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This Pucking Ship – Love at Sea Book 8 By A.M. Williams

This Pucking Ship
Love at Sea Book 8
USA Today Bestselling Author
A.M. Williams


What started as a one-night stand has become an entire week stuck at sea. Can these two
unlikely lovers figure things out or will one of them jump off this pucking ship?


Taking a job working in the gym on a cruise ship seemed like a good plan, especially after being
dumped and fired from my last job, thanks to my cheating ex.
What I wasn’t counting on was running into the hockey superstar I had a one-night stand with.
Now I’m stuck trying to avoid the chemistry between us despite his relentless pursuit before I
find myself put out to sea.
I just need to survive this cruise with my head down and avoid the drama.


Being a guest on a lover’s cruise wasn’t my idea of a dream vacation.
But running into the woman I can’t get out of my head? Now, that’s a dream come true.
I swore I wasn’t interested in a relationship, but the sparks between us make it hard for me to
resist. Except she’s more worried about protecting her job aboard the ship than me.
Maybe it’s for the best if we go our separate ways especially once we’re off this pucking ship.
But back on land a unique opportunity to help Maureen secure her dream job presents itself. I’ll
stop at nothing to make it happen because as much as she needs this job, I need her and this
position will give us both what we want.

Maureen is experiencing being black-listed after a relationship with her boss. She didn’t know he was married there were no signs anywhere. Now she’s in almost desperate need of a job. Her friend Heidi works for a cruise line and when a position suddenly opens, she knows it’s perfect for Maureen. She applies in Maureen’s name and gets the job. Now she has to get Maureen to accept it.

While stunned, Maureen realizes she could use the time away to regroup and accepts the position. She meets up with Heidi in New Orleans, and the night before the cruise is to leave they head out for a few drinks. That’s really not Maureen’s scene so she finds a quieter place to be.

It’s outside on the patio where she’s approached by Dylan.

This is just part of one of my favorite scenes.

Copyright 2022 @A.M. Williams

It was October in New Orleans, so it wasn’t exactly cool outside.

But it was better than the oppressiveness of the inside.

I glanced up and down the street, noting more people were out now.

As I looked around, I noticed a small patio area I hadn’t seen before when we arrived, too busy sticking close to Heidi to notice anything about the place she’d taken me to.

A quick glance confirmed it was a part of the bar I was at and that it wasn’t packed.

There were empty tables scattered throughout the space. With the realization I could sit down, my feet started throbbing.

I practically sprinted to an open table along the wooden fence, sinking down and sighing as the pressure was taken off my poor feet.

That’s what I got for letting Heidi talk me into wearing one of her cute pairs of boots instead of the sandals I wanted to wear.

I sighed in relief as I sipped my quickly warming beer, watching the knots of people outside.

There were several groups clustered at tables and on the other side of the patio was an outdoor bar.

I briefly wondered why everyone hadn’t come outside instead of staying in, but realized that inside was where the real party was. It seemed like outside was where people came to hang out.

I was fine with the hanging out over the partying. I felt too old to be inside in the thick of things.

Come to think of it, the last time I’d partied hard had been my last year of grad school. Heidi had taken me out then, forcing me to drink shot after shot after graduating.

I suddenly remembered why I didn’t party hard and grimaced with my next sip of beer.

I shuddered at the memories and was glad I was sticking to beer and not drinking hard liquor.

“You look too serious to be sitting here alone,” a husky male voice said to my right.

I sipped my beer as I looked toward who was speaking and promptly choked on it when I got a look at the guy standing there. Tall, dark, and handsome barely scratched the surface of how good he looked.

I coughed as I put my glass down, sputtering and trying not to spit beer on him.

He smirked as he sat down across from me, a beer in his hand. “I can say I’ve had a lot of reactions over the years, but not sure I’ve ever had someone choke when they saw me.”

I wheezed as I tried to catch my breath, a knot settling in my throat as I tried not to hyperventilate.

After a few moments, I was breathing easier and looked back at the guy.

It was Dylan Harding. I recognized him immediately, which is why I choked.

He was starting forward for North Carolina’s hockey team. While hockey in North Carolina might not be as popular as you’d think, I took notice when there was a hottie on the team.

And Dylan Harding was the hottest of the hotties. When he’d first started playing, I was just starting my career as a physical therapist and hoped to work with professional athletes at some point.

He was only a few years older than me and dead sexy. Light blonde hair, dark brown eyes, and a physique that would make most grown men and women cry. I didn’t know anyone that was in better physical shape than he was.

So while I watched little hockey or really understood it, I understood a sexy man.

“Sorry,” I finally said, after realizing I was staring at him. I thought fast and quipped, “I wasn’t sure if I was really seeing a demon or not. You took me by surprise.”

Dylan grinned and laughed, shaking his head as he sipped his beer. “Quick on your feet. I like it.”

I shrugged and sipped my beer much more carefully this time.

“You from here?” he asked.

I shook my head. “Nah, here for work. You?”

He got a funny look on his face at my question, but shook his head as well. “Nah, just visiting.”

Silence stretched between us, but it wasn’t uncomfortable.

I looked around us as I took another gulp of my drink, trying to grasp onto something to talk about with my celebrity crush, but was drawing a blank.

“I’ve seen some of your games,” I finally blurted.

Dylan’s eyes widened. “Games?”

I nodded quickly. “Yeah. At PNC Arena.”

He stared at me for a few beats. “You recognize me?”

He sounded baffled by this thought, and I narrowed my eyes. “Yes, I recognize you. I’m from North Carolina.”

His eyes widened briefly, then his expression cleared. “Sorry, I meant nothing by it. You just said nothing when I sat down, so I assumed you didn’t know who I was.”

I pursed my lips as I considered what to say.

“I wasn’t going to admit to knowing you,” I finally said. “But couldn’t think of anything else to say, so I panicked.”

He nodded slowly, studying me, his gaze raking over me. “So you’re a hockey fan?”

I couldn’t stop the laugh that bubbled out of me.

His brows drew down over his eyes as he stared at me. “I wasn’t trying to be funny,” he said, sounding offended.

I nodded, but couldn’t stop laughing. I looked away from him, working to get my laughter under control before looking at him again.

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t laughing at you, but more at what you said. No, I am not a hockey fan.”
A.M. Williams. This Pucking Ship (Kindle Locations 282-327).

After a one-night stand, Maureen leaves before Dylan wakes up to report for work, leaving no way for him to reach her.

Dylan was surprised at being on the other side of being left. He did have a ship to catch though.

He never expected to see her again, but he found her in the ship’s gym, giving tours.

I love the way this story develops, even though it has some serious consequences should anything happen aboard ship.

There’s plenty of steamy heat, and lots of romance involved to get these two together.

5 Contented Purrs for A.M.!

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A.M. Williams

A.M. Williams is just a simple girl from the south that found herself living in Germany for six years, and now in Florida. When she’s not annoying her cat or reading, she’s spending time with her husband and planning trips to the beach, which is now only an hour away. She’s a total beach bum and would spend every day there if she could. She loves Cheerwine, sweet tea, and North Carolina (eastern style) BBQ as well as crisp, German white wine at any time of day.

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The Forever Game – Meet Cute Book Club Book 3 by A.M. Williams

The Forever Game
Meet Cute Book Club Book 3
A.M. Williams



Being born as a creative with zero athletic ability into a family of athletes means only one thing – I’m the family outcast.

The one who no matter how successful I am, will never fit in.

That’s okay. I’m happy with my life. I’ve got my friends, good books to read, and my very own tattoo studio where I get to live my own dreams.

Things are going just fine for me.

Then he shows up. The definition of tall, dark, and handsome. I don’t think I’ve ever been this wildly attracted to someone at first glance.

There are a million reasons why things between the two of us would never work out.

But, the universe keeps throwing us together and Jameson seems hell-bent on proving me wrong.


I’m in town for one reason and one reason only: recover in the off season so I can go back next year ready to dominate on the field.

After a brutal divorce and an even worse football season, I need to recoup and get my head in the game.

What I don’t need is distractions.

That’s exactly what she is. She’s gorgeous, funny, and has curves in all the right places.

There’s just two small problems. I’m on the rebound and she’s the daughter of my mentor. Who would even want to go there?

But, somehow we keep crossing paths and there’s something tempting about breaking through all those stereotypes she has about guys like me.

Can we find a way to give in to what our hearts want and finally win the forever game?

The Forever Game is a standalone, sports romance that is part of the multi-author series, Meet Cute Book Club series. Escape with this swoon-worthy collection of romances where meet-cutes don’t only happen between the pages of romance novels and members find their own happily ever afters.

Daphne is waiting at the bar for her family to arrive for their family dinner when Jameson walks in. They’ve introduced themselves and he asks about her tattoos. When her mother shows up it’s clear everyone knows Jameson and suddenly, she feels very out of place. Nothing much to do but go along with it at least for a little while. However, when she finds out her father is his mentor, he’s a professional football player and her parents hoped they’d hit it off she was done. No fix ups for her.

Jameson knew nothing of this and tracks her down to The Ministry of Ink, her tattoo shop. He needs to explain and apologize. He’s also always wanted a tattoo but never found the right inspiration, until now.

Daphne is very attracted to him and is really trying to keep it together. Jameson had just been through a divorce and a bad season. He needs to relax and regroup.

Of course, her parents weren’t going to give up easily and they both end up at their house for another try at dinner. It’s here we get to see some really revealing things about the family dynamic. Especially between her and her sister Dakota.

This is a favorite scene.

He cleared his throat. “So dinner last night…”

He paused and glanced out the window, his brow furrowing.

I followed his gaze and just barely kept myself from groaning. Of course, my mother would come to the cafe and bring my sister with her.

“Did you tell them we were coming?” I asked Jameson, looking back at him.

He grimaced. “I mentioned we were meeting for coffee this morning.”

I pinched the bridge of my nose. “That was enough. I bet my mom has either been sitting outside waiting, or one of her friends texted her we were here.”

Jameson said nothing in response because my mom sauntered up to us with a huge grin.

Dakota followed behind, glowering at me.

What else was new?

“You two look cozy,” Mom said, clasping her hands in front of her chest.

Cozy? We looked like two strangers meeting for coffee.

“He just got here,” I told her. “It’s hard to look cozy when we’re still warming up.”

Mom waved her hand in the air, like she was clearing my words from her presence.

“Nonsense. I just knew the two of you would hit it off.”

I stifled my groan as she gazed at the two of us. “We won’t keep you,” she continued. “But I wanted to drop in and say hello.”

Before either of us could say anything, she and Dakota went to the counter to order a drink and were gone in a few minutes.

Only then did I sag into my chair. “My God…” I muttered.

“Guess I should be glad this was coffee and not something fancy.”

I barked out a laugh. “You jest, but she probably would have crashed that, too.”

“What’s—“ Jameson started, but he snapped his mouth shut when Mrs. Aldrich, a retired elementary school teacher and one of my mother’s good friends, stopped by our table.

“You two make a fine couple,” she said, grinning at the two of us. “Tall, dark, and handsome, with fair and beautiful.”

I wanted to tell her she missed squat as my descriptor, but I didn’t want her to stick around longer than necessary.

“I’m so glad to see you dating,” she said, directing her gaze at me.

I pressed my lips together to keep myself from saying something rude and nodded.

With one last grin, she left the cafe.

Jameson cleared his throat. “I was going to ask you what the deal was with your sister,” he said. “But now I want to know what the deal was with her comment.”

He jerked his head toward where Mrs. Aldrich had disappeared outside the cafe.

“Nothing much to tell,” I hedged, not wanting to get into my dating history and how horrendous it had been. I also didn’t want to talk about my sister and hoped he’d take the hint.

I wasn’t so lucky.

“And Dakota?”

I was saved from thinking of a response by another person, this time my parents’ neighbor Mr. Creech.

“I thought that was you, Daphne,” he said, grinning at me. “But I forgot my glasses at home and my eyes aren’t what they used to be.”

I smiled at him with affection. Growing up, he’d helped foster my love of art and drawing. He also helped me get into the art program at Abbott Ridge College.

“Yep, it’s me.”

He nodded, flicking his gaze to Jameson, then back to me. “Who is this young man? Your beau?”

My face heated at his words, and I quickly tried to correct him. “No! I mean,” I cleared my throat, “no. We’re friends and we met for coffee this morning.”

Mr. Creech grinned at me and winked. “Sure, that’s what I said when I met my wife, you know. And look how that turned out?”

My mouth dried at his words. “Oh, it’s not—”

“I hope to see you next time you stop by your parents’. I have some stuff I think you might like.”

He nodded to Jameson, then shuffled out of the cafe. Thankfully, since he forgot his glasses, he didn’t walk to a car and get in the driver’s seat. He walked away from the parking area.

“Sure were quick to deny that I was your beau,” Jameson teased, chuckling.

I glared at him, wishing I could shoot lasers from my eyes as he continued to laugh while sipping his coffee.

“This isn’t funny.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” he drawled. “This is pretty hilarious to me.”

I stuck my tongue out at him for lack of anything better to do, and he threw his head back and laughed.

The joy on his face as he did so cracked something in the wall I’d built around my heart and made me question if being so adamant about us not being something was the right thing.
A.M. Williams. The Forever Game (Kindle Locations 588-627).

There’s so much attraction between these two it jumps off the pages. However, nothing this intense is going to go smoothly. Both Jameson and Daphne both have some issues. Jameson with his ex and Daphne with her family.

I really loved this book, there’s laughter, tears, fun, intrigue and some sizzle too.

5 Contented Purrs for A.M.

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Coming Soon!

A.M. Williams is just a simple girl from the south that found herself living in Germany for six years, and now in Florida. When she’s not annoying her cat or reading, she’s spending time with her husband and planning trips to the beach, which is now only an hour away. She’s a total beach bum and would spend every day there if she could. She loves Cheerwine, sweet tea, and North Carolina (eastern style) BBQ as well as crisp, German white wine at any time of day.

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About The Meet Cute Book Club Series

Escape with the Meet Cute Book Club where meet-cutes don’t only happen between the pages of romance novels and members find their own happily ever afters.

Eight single women bound by their love of books take a monthly break from real life to lose themselves in the chapters of romantic fiction. From friends to lovers to fake relationships and more, each story features a brand new couple and their journey to find love from an amazing lineup of authors including Louise Lennox, Tracy Broemmer, A.M. Williams, Mel Walker, RJ Gray, Rebecca Wilder, Julie Archer, and Kate Stacy.

These eight standalone romances are packed with meet-cutes, heat, and of course a happily ever after!

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