Merciless Spy – 82nd Street Vandals Book 7 by Heather Long

Merciless Spy
82nd Street Vandals Book 7
USA Today Bestselling Author
Heather Long


The fierce twin.
The dark brother.
The wild one.

I don’t give a damn about labels. I never have. Not when it comes to me. But stay the hell away from my brothers. All of them. I’ve sacrificed a lot for them, and I’m more than willing to give a lot more.

If my blood, sweat, tears, and life were needed, I’d give it all up. Every damn drop. For my brothers, there was nothing I wouldn’t lose.

Until her.

Reckless, ferocious, and seemingly born to match me in temperament and spirit, Hellspawn is not the fragile flower they all think she is. I don’t think she ever has been. She will not be left behind, she will not hide, and she will not take the crap that life has been throwing at her.

She’s saved our lives, defended us, fought for us, and sacrificed herself for us. I have no questions about what she would do if they tried to leverage us against her. This is why I won’t allow anyone to put her to that test. She has nothing to prove to us.

She’s a Vandal.

My name is Liam O’Connell. Hellspawn is mine. Emersyn is ours. We aren’t going to wait around for the next attack. No, we’re taking the fight right to them.

If you haven’t read the other books in this series, STOP! Go back and read them, this book starts where the last one left off.

Emersyn Sharpe has grown in these books. She has a bunch of nicknames that are specific to each of the guys. This book while somewhat centered on Liam and his ‘Hellspawn’, it also delves into all of them and their relationship with her.

There are important milestones here, for Emersyn overcoming the damage her uncle has done to her is cathartic. She’s so much more than she was, she’s stronger both physically and mentally. The hurdles she’s overcome so far make us love her even more.

The guys, well, I’ve loved all of them from the start and in this one we get to see how they are adjusting the way they think of Emersyn. They are still a bit overprotective, but not to the extreme they were. They recognize that through their efforts and her determination she is far more capable of protecting not only herself but them as well.

In the last book, Emersyn and Rome were taken when Liam and Rome had a surprise planned for her. In this book that surprise reaches fruition.

This is a favorite scene.

I lifted my hands so I could study the scars on the inside of my forearms. Even with all the physical therapy, they were still not what they had been. I wasn’t who I had been.

“You can,” Liam echoed his brother. Wrapping his hands around my wrists, he stroked the ends of the scars with his thumbs. The soft circles sent another shiver through me. “Do you remember what it was like the first time you went up in the silks?”

“Yes.” I didn’t even have to strain for that memory. It had been terrifying and exhilarating. It took concentration and confidence. Muscle control.

Discipline and faith.

I had to trust myself.

“Can you show me?” Liam asked, his voice a husky whisper at my ear. “Show us?”

He lifted my wrists to kiss each one before letting me go.

“We won’t let you fall.”

“Sometimes you have to fall,” I said as I gazed up at the silks.

“Sometimes,” Rome agreed. “Trust?”

I raised my brows. “Yes, I trust you.” “Then fall.” He motioned for me to turn and fall toward him.

A dozen questions formed and dissipated without me ever giving them voice. He asked for my trust. I trusted him. I trusted them both.

Pivoting, I fell backward and he caught me with a hand on my shoulder, balancing my weight. With a light roll, he pushed me back to my feet. I met Liam’s gaze as I went rigid and continued the fall forward.

My stomach bottomed out, but elation flooded me when he caught me easily, balancing me with one hand and then rolling me up and around. Laughter escaped me when I rocked back and forth between them, spinning like a top, as they controlled the motion and I let my center of gravity balance us all.

Sliding his hand along my arm, Rome changed the game and I fell to the side, except I never touched the ground as he gripped my hand. With my gaze fixed on Liam, I smiled as Rome pulled me up and then cupped my nape as he dipped me back.

His whole body moved, dipping with me even as I held fast. When he pulled me upright and forward, catching my hand, I let myself spin as he twirled me around, stepping over me like I was the silk. The torque and pull on my arm pinched a little, the stretch warming my forearms up and then I was on my feet and facing Rome again.

“Trust,” he repeated. It was a single word. One syllable. It held so much meaning. I was facing Rome and just behind him were the silks.

Trust him to get me up there. Trust them to help me fly.

My pulse raced briefly, even as my breathing deepened. I nodded and lifted a foot. Rome bent one knee slightly and I stepped up onto it then lifted my other foot to his shoulder as he stood.

He was the perfect partner. Steady, balanced and he didn’t shift as I stepped up beyond straightening as I balanced on one foot and then settled the other on his free shoulder.

My pulse steadied out again as he braced one hand on each ankle. He’d studied every single one of my performances. I stared up at the silks. The lights didn’t change. The air didn’t shift. And at the same time, everything seemed to balloon, swelling with a greater meaning.

Trust them.

Trust myself.

I reached for the first silk, wound it around my arm, and then the second. Rome kept sturdy and when I glanced down, I found him smiling up at me.

The question in his eyes asked me if I was ready?

When I gave him a slight nod, he pushed my legs up and then out as I stretched them and then let go as I balanced. The music started, filtering in from somewhere. The notes as familiar to me as my own heartbeat. It was one of the first songs I’d ever choreographed a silk routine to.

The trembling in my arms steadied as I rolled upward, weaving the silk around my torso so I could do a drop. It was— muscle memory and instinct. I angled upward and then began to move with the music. Awareness rippled over me as I glanced down and locked gazes with Liam a moment before I dropped then angled back up.

My heart seemed to fist-bump my ribs when a drop of uncertainty dribbled through me. Would my arms hold? Did I have the form? And then I lifted my chin and spread my arms to fly.

I spiraled up then down again. The routine was familiar enough for me to go through most of it before I let out a gasping laugh, spinning the final bit into an arched pose for the last frame.

A pair of hands began to applaud, and I grinned at both Liam and Rome.

“Now,” Rome said as he strode toward me. “Together.”

Together? Of all the things I’d been thinking he would do, leaping to catch one of the silks and pull himself up as he wrapped it around his forearm as I had the other around mine, wasn’t it.

“You first,” Liam said. “Then me.”


The music started again, and Rome extended his free hand toward mine. It took strength to get us going. Strength and momentum. We started circling, and then he gave me a push as he let me go and we were doing spirals together. There had been one routine where Eric and I had…

I hooked one of my legs around his where he extended them to me, and we spun together, sliding apart and back together. Then, I had my legs around Rome as I tied us up into the silks.

Trust shone in his eyes as he let go, and we flew.

It seemed to last a lifetime and no time at all as we were then standing below the silks again. Liam wasted no time wrapping one of the silks around his forearm and curling his free arm around me.

Laughter vibrated through me as he lifted us upward into a twirl. His was a little more gymnastic and it definitely made me laugh, but after all our grappling, I could grip him and trust his body to keep me aloft as I entrusted his strength.
Heather Long. Merciless Spy (Kindle Locations 1871-1915).

Rome and Liam in the silks with her, was breathtaking to read. I felt the jubilation from Emersyn, she needed to know she could fly again.

No, I am not forgetting the cliffhanger of the last book, and getting Emersyn’s mother out of that facility is something that will be accomplished. There’s also the ‘King’s’ demand to meet Emersyn, that will be addressed. That doesn’t give the satisfaction I thought it would.

Lots of sizzling heat in this book, as well as a relationship that gets a challenge. Miss Stephanie gets an awesome moment in this book, and we also meet Liam’s parents.

Then of course is the ending that even now I am still processing. I really need the next book as soon as possible. This suspense is killing me…

5 Contented Purrs for Heather!

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Heather Long Heather Long

I love books. Not just a little bit, but a lot. Books were my best friends when I was growing up. Books didn’t care if I was new to a town or to a class. They were always there, my trustiest of companions. Until they turned on me and said I had to write them.

I can tell you that my own personal happily ever after included writing books. I’ve always said that an HEA is a work in progress. It’s true in my marriage, my friendships, and in my career. I am constantly nurturing my muse as we dive into new tales, new tropes, new characters and more.

After seventeen years back in Texas, we relocated to the Pacific Northwest in search of seasons, new experiences, and new geography. I can’t wait to discover what life (and my muse) have in store for me.

Maybe writing was always my destiny and romance my fate. After all, my grandmother wasn’t a fan of picture books and used to read me her Harlequin Romance novels.

Friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, friends to enemies to lovers, you name it, I love them and love to write them. I started with Earth Witches Aren’t Easy, the first in the Chance Monroe trilogy, but my characters and I have traveled a long way since I created that urban fantasy world.

One of the series I hear my readers recommend the most is the Untouchable series followed in quick succession by the Vandals, and that just delights me. No lie, whenever one of my readers brings up my wolves, I do a little a fist pump.

I’m active on social media, and I love hearing from readers. Feel free to tag me with a question about any of my books, or just say hi!

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A Guide To Being Just Friends – Jansen Brothers Book 3 by Sophie Sullivan

A Guide to Being Just Friends
Jansen Brothers Book 3
Sophie Sullivan


Hailey Sharp has a one-track mind. Get By the Cup salad shop off the ground. Do literally everything possible to make it a success. Repeat. With a head full of entrepreneurial ideas and a bad ex in her rearview, her one and only focus is living life the way she wants to. No distractions.

Wes Jansen never did understand the fuss about relationships. With a string of lackluster first dates and the pain from his parents’ angry divorce following him around, he’d much rather find someone who he likes, but won’t love. Companionship, not passion, is the name of the game.

When Hailey and Wes find each other in a disastrous meet cute that wasn’t even intended for them, they embarrassingly go their separate ways. But when Wes finds Hailey to apologize for his behavior, they strike up a friendship. Because that’s all this can be. Hailey doesn’t want any distractions. Wes doesn’t want to fall in love.

What could possibly go wrong?

Barnes and Noble logo_150 KoboLogo google_play_logo_002_002

I knew from the moment these two met, they would have to get together somehow. That it was mistaken identity was just ironic.

As Wes finds ways to apologize and not fix all Hailey’s problems the two of them become friends. Both of them need that closeness without the confines of a relationship.

Life of course throws in a few twists and almost unsurmountable problems. However, strength and persistence will win the day.

Love on the other hand, well that will take some soul searching on both their parts.

I now have to go back and read the first two books of this series. I want the back stories on Wes’s siblings.

5 Contented Purrs for Sophie!

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Sophie Sullivan

SOPHIE SULLIVAN is a Canadian author as well as a cookie-eating, Diet Pepsi-drinking, Disney enthusiast who loves reading and writing romance in almost equal measure. She writes around her day job as a teacher and spends her spare time with her sweet family watching reruns of Friends. Ten Rules For Faking It is her romcom debut novel, but she’s had plenty of practice writing happily ever after as her alter ego, Jody Holford.

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All’s Swell That Ends Spell – Magical Renaissance Faire Mysteries Book 2 by Trixie Silvertale

All’s Swell That Ends Spell
Magical Renaissance Faire Mysteries Book 2
USA Today Bestselling Author
Trixie Silvertale


A dubious festival.
A fatal swim.
Can this fortune-telling fairy
herald the true killer?

Coriander the Conjurer is trapped in a cursed Renaissance Faire, but that’s the good news. Her usual routine of reading patrons’ futures and compensating for her lopsided fairy wings is interrupted when a scuffle turns deadly. Now, in order to broker peace within the realm she must solve a mermaid’s murder.

Convincing the gorgeous Mer prince to allow her to investigate seems the only option. But she’ll need the help of a dangerous vampire and her meddling toad familiar to uncover the real clues. With doxies, scoundrels, and panderers aplenty, it won’t be easy to suss out the truth!

Can Coriander’s fairy dust save the day, or will her inquiry end as a tragedy?

I don’t think I mentioned that this is a multi-author series. Three authors have created this wonderful magical faire where anyone with magic can get stuck forever.

In this book we meet Coriander she’s a fairy, but unlike some when she was ‘trapped’ by eating the candy it was truly an escape from abuse. The humans who ‘adopted’ her were convinced she was a changeling and were constantly testing her for abilities. She thought she would be part of the fairies Enchanted Forest, but Queen Magnolia had banned her after a week, saying her ‘trailer trash’ upbringing just wouldn’t do. Coriander actually prefers not being part of that, she enjoys her freedom and has a fortune telling tent and a toad companion named Thornton.

Like all faires they travel from site to site, and this particular one is having an issue with the merfolk. The owner Carl Rutlish has an unreasonable demand. He wants a mermaid on the shell throne from opening to closing. Not just any mermaid either, he wants it to be Princess Delphine, Prince Hadal’s sister. Seems he’s a bit obsessed with her and calls them out when they have humans helping out on that throne. He even threatens to double the rent for their space.

Unfortunately for Carl, Delphine is found dead the next morning. The sheriff in his usual uncaring way merely sends the body off to Vern the vampire for autopsy. Cori knows the man won’t do much to find the killer, so she wants to investigate. Not only to clear the owner Carl but to find the true culprit. No one wants a murderer running around the faire. First though, she needs Prince Hadal’s permission.

This is a favorite scene.

Sheriff Boswell’s main concern may have been for the humans that were moments away from entering the grounds, but he wouldn’t send the body down to Vern unless he suspected foul play.

From my vantage point, there was no obvious injury. Although I couldn’t bring myself to stare at the corpse for very long. 

“Shall I enter the tank and search for clues?”

“Generous offer, Thorny, but we don’t want to anger the trolls.” Biding my time near the tank, I noticed smeared footprints near the base of the ladder. They couldn’t be from yesterday, because the cleaning pixies never missed a day. The bootprints were considerably larger than my feet, but that wasn’t much of a clue. The Fae are known for their delicate features.

The witless troll sidekicks banged around and clumsily tossed a large tarpaulin on the ground in front of the tank. 

There was no way I’d be sticking around. I couldn’t bear to watch the extraction. After slipping through the curtain of plastic seaweed, I headed toward the individual water pods. I wasn’t sure which one was Hadal’s, but when I turned the corner I heard muffled voices. 

The gorgeous blacksmith, Isaac Brand, was outside one of the pods, speaking in a low tone. And, as I mentioned, my hearing is exceptional.

“It was no accident at all. I’m telling you, Rutlish is trying to intimidate you. You’re going to need creatures who have legs 24/7 on your side. I’m here, and I can make weapons—enhanced with alchemy if needed.”

I leaned forward, hoping that Hadal wouldn’t put his stamp of approval on this terrible plan.

“Perhaps Carl is to blame, perhaps not. If he’s guilty of anything it’s that he seemed a tadpole too fond of my sister. You must understand, I’m not eager to jump to conclusions. Once the conch blows and the war cry is sounded, there’ll be no turning of the tide. Give me a little time.” 

The blacksmith rolled his massive shoulders back and grumbled. “As you wish.” He stalked off in the other direction, and I crept down the passage.

Despite my stealth, the powerful merman sensed my presence. “Young Fae, what is your name?” 

Wow. He didn’t even know my name, and I’d been crushing on him for years. “Coriander, but everyone calls me Cori.”

“Coriander, I have seen you in our enclosure these last few days. You spoke out in favor of a peaceful solution yesterday. How do you feel now that my sister’s life has been so cruelly taken?”

“Angry and sad. Delphine was one of the most beautiful creatures I’ve ever seen. I didn’t know her well enough to say more. I’m so sorry about all of this.”

“Why do you apologize? You bear no fault for the circumstances, do you?”

“No. Of course not. I would never harm a living creature.”

“I share your respect for life, Coriander.”

Oh boy. I had no idea my own name could sound so beautiful.

Water tumbling over pebbles in a beautiful stream— He floated patronizingly in his pod. “I’ve had one useless visit after another, and I wish to grieve privately. Was there something else?”

“Yes.” My cheeks flushed and my voice caught in my throat. I coughed once and plowed ahead. “With your permission, I’d like to look into things. I want to discover the true culprit behind this horrible crime.” I shoved the now useless schedule under my belt.

“To what end?” His tail stopped moving and he gazed down at me with curiosity glistening in his dark eyes.

My wings vibrated, and I struggled to force words out of my mouth. “To honor Delphine’s memory.” I bit my lip and continued. “Plus, if there’s a killer in our midst, and we let them run free . . .”

“Hm.” Hadal gripped the edge of his enclosure and swished his tail back and forth. The rhythm of the lapping water, and the flexing of his muscles, was all too mesmerizing. “We both know the sheriff will do next to nothing; less if possible. You are an intelligent being, and seemingly resourceful. I will allow this.”

“Thank you, Your Highness.”

He chuckled. “My father is the king. Please call me Hadal. Let’s keep this investigation between the two of us. I feel your efforts will be more successful if they are unimpeded by the nets of those who may wish to hide the true nature of my sister’s demise.”

“Yes, sir— I mean, Hadal.”

Thornton snickered on my shoulder, and my cheeks again felt unnaturally warm. I couldn’t stop myself from compulsively bowing as I backed away from his pod and scurried out the back way.

Where to begin?
Silvertale, Trixie. All Swell That Ends Spell: A Paranormal Cozy Mystery (Magical Renaissance Faire Mysteries Book 2) Kindle Locations (617-653). The Faire Ladies LLC. Kindle Edition.

Like any good investigator, Cori starts with the coroner Vern, the vampire.

He doesn’t have the cause of death yet and frankly he scares Cori. Another of her suspects is Tombolo, he’s a merman and his proposal to Delphine was rejected. This she found out from Delphine’s best friend Neap. Even though Tombolo was rejected he truly did love Delphine and is mourning her.

Cori works her way through her suspects, only to find more. Vern also has an insight into who Cori’s fae parents might have been.

With plenty of twists and turns this is a most enjoyable read with just a hint of romance between Cori and Hadal.

5 Contented Purrs for Trixie!

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USA TODAY Bestselling author Trixie Silvertale grew up reading an endless supply of Lilian Jackson Braun, Hardy Boys, and Nancy Drew novels. She loves the amateur sleuths in cozy mysteries and is obsessed with all things paranormal. Those two passions unite in her Mitzy Moon Mysteries, and she’s thrilled to write them and share them with you.

When she’s not consumed by writing, she bakes to fuel her creative engine and tends to her herb garden.

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Dane – Westerly Cove Book 3 by Zoe Chant

Westerly Cove Book 3
Zoe Chant


This mysterious island hermit
managed to avoid entanglements …
until she walked into his cabin

With a major storm rolling in, Dane secures his cabin on the island and takes to the ocean in his shifted form of an Orca.

Mira is in trouble, she made a delivery and thought she had time to get safely back home. Now she’s in the middle of it and trying to contact someone, anyone for help. She also knows that even the Coast Guard wouldn’t attempt a rescue in these waters. She’s sure she’s going to die as her boat capsizes.

Dane’s Orca isn’t sure at first what has gotten his attention, he does know that it’s unwise to ignore its senses though. His Orca pushes Mira to a rock that is somewhat scalable and is relieved when she’s able to pull herself up, while he shifts. She does however pass out right after and is unconscious as Dane gets her to his cabin and settled.

Mira wakes before him and sees him asleep on the floor next to the bed. She’s startled and her she tries to remember how she got there. Dane wakes from the scrutiny and immediately introduces himself. It’s a bit awkward at first but they manage to get to the point of him showing her to his facilities to get cleaned up.

When she returns to the cabin, Dane has opened it up and was clearing some of the storm’s debris, outside.

This is a favorite scene.

She found Dane out in the yard. To her regret, he had put a shirt on, red and blue plaid, identical to her borrowed one. He had left it unbuttoned with the sleeves rolled up, so it served more to accentuate the flat planes of his chest and stomach than to hide them. He had washed the salt out of the rest of her clothes in a bucket of water and draped them over some branches to dry in the sun. When she arrived, he was dragging the pine tree out of the way of the door.

Mira stopped and stared. She had guessed that he was strong, but she hadn’t expected he was that strong. It wasn’t a huge tree, none of the trees on the island grew very tall, but it was definitely a full-grown tree and he was dragging it like it weighed nothing.

Seeing her, he stopped in mid-drag and just stood there for a moment, looking at her. She had the same feeling she’d had back in the cabin, as if he was absolutely captivated with her. Mira had no idea what he could possibly be looking at, since she was wearing borrowed clothes with straggling wet hair that hadn’t seen a touch of shampoo or conditioner.

“Hi there!” she said brightly. “Your shower is great. I love it.”

Dane let the tree fall with a crash at the edge of the yard. “It’s not much.”

“No, but it’s incredibly charming.” She ran her fingers through her hair in lieu of a comb. “I feel much better.”

“Do you want lunch?”

Her stomach immediately decided that it was a hollow cave that had never been fed ever in its entire life. “Yes,” she said enthusiastically.

Dane rinsed pine sap off his hands in the laundry bucket and led the way inside.

He had been busy, she discovered. The bed was neatly fixed, and he had uncovered a window over the table, which she hadn’t even noticed before, flooding the cabin with bright sunlight that brought out the warm golden glow of the natural wood colors. The table was fixed up with a chair on one side, a crate to sit on at the other, and two plates and cups. The cabin smelled wonderfully of coffee, perking in an old-fashioned coffeepot on the stove, and of hot bread.

“It’s just stovetop biscuits and camp food,” Dane said.

“That sounds amazing.”

It actually was. Dane dished up the two plates with beef macaroni, probably cooked up from a freeze-dried mix, but in her current state of hunger she would have been ready to eat pine needle soup, and this was full of rich salty flavor. The biscuits were perfect, crumbly and hot and fresh, with butter that Dane said he kept cool in the spring water.

Mira wolfed down two helpings and licked her spoon clean. Two cups of strong black coffee helped clear the remaining cobwebs from her mind.

Dane hadn’t spoken while they ate, just got up to get her more of anything she wanted as if he was reading her mind. There were a couple of moments when she wondered nervously if he could read her mind, but then she realized that it was simply because he was extremely attuned to the tiniest changes in the environment around him. She could see it in his constant vigilance, the way that his intelligent gaze took in everything, his face registering tiny changes of expression as he catalogued everything that he saw.

It was a quality she had seen before in people who worked closely with their environments: soldiers, pilots, hunters, fishermen. People like that became intimately aware of their surroundings for survival’s sake. It was a quality Mira had always found very appealing.

“Are you a veteran?” she asked as he collected the plates.

His reaction was a subtle flinch and freeze, so low-key that she wouldn’t have noticed it if she hadn’t, she realized, started to become as attuned to his tiny tells as he was to hers. The plates in his hands gave a brief clatter.

“There’s no need to tell me if it’s too personal,” she said quickly. “I am, you see. I was a pilot for the U.S. Army, flying helicopters. I came north to Canada after my discharge to stay with a cousin in Labrador and fell in love with the coast up here. All of this was years ago now, but I wondered if we had that in common, that’s all.”

Dane hesitated, not quite looking at her. Then he said, very briefly, “Yes. I am.” The way he clipped off the words seemed to close off the topic like snipping a piece of thread.

“Can I help you with the dishes?” Mira offered as a deliberate change of subject.

The tension in his shoulders relaxed a little. “Yes,” he said. “Thank you. After that, I need to check storm damage on the rest of the island.”

“May I come with you? I’d like to see more of your island and perhaps look for some of my things as well.”

“Your things?” he asked.

“Yes, from my boat.” It was disconcerting to talk about it in this bright, sunlit cabin, with the storm seeming to belong to some past country that she no longer visited. She tried not to let the thought of the sunken Merrylegs dampen her mood. All her things, dragged to the bottom of the sea … “I’m hoping some of my stuff might have floated ashore.”

“We don’t have much shore,” Dane said. “But I’ll show you.”

They went out into the sunshine. Mira guessed it was early afternoon, the air warm and balmy despite the brisk sea breeze. The sky was flecked with small, fluffy clouds, as pure white as the fleece of a flock of windborne sheep. It was even more difficult to think about the storm’s towering waves and ice-cold wind in this mild weather, with the sun warming her shoulders and drying her hair.

Dane carried the dishes with him as they walked down a winding forest path toward where Mira could hear waves pounding on rocks. “I wash the dishes in the sea,” he explained. “Salt is a good sterilizer. And then I rinse it off at the spring. That way there are no scraps up at the springhead to attract gulls or other scavengers.”

“That seems very sensible. Do you have animals on the island other than sea birds?”

“A few,” Dane said. “There are some mice and squirrels, and hawks and other small predators that prey on them. Nothing big. The island really isn’t big enough for deer and things.”

They reached the water’s edge, and she saw what he meant about the lack of a shore. It was all rocks here, without anything that could properly be called a beach. Dane crouched on a rock with graceful balance and leaned over to dip the plates in the water, rinsing them.

It looked like a one-person job after all, so Mira walked out to the end of the rocks, picking her way with care since some of them were covered in treacherous, foot-trapping seaweed. She shaded her eyes with her hands and looked for any floating debris that might have come from her boat.

She could see immediately how hopeless it was. The ocean stretched glittering and sunstruck for miles in every direction, a brilliant wind-ruffled plain fading into the blue sky at the horizon. She could see a couple of other rocky islands far off, but nothing else, no sign of the mainland or any large body of land.

It was starting to strike her how close she had come to death. There was no way that she could have survived long enough to float all the way to land in the wind and the waves, and no way that a rescue vessel could have navigated those seas to pick her up.

So how did Dane get to me, anyway?

She turned to look at him. Crouching on the rocks in his bright red-and-blue shirt, with his hair loose and unbound, he looked like he was modeling for a photo. She found herself wishing she had a camera, although that, like everything else, had gone to the bottom of the sea with Merrylegs.

Her memories of the storm were jumbled, but she didn’t think they were completely false. The first clear memory she had of Dane was of him catching her as she fainted on the shore. He had been absolutely naked, unless her dazed mind had made that part up.
Chant, Zoe. Dane (Westerly Cove Book 3) Kindle Locations (348-409). Kindle Edition.

This is only the beginning and Dane finds he has to open up to her, she’s his mate after all. He just doesn’t realize how much danger they both were in until it’s too late.

I love the way this tale unfolds, with plenty of angst, secrets revealed, and of course the romance within all the turmoil.

I really hope Zoe writes more of Westerly Cove I’d love for Tor and Eren’s sister Inga to find her mate as well.

5 Contented Purrs for Zoe!

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Zoe Chant loves writing paranormal romance. Over a cup of tea (or something stronger) she whips up sexy tales of hunky heroes and adventurous heroines to tantalize and satisfy her readers. Sizzling hot romance, no cliffhangers!

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No Matcha for Murder – Le Doux Mysteries Book 8 by Abigail Thornton

No Matcha for Murder
Le Doux Mysteries Book 8
Abigail Thornton


With her wedding on the horizon, and her trust in Lusgu fading, Wynona is trying to split her attention between yet another difficult murder and the drama building in her own life. All she wants is a quiet, peaceful existence, but fate isn’t done with her yet and Wynona is scrambling to keep up with each new hex coming her way.

Follow Wynona and her colorful band of misfits as they navigate a city of magic, mystery and danger in this paranormal cozy mystery.

As this book opens, Wynona is still finishing up wedding plans, but the actual date isn’t set. Rascal wants it to be sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, murders keep getting in the way. There’s also the grand reopening of the tea shop, with a media event. Rascal’s made sure she has some bodyguards around.

What would an opening be without a gate crasher, in this case it’s Tororin Braxet the owner of The Cursed Circus. To both the Chief and Rascal he’s slime, he exploits the unfortunate and his whole premise is to scare people not make them feel good. He has a proposition for Wynona, a corrupt branch of her tea shop attached to his circus. Of course, Wynona wants no part of that or for that matter him. He doesn’t take no for an answer very well and tries to coerce her with his incubus powers. This lands him in a patrol car to the station.

When Wynona shows up to press charges, she meets Braxet’s secretary who’s come to bail him out. Mr. Braxet however is found dead in the interrogation room, by Chief Ligurio with Rascal, Wynona, Violet and the secretary behind him.

To say the Chief is angry is an understatement and to top it off it’s Detective Strongclaw who was supposed to be on the door.

Then to top of her day Wynona has a confrontation with Lusgu and Violet followed by a vision of Lusgu that leaves her breathless and fearful for him.

With the Chief’s permission she would be helping with this case, even though she really wants to stay out of these things.

This is a favorite scene.

“Skymaw stood guard most all day, just outside the room, so he could keep magic from being available. An incubus will enchant anyone if they think it’ll get them what they want.”

Wynona tried to hide a small shiver at the thought of the creature’s magic hitting her at her own shop, but knew Rascal saw it anyway when he reached out and took her hand, rubbing his thumb over her knuckles.

“Just before you arrived, Skymaw took a bathroom break. Since he had only planned to be gone a few minutes, he didn’t ask someone to cover and simply slipped away.” Grunting, Rascal pushed his free hand through his hair, bringing it back to attention after Wynona had calmed it down. “He claims he was only gone a couple of minutes before he came back to the hubbub of the chief, you and I shouting about the murder.”

“See? Someone else could have gone in during that time,” Wynona argued.

“That hallway has a dozen offices in it,” Rascal said gently. “No one saw another creature come and go. Not to mention he had been dead less than two minutes when we found the body.”

Wynona swallowed hard. “Less than two minutes?”

Rascal nodded. “The coroner said the body temperature hadn’t even changed yet.”

Wynona closed her eyes. “Still…there was time.”

“Someone very fast could have done it,” Rascal agreed. “But we have no evidence anyone else was there.”

Wynona took a few calming breaths before sitting up straighter. “I understand your position, but he didn’t do it.”

Rascal nodded wearily. “I knew you wouldn’t believe him capable.” He looked sympathetic as he continued. “But even good cops make bad choices sometimes, Wy.”

“I’m going to prove it.”

Rascal nodded. “I figured that as well.” He squeezed her hand and leaned in, leaving a feather light kiss on her cheek. “I have to be as unbiased as possible, but I’ll do my best to help. I might believe it’s possible for an officer to break, but I don’t want it to be him.”

Wynona softened. “Thank you.”

“Believe it or not, he’s not just my officer, he’s my friend. And if I didn’t have so many brothers, I’d have asked him to be best man at the wedding.”

Wynona’s smile widened. “I know.”

Rascal gave her a half smile. “Except there isn’t going to be one, right? We’re just going to get married tomorrow?”

Wynona laughed, but didn’t respond and Rascal gave her a put-out look.

“Okay, before we go barging down the doors of the Cursed Circus this morning, why don’t you tell me what’s going on with Lusgu and Violet?”

Wynona scrunched up her nose. “Where would I start?”

“The beginning?”

Wynona shook her head. “You already know all that.”

“Then what happened that I missed? There’s something you haven’t told me.”

Wynona tapped her fingers against the armrest. “I got mad at both of them and yelled.”

Rascal’s eyes widened. “Wow. I wasn’t sure that day would come.”

She made a face and Rascal chuckled.

“Hon, Lusgu’s been asking for your anger for a long time. And Violet is…well…Violet. She’s loyal, but a pain in the rear.”

“She’s my familiar,” Wynona said, her voice growing softer as emotions began to creep up. She blinked to stop the tears, but her vision grew watery anyway.

“And that cranky little mouse adores you,” Rascal assured her, wiping at her face. “But she also seems to know some things we don’t. Her tendency to lord that kind of stuff over you isn’t going to win her friends.”

“Isn’t she supposed to be loyal to me over Lusgu?”

Rascal thought about it for a minute. “Yes…but have you thought that maybe her loyalty to Lusgu really is loyalty to you?”

Wynona’s black eyebrows pulled together. “I don’t follow.”

He shrugged. “Maybe she’s protecting you?”

“By keeping secrets?”

He pushed a hand through his hair. “Secrets tend to seem good at the time,” he said softly. “Keeping them often feels noble and protective.” His golden eyes met hers. “But in the end, they have a tendency toward betrayal.”

The tears spilled over and Rascal groaned.

Tugging on her hand, he pulled Wynona into his lap and wrapped his arms around her. “I’ve got you,” he whispered against her hair. “Take the time you need.”

“I love you,” Wynona whispered back, letting her forehead rest in the crook of his neck.

“When we get married tomorrow, I’ll show you just how much I love you back.”

Laughing softly, Wynona took a few minutes to calm down and relax. She wasn’t sure where she stood with most of her friends right now, but at least she had Rascal. The other half of her soul would always be one she could count on and nothing about that was to be taken lightly.
Thornton, Abigail Lynn. No Matcha for Murder: a witchy, cozy mystery (Le Doux Mysteries Book 8) Kindle Locations (1045-1088). Angel Music Publishing. Kindle Edition.

As Wynona investigates, she also finds new aspects to her powers. One that will be very useful. The path to the killer is very convoluted and Wynona with Rascal slowly unravels the truth.

There’s also the secrets Lusgu is keeping that Violet seems to know but won’t say. He’s powerful whatever he really is, and Wynona is losing trust. This too, is solved in this book and oh my, what a shocker!

I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.

5 Contented Purrs for Abigail!

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Coming Soon!

Ever since I was in elementary school I have wanted to be an author. Career day was a bit rough, since there is no official uniform for this job. Pajamas and a laptop maybe? Although my clothes change from day to day, my job as a wife and mother doesn’t. My days are filled with my 5 children and enjoying time with my husband, while my evenings are filled with creative time. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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The Queen of Quintessence – Royals of Kingwood Academy Book 3 by Tessa Hale

The Queen of Quintessence
Royals of Kingwood Academy Book 3
Tessa Hale


My list of enemies is growing by the day. People I expect and those I never saw coming. But the one thing I know is that I’ll fight with everything I have to make it back to my mates.

My charmer.
My gentle giant.
My psychopath.
And my cruel prince.
Our powers are growing as our bond deepens.

And when they figure out who’s taken me? They’ll burn the world down around them…

If you haven’t read the other books in this series STOP! Go back and read them. This book begins where ‘The Last Aether’ left off.

Aura has been drugged and bound with elemental rope. As she wakens, she sees Aiden. This isn’t the first time he’s tried to kill her, but this time it’s not her he’s after, it’s Phoenix. Without his brother, he’s the next in line for the throne. Although Aura is certain his father would never pass the Kingdom to Aiden. The next hurt that comes is that Kerry is the one helping him. He’d managed to turn Kerry against her and Phoenix.

Needless to say, the way this plays out doesn’t end well for Aiden. There is much more betrayal to come as well. First from Riven’s father King Zephyr which forces them to the safe house they built in the Kingdom of Torrent. Zephyr again makes a move first with air messages to Aura with threats and then accusing Riven of trying to kill him, instead of the truth. King Torrent is willing to help in any way he can, but they need the neutrality of the Kingwood Academy.

Now two of the kings know of her quintessence. Phoenix’s father, King Ash is also on their side and will help if they need it. Aura is once again injured as they escape an attack on the safe house. Back on campus there’s even more at stake.

This is a favorite scene.

A commotion sounded outside the front door. “Get your hands off me, Carn,” Eva snarled.

“You aren’t permitted inside until you’ve been searched, and permission obtained,” he told her calmly.

“Then bloody search me,” she growled.

I pinched the bridge of my nose. What I didn’t have energy for today was Eva.

“I’m sorry,” Riven said softly. “I can talk to her outside.”

I shook my head. I didn’t want her to think she had power over me.

A few seconds later, the door opened, and Carn stepped inside. “Ms. Eva would like to see you, Your Highness.”

“I’m right here,” Eva snapped. “I can speak for myself.”

“It’s all right, Carn. Thank you for being so thorough,” Riven said.

Eva huffed.

The second Carn closed the door behind himself, Eva rushed to Riven. “What happened? I know you didn’t try to assassinate your father. You might wish you could, but you’d never act on it.”

“Wouldn’t be so sure about that, Ice Queen,” Kai said, plopping down next to me on the couch.

Her lip curled in his direction. “I didn’t ask you.” She turned back to Riven. “What happened?”

Phoenix took a seat on my other side, his hand slipping beneath my hair and kneading my neck. “Zephyr tried to assassinate Riv.”

Eva paled. A second later, color surged back into her cheeks, and she whirled on me. “This is all because of you. I warned you, but you wouldn’t listen. You selfish little—”

“Enough!” Riven roared.

Eva jerked as if she’d never heard Riven raise his voice before.

“You. Know. Nothing,” he growled.

The color drained from Eva’s face once again. “Riven—”

“Silence.” Riven prowled towards Eva. “Aura is my mate. Her soul is bound to mine in a way you’ll never understand. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. The only thing she has done from the very beginning is given me far more grace than I deserve. She’s fought for me when no one else would’ve. And yesterday?”

Eva swallowed. “She saved my damn life when my father poisoned me with black hemlock.”

Eva gasped. “That isn’t possible.”

“Sure is, Ice Queen,” Kai said almost lazily.

Sariah looked between all of us. “Black hemlock?”

Atlas nodded. “I saw it with my own eyes. Riv’s veins turned black, and it was taking root in his heart.”

“Aura pulled it all out of him,” Phoenix said. “At great cost to herself. Just like she gave us all a power boost today that almost cost her life. A power boost we wouldn’t have survived the battle without. So, if you’re still pulling some pissy jealousy act over Aura, just remember Riven wouldn’t be alive without her. She’s saved him more times than you’ll ever know.”

Tears brimmed in Eva’s eyes. The image was so shocking my jaw almost dropped. I’d never seen her anything but threatening or composed.

“You saved him?” Her voice broke on the word saved.

“I’ll always save him,” I said honestly.

Riven’s demeanor gentled. “She loves me, the same way I love her. I need you to see that. Because if you don’t let go of whatever animosity you have towards her, I won’t hesitate to cut you out of my life.”

Pain streaked across Eva’s face. “I’m sorry. I knew the danger she would bring into your life—”

“Through no fault of her own,” Atlas rumbled.

“I know. I just—” Eva’s gaze pulled to me. “—I was jealous. Riven and I have always had each other’s backs. I felt like I was losing my best friend.”

Damn it. I could hold onto my anger when Eva was cold and cruel, but her actually being vulnerable? I took a deep breath and pushed to my feet.

“I’m not trying to steal your best friend. I know things are different now and it’ll take time for all of us to adjust. But let’s all try to give each other the benefit of the doubt, okay?”

Eva bit the inside of her cheek and nodded. “Okay. Thank you.”

“The guys and I usually do family dinners on Fridays. Why don’t you come next time? You too, Sariah.”

Eva’s brows rose. “Really?”

I laughed. “I actually liked you when I first met you. It was only when the claws came out that I didn’t.”

Sariah tried to cover her laugh with a cough.

Eva blushed. “I liked you too. You keep Kai in his place.”

“Don’t be jealous, Ice Queen,” he shot back.

She rolled her eyes then sent me a hesitant smile. “I’d love to come to dinner.”

“Me too,” Sariah said with a smile. “No one usually invites us low-affinity folks to stuff.”

I frowned. “That’s bullshit.”

She grinned. “I knew I liked you.”

The door opened again, and Carn stepped inside. “Quincy and Headmaster Acker are here. They said they needed to speak with you about something. That it was important.”

And just like that, all the warm and fuzzies of mending bridges fled. What now?
Hale, Tessa. The Queen of Quintessence: A Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance (Royals of Kingwood Academy Book 3) Kindle Locations (1577-1620). Kindle Edition.

We all know that King Zephyr isn’t going to leave anything alone, then there’s also King Terra.

They need to fight together to beat the odds. Having a quintessence aether is a miracle and only two of the kings are willing to recognize that fact.

This book is full of action, romance, and many revelations. It truly wraps everything up neatly but not without pain and heartache.

5 Contented Purrs for Abigail!

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Author of love stories with magic, usually with more than one love interest. Constant daydreamer.

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Much A’Broom About Nothing – Magical Renaissance Faire Mysteries Book 1 by Erin Johnson

Much A’Broom About Nothing
Magical Renaissance Faire Mysteries Book 1
Erin Johnson


Trapped in a magical Renaissance Faire
and accused of murder.

When Adelaide “Laidey” Ryan dragged herself off the couch for a date at the Renaissance Faire, she didn’t expect to run into her cheating ex-fiancé. The day only gets better when she winds up trapped on the magical grounds and discovers she’s a witch. And the best part? She’s charged with a homicide she didn’t commit.

With the “help” of a snarky talking cat, this former Pilates teacher will have to wade through a turkey-leg sized list of suspects to find the real killer, all while juggling her new job as a broom maker’s apprentice. Despite her troubles, there’s a dashingly handsome pirate captain who has her heart aflutter. But time is running out on her sleuthing, and the lazy sheriff is eager to march her to the gallows.

Can Laidey catch the murderer, or will her snooping make her Faire game for the killer?

I’ve always loved a Renaissance Faire. This is a multi-author series and in this first book a simple thing becomes life changing for Adelaide “Laidey” Ryan.

Laidey is trying to have a good time with her date Cliff, however, he is way too into birds for his own good. This is demonstrated at the Falconers when he knew the script word for word. Then that three things happen; her ex shows up with his new girl, she somehow directs a falcon to poop on him and she leaves her date.

She downs mead and turkey legs and enjoys the jousts and more before she is stopped on her way to the Crooked Confectioner. The Pirate Captain warns her not to eat the candy but she ignores the warning and gets some anyway.

The bell sounds the faire closing and Laidey follows. The problem is she can’t leave. No matter what she does she’s thrown back in.

Macy Mulligan escorts Laidey away from the gate and settles her in her tent with a chubby black cat and two white mice in appropriate cages. She’s stunned to find the cat can talk and further dismayed to find she’d have to teach them new tricks for the crowds. Then Macy threw fairy dust at her, and she blacked out.

The cat wakes her the next morning a Macy is dead, when the Sheriff arrives, he arrests Laidey for the murder, throwing her in the stocks. Mort the cat stays with her. Hilde from the turkey leg stand brings her food and drink, and they become friends before the sheriff shows up again.

This is a favorite scene.

Mort flopped down on his side, the tip of his tail whipping the dirt. “Dost thou never learn? Taunting only makes the peasants throw more things.”

Oh, I’d learned. But at this point my back ached, my scalp had a sunburn, I was parched and starving, and I felt pretty sure my next stop was the guillotine or the hangman’s noose or whatever vigilante justice they meted out here at this insane Faire. What did I have to lose?

I’d already tried screaming for help, insisting I was being held here against my will. But everyone either ignored me or chuckled, chuckled, as if it was all part of the act. I had to give it to these crazy Ren Faire carnies—it was a brilliant cover.

“’Scuse me, miss?”

I strained to turn my head. A buxom blond who looked about my age—early thirties—stood nearby in a corset and long dress holding a couple of tankards and turkey legs. Pretty milkmaids’ braids framed her round face, and her friendly smile faltered, which gave me just enough warning to squeeze my eyes shut.


A water balloon hit me square on the cheek and drenched my face. I shot the guy in Birkenstocks a flat look, my cheek stinging.

His preteen son high-fived him. “Nice shot, Dad!”

So glad I could be of service in this beautiful moment of family bonding. The family wandered off, and the troll meandered back to the jail. At last—a bit of reprieve.

The blond crouched down to my eye level. “Mind if I join you, miss?”

I raised an incredulous brow. Who would want to join me?

She pulled a roughly hewn stool over and settled herself in front of me. Carefully, she set the foaming tankards on the grassy lawn, then held one juicy, delicious-smelling leg up in front of me.

Was this some new form of torture the sheriff had devised? Tempting me with enormous portions of food and then withholding them?

But the blond gave me a sweet smile. “Thought you might be hungry?” Her English accent came out in a singsong cadence.

I meant to laugh, but it came out as a whimper. “Starving.”

Mort rolled toward her and lifted a paw. “I, as well.”

She seemed completely unfazed by the talking cat and bent forward to scratch between his ears. “You poor dear.”

She ripped off a piece of turkey and gave it to Mort. She then held the leg directly up to my face. It wasn’t the most dignified thing in the world, but I ripped off a hunk with my teeth and closed my eyes in bliss as I chewed.

“Oh, yum.”

She shot me a pitying look. “Sorry everyone’s throwing bladders of water at your head.”

I shrugged my aching shoulders. “It’s okay. It’s so hot out here, it’s actually refreshing.”

“I’m Hilde.” She held up the turkey leg for me to take another bite, while she munched on her own.

I spoke around my bite. “I’m Adelaide. Call me Laidey, though.”

Hilde’s big blue eyes grew round. “Lady?” She folded forward in a deep bow. “Oh, m’lady, what an injustice they’ve done to you! I offer myself as your humble servant.”

“What? Oh.” I flapped my hand in an attempt to wave her off. “It’s just a nickname. I’m not an actual lady.”

But Hilde shook her head, hands clasped at her ample chest. “Oh m’lady, I shall do my best to free you.”

I thought about protesting more but didn’t have the energy. Instead, I just ripped off another bite of the turkey leg. After I chewed and swallowed, she did her best to tip some beer from the tankard into my mouth. Most ended up dribbling down my chin and throat, but the one gulp of ice-cold liquid I got was worth it.

I frowned at Hilde as she sipped from her own tankard. “Why are you helping me?” Nobody else had.

She shrugged. “Ah, well, I can’t stand to see someone sufferin’, you know.” She handed Mort another piece of turkey. “Besides, I figure once you’re let out of there, if ye aren’t hanged, it’d be best to be friends with the cold-blooded killer—not on her bad side.”

“I didn’t kill Macy Mulligan!”

“Of course not, m’lady.” Hilde struggled to wink.

I shook my head. “For real. I just got here, I don’t know anyone—why would I kill her?”

“I wouldn’t blame ye if ye did.” She flashed her eyes. “Nobody liked her. Plus, if ye hadn’t killed her, yeh’d have ended up like Lavinia.”

“Truer words ne’er spoken,” Mort chimed in. He rose up on his hind legs and placed his little paws on Hilde’s skirt. She fed him another piece of turkey leg.

“Who’s Lavinia?”

Mort blinked his bright green eyes at me. “Macy’s former indentured servant. She slaved away for three decades before earning her freedom.”

“Yeesh.” My stomach turned. Macy had been eager to “claim me,” as she’d put it, and had clearly planned to put me to work.

Maybe I should be grateful to whoever killed her. Then again, I wasn’t sure “locked in the stocks” was a huge upgrade from indentured servant.

Hilde shook her head, her gaze wistful. “I admire your boldness, m’lady, slaying your captor and strikin’ out on your own like that. I’ve been with the Faire since the beginning, and I’m still only a turkey leg wench.”

She held up the enormous hunk of bird. “I’d love to claim my place in the Faire one day, as a ticket seller or maybe even a shop girl. Show ’em what I’m capable of… but…” She heaved a great sigh. “But I should keep my feet on the ground and head out of the clouds, as my pa always said. I’m probably only good for dishin’ poultry and fillin’ draughts.”

I frowned. I might not have taught a Pilates class in months, but the instincts to encourage and motivate were deep in me. I’d heard clients belittle themselves for their perceived weakness, lack of coordination, and hundreds more shortcomings. I’d never been okay with standing by while people talked so badly of themselves, and I wasn’t about to start now.


She and Mort looked up at me.

“That’s not true.” With my wrist clamped between the stocks, I did my best to lift my palm. “I may have just met you, but I know that you’re incredibly kind and generous—just look how you’re taking care of Mort and me.”

Hilde’s fair cheeks blushed bright pink, and she looked down at her lap.

“And I know you’re brave. No one else dared approach a suspected murderer.”

This got a small smile out of her.

I decided to capitalize on her misunderstanding. “I hereby order you to stop speaking so badly of yourself. Agreed?”

She grinned up at me. “Yes, m’lady.”

I grinned back. “Good.”

Sheriff Watson Boswell and his troll constables exited the jail and marched straight over to us. Oh goody.

Hilde leaped to her feet and bowed her head, while Mort log rolled behind my ankles. I sighed at the lawmen.

“What now?”

The sheriff glared at me. “Your bail has been paid, Adelaide Ryan.” He jerked his chin at a leering troll, who stomped forward with a big iron ring of keys and unlocked the stocks.

Was this a heat-stroke-induced hallucination? Warily I straightened, though my spine wouldn’t quite cooperate. Oof. I’d need to do some stretches, stat. I rubbed my sore wrists and peered up at the sheriff.

“Who bailed me out?” I looked at Hilde, but she shook her head.

The sheriff crossed his arms over his barrel chest. “He wished to remain anonymous.”

I smirked. “So it’s a ‘he.’”

“Blast!” He bared his teeth. “Fine, you know that much. But the rest is a secret.”
Johnson, Erin. Much A’Broom About Nothing: A Paranormal Cozy Mystery (Magical Renaissance Faire Mysteries Book 1) Kindle Locations (340-399). The Faire Ladies LLC. Kindle Edition.

Now that she’s been bailed out, she has to find the real murderer or face the gallows. First though, she tries once again to leave the faire. It’s then she also discovers that everyone in the fair is supernatural. With Mort and Hilde’s help she starts thinking about who might want Macy dead. Hilde realizes she’ll need a new place to stay and a job.

They’re talking about the queen and her court, which is full, when Mort enlightens her on the double curse of the Faire. The court is not only trapped here, but also immortal.

I really cackled at the line ‘May she die before her time.’ A sort of trial to become an apprentice to Tom at Swept Away Artisian Brooms is where Laidey begins.

We meet many interesting characters as Laidey investigates, I do like the Pirate Captain Bruce Roberts, and he seems to have taken quite the liking to Laidey.

With many twists and turns Laidey does find the actual murderer and also discovers what happened to the mice that disappeared from Macy’s tent.

So much fun, laughter, stunts, romance and more!

5 Contented Purrs for Erin!

Click the Cover for Buy Links and More!

Erin Johnson

A native of Arizona, Erin loves her new home in the Pacific Northwest! She writes paranormal cozy novels– stories that are mysterious, magical, and will hopefully make you laugh.

When not writing, she’s hiking, napping with her dogs, and losing at trivia night.

Erin’s had a ton of different jobs, from blackjack dealer to PA on a horror movie to Pilates instructor but has finally embraced her true calling as a writer. Thanks so much for your interest and for supporting her!

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Eren – Westerly Cove Book 2 by Zoe Chant

Westerly Cove Book 2
Zoe Chant


A beautiful stowaway pursued by trouble, and a protective bear shifter who would do anything to keep her safe!

We meet Lucy Copeland as she’s in the process of getting away from her uncle. Apparently, he wants her to sign some papers and she’s refused. Now he’s having her taken somewhere, she just has no clue where that might be. As they’re about to land she does her ‘thing’ where she blends in with her surroundings, in the lavatory. She manages to escape through the emergency exit and just starts running. The road leads to a dock and she jumps on one with large crates that is leaving.

The men after her weren’t just men they’re shifters, two tigers a wolf and a bear and she was lucky to get away from them as quickly as she did.

Eren in the meantime is fighting with the trash griffins. They are cat sized with a seagull front and a raccoon back that is attacking his lunch. He has errands to run in St John’s and no time for these creatures. As he finishes the shopping list, he runs into his sister Inga and sister-in-law Bernie. Inga starts snooping and he gets out of her inquisition with a bit of a lie. The story of who the supplies are for is not his story to tell.

Lucy finds getting off the boat she was on easier than expected. She comes to the realization that she has no money and no clothes other than what she’s wearing. As she wanders around, she sees a tourist shop, the hats and t-shirts proclaimed St John’s, Newfoundland. She does run into the kindness of a woman who gives her donuts, a bottle of water and the location of a shelter. When she sees one of her uncle’s men she knows she has to get away again. She makes her way back to the docks and makes the wise choice of hiding on board the Codfather, Eren’s family boat.

As Eren leaves St. John’s behind, he senses he’s not alone on the boat. When he hears a noise below, he investigates and what he finds is a big surprise in more ways than one.

This is a favorite scene.

“Let me go!” she yelled, struggling. In his attempt to contain her, Eren stumbled into the wall and bashed his head on the ceiling, which was low enough that he generally had to duck.

“Whoa, hey, I’m not going to hurt you! I’m just trying to stop you from hurting yourself—or me. There’s nowhere to go out there, just water.” She was starting to relax in his arms, though it was the tense kind of relaxation that suggested she might be gearing up for another fight. “If I put you down, will you relax a little? This is my family’s fishing boat. I just want to talk.”

“Okay,” she said after a moment.

Eren carefully set her down. He was prepared to stop her if she tried to make another break for it—he didn’t want to have to fish her out of the sea—but she stayed where she was, and as the light coming down the stairs from the pilothouse fell across her face, he got a look at her for the first time.

She was beautiful.

She was a slim, gorgeous Black woman looking up at him with wide dark eyes. In the shaft of sunlight from the stairway, they were shot with subtle hints of gray and green. Agate eyes, full of hidden depths.

There was a smudge of dirt beside her mouth that he had a sudden urge to wipe away.

She looked about his age, somewhere in her mid-twenties. She also looked way, way out of his league. She was the kind of classy that he not only wouldn’t expect to find on a fishing boat, but in Newfoundland, period. She looked like she ought to be on TV. Her hair was done up in some kind of fancy style he didn’t know the name of. She wore a low-cut pink blouse with ruffles that was kind of rumpled and dirty, like she’d been wearing it for a while, but also looked extremely stylish and expensive. Her artistically ripped tights and strappy shoes were the same way. Underneath it all, she was lush and female and gorgeous, and she smelled amazing.

His bear was suddenly fascinated and still in a way that it never was.

She was looking at him like he was something wild—and like she was as fascinated with him as he was with her.

“Hi,” he said, and tried to get some breath back. “Hi, uh, I’m Eren. Eren Nilsson. This is my boat. I mean, my family’s boat. Who are you?”

The vision of lush, curvy female beauty frowned a little. “I don’t think I should tell you that.”

“Just your first name, maybe? I need something to call you.”

She worried at her lower lip nervously before she said, “Lucy.”

The name fell on his ears like bells and birdsong. “That’s a beautiful name,” he said before he could stop himself.

Lucy took a step back. “Okay, buddy, don’t make this weird.”

“Right,” Eren muttered. “Yeah, so—I guess you’re not going to tell me why you’re here?”

She didn’t answer for a moment, then she said, “I don’t want trouble. I can just leave.”

“There’s nowhere to go. We’re in the middle of the ocean.”


He made a decision. She might not have been invited, but she was definitely a guest, and probably the most stunning guest this boat had ever seen. “You want a drink? I was just coming down to get myself something.”

“You found me stowing away on your boat and you’re going to offer me a drink?”

“You look like you could use one.”

She honestly looked like she had been through Hell, but he didn’t want to ask quite yet. Not until he gained her trust a little more.

He couldn’t risk messing this up. He had a hard time telling for sure, because his bear was being weird and cagy as usual, but he thought this gorgeous woman might be his mate.

He had always thought you’d be sure. That was what it sounded like from the way everyone talked about it. Tor had said he knew the minute he laid eyes on Bernadette, although he hadn’t told the family for a while because of the whole stoic big brother thing he had going on.

Maybe the uncertainty was just because of Eren and his fucked-up bear.

But one thing he could do was give her a drink. His bear seemed to like that idea, probably the first thing it had liked in years. Eren went down to one knee in front of the fridge.

“So it looks like we have bottled water and—well, bottled water, mostly, except for the fizzy shit my brother likes to put in here.”

“What fizzy ‘shit’?” she asked, leaning over his shoulder. She said it very carefully, as if she wasn’t used to swearing. Her hand was almost brushing his arm. He was acutely aware of her warmth; it made the skin tingle all down his arm.

“Oh, it’s this orange cream soda my brother likes.”

“I’ll take one of those, please,” she said, brightening.

As soon as he popped the top off the soda and handed it to her, she downed half the bottle.

“Whoa, slow down there.”

“Sorry,” she gasped out, and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. She took a deep breath. “Thank you. That’s very good. I was thirsty.”

That was evident. He was abruptly flooded with adrenaline as his bear had a sudden, overwhelming urge to find whoever had scared her this much and tear them apart. He wanted to take her gorgeous body in his arms and never let anything hurt her ever again.

“Is something wrong?” she asked.

Eren had frozen with the need to wrestle his bear back under control. It didn’t want to hurt her; he could tell already that his bear would never harm a hair on her head, or allow her to come to harm. But there was no way he could explain that to her. He just had to be as nonthreatening as possible, to the extent that he could manage it when he was twice her size and they were on his boat.

“Sorry, just thinking about things,” he said. “If it’s been a while since you ate anything substantial, I have some sandwiches. You want one?”

Her eyes lit up.

Soon he had her sitting up top in the pilothouse on one of the benches along the wall, wrapped in a spare flannel shirt because that pretty pink blouse definitely didn’t look warm enough for the open sea, with a sandwich in one hand and the creme soda in the other. Eren throttled the boat back up to speed, although not too fast because he didn’t want to rattle her around while she was eating.

“So I guess it’s obvious someone scared you,” he said after a little while, when she didn’t volunteer any information.


Thanks, bear, that is disgusting and also not helpful.

“I can’t talk about it,” she said so softly he could barely hear her.

“Do you need help?”

“I don’t think you can help me,” she said, huddling in on herself.


Thank you, bear, that’ll be enough.

“If someone’s after you, I can take you back to my hometown,” he said. “You’ll be safe there.”

“No offense, but—” She paused, and then said, “I appreciate the offer very much, but I don’t think anywhere is safe.”

“I’m serious. No one will hurt you in Westerly Cove. No one can hurt you there.”

Lucy frowned, her agate eyes clouding. “What in the world is that supposed to mean?”

How much to tell her? How much could he tell her? Eren wasn’t even sure if he himself believed the stories that Westerly Cove was protected with defensive magic in its gargoyle statues; no one who posed a threat to any of its residents could cross the town’s borders. Big brother Tor swore up and down that it was true, and also said that there was more to it than Eren or anyone else in town knew—but he refused to say more, claiming it wasn’t his secret to tell.

Eren understood about having secrets.

“Look,” he said, backing off from giving her the full explanation. The entire “our town is protected by lucky gargoyles” story was just going to make him sound like a lunatic. “I’m going to keep you safe, no matter what. If someone comes looking for you, I’ll make sure they don’t hurt you.”

Lucy crossed her legs at the ankles and leaned back against the wall, looking at him with the wary, defensive expression of someone who had been hurt in the past. “Why would you help me?”

Another thing he couldn’t explain; he wasn’t going to drop the true-mates explanation on her without warning either. “Because you need help,” he tried. “And it’s how I was raised. If people need help, here on the island, we help them.”

She let out a huffing breath and leaned her head against the wall.

“You’re not being followed right now, are you? I mean, they don’t have some way of tracking you?”

Lucy made a show of looking around at the bright ocean all around them. “How would they?”

“Just checking.” He could think of ways. The seagulls overhead could be shifters spying on them.

But it was possible to get too paranoid. And he had a very important errand to run. He wasn’t planning to go all the way back to Westerly Cove with all these groceries.

“Look, Lucy, I have to go somewhere before I go home, all right? And I need to swear you to absolute secrecy. No one else knows about this. You can’t tell anyone. It’s a huge secret.”

“You’d trust me with your secrets?” she asked, puzzled. “We’ve only just met. And, I mean, you found me stowed away on your boat.”

“I know. But yes, I trust you. And also,” he added, “I don’t have a choice. I mean, I could put you off on the shore—”


“So you have to come along. Just don’t tell anyone what you’re about to see. It’s important.”

“Okay,” she said after a moment, looking at him. “I promise.”

Eren turned back to the boat’s controls before he could fall into her eyes. He had a feeling that he was likely to keep falling forever.
Chant, Zoe. Eren (Westerly Cove Book 2) Kindle Locations (466-546). Kindle Edition.

Eren finds himself with his mate and no way to tell her that without her losing trust.

It’s in this book we meet Dane. He lives on Dead Man’s Island in what is referred to as a fisherman’s shack but is really a well-built log cabin. Lucy and Dane immediately trust each other, they both have secrets and that’s a relief to Eren who was nervous about revealing Dane’s presence on the island.

Once back in Westerly Cove Lucy meets Eren’s family and Inga takes her under her wing. The ‘Trash Griffins’ in town love Lucy. especially the ‘Trash Griffins’.

Lucy really fits in here, she just doesn’t know how much. We find out what she actually is, and we learn Eren’s story and Dane’s as well since they are intertwined.

I loved this book, it made laugh, cry, sigh and there’s plenty of sizzle too.

5 Contented Purrs for Zoe!

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Zoe Chant loves writing paranormal romance. Over a cup of tea (or something stronger) she whips up sexy tales of hunky heroes and adventurous heroines to tantalize and satisfy her readers. Sizzling hot romance, no cliffhangers!

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Stir in a Murder – Le Doux Mysteries Book 7 By Abigail Thornton

Stir in a Murder
Le Doux Mysteries Book 7
Abigail Thornton


Just when she’s ready for a new start,
a murder turns life on its head…

New beginnings abound in Wynona’s life as she plans her future with Rascal and rebuilds her shop from the ground up, all while her relationships continue to evolve with those closest to her.

With Celia out of the house, but a new roommate taking her place, Wynona feels as if she’s often walking on egg shells in her own home. Lusgu is a mystery that Wynona can’t quite unravel, though his proximity makes her more curious than ever.

When a dragon shifter, who happens to be an old friend of Lusgu’s, is accused of murder, Wynona realizes this might be her chance to peel back a few more layers of the brownie’s history.

With Violet and Rascal at her side, Wynona dives into a world of science and magic as she tries to clear the dragon’s name, and keep herself alive for her future wedding at the same time.

With her tea shop destroyed by fire, Wynona is regrouping. Her sister Celia has a successful new business with interior design and is helping her rebuild. Unfortunately, their tastes don’t run the same. Celia has also moved out and Lusgu has sort of moved in, the portal to his home is attached to her pantry and he is keeping her house as clean as he did the tea shop.

I get a kick out of some of the things Lusgu does and also the interactions with Rascal. There are more than a few secrets here, making every interaction with him a bit crazy.

Wynona has also been successful in controlling her power. This is a huge step for her, but she still forgets to use it in some situations having lived without for so long. She’s planning her wedding and Prim is doing her flowers and as her best friend is going shopping for teacups and pots at antique stores. What they find is a very unique tea pot that has a connection to Lusgu. It seems a friend of his, a Dr. Rayn made it and talking about her is painful to him.

When a storm comes up that isn’t natural and lightning strikes seem to target some people, one who is now dead and the other is in a coma. Then things get very interesting as a search of the area produces a box with the same designs as the tea pot Wynona bought.

Everyone gathers at Wynona’s to ask Lusgu about the device. This kind of forces Lusgu to reveal some things, but he also states the device is not hers. Rascal and Wynona investigate more into Dr. Rayn and what they find causes Lusgu to become extremely angry and dangerous.

This is a favorite scene.

Slowly, Rascal’s features went back to normal, until he opened his eyes to the usual caramel gold, rather than bright metallic.

Wynona gave him a hesitant smile. “Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me yet,” Rascal said, stepping around her and facing Lusgu. “If he puts a finger on you, I’m ripping him to shreds.”

“I don’t think he’s trying to hurt me,” Wynona said, though she couldn’t help but wince even as she said the words.

Rascal’s growl immediately deepened.

“I’m fine,” Wynona assured him, resting her hand on his arm. “He just caught me off guard.”

“We need Skymaw,” Rascal stated bluntly.

Again, Wynona shook her head. “I won’t make it that long. Lusgu’s too strong.”

“I don’t like it,” Rascal said.

“Me either, but here we are.” Stepping forward, Wynona put out her hands. “Lusgu,” she said in as authoritative a tone as she could. “If you will calm down, I’ll lower the barrier.”

Lusgu stopped flinging magic, but his eyes were wild and he appeared unstable.

Wynona stepped a little closer, ignoring Rascal’s warning growl. “Lusgu,” she said more softly. “I know you’re hurting, but we’re here to help. We’re friends. Please…calm down enough for us to talk this out.”

Lusgu’s small body was trembling and heaving from his tantrum, but he jerkily nodded his head.

Wynona looked at Violet.

Let him out, Violet said.

Trusting her familiar, Wynona lowered the shield. No sooner had the bubble begun to pop, than Lusgu threw up his hands, causing it to explode the rest of the way and sending Wynona flying across the room, her head slamming into the wall.

The room spun and Wynona couldn’t get her lungs to suck in a breath, they were frozen along with the rest of her body. She registered maniacal growling, but couldn’t turn her head to see what was going on.

The growling diminished and a dark head appeared above hers. “Never restrain me again,” Lusgu said in an icy tone, his black eyes pinning her in place.

Electricity built in Wynona’s fingertips. If Lusgu was above her, then Rascal was being held.

Stay calm! Violet shouted. Everyone needs to calm down!

For the first time in a while, Wynona completely ignored her familiar. Her soulmate bond was screaming in panic and it was the only thing she could feel. Her fingers twitched and Lusgu’s eyes darted to the movement.

Acting on complete instinct, Wynona threw out her hand and twisted it, clenching her fist at the end as if holding a rope tight. Lusgu gasped and was sucked to the floor, lying flat on his back. His hands clawed at his neck, but nothing was visible.

Wynona climbed to her feet, feeling weightless, as if she still wasn’t quite part of her body yet. She registered the brownie gasping for breath, but felt nothing. The edges of her vision were sparkling with a purple so dark it was nearly black, and she focused in on her wolf.

Rascal had shifted at some point and was muzzled and bound with shining black magical cords.

Wynona ran her nail through the air, slicing them in half and freeing her predator. She rested her hand on his shaggy head when he trotted to her side, before turning back to the creature still thumping on the floor.

She pursed her lips. Her brain seemed a little fuzzy. Why was he there? Wynona tilted her head, studying the small one struggling for breath. Her wolf whimpered and she scratched behind his ears, but the sound intensified.

The wolf stepped forward, nudging the creature, then looked up at Wynona with soulful eyes. Wynona blinked. What did it want? Why was she even attached to the wolf? What did it mean to her?

WYNONA! a voice screamed in her head.

Wynona blinked. Was that her? Was that voice calling to her? She looked around and noticed a bright purple streak run across the room, aiming for her leg. Reacting before thinking, Wynona sent a zap of magic at the movement, but the tiny creature didn’t even hesitate. It finished running to her and clamped down on her calf.

“Ouch!” Wynona cried, leaping back. As soon as the word broke through her mouth, she felt her lungs begin to move and she paused long enough to take in several deep breaths, her chest hurting with each expansion.

“Rascal,” she breathed, noting he was in his wolf form. “Rascal, are you okay?”

He whimpered and looked down.

Wynona followed his gaze. “Lusgu!” she screamed. Scrambling over on her hands and knees, she put a hand on his chest, sagging in relief when she felt it rise, though his eyes remained closed.

A sting on her leg brought her mind back around to what had caused the troublesome reaction in the first place. “Violet?” Wynona called out, spinning on her knees. “Violet?”

I’m here. Violet came crawling up Lusgu’s side, sitting primly on his chest.

Are you back?

Wynona pulled back her hand, which had been reaching for her familiar. “What?” Are you back? She looked at Rascal, who had separated himself from her by a few feet, and a dull ache began to build in her chest.

“I don’t understand.”

Violet nodded at Rascal and went down on all fours, tapping Lusgu’s chest a few times. Heal him and we’ll talk.

“What happened?” Wynona asked, immediately going into nurturing mode.

Heal first.

Wynona bit her bottom lip to keep it from trembling; they weren’t telling her something. And she had a terrible feeling that it was bad. Really bad. Gingerly, she rested a couple of fingers on Lusgu’s sternum and sent the slightest jolt of healing his way.

His eyes immediately shot up and he sucked in a deep breath.

Before she could pull back, however, Lusgu grabbed her hand, his long fingers crushing hers.

“I wasn’t sure I believed it,” he rasped.

“You’re hurting me,” Wynona whispered, trying to extricate her limb.

Lusgu blinked and tightened his hold, causing Wynona to wince in pain. “You’re the only one who can help.”

Wynona shook her head. “I don’t understand what you’re talking about. Help what?”

“Help…” Lusgu swallowed and his eyes darted to Violet, then back to Wynona. “I need you to help Rayn,” he whispered hoarsely.

“The dragon?” Wynona asked. “The inventor?”

Lusgu nodded. “You’re the only one who can do it.”

“I didn’t want to get involved,” Wynona explained. “You seemed so upset.”

“You’re the only one.” He finally released her hand and closed his eyes. “You’re the only one.”
Thornton, Abigail Lynn. Stir in a Murder: a paranormal cozy mystery (Le Doux Mysteries Book 7) Kindle Locations (936-989). Angel Music. Kindle Edition.

Something happened to Wynona when Rascal was threatened, something she can’t remember exactly. When Violet and Rascal explain it, it still doesn’t make sense to her and scares her. This I am sure has to do with the fact her heritage has both light and dark magic in it.

So much happens in this book as they try to clear Dr. Rayn of murder. The path to frame her is complex and twisted.

We also learn some of Prim’s unique powers and Wynona learns more about her own. I am also noticing a connection somehow to Wynona’s father. Although it’s not clear how or why, I’m sure we’ll eventually find out.

I’m already reading the next book, which will catch me up in this series until the next release.

5 Contented Purrs for Abigail!

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Coming Soon!

Ever since I was in elementary school I have wanted to be an author. Career day was a bit rough, since there is no official uniform for this job. Pajamas and a laptop maybe? Although my clothes change from day to day, my job as a wife and mother doesn’t. My days are filled with my 5 children and enjoying time with my husband, while my evenings are filled with creative time. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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String of Tears – Psychic Visions Book 22 by Dale Mayer

String of Tears
Psychic Visions Book 22
USA Today Bestselling Author
Dale Mayer


Jewel wakes up in the hospital, with no memory of what happened to her or no reason why she was found on the highway—dead. As reawakening goes, this one is brutal, but even more confusing is her instinctive grasping for a missing necklace around her neck. Had she been robbed, beaten, and dumped? If so, why? She has few friends and even fewer family members left to care, but, unlike his name, Hurricane walks into her hospital room and becomes a safe harbor for a world gone nuts.

Hurricane had been asked by Stefan to help Jewel and to take possession of a necklace, if it was deemed dangerous. Hurricane has seen a lot of dangerous and crazy things in his life, but Jewel’s current state is something new to him.

As the dangerous storm heightens around them, Hurricane’s task—keeping Jewel safe, as she tries to regain her memories and her sanity—slips even further away …

Barnes and Noble logo_150 KoboLogogoogle_play_logo_002_002

Stefan calls Hurricane in to help with this latest problem. A pearl necklace that Jewel called him about because she was concerned. Now she’s in the hospital, and as Hurricane arrives, she’s just awakened.

The circumstances of just how Jewel ended up in the hospital is disconcerting and with amnesia she isn’t much help to the police or Hurricane.

As he gets her home, she starts remembering bits and pieces. For example, her home really isn’t her home, just a house. She spent most of her time in her studio, which she doesn’t remember the address of, but can somehow give directions once on the road.

This is a favorite scene.

“According to what you’ve told me, you have no idea how you came to be at the hospital. You have no idea what happened to put you in this condition, and yet you remember something about a necklace, that you use love in your work and you definitely remember Stefan.”

She gave a half laugh at that. “I asked how it’s possible that I could remember Stefan, but the real question is how would it even be possible to forget him.”

“Have you ever met him?”

“In real life, or whatever that means, no.”

Again Hurricane just studied her face carefully.

“And, if you’re looking for truth in that statement, that’s all I can give you,” she murmured. “I don’t believe I’ve ever seen him face-to-face.”

“Good enough,” Hurricane replied cheerfully.

She looked at him, puzzled. “Have you?”

“Yeah, a couple times. He is pretty hard to forget.”

“Even for those of us who haven’t met him,” she murmured. She groaned, as she slowly lifted her arms over her head and rotated her neck and shoulders, letting her arms stretch as high as they would go and then back down again.

“Sore?” he asked.

“The bruises,” she noted, “they’re sore.”

He nodded, his gaze going to her bare arms. “They are fascinating, as bruises go.”

“I don’t know that I like that term.” She followed the direction of his gaze. She held out her arms, twisting them slightly to get a better look at them. “I mean, they’re sore, but, if I’ve been beaten to within an inch of my life, which is what these bruises appear to indicate, they aren’t that sore.”

“Maybe that’s a good thing at the moment,” he suggested. “The mind has a tendency to only remember what it can cope with.”

She stared at him and then nodded. “Meaning, it’s a self-defense self-defense mechanism, and maybe what happened was so horrific that I’m not ready to face it.”

“That would be one guess, yes.”

She looked around the kitchen. “Where to from here?”

“You tell me,” he replied, a note of humor in his voice. “I brought you to what I thought was your home.”

“It’s apparently the house, but it’s not home, and that’s a pretty important distinction at this point.”

“So, you tell me,” he prodded. “What I’ve come to understand about you in this short time is that you really care about and were obsessed with your work.” She pondered that and nodded. “So, in that case, why don’t we go to where your work is.”

“Oh, well, that’s a completely different story.” Puzzled, he watched as she got up, pulled a travel mug out of a different cupboard, filled it with coffee, and then walked to the front door. When he didn’t move, she called back, “Are you coming?”

“Sure. Why not?” With that and a disgusted sigh, he got up and headed toward her. “You want to tell me where we’re going?”

“I’m not sure,” she began. “But, if you drive, I’ll give you directions.”

His eyebrows shot up at that, but he didn’t say another word, hopped into the vehicle outside, and asked, “Are you okay to leave the house unlocked?”

She nodded. “Nothing for anybody to find.”

“Glad to hear that,” he noted. “So now we need to know where everything you care about really is.”

“I think it’s in my head,” she shared. “But that doesn’t explain where the rest of it is.”

He turned on the engine and waited for her to speak. She hesitated a moment, and he watched as she appeared to almost meditate, looking for some answer. Then she stated, “Drive up to the next corner and take a left.”

Following that vague statement was hard. The rest of the instructions came a little clearer each and every time, though sometimes right on top of each other. By the time he pulled up in front of what looked like a warehouse, he was staring at her, then back at the warehouse. “Does this make sense? You remember this place?”

“I’m not sure,” she murmured. “But it’s all we have to go on.” She hopped out, still sipping the coffee in her hand, and waited for him to come around. When he did so, she smiled and pointed. “The left one.”

“How is it that you’re getting here? What are you following for a trail?”

She hesitated and then just shrugged, and he knew that whatever came out of her mouth wouldn’t be the truth.

He immediately called out, “Stop.”

She froze, looked at him, and asked, “What?”

“I only want the truth. If you don’t have the truth to give me, or you’re not ready to give it to me, then don’t, but do not insult me with lies.”

She slowly closed her mouth and shrugged. “Fine,” she agreed. And, with that, she cut in front of him, her steps smart, clipped, and she was clearly irritated.

He grinned and followed. At least she hadn’t followed through with the lie. He wasn’t getting any information at all now, and maybe the lies would have told him something. However, for the moment, it looked like they had a truce. He just didn’t know what the fight had been about.
Dale Mayer. String of Tears (Kindle Locations 380-422). Valley Publishing Ltd..

With every turn of the page something new is added. Dr. Maddie is in this one, as is her husband Grant. Stefan is in almost constant contact, and we get a couple of glimpses of his wife as well.

Now something I noticed, not so much inconsistencies but rather incongruency in some parts of Jewel’s recollection. Things not quite right, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. That is until it all breaks wide open. I did however see Hurricane falling for her and Jewel falling for him, I just wasn’t sure how that was going to pan out.

Holy Moly what an ending, I truly didn’t see it coming!

These books never fail to surprise me, and I really can’t wait for the next one.

5 Contented Purrs for Dale!

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Coming Soon!

Dale Mayer

Dale Mayer is a USA Today bestselling author best known for her Psychic Visions and Family Blood Ties series. Her contemporary romances are raw and full of passion and emotion (Second Chances, SKIN), her thrillers will keep you guessing (By Death series), and her romantic comedies will keep you giggling (It’s a Dog’s Life and Charmin Marvin Romantic Comedy series).

She honors the stories that come to her – and some of them are crazy and break all the rules and cross multiple genres!

To go with her fiction, she also writes nonfiction in many different fields with books available on resume writing, companion gardening and the US mortgage system. She has recently published her Career Essentials Series. All her books are available in print and ebook format.

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