The Lost Witch by Paige Crutcher

The Lost Witch
Paige Crutcher


1922. Brigid Heron is a powerful witch and healer in the seemingly lost, but charming small town of Evermore on a forgotten isle in Ireland. However, there is one thing that she longs for above all else: a child of her own. She is even willing to be seduced by the mysterious Luc Knightly, head of the Knightly coven, whose pull is potent and impossible to resist. When their child is born and falls ill, Brigid will risk anything to save her daughter–even tap into the forbidden magic of the Lough of Brionglóid. But when the wild magic takes her daughter from her, Brigid is swept away as well.

2022. Evermore is under siege. The witches of Knight have been using their chaos magic to widen the rift between the island and the Otherworld. Creatures from folklore prey on the villagers, consuming their very humanity.

Brigid awakens in this world with no memory of how she traveled into the future, but she learns that she helped unleash this curse on Evermore. To seal the lough and stop the witches of Knight, she must work with her magical descendants, Ophelia and Finola. But the knowledge she seeks lies with Luc Knightly himself—mysterious, handsome, and powerful. To save Evermore, Brigid may have to lose everything once again.

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This book centers around the Lough of Brionglóid, it’s magic had once been sealed by the goddess Brighid, but a series of events broke that seal and sent the main character Brigid one hundred years into the future without any memories. Her daughter is gone with no one knowing what happened to either of them.

She meets her cousins Ophelia and Fiona who have taken up residence in her home. They are doing their best to protect the villagers from the monsters that come out of the lough.

Another constant is Knightly, he is a demi-god whose coven is responsible for the monsters plaguing the village. A coven he no longer has control over.

Brigid with the help of Knightly, Ophelia and Fiona must reseal the lough and above all, Brigid needs to bring her daughter home.

This is a unique tale with many twists, revelations, surprises. A truly enjoyable read.

5 Contented Purrs for Paige!

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Paige Crutcher

Paige Crutcher is the author of THE ORPHAN WITCH. She is a former journalist, and her work appears in multiple anthologies and online publications. She is an artist and yogi, and when not writing, she prefers to spend her time trekking through the forest with her children, hunting for portals to new worlds.

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