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Reviewing the Black Hills Wolves #18 – A Wolf Awakens by Cam Cassidy


A Wolf Awakens
Black Hills Wolves #18
Cam Cassidy



Death is not always an ending.

When the dreams first began, Angeni Sweet thought they were just that…dreams. Born with the gift of a medium, she quickly realized the truth—when she last entered the spiritual world, something returned inside her. Waking with bruises and daytime flashes of pain, the dark spirit makes himself known. His face, his name, a place. He leads her, and she has no choice but follow.

Believe in nothing.

Despite living in Los Lobos his entire life, Jaxon Boone has few things he believes in—his favorites being cold beer and hot women. Those beliefs change. When Drew demands he take the beautiful stranger, Ange, to an isolated cabin in the woods for the good of the pack, he learns that the things not seen are the most powerful.

The battle begins.

Fighting against the malevolent spirit of Magnum as he tries to push his way back to world, Ange fears it won’t be enough. Will Jax find the belief in needs in time to save not only the pack but the woman that quickly becomes the center of his world?


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I don’t know what I expected when I started this book. However Magnum possessing a pack member’s mate was a scary yet interesting turn of events.Ange is the real deal, a true medium, not someone cheating the clients her parents force on her. Now she has decided this was the last week. She would never do this again, she couldn’t take the darkness she was feeling.

Jaxson however, is another story. He’s found his mate but doesn’t believe her. He wants her more than anything but to him she is a liar and a cheat using people for their money.

How she found her way to him was something Jaxson couldn’t understand, neither could Drew or Ryker. Yet she found Los Lobos, and she was bruised and exhausted when she arrived. This scene is a favorite.

“Easy, pup,” Drew growled. “You don’t have to bother telling me she belongs to you. I can smell you on her. The question I need answered is how the fuck did she find you? Did you tell her about this place?”
Jax’s quick survey of Ange had his Wolf pacing to be set free. He pushed the hair from her face to reveal small scratches and scrapes. Drew’s words registered, Jax didn’t attempt to hide his sarcasm. “Yeah, I left her in town and then drew her a map how to get here. Did you look at her feet? Her hands? It’s like she clawed her way here. Who the hell goes for a hike barefoot in these hills?”

“I don’t have answers, I want answers, Jax. A human walks miles through the Black Hills and happens to show up on Main Street doesn’t fly. I won’t let the pack be put in danger. Not by her and not by you.” Drew, always the voice of reason.

“You’re gonna stand there and question my loyalty to the pack? Are you fuckin’ kidding me? Have you forgotten I was one of the few who stayed through Magnum’s reign? I did everything I could to hold our people together behind his back. Of course, you remember, you were the one who found me strung up in the barn like some kind of goddamn sacrifice.” Jax spat the words.

“I do remember. I’ll never be able to repay you for what you did or for what you suffered. Your loyalty was something I would never question, until now. There is no other explanation. Take her home, clean her up, and keep an eye on her. I’ll be by to talk once she’s up and around.” He walked away.

There was nothing else to say, at least not now. He picked Ange up carefully, cradled her against his chest, and headed home. He reminded himself of when he found her in Sturgis. She was a fake, a damn con artist. But how did she find her way here? The next to last thing he wanted to do was take her to his cabin. The last thing he wanted to do was turn her over to one of the pack to take care of her.

Mine, his wolf repeated in his mind.
Cassidy, Cam. A Wolf Awakens (Black Hills Wolves Book 18) (Kindle Locations 526-539). Decadent Publishing. Kindle Edition.

We see a side of Drew and Ryker that we haven’t before. A harsh one that is needed to protect the pack. I held my breath and cried quite a bit in this one. A lot of tension for everyone involved.

5 Contented Purrs for Cam


Cam Cassidy  Cam Cassidy

Cam Cassidy is an erotic romance author, her current with with a paranormal sizzle. She spent her life growing up in a small Ohio farming community. The lack of neighbors and companionship of mostly cows and horses in her youth left her plenty of time for her passion of reading to flourish.

As an adult, Cam is married and the mother of three ornery children who keep her on her toes. The cup of coffee in her hand is a trademark. She works full time in the medical field. In her spare time, she spends every minute reading and writing. Watching her children ride horses, dirt bikes with a notebook in hand to never miss jotting down that next all important story idea.

All of the “hard work” reading and writing sitting beside the fire drinking a glass of wine. Or was it between loads of laundry? Her dream of becoming a published author have come true.


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