the common intergalactic language instead. “I’m approaching Planet #47283’ s orbit. Are you ready?”

Rachel hiccuped and rubbed her temple. “Woah, I can’t understand him at all. I must be drunker than I thought. Or wait, is this how you sound in Kyven?”

She was so adorable.

Wait, what was Amison saying? He was already here? But it wasn’t morning yet. Or was it?

“Almost ready,” I told Amison. My tongue was strangely heavy and didn’t behave as it should.

“Good. Get everyone in one spot and send me the coordinates.”

I wasn’t in the mood for springing into action. I wanted to drink some more wine and enjoy the fuzzy warmth it was giving me. But somewhere deep within my mind, rational-Tamsia bounced up and down in annoyance, trying to get me to hurry.

Heather stumbled into the room, clutching one egg. “Only found this one. The hens haven’t laid yet.”

“No surprise there,” Rachel giggled. “I could have told you that before you went on a wild egg chase.”

Heather handed me the egg and I took it gingerly, not wanting to break the delicate pod.

“Thank you,” I said. “Our transport is here. Do you want to come with us?”

“Pleeeeeaaaase,” Rachel chirped and threw an arm around her cousin. “It won’t be the same without you.”

“Now?” Heather asked, looking around the messy kitchen. “But we need to pack and clean and-“

“Or we could just disappear,” Rachel whispered conspiratorially. “And not do the dishes for once. How naughty would that be?”

“Very naughty. And for some reason I really want to say yes.”

Rachel grinned. “Then say it.”

“Alright. I know I shouldn’t because I’m drunk, but let’s do it. Let’s throw all caution in the wind and go to Kyven. You did pack all the supplies for the animals, right? Even my alcohol-addled brain knows that’s important.”

“We did,” I reassured her. “Got everything for journey.”

I joined the two humans as we hurried outside, leaving the kitchen in its messy state. I realised I was still clutching the egg. No time to cook it now. And I’d never find out what a kebab was.

We kept laughing while we somehow got the chickens in their carriers. The cows stood in a huddle in their stable, the hay bales and other supplies next to them, but we still had to get the sheep and pigs which were housed in another building. It was all so very funny. My mouth hurt from grinning. This was so much fun.

The sky was starting to turn orange and red hues by the time we’d shepherded the pigs into the cow stable. While the two humans tried to get the pigs to behave, I returned to the sheep. They were funny-looking animals that looked like fluffy clouds with four legs. We didn’t have anything similar on Kyven.

“Bavoosh,” I muttered, the Kyven word for cloudling. “I will call you Bavoosh. Better than sheep.” One of them bleated in response. At the same time, my controlband vibrated.

“Are you ready?” Amison asked.

“Almost. Are you close enough for the A-Beam?”

“Yes and I’ve already got it locked on your signal and all other life forms within a one hundred intergalactic feet radius.”

I did a quick calculation. That would include Heather, Rachel and the animals in the other barn, but not the road leading to the farm. I didn’t want to abduct an innocent passerby. I wasn’t Valla.

“I guess we’re ready then. When you say life forms, does that include bugs and plants?”

Amison laughed. “No, just over a certain size. I’ll beam down a set of markers now that you can stick on anything non-living.”

He’d thought of everything. I wasn’t sure if he did this regularly or if we were his first farm relocation.

With a bright flash, a heap of little blue stickers materialised next to my feet. I gathered them all up and hurried back to the human females who were still busy chasing pigs.

I quickly slapped the stickers on the feed bags and our other supplies, then turned to Heather and Rachel.

“Are you ready?” They exchanged a look. “I didn’t hear a truck,” Heather said, sounding confused.

I smiled at her, then pressed my controlband. Bright light encompassed us as our bodies dematerialised.
Skye MacKinnon; Arizona Tape. The Alien’s Farmer: Aliens and Animals 3 (Kindle Locations 873-927).

Of course, Tamsia left out one important detail. Kyven isn’t a place on Earth.

There’s a lot of fun and challenges in this book, but Tamsia and Rachel do seem to be meant for each other.

I loved seeing how happy Tilly and Sahra are with their Alien mates and I know Rachel will be happy with Tamsia. Now Heather needs to find a mate too.

I can’t wait for the next book in this series.

5 Contented Purrs for Arizona and Skye!

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A creator at heart, Ari has always been in love with the idea of turning nothing into something. She wants to conquer the book world with stories that focus on inclusivity and diversity, writing what she likes to read. Whether it’s adventure or romance, dragons and vampires, or princesses and students, there’s something for everyone.

Born in China, raised in Belgium, and currently living in the United Kingdom with her girlfriend, Ari is a citizen of the world and loves discovering new cultures. Luckily, her crazy imagination lets her discover places she’s never been to, meet people that don’t exist, and talk to readers from all over the world.

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Skye MacKinnon

Skye MacKinnon is a USA Today & International Bestselling Author whose books are filled with strong heroines who don’t have to choose.

She embraces her Scottishness with fantastical Scottish settings and a dash of mythology, no matter if she’s writing about Celtic gods, cat shifters, or the streets of Edinburgh.

When she’s not typing away at her favourite cafe, Skye loves dried mango, as much exotic tea as she can squeeze into her cupboards, and being covered in pet hair by her two bunnies, Emma and Darwin.

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