Take the Lead: A Dance Off Novel by Alexis Daria

Take The Lead
Dance Off Book 1
Alexis Daria


Gina Morales wants to make it big. In her four seasons on The Dance Off, she’s never even made it to the finals. But her latest partner, the sexy star of an Alaskan wilderness show, could be her chance. Who knew the strong, silent, survivalist-type had moves like that? She thinks Stone Nielson is her ticket to win it all—until her producer makes it clear they’re being set up for a showmance.

Joining a celebrity dance competition is the last thing Stone wants. However, he’ll endure anything to help his family, even as he fears revealing their secrets. While the fast pace of Los Angeles makes him long for the peace and privacy of home, he can’t hide his growing attraction for his dance partner. Neither wants to fake a romance for the cameras, but the explosive chemistry that flares between them is undeniable.

As Stone and Gina heat up the dance floor, the tabloids catch on to their developing romance. With the spotlight threatening to ruin everything, will they choose fame and fortune, or let love take the lead?

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In this book reality shows take the field. One a wilderness survival family in Alaska and the other a dance competition. It starts off with quite the opening as the professional dancer Gina Morales is transported to Alaska to meet her partner with only a bit of notice.

Stone Nielson has been under the camera’s eye for a while now as his family rebuilds in the wilderness of Alaska. His producers and hers think he’s the perfect one to cross into the dance competition, they even set up something unusual for their meeting.

They have their first lesson at that first meeting and there was a bit of a spark between them. However, Gina will never compromise her professionalism for the sake of a showmance. That doesn’t mean she isn’t in favor of seeing where this attraction could go, it means it won’t be on display for the world.

There are plenty of secrets in this book and every one of them comes out with some interesting consequences. Plus, there is much more on the line than the trophy.

This is a page turning read with lots of fun, competition, romance and sizzle.

5 Contented Purrs for Alexis!

   Alexis Daria

Alexis Daria writes stories about successful Latinx characters and their (occasionally messy) familias. You Had Me at Hola, the first book in her Primas of Power series, is a national bestseller. Alexis is a lifelong New Yorker who loves Broadway musicals and pizza.

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