A Sprinkle of Spring – Silver Falls Book 4 by Melissa McClone

A Sprinkle of Spring
Silver Falls Book 4
USA Today Bestselling Author
Melissa McClone


She’s finally put down solid roots,
but his are far away…

L.A.-based surgeon Flynn Andrews may be arrogant and overprotective, but he’ll do anything for his family. When his pregnant sister asks him to be her baby’s godfather, Flynn’s touched. Though he’s unhappy that the godmother will be his sister’s best friend and employee, Anna Kent. Flynn doesn’t trust her. Anna’s sunshine attitude and easy smiles must be an act.

Dog groomer Anna Kent dreams of falling in love and living happily ever after. She cherishes the life she’s built in the small town of Silver Falls, a world away from her painful childhood, but she’s missing a life partner. Her overly hyper dog, three spoiled cats, and two rescue fosters don’t count. Anna can’t wait to be a godparent, but she’s not thrilled to share the honor with grumpy Flynn.

He doesn’t like her. She’s not impressed with him. Somehow, they’ll have to find a way to plan a baby shower together. But as unexpected feelings spark and tensions escalate, the party might be the least of their problems.

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Anna wants what her friends have found…Love in a perfect match. She needs to have patience and when she’s not looking perhaps it will find her just like it found her friends. The thing is, even though he doesn’t seem to like her or Milo, Anna is attracted to Flynn Andrews.

Arrogant surgeon, Flynn Andrews is a workaholic he works himself to total exhaustion and then it takes a while before he doesn’t fall asleep the moment he sits down.

It’s New Year’s Eve and Callie and Brandt have an announcement to make.

This is a favorite scene.

Callie held up a small white piece of paper. “In October at a girls’ night, we had Chinese takeout. Pippa, Taryn, Anna, and I all received the same fortune that said, ‘Prepare for expansion.’”

“I remember that,” Taryn said. “I expanded the bakery’s menu.”

Anna nodded. “Wags and Tails added boarding.”

Callie and Brandt shared a look. “That’s what I thought it meant. Turns out…”

“We’re pregnant,” Brandt shouted.

Margot jumped up and down. “I’m going to be a great-aunt!”

Flynn’s mouth gaped. Pregnant? Callie?

Mom and Dad ran to the happy couple. Brandt’s parents followed them. Lots of hugs and happy tears and high fives.

Rex and Autumn watched from the sidelines. Milo barked and ran around like he wanted to be the center of attention.

Anna wiped her eyes, but Flynn couldn’t tell if she was faking the tears or not. He would give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she was worried if a baby would change Callie’s commitment to the doggy daycare.

Brandt’s hand settled on Callie’s stomach with an almost reverent touch.

Garrett clapped Flynn’s shoulders. “We’re going to be uncles.”

“Our baby sis is going to be a mom.” Flynn shook his head. “We need to set up a trust fund for the baby.”

“I know someone who can help with that.”

Of course as a top trial attorney Garrett would. Flynn motioned to Keaton who bent over to speak to Callie’s stomach. “We’ll leave the education decisions up to the professor, but we’ll fund the best schools.”

Garrett nodded. “Glad I live in Silver Falls.”

“You’re still a partner in your L.A. law firm. You just have a satellite office here.”

“Not going back.” Garrett’s gaze drifted from Callie to Taryn. “Especially now that I’ll have a niece or nephew in town.”

Flynn understood. “It’s not a long flight.”

But trips depended on his work schedule, which he would have to keep under control so he didn’t end up hating life and sleep-deprived again.

Garrett nudged him. “The parents are off to take care of the food. It’s our turn.”

Flynn followed Garrett over to Callie and Brandt. Keaton was right behind them.

She hugged each of her brothers. “No spoiling your niece or nephew, or we’ll set limits.”

“Don’t worry about us.” Keaton motioned to Margot, who stared at her phone. “I think she’s already ordering baby stuff to outfit a nursery at her house.”

“There goes my guest bedroom,” Flynn announced dramatically.

“She has three guest bedrooms,” Garrett explained. “I’m sure your room is safe.”

Flynn focused on Callie. “How are you feeling?”

“I’ve had some light-headedness and morning sickness, but otherwise, I’m good. Nothing’s been bad. Midmorning to lunchtime is usually when it hits the worst. Anna had no idea about the baby. She’s been covering for me but—”

“Anna won’t mind continuing that until you feel better,” Brandt said.

Callie nodded.

That wasn’t enough for Flynn. Callie’s pregnancy explained her dizziness earlier, if that was all the symptoms were. “Be sure to tell your OB what happened on the couch.”

“What happened?” Brandt, Garrett, and Keaton asked in unison.

“I was a little light-headed. It was nothing,” Callie explained.

Her answer satisfied no one, including Flynn. He looked at Brandt, who nodded.

“I’ll make sure she mentions it,” Brandt said. “And I’m glad all three of you are here. We’ve been discussing who the godparents will be.”

Callie nodded. “Since Garrett and Keaton live here, we want Flynn to be the godfather. That’ll give him another reason to come to Silver Falls.”

Pride shot through Flynn. He stood taller.

Margot came up like a hurricane about to make landfall. Her face beamed brighter than a solar flare. “Who’s going to be the godmother?”

Callie peered around them. “Anna. She’s my best friend.”

Margot clapped her hands. “Perfect choice. And you know what this means.”

Everyone stared at Anna.

“What?” Callie asked.

“Anna and Flynn need to host the baby shower,” Margot announced. “Of course, we’ll all lend a hand.”

Keaton snorted. “Flynn arrange a baby shower. That’s a good one.”

“As if you’d do better,” Flynn countered.

Keaton’s chest puffed. “As a matter of fact, I would. The Boo Bash I helped Raine organize received rave reviews.”

“Brothers,” Callie muttered under her breath.

Flynn wouldn’t disappoint Callie and Brandt. “No worries. I’ll figure it out.”

How hard could hosting a baby shower be?

Not even worth a second thought. Flynn had this. He would be the best godfather anyone in Silver Falls or the state of Washington had ever seen. People would talk about what he did for his niece or nephew for years, even decades, to come.

“I’m honored,” he admitted.

Garrett rolled his eyes. “Well, when he gets overwhelmed or can’t keep up, Keaton and I will take over.”

Flynn stepped in front of the other two. “I’ve got this.”

Margot’s blue eyes twinkled. “Don’t forget about Anna.”

“What about me?” Anna walked up, holding a fruit kabob over a napkin.

“We want you to be the baby’s godmother,” Callie said. “If you want to be.”

“I do. I’m so happy you asked.” Anna one-arm hugged Callie and then Brandt. “I’ll get working on the baby shower right away. Coed, right?”

Wait. Flynn scratched his head. How did Anna know about this stuff?

“Yes, please.” Callie smiled at Anna. “Oh, and Flynn’s the godfather, so he’ll help you.”

And there was the catch. Flynn should have known.
Melissa McClone. A Sprinkle of Spring (Kindle Locations 282-334). The Tule Publishing Group, LLC.

Flynn and Anna are to be the baby’s godparents which means they host the baby shower.

Of course, Flynn has no idea what that involves. He makes some major mistakes here and there’s quite a show-down between him and Callie when she hears. This results in an apology to Anna, funds for the shower and he promises to keep in touch via facetime and texts. Unfortunately, once he’s back home he dives right in and forgets everything.

Things get a bit crazy from here as Flynn’s mother the Chief of Staff at his hospital steps in. Flynn’s who life is about to come unglued.

I really love the way this story progresses and in spite of Pippa being thrown at him, Flynn and Anna find a path to romance.

I really hope there will be more books in Silver Falls, I really love this small town and the people in it.

5 Contented Purrs for Melissa!

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Melissa McClone

USA Today bestselling author, Melissa McClone has published over forty novels with Harlequin and Tule Publishing Group.

With a degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford University, Melissa worked for a major airline where she traveled the globe and met her husband. But analyzing jet engine performance couldn’t compete with her love of writing happily ever afters.

Her first full-time writing endeavor was her first sale when she was pregnant with her first child! When she isn’t writing, you can usually find her driving her minivan to/from her children’s swim practices and other activities.

Melissa lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, three children, two spoiled Norwegian Elkhounds, and cats who think they rule the house. They do!

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