Midnight Spells – The Witches of Hollow Cove Book 2 by Kim Richardson

Midnight Spells
The Witches of Hollow Cove Book 2
USA Today Bestselling Author
Kim Richardson


Just when I thought I’d finally gotten my life back on track, the unexpected happens.

It’s the annual Night Festival in Hollow Cove, a paranormal festival extravaganza that lasts for five nights and features a multitude of powerful faces in our paranormal circles.

There’s only one little problem. Someone ends up dead. And I’m the one accused of murder.

As my life spirals down the crapper once again, things between me and Marcus are even more confusing than ever before—hot—but ridiculously confusing. And to add to my wondrous good fortune—something or someone is trying to kill me.

So, what is a witch do to? Find the culprit and clear my name, that’s what.

Tessa had never heard of the Night Festival, her mother never brought her here for the event. She’s excited for the festivities that is until her aunts introduce her to the New York Merlin Group. They aren’t happy her aunts made her a Merlin without doing the trials. They also appear to have a goat with them. Unfortunately for Tessa she’s the only one who can see it.

With Ronin’s help she escapes from that group and goes to have her fortune told or really to see if the goat is a good or bad omen for her.That whole reading gets a bit bazaar and from there things get worse when the seer Marvelous Myrtle is murdered. An eyewitness puts Tessa at the scene before the event and Marcus has to detain her for her own protection.

Mad at Marcus and determined to find the real murderer Tessa meets nothing but resistance from everyone she tries to question about Myrtle. Left with no choice she decides to break into Marcus’ office to read his file on her. She finds that and something far more intriguing, her own file.

She also accepts a date with a very eligible bachelor Adan who she runs into as the Merlins investigate the theft of all the festival funds from Gilbert’s Grocery.

Let’s just say that date didn’t go so well, and that black and white goat saves Tessa’s life. She also believes she’s figured out who killed Myrtle, and finds Gilbert drunk over the robbery since a very valuable artifact was stolen as well. The Elder Ring is a dangerous thing in the wrong hands. Although Marcus just says he’ll look into the possibility Winnie killed Myrtle, he is happy she doesn’t want to go on another date with Adan.

This is a favorite scene.

I frowned, remembering all too well how quickly he’d dragged me in for questioning. “Well, if you won’t, I will.” I had no freaking clue if the Merlin Group arrested people. Though I could push Winnie down the basement stairs. Yeah. That brought a smile to my face.

“Why are you smiling?”

Whoops. There went my face again, betraying me. “What? Nothing.” I sighed. “So, you’re really not going to do anything about Winnie?”

His eyes flicked over my face as though he liked what he saw. “I didn’t say that. I’ll look into it.”

“You’ll look into it?” Why was I repeating his words like a halfwit? Marcus’s brows came together. “I will. But first I want to know more about this ring and where it came from. And Gilbert’s going to tell me.”

“Fine.” I guessed that was good enough for now. “Okay, then. Ummm. I guess I’ll leave you to it. Gotta go.” I half turned and said, “If you do get Gilbert to blab, make sure to pass it along to the Merlin Group.” I blinked. “Please.” Thought I’d add that in there, just in case. I gestured with my finger at his body. “And make sure you cover up next time. The next woman might think you’re coming on to her, looking all sexy and wet.” What the hell was wrong with me. “What? Why are you looking at me like that?”

A light danced in his eyes. “There are two more nights left to the Night Festival.”

“Exactly, so we need to move fast—”

“Are you going to go on another date with Adan?”

I stared at him, shocked. “I’m not exactly sure.” Why was he asking me this?

He raised a brow. “You’re not sure. So if he asked you out again, you’re not sure if you’d say yes?”

Where the hell was this going? Did he just inch closer? “No,” I said, realizing I didn’t want to go out with Adan again. Not that he wasn’t nice. He was very nice, just, the “it” wasn’t there. I didn’t feel any connection, like he was my cousin or something. Yes, I knew some cousins got it on in some parts of the world, but I wasn’t going to go there. “No,” I repeated, shaking my head. “I’m not going to go on another date—”

Marcus leaned forward, and before I could react, a hard hand grasped my waist and pulled me close as if to tango. Then he planted his lips over mine.

My brain exploded.

I’m not going to lie and say I hadn’t fantasized a gazillion times about kissing Marcus—especially after he’d carried me home naked—because I had. But I will say this; daydreams had nothin’ on this, baby.

Heat rushed from my lips to my toes like a giant hot flash. When his tongue brushed my lips, I nearly moaned. Okay, maybe I did just a little. Warmth pounded through me as his hand cupped my ass. I opened my mouth and our tongues touched.

Oh. My. God. I think I just spontaneously combusted.

He tasted like a fine wine, and I found myself wanting more. There was nothing gentle about his kiss. It was feral, almost with a desperate need, filled with a fiery passion. I fell against him, intoxicated by his scent, his taste, all of it. Desire pounded in my veins at the feel of his hard body pressed against mine. A sliver of thrill hit when he let out a tiny growl. Damn. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been kissed like that. Oh, yes, I could—never.

My head swam. I was kissing Marcus. I was kissing the chief and I liiiiked it.

I pulled back before things got messy, which was me ripping off my clothes and jumping the chief right there on the platform. Hell, I nearly saw stars. It was that good. “What the hell was that?” I growled, trying to get my composure back. But I knew exactly what that was. That was a rip-your-panties-off kind of kiss. The pulse-pounding hell-of-a-kiss left me breathless and wanting more. Oh, dear.

Marcus stood there, still wearing just a towel and a smug smile. “What do you think it was?”

My jaw fell. “If you did that just to prove something to Adan, I’m going to kick your ass—which is a very fine ass—but I’m still going to kick it.”

Marcus laughed. “You’re a Merlin. You figure it out.” And with that, the half-naked chief closed the door, leaving me standing on the landing all hot and bothered and a little breathless.
Richardson, Kim. Midnight Spells (The Witches of Hollow Cove Book 2) Kindle Locations (2231-2266). FablePrint. Kindle Edition.

Now nothing could be that easy and things become unraveled pretty quickly. There is so much that leads up to solving both the murder and the theft.

There is plenty of suspense, surprises, laughter, tears, and what do you know, there is a romance, more than one actually!

5 Contented Purrs for Kim!

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Kim Richardson

Kim Richardson is a USA Today bestselling and award-winning author of urban fantasy, fantasy, and young adult books. She lives in the eastern part of Canada with her husband, two dogs and a very old cat. Kim’s books are available in print editions, and translations are available in over 7 languages.

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