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ARC Review of Blackburn – Special Forces: Operation Alpha by Brynne Asher

Special Forces: Operation Alpha
Brynne Asher


She’s my employee.

I’m her boss’s boss. Hell, I own the company.

Pursuing Lillian Burkette was a line I shouldn’t cross.

Until a work trip from hell changed everything.

I didn’t just step over the line. I annihilated the damn thing.

When it comes to her, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do. I’d even kill for her.

When they say the corporate world is a jungle … they have no idea.

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Brynne Archer is a new to me author. I really enjoyed her foray into Susan Stokers, Special Forces: Operation Alpha.Like a lot of companies nowadays, Blackburn is expanding globally. What was to be a trip with her boss to Nicaragua, ends up being one with the company CEO, Gabe Blackman when her boss becomes ill.

Lillian has been berated for not including Gabe Blackburn in some of these meetings by not translating what was being said. Her job is to market and sell, not translate, so I really loved the way she lets him have it. Boss or not, it doesn’t change her role.

When they are suddenly surrounded by militants, Gabe’s entire demeanor changes. He becomes a fighting machine and then his whole attitude toward her changes.

Trekking through the jungle in wedge heeled sandals wasn’t ideal but Lillian persevered.

This is a favorite scene when they found shelter for the night.

“Oh.” Well, then. I guess that just means he really doesn’t like me. The stress from the day is beginning to bear down and the need to sit and take my shoes off is overwhelming. I toss the package of M& M’s at him and he moves with quick precision to catch it. “Here. I hear a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. Oh, but you already know that, don’t you?”

I sit on the dingy, wooden floor and, when I lean back against the wall, I bite back a moan from getting off my feet. When I reach down to unbuckle my sandals from around my ankles and pull them off, I wince.

“Holy shit,” he mutters and moves closer to look at my feet. I knew I was wearing blisters but I didn’t think they’d be this bad. These wedges were comfortable in the store, but hiking through the rainforest in them? No way.

Gabe reaches down and tips my ankle to get a closer look. “You should have told me to slow down. I was surprised you kept up as well as you did in these shoes.”

“It’s fine.” I brush him off and yank at the hem of my dress to pull it down my thighs since he’s squatting at my feet.

“I’ll be right back.” Gabe stands and starts for the door.

“Wait. Where are you going?”

“I’ll be gone two minutes.” He looks back.

“Don’t you dare come out unless I scream bloody murder.”

My face falls. “That’s not funny.”

“It’s also not funny to tease me about watching Mary Poppins when I was forced to by my sisters who weren’t above using cruel and unusual punishment before I was big enough to kick their asses.”

He turns to leave again and I can’t help yelling after him, “If you could sing the Supercalifragilistic song and click your heels together, I could use a fruity rum drink with a happy umbrella stuck in the top.”

I’m not sure, but over the hum of the bugs and other creepy sounds in the rainforest, I swear I hear him laugh.

I didn’t think Gabriel Blackburn knew how to laugh.

I didn’t think it was even possible for him to smile.

Even so, I hope he hurries the heck up.
Brynne Asher. Blackburn (Kindle Locations 407-427). Brynne Asher.

I found myself sighing as he tended her injured feet, giggling as she teased him about Mary Poppins and holding my breath as they find themselves captured.

I love that the person Gabe calls for assistance is Tex. I swear that man is in every one of the ‘world’ books. Which makes sense since he can find anyone, anywhere.

I loved the way this relationship develops from just a fantasy in their minds to a very real steamy one. Top it off with the way Gabe handles Lillian’s family and their co-workers and it’s a winner.

I will definitely be purchasing more of Brynne’s books.

5 Contented Purrs for Brynne!

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Brynne Asher lives in the Midwest with her husband, three children and her perfect dog. When she isn’t creating pretend people and relationships in her head, she’s running her kids around and doing laundry. She enjoys cooking, decorating, and shopping, always seeking the best deal. A perfect day in “Brynne World” ends in front of an outdoor fire with family, friends, s’mores, and a delicious cocktail.

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ARC Review Shelter for Blythe – Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes Book 11 by Susan Stoker

Shelter For Blythe
Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes Book 11
Susan Stoker


Blythe Coopman never imagined she’d be homeless, but a series of events has landed her on San Antonio’s streets…hungry, tired, and scared. She clings to her most precious possession, a phone accidentally swiped from a local firefighter, who, instead of canceling the number, starts texting her. Soon, the man’s calls and texts are the highlight of her days, but she declines his frequent offers of help. Blythe refuses to be his burden—until a vicious attack takes the decision out of her hands.

When the woman he’s already begun to care for ends up in the ER, Sawyer “Squirrel” McClay is livid—and ashamed. He should have insisted she accept his help long ago. Now, he’s not taking no for an answer. While his friends rally round Blythe, Squirrel’s bond with her grows stronger by the day, until he realizes he’ll do anything to keep her safe, healthy, and happy…even as his own lifelong insecurities work against him.

But despite leaving the streets behind, Blythe and Sawyer discover old dangers still linger, threatening to end the couple’s new bliss before it’s barely begun.

** Shelter for Blythe is the 11th book in the Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes Series. Each book is a stand-alone, with no cliffhanger endings.

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We got our first glimpse of Blythe in Shelter for Sophie. Elusive and mysterious, she hides away from any kind of help. Her one valuable possession, a phone. She found it in the sweatshirt Squirrel ‘Sawyer’ gave her to wear the night of the fire. The one that demolished the building she was staying in with Louise and Todd.  However, before they could get her to go with that couple,  she vanished and Squirrel did the most unpredictable thing in her mind, he didn’t cancel the phone, he started texting her.

It’s because of that phone that Squirrel was finally able to put his sort of plan in place. He was able to convince her to stay at Sophie’s house, like Todd and Louise had, after she was injured helping others.

This is a favorite scene as they arrive at the house.

He eased his door open and grabbed the bag of meds he’d stopped to pick up on the way home and her backpack. Shrugging it onto his back, he walked around his Jeep and opened her door. Blythe’s head was bent at an awkward angle and she seemed to be fast asleep. He unbuckled her seat belt and scooped her up into his arms.

She woke up enough to mumble, “My bag?”

“I’ve got it, baby. Relax.”


Squirrel shut the door with a foot and headed for the house. Sophie had told him earlier that she’d left the front door unlocked when she’d left for the hospital, making their entrance easy. He strode toward the back hallway once they were inside.

He went straight into the master bedroom and to the attached bath. He settled Blythe on the counter and held her upright as he woke her.

“Blythe? Wake up, baby. We’re home.” It took her a moment, but finally her eyes opened all the way and she stared at him.

“We are?”


“I didn’t mean to fall asleep.”

“It’s okay. I bet you haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a long time.”

“You’d win that bet,” she told him.

“I would’ve let you sleep, but I’m guessing you want to shower.”

“Oh, God, yes.”

“I need to get a plastic bag for your hand and also cover those other wounds before you get in though.”

“I can do it,” she told him.

“I know. But today you don’t have to. Let me help you.” Squirrel saw her hesitation. “I already saw them when the doctor stitched you up, remember? Besides, I’m a paramedic. I’ve seen more naked torsos than the most successful porn star.”

She smiled at that.

Pressing his advantage and not giving her a chance to come up with an excuse for him not to help, Squirrel ordered, “Stay there. I’ll be right back.” He removed her backpack and placed it on the floor next to the counter she was sitting on, then hurried out of the room.

It took him longer than he would’ve liked to find the plastic wrap and tape, but when he got back to the bathroom, Blythe was still sitting right where he’d left her. She’d kicked off her shoes, and seeing her sitting there, vulnerable and uneasy in her socks, hit him hard.

He helped her stand, making sure she was steady before he let go. Then, trying to ignore anything but the task at hand, he got to work taping the plastic wrap over her stitches. When he was done, he made the mistake of looking at Blythe’s face.

Her eyes were closed, and she was clinging to the counter behind her as if her life depended on it.

He didn’t see pain in her expression but had to ask. “Did I hurt you?”

“No,” she answered immediately.

Squirrel took hold of her uninjured hand clutching the edge of the counter. “Are you sure? It’s okay to be in pain. I’m not going to think less of you.”

“It’s been so long since anyone’s touched me,” she whispered, her voice breaking. “I can’t remember how long. Your fingers on me…” Her eyes opened and she pinned him with her gaze. “They make me feel human for the first time in a really long time.”

“Oh, baby…” And with that, Squirrel folded her carefully into his embrace.

What she didn’t know was that she made him feel like a man, a true man, for the first time in a really long time too.
Susan Stoker. Shelter for Blythe: Badge of Honor, Book 11 (Kindle Locations 815-846). Stoker Aces Production, LLC.

Oh the sniffles! This was only the first of many times I found myself tearing up.

This is a very emotional story, and Blythe has gone through so much. Sawyer has some issues as well, and they both learn from each other.

I love the women in these books, they have endured and come back even stronger. Banding together to be with Blythe.

Oh and the donkey!!! So dang cute and had me giggling.

So much happens in this book, a heartrending, inspiring, hold your breath, page turner.

5 Contented Purrs for Susan!

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justice-1 justice-2

justice-3 justice-4


Coming Soon!
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Susan Stoker - Photo Susan Stoker

New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, Susan Stoker has a heart as big as the state of Texas where she lives, but this all American girl has also spent the last fourteen years living in Missouri, California, Colorado, and Indiana. She’s married to a retired Army man who now gets to follow her around the country.

She debuted her first series in 2014 and quickly followed that up with the SEAL of Protection Series, which solidified her love of writing and creating stories readers can get lost in.

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A New Series from Becca Jameson: Reviving Emily – Project Deep Book 1

Reviving Emily
Project Deep Book 1
Becca Jameson


It’s been ten years…

For Ryan it’s been the longest ten years of his life.

For Emily it’s been days.

He spent those ten years developing a cure for the virus she contracted.

She spent those ten years in a cryostat, her life suspended.

She’s not the only one to be reanimated, but she is the first.

The media is surrounding the compound.

The religious zealots are picketing.

But people have lives to live, and somehow they have to move forward.

Ryan still has work to do. People to revive. A disease to cure.

Emily has a blank slate. She can go anywhere. Do anything.

She can’t stay in the bunker. It casts a pall over everyone.

Now is not the time for distractions.

Now is not the time to fall in love.

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I have to say when Becca Jameson goes in a new direction, she goes big!

This series centers on a group of researchers who had been infected by a sample and cryogenically frozen until a cure could be found.

The doctor who finds this cure and puts together a team to ‘thaw’ the subjects is the son of two of the researchers, Ryan Arnand.

Now the first person to go through this process is not one of his parents. Emily Zorich, a hemotologist, was close to a cure when she was taken down by the disease. It was decided that she would be an asset to their team, and she could also evaluate the work Ryan has done that led to the cure. Even though his work has cured many, there was concern that the disease might have mutated over the years and might not be effective on those scientists originally infected.

This is a favorite scene two weeks after Emily is revived.

He took the water bottle from her shaky hand. “You sure you’re not overdoing it? You need to take it slow.”

She lifted a brow. “You say that like I have all the time in the world.”

He scrunched up his face. “Good point. I realize the clock is ticking, but you’re not in any danger so far. The total blood replacement and the drugs we administered to minimize the effects are buying you time. You’re not even showing symptoms yet.”

“Yet. The operative word.”

He leaned back against the couch next to her, having left enough space between them that they weren’t touching. His palms were on his thighs, gripping. When he tipped his head back to stare at the ceiling, she felt the tension coming from his body.

“You must be anxious to bring your parents back,” she whispered, reaching out to set her hand on top of his. What possessed her to touch him like this? She glanced at their connected hands, unwilling to release him. It felt good. Human.

He didn’t pull away. He turned his head slightly in her direction and smiled. He looked tired. As though he’d spent the better part of the last decade working his ass off. And she knew he had. “I’ve waited ten years. Another few weeks or months won’t kill me. We need to be sure we’re doing everything right before we revive the next person.”

She nodded, feeling awkward about touching him so intimately. As she started to remove her hand, however, he flipped his over and threaded their fingers together, holding on to her. When he lifted her hand to his cheek and closed his eyes, she stopped breathing.

His touch was welcome. She was living in another dimension. She hardly understood the world around her or even who she was or what her place would be in this new universe. It was nice to have this connection. Ryan was kind. Caring. Concerned.

She stared at him, learning his features, the way his nose tipped up slightly at the end, the way he licked his full lips often as if he either had a serious need for lip balm or was always about to say something he held back.

He sighed as he pressed her knuckles against his face, blinking his eyes open to meet her gaze. “You ground me. You give me hope.”
Jameson, Becca. Reviving Emily (Project DEEP Book 1) (Kindle Locations 448-467). Becca Jameson Publishing. Kindle Edition.

In spite of all the secrecy involved as it has always been a government facility, things leak. There had been other attempts at revival of people that had be cryogenically frozen that were unsuccessful, due to the different circumstances of the patients.

Life changes rapidly for Emily, for everyone it’s been ten years but for her it feels like just yesterday. Ryan and her have a spark that can’t be denied and even as the powers that be want to send her into hiding for her own protection, the relationship blooms hot and heavy.

Plenty of suspense as the protesters and press come out in full force and some crazies too.

I can’t wait for the next ‘revival’!

5 Contented Purrs for Becca!

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Becca Jameson Becca Jameson

Becca Jameson currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband, two kids, and the various pets that wander through.

After editing for about five years she recently started writing. She is loving the journey, dabbling in various genres.

When not writing or editing she can usually be found taxiing kids to and from their activities, scrapbooking, and reading!

Late at night she can usually be found sequestered in her office creating fantasy with a glass of red wine and a bar of dark chocolate.

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My Review of Erick – SEALs of Steel Book 2 by Dale Mayer

SEALs Of Steel Book 2


Two years earlier, Erick Fuller, a former SEAL, was severely injured when his squad’s truck drove over an antitank landmine. He lost his lower leg and two fingers. He’s filled with steel plates and titanium pins…along with the driving need for answers and justice. Six other team-mates were also badly hurt, the seventh dead, in what their team leader Badger Horley realized later had to be a trap set to take them out. After joining the team in England and finding a link to the antitank landmine used in the explosion, Erick heads to Kabul–to the site where the original incident took place–for more intel. What he discovers there blows him away…

Honey Lewis, an innovative leader in the field of dentistry, is invited to a cutting-edge stem cell research conference. The man who issued the last-minute invitation is someone she met at a similar workshop years earlier. While she knows she doesn’t have the experience, she nevertheless can’t resist attending to learn the industry’s latest. Once she arrives in Kabul, she runs into another man–one she never expected or hoped to see again. She met Erick a year ago in New Mexico when she smashed into his beloved, vintage ’69 Mustang. Unbelievably, he’s still upset about the accident. If only his overexcitement didn’t bring out corresponding emotions in her…

With too many things going on at once–in her life and inside her own heart–the tug-of-war all but blindsides her with the realization that the man who befriended her might not be the man she thought he was.

Barnes and Noble logo_150 ibooks-logo-150x150KoboLogogoogle_play_logo_002_002

With Cade, Book 3 released last week, I figured I better get typing and let you guys know what I thought about Erick.

From meeting him in Badger, I felt Erick was one of the more level headed of the crew so far. At least he seemed to have some common sense and self preservation going for him.

With Badger finally agreeing to surgery again, Erick and Cade head to the site of the explosion that nearly killed them all. Joined by another member of their surviving crew Talon, they get quite the surprise at the hotel.

Honey Lewis and Erick met by accident, literally, when she crashed into his ’69 Mustang. Now by some weird coincidence they are both at the same hotel in Kabul. She’s here for an elite conference on new and innovative dental procedures. What he’s up to she can only guess.

As the guys go to investigate where their injuries occurred, other intrigue begins at the hotel. Bringing yet another member from their team, Lazlo, to keep an eye things there.

This is a favorite scene as Honey texts Erick to find out if he will be returning to the Hotel that night.

She’d come over here excited and full of anticipation. Her first day was spectacular. Meeting Erick wasn’t the highlight of the trip. But right now, there was comfort in knowing he was here. But not if a gunman was after Erick. The man had been through enough already. And he was a fellow countryman. As she drove herself crazy with this constant circling of thoughts, she headed back to the elevator. As soon as it opened, she stepped in, going down to the lobby. She was meeting the rest of the group for dinner. Having missed out on lunch, she made sure she’d gotten in on the plans for the evening meal. With any luck it would be shop talk all through the evening.

As she walked across the lobby, she couldn’t help but turn to look, thinking about the way she’d seen the man disappear earlier. But there was no sign of him, no sign of the gunman, and neither was there any sign of Erick. She frowned and wondered if he was even coming back tonight. It was early enough she shouldn’t be considering that, but something was distant-sounding about his voice. But then the phone lines here were shoddy. She quickly sent him a text, asking if he was coming back to the hotel.


She shook her head. “Just answer the damn question, would you?” she muttered to herself.

I want to know if I’m supposed to worry about you or not.

Again, as if he was sitting on his phone waiting to hear from her, the response was fast.

Aw, you care.

No, I just thought I’d tell the gunman which room was yours.


In spite of herself she laughed.

Just kidding.

I know. Won’t likely make it home tonight. Expecting to be back tomorrow night.



Hell no.

She chuckled. Their exchange was hard, fast and furious and, for whatever reason, a solid meeting of minds.
Mayer, Dale. Erick (SEALs of Steel Series Book 2) (pp. 42-43). Valley Publishing Ltd.. Kindle Edition.

From here things heat up in many ways. More intel on what happened that day and a surprise twist I didn’t see coming.

Plenty of intrigue, action, and the beginning of a relationship that is both amusing and sexy.

5 Contented Purrs for Dale!

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Dale Mayer

Dale Mayer is a USA Today bestselling author best known for her Psychic Visions and Family Blood Ties series. Her contemporary romances are raw and full of passion and emotion (Second Chances, SKIN), her thrillers will keep you guessing (By Death series), and her romantic comedies will keep you giggling (It’s a Dog’s Life and Charmin Marvin Romantic Comedy series).

She honors the stories that come to her – and some of them are crazy and break all the rules and cross multiple genres!

To go with her fiction, she also writes nonfiction in many different fields with books available on resume writing, companion gardening and the US mortgage system. She has recently published her Career Essentials Series. All her books are available in print and ebook format.

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My Review of Becoming Dragon – Dragon Point Book 1 By Eve Langlais

Becoming Dragon
Dragon Point Book 1
Eve Langlais


Can he embrace the beast within?

I’m a monster. That’s what Brandon thinks when he flees the medical institute that changed him. Living a normal life isn’t in the cards for him because, while he can hide his scaly skin, his wings are hard to miss. So he runs and lives in the shadows where monsters belong. What he didn’t expect to find were others just like him, and they call themselves dragons. Or so Aimi with the violet eyes tells him when she pins him to the ground.

Seriously, though, dragons?

He doesn’t want to believe, but the evidence is mounting. Not helping his resolve is the fact that the woman with the silver hair doesn’t fear the monster and wants to claim him.

However, before he can think of his own happiness, he has to rescue his little sister. Uncle Theo kidnapped her, and Brandon will do anything to get her back, even if he must embrace the monster to become the dragon.

Barnes and Noble logo_150 ibooks-logo-150x150KoboLogogoogle_play_logo_002_002

There is one thing absolutely guaranteed when I pick up an Eve Langlais book, I will laugh out loud. With that in mind, I was in the mood for dragons and since I had yet to read the Dragon Point Series and could use a laugh began reading.

I was not disappointed, Brandon has been changed from his normal gator into something other by his Uncle Theo. Something half man and half monster, at least that’s what he calls himself. Now he travels in the dark, flying from place to place trying to find his sister before his uncle does something terrible to her too.

When Aimi finds him, she doesn’t want to let him go. A dragon in hybrid form on her cousin’s rooftop. Unfortunately for her he does leave her, only to seek her out without knowing the reason.

This is a favorite scene as Aimi gets him to try her Aunt Xylia’s possible fix for his condition. I apologize for the language but it really is necessary.

“You’re blackmailing me into marrying you,” he stated, a hint of incredulity in his tone.

“Blackmail, bribery, they are better options than handcuffs and a shotgun.” To this day, everyone mocked Waida’s wedding picture.

“You’re fucking nuts.”


To Aimi’s surprise, he respected Xylia’s admonishment. “You’re fudging nuts. But tell you what, moonbeam, you help me get my sister back, and if your aunt can turn me back into a man, I’ll marry you. Hell, if I can be me again, I’ll even give you some of those babies you keep yammering on about.”

The proposal—with benefits for them both—practically wet her panties. Sometimes a hoard grew with a simple promise. The best kind of treasure to own. “We have a deal.” She turned from Brand to her aunt. “Fix him.” Imperious demand at its best.

Mocking laughter in reply. “’Fix him,’ she says. It might not be that easy.” Xylia tapped her lower lip. “He is caught between the dragon and man. Both equally pulling. If I tip the balance one way, then the other may be forever lost.”

“What do you mean forever lost? You mean if I became a man, I might never shift again?” His wings rustled.

“Or, if you ascend to your true dragon shape, you may perhaps never walk as a man again.”

“At this point, I’d take being a man if given the choice.” “I might have something that will work, then.”
Langlais, Eve. Becoming Dragon (Dragon Point Book 1) (pp. 77-78). New York Times Bestselling Author. Kindle Edition.

More laughter, and sizzling scenes as the bond between these two strengthens, the arrogance of the dragons is something to behold.

Lots family type drama, some intrigue and a surprise for all of them will keep you turning the pages to see what happens next.

5 Contented Purrs for Eve!

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Eve Langlais

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Hello, my name is Eve Langlais and I am an International Bestselling author who loves to write hot romance, usually with werewolves, cyborgs or aliens .

I should warn you, I have a twisted imagination and a sarcastic sense of humor something I like to let loose in my writing. While well known for my shifter stories, I am also extremely partial to aliens, the kind who like to abduct humans and then drive them insane…with pleasure. Or do you like something a little darker, more serious? Then check out my cyborgs whose battle with humanity have captivated readers worldwide.

If you’d like to know more, read some excerpts or find out what I’m working on, then please visit me at my website. (Links below)

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Choosing Love: Grace & Griffin Novella 4.5 – Black Swan Book 8 by KaLyn Cooper

Military active duty women
secretly trained in Special Operations
assigned to governmental agencies and
the men who dare to
capture the heart of a Woman Warrior.

Choosing Love
Grace & Griffin Novella 4.5
Black Swan Book 8
KaLyn Cooper


Disappointing his parents was nothing new. Going home didn’t change that.

Parker “Griffin” Mitchell V was raised to be a southern gentleman, and to stretch the political power his family had honed for five generations all the way to the White House. He had other ideas for his future. He became a Navy SEAL then went to work for Guardian Security taking the occasional black ops job. When he brought the love of his life home to Augusta, Georgia to meet his family, his years away hadn’t changed their plans. His love for Grace Hall didn’t matter, because they had already selected an appropriate wife for him.

Griffin must choose between family expectations and love, or will Grace make the decision for him by walking away?

Barnes and Noble logo_150 ibooks-logo-150x150KoboLogo

I’ve loved the somewhat sneaky romance between Grace and Griffin since the first time we met him. He was one of the bodyguards for the Black Swan Team as they danced up the town between missions.

That relationship is now out in the open and hotter than ever, but it’s time to meet the parents. Fortunately Griffin’s grandparents are lovely people who immediately love Grace, unfortunately his mother has other plans.

Aside from family Griffin also wants Grace to meet his best friends Beauregard ‘Wrench’ Johnson, Jr. and ‘Norie’ Mildred ‘Missie’ Eleanor Brittonridge. The meeting with Wrench was funny and full of younger escapades, however the first meeting with Norie included his mother and a rather uncomfortable social setting.

This is a favorite scene which occurs right after that meeting.

She tilted her head to the left. “Still not an answer. Let’s try a different one. Were you and Norie ever in a serious relationship?”

“No.” He answered immediately, because he could. They had never been serious, and nowhere near what he felt for Grace. “We never dated…exactly.”

She dropped her hands to the sides. “Exactly?”

“We’d all just go out together.” Why didn’t she understand? “Norie and I have been friends a long time.”

“So, Norie has been your friend with benefits since you were in high school?” Grace gave her head a quick shake. “You’re a dick.” She shrugged. “Now I feel sorry for her.”

Griffin’s jaw dropped. She had just said the word dick. Grace didn’t swear. Ever. But she had just called him a dick. Oh, fuck. He was in trouble. His brain finally caught up to her last sentence. “Why do you feel sorry for her?”

She practically stomped the distance between them and got in his face. “You have led that girl on for ten years, maybe twelve?” Her gaze held his.


He stepped back. “I don’t know. Like I said, Norie has always been in my life.”

After letting out a slow breath, she nodded. “It all makes sense, now.”

“Good. Maybe you can explain it to me.” He wasn’t sure what she was upset about. All that was ancient history.

“Did you even notice that your mother completely ignored me?” She raised her eyebrows.

“She didn’t ignore you.” At least he didn’t think so. No, his mother had more etiquette than to ignore a guest. “She was just focused on me and—”

“Norie,” Grace finished with him. “Because Norie has always been there with you. For you. And in your mother’s plan, she’ll be next to you in the White House.”

“That ain’t fucking happening.” In two long strides he had Grace by the shoulders. “I am the only one who controls my life. And I want you in it. You, and only you.” He kissed her slowly, needing her to know that she was the only woman in the world for him. When he broke the kiss he pulled her into his arms and just held her. “I love you, Grace,” he whispered.

“Was that our first fight?” She asked a few minutes later, not moving her cheek from his chest.

“I think so,” he admitted, unsure, though. When his parents fought, which was often, they yelled and screamed at each other. Most often something got broken, a wine glass, scotch glass, a vase. If this was fighting with Grace, he could handle it.

“Does this mean I get makeup sex?” She pulled back and grinned up at him.
Cooper, KaLyn. Choosing Love: Grace & Griffin Novella 4.5 (Black Swan Book 8) (Kindle Locations 894-915). Black Swan Series. Kindle Edition.

Norie also has a problem, she really isn’t on board with all the plans her parents and Griffin’s are making. She’s in love with someone else.

Full of fun, family angst and karma. Don’t miss this sexy installment to the Black Swan Series.

5 Contented Purrs for KaLyn!

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KaLyn Cooper KaLyn Cooper

KaLyn Cooper’s romances blend fact and fiction with blazing heat and heart-pounding suspense.

Twenty-two years as a military wife has shown KaLyn the world, and thirty years in PR taught her that fact can be stranger than fiction. She leaves it up to the reader to separate truth from imagination.

She, her husband, and Little Bear (Alaskan Malamute) live in Tennessee on a micro-plantation filled with gardens, cattle, and quail. When she’s not writing, she’s at the shooting range or on the river.

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My Review of Badger -SEALs of Steel Book 1 By Dale Mayer

SEALs of Steel Book 1
Dale Mayer


When Badger Horley, a SEAL, and the rest of his eight-man unit hit an antitank landmine on a routine reconnaissance mission, all were badly injured, but one of his men died. Having only joined a year before, he’d been the youngest member of the squad. Mouse left behind unanswered questions about his life…along with seven team members who aim to see that his tragic death is brought home to those responsible.

Badger’s path back to health is a long and difficult one, but revenge drives him out of bed every single day of his life. Someone modified orders the morning of the incident, sending his unit straight over that landmine. At the time the altered route had been given to him, he’d been curious but not unduly concerned. What happened to his squad has brought unwavering clarity: Those last-minute changes and the explosion that shattered his team were deliberate–and he means to catch the perpetrator if it’s the last thing he ever does.

Kat Greenwald watches the man she’s falling in love with fester a little more each time they’re together. Refusing to give himself time to heal, not surprisingly he hasn’t taken to his prosthetic well. As a prosthetic designer, she’s dealt with men and women in endless physical and emotional states. Badger is different. He’s driven, determined and deadly, but she can’t help her feelings despite the negatives. She’s hooked on a man whose sole concern seems to be in getting retribution for the incident that left his team in shards…while all she wants is a future happily-ever-after with him. But when her life explodes, and she’s kidnapped, it’s Badger who steps in to save her…

Still, Kat has a long road ahead of her to convince Badger a life filled with love is always preferable to answers that can only be gained at the risk of dying to get them.

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I first discovered Dale Mayer in a wonderful group of authors telling a connected tale in Sleeper Seals. I loved that book so much I had to go find more by her.

Badger is first in the SEALs of Steel Series, and even though it is kind of connected back to the SEALs of Honor Series, I thought I’d start here and then go back. These are going to come fast and furious over the next few months, so here’s my take on Badger.

Kat Greenwald is a prosthetic designer, and she has been working with Badger and his team to get them all functioning as normal as possible. Even though she finds herself falling for him, she fights giving in. Badger is on a quest of sorts, and isn’t listening to the medical professionals around him. This is detrimental to his physical well-being and Kat can’t seem to break down his resistance to the facts.

Badger and his team lost limbs and one lost his live when a landmine blew up their truck two years ago. Now some of his team is doing much better, he however is not doing as well. He keeps pushing too hard, too fast and if he doesn’t start behaving and doing the right thing he could lose his chance at having a prosthetic, forever.

Problem is, something really stinks about what went down that day and finally some things are shaking loose.

After her brother has her kidnapped and wants her dead, Badger decides Kat should accompany him to England. Perhaps not the brightest of moves but it will give them time together and keep Kat mostly out of harms way.

This is a favorite scene as the detective and the guys try to convince her to leave the country and Cade and Erick find out just why Badger is heading to England.

Badger stepped forward and grabbed her by the shoulders, giving her a small shake. “You were kidnapped outside your office, held hostage in your own house. Now shot at. At what point do you not see how serious this is?”

She bowed her head. “Surely I can go somewhere else. I could take my laptop and my work, go to a hotel or something.”

“Or you could go to England,” Cade suggested. “Get out of the country, see some new sights, take your work if you want because I can see that’s something you’ll never really be parted from. And let Badger keep an eye on you.”

She glared at him. “I know you’ll keep an eye on Badger.” She leaned forward until she was glaring at him eye to eye. “You know he’s up to something. You know England is part of his deal. And, if it’s part of his deal, it’s dangerous as hell. Why would I want to go from one danger to another danger?”

Cade opened his mouth to answer, then slammed it shut. He frowned as if considering her words and turned to look at Badger. “Why will you be in England?”

In a low tone Badger said, “I’m meeting somebody who accepted the orders that changed our route that day.”

Instantly the air charged with interest as the men took a moment to digest the information. Erick let out a long, slow whistle.

“Are you serious?” He looked over at Cade. “I think we should all go.”

Kat shook her head. “I think I should stay behind, deal with the insurance company and get my house fixed up,” she said firmly.

The detective stepped back to her. “No. I don’t want you here.”

“Will you give me protection then?” she snapped.

He grinned. “I think these three can protect you just fine.”

She glared at the detective. “What you mean is, if we run into trouble in England, it’s not your headache.”

Badger looked briefly hurt and then considered the options. “At least in England, people will have trouble finding you. Here it’s pretty obvious where you would be.”

She shook her head. “I could hide out in any number of hotels, any number of states, cities, towns. No one will find me.”

“Yes, they will,” the detective said firmly. “I bet these three know exactly how to travel without leaving any tracks unless they want to be found. You, on the other hand, will go to the bank, withdraw a bunch of cash, not take quite enough, so you’ll use your credit card at various stops to order food, pay for a hotel, and that credit card will get traced, and you’ll have people knocking on your door within hours.”

She frowned. “I could take out a larger amount of cash.”

“And how will you get to wherever it is you’re planning on going? These people already have your license plate number. So now you either need to rent a vehicle—you can’t do that without posting a driver’s license—or you’ll have to take a bus or fly, in which case you have to use your credit card to get a flight.”

“If I go to England, my passport will be used to get a flight,” she snapped in frustration. “Look. I don’t have a problem going to England. It’s just a hell of a long way to go for no particular reason. Plus it seems to me that I’m going from the fat into the fire. Because, what you don’t know is, these guys have their own shit to deal with.”

The detective looked at the three men, studying their hard glances and heavy military look, even though it had been two years since they were active. She stared at them too, and her shoulders sagged because she knew exactly what the detective saw. Three very capable men who knew exactly what to do in times of trouble. And they probably had a ton more experience in this kind of shit than even he did.

She raised both hands in agitated surrender. “Okay, fine.”
Mayer, Dale. Badger (SEALs of Steel Series Book 1) (pp. 109-111). Valley Publishing Ltd.. Kindle Edition.

Things really heat up in more ways than one in England. I couldn’t put this book down as this weaves into a tale full of intrigue and romance.

5 Contented Purrs for Dale!

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Dale Mayer

Dale Mayer is a USA Today bestselling author best known for her Psychic Visions and Family Blood Ties series. Her contemporary romances are raw and full of passion and emotion (Second Chances, SKIN), her thrillers will keep you guessing (By Death series), and her romantic comedies will keep you giggling (It’s a Dog’s Life and Charmin Marvin Romantic Comedy series).

She honors the stories that come to her – and some of them are crazy and break all the rules and cross multiple genres!

To go with her fiction, she also writes nonfiction in many different fields with books available on resume writing, companion gardening and the US mortgage system. She has recently published her Career Essentials Series. All her books are available in print and ebook format.

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