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Release Day Blitz! Desert Wolf by Heather Long – Guest Post By Heather – Giveaway, Excerpt & Review

Desert Wolf Cover

Desert Wolf
Wolves of Willow Bend #8
Heather Long
Release Day: November 24, 2015


Please Welcome, Heather Long!

Heather Long

Thank you Heather for joining me on your release day.

I asked Heather a couple of questions and here are her answers.

Why Wolves? Where Wolves?

See what I did there? A little play on wolves. Yes, I know, I’m nowhere near as clever as I pretend to be. First and foremost, let me say thank you to Carol Kittie for hosting me today. Carol’s awesome.

Why Wolves?

There’s a short answer and a long answer to this question. The short answer is simple—I love the primal nature of wolves. We view wolves as the ultimate survivors, not to mention they are an apex predator in North America. While wolves are considered a stable population, they remain on the endangered species list. These noble predators faced off against an even greater predator—man—and nearly lost. Some species of wolves are lost to us, so it is vital that we preserve the rest.

A longer answer is more personal. When I was younger, I met the first Kaia, a wolf hybrid cross who’d been adopted by a close friend. She worked with endangered cats, including those larger predators imported as illegal pets or for hunts, and helped to rescue them and provide them with sanctuary. The hybrid wolf was a wolf/malamute cross, a first generation. He’d been horribly abused by someone who wanted to use him for dog fighting.

He didn’t like children or men, but he didn’t have a problem with women. I used to help her out with him, and I discovered an entire world while getting to know the first Kaia. He was fiercely protective of his territory—the large yard he had and his house. He tolerated my friend’s husband because the husband pee’d in the yard regularly—no, I’m not kidding. He marked his territory and he consistently wore something of his wife’s so that he carried her scent. But me? Kaia liked me for me. I was a girl, and he didn’t seem to perceive me as a threat.

For two weeks, I sat on the porch and let him make the decision to trust me. Eventually, he would eat from my hand and he would sit next to me and let me groom him. When my friends went out of town, I stayed with him so he wasn’t alone. A meter man utterly ignored the signs that said do not enter yard, please knock even if you need to read the meters. And the warning for the dangerous dog.

I was standing in the kitchen when I see this head pass the window. I knew Kaia was out there, so I rushed outside. The man is out there reading the meters, utterly oblivious to the wolf stalking him. Wolves don’t make sounds when they prepare to strike, so Kaia was utterly silent.

I caught his collar and said, no. Kaia froze and the man jerked around. I have never seen a six-foot-four male blanch so swiftly and I raised a hand and said, “Whatever you do, do not run. Very slowly and very calmly, back up to the fence. Do not turn your back on me or him. Do not talk to me. Just. Get. Out.”

Thankfully, the moron listened. Kaia never moved. He pressed against my side, and he stared at this man until the fence closed. For the rest of the day, Kaia wouldn’t let me out of his sight. He paced that fence a thousand times and came in the house—where I went, so did he. The next day, I put a lock on the interior of the fence so, no matter what, no one could let themselves in.

Kaia is why I write wolves. He was a gift. Someone had treated him so badly, yet he chose his people and he listened and I have never forgotten that fierceness. When I rescued my husky ten years ago, I named him after the first Kaia. Though the husky isn’t a wolf, he is my buddy and from time to time, he reminds me of the hybrid who passed away at a ripe age of twenty years old after more than a decade with his chosen pack, loved and loving.

See, told you it was the long answer.

Where Wolves?

The second part of the question is how did I choose where to situate my packs in the Wolves of Willow Bend. Geography, as well as local culture, played a role in my choices.

Heather's Pack

Hudson River is located in Westchester County. I had the great good fortune of visiting the region several times over the years. It’s both sophisticated and quaint and, ultimately, very beautiful. It’s located in New England where the seasons are magnificent and it’s close to New York City. In so many ways, it has an international kiss while maintaining this deep sense of American history.  The pack reflects these traits, or at least I hope it does.

Willow Bend is located in the Midwest, and I knew it had to be. It’s small town America and a slice of apple pie. It’s a town where everyone knows your name and kids grow up, always planning to do great things and then they come home and keep everything going. It’s about a close-knit community and family ties. They get involved, but they take care of each other.

Delta Crescent is located primarily along the Gulf Coast and in the south. Yes, the home of the Alpha is in New Orleans, but they have all that southern gentility while having the taste of determination, independence and a melting pot of ideas. New Orleans mixes so many other cultures, nationalities and histories together, it’s perfect.

Sutter Butte is located in the American southwest, in harsh territory which breeds hardy folks and a people who prefer their privacy. They don’t have seasons the way they do back east or up north. They have closer border ties and bigger families (which, with wolves, is impressive to begin with) and everything is so much farther apart.

Yukon Pack is located in northern Alaska and includes parts of Canada. It’s cold, it’s remote, and it’s intensely private—even more so than Sutter Butte, if that’s possible. In the cold, icy north, life is not small town quaint and strangers are rarely welcome. In fact, they aren’t seen all that often to be welcomed, so they are more of a novelty. They don’t take for granted the luxuries we do here in the lower forty-eight, and they can exist in harmony with their primal nature.

I hope each pack reflects these traits, but I would argue that, in some ways, I didn’t choose where the packs belonged—they told me. What do you think? Do you have any questions about wolves or Willow Bend?

Fall Tree Blog - Blurb

Cassius, Alpha of Sutter Butte, leads the most ruthless and dangerous pack in the United States. Misfits, castoffs, and forgotten wolves, they rose to create a pack more than a century ago in utter defiance of the order of the day. Seen as pitiless and cruel, Cassius wants more for his people than a yearly bloodbath as they fight for a better spot in the pecking order. To change his pack means to change himself, and he will find rebellion on all sides, not to mention from his own defiant heart.

Sovvan Stark, Omega of Delta Crescent, lives a cherished, beloved life in the center of her pack–a delicate and hard won balance. Though she is not the only Omega, she is the most experienced with the tremors of pack upset when power shifts from Alpha to Alpha. When her Alpha approaches her about Sutter Butte’s request, Sovvan considers the matter for several months. While she might hold within her the key to helping the Sutter Butte Alpha, the undertaking could very well kill her.

Accompanied by a single Hound, Sovvan begins a journey to help Cassius rebuild the foundation of his pack, but first she will have to transform him…

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Fall Tree Blog - sm - My review

OMG! Heather Long has done it again! This tale is woven so intricately it captures you and doesn’t let go until the last word is read. Even then you still want more.

This is a difficult book, but so worth every minute. Cassius is a brutal Alpha, he has to be in order to rule. However, he has a vision of what he wants his pack to be and will go to any lengths to achieve it.

With misgivings Serafina, lets her Omega Sovvan decide whether or not she will help Cassius achieve his goal.

There is already unrest with the knowledge of an Omega coming to Sutter Butte, but even Cassius didn’t realize the extent of the hate and brutality that would be shown at her arrival. The action starts right at the beginning and even as they converse, umm, growl at each other you can feel the heat rising between them. A favorite scene of mine is when Cassius sees her on his roof.

“Woman.” Cassius’ voice echoed through the silence, and she jerked her gaze toward the yard, He stood just inside the gates, which closed silently behind him. “What the hell are doing up there?”

“Taking a walk.”

“On the roof?” Irritation pebbled his words.

“Well your yard isn’t that big, and I’m bored.” She actually hadn’t meant to admit the last. “I need…I want out of here. I hate feeling like a prisoner.” Her hand trembled, and the shaking seemed to radiate through her. “I need to run.”

This is the prelude to so much more.

A fast paced if sometimes frustrating read with OMG surprises. I can’t wait to see what comes next for this awesome group of wolves.

5 Contented Purrs for Heather!

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Fall Tree Blog - sm - excerpt

Heat rolled in waves from the blacktop of the old highway. Around him, the desert sprawled in its painted glory, seemingly melting into the horizon where it kissed the sky. The colors streaked past him as he accelerated, blowing past the old trading posts and bypassing the interstate with its smoother surface and promise of civilization in the distance. If one sought to journey through the decades, the old highway east of Holbrook was the place to start.

Sweat slicked his back beneath the leather jacket and the motorcycle vibrated between his thighs. Clocking over a hundred, he barely noticed the machine’s growl echoing his wolf’s. Cassius Lucera del Alba, Alpha of Sutter Butte squinted to catch sight of the town he sought ahead.

Though town was a generous description for the collection of ramshackle structures—of which a filling station with a decrepit market attached and a lone bar were clearly detailed. Time hadn’t forgotten the town, it had left it in the dust by doing a hundred and sixty and never looked back. If the location had a name, no map detailed it, not even Google. The poor bastards didn’t even have a ghost to call their own.

Though they might when he finished.

He didn’t slow until he reached the main drag, all eighty-five feet of it and parked his bike in front of the bar. A handful of vehicles were scattered amongst the cracked pavement and gravel. Three he recognized, two he didn’t. Like the bar, the cars were in sad shape and far more popular in earlier decades. Killing the engine, he dropped the kickstand and slid off his baby. Road dust coated her paint and chrome. With a stroke of his gloved hand over the seat, he promised her a bath later.

Leaving the bike, he strode toward the building. No one moved outside, but one wolf stood inside the filling station. He was a smart wolf, he’d spotted Cassius, yet didn’t reach for a phone or make any move other than retrieving his newspaper and flipping it open.

Inside, the cool air rushed over his sweaty face like a sweet kiss. The scents of stale beer, body odor, remnants of the blood spilled throughout the years, and fear stained the experience. The population of the bar—easily a dozen wolves though Cassius scented at least four more in the back—glanced up from their places scattered around the room. Three played pool, four others huddled around a card game while the rest sat in various spots including two at the bar drinking. A couple in the corner paused with her hand down his pants. The bartender—a tall, broad wolf with a balding pate and a world-weary expression raised his eyebrows in silent inquiry.

“Beer. Cold.” Cassius said, and the bartender nodded. A moment later, he set a tall bottle of Corona on the weathered bar top. The sides frosted and a hint of vapor escaped the top. Condensation formed almost immediately on the sides, slicking along the glass in rivulets.

Stripping off his fingerless gloves first. Cassius set them on the bar. Next, he peeled off his jacket. The old leather moulded him perfectly after the many years he spent wearing it. Only after setting it on the bar next to his gloves did he peel off three one hundred dollar bills and lay them next to the bottle. The bartender didn’t say a word as he took the bills, tucked them into his pocket then locked his register and exited through the double doors behind the bar.

Leaning against the aged wood, Cassius swept the room with his gaze. “If any of you are still sitting on your asses, disobeying the direct orders I sent out when I finish this beer, I’ll kill you.” He didn’t raise his voice. Shouting accomplished nothing. Yelling indicated the battle was lost before it began.

Chair legs scraping across the floor splintered the silence. The couple in the corner disengaged. The she-wolf grabbed her purse as she stood. Boots striking the floor punctuated her exodus. No sooner did the door slam shut behind her than the four wolves playing cards toss them down, abandoning their game. The men muttered, but they divvied the pot, then bowed their heads to him one at a time before hurrying out.

Tipping the bottle up, he took a long pull of the cold drink. It soothed his parched throat. One of the pool players threw down his stick. One of the wolves tried to stop him with a hand on his arm, but he shook it off. Then like the other wolves before him, he hurried out the door.

From nearly twenty to only ten—behind feet stomped on the stairs followed by another door slamming. Make that eight. One of the upstairs wolves strode into the bar, and stood in the center of it. Surprise filled his scent at the emptiness in the room. The others waited, their attention divided between Cassius and Finch.

Stupid fucking name for a wolf. Another long pull from his beer, and Cassius was three quarters finished. One by one he met the gazes of the wolves around the room. The smarter ones lowered their eyes immediately, the dumbasses fought to hold his gaze—even Finch.

Focusing on him last, Cassius studied him. Fresh beads of sweat began to trickle along Finch’s cheeks. The wolf swore, then stomped out and slammed the door with enough force, one of the hinges cracked.

Then there were seven.


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Coming in 2016 – Snow Wolf – Willow Bend #9

Fall Tree Blog - sm - about the author

Heather Long




Heather Long




National bestselling author, Heather Long, likes long walks in the park, science fiction, superheroes, Marines, and men who aren’t douche bags. Her books are filled with heroes and heroines tangled in romance as hot as Texas summertime. From paranormal historical westerns to contemporary military romance, Heather might switch genres, but one thing is true in all of her stories–her characters drive the books. When she’s not wrangling her menagerie of animals, she devotes her time to family and friends she considers family. She believes if you like your heroes so real you could lick the grit off their chest, and your heroines so likable, you’re sure you’ve been friends with women just like them, you’ll enjoy her worlds as much as she does.

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Single Wicked Wolf by Heather Long – A Wicked Novel from ARe


Single Wicked Wolf
Wolves of Willow Bend 7.5
Heather Long


Fall Tree Blog - Blurb

He’s single, wicked, and a perfect pretend boyfriend…but exactly who is she fooling?

Murphy DeWitt enjoyed two years touring American consulates in Europe as an assistant to a diplomatic attaché. It was a dream come true, and a hell of a learning experience. A master of languages, she knows how to get her point across. Romance, however, proves to be a tongue twister. Now en-route to Willow Bend for a friend’s wedding —without the make-believe boyfriend she created for her family—she debates how to confess her deception. Luckily, her flight includes a fantastically hot wolf that leaves her breathless and contemplating all kinds of naughty things.

Giovanni Conti thrives on protecting others. As a Centurion for the Seven Hills pack in Italy, it’s his pleasure to serve his Alpha wherever he is needed. Dispatched ahead in preparation for the Alpha pair’s trip to Willow Bend, he has no problem entertaining the sexy wolf he encounters in the airport. The last thing the playboy wolf expects, however, is to find in Murphy the most captivating chase of his life…

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Fall Tree Blog - sm - My review

I love the Wolves of Willow Bend. They captured my heart with the first book and each book gets better and better.

What do you get when you take a Willow Bend Wolf and a Seven Hills Centurion? You get a steamy hot romance filled with laughter and fun.

Murphy DeWitt is returning to Willow Bend after two years of traveling the globe as a diplomatic interpreter. She is looking forward to being home except for one little thing. She told her mother she had a wolf boyfriend to get her to stop pushing on the whole marriage/mating thing. Not that she is against it, after all she was going to be a bridesmaid in her friend Shiloh’s wedding in a couple of days.

Giovanni is traveling to Willow Bend in advance of his Alpha Salvatore and his mate Margo to ensure security for them as they attend her brother Matt’s wedding. When he smells a female wolf at the airport when he passes through security, he is intrigued and manages to place himself in her way.

Murphy literally runs into Giovanni, and thus begins an interesting relationship.

With their flight fortuitously delayed, he convinces Murphy to join him for a meal. However it is a lot more than just a meal he has in mind. In his dominant wolf way he changes her flight to first class, orders up the meal and arranges a shower for her at the First Class Lounge Spa. A shower she and her wolf decide to let him share, but not before she determines it has nothing to do with politics or their packs. Talk about a hot, steamy shower, this one raises the heat to a whole new level.

During their flight Giovanni also books a hotel and rents a car for the two of them to travel from Chicago to Willow Bend. Protective much?

One of my favorite scenes (of which there are many) is during Murphy’s first run since her return to Willow Bend. She has discovered the guest house where Giovanni is staying and is intercepted first by the hunter Collin then by her Alpha, Mason.

“I went to the bar looking for you but Joanie mentioned you needed a run.”

When he released her, she backed off a pace and nodded to him. Cocking her head, she kept her ears focused on him.

“So you ran all the way to where Giovanni is staying, hmm?”

He was here? The longing to go and see him flooded her all over again. Dipping her head, she lowered her gaze in apology. If she shifted she could ask Mason if she could go see him.

“I know you two have been dating, but for now I need the two of you to keep your distance. Salvatore will be here tomorrow and that always makes things a little tense.” He didn’t owe her any explanations. Orders were orders. The desire to see Giovanni warred with her Alpha’s wishes. “If it makes you feel any better, he will be at the wedding. I had a job offer I wanted to discuss with you, if you’re up to it.”

Excitement threaded with confusion punched through her. The wedding was more than twenty four hours away, almost a day and a half. She wanted to sidle and wander in the direction Collin vanished. Maybe it was the guest house. If she accidentally tripped over Giovanni…

“Murphy.” Command halted her in place and she sat, tail tucked. The Alpha’s strength rolled over her and flattened her ears. A low growl rumbled in his throat, and Mason looked away from her toward the night sky. “Another one, dammit.” She had no idea what he was talking about, but decided it was probably for the best. “Damn Italians.” But the last words carried no heat, just exasperation so she flicked her ears forward.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable read, no angst, no drama, just pure sexy fun!

5 Contented Purrs for Heather!

Fall Tree Blog - sm - about the author

Heather Long Heather Long

National bestselling author, Heather Long, likes long walks in the park, science fiction, superheroes, Marines, and men who aren’t douche bags. Her books are filled with heroes and heroines tangled in romance as hot as Texas summertime. From paranormal historical westerns to contemporary military romance, Heather might switch genres, but one thing is true in all of her stories–her characters drive the books. When she’s not wrangling her menagerie of animals, she devotes her time to family and friends she considers family. She believes if you like your heroes so real you could lick the grit off their chest, and your heroines so likable, you’re sure you’ve been friends with women just like them, you’ll enjoy her worlds as much as she does.

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My Review of Dark Fates – A Paranormal Anthology From Fated Desires Publishing

DarkFates Cover

A Paranormal Anthology
From Fated Desires Publishing, LLC
(August 10, 2014)
Six hot paranormal romance stories from USA Today and bestselling authors. Alpha heroes and heroines with dark pasts and the need to find their own happy ever after will draw you in and make you turn to the next page.




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SummerBlog Blurb and  SummerBlog My Review

This book was a gift from the publisher for a fair and honest review.
Of these six authors there is only one that is new to me, Marie Harte and now she is a favorite too. All the others are favorites and I must read everything I can by them.

(A Redwood Pack Novella)
by NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan

Emeline might have been alive hundreds of years, but she’s never really lived.

Noah has known Emeline was his mate since he first saw her, only he doesn’t know if she feels the same. When he finally takes that final step, he’ll have to pray she finds the connection and overcomes the past she thought she’d lost years ago.

My Review:

Emeline is an elder of the Redwood pack.  A scholar who is searching a library of books to find a cure for the pack Doctor North’s blindness.

Noah is a young wolf, who has taken over North’s duties, and is helping Emeline with her research.  He also knows she is his mate, the problem is getting her to realize it.

My favorite quote in this book is when Lexi and Bay are helping Emeline prepare for a date with Noah.

“Oh, honey, please stop calling yourself a cougar,” Lexi said, tears streaming from her eyes.

Emeline put her fists on her hips and scowled.  “That’s what I am, aren’t I?”

“No. Emeline, you’re a wolf,” Bay said, clearly trying not to smile and failing badly. “A female wolf about to go on a date with a very sexy male wolf.  Stop calling yourself a cougar. 

Though, oh my god, that’s hilarious.”

There is anxst, jealousy, pain, and love that is worked through in this story.  With each turn of the page I found myself holding my breath to see what would happen next.

A wonderful read, I wait anxiously for the next book in this series.

5 contented purrs, for Cassie Ann!


(A Ludos Deorum Novella)
by NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author Marie Harte

Tortured by the god of chaos for centuries, Tariq knows only duty to numb the pain.

When he’s sent to collect Eden, a sexy human accused of interfering in the Games of the Gods, his missing heart beats again.

But love may not be enough to save them.

My Review:

I had never read Marie Harte before, now I know what I have been missing.

Games of the Gods. Nordic, Greek and Egyptian. A way to break the boredom of the pantheons.

Egyptian guardians to Anubus and Set, a girl who remembers even though they try to wipe her memory. It is a love that time and many different lives cannot suppress.

Tariq and Eden’s story is full of intriguing twists and turns. She begins to recall her past life with Tariq, when her name was Rehema.

Set wants something from Eden, but she doesn’t remember. One of my favorite scenes is just before Set arrives on the scene and Eden is beginning to remember her past lives.

“I can’t help being scared. This is all so new, and yet it’s not. I loved you as Rehema, but I didn’t know you when I was Gretchen or Marguerite. The knowledge of those other lives is starting to seep into me, and I’m scared.” In a low voice, she confessed, “When you left me the first time, it devastated me. I can’t lose you again.”

He pulled back to dry her tears. “We’ll find a way, habibti. No matter what, I won’t let anyone keep us apart.” He wanted to reassure her again, but what felt like an earthquake rocked the house.


Tariq, my pet, Set whispered. I want my prize.

I really loved this book, and I found myself adding her books to my growing TBR mountain.

5 contented purrs for Marie!


(A Fallen Alpha Novella)
by Rebecca Royce
Hayden Chaucer is determined to make the best life possible for his pack and is ill-prepared to discover his true mate waiting for him in his home.
Worse, his mate, Chelsea, has fled the True Believers, and her ability to see the future may cost them their present.

My Review:

Sexy, strong and dominant is a very brief description of Hayden Chaucer, Alpha of a small, loyal pack and owner the Chaucer Family Winery.

Chelsea Steefle is human, she has to warn Hayden of a threat to his life before it is too late. Problem is that to most people she appears to be crazy. She has visions and that’s how she knows Hayden and his pack are in danger.

My favorite part of this novella was when Hayden was trying to explain the true mating to Chelsea.

“It’s not all that common.” He shifted his stance suddenly feeling uncomfortable. “But it happens. It’s not like we’re not…built to be compatible. We have all the rights parts. It’s just that True Matings are rare, and, usually, if a wolf is settling into a relationship that isn’t a True Mating, they choose to do it with one of our own kind so that there aren’t the problems of existing in two different worlds. So, I guess it’s fair to say that most human-werewolf joinings are usually True Matings.”

She walked toward him, her eyes narrowed. “If all of this is true, then everything I’ve been through has been leading to this moment. My destiny. Is that it? Some universal deity decided that I should mate a werewolf and so, therefore, it shall be?”

A hot sexy read from Rebecca Royce, I love your Alpha wolves! I can’t wait for the next book in this series.

5 contented purrs for Rebecca!


(An Ashwood Falls Novella)
by Lia Davis
A submissive wolf who lost it all finds herself in a mating dance with the very dominant senior enforcer who will stop at nothing to claim her.

My Review:

I love the Ashwood Falls series and I loved this added glimpse.

Cora is suffering from nightmares of being chased by and caught by Mutants (half human/half shifter beings), in the same way her parents and more recently her brother had ultimately met their deaths. On top of all this her wolf has withdrawn and she cannot shift.

With the help of her former Alpha she gets a job, designing the new security that would encompass the Ashwood Falls and MoonRiver dens.

In her new position she must work with Torin, a dominant male who knows she is his mate. He has been very patient so she can work through her grief but knows he must make a move.

A favorite passage in this book is when Cora is getting ready for a date with Torin.
Cora picked at her water bottle. “I can stay….”

“No way. You’re not getting out of it that easy. It’s about time you gave into Torin. I mean, the male has been chasing you for the last few months.” Jasmine tried to hide her smile behind the bottle. She failed terribly when it came to teasing Cora about Torin.

“Well he isn’t leaving much room for me to run anymore. Working on the security system means also working with him.” She sighed and leaned against the counter. “I don’t know how to handle him. He’s so much male and dominant.”

Jasmine laughed. “You don’t handle a male like Torin. You tease, love, and bite him.”

This book is well written with laughter, angst, tears, fear and sizzling hot passion. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

5 contented purrs for Lia!


by Ann Mayburn
Drifting without a purpose, vampire Lisabetta finds herself yearning for something more. She finds it while hunting for her next donor. Things are not quite as they seem when she seduces an older mortal man and finds herself in danger of falling in love for the first time in centuries.

My Review:

When Ann Mayburn writes anything you know the sex is going to be take a cold shower hot. Sangue Fever is no exception.

Lizabetta is a vampire who wants something more than the feed and memory wipe that is common. Her Master Sargon wants her to become a maker herself so she can have the committed relationship, that for some reason she can’t seem to have with him.

She meets Tyler and everything is different. Could he be the one that she could find that happiness with? Would Sargon approve of her choice and will he be allowed in the relationship?

One of my favorite passages is when she first sees Tyler

The feeling of needing, craving.. something intensified until she hugged herself, wishing Sargon was still here so he could hold her.

As that last thought made her want to tear up, she met the gaze of a man in his early forties sitting in another area of the VIP section. He had close-cropped dark hair with thick shocks of silver streaking through it. A black cowboy hat sat on the table before him, and she had a sudden, vivid mental image of riding him wearing just the hat. He was sexy, so damn sexy it made her teeth ache to taste him. His tanned face had faint lines, and she could see the solid, muscular build of his broad chest and shoulders beneath his paid shirt. Something about him radiated power and control, but it wasn’t in the way of immortals. No, this man was one hundred percent human and utterly delicious. All thoughts of anyone’s gaze except for the powerful man before her vanished as pure primal need filled her.

She wanted him.


This book just sizzles off the pages.

5 contented purrs for Ann!


(A Watchers Novella)
by Heather Long

All Jubilee Spector wants is to save her brother. The last thing she expects is to stumble into a dark world and another’s war. But Fox Arada is so much more than a man, and her secret threatens to change the Watchers’ world forever.

My Review:

The watchers are keeping a handle on a heavenly war and along comes Jubilee, in a most disconcerting way, to change everything.

Jubilee stumbled into Fox’s room at a hotel while on the run from drug dealers. After he dispatched them, he ends up in trouble with his friend and one of the leaders, Enoch.

Fox has essentially kidnapped Jubliee in order to tend her wounds and protect her. All the while denying the powerful attraction to her. What amazes him most is that she can and does resist everything he suggests. As a human this should have been impossible.

In spite of being kidnapped Jubilee can’t help her attraction to Fox. She wants him, yet needs to get away. Back to her brother who will be in even more danger now.

One of my favorite scenes is right after Fox explains what he is.

“I say it’s a good thing you’re pretty. Because you’re bat-crap crazy,” she said. It was the best she could manage. “I’m not going to tell anyone about those men. You saved my life, and that’s enough for me. I didn’t need the fairy tale.” With trembling hands, she put the teacup aside. ” I want to go home now.”

His expression tightened, and darkness shuttered his eyes. She didn’t have to know him well to read the anger in the compressed line of his lips.

“Did you not hear a word I said?”

“I heard you, and you’re nuts.” She shoved the blanket back and swung her legs out of the bed. It was long past time to go, and, even if the peculiar faith her gut had in him hadn’t wavered one iota through his mad story, she had to question whether her instincts were firing on all cylinders.

“You don’t believe me.”

“No. I don’t. There are no such thing as shifters, much less angels and demons and a war and–“

The world exploded in a shower of sparkles, and all the oxygen seemed to whoosh out of the room and then back again. Where Fox had been sitting, now a red fox stood. The animal was huge and beautiful.

“Oh. My. God.”

What happens next I won’t tell you. It’s big, really big.

Complicated plot twists and hotter than hell sex. It doesn’t get better.

5 Contented Purrs for Heather!

My Review of Lust Actually – Tempting Signs Series Book 1 by Heather Long

Lust Actually Cover

12 Authors. 12 Zodiac Signs.
1 Explosive Series.

Lust Actually
by Heather Long
The first in the Tempting Signs Series
From Fated Desires Publishing, LLC

SummerBlog Blurb

What seductive, contemporary romance will you find today? ARIES.

Ethan Andrews makes his living reading people and tailoring his sales pitch to what they want. He lives his life on the road, traveling from city to city, hotel to hotel, and it all works for him until he meets Norah Silver—the woman he wants to come home to.

Norah Silver has a plan, one that requires focus and dedication. She’s working sixty to eighty hours a week between her two jobs—one for money and the other for her passion. She thrives on giving solid relationship advice that may be based in the stars, but also grounded in reality. The last thing she expected was to find a sizzling love connection of her own.

Sparks fly when these two stubborn Aries launch into an impulsive relationship. Telling themselves lust is actually enough turns out to be a lie, but can these rams bend enough to recognize it or will their off the charts chemistry explode before they really get started?

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SummerBlog My Review

Norah Silver has a radio show based on Astrology signs and love.  Her best friend is leaving on a long weekend vacation and they meet for a drink before her flight. This is one of my favorite passages at the very beginning of the story.  It is only  part of the conversation where Norah compares herself to an orange crayon.

“The one always left in the box…you know when you’re a kid and you do a lot of coloring?  You use the blues for the sky and the water, the green for the grass, and the white for clouds and yellow for the sun.   Red shows up for flowers or shoes or cars..”

     “Or fire engines,” Tina added helpfully.

     “Yes, fire engines.  Right.  Brown even gets a cut of the action for people and for tree bark.  But orange?  Orange sits in the box untouched and unblemished.  It’s always the sharpest crayon, but the least used.  The paper isn’t crinkled…and if it rolled off the table and onto the floor and beneath a chair to lie forgotten–no one would notice.”

     Tina blinked once.  “Damn, girl, you need to get the hell out of your head.  The orange crayon?  That’s some fucked-up shit right there.”

As Norah is finishing her drink before leaving the airport she is approached by a very handsome stranger.  Against all odds, they end up having dinner together and I have to admit that the way he convinced her to go is quite genius.

With a few twists and lots of really hot sex (I would expect nothing less from an Aries) this is a quick and fun read.

5 Contented Purrs!


SummerBlog About the Author

Heather Long  Heather Long

National bestselling author, Heather Long, likes long walks in the park, science fiction, superheroes, Marines, and men who aren’t douche bags. Her books are filled with heroes and heroines tangled in romance as hot as Texas summertime. From paranormal historical westerns to contemporary military romance, Heather might switch genres, but one thing is true in all of her stories–her characters drive the books. When she’s not wrangling her menagerie of animals, she devotes her time to family and friends she considers family. She believes if you like your heroes so real you could lick the grit off their chest, and your heroines so likable, you’re sure you’ve been friends with women just like them, you’ll enjoy her worlds as much as she does.

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Blog Tour and Giveaway for River Wolf by Heather Long with My Review

RW_TourBadge (1)
River Wolf Cover


SummerBlog Blurb

Brett Dalton, Alpha of Hudson River, isolated himself from his pack mates after one betrayed him. The once, easygoing Alpha has become taciturn, remote and unforgiving. His pack worries for him, but they too have suffered a devastating blow. When several members leave to join Three Rivers, the pack faces the threat of dissolution until Brett’s best friend and Lone Wolf, Luc Danes returns to Hudson River accompanied by a beautiful young human–or is she? Something about the woman consumes Brett. Has Luc come home to help or to take the pack from Brett?


Colby Jensen wrapped up thousands of hours of community service working at the hospital in Maine when an injured Luc Danes rolled through the door. The impossible patient drove the nurses crazy, but when Danes offered her money no strings attached to drive him to New York, she agreed. The last thing she expected was to arrive in the small Westchester County town and to meet the craziest collection of residents–especially the devastatingly sexy Brett Dalton. Part of her wants to hit the road, the rest wants to make him smile and he keeps making excuses for her to stay.


Then she sees the wolves…and is exposed to a world she can barely imagine. When Brett discovers a secret about her, nothing will be the same again. Now she will find herself torn between a world she isn’t sure she can understand and the man who has taken her heart hostage…

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Stunning Willow Bend Trailer…Are you Ready?…

SummerBlog My Review

Ah, the Hudson Valley, my home sweet home.  I wish there really was a Hudson River Pack.

I love Brett and I really hate seeing him hiding away almost like a lone wolf instead of the Alpha. When his friend and lone wolf Luc ends up in a Maine hospital in a coma, he tells the enforcer to bring him to Hudson River for recovery.

Luc in his current state needs to get to Hudson River and enlists the nursing assistant doing his care as part of community service to take him there.

Colby is a hard-headed, infuriating, caring, big hearted, nursing assistant. She is the only one that seems to be able to ‘calm the beast’ in room 510. He’s angry in pain and he wants to leave. She agrees to take Luc to NY on her way to Florida where she intends to start a new life.

Colby seems human, but is she? She smells different sometimes, to quote Luc ‘pack but not pack’.

I loved this tale set in my home area of NY, I could visualize the area as I read. The river, SUNY, all of it.  I did a lot of giggling in this one. Colby is a bit of a smart ass and each time Brett gets her to stay as Luc requested is a struggle.

We also see Gillian and Owen from Willow’s Bend as she is helping to train the young healer, Travis. Gillian friends Colby and gives her reasons to stay in Hudson River.

The romance is snarky and hot and one really shouldn’t call an Alpha a dog…

5 Contented Purrs for this latest in the Willow Bend Series! Keep reading for an excerpt and don’t forget to enter the giveaway.

SummerBlog Excerpt

So not ready to be awake…A knock on the door intruded in her drifting and she groaned. Dammit, she was a guest. She couldn’t stay in bed all day. In fact, what she needed to do was get up, shower, dress and get her ass on the road. Florida seemed a hell of a long way to go, though. Rolling over, she shoved the blankets away then climbed out of the bed. Glaring at the light between the curtains, she rubbed a hand over her face, then stumbled to the door.Opening it a crack, she gazed at her host. Goddammit. He looked perfect. Dressed in a clean, nicely pressed shirt with the top two buttons open to reveal the faint curls of dark against his chest and smelling like heaven, he looked good enough to eat. His hair wasn’t even damp, though it fell in a soft wave toward his forehead. He’d been up long enough to shower and dress—and he wore a smile.

“Ugh,” she sighed. “Please God tell me you are not one of those happy morning people.”

The corner of his sensual mouth quirked higher. The effect on his expression devastated her sleepy senses. No human should ever look so damn good without coffee. The combination of rake and boy next door added to his appeal, but the trace of scars and mottled skin gave him a ruggedness she desperately wanted to smooth away. “I woke you.”

“Not exactly,” she admitted, rubbing her cheek against the door and leaning on it a little more heavily. Everything ached and she wanted to go back to sleep. “I’m used to getting by on a lot less sleep.” And rolling out of bed to go to work for eight hour shifts that as often as not turned into ten to twelve hours on her feet. “I think I am tireder than I thought.” She yawned the last three words, and when she glanced at him again, his expression softened.

Extending a finger, he traced the line of her cheek and it was a soothing motion, one which had her eyes half-closing in pleasure. “Go back to bed, Colby.” His voice washed over her. “I’ll be in my office working.”

“I can’t laze about in bed all day.” No matter how good it sounded.

“Why not?”

“Because…” She had to go to Florida or at least say her goodbyes. She was a guest and not even an intentional one. “…Luc. I should probably check on him.”

“He’s fine, the doctor is with him.” The indulgence in his voice evaporated, but the steadiness in his tone remained. “Go sleep. When you wake up, come find me. We’ll have coffee.”

Tempting. So. So. Tempting. “I’m up now…but coffee sounds like heaven. Really, really strong coffee.”

“Double pot? I made one, I can run it through again.”

Colby groaned at the idea. Now that he’d mentioned it, she could smell the coffee. It proved even more alluring than the sweet vanilla and jasmine entwining the pine of his cologne on her pillow. Releasing the door to stretch, she would have thumped her tail if she’d had one. “Yes, please. If it wouldn’t be too much to ask.”

Silence greeted her comment, and she found Brett gazing at her. Rapt admiration in his eyes as he trailed his gaze down her body and up again.

Fuck me… She still only wore a t-shirt and panties and she’d just given him a show. “Crap. Sorry.” Slamming the door shut, she leaned against it. Adrenaline burned through the remaining traces of sleepiness, adrenaline and a healthy dose of lust. Having him look at her like that warmed inside and out.

“Please,” his voice stroked her through the door. “Don’t apologize. I’ll go fix the coffee. Come and find me.”

The invitation had her toes curling and she bit her lip. “I will,” she said, then added in a low whisper. “I promise.”

“I’ll be waiting.”

A shiver skated over her spine and she closed her eyes. Maybe she should have invited him inside to go back to bed with her. Inappropriate as hell, and impulsive, but she bet Brett would wake her even better than the coffee.

He already has…

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 Wolf with Benefits RomancingTheWolf72-200x300 Willow Bend 6.5

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SummerBlog About the Author

Heather Long Heather Long

National bestselling author, Heather Long, likes long walks in the park, science fiction, superheroes, Marines, and men who aren’t douche bags. Her books are filled with heroes and heroines tangled in romance as hot as Texas summertime. From paranormal historical westerns to contemporary military romance, Heather might switch genres, but one thing is true in all of her stories–her characters drive the books. When she’s not wrangling her menagerie of animals, she devotes her time to family and friends she considers family. She believes if you like your heroes so real you could lick the grit off their chest, and your heroines so likable, you’re sure you’ve been friends with women just like them, you’ll enjoy her worlds as much as she does.

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Romancing the Wolf – 10 Spicy Stories – 10 BestSelling Authors

Romancing the Wolf Cover

Romancing the Wolf
Release Date: June 30, 2015


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Heart of the Wolf
(The Devora)
by Desiree Holt

Shifter Lia Popescu is desperate to find the book Legends of the Werewolf, her only clue as to what happened to her pack. When she loses her heart to the sexy detective Riley Morgan, she wonders how he will handle knowing the truth about her.

My Review

I love this concept of the wolf, the search for family, the loyalty and love.

Lia is searching for the book her grandmother told her to find. The only clue leads Lia to Calderwood for the booksigning of ‘Wolf’ a best selling novel by Jamie Volka.  What she didn’t expect was to be labeled a stalker.

When she is approached by detective Riley Morgan a friend of the Volka’s, an interrogation quickly becomes something more. In Lia’s words, “MATE!”

The problem, Mike Volka is Riley’s friend and the question to be answered is Lia a friend or foe.

A delightful read, filled with suspense as well as fun! I hope this won’t be the last we see of The Devora!

5 Contented Purrs for Desiree.

The Ardennes Curse
(Woolven Secret)
by Saranna DeWylde

Victoria’s determined to free her people from the curse that forces them to become mindless, slavering terrors every full moon. Even if it means taking, Armand Rommulus, their new Alpha to mate.

My Review

A darker story of wolves and witches and a curse that must be broken.

After killing the Alpha of the Ardennes Pack Armand Rommulus takes over. First running into the pack Beta Victoria who attacks him but not in a challenge for the position of Alpha, but to try to get him to leave.

He is part Ardennes Witch and he believes he can break the curse. There are obstacles to be overcome, but will he be strong enough to give them what they need. Can he mate with Victoria?

I think I had my fingers crossed throughout this book. I was wrapped up in this tale from the first word to the last. I hope we see more of Victoria and Armand, I think there should be more adventures.

5 Contented Purrs for Saranna!

Odd Mate
(Odd Stuff Series, #4)
by Virginia Nelson

Gretchen fell in love with Charly, a sweet, nerdy bear of a man but ran fast and hard from his side when she realized he’d hate her for a genetic twist of fate she couldn’t change. Now she’s back in town and drawn to his side. Can a wolf sworn to destroy all coyotes claim a coywolf mate or will he be forced to destroy the only girl he ever loved?

My Review

Gretchen and Charly had been in love for years, but were separated when her parents moved her away.

Now her coywolf pack Alpha has ordered her to infiltrate Charly’s pack and pave the way for a takeover.

Charly’s pack has opened to accept new members including making a couple of witches honorary pack members to strengthen the pack as a whole.

This was a fun read with the antics of the witch and suspenseful with the impending threat of the coywolves. I loved the second chance at love. I think there needs to be more of this expanding pack, please!

5 Contented Purrs for Virginia!

Running with the Wolf
(The Cascadia Wolves)
by Gayle Donnelly

Abram spends his days protecting the pack children, but he finds himself wanting more. The quiet, elusive kindergarten teacher has sparked a hunger inside him and he knows it won’t be satisfied unless he makes her his mate. When her past comes calling, he must make a choice…defy pack law and bring her into his world or let her run and lose her forever.

My Review

This story touched my heart. Abram protects his Alpha’s triplets Kirra, Sawyer, and Marina. As such he escorts them to school and waits watching until he brings them home.

Since day one, he has had his eye on their teacher Abby Mann. He finally gets up the courage to ask her out and she accepts. Before they can have that first date a blizzard hits and Abram and the children end up staying at Abby’s house.

When the pack’s rangers inform him of a break-in at the school and what was taken a whole new level was added to the protective wolf within.

A wonderful tale of strength and commitment. With lots of good lovin’ as well.

5 Contented Purrs for Gayle!

Redemption’s Forgiveness
(The Rending, Book 2)
by Cara Carnes

Marek will do anything to protect his pack and their land, including executing any Outsiders who dare enter pack lands. There’s no soft in war—until Felicity, a curvaceous wolf with more sass than sense limps into Redemption with an impossible tale of betrayal.

My Review

Redemption is preparing for the culling, the process used to vet new warriors for the outpost. Packs have sent their prospects for this process, some more qualified than others.

Marek is out with a group of the greener ones when he scents the blood trail of an injured female wolf. An intruder, not part of the pack and protecting what he senses is a dead cub.

Felicity is an outlander, one of those whose families had fled their packs before the Rending. Injured and being treated by the white dragon doc she had to warn the Alpha Commander.

Marek knows the attraction between them is intense and he has to come to terms with that fact and the fact that the Sentinal Peyton isn’t going to let him go without a fight.

This story has it all, jealousy, lust, love, fierce sex and oh yeah, the war.

I loved this one as much as the first in the series

5 Contented Purrs for Cara!

Under Her Spell
(Keystone Predators, Book 1)
by Brandy Walker

Diego wants Daphne as his mate instantly and is ready to do whatever it takes to make her his. Part wolf, and part witch, Daphne is a little more skeptical of the situation. Her wolf is telling her to go for it while her witchy side balks, knowing Diego will try to suppress her more enchanted side.

My Review

Everyone is gathering for the official ceremonies to bind  Alpha Gideon and his mate Ryder.

As Gideon’s Beta, Diego is assigned to pick up his cousin at the airport, not that he didn’t have enough to do with this wedding. He starts off poorly with Daphne Moore, by arriving late and then ogling a couple of stewardesses. From there things go bad to worse. With all chaos involved with the wedding and naming ceremonies, he doesn’t quite know what to make of the mating call.

Daphne recognizes the mate reaction in herself but is unsure Diego feels it as well. His reaction to a small display of her witchcraft leaves her less than confident.

With her father and his mate demand for her to choose Wolf or Witch. She is Diego’s mate, can’t she be herself both witch and wolf? Gideon and Ryder like her the way she is. Can she mate with Diego and become part of Gideon’s pack?

I seem to have gotten a real taste for this witch/wolf breed. The families in the pack are as diverse as any family. With the boys being snarky and the parents protective. Of course there is that one person in the family who just has to make trouble. Just the back and forth with Daphne and Diego in itself was both amusing and hot.

I look forward to more of the Keystone Predators!

5 Contented Purrs for Brandy!

(Dragon Wars #3)
by Rebecca Royce

Robbie Owens has fought the dragons for seventeen years, leading his group of secret, elite werewolves. Tatyana Knox is a human in a world where humans are like unicorns—they simply don’t exist. But she is real and she is Robbie’s mate. If he can trust her, they will turn the tide of the war. But the clock is ticking and Tatyana’s time with Robbie is almost up.

My Review

Unbeknownst to the wolves a human faction has been aiding them.  Hidden away behind technology is a research facility and medical clinic. The personnel there has been studying the wolves for generations, now their time is almost up and as they are preparing to leave the unheard of happens.  One of the wolves remembers.

Robbie remembers Tatyana and her scent, roses, Mate. The humans have technology that can help win this war. Now Robbie must convince them to let them have the broken tech.

Tatyana doesn’t understand the whole mate thing, but she knows she wants Robbie. She is also sick but no one knows why or what she is suffering from.

All this and the Dragon war to boot. I love the way this tale unfolds. Many surprises, very hot sex and stupid, human males. Dang I love these wolves!

This is the third book in this series and while it can be read as a standalone, reading the others first will give you much more to enjoy.

Forever book1                                        Eternal book2

Forever – Dragon Wars #1  /  Eternal – Dragon Wars #2

5 Contented Purrs for Rebecca!

Violet’s Shadow
(Shadow Mates #1)
by Jennifer Kacey

Violet’s spent her entire life aching to belong and she finally finds it in the pack of Shadows she is destined to join. Everything she’s ever wanted in life and love is finally at her fingertips if she’s brave enough to embrace…her Shadow.

My Review

Violet is trying to figure out her life. She rents a cabin in the middle of a protected forest far from society to think. When she notices a wolf that seems to be watching her every move she freaks out.

Rayden the shadow wolf has been sent to protect her. However, three others show up naked on Violet’s porch and all hell breaks loose. Then there is a rush to get Violet away.

While the story has an interesting take on wolves and mating, I found it to be a bit confusing. The appearance of naked men and the wolf protecting her had no back story. There are plenty of hints but no communication not to the reader or Violet. There is also lots of hot sex but there was a lack of connection that made it less than maybe it should have been.

This being the first of a series, I expected to get more of introduction to the characters and the story before diving into sex.
This story just didn’t do it for me.

2 Purrs for Jennifer.

Wolf with Benefits
(Wolves of Willow Bend)
by Heather Long

After graduating college and spending a summer breaking the law, Shiloh Sullivan needs to make amends and accomplish something for Willow Bend. When her best friend, the wolfish and playful Matt Montgomery moves her in with him, she’s hard-pressed to refuse. But pretending a relationship with a wolf is impossible, and while Shiloh might be human, she knows the rules…

My Review

Mason (Willow Bend’s Alpha) has allowed several involved in the illegal forming of a new pack to return under probation. For Shiloh, a human in the pack, this means living with her parents and ultimately being treated like an errant child. Only allowed out of the house with a specific task the situation escalates from frank disapproval of the pack to vandalism on a grocery trip. Tiffany the pack lawyer’s mate is with her and the discovery of two flat tires on her car and broken windows on another, quickly gets escalated.

Matt has always been Shiloh’s best friend, he is also a wolf. He sneaks Shiloh out for some beers and a talk after witnessing how angry her family is with her. After half formulating a plan to have her play his perspective mate, he decides to make it official when he comes upon the vehicle being investigated. To the amusement of Tiffany, he makes a public display of affection as he informs Shiloh of his intent.

This story takes us on a journey both with family and friends to find the path to forgiveness and love. I love the Willow Bend wolves and can’t wait for the next one River Wolf to be released.

Find all the books here Wolves Of Willow Bend Series

5 Contented Purrs for Heather!

The Alpha’s Saving Grace
(Lonestar Wolf Pack #1)
by Melissa Schroeder

Alpha Jacob Sanderson doesn’t have time for distractions as he hunts a vicious killer attacking his pack. Sheriff Alexandra Littlefoot is his best resource and a woman he can’t seem to resist. As secrets rise to the surface, the killer’s violence escalates and threatens to destroy the entire pack.

My Review

Alex has more to contend with than just being new Sheriff in town. It seems the town drunk’s wife thinks she arrested him because of “a fixation on his manly person” and has questions as to her sexual preferences. One of her deputies (Dillon) hit on her (kiddingly) and the Mayor (Jacob Sanderson) has come up with some similarities between some out of jurisdiction murders. Ah Mondays! Not to mention she feels an attraction to Jacob that she can’t come to terms with, one does not date the boss.

Jacob has a feeling that Alex is his mate, but since she’s not a wolf he tries to ignore it. Unfortunately for him the more he is with her the less control he seems to have. As they investigate the murders there is the suspicion that it is someone in his pack, not a thing that could be hidden from the Alpha.

I love this take on wolf human mating. Very unusual and very cool. A strong Alpha and a strong female, combine for explosive sex and arguments. I look forward to more of this series.

5 Contented Purrs for Melissa!

Like some Royality? Some Like It Easy – by Heather Long – Is the next book for you!

Some Like it Easy Cover

SummerBlog Blurb

He’s lived the good life…

Cut off from his finances and ordered get his life together, George Dagmar registers for university in New York. College life, as it turns out, isn’t so bad. He can party, meet lots of girls, and hang out—at least according to professional student and artist, Penny Novak. When they tangle in the sheets, George quickly realizes she is more than an affair…

She lives life on her terms…

Penny enjoys a bohemian lifestyle and plans to live as a poor artist for the rest of her life, answering to no one but her muse. Spoiled George doesn’t impress her, but when her sister asks her to keep an eye on the brat prince, Penny can’t help but tweak his royal nose. When he rises to the occasion and proves he can be funny and charming, they hit the sheets. Reveling in their carefree affair, Penny has no complaints until George slips and declares his love. Galvanized by fear of a set in stone future, this commitment-phobe bolts…

Changing the rules…

He’s never wanted anyone the way he wants her. George will go to any length to prove they were meant to be together. Even grow up…

SummerBlog Buy Links

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SummerBlog My Review

This book was a gift from the author/publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.

This is the continuing story of the Dagmar family. Royal in every sense of the word. George Dagmar is the third son of the Andraste royal house, the spare.  George is the playboy, the spoiled youngest of three brothers.  As such he hasn’t taken anything very seriously except one thing that managed to initiate more assassination attempts on his family.  His Highness, Andraste Grand Duke Armand, his eldest brother has ordered him to college. Which he has managed to fail spectacularly.

Summoned to the family home in St Moritz for the winter holiday, George is confronted by a royally pissed off Armand.  He is given the choice of only three universities willing to accept him, and his access to his trust fund and credit cards is cut off.  He would only have an allowance to live on, one which his attempt to argue, as dropped to a minimal amount.

Penny Novak is Armand’s sister-in-law.  Not thrilled to be ensconced with only family in the castle-like estate, she goes exploring. Needing a bathroom she finds herself in George’s suite when he returns from the confrontation with Armand. She cajoles George into somewhat talking to her and in the process she unknowingly selects the university he would attend NYU.

At the end of the holiday, George shows up on her doorstep. Penny’s roommate Mallory opens the door expecting pizza and in walks George and his bodyguards.  This is one of my favorite scenes in the book.

“You have two minutes. What are you doing here?”

“I’m moving in.”

Oka-a-a-ay. That wasn’t the answer she’d expected.

Cheeks ruddy from a shower and damp ringlets of honey brown hair gave Penny a fresh-faced innocence he’d not noticed when she’d stormed through his bad mood in Switzerland. Even her oversized pajamas looked adorable—and a little sexier than he’d ever imagined possible for flannel.

The color in her face seemed to deepen at his announcement. “You’re doing what?”

“Next door. I’m moving in next door.” He’d assumed Anna would have told her. Certainly Armand kept his wife apprised of the details. “I took your suggestion.”

“Okay, you’re going to have to catch me up. The words you’re speaking are English, but I’m missing something here. 

You’re moving into my apartment building? Here? In Brooklyn?”

“Well, technically Manhattan, but yes.” He paused when her roommate returned, juggling three wine glasses and a bottle. Accepting one with a polite smile, he blinked when Penny took her glass and the bottle. She drained the full measure then refilled it. “Are you all right?”

“No, not really. Back to the story, princeypoo.”

“Very well. You suggested New York University. I’ll be beginning the semester there this week. The apartment next door will be my residence and my men will take the other apartments on this floor.”

Thus begins an interesting relationship between a snarky artist and a Prince.

Penny manages to help George find the path he needs to buckle down and excel in his courses. George develops a friendship with Mallory although his main focus is Penny. When Mallory’s mother has a heart attack, George arranges transportation and a driver to stay with her.  While Mallory is gone Penny and George’s friendship starts to be something more, way more.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this relationship grow.  George especially, as he learns to be a college kid instead of just a privileged prince.  I love that Penny calls him princeypoo every time he pisses her off. This friendship leads to explosive sex, a declaration, and secrets that could end it all.

All in all a great summer read!

Five contented PURRS for Heather’s Royalty.

Each book in this series is a standalone, so you don’t have to read them in order.  However, if you want to know about other characters in the book, you can find their stories here:

Going Royal Series

SummerBlog About the Author

Heather LongHeather Long

National bestselling author, Heather Long, likes long walks in the park, science fiction, superheroes, Marines, and men who aren’t douche bags. Her books are filled with heroes and heroines tangled in romance as hot as Texas summertime. From paranormal historical westerns to contemporary military romance, Heather might switch genres, but one thing is true in all of her stories–her characters drive the books. When she’s not wrangling her menagerie of animals, she devotes her time to family and friends she considers family. She believes if you like your heroes so real you could lick the grit off their chest, and your heroines so likable, you’re sure you’ve been friends with women just like them, you’ll enjoy her worlds as much as she does.

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Sneak Peak Review for Untamed Wolf by Heather Long – Wolves of Willow Bend #6

Unclaimed Wolf Cover

Releasing Tomorrow!

Wolves of Willow Bend #6 
By Heather Long


Dylan Royce, Willow Bend Hunter, is a natural flirt and courted his fair share of she-wolves, but he’s never found the woman who makes his pulse race. With the new pack’s borders verging on Willow Bend territory, he’s tasked with keeping an eye on them. His job grows more challenging daily, especially since one seductive female keeps crossing the line.

Chrystal Landros knows she’s supposed to keep to her side of the Three Rivers-Willow Bend line. But she loves to explore, and Willow Bend is home to some spectacular sites. As a former Lone Wolf, she hasn’t always been certain of her welcome, but her new home in Three Rivers opens a wonderful world of unfamiliar opportunities. Too bad the wolf who makes her blood heat is tasked with keeping her away from the places she wants to visit.

While Dylan and Chrystal clash repeatedly over her border incursions, the game between them threatens to turn deadly. Tensions between Willow Bend and Three Rivers continue to rise. Could their forbidden dalliance be the spark to ignite a war?

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My Review

Oh how I love the Wolves of Willow Bend!  With each installment of this series I fall more in love with everyone in the pack.  In this book we get a peek at the new pack Three Rivers that shares a border with Willow Bend.

It seems that our hunter Dylon Royce just can’t stop Chrystal Landros from wandering onto Willow Bend lands.  Every time he thinks she may listen, well, she shows up again.

Chrystal has been warned for the last time to stay inside the Three Rivers boundaries.  Next time she would be punished by her Alpha.

Dylon has just finished checking on wolves living near the border as another bout of snow nears. What happens next is one of my favorite passages.

Thirty minutes and he’d be at the cabin with a roaring fire, dinner and the excuse to take a long nap before he took a run. When the storm expended the effort to dump another foot of snow on them, it would be fresh, sweet powder and he could…a figure lurched out onto the road ahead. He tapped the brakes, turning into the spin he created and angling the truck. Fortunately, no one followed him on the road. The skid spun him once, but he managed to halt the truck inches from where the woman waved her arms.

She had the good sense to jump out of the way. After throwing the truck in park, he wrenched the door open and leapt out into the storm. “Are you all right?” The question demanded an answer before he tore into them for running into the road.

The wind threw her familiar citrus and orchid scent in his face. Son of a bitch… “Chrystal?”

Instead of running away—the sensible thing, considering she trespassed again—she lunged at him and clasped his arm. “Dylan, you have to come. They’re stuck and I can’t get them out.”

The wild sour note of her anxiety erased his fury. “Who and where?”

Her fingers dug into his arm. She pulled at him as she turned and dashed toward the edge of the road. Following her, Dylan caught her before she tumbled down the hill. About thirty feet below, the waterway had frosted with a heavy layer of ice, but wasn’t solid.

“There.” Voice nearly frantic, she pointed. A low whimper helped him pinpoint the animal. Front legs on the ice and surrounded by a downed branch, the rest of it was in the water. A lower whimper reached him and he picked out the pup stuck on the ice, one foot trapped in a crevice. “Help them, Dylan. Please. I’ve been trying, and she’s so upset and I can’t…”

Fuck. “Come on,” he ordered, hauling her backward. He dragged her to the truck. “Get in and warm up.” Leaving her to do as she was told, he flipped open the tool box in bed of the truck. Dragging out some rope, he circled to the driver’s side. Chrystal shivered in the passenger seat, her walnut eyes wide and her pupils the size of saucers. Her panic either fed off the wild animal’s or it off hers. Either way, he couldn’t comfort her—yet—and save the animal at the same time. Wrenching the truck into reverse, he backed to the edge and waited for his tires to hit softer snow. Parking brake engaged, he turned the heat to full blast.

Stay in the truck, Chrystal.”

 I would have liked to put more up of my favorite but then it would have been more of an excerpt than a passage.  The book just gets better from here as they end up snowed in together with the wolf and her pup in his cabin.

Every conversation reveals bits about Chrystal and Dylon wants to know more and be more to her. To teach her the things she should have been taught by now.  I really enjoyed their interaction and the temperature between them reaches sizzling in spite of the cold.

Five Contented PURRS for Heather!

Keep an eye here for the reviews that go in between yesterday’s of the first book and this one.  Writing them up will help me wait for the next book in this series. Thank you, Heather!

Author Bio

Heather LongHeather Long

National bestselling author, Heather Long, likes long walks in the park, science fiction, superheroes, Marines, and men who aren’t douche bags. Her books are filled with heroes and heroines tangled in romance as hot as Texas summertime. From paranormal historical westerns to contemporary military romance, Heather might switch genres, but one thing is true in all of her stories–her characters drive the books. When she’s not wrangling her menagerie of animals, she devotes her time to family and friends she considers family. She believes if you like your heroes so real you could lick the grit off their chest, and your heroines so likable, you’re sure you’ve been friends with women just like them, you’ll enjoy her worlds as much as she does.

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Review of Wolf Bite By Heather Long


Wolf Bite Cover

Wolves of Willow Bend #1 
By Heather Long

After a dominance challenge ended with his parents dead, Mason left Willow Bend and his pack behind, choosing instead to live life on his own terms…as a Lone Wolf. A wanderer, he keeps his life simple and carefree–until an unexpected encounter brings him face to face with his tragic past and the woman he always adored. Determined to get her out of his blood, he teases her into an easy one-night stand…but one taste will never be enough.

Alexis Huston lived on the fringe of pack life, adopted as a young girl. She’s never been strong enough, fast enough, or pretty enough–except to Mason, but then he left her. Allowed her freedom as an adult, with a promise to keep the pack’s secrets, she’s struggled to fit into the ‘human’ world. A chance meeting turns her hard-won life upside down.

She is left with two options. She can tell the only wolf she’s ever loved that she’s carrying their child…or she can protect him, keep the baby a secret, and run.

My Review

When Mason Claybourne scented Alexis Huston and knew she was in trouble, he had to help her,  protect her.

It had been a long time 10 years since he was forced to go lone wolf.  He knew he couldn’t stay with her but he could make sure she was safe and back with the wolves that should be protecting her. The thing was there weren’t any. She was here alone.

One of my favorite passages is at the end of the excerpt below.

There is a history between Alexis and Mason,  one that required a lot of fixing.  Complicated by Margo an enforcer who kept her eye on lone wolves like Mason to be sure they followed the rules.  If the rules were broken then the lone wolf would be punished.

This couple is explosive when they come together.   The question is would they be able to.  I loved this book and could not put it down.

5 Contented Purrs for Heather!

I can’t wait to read the rest of this series. 


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The scrape of shoes, a grunt, and a woman’s scent spiraling between anxiety and anger dragged Mason Clayborne out of his preoccupation and he scanned the street. Humans roamed everywhere, repeating their twice-daily migration, always rushing in the city. The sun set an hour before, but he didn’t need the streetlights to see the people around him or to hear another grunt of sound and this time, beneath it, the distress of a woman’s voice.


The scent. The voice. Both were familiar. But neither mattered as much as the suggestion of hurt lingering beneath the sound. Pivoting, he stopped pretending not to notice the world around him and followed the scent. One moment walking, the next running, he easily dodged a passersby. The sound and scent grew and he raced into a damp alley. The strong stink of refuse made him sneeze and one street over, he saw her.

The woman held onto her purse with surprising ferocity. She’d hooked one hand and clawed the man trying to jerk her bag away. Her attacker drove his shoulder into her and slammed her up to a wall. Mason sprinted, sliding between the passing cars and forgetting for a moment that humans couldn’t move at that speed.

“Let go of me, you son of a bitch,” the woman bit out. Fury coupled with desperation and she drove the heel of her hand into the man’s face. A satisfying crunch of bone filled the air and Mason caught the hints of blood—the man’s and the woman’s. Plucking her attacker away, he flung him against the opposite wall.

The would-be-mugger hit the brick with a second satisfying crunch and rebounded to land on his back in a puddle. Not even a flicker of movement behind a thin line of blood trickling down his face. Movement to his left, and he blocked the woman’s swing. Her purse made a glancing blow off his forearm with enough force to make the bone ache.

“What do you have in that thing? Rocks?” His question brought her up short and she stumbled a half-step.

“Mason?” The strangled notes of recognition and disbelief served as his only warning before Alexis gripped him in a fierce hug. Closing his arms around her was the most natural thing in the world. Flashing red and blue lights filled the dim alley and Mason tucked her against his side even as he whirled to squint at the beam of light.

“Release the woman and put your hands up,” the officer ordered.

Alexis slipped free and stepped between Mason and the officer before he could stop her. A low growl rumbled in his throat, but he swallowed the sound. “Mason saved me from that guy.” She pointed to her attacker who still lay prone in the alley. “So stop pointing a gun at us.”

Despite the rapid race of her heart and upset, she projected confidence and poise. Where had the pig-tailed girl with her scraped knees and sassy mouth gone? And why the hell was she in the city—alone? The cops moved forward and Mason fought every instinct he possessed to snarl at them.

In the city and amongst humans, he had to cede to the authority figures and never rock the boat or threaten the packs with exposure. Lone wolves owed fealty to no Alpha, but they were subject to all of their laws. Certain he could handle the two officers if they turned out to be trouble, he kept his hands slightly away from his body, palms facing forward.

“Dial it down.” Alexis whispered so softly, he knew he was the only one who heard her. “You’re still growling.”

Surprised, he blinked and silenced the noise. The officer checked on Alexis’ attacker and gave a grunt of surprise. “He’s out cold—and his nose is broken.” He gave Mason a flat, hard look.

The man was lucky to not have a broken neck.

“I broke his nose,” Alexis interjected, and shifted so she was still between Mason and the cops. Though human, she’d grown up around wolves, and had to know it was a bad idea. “He attacked me.”

The second officer approached and it took genuine effort for Mason not to flex his hands and curl them into fists. They were too close to Alexis and his wolf rose to the surface. Glancing down, he concentrated on her heartbeat. The rapid tattoo of her pulse fluctuated, the barest hint of a murmur—one he half-remembered as an elusive dream and it grounded him in the reality of her fragility.

Protect. Caring for those weaker than himself had been instilled in him since he was old enough to walk. He remembered the day Alexis arrived in Willow Bend like it was yesterday. She’d been all of four years old. Mason’s mother had taken him with her to welcome the family. Ryan Huston spent two years in Chicago doing work for the Alpha and he’d sent home an unusual request. He wanted to marry and his bride already had a child.

For some ungodly reason, Mason had been forced to listen to the debate as the Alpha discussed the issue with his closest advisors—including Andrew, Mason’s father. The biggest concern had been the phrasing of Ryan’s request—wolves mated, they didn’t marry. So was the woman his mate or not?

As it turned out, yes, she had been his mate, but Ryan had phrased the request in such a way that if he’d been denied by his Alpha, he had grounds to break from his pack. It had been Melissa, Mason’s mother, who’d pointed it out in hushed conversation. The clever phrasing and even more devious plan had worked. Toman had no interest in losing the best lawyer the pack had nor Ryan’s ability to move in and out of human situations without trying, so his request had been granted. He’d probably gotten his ass kicked in person for trying to pull a fast one, but there were all kinds of games dominants could play.

Dull pain knifed through Mason’s soul at the memory. Alexis had been a terrified kid surrounded by pack as they welcomed the family. It wasn’t until a week later that Mason realized Alexis had no idea they were wolves.

And what a fucked up day that had been.

“Sir,” the obsequious voice of the second officer intruded and Mason fought the urge to snarl.


“Can you confirm Miss Huston’s statement?”

Fur ruffled beneath Mason’s skin. His wolf crouched, watching and wary. If he wasn’t careful, he’d end up scaring the cop. Mason stuffed his impatience down. “I was on the street and I heard her cry out.” From two blocks away, but not a lie. “I looked in the alley, I saw her struggling with that asshole.” Also not a lie. “She broke his nose.” Pride made him grin. “And I knocked his sorry ass out.” He should have killed him, but he’d been more concerned with Alexis’ injuries.

Alexis shouldn’t be on her own in the middle of a fucking city. What the hell was wrong with Ryan? Or Toman? Why wasn’t she in Willow Bend?

The officer was a little too close to Alexis, so Mason took a step forward. The cop glanced from Mason to his notes then jerked his head back up again. The majority of humans had no idea the wolves existed and the wolves liked to keep it that way. But that didn’t mean humans didn’t understand a threat when they saw it, and the cop made a wide choice when he retreated a step.

“I have your contact information. How do I get ahold of you, Mr…?”

“Clayborne,” Alexis said and took the business card the officer held out. “And you can reach him through my number. Mason travels a lot, so it would be easier for everyone. Though…I can’t imagine you’ll need anyone’s testimony but mine, right?”

The charm in her take-charge attitude had the same effect on the cop that it had on Mason and, for the barest second, interest flickered in the man’s eyes. This time, Mason didn’t bother to disguise his dislike and the cop snapped his notebook shut. “Pretty sure, but someone from the prosecutor’s office will be in touch. Do you need a ride home? That leg looks pretty bad.”

Reminded, Mason glanced down. She’d worn some kind of nylon and it had been shredded over her left knee. Blood flecked the fabric of her skirt and trickled down her calf. She’d all but torn the skin from her leg.

Fresh violence, hot and swift, boiled through him. He caught Alexis’ arm and turned her away from the cop. “I’ll take care of her. Just make sure that trash doesn’t bother her again.”

Dismissing the man, he hauled Alexis out of the alley and toward the street, though he was careful to shorten his stride. Her faint limp had him pausing after several steps to pick her up, but before he could put thought to action, she planted a hand against his chest. The contact froze him in his tracks.

“I am not some sack of groceries for you to haul around.” A scowl filled her pretty upturned face and her eyes flashed. She withdrew a step from him and pulled her purse onto her shoulder. Having had the weight of it slam against him, he slid two fingers under the strap and tugged it away easily.

Her mouth compressed into a thin line and his gut tightened in expectation. The weird feeling probably had more to do with all the blood in his body rushing south to his cock than any real worry about the retribution her tight smile promised.

“What the hell are you doing?” Demand colored her words. Alexis had always possessed a temper, one she used to swallow rather than start a fight with the wolves around her.

It made the dominants more protective—and it had also brought out more than a little bitchiness in her contemporaries. He’d intervened on several occasions when they’d taken it too far. Challenges were fine and to be expected.

Taunting her, knowing damn good and well she’d never beat them in a physical fight, wasn’t.

“Carrying your bag. Where are you staying?” Dallas had plenty of hotels, and they were near the West End. Chances were good she was at the Sheraton, which was only a couple of blocks away. He’d get her back, then track down the wolves she traveled with—his lone wolf status didn’t prevent him from handing them their collective asses for failing to protect a packmate.

Alexis blew out a breath and cast her gaze skyward. Her mental count to ten turned audible at eight and she pushed the word out between gritted teeth. Tiffany, her mother, used to lecture Alexis on controlling her temper and for some reason she’d always advised counting. It didn’t work for Mason, but Alexis didn’t seem to share his struggle.

“Ten,” she finished with a sigh. “I live off Industrial in the new high rise. I was on my way to get dinner because I’m hungry. I’m also perfectly capable of walking myself home. Now give me my damn purse back or do I have to beat you up like the mugger back there?”

Maturity had been kind to Alexis, leaving her tall and long-limbed. The deep brown of her skin had gone almost cocoa—rich, milk chocolate. She’d still been a gawky kid when he left, but she’d filled out in all the right places. Soft, generous curves, and excellent muscle tone that suggested the fact that she’d broken her attacker’s nose had been deliberate rather than accidental.

The bad mood he’d been living in for the last several years evaporated at the ferocity of her stance. The blatant challenge added more force to the pounding of his cock. No fear occluded her scent. If anything, the musk of her arousal wreathed her like the most provocative of perfumes.

And it was all Alexis. No hint of another male clung to her and that fact gave him a savage sense of satisfaction and he relaxed. “You’re not going to hit me, Lexi. That would be rude.”

Quoting a woman’s mother to her would have a she-wolf clawing his face off, but Alexis gaped for all of about three seconds before she laughed. A real, honest-to-god, belly shaking laugh. With a roll of her eyes, she threw up her hands and said, “Fine. You can walk me home.”

Falling into step with her, he spared her leg a long look. “How bad is it?” It was bloody and torn, from what he could see, and the alley hadn’t exactly been clean.

“Well, I’m just fine, Mason. I get mugged all the time. As muggings go, that was pretty lame. You’d have seen what I could really do if you hadn’t interrupted.” Her flip go-fuck-yourself tone aside, hurt hummed beneath the anger. The further they went from the alley, the thinner the street traffic became. That suited Mason fine.

“Why are you living here? Who’s looking after you?” He cupped her elbow when it came time to cross the street and eyed a driver who paid more attention to his phone than the fact that pedestrians were in the crosswalk.

Humans, like all creatures, possessed a survival instinct. Sometimes it took a large predator to wake them up to it, but then Mason was exactly that kind of a predator. The man’s eyes went wide as he focused on him. Satisfied, Mason nodded to him. At least he wouldn’t edge forward any further and potentially hit Alexis—not that he’d have allowed it to happen.

“Because I want to.” She jerked out of his grasp and Mason took her arm again. “God, four years. Four years I haven’t had to listen to one of you order me around or act like I’m going to fall apart if the wind blows the wrong way. You’re not in charge of me, Mason, and I don’t answer to you.”

No, she didn’t. On that point, he agreed. “Does your father know where you are?” Ryan had never been a wolf to mess with. Some of the younger wolves thought his suits and refined manners meant he wasn’t as primal as the rest of them—a fact he’d corrected the first time someone insulted his new family and word had got back to him.

And word always got to Ryan.

It had been Ryan who saw Mason noticing Alexis’ growing maturity. Ryan who’d taken him for a good long run then beaten the ever-loving crap out of him. Mason grinned at the memory. Her father just wanted it to be absolutely clear that while Alexis wasn’t a wolf and didn’t have teeth and claws of her own, Mason risked his balls if he hurt her.

“As of a matter of fact, he does. So you can get the shit eating grin off your face.” She slowed at one of the newest high rises in the region. Mason canted his gaze at the five-year-old building.

He’d helped build it. The closest university was SMU. Maybe she was going to school. At the doorway, she paused and gave him a look. “What are the chances of you handing over my purse and not insisting on seeing me to my door?”

“None.” He returned his attention to her. In the light from the lobby, he could see the faint lines of pain around her eyes and tightening the corners of her mouth. “You’re hurting, Alexis. Let me take care of you and then you can kick me out.” It was the closest thing to concession as he was willing to make, though he should have taken her offer to walk away.

Leaving her was the smart move. He was a lone wolf, she was still a part of Willow Bend. The two worlds shouldn’t mingle, especially if she had no escort. Still, that she had none irked the hell out of him. Ryan should be taking better care of her.

She dropped her chin to her chest and sighed. For a moment, he expected her to continue to argue. Instead, she simply said, “Fine. But you start that dominant shit and order me around again and I’m going to show you what I’ve learned about dropping big, bad boys on their asses.”

Intrigued, he caught the door after she unlocked it and held it open for her. Her glare added to his amusement, so he crowded right up to her at the elevator doors. He would have preferred to walk, but he didn’t know what floor she lived on and if he took the stairs, he’d carry her so she didn’t hurt her already injured leg.

Alexis made a great show of ignoring him in the elevator, but the enclosed space let him soak up the layers of her arousal. He didn’t know whether it was the fight or his proximity turning her on. Oddly, he hoped it was the latter, not that he had any business hoping for such things.

She was pack, which meant off-limits. He’d been on his own long enough to appreciate his freedom and mourn the cost. No others to run with, save for the occasional Enforcer—and they only tracked him to see what he was doing. It had been a few months since Margo’s last ‘drop by’ visit. If he never saw the she-bitch again, it would be too soon.  Alexis leaned against the wall, arms folded and her expression closed and hostile—utterly at odds with the sweet invitation in her scent.

She’d selected the fifteenth floor.

Too far for a straight leap from the ground, but the balconies on the east and west facing sides of the building were easily ascended. When the doors dinged open, he extended his arm allowing her to precede him. Pausing, she gave him a skeptical look then snorted.

Yes, he picked up a number of other scents in the hallway—other humans who lived on the floor. Mostly women, at least two small children and few men—what scents were present were sparse. No wolves.

What the hell is Ryan thinking letting her live here? Exposed?

Her apartment was near the end of the hallway—one of the larger ones if his recall of the floor plans was correct, and one without a neighbor abutting right up to her walls. That meant a corner balcony.

Harder to access from the ground, but not impossible. At her door she turned and handed him the keys. Mason grinned and forgave her second eye roll of the evening. He unlocked the door and she brushed past him to deactivate the alarm.

“Good girl,” he approved and relocked the door before setting her purse down on a table next to the door. Opening it, he glanced inside.

She did have a brick in it.

Alexis stripped off her jacket and headed for the kitchen. Mason prowled after her, unsurprised when she made a beeline for the freezer and pulled out a pint-sized container of chocolate strawberry ice cream.

“You always did have a sweet tooth.” The apartment was modern, clean lines, and new furniture. Touches of her personality reflected in the cool colors and throw pillows. The quilt on the back of the sofa caught his eye.

Her mother had made that.

A wall hanging over the sofa made his heart hurt before he forced his attention away. His mother had made it.

Pulling two spoons out of a drawer, Alexis pointed to a small metal box on top of the refrigerator. “First aid kit.” She squeezed past him, but the brush of her breast to his arm sent another wave of need cruising through his system. She kicked off her shoes and headed for the living room, so he grabbed the first aid kit and followed.

When she chose a chair rather than the sofa, he perched on the coffee table and picked up her leg. The injury was superficial, if messy. Alexis made a great show of ignoring him and eating her ice cream. Leaning closer he pressed his nose closer to the injury, aware of the spice that was utterly her filling his lungs.

She froze, her spoon halfway to her mouth and tension threaded her calf muscle. Beneath her sweet musk, he scented only blood—no infection, and only a bit of dirt. Pleased, he ripped the rest of the hose away from her leg, splitting it to above the knee.

She seemed to remember breathing and went back to eating her ice cream while he cleaned and dressed her wound. When he was finished, he glanced up to meet her dark eyes.

“Thank you,” she said without a hint of reproach or her earlier antipathy.

“You’re welcome.” He kept her leg captive and continued to watch her eat the ice cream. Then because he couldn’t help himself, he said, “You grew up.”

“It’s been ten years,” she looked at the ice cream, and he found himself envying the sweet treat. It was an altogether unpleasant feeling.

“Why aren’t you in Willow Bend?” Why wasn’t she on pack lands? This far south—she was in one of the few unclaimed cities, though practically on the doorstep of the Crescent Delta pack.

She shrugged, and took another bite of the ice cream. “You don’t have to stay. I’m home. As you can see, I’m safe. You can go back to walking alone or whatever the hell it is you do.”

Trailing a finger down the back of her calf, he studied the way she purposefully ignored him. God, he’d missed her. Her sass, her temper, and the way she knew exactly how to give in just enough to make a dominant back off, but still maintain control of the situation. And damn if she hadn’t gotten better at it. “Alexis?”

Sitting forward, she pulled her legs away from him and handed him the second spoon. “I let you save me. I ran interference with the cops. I allowed you to walk me home and be all alpha male in charge while you checked out where I live and made sure my injury had been tended. I’ll even share my ice cream—but interrogate me? No. You want to do that—the door is there.”

He stared first at the spoon then at her.  Her pulse gave away her gambit, but the steadiness of her hand and the clarity in her eyes was just too damn beguiling. The best decision for both of them would be for him to leave.

He was a Lone Wolf.

She was pack.

Her being human was inconsequential—he’d never cared about her race, only that when she smiled his world was brighter.

And he’d been living in the dark for a long time.

Accepting the spoon, he eyed the pint in her hand. She held it out to him and smiled.

There really was no other choice for him.

Author Bio

Heather LongHeather Long

National bestselling author, Heather Long, likes long walks in the park, science fiction, superheroes, Marines, and men who aren’t douche bags. Her books are filled with heroes and heroines tangled in romance as hot as Texas summertime. From paranormal historical westerns to contemporary military romance, Heather might switch genres, but one thing is true in all of her stories–her characters drive the books. When she’s not wrangling her menagerie of animals, she devotes her time to family and friends she considers family. She believes if you like your heroes so real you could lick the grit off their chest, and your heroines so likable, you’re sure you’ve been friends with women just like them, you’ll enjoy her worlds as much as she does.

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Announcing — ELITE METAL – A Novel Approach to Collections

It’s Here! Elite Metal —a novel
approach to collections, where all the stories intertwine! Our heroes are ex-military secretive operatives,
who all belong to a kickass motorcycle club.
Sound yummy? I know!
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Elite Metal – Book One in the Elite Warriors Series
For decades the US Marines funded a top-secret unit known as
Elite Recon. A deadly group of men and women sent to infiltrate dozens of
countries completely undetected. Mission objectives so extreme casualties were
not only probable, but expected.
The current batch of operatives had returned from hundreds
of assignments unscathed…until one mission went horribly wrong. Several men
lost their lives and the group disbanded. The remaining leathernecks were scattered
in the wind with new identities. They were told to blend in. Be normal. Or face
being forever silenced just like their fallen brothers.
Now, two years later, each living member of the group is kidnapped
and given a chance to make things right. But this time they’re no longer under
the thumb of Uncle Sam. A mysterious private backer who knows about their past
has brought them back together. No longer are they forced to turn a blind eye
to the lost and forsaken.
A new life. A new future…Elite Metal.
Scorching romance from Anna Alexander and Jennifer Kacey, Heather Long, Sabrina
York Rebecca Royce, Saranna DeWylde and Roxie Rivera
Sterling’s Seduction
By Sabrina York
When Sterling spots a reporter masquerading as a waitress in
a dingy bar in Deep Ellum, he suspects she’s investigating the team. And that’s
something he just cannot allow to happen. Too many lives are at stake. He will
do everything in his power to learn the truth—even seduce her. And to stop her
story from coming out? He might even tie her to the bed.
Nothing is off the table when it comes to keeping his
brothers safe. Nothing. It’s a damn shame she’s everything he’s ever wanted.
It’s a damn shame her touch warms his cold, dead heart.
As she rounded the corner, her steps stalled.
Because there he was, leaning against his bike. Waiting for
Well, she hoped he was waiting for her. When he saw her, he
unfolded his long legs and stood.
“Did you change your mind?” she asked, trying for a flippant
His beautiful eyebrow arched. “About what?”
“Taking me home?” Might as well be brash.
He gestured to his bike. “My alternator is shot. I’m waiting
for a ride.”
“Ah.” Why disappointment flooded her was a mystery. Or not.
“Was there…an offer on the table?” His voice was a low melody
that danced on the skeins of air. It was annoying. And not.
“Hey. I’m not the one who walked away.” She tried not to let
her petulance show.
He stepped closer and searched her face. She let him. Not
hiding at all. Or not hiding everything. She let her interest show.
“Let’s get one thing straight, Pigtails—”
“Yeah. Pigtails.” He flicked her hair, reminding her how
she’d pulled it up. She’d been going for backwoods innocent, but it might have
backfired on her. With a harsh movement, she yanked out the rubber bands and
her hair fell around her face. His lashes flickered. Something that looked like
hunger washed over his features.
“What do you want to get straight?”
His jaw clenched. “I don’t like questions. Pure and simple.
The way he said the word, with a thread of dominance in his
tone, sent a shiver through her. She lowered her eyes and nodded. “Understood.
So…do you? Want to come home with me? No questions asked?”
“Maybe.” He checked his watch. “Looks like my ride isn’t
going to show, anyway.”
Hardly the flood of interest she would have preferred.
Irritation rippled. “Or I can give you a lift home.” And when his cheek
bunched, “Or call you a cab.”
“I’d rather go home with you.” He stepped closer, too close,
and pulled her against him. His fingers were harsh on her flesh, his insistence
alluring. Yes, this was what she wanted. Something rough. Something ruthless.
Something demanding.
Hunger rose in her, swamping her desire to finish this story
and get back home. Hell, she could probe him with questions later. After. This
need was far more pressing.
When he lowered his head, she caught a whiff of his
aftershave and her knees locked. He was tall, muscled and rough around the
edges. Just the kind of guy she’d always craved.
His lips touched hers and she nearly collapsed. It was a
wild rush, a tumult of sensation. For a starved woman, as she was, it was
irresistible. She couldn’t help but kiss him back, a manic frenzy. Her passion
seemed to spur his on, and he wrapped himself around her, tipped his head and
deepened the kiss. His hands roved over her back, her hips, her ass. Nothing
tentative. Nothing tender.
When he lifted his head, she was a bowl of Jell-O. Ready and
“So do you want to?” Her voice caught on the invitation.
“Yeah.” He yanked her tighter and his cock gouged into her
belly, hard and needy. “Yeah. I want to. Just no more questions.”
No more questions.
Bound By SteeleAnna Alexander and Jennifer Kacey
To save his Marine brothers and sister he must accept the
past isn’t dead and buried.Reuniting survivors means he is forced to first forgive…the enemy.
Chrome’s SalvationJennifer Kacey
A former leader of Elite Recon, reduced to nothing more than
an apathetic existence.Until his girl’s life hangs in the balance…now nothing will stand in the way of
him coming back to life.
Adamantium’s RoarAnna Alexander
Adamantium left Beth to what he thought was a better life,
only to find she had been living in hell. Now he’ll do anything, break any vow,
to claim her as his for all time.
Pure CopperHeather Long
Copper will do whatever it takes to get the job done, even
if it means seducing and betraying the one man who really sees her.
Sterling’s SeductionSabrina York
When a snoopy reporter threatens the Elite Metal, Sterling
will do whatever it takes to kill her story about the team. Even if it means he
has to tie her to his bed.
Platinum’s ChoiceRebecca Royce
Platinum left the life he had with Rose in New York to
rejoin his team and silence the nightmares from Operation Phoenix.
But when Rose is forced to go on the run with Platinum’s hidden son, he will
have no choice but to return to his old life and reclaim what he has ached for
every day since. Red Wolf’s sniper wants to nudge Plat’s underbelly and they’re
going to find out quickly how deadly he can be.
Mercury’s PoisonSaranna DeWylde
A scarred, mad genius more monster than man must protect the
beauty he’s become obsessed with from a beast more terrible than himself.
Forged in SilverRoxie Rivera

Rebel. Nomad. Troublemaker. After surviving the double-cross during Operation Phoenix,
Former Elite Recon Marine Silver embraces the underworld and builds a new life
as one of the world’s most renowned thieves. Jewels, paintings, corporate
espionage–there’s no job he won’t take for the right price.


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