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Release Day! Not Even Death : Infinite by B.b. Blaque

Release Day!

Not Even Death: Infinite
The Complete Collection

Join Calico on her journey to find the one who can fulfill her needs and her his.
Her Master’s final wish for her is to choose. Choose to be a slave to a new Master or join the Vanilla world.


Not Even Death: Infinite
Master Collection
B.B. Blaque

Contains All Four Books

eternally still

always-master-1 forever-your-master-4

These books contain explicit BDSM scenes and sex. Sadomasochism, exhibitionism, spanking, flogging and knife play are just a few of the things detailed.

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Not Even Death: Eternally Your Master
Book 1

Winter Blog BlurbSm

Derrick – The Dominant and best friend

Calico Cruz’s world was torn apart when the Master she loved lost his long, painful battle with a fatal illness. All she’d been and done over the past ten years had been because of Markus Cruz, now, she’d have to face life at the estate alone. Or would she?

The knock on the door surprised her, but not as much as what the knock would set into motion. After allowing her a month to grieve, Markus was reaching out and pulling her from the darkness—pushing her back into the light of life. Not even death would keep him from controlling and assuring her future path to love and submission.

With Derrick’s help Markus will remind her of the sweet taste of surrender and that he will be her Master—ETERNALLY. Together they will guarantee Calico another happily ever after.

Winter Blog ReviewSm

Calico is in mourning. When she receives a letter from her deceased Master Marcus, she somehow knows everything will be fine. How exactly she isn’t sure, but Markus had a plan, one his most trusted friends would carry out for him.

This is part of a favorite scene as she reads the letter.

Calico began to rustle through the papers. Tears filled her big, amber eyes again. In her hands was the contract between Markus and herself. She kissed it and held it to her heart, recalling the day they’d signed it with his lawyer as witness. It seemed so long ago and like yesterday. Where had time gone? She’d cherished every second but they just hadn’t been enough.

As she continued through the stack she saw the slave certificate; Markus was listed as her owner. Sliding her hand up the nape of her neck she touched the barcode tattoo.

These were the things he was leaving in her hands? Was he certain of her capability? She felt so lost without him.

I know you won’t go searching with any sort of urgency, your loyalty runs so deep and the guilt would consume you. But, I can’t possibly imagine you floating around this estate like a ghost while you’re still alive. You’re too good, too hungry and have too much life left to live. So, my sweet kitten, I’ve, taken this, out of your hands. You will need to serve. It’s who you are. The decision is mine.

I’d considered willing you to someone but the potential for a life of unhappiness… I’d rather you a ghost.

Calico sat in the middle of the gazebo, curled up and rocking in attempt to console her heart. She couldn’t imagine the reality of what she read. Although she hadn’t felt him touch her in a month, she could feel him cradling her broken heart now.

After careful consideration, I’ve chosen some of my dearest friends to look after you. I chose only those I thought would help you laugh, heal and grow in my physical absence. I may not be there to Master you in my earthly body, but I am alive and well in your heart and mind.

Each of them has my deepest admiration and trust. I expect you to give them the same consideration. They will prove they can earn it from you, I promise you that, but at my will, give it first please.

For now, they will be acting as vessels for my will and desire, I will be in each of them, don’t forget that kitten. They will treat you only as outlined by me.

Ultimately, you will find a match; you’ll both know when it happens and have my blessing. Until that time, enjoy what I will give you through them. Enjoy the gifts they’ve given me…. to continue my journey with you. I love you my kitten

Ya’ see? I told you, not even death…

Your Master,

Blaque, B.B.. Not Even Death: Eternally Your Master (p.p.4- 6). B.B. Blaque. Kindle Edition.

As promised another letter and a package arrived with her instructions. This was followed by a call from the first Master Markus had chosen for her, Derek Destry. She was familiar with him and he had joined Markus in their play on occasion.

This first part of the journey not only brings her back into the pleasures of serving a Master but also has her reflecting on her past before meeting Marcus.

A truly sexy and demanding beginning for this series. Complete with a new stepping stone to her Gazebo.

5 Contented Purrs for B.B.!

Not Even Death: Still Your Master
Book 2

Winter Blog BlurbSm

Blaze St. Sebastian – The rock star and Master

The foundation has been laid to guide her to future happiness as a slave, but a base is nothing until something rises from it.

Enter Blaze St. Sebastian—the sizzling, bad-boy rock star. He is the definition of edge and the next flame in Markus’ line to ignite Calico’s life.

With Markus and Blaze’s guidance and discipline Calico will learn to take chances on life, love and herself.

She will learn to trust, and if she can stop trying, she’ll learn she can just fly!

From the streets of NYC, to the beaches of Florida go for a ride with Calico as she experiences life, love, sex and music in ways she never fathomed.

Winter Blog ReviewSm

Calico’s next step will be delivered by a Master she has actually had a crush on. Blaze St. Sebastian is the lead singer and guitarist of the band Hot Kink. She will be attending his concert as well as meeting him as a Master.

A favorite scene is the phone call from Blaze on the day of the concert she is singing along with the music of Hot Kink when she answers the phone.

“I’m sorry… Pardon me please, Blaze… Sir.” She stammered. Nothing like starting out on smooth footing.

“It’s quite alright, I enjoyed hearing you sing. I think someone’s excited.”

“I’m glad to hear it!” He began. “I just wanted to touch base with you about tonight.”

She hoped it would be longer than just the evening. She’d dipped her toes in with Derrick, and the short time together had been just enough. Blaze was different— she already didn’t want it to end.

“I know you received the package with the dress, I look forward to seeing you in— and— out of it.” He flirted seriously.

Calico felt her cheeks grow warm with the compliment. She couldn’t help being a bit star-struck. Her hands shook slightly as the anticipation inside grew. She couldn’t seem to speak and the words hovered in her throat.

“I’ll send a car for you at five. Make sure you’re ready when he arrives.”

“What should I bring with me?” It was an honest question, but she hoped to glean some idea of how long he’d be keeping her.

“Just bring yourself.” He said. “I have clothes and whatever else you may need— I just don’t have a good little slave girl by my side.”

Well, there went that idea! She still didn’t know.

“Things will, evolve, as I desire. I won’t give you a list of rules. Markus filled me in on what liberties I can take. There were only two hard and fast rules from him.”

She didn’t interrupt. What in the world is Rule #2? He was obviously not done speaking. His words were already softening her— melting— stoking the fire of the torch she carried.

“I have a single rule at this time. Do as I say… precisely as I say it.” The timbre of his voice, now, had a more complex flavor. The deep espresso tone was mixed with a whisper of gentle sweetness she hadn’t heard before. “Your life may depend on doing what I say, precisely when I say.” She tingled all over. The sweet danger was intoxicating and she was soaking wet.

“Can you do that Kitty?” He asked, permitting her to speak.

“Yes Sir, I think I can do that.” She had a small giggle at the base of her tongue that barely escaped.

“Good girl. The car will be there at five, I will see you when you arrive. Make yourself ready. I want high-heeled boots; full pouty lips; sweet perfume and I want it all… just… for me.”

“Yes Sir!” The giggle bounced out with her emphatic declaration. She was so thrilled she could barely see straight.

“See you soon baby.” And with that, he was gone.
Blaque, B.B.. Not Even Death: Still Your Master (Kindle Locations 539-565). Kindle Edition.

Calico was going to be experiencing music like she never had before. She would definitely fly with it.

This part of the journey also has Calico thinking of her past and how she came to be where she is today. From the concert to the night at Blaze’s home and then back to her own estate. Every step is a progression to find her way to the one she is meant to be with.

An ever intensifying experience even for the reader.

5 Contented Purrs for B.B.!

Not Even Death: Always Your Master
Book 3

Winter Blog BlurbSm

Jordan “The Bishop” – Combat vet, Marine, teacher, and high protocol Master

The Bishop’s firm hand and strict old school style will teach her lessons once more. Together they will journey beneath the cold city and to the star strewn heights—for a deep and aerial view of Calico’s past, present and future. By viewing where she began with new eyes, she’ll be one step closer to her happily ever after.

Only Markus knew how much was left for her to learn and only the Bishop’s tactics could make everything fall into place.

Calico’s journey is almost complete and this is the hardest and most fulfilling lesson yet!

Winter Blog ReviewSm

Jordan, ‘The Bishop’ was the one who assisted Marcus in the training of his new slave. Calico learned much from him about what she really enjoyed as a submissive and a slave. His training was such that she never forgot certain things. Like roses and thorns. Now she is returning to him for the next step in her journey to what or who Marcus has in store for her.

This is a favorite scene as Calico reminisces in her NY penthouse.

On the living-room table was an incredible bouquet of roses. She thought back to the lesson about the meanings of each. Purple— enchantment and majesty; blue— mysterious beginnings, new things; black— beginning of a new journey, death of the old— she was surprised how much she remembered. Red— the color of love, respect and— the seal of the Bishop!Kitten, how could you ever forget? You wore the rose thorn welts for weeks until you learned them all.

Markus’ voice was sharper— the bustle of the city had always been an energy source— and it was crystal clear. There was no way she’d forgotten, she was only surprised by his memory and the thoughtful gift.

When she was closer, she could see tangled with the roses were sprigs of baby’s breath and some special Bishop finishing touches. Reaching tentatively toward the arrangement she felt a surge of electricity pass through her body.

Am I afraid, or was that excitement?

The sweetness of the flowers was tempered by stinging memories. Rulers, the Bishop’s favorite tools of torment, jutted out like porcupine quills. Everything came rushing to back to present.

With a soft touch she fingered the edges— some wood— others metal— of the sadistic sticks. The rulers weren’t the only memorable additions. The Bishop had been expert in keeping her off kilter— guiding her to the edge and making her quiver nervously— until he brought her back. He’d added a pack of gum and little mesh baggies of rice.

Memories— good Lord— I bet he remembers everything! I haven’t chewed gum since!

Thinking back to her first day of lessons, she recalled her last piece of gum. Without thinking, she showed up— Carissa showed up— with a wad of watermelon bubble-gum in her mouth. Of course, at the time, she hadn’t given it a thought. She had no frame of reference that could’ve told her otherwise. Markus could have warned her, but she needed to learn the lesson so he chose to let it go.

She opened the gum and breathed deeply. Wow, it could be yesterday! Her stomach churned with the smell. It was the smell of failure.

Quietly, she sat in the chair in the makeshift classroom, uncertain what would happen or who this Bishop person would be. Anxiously, she shifted around the chair and popped her gum. It seemed like forever waiting for her “teacher” to arrive— so— she shifted, smacked and blew bubbles with the disgustingly sweet gum. Each time a bubble popped, the air would be filled with the acrid, artificial, fruit scent— rising up like a toxic, sugar cloud around her. Each bubble grew larger, its smell stronger until a different kind of pop grabbed her attention. The sound, behind her, was louder and spun her around in the seat. Then again— smack— the thick yardstick met the wooden table harder— signaling the entrance of his Excellency— the Bishop.

Calico smelled the gum again. Maybe I am a masochist. It was also the scent of the beginning of something beautiful. Her first impression of the Bishop was the loud crack of the yardstick and his lightening quick fingers as they grabbed the gum from her still blowing mouth.

“Young lady— and I use the term loosely— you will not chew, smack, blow or pop that vile epoxy in my presence. I don’t think your owner would approve do you?” His breath— like a dragon’s— blew hot on her nose.

“No, I don’t think so.” She replied quietly, fidgeting in the chair. “Hey, what kinda nun are you anyway?” Carissa had never been to church, Catholic or otherwise— the question was sincere.

Without another word, his breath was replaced by the sticky, hot-pink offender. For the remainder of the week she’d worn the gum on her nose. It was a sickeningly sweet reminder— to never chew gum in his presence again.

The nun remark also earned her introduction to the yardstick— and the power of the rice.

Seeing the little baggies reminded her of the countless hours she’d spent kneeling on the painful little grains— phantom pains flicked through her knees just being so close.

The Bishop was not clergy— probably not even Catholic— but being trained by him was always spoken of as an almost religious experience.
Blaque, B.B.. Not Even Death Always Your Master (Kindle Locations 81-118).Kindle Edition.

We get to witness the power of the Bishop as he brings Calico back to her beginnings when she was Carissa. She must visit her past in order to go forward to her future.

Here in NY she visits with Detective Sheridan (Sheri), the detective who was so influential in her past. Really the catalyst to her accepting Marcus’ invitation to help her. She also meets up with Sheri’s son although briefly. While they are friends, they are the only people Calico considers family.

Lots of surprises in this book and the interactions and play with The Bishop are extremely intense and erotic. Of course they are necessary for her next step.

5 Contented Purrs for B.B.!

Not Even Death: Forever Your Master
Book 4

Winter Blog BlurbSm

All the Masters return, including the Mystery Man

Markus’ final lesson and the end phase of Calico’s journey is to discover a world she never has before—the vanilla world. It’s time to spread her wings, run free, and do things she’s never dared imagine. Only after finding out about the other side and how “they” do things, will she be able to fully consent to life as a slave.

When faced with the freedom to choose—what will she do?

The reality of the vanilla world is a frightening, eye-opening, and exciting experiment. In fantasy she quickly finds she can have both. When the BDSM world collides with the vanilla, Calico finds herself floating through a surreal wonderland where all her sexual fantasies are possible and nothing is taboo or off limits. All the Masters return to lead her journey of self-discovery.

Will she be led back to the dungeon?

Who will be her happily ever after for the next journey?

Winter Blog ReviewSm

The author gifted me with an ARC of this book so I could include this finale on release day.In this the final episode of Calico’s journey she must experience the Vanilla world she has never really been a part of. So she observes the people around her outside of the lifestyle. She becomes friendly with the waitress in the coffee shop in her building and gains some insight into the workings of a vanilla relationship.

A favorite scene is actually not with Calico but with the mysterious forth Master. This is part of a conversation he has with Jordan ‘The Bishop’.

Jordan shot him a narrow-eyed glance that let him know he was treading on thin ice. “I knew I had to cut things cold. This won’t be an easy lesson for her, and if I know Calico—and now I feel I do—she’d prefer the rose thorns to what lies ahead.” He was trying to regain control of himself and the situation.

“So, you pushed her away for her benefit?” He was trying sincerely to understand. “Or your own?”

“Does it really matter who’d benefit? It was already plotted out, just as you were—part of the master plan.” Jordan’s shoulders slumped forward, causing him to almost curl into himself on the seat. It was not typical Bishop posture.

“Do you want her? Is that why you were a dick?” He studied Jordan’s micro-expressions, obscured by his hand. His body language spoke volumes even if his words were few. “Dude, you do want her—or you think you do!”

The Bishop rose to his feet—solid shoulders back—head firm. “What the fuck is that supposed to mean? That’s not part of it—not part of any of it! At no point is she meant to become mine, you know that as well as I do.”

His stoic side was objective, logical, but behind his words was a fire born of emotion. “She’s meant to learn this lesson. By the Masquerade, she’ll know what and who she wants. Just take care of her between now and then.”
Blaque, B.B.. Not Even Death Forever Your Master (Kindle Locations 109-119).Kindle Edition.

As part of the interaction in the vanilla world Calico is going to have Thanksgiving with Sher and his son Sage. This dinner is at Sage’s apartment and is just the three of them.

Now she finds herself attracted to Sage, but he is Vanilla. Calico has some really out there dreams involving all the players here. Her decision is to be made at the Masquerade on the 10th of December and time is running out.

While Sage and Calico never do more than kiss, it’s those kisses that have her questioning everything. Surprises abound in this one as we wind down to knowing just what Marcus has in store for her.

Once again an intense and erotic story, with an ending I didn’t quite see coming.

5 Contented Purrs for B.B.!

Winter Blog About Author

B.B. Blaque writes beautifully flawed characters who ultimately find, perfection is not a prerequisite. Our flaws are what make us unique and some flaws compliment each other better than others.

She loves BDSM (Male dominant/female submissive.) There’s something that just feels so right about a man wearing the pants (especially when he wears them well and fills them nicely.) She is interested in the psychological aspects of relationships in general and especially when there is a power-exchange dynamic.

Her world would stopping revolving if not for heavy rock music (and the wonderfully talented people who make it.) Music and it’s makers will definitely be strongly visible in my work. She listens, remembers…She listens, She’s inspired…to write…to love…to f**k…to live.

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