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Beach House Romance – Beach House Trilogy Book 1 by

Beach House Romance
Beach House Trilogy Book 1
NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author
Cora Seton


She’s 27 and just hit rock bottom…

Emma Miller’s fiancé left her days before her meal delivery business went bust. Now she’s broke, homeless and starting out all over again, weighed down with debt that isn’t even hers. So when she learns she and her estranged sister, Ashley, have received an unexpected inheritance, she’s thrilled. Now they can both move to Seahaven, California, and run Brightview, her grandmother’s rambling beachside bed-and-breakfast. She’ll do the cooking. Ashley can tend the Cliff Garden, the attached acre of winding paths and flowerbeds that has been in their family for generations. With her money and family woes solved, who knows—maybe someday Emma will find love again.

He’s 33 and just hit it out of the park…

Noah Hudson’s life couldn’t be better. He’s sold his successful business and can finally right the wrong he did years ago to his older brother’s career. Andrew deserves his turn in the limelight, so Noah just bought one of the last undeveloped oceanfront lots in Seahaven. He’ll give Andrew an unlimited budget to design and build a luxury vacation home that will land on the cover of every architectural magazine. While he’s waiting for his new digs, Noah has found a handy living situation in the bed-and-breakfast next door. While Andrew pursues his dream, he can spend his days on his own passions: extreme sports photography.

Emma is furious when she finds out Ashley sold their grandmother’s garden to the newly minted millionaire renting one of her guest rooms—a very handsome millionaire who seems to have nothing better to do but surf, snap a few photos and play havoc with her heart.

Noah just realized what he left off his to-do list: find the woman of his dreams. Turns out she’s his current landlady and about to be his next-door neighbor—if she doesn’t kill him for destroying her grandmother’s legacy first.

Can Emma and Noah find a way to heal the past without ruining their future together?

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Emma Miller has hit bottom but is working her way up again. Her business closed, her belongings sold to pay bills, she’s working two jobs to save enough for a new place. Then another large envelope arrives, one she really hoped didn’t contain more debts to be paid.

Instead the envelope holds an inheritance, the bed and breakfast and gardens her grandmother owned had been held in trust for her and her sister Ashley. Although she was confused as to why it wasn’t revealed at the time of her grandmother’s death. She found herself wondering if her grandmother knew about her father’s gambling habit and overjoyed to now have not only a place to live but also a thriving business to run. She meets her neighbors, also women who have inherited their properties and businesses, Ava and Penelope. They quickly become friends meeting regularly.

Noah Hudson is preparing to leave the office when Mark Maxwell, his best friend and partner in Maxwell Tech comes into his office. Mark has big news, the moment they’ve been waiting for, an offer on their business to big to ignore. Not that they wanted to, Noah agreed to work with Mark until this moment, then he was going to buy beachfront property and let Andrew, his architect brother, build a showplace home. He knew exactly where he wanted the property, Seahaven beach on Cliffside Street.

When a property came up that Noah wanted he didn’t hesitate and then made a reservation for six months at Brightview the bed and breakfast near his new property. When he made the reservation he didn’t have a dog, now he did as a favor to his neighbor who needed care where he couldn’t have his pet. I really loved the interaction when Emma greets her new guest and his surprise pet.

This is a favorite scene.

“Hi.” The man smiled, and Emma’s breath caught. That grin was something, tugging at her insides in all the right places. She’d barely looked at a man since Jordan had dumped her, since the hurt was still too raw, but maybe she’d underestimated the rate of her healing. She was sure looking now.

“Hi.” She recovered herself and ushered him in. “I’m Emma Miller. Welcome to Brightview. Let me take your bags.”

Noah shook his head. “If you think I’m going to make a woman carry my bags to my room, you weren’t raised in the kind of house I was.”

She let herself smile at that. “Your room is right here, anyway.” She gestured to the first door on the right. “You really don’t mind it doesn’t have an ocean view?”

“I don’t mind at all.” He flashed that grin again. Comfortable in his skin, she thought. Oh, to be so confident. All her gumption had disappeared with Jordan and her business.

“You won’t get sick of it after a month or two?” Why on earth was she trying to run off a paying customer? Emma wasn’t sure, except something about the man was getting under her skin, a tug of interest deep inside her she hadn’t felt since… well, since she’d met Jordan.

This man wasn’t anything like Jordan, though. He was obviously a doer, judging by the way he prowled around the bedroom, easily lifting two large suitcases onto the bed. Jordan was a man who liked to talk about doing things, brag about doing them and make a whole lot of promises he had no intention of keeping. If only she’d realized that before she got engaged to the man and made him a partner in her business.

“Nope,” Noah said simply. “This is perfect.” He gestured to the large closet, the one good thing about the room aside from its cozy charm. “I have a lot of gear I need to stow, and this will get the job done. You mentioned there was room in a storage shed outside for my bike and surfboards?”

“That’s right.”

“I’ll keep my cameras in here. And…” His grin slipped a bit as he ran a hand through his hair. He ducked his head. Looked up again sheepishly. “There’s something else.”

Oh god, he’d brought a woman along, and now he was going to try to foist an extra guest on her—an extra guest who’d be in her house for six months. Should she bill him double? Refuse her? Emma told herself the panic rising inside her was purely to do with business and nothing at all to do with her disappointment that Noah was taken.

“It’s Winston.”


“My dog,” he explained.

“Dog? You didn’t say anything about a dog.”

“I acquired him recently. Real recently. Like… yesterday. He’s a good dog, though. Come and see.”

A dog that was going to stay for six months? Emma’s thoughts spun. Would she have to warn other guests about him? Put it on the website? She’d designated Brightview as pet free…

She followed him outside to the Range Rover he’d parked in one of the spaces. Inside sat a very good dog.

Such a good dog.

Emma’s heart melted instantly.

“Winston?” she heard herself say to the fluffy golden retriever sitting upright in the back seat. “Oh, my goodness. You are obviously a sweetheart.”

The dog lifted its head at the praise. Rested its chin on the edge of the open window and cocked a doggy eyebrow at her.

“He can stay?” Relief was plain in Noah’s voice. He opened the door, and Winston hopped down. Obviously an older dog but still active, he immediately sat by Noah’s feet and waited to see what would happen next.

Emma crouched next to him and let him sniff her hand. When he licked it, she petted him, scratching behind his ears. When she found herself hugging the dog a minute later, she knew she was lost. She missed Buster, the retriever her family owned when she was little. He passed away the same year her mother did, which had broken her heart. A retriever made everything better, especially when it was a patient, older dog like Winston.

“He can stay—for now. If the other guests don’t mind,” she cautioned. Looking up, she saw that Noah’s earlier grin had softened into something like appreciation as he looked down at her. It sent a zing of interest through her body that Emma quickly quelled.

“Fair enough. I’m willing to pay extra.” Noah held out a hand. She took it, and he helped her to her feet.

Flustered by the sizzle of attraction that zipped through her at his touch, she boldly said, “I’m afraid I will have to charge you extra. I’ll have to notify the other guests of his presence, and it might cause some people to choose different accommodations.”

“You got it.”

“How did you end up with him?”

Noah’s smile faded. “He belonged to a man in my building who’s moving into a retirement home in a few weeks. He’s not allowed to bring a dog as big as Winston. I told him I’d take him and bring him to visit now and then.”

“You’re a good friend.”

Noah shrugged. “Who could say no to a face like this? Come on, Winston. See your new home.” Noah lugged another bag out of the Rover and shut the door.

The retriever obediently followed him inside. Emma trailed after them, marveling at the way the man seemed to take everything in stride. “Settle in, then come and have a snack,” she told Noah.
Seton, Cora. Beach House Romance (The Beach House Trilogy Book 1). Kindle Locations (592-636). One Acre Press. Kindle Edition.

There’s an almost instant attraction between Noah and Emma one that shows much promise. That is until she finds out where his property is. Emma is devastated to realize her sister had sold the gardens next to the bed and breakfast. They were far more than just gardens to the the town.

So much has to be overcome, the plans Andrew has for the house, her sister’s betrayal and then there is the love that has blossomed between her and Noah.

Laughter, Tears, Romance, Conflict and some Sizzle in this page turning read.

5 Contented Purrs for Cora!

Coming Soon!
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  Cora Seton

USA Today and NYT Times bestselling author Cora Seton loves cowboys, country life, gardening, bike-riding, and lazing around with a good book. Mother of four, wife to a computer programmer/eco-farmer, she ditched her California lifestyle nine years ago and moved to a remote logging town in northwestern British Columbia.

Like the characters in her novels, Cora enjoys old-fashioned pursuits and modern technology, spending mornings transforming a one-acre lot into a paradise of orchards, berry bushes and market gardens, and afternoons writing the latest Chance Creek romance novel on her iPad mini.

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The Stunning Series Conclusion! A SEAL’s Triumph – SEALs of Chance Creek Book 10 by Cora Seton

A SEAL’s Triumph
SEALs of Chance Creek Book 10
USA Today Bestselling Author
Cora Seton


He’s bound to the past. She believes in the future

Lieutenant Walker Norton might be cynical, but he isn’t a broken man—yet. Raised to understand the looming catastrophe of climate change, promised to a woman he doesn’t love, he long ago decided to live a life of service to his country, family and friends. It’s enough—until he meets Avery Lightfoot and realizes he wants so much more.

Love means everything to Avery. Witness to her parents’ wonderful marriage, she’s long waited to meet her soulmate, act in romantic movies and start a family. Now it’s all in reach. But Walker can’t marry her until he’s released from his vow—and when Elizabeth Blaine arrives at Base Camp, it’s clear she’s ready to claim Walker for herself.

Elizabeth doesn’t love him and doesn’t want him—so why is she determined to ruin his life? Walker has forty days to find an answer before he’ll have to choose between honoring the past or seizing the future he craves.

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With this book we get a prelude that catches you up to the present. The book opens just a few steps back from where the last one ended. It’s early morning, before the film crews come out, and Avery sees something wrong with one of the Bison, the one she calls Ruth. Yes she’s named the Bison. She calls for Walker and together they watch as Ruth gives birth, a beautiful moment that almost ends with a kiss. However the film crew shows up and it becomes a request for just one more day.

We see Boone come in with just the one short stick before Angus and Win’s wedding. Kind of a moot point but a tradition of sorts, We also learn how Walker managed to not pull the short one until today. It wasn’t just luck. Looking forward to the wedding and dancing with Avery at the reception, no one was more surprised than him when his grandmother Sue shows up with Elizabeth at her side. Both clearly determined for him to keep his promise. That doesn’t make any sense to him when the last time they spoke they agreed to put an end to it.

Avery is taken aback by the beauty of the newcomer, wondering why Walker would want her when Elizabeth was everything she’s not. Things don’t get any better when instead of Walker going to his grandmother’s for a confrontation about the past, Elizabeth shows up at Base Camp to stay.

She’s not offering Walker any explanations, and Boone decides they need a back-up husband for Avery in order for her to stay on the show. To say things are about to get interesting is an understatement.

This is a favorite scene.

“Because Walker is going to marry Elizabeth?” she prompted. “And you’re going to shunt me out here in the suburbs away from everyone else? Is that your plan?”

She couldn’t believe Boone had the guts to try to spin it as a good thing.

“I’m not shunting you anywhere. I’m trying to tell you you’re still part of Base Camp no matter what Walker does.”

Still part of Base Camp? Had that ever been in question?

Fury flooded her. She’d come to Westfield the same day he had.

“These new houses are roomier, for one thing,” Boone went on. “We’ve figured out a way to make them more efficient so we can up the footprint, and we’ve got an improved system for piping water to them, and—” He caught sight of her face, ran both hands over his short hair, then held them to the sky. “Look, I don’t want this either, but Walker’s ties to the reservation…” He shrugged. “I don’t understand how it all works. It’s like Sue has something over him.”

“If he wants to marry Elizabeth, he can.” She crossed her arms over her chest, struggling to contain the pain threatening to overtake her. She’d be damned if she was going to live in the new settlement away from all her friends, no matter what he said.

It’s just a few hundred yards away, she told herself sternly, but she knew it wouldn’t be the same. She’d be lumped in with the newcomers, and Elizabeth would take her place as a founding member of Base Camp. How was it fair that Riley, Savannah and Nora, who’d come here with her, were getting everything they wanted while she was being pushed aside? What had she ever done to deserve being treated like this?

“He wants you,” Boone said bluntly. “But want comes second to honor with Walker. You know that.”

His understanding surprised her. “What does Elizabeth have on him?”

“Wish I knew, but I don’t. There are some parts of his life he keeps zipped up.”

She took a ragged breath. “So you can’t help.”

“Not with that.”

“Hang on,” Renata interjected. She held up a finger, and everyone paused while she pulled out her phone and took a call. Avery exchanged a puzzled glance with Boone. Renata never stopped filming, especially in the middle of getting footage that would definitely land on the show. When she hung up, she was smiling. “I’m so glad you’re here, Avery. It’s perfect timing.”

“For what?” Avery didn’t think she could take much more today.

“You asked Boone for a backup husband a while back, didn’t you?”

Avery groaned. “And then Fulsom said I have to have one whether I want to or not. Boone Rudman, tell me you didn’t put out an ad for a husband for me.”

“You knew I had to,” he said defensively, “but I haven’t started going through responses yet. I was letting them pile up.”

“Well, I have,” Renata said. “I found you the perfect backup husband. His name is Gabe Reller, and his cab just pulled into the parking lot. Let’s go. We’ll meet him at the bunkhouse.”

Disbelief flooded Avery. “You got me a backup husband? You can’t be serious,” she hissed at Renata. “You’re supposed to be a friend.”

“I am a friend. Fulsom will kick you off the show if you don’t have one. Wouldn’t you rather I pick him out than Boone?”

“I suppose so.”

“I’m good at picking out backups,” Boone put in.

Renata ignored him. There was nothing for it but to follow everyone else to the parking area. What kind of man had Renata picked out for her? Who would want the job?

“Gabe is a scientist. Something to do with climate change, which is what caught my eye. Seems really nice. Maybe you’ll like him.” Renata marched on, everyone else trailing her.

Avery stalked past her toward the bunkhouse, burning for the chance to tell this interloper where he could get off.

When she arrived there, however, Elizabeth was already squaring off with the stranger, a muscular blond man wearing what looked to Avery like high-end hiking gear. She had one hand on her hip, the other wagging in the man’s face, but when she caught sight of Avery, she cut off mid-sentence. Both of them watched her approach, Elizabeth warily, the man with a speculative look in his eyes.

“You the guy who thinks he’s hot shit enough to be my backup husband?” Avery asked him.

To her surprise, Elizabeth laughed. The man scowled.


“Gabe Reller. I know. What I don’t know is why you’re barging in here where you’re not wanted.” She crossed her arms, hoping to look intimidating.

“That’s exactly what I asked him,” Elizabeth said crisply.

“That’s rich. You barged in where you’re not wanted, too,” Jess called out from behind her camera.

“Pipe down!” Renata barked at her.


Gabe smiled ruefully. “Barging in where I’m not wanted seems to be my specialty,” he admitted. “I’m here because I’m dying to check out Base Camp for myself and see if I can help in some way. A friend turned me on to the show, and I’ve been watching it avidly ever since.”

Elizabeth snorted. “Don’t trust him, Avery. Anyone can tell he’s one of those guys who thinks everything’s about him. Believe me, I know his type—I work with men like him all the time.”

Avery glanced at the crew ringing them. They were loving this.

“What makes you think you can help?” she asked Gabe.

“Don’t encourage him,” Elizabeth said.

What was her problem? Renata had said he was a climate scientist. Had they crossed paths before? “Do you know him or something?” Avery demanded.

“I know his type,” she snapped. “Do-gooders who don’t believe in mixing politics with science.”

“Maybe that’s because mixing the two can be dangerous,” he countered.

Was there such thing as rival wildfire scientists? Avery wasn’t sure, but Gabe and Elizabeth were glaring at each other like lifelong enemies.

“Aren’t you happy Gabe is here?” Avery asked Elizabeth. “You came to steal Walker from me. You should be glad I have a backup husband.”

“Exactly what I was telling her before you came,” Gabe said smugly.

Elizabeth blinked. “You know what? You’re right. I don’t care what you do. Invite him to stay. Marry him if you want to.”

“Maybe I will.” Avery looked over Gabe frankly. Anyone who could rile up Elizabeth was okay in her books. “I could do worse, I guess.”

“Thanks a lot,” Gabe said dryly.

“Whatever.” Elizabeth stepped into the bunkhouse and shut the door behind her.

“You sure got on her bad side fast,” Avery said.

“Guess it’s a good thing I’m not here to marry her. Now what do we do?” he added. “Like I said, I watch Base Camp. I know you want to marry Walker Norton, and I understand you probably aren’t too pleased to see me, but will you at least show me around before you kick me out?”

She supposed she could do that. She liked Gabe’s forthrightness. They could use some of that around here. “We have to travel in groups,” she informed him. “Someone was sneaking around the place last night.” She turned to Boone. “Should we give Gabe a tour?”

“What’s going on out here?” Walker came out of the bunkhouse, and Avery wondered if Elizabeth had said something about Gabe’s arrival. Maybe Walker needed a reminder why it would be worth the discomfort of standing up to Sue in order to save their relationship.

“This is my backup husband, Gabe Reller,” she told him. “I’m about to give him a tour of the place.” She took Gabe’s arm. “What would you like to see first?”
Seton, Cora. A SEAL’s Triumph (Kindle Locations 1237-1296). One Acre Press. Kindle Edition.

Just when you think things can’t get worse, what with an intruder they can’t catch, surveyors from Montague, Elizabeth on her cell phone and Gabe’s glares, and reports from Star News cutting down all the good the show is doing with personal attacks, they do. One that I never saw coming.

I love seeing Alice and her sisters as well as the maze from the ‘Brides of Chance Creek’ Series, apparently that comes after this one but I’ve already read it.

This book is full of surprises and we all know Elizabeth has to be up to something, and so does Gabe, the question is what.
All I’m going to say is I spent a lot of time almost in tears and holding my breath that things work out.

I really can’t wait to see what Cora comes up with next and in the meantime I have a few series to catch up on!

5 Contented Purrs for Cora!

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  Cora Seton

USA Today and NYT Times bestselling author Cora Seton loves cowboys, country life, gardening, bike-riding, and lazing around with a good book. Mother of four, wife to a computer programmer/eco-farmer, she ditched her California lifestyle nine years ago and moved to a remote logging town in northwestern British Columbia.

Like the characters in her novels, Cora enjoys old-fashioned pursuits and modern technology, spending mornings transforming a one-acre lot into a paradise of orchards, berry bushes and market gardens, and afternoons writing the latest Chance Creek romance novel on her iPad mini.

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The Cowboy’s Christmas Bride – Cowboys of Chance Creek Book 9 by Cora Seton

The Cowboy’s Christmas Bride
Cowboys of Chance Creek Book 9
NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author
Cora Seton


After traveling around the globe for over a year, Cole Linden is more than ready to return home to Montana, so when his fiancée, Sunshine, suddenly cuts their trip short and books them flights back to Chance Creek, Cole feels like the holidays have come early this year. He hopes she’ll love the present he bought her: a restaurant space downtown. If only he can transform it into the sleek, modern style she likes before Christmas, maybe she’ll finally agree to set a date for their wedding.

Sunshine can’t believe she’s pregnant, but she is, which means it’s high time to get back home. It also means she needs to re-think her career goals. She can’t run a world-class restaurant in tiny Chance Creek—especially not with a baby. So Cole will have to be the breadwinner of the family. Which means he needs a ranch. Luckily she’s found one. Three hundred acres of prime ranch land and a wonderful—if dilapidated—house. With Christmas looming, she’ll need to race to turn it into the comfortable family home they’ll need as soon as they get married.

But when a delayed flight results in the loss of their hotel room, Cole and Sunshine realize they’ll have to couch surf through the holidays. Staying with each of their friends in turn leads to a series of revelations that might undermine their relationship for good. Can Cole and Sunshine make it until Christmas?

Or will this be the holiday that ends it all?

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Cole and Sunshine have been traveling the globe, getting to know each other better and enjoying learning about world cuisine and cultures. Now after years of travel they are heading home to Chance Creek, hopefully to stay.

While they are both excited to return, they are both keeping secrets. In an unexpected twist, they run into one of Cole’s old girlfriends at the airport, Fran is anything but subtle as she describes that relationship. Although Sunshine knows her relationship is secure, doubts creep in.

Once in Chance Creek, their reserved hotel room has been given away, this is a favorite scene.

She opened her eyes, took in the drab facade of the motel and nodded. Without a word she undid her seatbelt, gathered her purse and stepped out. Cole joined her, taking in her ridiculous but beautiful high-heeled leather boots. She’d likely break her neck on the ice before they reached the front entrance. When he went to take her arm, Sunshine smiled at him, but that didn’t dispel the tiredness that etched her face. He needed to get her to their room, fast.

They walked in silence to the lobby where a woman greeted them with a frown. “Sorry, folks. We’re full up, just like the sign says.”

“We have a reservation,” Cole said. “Under the name Linden.”

The woman was already shaking her head. “Like I said, we’re full up. Everyone’s already checked in.”

“We have a reservation.” He couldn’t keep the steel from his tone. “Look it up.”

“Okay, Mr. Linden.” She typed into her computer and shrugged. “I’m sorry. Just like I said.”

Cole braced his hands on the counter. “We have to be in there. We’re a little late, but—”

She pursed her lips and typed some more. “You’re more than a little late, Mr. Linden. Your reservation started last night.”

“We got held up at the airport.”

“It’s a shame you didn’t let us know. We could have held your room. Instead we gave it to someone else.”

Anger boiled up inside Cole. “Like hell. I reserved that room for two weeks!”

“And you didn’t show up or notify us of your change in plans. We didn’t charge you.” The woman shrugged again.

“I don’t care if you didn’t! I need a room—now!”

“Cole.” Sunshine’s voice held a warning.

The woman folded her arms over her chest. “We’re fully booked, Mr. Linden. I think you’ll find most places are. You might try Billings—”

“I’m not driving two hours to find a motel.”

“Cole,” Sunshine said again. “You’re not helping.”

He clamped down on the urge to swear. She was right. Guilt swamped him again at the unhappy expression on his fiancée’s face.

“Isn’t there someone you know?” she asked.

He’d never seen her so pale and drained, even in the deepest jungle or on the most forbidding mountain. Maybe Sunshine was getting ill. If so, he couldn’t waste time arguing. “Take a seat,” he told her and waved at the armchairs positioned by the window. “I’ll find us somewhere to go.”
Seton, Cora. The Cowboy’s Christmas Bride (Cowboys of Chance Creek Book 9).Kindle Locations (231-248). One Acre Press. Kindle Edition.

From the moment Cole finds a room for them at Ethan and Autumn’s Bed and Breakfast you know this is going to be an interesting couple of weeks. They will only have this room for one night, then other friends step up and offer a room a night, right up to Christmas.

The thing is, Cole has bought a restaurant for Sunshine. It needs a lot of work before Christmas and his friends offer assistance in the project. He wants her to have what she wants, he also has to find a home for them. He isn’t kicking Scott Preston out of the apartment attached to his rifle range. He’d done so much while Cole and Sunshine were traveling.

Sunshine’s surprise is twofold, she is pregnant and she’s bought a ranch for Cole sight unseen. A ranch that Carl Whitfield wants to buy so badly he’s offering double the amount paid in cash. This has Sunshine questioning herself and Cole even as she and the other women start making the house livable.

Much hilarity as they make up excuses for not being where they said they were. That leads to a rock band and the guys taking dance lessons.

A fun read, with renewed friendships, new goals, and lots of love. Now I have to see which series I haven’t completely read. I love Cora’s books!

5 Contented Purrs for Cora!

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Cora Seton

USA Today and NYT Times bestselling author Cora Seton loves cowboys, country life, gardening, bike-riding, and lazing around with a good book. Mother of four, wife to a computer programmer/eco-farmer, she ditched her California lifestyle nine years ago and moved to a remote logging town in northwestern British Columbia.

Like the characters in her novels, Cora enjoys old-fashioned pursuits and modern technology, spending mornings transforming a one-acre lot into a paradise of orchards, berry bushes and market gardens, and afternoons writing the latest Chance Creek romance novel on her iPad mini.

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The Cowboy Earns a Bride – Cowboys of Chance Creek Book 8 By Cora Seton

The Cowboy Earns a Bride
Cowboys of Chance Creek Book 8
NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author
Cora Seton


Wedding bells are ringing on the Double-Bar-K and Luke Matheson is determined to make his move on his favorite bridesmaid—sweet, sexy Mia Start. Though she’s shared his house for more than two months, she’s remained elusive. Luke’s ready to cross that divide, and win her love for good.

Mia would give anything to marry Luke, but he won’t want her once he knows the truth; she’s four months pregnant with another man’s child. It’s time to find a real home—and a real job—so she can raise her baby alone.

When a nosy neighbor exposes Mia’s pregnancy at his brother’s wedding, Luke sees his chance to finally get what he wants. He lays claim to the baby—and to Mia—but their happily-ever-after lasts barely a day. When Luke’s pride clashes with Mia’s need for independence, Mia calls the wedding off.

Can Luke convince her to change her mind? Or will these wedding bells sound the death knell of their relationship?

Barnes and Noble logo_150 KoboLogo google_play_logo_002_002

This book opens with a confrontation between Mia and the father of her child, a meeting with an acquaintance from her pageant days . We then progresses to the breakfast at the Matheson ranch the day of Ned and Fila’s wedding. A trip to Paris might be in the works for Lisa if Holt doesn’t mind his own business when it comes to Luke and Mia.

When Autumn has her baby at home with only Mia and Luke present, Luke confesses he wants to marry her and for them to have a family. Mia confesses she’s already pregnant and Luke finds himself angry, but not a Mia, at the man who did this to her.

Things come to a head at Ned and Fila’s wedding though, busybodies can’t help themselves and they out Mia’s pregnancy. Luke is having none of it and comes to Mia’s rescue.

This is a favorite scene.

“Mia Start—there you are. I was looking for you.” Linette’s voice cut through the murmur of the crowd like chalk on a blackboard. She took Mia’s hand and tugged her closer. “See, I told you there was something different about her, Enid. Mia, you’re getting fat!”

Mia’s cheeks flamed as her mother turned around to look. Surely the old busybody couldn’t have spotted her pregnancy. She searched for a quick retreat. “Sorry, Mrs. Wilcox. I have to go help out in the kitchen.”

“Nonsense. You never could cook. See Enid? What did I tell you?” Her bony fingers wrapped more tightly around Mia’s wrist. Mia saw heads all around them turn her way. Damn it—she had to get out of here.

Before she could move, Linette reached down and patted Mia’s belly, giving a hard push on her abdomen. Mia sucked in a gasp of air.

“I knew it!” Linette crowed. “I know a pregnant woman when I see one! Did I or did I not say your daughter was hiding something, Enid? Mia always was sly. Shame on you, keeping a secret like that, girl. Where’s the ring on your finger?”

Mia thought she would die. Now everyone had turned to look at her. This was the stuff of nightmares—the very reason she hadn’t told a soul except for her closest friends. Her mother turned pale as parchment. Her father stood as still as the statues on Lisa’s mantelpiece. She’d get no help there. They would be thinking of their church—their friends—the same friends who turned a cold shoulder to anyone with a wayward child.

“Mia! Say something!” her mother hissed. “Tell her she’s wrong.”

“I…I mean—” A chill swept over her, followed by another flush of heat. This couldn’t be happening. It couldn’t. Not at Ned and Fila’s wedding.

“See? I was right. She won’t even name the father. You certainly won’t find him in this crowd. I heard Ellis Scranton already left town. Things must’ve gotten too hot for him here. I bet you gave him what-for, didn’t you, Bart?” Linette looked utterly victorious—she knew as well as anyone else Mia’s father was not the type to confront anyone. Mia had a sudden flash of insight—this was about the Easter bazaar. Her mother had been nominated to run it this year. Linette’s face had looked like she was sucking lemons for a week afterward.

“I…it’s—” But what could she say to deflect Linette’s words? She didn’t want it known that Ellis was the father of this child. He was gone and good riddance. But she had to say something, fast. Maybe Ellis was right—she should say it was a one-night stand. Just a guy she’d met at the Dancing Boot. Someone she’d never seen again.

But when she opened her mouth to repeat the lie, she spotted Luke watching her. He stood just ten feet away and his face showed his feelings. Anger. Disgust. A sob caught in her throat. She needed to leave, now. Before she sank to the ground in a puddle of humiliation.

“Mia Start, you tell me if it’s true!” Her mother’s voice rang out, the finger she pointed at Mia shaking.

“It’s true.”

Mia jerked. She hadn’t spoken.

But Luke had, and every head in the room swiveled toward them at his authoritative tone. Luke stepped to her side with all the calm confidence of a lion strolling through the savannah, and Mia bit back a cry of pain. Why had she told him about her affair with Ellis? Luke was going to expose her. She’d never live it down.

“Mia is pregnant with my baby,” Luke announced to the crowd at large. “We’re getting married. We planned to make the announcement tomorrow.” He clamped an arm around her, which was a good thing, Mia thought. Because she was going to faint.

Luke caught Mia when she began to sag and ushered her into the kitchen quickly, pursued by Mia’s mother. So much for finding Ellis and warning him off. So much for talking things through with Mia after the wedding. He’d started down a road from which there’d be no turning back.

“Luke? Oh, my goodness—what’s happened?” Lisa bustled over to meet them, a spatula still in her hand. Luke helped Mia to a seat at the rustic kitchen table and faced her.

“Linette Wilcox just forced our hand. We had to announce our engagement.”

Mia gaped at him, but he ignored her. As chaotic as this turn of events was, he felt in his element. He was a man of action, not words, and this situation called for action. He refused to let the woman he loved bear the brunt of other people’s wrongdoing.

“Your…engagement?” Lisa’s voice rose to an excited squeal. “You and Mia are engaged?”

“And pregnant,” Enid said, bustling into the room behind them, her face still red with the shock of her recent encounter with Linette. “Don’t forget pregnant, too. Enough to show!”

“Pregnant!” Lisa’s face lit up even more, and it felt like a kick in the gut to Luke. What would she say when she found out the baby wasn’t his? She’d better not say a damned thing.

No one had.

Then he remembered his mother’s words from this morning when he’d said he didn’t see any reason for rushing into matrimony. I’m afraid you will soon.

Had she known?

“When?” Lisa cried. Luke didn’t know if she referred to the wedding or the birth. He squared his shoulders. “The wedding is the first weekend in March. Two weeks from today.”

“Two weeks!” both mothers chimed.

“That doesn’t give us any time to plan,” Lisa said.

“You’ll figure it out.” He clamped a hand down on Mia’s wrist and hoped she understood his message. She was his now. She needed a man and he’d be that man. He wasn’t asking her—he was telling her, the way he should have months ago. And he didn’t care what anybody said.
Seton, Cora. The Cowboy Earns a Bride (Cowboys of Chance Creek Book 8) (pp. 55-59). One Acre Press. Kindle Edition.

Of course it’s not going to be that easy. Mia decides she needs to take charge of her life. She wants to have a career of sorts and no one is taking her seriously. I love the way Mia gets a not only a make-over but starts an event planning business.

Luke isn’t going to have an easy time convincing her to marry him and there’s mysterious notes showing up as well.

Lots of fun and laughter as this story progresses and there’s some tears as well. Oh and some very serious sizzle too.

I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.

5 Contented Purrs for Cora!

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Cora Seton

USA Today and NYT Times bestselling author Cora Seton loves cowboys, country life, gardening, bike-riding, and lazing around with a good book. Mother of four, wife to a computer programmer/eco-farmer, she ditched her California lifestyle nine years ago and moved to a remote logging town in northwestern British Columbia.

Like the characters in her novels, Cora enjoys old-fashioned pursuits and modern technology, spending mornings transforming a one-acre lot into a paradise of orchards, berry bushes and market gardens, and afternoons writing the latest Chance Creek romance novel on her iPad mini.

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The Cowboy Rescues a Bride – Cowboy’s of Chance Creek Book 7 By Cora Seton

The Cowboy Rescues a Bride
Cowboy’s of Chance Creek Book 7
NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author
Cora Seton


Ned Matheson is sharing a house with the woman he loves, but he can’t kiss her, or even touch her. In fact, she can barely look him in the face. He knows he needs to be patient; Fila Sahar has been to hell and back as a captive of the Taliban for over a decade. Now she’s safely back on American soil, but her fears hem her in so tightly, she might as well be a prisoner again. If he wants to marry her—or even date her—he’ll have to help her regain her courage. He thinks he’s found the perfect way for her to become a strong, independent woman—he’ll give her a restaurant of her very own to run.

Fila can’t believe she’s finally home, or that a handsome cowboy like Ned cares for her, but before she can give her heart to any man, she has to find the courage to stand on her own two feet. When Ned surprises her with his perfect solution—the restaurant he’s leased and renovated in her name—she’s overwhelmed—with fear, not gratitude. She can barely leave the house, let alone run a business. So when Ned’s father sends them out of town to check on the family’s remote hunting cabin, she’s grateful for the delay.

Ned knows his father hopes this trip will split them up, but he’s determined it will bring them together instead. When disaster strikes, all bets are off. Ned will learn what it’s like to be helpless. Fila will have to recover the courage she lost years ago.

Can they survive the weekend? Or will this trip be their last?

Barnes and Noble logo_150 KoboLogo google_play_logo_002_002

We first met Fila in ‘The Sheriff Catches a Bride’ she’s the woman who traveled across the country to thank the children of Aria Cruz for the donation that allowed to escape the hands of the Taliban. Unfortunately they followed her and the aftermath of that encounter has had a dramatic effect on her. In spite of her efforts when she tries to sing or look a man in the eye, she finds herself having a panic attack. When she moved from the bunkhouse of the Cruz ranch she originally moved in with Luke and Mia with Ned. Luke had no idea of how to help her adjust and he likes Mia anyway, so they switched.

Ned has fallen for Fila and is determined to help her find her way. His father, on the other hand, thinks Fila is too broken to ever be a good wife for Ned. He forms an idea that could help her and incorporates something she loves doing, cooking Afghan food. He leases a restaurant and with the help of his brothers and the Cruzes cleans and decorates the space into something practical and calming. This leaves Fila feeling overwhelmed and uncertain, yet grateful.

There’s a new character in this book, Camilla. She’s rented the space next door to Fila’s restaurant to open a Mexican restaurant. Camilla is everything Fila isn’t. Boisterous, flirty, funny and outgoing. When Holt meets her he thinks she would be a perfect wife for Ned.

Ned isn’t giving up on Fila encouraging her to explore her new space and research the requirements to open. As if Ned isn’t doing enough, Luke is also pulling his strings as he hands him documents to order supplies, knowing full well Ned can’t read them. This triggers Ned to do something about that.

This is a favorite scene.

Ned couldn’t remember the last time he’d sidled into his mother’s kitchen with so much trepidation. Probably not since the time he’d been busted at sixteen for stealing the high school principal’s car and doing donuts in the Wright’s hayfield with it. He’d settled down a lot since those days, and he figured this errand would please his mother, but he hated the thought of the fuss she’d make just as much as he’d dreaded her reaction back then.

“Ned. What are you doing here this time of day? Everything all right?” His mother was bent over one of the cookbooks his grandmother had passed down to her. She pushed it aside and gestured to another chair at the kitchen table.

“Everything’s fine. Just had a question.”

“Want some tea? I was just about to pour myself some.” She got to her feet and bustled about the kitchen in her usual fashion.

“Juice is good.” Ned didn’t bother to try to get it himself. She’d just wave him back into his seat. His mother had always liked to take care of her family and he got the feeling sometimes she still saw him and his brothers as the little boys they once were. She’d be in heaven once she had some grandkids.

“What’s the question?”

He waited until she was sitting down again.

“If I wanted to—” Now that it was time to ask, he didn’t know what words to use. His mother waited patiently. “If I wanted to try it again. Reading. What would I do?”

“Ah.” Lisa sat back and nodded, her hands cupped around her steaming mug of tea. She didn’t seem surprised by his sudden question. Had she anticipated it now that he’d taken over managing the herd? “Given you’re past school age, I think you’d need to find a literacy tutor.”

“Where would I get one of those?”

Lisa thought a moment. “I think I might know. Mind if I make a phone call?”

“Have at it.” Now that it was out in the open, he just wanted things sorted as fast as possible. Lisa stepped away and made a call after looking up a number. He heard her describing what she wanted—someone to meet with him one on one to work on his reading skills—and after a few moments jotted something down on a piece of paper. Five minutes later she was back in her seat pushing the paper across the table at him. “Go to 5454 Third Street. Second floor. Room eight. Monday at two o’clock.”

“What is it?”

“A volunteer bureau. They’ll assign a literacy tutor to you. The program is free, so you won’t see a specialist, exactly—just someone trained to work with people with dyslexia. I imagine you’ll go once a week and they’ll give you homework in between.” She must have seen his expression. “Ned, you and your father like to act like you’re the only ones with this problem, but you’re not. It’s so common you can’t throw a stone in a crowded room without hitting someone with dyslexia. I know they can help. I’m glad you’re going to give it a try.”

“Don’t tell Dad.” He stood up and shoved the scrap of paper into his pocket.

“I won’t tell him. But if he does find out somehow, you don’t listen to what he says. You can do this. It kills me I let him talk me out of getting you help years ago.” She shook her head. “Sometimes I think I must be the worst mother in the world.”

Ned snorted. “You’re the best and you know it. You’re just fishing for compliments.”

She gave him a wry smile. “Not in this case. In this case I think I did you a disservice. I hope you can forgive me.”

He nodded. “Of course. I know why you didn’t push.”

“That doesn’t make what I did right.”

He dropped a kiss on her head. “You get to be human, too, Mom. What’s done is done.”

“Get yourself to that appointment and undo it, you hear?”

“Yes, ma’am.”
Seton, Cora. The Cowboy Rescues a Bride (Cowboys of Chance Creek Book 7) (pp. 68-70). One Acre Press. Kindle Edition.

Another confrontation with Holt has Ned bringing Fila with him to their hunting cabin to clear snow from the roof. This becomes a very integral part of the story as the events that unfold bring both terror and confidence to Fila. Her internal journey also reveals she is very much in love with Ned.

A page-turning read with family drama, some terrifying events, romance and some sizzling heat.

Starting the next book now. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Luke and Mia.

5 Contented Purrs for Cora!

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Cora Seton

USA Today and NYT Times bestselling author Cora Seton loves cowboys, country life, gardening, bike-riding, and lazing around with a good book. Mother of four, wife to a computer programmer/eco-farmer, she ditched her California lifestyle nine years ago and moved to a remote logging town in northwestern British Columbia.

Like the characters in her novels, Cora enjoys old-fashioned pursuits and modern technology, spending mornings transforming a one-acre lot into a paradise of orchards, berry bushes and market gardens, and afternoons writing the latest Chance Creek romance novel on her iPad mini.

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The Cowboy Lassos a Bride – Cowboys of Chance Creek Book 7 by Cora Seton

The Cowboy Lassos a Bride
Cowboys of Chance Creek Book 7
NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author
Cora Seton


Jake Matheson loves everything about ranching the Double-Bar-K, except for his father’s controlling nature. It’s bad enough the old man won’t step down and let him run things his own way. Now Holt has demanded that Jake find a wife—in the next thirty days. Jake knows just the woman he wants–Hannah Ashton–but they haven’t even gone on a date, let alone been together long enough for him to propose. He’ll have to work fast to secure her hand in marriage before his time is up.

Hannah Ashton loves the fifteen hundred pound bison she rescued from being the object of a trophy hunt. She’s grateful for Gladys’s temporary home on the Double Bar K—and for the chance it gives her to see Jake on a daily basis. But now Holt Matheson is threatening to kick Gladys off the ranch—or eat her!—unless Hannah spends fourteen consecutive nights with Jake. What they get up to together is their business, but if Hannah misses a night, it’s bye-bye bison.

Jake can’t believe Hannah has agreed to move into his cabin, but now his brother Ned is stirring up trouble, trying to break them up before he can propose. Hannah’s beginning to think it’ll be hard to leave the ranch when her fourteen nights are over—even if she’s heading to veterinary school. She’s falling for Jake–hard–but Jake wants a traditional wife, not a career woman.

Will a pregnancy scare unite Jake and Hannah in a common goal? Or will it drive them apart for good?

Barnes and Noble logo_150 KoboLogo google_play_logo_002_002

In the previous book you will remember Hannah’s bison was sort of the heroine. Now owned by Hannah and named Gladys, the bison resides on the Double Bar K. Every morning Hannah visits Gladys before heading to work and Jake always seems to join her. This morning is going to be different, Jake’s father, Holt, is on the warpath because Jake isn’t doing things in the order his father says they should be done.

Jake is given an ultimatum, similar to the one given to Rob. His timeline however is much shorter, only thirty days. It seems Holt isn’t just going to leave it at Jake though. He also issues an ultimatum to Hannah. One she hasn’t a clue of how to meet.

It’s while the two of them are at the Cruz’s for poker night that the answer comes in an unusual way. A family reunion books the the house and Hannah, Fila and Mia will need other lodging.

This is a favorite scene.

Ethan was just dealing out the cards for the next round of play when the house phone rang and Autumn excused herself from the other table to answer it.

Jake studied the new hand he’d been dealt. He could work with this, he mused. The real question was whether he could work with the cards life had dealt him. An interested woman. An ultimatum from his father. Could he take the two and create a winning hand out of them? A lifetime with the woman who’d tormented his dreams for weeks now?

The timing was short but you only got so many chances in life to hitch your yoke to another person who not only attracted you physically but also stimulated your mind. He felt confident he wouldn’t regret marrying Hannah, if he could get her.

Could he get her? That was the real question.

“I see,” Autumn said into the phone. “Um… yes, of course. Yes, we have openings for that time period.” She had moved to the small desk and computer off her kitchen space where she took bookings for the guest ranch and kept her accounts. She pulled up the booking software.

“Looks like someone’s coming to stay,” Jake said to Ethan.

“Good thing. It’s been pretty thin this past month. Can’t blame people for not wanting to visit a ranch in November, but we need the income from the guests or we’ll have to tighten our belts.”

“Yes. Yes, I think we can accommodate you. What time will you arrive?” As Autumn went on speaking into the phone, asking questions and answering them, they continued to play, but Jake could tell Ethan’s mind was on Autumn’s conversation. He could believe that bookings were important to him. They’d been able to have Thursday night get-togethers here every week for the past month. That meant no paying guests, which meant business wasn’t as good as it needed to be. Everyone knew Ethan’s mother had spent much of the ranch’s earnings on travel and, as it turned out, funding programs to help women in Afghanistan. When Ethan inherited the ranch it was deeply in debt. Over the last six months he’d banded together with Autumn, Jamie, Claire, Rob, and Morgan to pay down the mortgage and solidify its earnings. With all the businesses they were starting together, they should soon have plenty of cash. Jake envied them their togetherness and the variety of their income sources. He and his brothers and parents worked the Double-Bar-K together, but it was strictly a cattle ranch, and if Holt had his way, that’s what it would stay.

Autumn hung up and turned to Ethan. “You’re not going to believe it!”

“Tell me.” Ethan set his cards face down on the table and rose to go to her.

“A huge family get-together. They want to rent the entire house for four weeks!” Her face alight with happiness, Autumn crossed the room and hugged her husband.

“When are they coming?” He kissed her, but Jake could see he wanted to know the details.

“Next Saturday. We’re going to have to work like crazy. They’ll stay through New Year’s. Apparently they had another lodge booked but a pipe broke there and flooded the place. They won’t be back in business for months. I feel awful being so happy when someone else is in such trouble, but I can’t help it. Twenty people here for a month! We’ll be able to pay our bills for the rest of the winter, easy!”

As people congratulated Ethan and Autumn on their good luck, Jake glanced at Hannah and took in her still, worried expression. Mia was frowning too, and Fila was just as tense.

“What’s wrong?” he asked Hannah, bending closer to her. The fresh floral scent of her shampoo teased his senses. He had to hold back from touching her arm.

“Twenty people staying here? Hannah, Fila and I will have to move. I guess we could stay in the bunkhouse, but…”

“You could come stay with me. I have a spare room.” He had surprised himself as much as he surprised her. The words just popped out, but the moment they did he wanted her to say yes. He braced himself for the stinging answer he was sure she’d fling his way. The offer was obviously self-serving.

Hannah swallowed, her gaze never leaving his face. “That would be great. Can I move in tonight?”
Seton, Cora. The Cowboy Lassos a Bride (Cowboys of Chance Creek Book 6) (pp. 52-55). One Acre Press. Kindle Edition.

Now reporting to Holt seems like such an intrusion into her life, but she can’t lose Gladys and she has feelings for Jake that she would like to explore further. However, Hannah has goals and if Jake can’t support them they can’t have a future together.

I loved seeing all the characters especially Bella and Evan, who offer more than one solution to this couple’s problems.

Plenty of family drama as Holt interferes yet again, I really feel sorry for his wife Lisa. She has to try to control these ridiculous impulse of his.

Laughter and tears, romance and sizzle, plus a couple of scares.

I’ve already started the next book, I love these cowboys!

5 Contented Purrs for Cora!

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Cora Seton

USA Today and NYT Times bestselling author Cora Seton loves cowboys, country life, gardening, bike-riding, and lazing around with a good book. Mother of four, wife to a computer programmer/eco-farmer, she ditched her California lifestyle nine years ago and moved to a remote logging town in northwestern British Columbia.

Like the characters in her novels, Cora enjoys old-fashioned pursuits and modern technology, spending mornings transforming a one-acre lot into a paradise of orchards, berry bushes and market gardens, and afternoons writing the latest Chance Creek romance novel on her iPad mini.

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The Sheriff Catches a Bride – Cowboys of Chance Creek Book 5 By Cora Seton

The Sheriff Catches A Bride
Cowboys of Chance Creek Book 5
NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author
Cora Seton


When county sheriff Cab Johnson gets a hunch, he’s learned to trust it, and his hunch tells him Rose Bellingham is in a peck of trouble. Bad enough he’s in love with her, bad enough she’s already engaged to Jason Thayer. He’s got to figure out what she’s hiding before he loses her for good.

Rose can’t stand one more person meddling in her business, even if that person is a handsome, eligible sheriff. She’s been controlled for far too long. But since her fiancé’s father is both her boss and landlord, she can’t dump Jason until she’s got somewhere to run. She’s found the perfect place: a patch of forest outside town. But with Cab watching her every move, she’s hard pressed to finish her hideaway so she can make her escape. Meanwhile, she’s not the only one with problems. Can she find a way to help her friends, too?

Just when Cab solves one mystery, more pop up. Where does Rose keep disappearing to? What’s wrong with Mia Start? Why is Hannah Chatham lying to her fiancé? At least he’s let Rose know he’s interested. And if he’s not mistaken, she’s interested, too.

Rose’s hideaway is perfect, until her friends invade it to escape their own troubles. Can she trust them to keep its whereabouts a secret? Does she want to hide from Cab anymore? Now that Jason’s out of the picture, is it safe to follow her heart?

When two unexpected visitors arrive with secrets of their own, Chance Creek must brace for its deadliest night ever. Can Cab figure out the connections between all the mysteries fast enough?

Or will Rose and her friends pay the ultimate price?

Barnes and Noble logo_150 KoboLogo google_play_logo_002_002

There are two stories playing out in this book and they intertwine in a very unusual way. We get a glimpse of one of those stories throughout the book. Fila is escaping from her guards, they have brought her to America to marry one of their brethren. She wants nothing to do with it and has a plan.

The other starts with Cab, Rob, Ethan and Jamie supposedly running an errand. Instead Cab finds himself at Thayer’s Jewelry store.
Cab is a little more than in love with Rose, but she is taken and has been for six years.

Rose is engaged to Jason Thayer, who is off making his fortune in the oil fields. His father owns the jewelry store. Rose works there and rents the carriage house situated behind his father’s place. Now Cab is going into the store with his friends and once again Rob pulls a stunt. One that surprises and shocks both Rose and Cab.

This is a favorite scene.

As the county sheriff, he normally called the shots. Not when Rob, Ethan and Jamie were around.

“Come on,” Jamie said and pulled the door open. Cab reluctantly went inside. He’d never liked the jewelry store, probably because it made him feel like the proverbial bull in a china shop. Everywhere he looked stood glass cases filled with precious, delicate jewelry.

Definitely not his scene.

“Do whatever you need to do and let’s get out of here,” he growled. He wasn’t in the mood to see Rose, either. He didn’t want the reminder that she was engaged to Jason, whose father owned this store. Rose had worked here for a couple of years now. She’d been engaged to Jason for nearly six. What was the man waiting for?

Sometimes Cab wished Jason would get a move on and marry Rose already. That would put the final nail in Cab’s coffin and he could get his grieving over and done with. Rose would become Jason’s responsibility and maybe he could stop worrying about her. Other times, he hoped Rose and Jason’s engagement would stretch out until it finally snapped and she gave him back his ring. It was wrong to wish unhappiness on another man, but Cab did. Often.

“Over here,” Ethan called, gesturing for them to join him at one of the cases. Cab figured the sooner they finished this charade the sooner they could leave. He moved carefully to join the others as they bent over a display of engagement rings. Rose, who’d been near the cash register when they came in, crossed to join them, a smile on her pretty face. She was petite with glossy dark brown hair and startling blue eyes that often contained a spark of humor. Cab loved the way she was always smiling, even if sometimes that smile was wry. She was cheerful, sharp, imaginative and lively. Jason was a fool to leave her alone so long.

Cab kept his expression carefully friendly, as always, all too aware of the engagement ring that had been on Rose’s finger for as long as he could remember. He knew Jason had slipped the thin silver band on after he took her to their senior prom. Cab hadn’t noticed Rose much back then. He was a young buck in those days just establishing himself as a sheriff’s deputy. Directly after graduation, Jason moved to North Dakota. Rose stayed in Chance Creek and found herself a job. Cab had noticed her more and more over the years but had kept his distance until Rose became friends with Autumn and started to help out from time to time at the Cruz guest ranch. Thrown together more at social occasions, Cab had gotten to know her better, and as much as he told himself she was off limits—entirely off limits—he couldn’t help wishing she wasn’t.

“That one,” Jamie said, pointing to the most ostentatious ring in the bunch. Cab would hate to know the woman who wanted that monstrosity on her finger.

“Nah, too flashy,” Ethan said. “I think that one.” He pointed to a wisp of a gold band.

“That’s not an engagement ring; that’s hardly a ring at all,” Rob said. “This one.” He jabbed a finger at a circlet of yellowish diamonds that made Cab wince.

It was amazing any of them had wives, he thought, leaning over and examining the case for himself. His eyes immediately lit on a vintage art deco ring with flowing lines and several sparkling diamonds. It reminded him of Rose somehow; artistic, womanly, unique.

“Rose,” Jamie said. “Pull out that one, would you?” He pointed to the ring Cab was staring at.

Rose reached in and pulled out the tray. She angled it toward Cab and he picked up the ring, curious to see it without the intervening glass case. Just as he thought, it was a work of art.

“You can’t see it that way,” Rob said, grabbing it from his fingers. He snatched up Rose’s hand, drew her own ring off her finger and jammed the one Cab picked out in its place.

“Rob!” Rose snatched her hand away and held it up, shock on her face. She stared first at the ring, then at Cab, then back at the ring again. When her free hand grabbed for the counter, and her knees buckled, Cab reached over the case to steady her.

“Rose? You okay?” She looked like she was about to faint.

“Told you,” Rob said, grinning at Ethan.

“Son of a gun,” Ethan said, “You were right.”

“What are you talking about?” Cab was annoyed. “Get her some water, for crying out loud. Rose, do you need to sit down for a minute?” In a horrible flash he wondered if she was pregnant. She’d been Jason’s fiancée a long time. Maybe they hadn’t always been careful.

Rose stared at him wide-eyed. Growing worried, Cab tightened his grip on her arm and came around to her side of the case. “I think you need to sit,” he said again.

She shook her head and seemed to come back to herself. “I’m… fine.”

“Really?” Jamie said. “Because you look like you’ve seen your hus—”

Ethan whacked him on the arm.

Rose blushed furiously, peeled the ring off and thrust it back into the tray. Understanding dawned on Cab and he felt heat creep up his own neck at the trick his friends had played. They’d gotten him to choose a ring. They’d put that ring on Rose’s finger.

They’d waited for her reaction.

Everyone knew about Rose’s hunches—the ones she got when a couple chose their engagement ring. Somehow she could predict their future—if their marriage would be successful or not. If they were meant to be together. She’d given her approval to Ethan, Jamie and Rob when they’d bought their rings during the past few months, and since all of them remained happily married they believed her hunches were real.

So what did they think they were proving now?

He wanted to let go of Rose’s arm. Wanted to apologize for his friends and get the hell out of there, but he couldn’t seem to turn away.

“I didn’t feel anything,” she said angrily, breaking the uncomfortable silence. She yanked her arm away from Cab’s grip and set the tray of rings back in the case with shaking hands.

“You looked like you felt something,” Rob said with a grin. Rob made a business of teasing women, and he and Rose had been friends for some time. Usually Rose gave back as good as she got, but this time she didn’t come up with a stinging reply.

She glanced at Cab again instead, and Cab’s stomach tightened when he met her gaze. He saw something there—awareness, interest—fear?—that sent a shiver of recognition up his own spine.

Rob was right; she’d felt something when he put the ring on her finger. The ring Cab had picked out. The ring he wished he could give her.

Were he and Rose meant for each other? Did she feel the same kind of interest in him he felt in her?

Rose turned away abruptly, grabbed her engagement ring off the counter and shoved the thin circle back onto her finger. Cab’s stomach sank.

Of course she didn’t feel anything for him. She had made her choice and it wasn’t him.

“Let’s go,” he said gruffly. “See you around, Rose.” He knew he should say something else—apologize for Rob’s behavior at the very least—but he couldn’t form the words. He turned on his heel and headed for the front door, hoping against hope the rest of them would follow his lead for once.

They did and a moment later they spilled out onto the sidewalk. Cab waited until Rob took his keys out and headed for his truck before he grabbed him by the collar of his jacket and slammed him face down on its hood.
Seton, Cora. The Sheriff Catches a Bride (Cowboys of Chance Creek Book 5) (pp. 5-10). One Acre Press. Kindle Edition.

It’s Rose who has to do some major thinking now. She didn’t know about her ability to predict a happy couple when Jason put the gold circlet on her finger. She’d felt nothing then, but she certainly did when the ring Cab picked out went on her finger.

She should have broken off this long engagement a while ago, but the time never seemed right. She needed to find another job, a new apartment and start over. She would need a job, but then she could work on her art, without her parents, Jason or his father telling her it was a waste of time. Jason’s father Emory frequently stops by her place, sometimes even when she’s not there. He has OCD and will straighten up even though she’s told him not to, repeatedly. What she needs right now is a place to be alone. She plans out a tree house, and finds the perfect spot for it, away from Emory and everyone. She just has to keep it secret.

As all this unfolds we meet up with Hannah again and meet Mia who has a problem of her own, all while following Fila’s journey from Afghanistan.

Fast-paced, fun, scary, romantic, and even a bit terrifying at times. Don’t miss this book!

5 Contented Purrs for Cora!

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Cora Seton

USA Today and NYT Times bestselling author Cora Seton loves cowboys, country life, gardening, bike-riding, and lazing around with a good book. Mother of four, wife to a computer programmer/eco-farmer, she ditched her California lifestyle nine years ago and moved to a remote logging town in northwestern British Columbia.

Like the characters in her novels, Cora enjoys old-fashioned pursuits and modern technology, spending mornings transforming a one-acre lot into a paradise of orchards, berry bushes and market gardens, and afternoons writing the latest Chance Creek romance novel on her iPad mini.

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The Cowgirl Ropes A Billionaire – Cowboys of Chance Creek Book 4 by Cora Seton

The Cowgirl Ropes a Billionaire
Cowboys of Chance Creek Book 4
NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author
Cora Seton


Bella Chatham will lose everything – her veterinary practice, her animal shelter, and even her home – if she can’t find another source of income, fast. So when her best friend signs her up for the hot new reality television show, Can You Beat a Billionaire, Bella accepts the challenge and hopes against hope she can win the ten million dollar prize. If she doesn’t, it’s bye-bye pet clinic and shelter, bye-bye Chance Creek, Montana, and hello to marriage to the billionaire for a year!

Evan Mortimer, billionaire, can’t believe he’s reduced to competing in a television contest to win a wife. Unfortunately, it’s the only foolproof way to secure his position as head of Mortimer Innovations. At least he’ll be able to dump his “spouse” at the end of the year. He has no intention of getting hitched for life.

Bella doesn’t expect her adversary to be handsome – or funny, or compassionate – but Evan’s all three, and he’s proving a tough competitor, too. When they end up sharing a tent – and a sleeping-bag – her body betrays her with a longing so deep it cuts her to the core. Still, this cowgirl must stay strong. If Evan uncovers her secret fears, he’ll use them to win the contest – and then he’ll own her for a year. She’ll be out of luck, out of cash, and stuck being Mrs. Mortimer until he kicks her to the curb. Too bad she can’t decide which is worse – winning the show and losing Evan forever, or losing the show and only being his temporary wife.

Evan can’t believe he’s falling for the one woman who doesn’t want him. This cowgirl’s not impressed by his money, his name, or his inability to sleep in a tent with her for an entire night, but every look and touch she gives him sends his desire through the roof. With a director determined to use his claustrophobia to make him look like a fool, and an adversary so sexy he can hardly see straight, he’ll need all his savvy to come out on top. Too bad he’s going to lose no matter how this show turns out. If he beats Bella, he’ll destroy the first woman he’s ever loved. If he doesn’t beat her, it’s bye-bye Mortimer Innovations.

Will either of them remember in time that it’s not who wins or who loses – it’s how they play the game that really counts?

Barnes and Noble logo_150 KoboLogo google_play_logo_002_002

Bella Chatham is in a difficult position, faced with losing everything she’s worked for because of her kind heart. She has a veterinary clinic and no kill animal rescue while the clinic holds it’s own the care and feeding of the rescues isn’t getting the donations needed to sustain it. Her receptionist and assistant Hannah along with Morgan and Rob Matheson have come up with a plan to solve all her problems. Hannah sent an application in Bella’s name to a reality show Beat the Billionaire, the prize, five million dollars. The downside, if she loses she has to marry the billionaire and stay married for a year.

Billionaire Evan Mortimer needs a wife within the month. His father’s will as with all previous generations states that if unmarried at the time of inheriting the business you have six months to marry or lose it to the next in line. His brother Nate is already taunting him with taking over, his plans for the company are the exact opposite of what Evan has in mind. Nate is all about the bottom line and hurting the environment doesn’t matter at all, gas, oil and fracking are at the top of his lists. Evan is all about technologies to improve the environment and make money. He needs a wife and he’ll get one. His first order of business, have his assistant Amanda get him on ‘that show’.

Well they both get on the show and the director Madeline is all about ratings. In spite of those frustrations the show must go on. Evan and Bella have weaknesses that the show can flaunt, and they totally intend to.

However one of my favorite scenes is the first competition which is archery.

Two targets were set up about fifty yards from where she stood. Evan stood in front of one, a recurve bow upraised in his hands. As she watched, he pulled the string back to his ear and let an arrow loose. It flew at the target and hit it with a thwap. His two crew members clapped. Another man she didn’t recognize wrote something on his notepad. “That’s four.”

Four? As in, four arrows in the target? If each arrow equaled a point, Evan had nailed four out of five points in the first challenge. She’d never picked up a bow in her life—there was no way she could beat that.

Evan took another arrow from a quiver at his feet, set it on the string and lifted the arrow again. She watched him carefully, trying to note his stance, the way he set the arrow to the string and how he positioned the bow. Obviously, he’d done this before.

Was Madelyn aware of that? Was this contest rigged against her? She realized she had no way of knowing. Maybe this whole thing was going to be an exercise in humiliation, with the loss of her clinic and animal shelter the final blow.

She had to do something. What had Madelyn said? They weren’t allowed to hurt each other, but trash talk was encouraged?

She waited until Evan pulled the arrow back to his ear and steadied it there. Right when she judged he would let it loose, she yelled, “Bear!”

Evan jerked and the arrow swung off course, missing the target altogether. Everyone in the clearing tensed and scanned the area.

“Sorry,” Bella called and stepped forward. “My mistake—it was just a tree. I’m a little jumpy.”

Evan turned on her. “You did that on purpose.”

She shrugged. “I haven’t spent a lot of time in the woods. My specialty is pets, not grizzlies. Like I said, I’m a little jumpy.”

“You’re going to be a whole lot jumpier before the day’s done. You realize you’ve only spoiled one shot of mine. I’ll be here to spoil all five of yours.” He held her gaze as he came to stand close enough to her she could smell the sweat from his morning’s exertions. It should have disgusted her, but instead it seemed to waken something deep inside. He was clean shaven this morning, still neat and tidy despite the hike, but as handsome as he was now, she had the feeling that the wilder this trip got, the hotter he’d look. Rugged outdoorsy activity suited the guy far better than his suits did. She doubted it had the same effect on her appearance, though.

He handed her the bow and Bella swallowed, all too aware of the way his hands wrapped around the polished wood. Strong hands with blunt fingers. Hands that could caress and squeeze and stroke…

“You’ll lose your head start,” Bella said, suddenly eager to send him on his way. Her hands weren’t shaking out of nervousness about handling a bow for the first time, nor because he obviously intended to taunt her while she shot. The thought of Evan touching her made her feel warm. Delicate. Womanly.


Crud. Of all the men to react to like that. Why couldn’t she fall for one of the businessmen of Chance Creek, or even one of the cowboys working the ranches around town, like Rob’s brother Jake? Or the county sheriff, Cab? She got along great with Cab, but there’d never been a spark between them—not like this.

Cab didn’t have Evan’s hands.

Surely she was losing it. Who cared about hands? It was a man’s heart, his brain, his capacity for love that was really important, if you cared about things like that. She didn’t care about men one way or another.

But her thoughts returned to the way Evan’s hands could make her feel alive. They could tease and torment her until she writhed with desire.

Seriously. She needed to get laid.

Did Evan feel it, too, or was she the only one being shanghaied by hormones? He stepped closer and for a second she thought she saw her own interest echoed in his eyes. He frowned and bent nearer. “I’ll always beat you in a race, Betty Bumpkin. I’ve already beat you at this challenge. I’ve got this contest in the palm of my hand. Pretty soon I’ll have you in the palm of my hand, too. At least for a year.”

Betty Bumpkin? Heat rushed into her cheeks. He called her Betty Bumpkin on national television? What an asshole! And what did that last crack mean—having her in the palm of his hand? She could think of any number of dirty interpretations for that sentence.

Now she saw him as he truly was—a cocky, arrogant, self-absorbed jackass who’d inherited a bunch of money and thought it made him superior to everyone who worked for a living.

“We’ve got a long way to go, so step aside, Moneybuns. Let’s get on with it.” His snort of disgust at the crude nickname made her smile, but her anxiety rose as she approached a white line spray painted on the ground. One of the extra crew members took the bow Evan had handed her and directed her to a rack full of them.
Seton, Cora. The Cowgirl Ropes a Billionaire (Cowboys of Chance Creek, Book 4). One Acre Press. Kindle Locations (685-722). Kindle Edition.

I love the nicknames they chose to taunt each other. Bella does manage to intimidate Evan just a bit throwing him off his game.

During the many challenges ahead of them and long nights in tight quarters, they actually get to know each other. Evan actually figures out that the show is losing money and if Bella wins it would most likely be cancelled. He doesn’t like that it could possibly be stacked in his favor, he wants to win on his own merit. They both discover things about themselves in this process, things that become clearer and easier to handle.

Lots of fun, laughter, tears, sizzling heat, and an ending you won’t forget.

I am starting the next book now, I have a couple of Cora’s series to catch up on.

5 Contented Purrs for Cora!

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Cora Seton

USA Today and NYT Times bestselling author Cora Seton loves cowboys, country life, gardening, bike-riding, and lazing around with a good book. Mother of four, wife to a computer programmer/eco-farmer, she ditched her California lifestyle nine years ago and moved to a remote logging town in northwestern British Columbia.

Like the characters in her novels, Cora enjoys old-fashioned pursuits and modern technology, spending mornings transforming a one-acre lot into a paradise of orchards, berry bushes and market gardens, and afternoons writing the latest Chance Creek romance novel on her iPad mini.

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Issued to the Bride, One Sergeant For Christmas – Brides of Chance Creek Book 6 by Cora Seton

Issued to the Bride, One Sergeant
For Christmas
Brides of Chance Creek Book 6
NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author
Cora Seton


Orphaned at seven, kicked out by his aunt and uncle at 16, Sergeant Emerson Myers gave up on family until General Augustus Reed chose him as his assistant, becoming as much a father-figure as a commanding officer. But when the General starts sending elite forces men home to marry his estranged daughters, Emerson’s torn between relief at not being given such an irrevocable mission and dismay the man never even considered him for the job.

Wyoming Smith has watched with a mixture of wonder and horror—and a little envy, if she’s honest — as her best friend Cass and all Cass’s sisters have married the warriors their father sent to them. Witnessing their happiness was hard enough when her life was on track, but now she’s lost her job and her apartment and she’s accepted Cass’s invitation to live at Two Willows, which means she has a front row seat to five loving marriages — while remaining all alone.

Emerson knows marriage isn’t for him and he’s ready to recommit to his career in the Army — but before he can, an explosion rips his life apart — and the General’s.

Wyoming knows everything will change now that the General is coming home to Two Willows. Will she have to leave?

Or has the General had a bigger plan all along?

Barnes and Noble logo_150 KoboLogo google_play_logo_002_002

In this series General Reed assigned to USSOCOM has sent each of his daughters a husband, as per the instructions in the letters left to him by his late wife Amelia. Not that they wanted or needed one. Military men all, they were ordered to wed a specific daughter. He’s back home now recovering from an injury to his hip, and he has his aide Emerson with him.

This book opens with an interrupted encounter between Wyoming and Emerson in the laundry room. It was Emerson’s plan to ask her out but they were interrupted.

Now Wyoming isn’t the General’s daughter, she’s his daughter Cass’s best friend. The intended groom is the General’s aide Emerson. By now the you know the General doesn’t take no for an answer, but Emerson really isn’t upset about this order at all. We begin at Thanksgiving where they are celebrating the wedding of Alice and Jack. If you’ve been reading this series you know that the next groom arrives during the reception. Before Emerson knocks on the door Wye has an interesting conversation with her brother that is sure to impact the impending courtship.

This is a favorite scene.

Wyoming squashed her dark thoughts. There was no time to feel sorry for herself. She had a wedding to help with. A job to find. A life to get on with.

So, she didn’t have a mother who communicated from beyond the grave like Cass’s mom seemed to, or a father who would send her a husband, like the General did—handsome, wonderful husbands—to each of his daughters. She had her independence. Her self-respect.

Wasn’t that more important?

Her phone buzzed. She wouldn’t have heard it if she hadn’t fished it out of her ridiculous hoopskirt and placed it on the counter a few minutes earlier. Her brother’s name flashed onto the screen. Wye wiped off her hands and took the call, plugging her other ear so she could hear above the noise as Cass directed the setup of the dinner buffet.

“Ward? What’s up?”

“You haven’t heard from Mindy, have you?”

“Mindy? No.” She moved across the room to the back door to try to get away from the noise, but it wasn’t much better.

“She’s missing. She said she was going to the grocery store this morning, but she never came back.”

“Where’s Elise?” Wye asked quickly. Ward and Mindy’s daughter was only ten months old.

“With me. Mindy wasn’t supposed to be gone long.”

His petulant tone made Wye sigh. She had no doubt if she wasn’t at a wedding, Ward would try to lure her over to help. Not that it would take much luring; she loved her niece. This wasn’t the first time Mindy had stayed away from home longer than expected, though. Wye tried not to judge, but Mindy wasn’t the most maternal woman around.

“Did you call Mindy’s friends?”

“Yep. No one’s seen her. I called the grocery store. Hell, I’m about to call the sheriff.”

Something twisted inside Wyoming, and she began to take the situation more seriously. “Do you think she got in an accident?”

“Wouldn’t someone have called? I don’t know what to do. She’s got the car—it’s a hike to the center of town with the baby, and it’s cold outside. Could you—?”

Normally she could and would have taken over from here, running to the grocery store to check for Mindy there, then driving to her friends’ houses, heading to the hospital, even, but she was needed here, and besides, it was barely half a mile from her brother’s house to the grocery store—and the sheriff’s department.

“No, I can’t,” she said firmly. “Call Cab Johnson and tell him everything. Call the hospital, too. If you need to get somewhere, take a taxi. Ring me back when you get news.”


“Ward, I’m at a wedding. You’re much closer to the grocery store than I am.”

“Fine.” He cut the call, leaving Wye to sigh again.

It was obvious her sister-in-law wasn’t happy with her lot as a small-town stay-at-home mom. Wyoming figured she’d driven right by the grocery store this morning and gone on to Billings to do some real shopping. She and Ward needed to work that out. It wasn’t up to her to fix her brother’s marriage.

Somehow Ward seemed to think it was, though, the same way he thought she should be available at a moment’s notice to watch his baby daughter. It was like they were back in seventh grade. After their mother had left their father—left all of them, actually—Wyoming had been the one to pick up the slack. Her father hadn’t sobered up for weeks, so she’d raided what little cash Randi had left in the cookie jar and walked to the grocery store every few days. She’d cooked meals that Ward had gobbled up and that her father had left mostly untouched. She’d done the dishes, the laundry…

And she hadn’t stopped until she’d moved out.

A loud pounding sounded on the Reeds’ front door and startled her out of her thoughts.

Someone was arriving late to the wedding.

Cass, carving one of the turkeys, groaned. “Who could that be?”

“I’ll go get it.”

Wyoming put down the phone and hurried to answer it. Her bulky skirt hindered her progress around the large kitchen table and chairs and made it hard to get past the other men and women who’d volunteered to help set out the meal, but she reached the front hall at last.

When she tugged open the wide wooden door, she laughed, some of her worry over her brother’s missing wife slipping away.

“Emerson? What on earth are you doing out here?”

The sergeant stood in the doorway, his rangy, muscled body catching her eye like it always did. She hated to admit she’d been too infatuated with Will to notice Emerson much when she’d first met him, but these days she couldn’t tear her gaze away—especially after those kisses he’d stolen. All day today she’d been aware of him whenever he got near and had held her breath, wondering if he’d kiss her again.

She admired the efficient way he completed each task. He wasn’t as young as she’d first thought. Probably in his mid to late twenties. There were lines around his mouth and at the corners of his eyes she hadn’t noticed. His gaze had depths not apparent to a casual acquaintance. He was a man who took his responsibilities seriously.

“Needed to see you, and I figured it was just as easy to go around the house as to try to push through the crowd. Besides, I wanted your attention. Looks like I got it.” Emerson leaned against the doorjamb and added, “The General sent me. Are you going to let me in?”

“Sent you—to do what?”

Emerson grinned. “To marry you—what else?”
Seton, Cora. Issued to the Bride One Sergeant for Christmas (Brides of Chance Creek Book 6) (pp. 19-21). One Acre Press. Kindle Edition.

Now things aren’t going to go smoothly with this although Emerson does help Wye when dealing with her brother. Wye has wants and needs she has always denied when it comes to her brother. Her brother Ward, just expects he to bend to whatever he needs regardless of what she is doing. Now that Ward’s wife has disappeared he expects Wye to step in and take care of everything for him. He’s in for a surprise.

This is a story of growth for Emerson and Wye and also an awaking of understanding for the General. As the last book in this series it pulls at my heart as I say good-bye to these characters. Although since they are in Chance Creek I hope to catch glimpses of them in other books taking place in town.

With love, laughter, some tears and that simmer to sizzle romance I love, thank you for this wild ride Cora!

5 Contented Purrs for Cora!

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Cora Seton

USA Today and NYT Times bestselling author Cora Seton loves cowboys, country life, gardening, bike-riding, and lazing around with a good book. Mother of four, wife to a computer programmer/eco-farmer, she ditched her California lifestyle nine years ago and moved to a remote logging town in northwestern British Columbia.

Like the characters in her novels, Cora enjoys old-fashioned pursuits and modern technology, spending mornings transforming a one-acre lot into a paradise of orchards, berry bushes and market gardens, and afternoons writing the latest Chance Creek romance novel on her iPad mini.

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The Cowboy Imports A Bride – Cowboys of Chance Creek Book 3 By Cora Seton

The Cowboy Imports A Bride
Cowboys of Chance Creek Book 3
NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author
Cora Seton


Rob Matheson’s a fighter. Flattening enemies with his fists or with his legendary practical jokes, he’s a tough enemy, and a troublesome friend. But Rob doesn’t know how much longer he can keep up the act. As his buddies get married one by one, he’s left with his lonely life – and the sinking feeling he lost more than his dreams when he traded them for a thick skin. Now Rob’s father has issued a challenge – he’ll give 200 acres of prime Montana ranchland to the first of his four sons to wed. No conditions, no meddling. Could this be a chance to become the man he really wants to be?

Morgan Tate’s worked for years to climb the ladder to a top job at Cassidy Wineries, but Duncan Cassidy, the boss’ son, always stands in her way. Now he’s issued an ultimatum; marry him or he’ll make sure she never works in the wine industry again. Morgan wants marriage – and a family – but not with Duncan. A certain cowboy in Chance Creek, Montana, has stolen her heart.

When Rob offers Morgan a proposition – marry him and split the land – they both find themselves with an ethical dilemma. They don’t know each other well enough to wed, but they can’t lie about their intentions before God and man, either.

Now they’ve got sixty days to fall in love, and a passel of family and friends determined to keep them apart. The victims of Rob’s previous jokes are lining up to get their revenge, and Morgan’s half-sister, Claire, is stirring up their mother’s past.

Will it take the biggest practical joke of all to convince the world – and themselves – that they’re truly meant to be man and wife?

Barnes and Noble logo_150 KoboLogogoogle_play_logo_002_002

If you haven’t read the other books in this series, go back and do that now. You will definitely enjoy the series more as each one continues where the last one left off.

Rob has always been the prankster of this group of friends and he didn’t expect to fall heads over heals for Morgan. Morgan was a surprise to everyone as it was revealed that she is Ethan and Claire’s sister and the reason their mother disappeared every year.
With Morgan back in Canada the pranks on Rob begin. However the biggest thing is Rob’s father Holt’s declaration that the first of his sons to marry gets 200 acres of land. Land they can use as they please. Rob’s first thought is Morgan, he just has to convince her to marry him.

Morgan’s worked her way up the ladder at the winery and finally has her own vintage being released. Her boss’s son Duncan is a problem, he has been pushing for dates and does some pretty shady things to get her alone.

This is a favorite scene that includes both Duncan and Rob.

As she slid onto the seat and fastened her seatbelt, the car pulled away from the curb.

“Only the two of us tonight,” Duncan said, and she looked up with a start, her heart beginning to pound when she took in the empty passenger seat.

“Where’s your father?”

“He thought we young folks might like an evening to ourselves.” Duncan smiled into the rear view mirror, a self-satisfied smirk she longed to slap right off his face.

“Forget it. Take me home.”

“I don’t think so.” Duncan pushed down on the gas pedal and the car leaped forward. Glancing out the window, Morgan saw they weren’t headed downtown.

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see.” He sped up again. He was driving way too fast for this neighborhood. Had he been drinking?


“Duncan, I’m serious. Take me home.”

“Relax, Tate. You’re always so uptight. Maybe if you were getting some you wouldn’t be such a bitch.”

Getting some? She hoped he didn’t think he’d be getting some tonight.

She stealthily unlocked the door and gripped the handle. She couldn’t jump out of a moving vehicle but sooner or later he’d have to slow down. No way was she going to let him whisk her out of the city to some private place where she would be at his mercy. She knew all too well that men would use their strength against her, given half a chance.

Against her will, a memory of the night she and Claire had gone after Daniel Ledstrom flashed into her mind. Daniel—Claire’s ex—had taken thousands of dollars of interior design supplies from her home and stashed them in the garage of his mother’s vacant house. Claire thought she knew where he’d put them, and when they’d gone to check it out, they’d been cornered by Daniel and two of his thug friends. Morgan closed her eyes against the memories of the man who’d tossed her over his shoulder, hauled her into the house and dumped her on a bed. When he’d climbed on top of her, she’d thought she’d never get away. He’d torn her blouse open—touched her…

When she finally felt the car decelerate, she took her chance. Before Duncan had even pulled to a stop at the light, she clawed her seatbelt off, flung the door open, and leaped out. Her head down, she raced onto the sidewalk and down the street. It was quiet here—an industrial area. She had to hide before Duncan circled around the block.

Fishing her phone out of her purse, Morgan dialed information and asked to be put through to a cab company. She didn’t stop moving and she didn’t dial 911. Getting the police involved wouldn’t solve anything since Duncan hadn’t actually done anything yet. Plus it would get her fired, and without a recommendation from the only employer she’d had for a decade, she’d be toast. She’d have to figure out what to do about that tomorrow; right now, she needed to get home. Darting down an alley, she turned a corner and checked the street-signs.

“Hello,” she said when her call was put through. Fighting for breath, she kept running. “I need a cab. Fast.”

A screech of tires warned her Duncan was trolling the streets. She ducked down another alley and hid behind a dumpster. Duncan might drive up and down the area for a while, but he’d never get out and search on foot. He was too lazy.

Besides, he’d know right where to find her tomorrow. Time to update that résumé.

Half an hour later, a taxi dropped her off in front of her building and she climbed out, nearly weak with relief. Duncan hadn’t found her before the cab arrived. She was out forty dollars, and she dreaded what the morning would bring, but she was home.


But as she walked into the covered garage under her three story complex, toward the entrance to her unit, she stifled a gasp when she saw a man loitering by her door. She stopped, ready to run, until she recognized him.


Shocked, she lifted a hand to her hair. She was sweaty and disheveled from her dash through the streets of Victoria. Her pants were wrinkled and her blouse awry. What a time for the cowboy to show up on her doorstep.

Slowly, she approached him. “Rob? What are you doing here?”

He unfolded himself from where he’d been leaning against the wall. “I was in the neighborhood. Thought I’d stop by.”

She raised an eyebrow. She was still trembling from her close call. Only twenty minutes ago she’d needed all her defenses against Duncan. Now the man she’d longed for was closing in on her, fast. She needed a moment to transition.

She didn’t get one.

“I couldn’t stay away from you any longer,” he said, bending down to give her a kiss that made her toes curl with desire, once she pushed Duncan from her mind. She forced herself to stay in the moment, to be conscious of only Rob. His smell, the taste of his mouth on hers, the strength in the arms that held her. She closed her eyes and leaned against him, letting everything else go. Rob Matheson was easy on the eyes, with a body made for touching. After a few moments, it was all she could do not to melt against him right here and now.

Easy, tiger. Remember your rules. Better not get him—or yourself—too hot and bothered.

She pulled away. “Come on in.”

“Thanks.” He finally released her and picked up a black suitcase. “Hope you don’t mind me showing up like this out of the blue. I had a sudden gap in my schedule.”

“Really?” She didn’t think ranchers got gaps in their schedules. “Is everything all right back at home?” She unlocked the door and showed him inside her small apartment. Lugging his gear, Rob followed her into the entryway and down a short hall to the living room. Her kitchenette hugged one wall, separated from the rest of the room by a counter. Her one bedroom and bathroom opened off to the side.

“I like your place. It’s…nice,” Rob said, putting down his suitcase. He seemed out of place in the confines of her little apartment. The cowboy was larger than life, and her living room was oh so small.

“You mean it’s tiny,” Morgan said, trying to wrap her head around his presence here. Somehow Rob demanded wide skies and open land. He didn’t belong in a city like Victoria. “It’s cheap, too. Only a thousand dollars a month.”

“A thousand dollars for this?” His eyebrows shot up.

“It’s expensive here.” “The money’s funny, too. What’s the deal with all the colors, eh?”

She had to laugh at the mixture of the Canadianism with his western drawl. Her shock at Duncan’s behavior and her wild flight through the streets began to melt away. Rob was here. She was definitely safe from Duncan now. “Easier to tell apart than your U.S. money.”

He sobered up. “Look, I know it’s not good manners to drop in unannounced like this, but I needed to see you and…well, I needed to get away from home for a bit.”

“Well, it’s great to see you, too. Just a little…unexpected.” Especially after the hellacious hellacious evening she’d had.

“There’s something I need to ask you. Something important.” He took her hand and led her over to her china-blue couch. There he hesitated, his gaze raking her from head to toe. Whatever he saw made his expression soften and he tilted her chin up and met her mouth with his own again. His kiss started out gentle, but then it intensified. He drew her in closer, one hand at the nape of her neck, the other at the small of her back.

Morgan let his kiss wash over her until she felt weak in the knees. She’d missed Rob so much—missed his touch so much. They hadn’t taken things very far when she’d visited Montana, but she’d wanted to, and she knew he wanted to. It was going to be hard to hold him off this time.

When she began to think holding him off was the last thing she wanted to do, he broke off the kiss, looking as undone by it as she was. After searching her face with his gaze, he slowly knelt in front of her and pulled something out of his pocket. Her stomach flipped when she saw it was a velvet-covered jewelry case. He opened it and held up the ring inside.

“Morgan Tate, will you marry me?”
Seton, Cora. The Cowboy Imports a Bride (Cowboys of Chance Creek, Book 3) . One Acre Press. Kindle Locations (451-513). Kindle Edition.

Now you know Rob’s proposal isn’t going to immediately cause Morgan to say yes. There’s quite the discussion before an agreement.

Rob shows up at the vineyard the next day, and while Morgan didn’t really want him there, she didn’t tell him not to visit. I really love the way Rob handles Duncan and embraces the information the workers give him.

This book is so much fun even with all the family drama and Rob finding alternatives for him and Morgan to start a vineyard. The simmer to sizzle relationship is a large part of this, but it’s all the other things sneaking in to cause controversy and angst that kept me turning the pages.

It’s also great to see everyone again, Ethan and Autumn, Jamie and Claire, Rob’s brothers Ned and Jake, Cab and well the whole dang crew shows up for Claire’s wedding. From wedding gowns to promises this book is packed with surprises.

I am already starting the next book, to see what happens next.

5 Contented Purrs for Cora!

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Cora Seton

USA Today and NYT Times bestselling author Cora Seton loves cowboys, country life, gardening, bike-riding, and lazing around with a good book. Mother of four, wife to a computer programmer/eco-farmer, she ditched her California lifestyle nine years ago and moved to a remote logging town in northwestern British Columbia.

Like the characters in her novels, Cora enjoys old-fashioned pursuits and modern technology, spending mornings transforming a one-acre lot into a paradise of orchards, berry bushes and market gardens, and afternoons writing the latest Chance Creek romance novel on her iPad mini.

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