Obsessed – Sugar and Silk Book 1 by Cassie Cassell

Sugar and Silk Book 1
Cassie Cassell



My dad sold my hand in marriage. Well, my whole body, actually.
I know what you’re thinking… wtf? But that was the only way to keep our home, and settle his gambling debts.
What no one knows is I want my soon-to-be, older, sexy husband… more than anything. Even if a part of me wonders why he chose me….


I can finally revenge the jerk who stole the love of my life from me… by marrying his daughter. His beautiful, luscious daughter.
But revenge is the last thing on my mind when I see her at the altar. I’ve become obsessed with her, and will keep her forever. I can only hope once she finds out the reason why I chose her, she’ll still have me…

Sarah is actually looking forward to marrying Brooks. She has a crush on the gorgeous, fit and rich older man and even though it’s an arrangement she hopes he’ll fall in love with her.

For Brooks, it’s his revenge for her father stealing the one woman he really loved. Sarah’s mother. He’ll tell her the truth eventually, but he wants to make sure he won’t lose her over the revelation.

This is a favorite scene.

“YOU’RE HOME EARLY,” Sarah says as I walk into our home.

Two weeks into our marriage, and I’ve come to enjoy our routine together. So much so, I’ve been spending less time at the Sugar & Silk office and more at home with her. “Is that a complaint?” S

he kisses me. “Never a complaint.”

I swat her ass. “Good.”

She turns around and moves in the kitchen, getting several ingredients and spices on the marbled countertop. “I’m cooking grilled chicken and veggies for dinner.”


She usually doesn’t cook, because we have a housekeeper and Sarah does homework in the evenings. But the smell of Italian seasoning swirls around me, and I push a chair and sit. Watching her in my kitchen is also a treat. One I’m getting used to.

“I have a question,” she asks.


“Have you ever lived with anyone before? A woman, I mean.”

“No, why?”

“I don’t know… I haven’t, as you know. But it dawned on me today that you never told me. You never got married before, right?”

“Right,” I say, frowning. Where is she going with this?

“Did you get close to getting married before? Like engaged?” she asks, then she turns around and I don’t see any semblance of a hidden agenda crossing her expression. It’s a genuine question. She doesn’t know about my past. A genuine question deserves a genuine answer.

“I did, once,” I say, and a note of nostalgia seeps into my voice. Sadness. Not because of losing Julia, but because if I don’t tell Sarah about her mom, I’m at risk of losing her. I can’t yet. She hasn’t said she loved me yet. If I tell her now, I’ll lose any chance of having her fall in love with me. Worst of all, I won’t have another man to blame this time. No one but myself.

“What happened?” she asks.

I clear my throat, getting rid of the lump of discomfort. “She accepted it, but we were both young, and she had a tough life. So she ended up leaving me for someone else. Someone who was more secure financially.”

“Wow. Good riddance then, right?”

“Right,” I say, tightly. “How about you? Any jealous ex-boyfriend?” I ask for the sake of asking. I know she hasn’t dated much, thanks to the digging I’ve done via a private eye before I got in touch with her father. She had one boyfriend in high school, and that was it. What a silly world we live in—how come all the men who surrounded someone as fantastic as her never caught her attention? My luck, of course. Any man that tries to catch her attention now will end up in the hospital or the morgue. She’s all mine.

“No,” she says, chuckling. “Dated this one guy but didn’t work out, obviously. Then my mom got sick, and well, a lot changed after that.”

“I’m sorry,” I say, and squeeze her shoulder. A part of me feels guilty for acting like I don’t know much about her mom. I’m lying by omission. Will she think that way when she finds out the truth? Discomfort comes over me, and I pop my knuckles, restless. I don’t want to lose her trust, or her willingness to be mine without any barriers. I know she married me because she had to, but I want her to want to stay married to me. To love me.

“It’s okay,” she waves me off. “I mean, I miss her terribly, but she was in pain. After she died, my dad took his gambling to a different level,” she glances at me, her eyes sad. “As I’m sure you know…” Or I wouldn’t be here. The unspoken words hang in the air like a strong cologne. Guilt twists in my chest, deflating me a notch.

I see her side, and how she’d think if she knew the truth about why I wanted to marry her in the first place. Though if I tell her I became certifiably obsessed over her will that acquit me from my revenge plot? Hardly. I wanted to hurt her father. Do I still?

My gut clenches. Why wouldn’t I? My feelings for her certainly haven’t changed how her father has sucked as a human being. He failed her time and time again.

I, on the other hand… I can’t fail her. I’ll tell her the truth… but not yet.
Cassie Cassell. Obsessed (Kindle Locations 243-278). Kindle Edition.

Needless to say Sarah has a lot of insecurities and Brooks does his best to overcome them.

Her father also has some things going on that will change the course a bit. This leads to a couple ups and downs, since secrets are never a good thing.

Keep in mind that although this book is not lengthy, it is filled with kindle melting sizzle.

5 Contented Purrs for Cassie!

Cassie Cassell writes short dirty romance about characters who can’t keep their hands off each other. She favors stories with low angst, high steam, and fun times—the type to give you a delicious rush of adrenaline on your commute to work or late at night in bed.She lives in Central Texas with her family.When she’s not writing, she’s reading thrillers or books that definitely make you blush.If petting random dogs was a sport, she’d be an Olympic Gold Medalist.She loves to hear from readers.

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