Bond of Destiny – Shifting Fate Book 3 by Tessa Hale

Bond of Destiny
Shifting Fate Book 3
Tessa Hale


Just when Rowan thought things might be coming together. When she dared to hope things might work out. The world around her crumbled.

Betrayed by her own pack. Held captive by someone she should’ve been able to trust above all others. And time is running out.

Her only hope is her mates. Holden, Anson, Lucas, Keene, and Vaughn won’t stop fighting. For Rowan and for their bond.

But just when they thought there might be a way out, everything is turned upside down yet again.

Because the person who’s after Rowan? He’ll stop at nothing until all of her powers are his. And if he can’t have them, no one will…

If you haven’t read the other books in this series STOP! Go back and read them. This book begins where that one ends.

When we last saw Rowan, she was given a soda that appeared to be sealed by Jaz. Seems like Jaz hasn’t forgiven Rowan for taking Holden from her. What she has done though is turn her over to her biological father.

Rowan wakes in a dungeon, she’s not alone there. Rezah is about her age and has been imprisoned for around nine months. The mind link with her mates isn’t working and she’s unable to shift. Apparently, there are shields to prevent any use of magic.

Rezah has mates in her pack in Indiana, but she can’t connect with them. She’s been given drugs to prevent her from dying from the loss of connection.

Kaleb is the one who’s orchestrated these kidnappings. He wants power over everything. He wants to be King. He’s also Rowan’s father. He’s not pleased when his drugs don’t work on her and he wants her fixed, putting not only Rowan’s life in danger but Rezah’s as well.

Luc manages to break through the shields and Rowan is able to tell him who has her but not where. In a quirk of fate Holden is able to complete the bond with her even though they are far apart.

This is a favorite scene.

Garrison lunged for me, but I was ready. I released Rezah’s hand and dodged to my right. He ran smack into the cot, letting loose a creative curse and grabbing his shin.

“For fuck’s sake,” Kaleb gritted out. He strode into the cell and towards me.

I leapt over the cot, evading his grasp. Time. It was all I needed. I could feel them now. A humming of energy just below my skin. My mates. They were feeding me their power. I didn’t know how it was possible without them touching me, but it was happening.

Rowan? Where are you?

Holden’s voice sounded clear as day in my head. I wanted to weep at the deep timbre.

Basement. Kaleb and three guards are down here. They have weapons. We’re coming. Just hold on.

A hand locked around my wrist, dragging me towards the cell door. Garrison sneered down at me. “You better be worth it, you little bitch.”

“Don’t call her a bitch, you overgrown micropenis.” Rezah’s knee came up, finding purchase right between Garrison’s legs.

His eyes went wide with shock and he dropped like a stone, curling into a ball.

“Get up!” Kaleb yelled. “You’re an embarrassment.”

He shoved me towards the door of the cell, but I grabbed hold of the bars. Using them for balance, I kicked out my foot, landing squarely on Kaleb’s chest. He stumbled back a few steps but not far enough.

His lip curled, exposing his lengthening canines.

“You’ll pay for that.” Energy crackled over my skin. For the first time in over a week, I felt my connection to that golden pool of energy at my core.

Kaleb turned to Garrison, who was pushing to his feet. “Grab her and get to the tunnels.”

“Alpha, they’ve breached the building above.”

“Fuck! Are my enforcers worthless?” It was the first time I’d ever seen any hint of panic from Kaleb.

The man behind him who had been offering to break my bond sent a worried glance towards the door. “I didn’t sign up for this.” He hurried deeper into the basement, to a door I’d never seen before. Seconds later, he disappeared behind it.

Hands gripped my waist and then I was being lifted in the air. Garrison’s scent filled my nostrils and had me fighting a wave of nausea.

“Let her go!” Rezah screamed. She kicked at him but Garrison was faster, leveling his baton on her. He shot an electrical current through Rezah that sent her collapsing to the floor in a seizure.

The level of rage that filled me was unlike anything I’d ever felt before. My hands dug into his shoulders and I let my energy fly.

Then it was Garrison who dropped to the ground. I barely caught myself before hitting the cement floor with him. He twitched and seized.

“What the hell?” a guard barked.

Kaleb’s eyes went wide. “Get a shield down here! She’s breaking through.”

I stretched my fingers, waving them. “What’s the matter, Dad? Don’t want to hang out with me anymore?”

The two guards pulled their weapons.

“Don’t shoot her,” Kaleb ordered. “Don’t Tase her either. It will only feed her power.”

“Then what the hell are we supposed to do?” one asked.

Kaleb glanced to the door. “Will, shift. That’s our best hope for corralling her.”

“She’ll still be able to use her gift on me.”

“I don’t give a damn. Shift.”

A second later, the guard was replaced by a gray wolf. The creature snarled in my direction. The sound had my power reacting on instinct. A bolt of energy shot from my palm, striking him in the chest.

He was there one moment and then lifeless on the floor the next. Panic seized me as my hand dropped to my side. The wolf’s chest wasn’t moving. He was simply gone. Not gone, dead. Because I had killed him.

Pain bloomed on the side of my temple as a fist landed a blow. Stunned, I stumbled and arms locked around me. “Don’t fucking move.”

I thrashed in Garrison’s hold. But my power wouldn’t respond, too traumatized by ending a life. Claws lengthened on Garrison’s hand and he punched them into my side.

The pain stole my breath. A burning fire ran along my ribs, into my lungs.

Luc was in my mind in an instant. Rowan!


His claws tore at my flesh, energy and blood seeping from me. I scratched at his neck and face, but my nails were no match for Garrison’s claws.

“Get her to the tunnel,” Kaleb shouted, running for the back door.

I couldn’t let them take me, couldn’t lose my chance to get to my bond. I summoned everything I had and went for Garrison’s eyes with my fingers.

He howled in pain but didn’t let me go.

A flash of movement caught my attention. A black wolf. Vaughn.

Relief bloomed in my chest. He was here.

Relief quickly transformed to panic as the guard in front of me raised his gun. I screamed with everything I had in me. But it was too late.
Hale, Tessa. Bond of Destiny: A Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance (The Shifting Fate Series Book 3) Kindle Locations (357-396). Kindle Edition.

Rowan is rescued and Rezah is sent home with two of Mason’s enforcers as protection.

Now the problem is the remaining QUAD members don’t believe Kaleb has done this. That’s not quite true, Ivan has some doubts and there is a prophecy that says someone with the bond of 6 will root out the evil among them. There is more to that, but I’ll let you find it yourselves.

While not imprisoned anymore, Rowan still has a problem. Kaleb can enter her mind while she sleeps.

Plenty of tension, action, laughter, tears, romance and sizzle in this page-turning conclusion!

5 Contented Purrs for Tessa!

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Author of love stories with magic, usually with more than one love interest. Constant daydreamer.

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