Obsessed With My Ex – Sugar and Silk Book 3 by Cassie Cassell

Obsessed with My Ex
Sugar and Silk Book 3
Cassie Cassel



One last family event.
That’s it.
I tell myself I can pull through and attend Mimi’s 80th birthday party, but talk is cheap.
Being around Beck again makes me feel how good we were together… until he left.
Which is why I have forbidden him from discussing the past for the next few days. Does that mean I can’t lust over him? No.
But lusting over him can land my heart in serious trouble…


I have this last chance to win over my estranged wife.
A weekend in a family event, where we’ll pretend we’re still happy.
She thinks I’ll sign over the divorce papers after the weekend is over.
What she doesn’t know is…
I’ll take full advantage of the scorching attraction between us to show her for once and for all… We belong together—and this time, forever.

Beck has one last chance to hopefully win his estranged wife back before he has to sign the papers. It’s a major family event as his Mimi celebrates her 80th birthday.

Unfortunately, Eliza flew into Costa Rico separate from him since she had a meeting she couldn’t cancel or reschedule. He just hopes he can win her back after being such an immature jerk.

The thing is Eliza still loves Beck and is trying to be strong and move on, even though it’s not what she really wants.

This is a favorite scene.

I taste bile at the back of my throat. Just because it’s what we need, doesn’t mean it’s what I want. “I don’t need a cent of your money,” I say. I haven’t crawled my way to the top of the Texas’ jewelry designers for nothing. “Besides, we weren’t together that long… it’s not like it was a real marriage, anyway.”

He stands, and I see hurt in his eyes.

A twinge of regret twists in my chest, and I second-guess my words. But now it’s too late. The words already left my lips, and now they hang in the air between us, cementing the resentment from both sides. Certainly from my side.

“It was a real marriage to me, Eliza,” he says. “Every part of it. If anything, it got too real too soon.”

What the hell does he mean? “Well, tell your lawyers that I won’t be needing any alimony,” I say. We never signed a prenuptial agreement, so I know I could really fuck him over if I wanted. But I don’t. I won’t.

“I don’t give a shit about money. I just want to take care of you somehow,” he says, and there’s a hint of affection in his voice.

I shouldn’t, I really shouldn’t, but I erase the distance between us and nod at him. God, am I so pathetically needy that the slightest act of humanity from him gets me going? “Look, we’re here for a few days. Let’s make the most of it, right? Maybe that just means not harping about the past.”

“That sounds good to me. Want to hug it out?” he says, and I accept this small measure of truce, and let him hug me.

Oh, I forgot how nice his embrace is… he holds me and I’m sucked into this vortex of warmth, his chest like a sexy muscly wall. Being plastered against his hard body only makes me feel softer, more womanly if that’s possible. It’s an odd experience, one that no one else has ever given me. It’s like re-acquainting with a part of myself that was missing.

I sigh into his arms, and push in his scent.

There is a satisfaction whenever I finish a design, or nail a contract with a big department store. Little ripples of excitement pop through me, awakening every part of me. The same sensation I feel whenever he holds me like this.

He makes a circular pattern on the small of my back, and I’m sure he means to be soothing, but it turns me on. I haven’t been with anyone since Beck, so any small touch ignites my libido. Especially coming from him. Or if I’m being honest… only coming from him.

Sparks of awareness course through me, and I circle my arms around his torso. He kisses the top of my head, and the brief contact of his mouth with my scalp sends tingles all the way to my curling toes.

I should move, end this madness, kill the butterflies taking flight in my stomach.

When he touches my hair, his fingers gliding down my waves, I find it impossible to think straight or manage to do anything that’s adequate.
Cassie Cassell. Obsessed-with-m-Cassie-Cassell (Kindle Locations 192-214). Kindle Edition.

There is a lot of fun in this book, and it’s certainly not going to go entirely smooth for Beck.

This is a quick, fun, romantic, and sizzling, read.

5 Contented Purrs for Cassie!

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Cassie Cassell writes short dirty romance about characters who can’t keep their hands off each other. She favors stories with low angst, high steam, and fun times—the type to give you a delicious rush of adrenaline on your commute to work or late at night in bed.She lives in Central Texas with her family.When she’s not writing, she’s reading thrillers or books that definitely make you blush.If petting random dogs was a sport, she’d be an Olympic Gold Medalist.She loves to hear from readers.

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