Press’ Passion – Wicked Winemaker’s First Label Book 3 by Heather Slade

Press’ Passion
Wicked Winemaker’s First Label Book 3
USA Today Bestselling Author
Heather Slade


A cyber intelligent Brit
with a soft side for the innocent.
A rescued MBA student with goals and dreams.
This winemaker is willing to help
—one WICKED way or another.


Women swoon at my British accent, but I’ve been in America most of my life, hacking computers by day, and saving innocent women by night. A regular superhero. When I start getting close to Luisa, I want all disguises off. She’s falling for someone else, but I’m determined to wait it out—start a full court PRESS to make her mine.


Focus, heal, and grow—those are my goals. After enduring the unthinkable, it’s time, time for me, time for my future. But when my walls start crumbling, it’s him who starts to pick them back up, making me see my potential. My truth. My life.

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In the first part of this book there is a lot of overlap with the previous book Ridge’s Release. This is necessary so this book can be a standalone. It also tells the story of Luisa’s rescue from Press’ POV, before detailing more of Luisa’s relationship with Beau and her therapy with Dr. Benedict.

As I’m sure you already know if you have read Ridge’s release, Luisa has a crush on Beau. However, the friendship she’s developed with Press is becoming more to her. Press of course isn’t seeing that, he’s seeing Beau being a jerk and toying with her affections.

It’s revealed that Luisa being abducted wasn’t random someone specifically requested her, and the price tag just went up. With her sister’s wedding in progress, Luisa doesn’t want to cause an uproar and insists just about everyone stays on Tryst’s ranch. The only ones to travel with her will be Zin, Press and Jaicon a former MI6 agent. They’d be traveling not to Seahorse Ranch but to Napa and Press’ parent’s home.

Things start to get a bit crazy when they arrive to the news Press’ mother was taken to the hospital and when he arrives to be with his father, he finds his mother has passed. Now he’s grieving but his brother needs to be informed and his father shouldn’t be alone. Security will be an issue, but Luisa doesn’t want to leave him.

A kiss from Beau that once would have meant everything to her but now doesn’t is the cause of Press putting distance between them. His father sees what Press doesn’t in fact it seems everyone sees the truth except for Press. Did I mention things are getting crazy?

This is a favorite scene.

The flight from Paso Robles to Napa seemed impossibly long in the helicopter. However, being able to land right on my parents’ property saved an hour’s drive from the airfield.

Luisa was quiet during the flight, but periodically, I reached over to squeeze her hand in reassurance.

I couldn’t imagine how she must be feeling, particularly since I still didn’t know exactly what the message she’d received said. Once we arrived and she was safely tucked away and asleep, I’d ask Jaicon for details.

Exhaustion was setting in on me as well. I’d slept restlessly, if at all, the last few days. While I didn’t want to admit it, part of that was due to Luisa’s absence.

When the helicopter landed on the front lawn, it dawned on me I hadn’t given any thought to the sleeping arrangements. Not even as much as determining whether Luisa would stay in the guesthouse where she’d been before or in the main house. And while she’d managed in the guesthouse previously with Jaicon and the rest of the team there with her, circumstances had changed quite drastically.

The other thing I was uncertain of was when my father would arrive with Tank, Magnet, Atticus, and Blackjack. Regardless, I knew his main concern would be for Luisa’s safety and well-being.

“Naughton? Would you like to stay the night and head back in the morning?” I asked.

“Appreciate it, but I told Bradley I’d be home in a few hours.”

“I truly don’t know how to thank you,” I said, shaking his hand.

“It’s what we do, right?”

I nodded. To my knowledge, no one in the Butler family had been a member of Los Caballeros. However, we’d certainly enlisted the aid of their family— Laird and Kade in particular— on several occasions.

I glanced over my shoulder and saw Jaicon was a few feet behind us, talking on her cell.

“We’ll stay at the main resident tonight,” I said to Zeppelin instead.

“Copy that, sir,” he responded.

“Are you sure it’s all right?” Luisa asked. “Of course. There’s plenty of room, and even if there weren’t, all that matters is your safety.”

I rested my palm on the pad near the front door, and it sprung open. I led Luisa inside. Jaicon and Zeppelin followed.

“I spoke with your father, who suggested you stay here this evening. Given they’ll arrive close to dawn, he said he’d stay at Beau’s,” Jaicon reported.

It wasn’t necessary for him to do so, but since the conversation had already taken place, I didn’t see the need to contact him myself to argue about it.

I picked up Luisa’s bag and led her upstairs. “Can I get you anything?” I asked.

“Where will I be staying?”

“There is a room next door to the one I’m in. It was Beau’s when we were children. Thankfully, they’ve been redecorated to serve as guestrooms.”

I opened the door, turned on the lights, and was happy to see the bed had been made, something that was definitely Mrs. Gonzales’ doing, not my brother’s. It also meant she’d changed the linens.

I pointed to an interior door. “That leads to the lavatory. I’m in the room just on the other side, but no worries about privacy. There’s an additional door on my side with a lock.”

She sighed. “I’m not worried about privacy, Press.”

I set her bag on the chest at the end of the bed. “You must be exhausted. I’ll let you get some rest. If you need anything at all, I’m just through there.”

She stood where she was, hugging herself and biting her lower lip.


Her eyes filled with tears.

“Come here.” I pulled her into my arms. “Tell me what you need, pet.”

“I’m scared,” she said, barely above a whisper.

“You don’t have to be alone. I can ask Jaicon to—”

She shook her head.

“What if we read a bit?” I offered.

“You wouldn’t mind?” “I’m still tightly wound from the trip myself. It will help us both rest more easily. I’ll get my tablet from the other room. It’ll take but a minute,” I added when I pulled away, but her hand gripped mine. “Well, then, how about if you come with me?”

“Hang on.”

I waited while Luisa kicked off her shoes and removed her jacket, then I led her through the doors connecting the two rooms. Once we’d entered mine, she dropped my hand.

“This room feels different.”

I walked over to the table where my tablet sat, took off my own shoes, and dropped my jacket on the chest at the end of my bed. “How so?”


“If you’d prefer it, we can read in here. You can stay in here as well.”

“Will you stay, Press?”

My back was to her when she asked, and I was thankful for it. I closed my eyes, breathed in deep, and reminded myself that to Luisa, I was her safety net, her protector, and while she may consider me a father figure, if I had to choose, I’d prefer older brother. Not that I wanted to be either.

The desire I felt for her was completely inappropriate. She needed comfort, reassurance, someone to hold her as she slept.

The first time we lay in each other’s arms, I was overcome by grief and exhaustion after learning my mother had passed. She’d comforted me that night. Could I do the same for her now? Could I set aside the longing I felt, or would my body react of its own accord to the woman I hungered for? A kiss alone or a touch— skin to skin— would likely bring me to the epitome of pleasure.

It had been four months since I stopped seeing the last woman who’d been my lover. I hadn’t thought of her once since I first met Luisa the night she walked out of the shipping container, broken. Then, I only wanted to protect her, help her heal, be someone she felt safe with.

As she recovered, she became a woman I desired more than any other I’d ever known. It went beyond that, though. I’d fallen in love with her.
Heather Slade. Press’ Passion (Kindle Locations 2122-2172). Wicked Winemakers First Label Book Three.

A really scary twist in this one and some interesting hints about Zin and Jada.

Luisa is a lot stronger than many give her credit for, Press does see this, and he’s been in love with her for so long and she with him. I really wanted to knock some sense into him.

I am looking forward to the next book in this series. Should be interesting with Zin as one of the main characters.

5 Contented Purrs for Heather!

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Heather Slade

USA Today and Amazon Top 15 Bestselling Author Heather Slade writes shamelessly sexy, edge-of-your seat romantic suspense.

She gave herself the gift of writing a book for her own birthday one year. Forty-plus books later (and counting), she’s having the time of her life. The women Slade writes are self-confident, strong, with wills of their own, and hearts as big as the Colorado sky. The men are sublimely sexy, seductive alphas who rise to the challenge of capturing the sweet soul of a woman whose heart they’ll hold in the palm of their hand forever. Add in a couple of neck-snapping twists and turns, a page-turning mystery, and a swoon-worthy HEA, and you’ll be holding one of her books in your hands.

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