Obsessed With My Assistant – Obsessed Book 2 by Cassie Cassell

Obesessed With My Assisant
Sugar and Silk Book 2
Cassie Cassell



I’m ready to make the most of this experience in the big city.
But a crush on my boss is making my head spin.
He’s simply the hottest man I’ve ever met, but I can’t have him.
He’s older, more experienced. And little small-town me? I’m way out of his league.
When I have this crazy idea and ask for his help, I can’t believe he agrees.
I tell myself that spending time with him without handing him my V-card is a challenge I can handle.
But when we start to kiss… all bets are off.


This should be easy. Temporary assistant.
The rules are simple.
Four weeks.
Don’t make prolonged eye contact, don’t think about her in the shower.
And certainly don’t accept her dare to show her the wonders of naughty intimacy without going all the way. This is the one that’ll finish me off.

Amy has taken her cousin Terri’s position as assistant to Grant Lewis while she’s on vacation. It’s a temporary position, and it’s in Dallas which is far away from Amy’s hometown. She’d love to have some fun while she’s here, but she won’t give up on her promise to herself to save herself for marriage. She would however like to experience something.

Head of technology for Sugar and Silk, a high-end sugar baby agency that pairs rich men with trophy girlfriends, Grant has been trying to avoid his temporary assistant. He’s become obsessed with Amy, his own sugar baby left him when he called her Amy. Not good.

He’s preparing for a meeting when Amy asks an unusual question, not related to business.

This is a favorite scene.

She worries her bottom lip, then closes the door behind her, and pulls a chair in front of me. She sits on the edge of it, all nervous energy. “Can I ask you something?” she blushes. My entire body is on high alert.

My shoulders tense up, and moisture leaves my throat. Her blush does something to me.

“I know this sounds silly, but where would a woman my age meet guys?”

I clear my now parched throat. My collar feels tighter, but I put on my best poker face. “I don’t know… bars, clubs, apps?”

“I’m not much of a drinker, and I heard most apps are for people meeting for sex,” she says, and even though her cheeks are red, her voice is casual, like she’s asking me for movie recommendations.

The word sex coming out of her mouth unlocks the most savage part of me, and my internal temperature increases substantially.

“I also know as employees of Sugar & Silk, we aren’t allowed to be part of the roster,” she continues.

We included that policy to make sure the employees would feel safe and respected, but also to avoid liability problems. We do a very curated process of matching sugar daddies and babies, and if we allowed employees to be on it, then the line of people wanting to work here to be automatically accepted would be endless. “Yes,” I say, unsure of where she’s going with it.

“Well, I only have three more weeks here in Dallas, before my cousin returns and I have to go back home. I wanted to meet someone, you know, and have some fun.”

I swallow.

The idea of any man touching her is like a sharp blade twisting in my chest. She provokes a part of me that’s possessive, jealous and downright obsessive. I can’t let her be on our site or any other site. “What do you want from me, Amy?” I ask, fully aware I may not like the answer. But beating around the bush isn’t my style.

“Well. Since you’re so well connected, maybe you can introduce me to someone?”

“Introduce you,” I repeat.

“Yes. I thought since you know Terri and you seem to be a nice guy, I could come to you with a question. The problem is, and I don’t mean to blurb this out, but needs to be said— I am saving myself for marriage. So I can’t have sex with a man, but I’d like to have company to go out and… other things.”

Other. Things. The words echo in my ears, my heart beating staccato.

The image of her hot body naked in my bed, coated with my cum, unfurls in my mind and refuses to go away. Then, another realization jolts at me. Virgin. She’s a virgin. Holy fuck. It’s like someone shoved me inside a scorching sauna room and I can’t escape.

She crossed her shapely legs. “I know this is inappropriate for me to ask, but I don’t know anyone else in the city. I didn’t want to tell Crystal I’m a virgin and have the entire office know.”

I cough, my throat parched. No we definitely don’t need anyone else knowing. “Hmmm… I’m happy to help. So you’re looking for a good time?”

“Yes. It’d be great to have someone to go out with, and maybe learn a thing or two about, you know, intimacy, without going all the way. I’d never have that option where I live because it’s a small town and I know everyone. But then again, maybe most guys here won’t want to waste their time with someone like me.”

What is she saying?

I look at her, at her impossibly blue eyes.

I told myself I wouldn’t sleep with her. But this isn’t sleeping, right? She came to me with a problem, and well, what can I say? Excitement stirs my cock. I’m a helpful guy. Besides, I’ll be damned if she fools around with some other guy. Not under my watch. “I know the perfect person for what you’re asking.”

She crossed her legs, then uncrosses. “Who?”

A smile spreads across my face. Grant, you bastard, you should know better. But knowing better has no place in a deal like this. “Me.”
Cassie Cassell. Obsessed-with-m-Cassie-Cassell (Kindle Locations 109-140). Kindle Edition.

Needless to say this book gets extremely hot very quickly and the relationship changes just as fast.

This is a short read with plenty of kindle melting sizzle, as Amy and Grant find their HEA.

5 Contented Purrs for Cassie!

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Cassie Cassell writes short dirty romance about characters who can’t keep their hands off each other. She favors stories with low angst, high steam, and fun times—the type to give you a delicious rush of adrenaline on your commute to work or late at night in bed.She lives in Central Texas with her family.When she’s not writing, she’s reading thrillers or books that definitely make you blush.If petting random dogs was a sport, she’d be an Olympic Gold Medalist.She loves to hear from readers.

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