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The Commoner and the Correspondent – The Royal Agents of MI6 Book 3by Heather Slade

The Commoner and the Correspondent
The Royal Agents of MI6 Book 3
USA Today Bestselling Author
Heather Slade



What could be sexier than British-accented spy?
Put him in a tuxedo and hand him a brandy.

A commoner buried in his work.
A correspondent in over her head.
Fiery and furious, they dig deep into the throes of passion.


Reporters need to back off. I’ve got a job to do. Being overworked, overwhelmed, and underappreciated, the last thing this M15 agent needs is a sexy and incredibly persuasive journalist knocking me off my game. But the terror in her eyes tells me she needs me—in more ways than one.


The byline of a lifetime. Every reporter wants to unearth the biggest news story to hit the globe. And I’m close—so close. But when a body is left on my floor with a note, “You’re next!” I know I’m in over my head. Can this correspondent let down her guard and let the commoner take over?

While each book in the Royal Agents of MI6 series is a standalone with its own HEA, they may be more enjoyable read in order.
Previously released as Pinch.



Pinch and Darrow always had an on and off relationship. Now it’s truly over and they are both moving on. However the way Darrow is moving on is just a little bit different since at the moment no one knows where she is. Well that isn’t exactly true, some folks know, just not Esland.

Esland is Darrow’s best friend and she’s concerned about her, but she also has a problem. Darrow told her if she ever needed help she should go to Pinch. When she does, well lets say the first encounter doesn’t go well. The second one, gets his attention.

This is a favorite scene.

My father and grandfather before him were the head groundskeepers at the abbey. As a child, the three Whittaker siblings and I had explored every nook and cranny of the vast estate. While my father lived in a modest cottage rather than in the abbey itself or in one of the other manor houses, I’d always considered the estate my home in the same way the Whittakers did.

“I thought that’s where you were taking me.”

“No.” I didn’t tell her about Wilder’s offer, or that I preferred being farther away from London.

“You understand that your life was threatened, Esland?”

She looked out the window even though it was too dark to see anything.

“You’re not surprised.”

“I’m a journalist. Many of us are threatened or even killed for the injustices we expose.”

“This is personal. Whoever is issuing the threat knows you as Ezzie.”

She wouldn’t look at me, which was to be expected. Her hand went to her throat, indicating her subconscious was in protective mode.

“There will be an investigation into the murder. MI5 will take over and can keep it out of the media. However, if there’s anything I need to know before we’re involved in an official capacity, this is your opportunity to tell me.”

“Are you going back to London tonight?”

“I’m not going anywhere.”

That surprised her enough that she turned and looked at me. “Tomorrow?”

I shook my head. “You are, for all intents and purposes, under protective custody.”

“I’m in custody?”

“Listen to what I say, Esland. Under, not in. It means I’m keeping you safe.”

“There must be others who could do that.”

Right. There were presently three others on Kingham grounds who could very well do the job. However, until I was able to gain clarity on why my gut was insisting I be the one to protect her, I’d listen to instinct alone.

“You don’t even like me.”

True statement, although it was more the job she did and how it impacted my investigations that I didn’t care for.

“Why did you say you were at the pub to see me earlier?” I asked. “Were you already aware of the dead man in your flat?”


“So why?”

She shrugged.

“You’re not a child, Esland. I’ll ask again. Why were you at the pub to see me?”

“I wanted to talk to you about Darrow. And then you dumped me in the street. Nice move, by the way.”

“First, sarcasm has no place in our conversations. Second, you’re lying to me. Lastly, as I said before, I didn’t dump you anywhere.”

“Why did you do it?” she asked. “Am I really that horrible of a person, or that much of a nuisance?”

I honestly couldn’t tell her why I’d picked her up and carried her out of the pub. Even I had to admit it was a wanker’s move.

“I’m sorry I did that.”

“Are you refusing to answer my question?”

“To be honest with you, I don’t know why.”

I saw a slight nod of understanding.

“Thank you for the apology.”

She did rub on my nerves, but was it her job or was it something else entirely? When Pique offered to take over Esland’s detail, my reaction had been inexplicable as well. I’d immediately felt an overwhelming need to protect her, even from my colleague. When she asked if I was returning to London, a feeling settled in my chest like a heavy stone. The idea of entrusting her safety to anyone else was unacceptable. Why? I couldn’t explain it.

“Tell me about your parents.”

She sighed, taking a long time to answer. “I miss them so much.”

“I’m sure you do. What were they like?”

“I never doubted they loved me.”


“They were a unit unto themselves. I was the third to two who didn’t need one.”

I didn’t hear hurt in her voice; I heard acceptance.

“They were on their way home from visiting you when the accident happened.”

“Yes. I was at university.”

“Must’ve been rough. You said earlier that you have no other family.”

“Both my parents were only children. I don’t think they ever tried to have another child.”

So no aunts, uncles, or cousins, also like she’d said earlier.

“Why journalism?”

“My mother was a reporter, albeit a very different one than I am.”

“How so?”

“She was more of a social reporter.”

“How would you describe yourself?”


“As I well know.”

When I saw a slight smile from her, I smiled too.

“I never told a soul about Wren’s true identity.”

I nodded.

“I told you earlier that I found out from Darrow.”

“Yes.” I shook my head. One would’ve thought Darrow, of all people, would’ve known better.

Esland stood. “Where am I sleeping?”


“I can sleep on a sofa somewhere. I don’t need to take the only bed.”

“Not up for discussion.”

“You’re very intransigent, aren’t you? Your way or no way?”


“Right. Only sometimes. I wonder if Darrow would agree?”

I watched Esland walk away, knowing her estimation was dead-on. Darrow would say that I consistently refused to compromise, that I wouldn’t apologize, or even try to see things her way. I could hear her voice in my head, saying all of those things. Not that she was any less stubborn than I was.
Heather Slade. The Commoner and the Corresondent (Kindle Locations 346-401). The Royal Agents of MI6 Book Three.

I have to say getting information out of Esland was much like pulling teeth for Pinch. It doesn’t help that he’s falling hard and fast for her. She on the other hand has loved him for a very long time and her friendship with Darrow is holding her back.

Plenty of suspense and intrigue as we find out why the body and threat turned up in Esland’s apartment. We finally find out where Darrow is, we see some folks from K19 as well, I love that by the way.

Not an easy relationship but one that makes so much sense. Lots of memories, with a few twists and turns that may surprise you.

I really can’t wait for the next book in this series.

5 Contented Purrs for Heather!

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Heather Slade

My books are filled with things that bring me joy: music, wine, skiing, families, artists, and cowboys. Not always in that order.

I’m an Amazon best-selling author, and a PAN member of Romance Writers of America. I speak, teach, blog, am an executive sommelier, and all-around entrepreneur.

I grew up an east coast girl, and then spent half my life on the west coast. Now my husband, our two boys, and I happily call Colorado home.

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Sainted – The Invincibles Book 8 By Heather Slade

The Invincibles Book 8
USA Today Bestselling Author
Heather Slade


He’s a playboy MI6 agent
trying to change his ways.
She’s a future minister jilted at the altar.
Together, they’re INVINCIBLE.


I’ve got a reputation to mend—a lifestyle to correct. Hell, I’m no saint; I like my women. But I want this job more than anything. Walking the straight and narrow is going to be hard, but being an INVINCIBLE is even harder. But the hardest job of all: not torturing the deadbeat thug who left a beautiful and innocent woman high and dry.


Jilted, alone, and totally broke. Stranded in a foreign country was not exactly my fantasy honeymoon. Yet here I am with no clue how to get out of this. And then out of nowhere, I’m gifted a miracle in the shape of a strong, sexy, and stubborn MI6 agent who insists on being my knight in shining armor. Whoever said that the sinners are much more fun have never met SAINT.

Harper had done something a bit spontaneous after being left at the alter. She decides to go on the honeymoon alone. She’s figures either David would show up or the seat next to her would be empty. Instead a very handsome Englishman takes the seat.

Nivan ‘Saint’ St. Thomas, was fortunate there was a cancellation. He’d been going to ask ‘Money’ McTiernan for help to find Jinyan Tai Man, but when he realized his assistant was the woman he was with the night before, he changed his mind.

The two of them enjoy conversation as they learn about each other. He’s surprised to find she has her degree in Christian Leadership, just as she’s surprised he’s former MI6. When they land he still has some identification that speeds them both through customs and he insists on taking her to her hotel.

That’s where everything begins to go south.

This is a favorite scene.

While Saint had said he was no longer employed by MI6, he still carried some kind of credential that got us through customs in record time. At least that’s what he’d said. I had no way of knowing how long something like that would normally have taken in a place as busy as Heathrow.

He insisted I allow him to take me to the hotel. An older man drove us and when we arrived at the Savoy, Saint also insisted on coming in while I checked in. Maybe I was foolish to be so trusting of a man I’d just met, and on a plane no less. But there was something about him that made me feel safe. More, if it came down to it, I innately knew Saint would protect me.

Unlike my experience with customs, it seemed to be taking an inordinate amount of time for the man at the front desk to find my reservation.

“I’m terribly sorry, miss, but I can’t find a reservation for either Godfrey or Lipscomb.”

“I don’t understand. I have a confirmation number.”

He pounded away on the computer keyboard for several more minutes and sighed when Saint, who had excused himself to the gentlemen’s room, returned and inquired about the holdup.

“As I’ve told Miss Lipscomb—”

“Godfrey,” Saint and I said at the same time.

“Right. There is no reservation. From what I can find, it appears it was canceled more than two weeks ago.”

Two weeks?” The words hurt even worse than Mouse telling me Dave had changed his mind about getting married. If he canceled the hotel two weeks ago, he’d known then he had no intention of going through with our wedding.

“You have no rooms available?” Saint asked.

“Completely booked, as are most of the hotels this week.”

“Understood.” Saint led me away from the desk and over to a seating area. “I’m afraid—”

I put my hand on his arm. “I’ve already decided what I’ll do.”

He raised a brow. “You have?”

“It’s easy. I’ll take a cab back to the airport and go home. I shouldn’t have come in the first place.”

“That seems a bit extreme. I’m sure we can find someplace for you to stay so you can at least see London.”

“I’d rather go home.”

He sighed. “Very well, but let’s make arrangements from here. You may not be able to catch a flight out until tomorrow.”

I didn’t know what I’d do if that were the case. However, trying to book a flight from here would be far easier than attempting to navigate an airport as big as Heathrow. I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

I pulled out my laptop, connected to the public Wi-Fi, opened my email, and searched for my flight information.

“I don’t understand,” I mumbled when I logged into the airline’s website and searched my confirmation number.


“It says the reservation was for a one-way flight. It didn’t say this earlier. I swear it didn’t.”

“Let me see.” Saint took the laptop from my hands and tapped the keyboard. “It appears your return flight was canceled while you were en route.”

“I can’t believe this.” I pulled out my wallet, trying my hardest to get through this without falling apart. “I’ll just buy my own ticket home.”

“No doubt it will be quite pricey at the last minute.”

“No more expensive than staying on here a few more days.”


He handed me back my computer and I searched for the cheapest flight I could find. I hit the reserve button before I could talk myself out of it. I knew it would be a far cry from the first class experience I’d just had but I didn’t care. I’d been foolish to get on the plane in the first place. The sooner I was back home, the sooner I could get on with the rest of my life— without Dave in it. Mouse had certainly been right when she called him douchey. Although right now, the words I’d use to describe him were far worse.

With every number of my credit card I entered in, I hit the keys harder. He had to have known I got on the plane, what was now, yesterday. Had he so little regard for me that he couldn’t allow me a ticket home?

I entered my card’s expiration date and security number and waited while the payment was processing. I still had no idea what I’d do until flight time tomorrow, but I’d figure that out in a minute.

My laptop pinged and a red message flashed on the screen. “Payment declined.” As hard as I’d been hitting the keyboard, I’d probably entered the number wrong. But after I reentered it, the same thing happened.

“This can’t be right.” I logged into my credit card company’s website to check my limit, which I knew was far more than the price of the ticket. “Available credit is zero?” I said, not intending to out loud.

Saint took my laptop from my hands, closed the lid, and leaned it up against the side of his chair.

“What are you doing?”

He took both my hands in his. “I fear there is more you will find that will be very upsetting. Rather than do this here, I’m taking you to my flat.”


“But nothing. Let’s go, Harper.” He picked up my computer, stuck it in its case, and tucked it under his arm. With the other hand, he grabbed my suitcase and walked toward the door. Once outside, he motioned for his driver to open the back and shoved my belongings inside, before ushering me into the car.

“I don’t understand what’s happening,” I said a few minutes into our silent drive.

“We’ll be at the flat in a few minutes and we’ll talk then.” He motioned to the man in the front seat and I nodded.

“Where are we?” I asked when we pulled up in front of a crescent-shaped building that looked more like a hotel than a place where someone lived.

“My flat is on the top floor.”

Saint got my bags, and his, out of the car, refusing to let me help him. I followed him in through doors that led to a lobby not unlike the one we’d been in at the hotel— except there was no visible front desk— and over to a bank of elevators. He seemed preoccupied, which made me feel worse about dumping more of my burdens on his shoulders. I just got the feeling that saying so wouldn’t make it better.

Once in the elevator, he set the bag he’d been carrying in his right hand down and pressed his palm to a flat piece of glass. He left it there until we started to move.

The doors opened directly into a foyer where Saint dropped our bags.

“May I use the ladies’ room?”

“Of course. My apologies.” He showed me down a hallway. “First door on your right.”

When I came out, he had poured two drinks, handed one to me, and motioned for me to be seated.

“I’m going to ask you a question that may seem intrusive.”

“Go ahead.”

“Did you and Lipscomb share financial accounts?”

“Not until recently.”

“When specifically?”

What he was suggesting dawned on me and my stomach sank. “A month ago.”

He nodded. “Were your assets significant?”

“Not really. I had some savings— a small inheritance from my grandmother.”

Saint leaned forward and placed his hand on top of mine, a look I couldn’t quite decipher on his face. “I suspect you may find your credit cards maxed out and your funds withdrawn from the accounts.”

The pit that had sunk my stomach was growing into a rock. As much as I didn’t want to look to confirm his suspicions, I knew I had to.

When I stood to get my laptop, Saint reached out and grabbed my wrist. “You don’t need to do this now.”

“I do.”

He nodded, stood, walked into another room, and returned seconds later. “Wi-Fi info,” he said, handing me a piece of paper.

I murmured my thanks, hoping what Saint suggested about the state of my finances was wrong, even though in my gut I somehow knew he was right.

Sure enough, Dave had withdrawn almost every penny sometime yesterday. What in God’s name would I do now?

My laptop slid to the floor with a thud. I put my head in my hands and cried.
Heather Slade. Sainted (Kindle Locations 341-414). The Invincibles Book Eight.

Saint is more than helpful and encourages Harper to stay for a while in England while he finds out where her money is.

I love the way these two fall for each other, while the attraction has been there since they met, it grows rapidly as Saint shows her London and some of the surrounding areas. Including the area where he grew up and an introduction to a Vicar who could use some help.

This book is lots of fun, with a bit of political intrigue, and just a touch of sizzle.

5 Contented Purrs for Heather!

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Heather Slade

My books are filled with things that bring me joy: music, wine, skiing, families, artists, and cowboys. Not always in that order.

I’m an Amazon best-selling author, and a PAN member of Romance Writers of America. I speak, teach, blog, am an executive sommelier, and all-around entrepreneur.

I grew up an east coast girl, and then spent half my life on the west coast. Now my husband, our two boys, and I happily call Colorado home.

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The Lord and the Spy – The Royal Agents of MI6 by Heather Slade

The Lord and the Spy
The Royal Agents of MI6
USA Today Bestselling Author
Heather Slade


What is sexier than a billionaire English-accented spy?
Put him in a tuxedo and make him a lord.

An MI-5 agent shattering the “forbidden” in love.
Homeland Security’s breaking hearts and taking names.
Reckless and ruthless, the lord and the spy are uncovering more than just secrets…


Espionage, secrets, and all the other crap my team wants me tight-lipped about. And that’s fine. I’m used to life undercover. As an MI5 agent, I take on a lot. It’s who I am, and what I do. But the fiery new weapon for US Homeland Security is more dangerous than anything I’ve touched—or tasted—before. With her curves and sass, she’s dangerous and powerful. Let’s be honest, she’s never faced off against me though. I’ve got tricks to make anyone cave.


Poisonous, deadly, and perilous, I know how they see me—and why they fear me. With terrorist attacks piling up, there are enemies to take down, and I’m going to make them defenseless. But my number one target right now is a sexy and strong MI5 agent. If I shatter his heart, so be it. If I shatter mine, oh well. It takes more than just a lady to weaken that LORD.

While each book in the Royal Agents of MI6 series is a standalone with its own HEA, they may be more enjoyable read in order. Previously released as Wilder.

Barnes and Noble logo_150 KoboLogo google_play_logo_002_002

Finley “Wren” Harlow has arrived to extradite Michael Caird to the US. She has the paperwork she just has to get past the rest of the red-tape. Unfortunately for her, the UK lower courts approval of the extradition gets rescinded before she can take custody.MI5’s Agent Sutton “Wilder” Whittaker is in charge of the case, and he finds himself very attracted to Wren from the moment they meet. What he has to do is get her to participate in a little subterfuge so she’ll stay on the case in England.This of course is against what her boss at DHS wants. It’s also her boss who is known to Wilder, and not for a good reason.

This is a favorite scene.

He led me up the same winding staircase and into one of the rooms with a lit fireplace that I’d noticed earlier. Once inside, he pulled the pocket door closed behind us.

“Mighty cozy,” I drawled.

Wilder motioned to the table and held my chair. The formal place setting in front of me was as eclectic as everything else I’d laid eyes on since walking into the Five Hertford. There was no doubt it was the finest mismatched silver I’d ever seen.

“Dinner will be served shortly,” Wilder said, joining me at the table after making a brief call on the old-fashioned-looking phone sitting on a small side table next to the two chairs that faced the fireplace.

“May I?” He motioned to an open bottle of wine.

“Please.” I watched as he poured, twisting the bottle effortlessly so as not to spill a drop as he lifted it away from my glass.

“Are all of the dining rooms this private?”

“Not at all. In fact, most of the other rooms are quite a bit larger.”

He placed his napkin on his lap, leaned forward, and rested his elbows on the edge of the table.

“Please say whatever is on your mind,” I said, trying to shake off my discomfort over my earlier frankness.

“I have a proposition for you.”

In an act that would’ve been pure drama, I considered tossing my napkin on the table and walking out, but something told me that my attempt at humor might fall flat.

“I didn’t phrase that very well. I didn’t mean it the way you’re probably thinking.”

“You have the floor, Agent Whittaker. Speak your piece.”

Wilder sat back in his chair. “I know that I suggested we leave our siblings behind while we enjoyed dinner, but I must admit, mine brought something to my attention earlier that I find myself anxious to give him credit for.”

“And what was that?”

“He said, in essence, we both want the same thing.”

He waited as though he was giving me time to protest.

“Very well,” he murmured when I didn’t say anything. “You want to extradite Caird to the US in order to question him about whom he was working with. The UK seeks the same information.”

“And your brother’s suggestion?”

“We work together.”

“I assume he’s suggesting that it be done in the UK.”

“You are aware that Matthew is mentally ill.”

“Our government would conduct their own tests to determine the validity of his illness.”

“He wouldn’t survive it.”

“The tests?”

“The trip to the US.”

Before I could ask what he meant, there was a rap at the door. Wilder waited for me to nod before he stood and slid it open.

Something that smelled absolutely divine was wheeled in on a cart and dramatically placed in front of me.

“Lobster bisque,” the server announced as he removed the silver dome.

“I can assure you there is none better anywhere in the world,” Wilder said as the server placed the same in front of him.

“Is there anything else I can bring at this time, sir?” the man asked.

“Nothing for me, thank you,” I answered when both Wilder and the waiter looked at me.

“Shall I close the door on my way out, sir?” he asked.

“Please,” Wilder answered. “Where were we?”

“Caird’s extradition and our unwillingness to take no for an answer.”

Wilder smiled. “There’s no point in continuing that conversation. SIS will never agree to it.”

“My assignment is strictly to extradite a man who is wanted for crimes committed in the United States. The treaty is quite clear—”

Wilder held up his hand. “I am aware of the extradition treaty.”

“You are also aware that your own courts have determined that you must release him to my custody.”

Wilder sighed. “What they determined is that there is cause for extradition. Not that he should be released.”

“Same difference.”

He smiled. “Are you enjoying the bisque?”

“Not half as much as the conversation.”

That made him laugh out loud. “I’m disappointed that you don’t appear as eager to collaborate as I am.”

“You’re only interested in collaboration because you know that soon the suspect will be out of your jurisdiction.”

There was another rap on the door, and before Wilder could summon the person in, the door opened and someone other than the previous server came in.

“I’m terribly sorry to disturb,” the man said. “But there is an urgent call for you, sir.”

“Excuse me.” Wilder stood, not appearing surprised by the intrusion.

When the door closed behind him, I pulled out my cell phone only to find that I had no signal. It wasn’t surprising, given the exclusivity of the club; however, it left me annoyed at my inability to at least check my email.
Heather Slade. The Lord and the Spy (Kindle Locations 322-368). The Royal Agents of MI6 Book Two.

This book had me gasping in surprise more than once as the complex tale unfolds. There are many twists, even as these two try unsuccessfully to avoid a relationship.

Plenty of heat, many surprises and suspense. I can’t wait for the next book in this series!

5 Contented Purrs for Heather!

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Heather Slade

My books are filled with things that bring me joy: music, wine, skiing, families, artists, and cowboys. Not always in that order.

I’m an Amazon best-selling author, and a PAN member of Romance Writers of America. I speak, teach, blog, am an executive sommelier, and all-around entrepreneur.

I grew up an east coast girl, and then spent half my life on the west coast. Now my husband, our two boys, and I happily call Colorado home.

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Onyx – K19 Security Solutions Book 10 by Heather Slade

K19 Security Solutions Book 10
Heather Slade



A crash and a coma has grounded me. Without flight, I’m a pilot without wings. I refuse to give up, give in. I need to be back in the air with nothing but gravity threatening me. For now, I’m recovering at the winery, biding my time. The last thing I need is a distraction to deter me from my goals—even if she’s a mirror image of the woman who stole and shattered my heart.


Answers, that’s all I’m after. My sister’s gone, and I’m hellbent on uncovering the truth. These guys—even as sexy and as rugged as they are—have the knowledge I want. I’ll stop at nothing to know what happened. Even if it means getting closer than I know I should. It won’t be easy though—Onyx is one cold and hardened stone.

Barnes and Noble logo_150 KoboLogo

It’s Thanksgiving a year since Onyx was shot and the plane crashed. A month in a coma and rehab for his injuries has been more than a bit hard since he can no longer pilot a plane. He’s visiting family now and is about to get quite the surprise.

Blanca Descanso is Sofia’s(Corazón) twin sister. Her father has died and left her with a sort of mission. The one thing she wants to know is what happened to her sister and she believes Montano (Onyx) has those answers. She’s forgotten it’s Thanksgiving since she’s lived in Europe for so long and that in itself becomes interesting. As she finally gets the chance to speak with Montano, their interrupted by a phone call. Some came to the winery looking for Blanca, she has no idea who it could be and now everyone’s on high alert.

Fortunately where Blanca’s headed has an ally in Owen ‘Ranger’ Messick and they will be able to keep her safe while looking for whatever it is Sofia left her. Unfortunately she makes a stop in Manhattan first, doing some touristy things.

Onyx and Ranger get word that Hatchet is on the circle line boat with her and things immediately change pace. I really loved Blanca’s reaction to meeting up with them and also how this part plays out with Onyx.

This is a favorite scene before they head to the Adirondacks.

Instead, I arrived at seven and ordered a drink from the bar. The lobby was small, so from where I sat, I could easily see Blanca exit the elevator.

I made use of the time by mentally assessing the team. Ranger and Swan were staked out near the restaurant I’d chosen. Wasp sent another report that Hatchet’s twenty hadn’t changed, and once Blanca came downstairs and the town car I’d made arrangements for arrived, Buster would be our driver for the evening.

Over dinner, I planned to get Blanca to tell me what Hatchet had said to her, but not at the expense of adding to her anxiety. Since my intention was to spend as much time with her as I could, we’d eventually have that conversation.

I took a sip of my drink and rolled my shoulders. My muscles were stiff from lack of exercise, like they were when I was at my parents’ place. Once we got to the lake, I had to get back into my regular routine, or I’d wind up in too much pain to be helpful if Blanca was in danger.

I heard the ding of the elevator, looked up, and saw her take a step out. She faced the street, her back to me, but I had no complaints about the view. The woman, from any direction, was a walking goddess. Her long dark hair had more red highlights in it than Sofia’s had and hung down her back in soft curls that made me want to weave my fingers in them.

The way her white dress clung to her full, round, perky ass made me want to cup those perfect cheeks with my palms. She spun around on her stiletto heels and smiled when she saw me studying her.

I stood and walked in her direction, holding out my hand when we were close enough that she could take it.

“You’re stunning.”

“Thank you.” Her cheeks, pink from spending the afternoon in the sun and on the water, grew more so, and her beautiful smile spread across her face.

The halter-style dress she wore made her already bigger-than-average breasts look even larger. It was all I could do not to tear my gaze from hers and look down at them.

“Ready?” I asked when I saw Buster pull up out front.

She looked around the bar area. “Where’s Ranger?”

“He won’t be joining us.”


Was that disappointment I heard in her voice? Was her only reason for getting so dolled up to impress him? It sure as hell wouldn’t have been for me, now would it? As far as Blanca was concerned, I was her dead sister’s boyfriend.

“I’ll do my best to be a worthy second choice as your dinner companion,” I said, winking through my discomfort.

“Second choice? Um, no, that isn’t what I meant. I just…”

“It’s okay. I understand. He reminds you of his brother, Jimmy.”

Blanca laughed and put her arm through mine. “That isn’t what I meant either, but it doesn’t matter.”

We’d been in the town car for several minutes, me studying her while her focus was on the views we passed by.

“I’m surprised you didn’t ask where we were going.”

“Hmm?” She turned toward me. “I’m sure wherever you’ve chosen will be lovely.”

If they didn’t look so much alike, I would’ve questioned whether Blanca and Sofia were even related. The twin seated beside me wasn’t just warmer, calmer, more alluring, she possessed a grace I hadn’t witnessed in her sister.

“What took you to Europe?”

She sat back against the seat and looked down at her hands. “It was the farthest place from home I could come up with at the time.”

“Where specifically?”

“Italy. I must’ve watched Under the Tuscan Sun thirty times when I was a teenager. I was obsessed.”

“Is that where you stayed the whole time you were over there?”

“For the most part. I traveled around quite a bit for my work.”

“Which is?”

Her cheeks flushed again. “I’m a writer.”

“What do you write?”

Blanca turned her head toward the window. “Fiction, mainly.”

“You gonna make me drag it out of you, sis?”

“It isn’t that interesting, honestly.”

I leaned closer. “Let me guess. You write that Fifty Shades stuff?”

“Not quite.”

“Okay. You don’t want to tell me now. I’ll get it out of you later.” I rested my hand on the seat between us like hers was and brushed her pinky with mine. “Just joshin’. I’ll stop buggin’ you.”

“It’s a little racier than that.”

“Wait. What? It’s racier?”

Blanca raised her chin. “Yes.”

“Well, damn, sis. Can I read it?”

She laughed out loud, and, wow, it was a beautiful sound. “Maybe some day.”

“You write under a pseudonym or your own name?”

“I’ll never tell.”

“Damn, girl…” What? What could I say to her? I wish I’d known you before your twin because I think you’re the prettiest, smartest, sexiest woman I’ve ever met? Fuck. This was a major Charlie Foxtrot, if there ever was one.

“Are you okay?”

“Yep. Fine and dandy. Hey, if you loved Italy, then I think you’re going to enjoy where we’re having dinner.”

When we pulled up to the most exclusive hardest-to-snag-a-reservation-at restaurant in all of New York City, Blanca’s mouth dropped open.

“You’re kidding. We aren’t really eating here.”

“Sure, we are.”

“Why? How?”

The owner of the restaurant was someone I used to pilot for occasionally. Since I had no intention of telling Blanca why I wouldn’t be returning to that particular career, I kept my answer simple. “I know a guy.”
Heather Slade. Onyx (Kindle Locations 554-606). K19 Security Solutions Book Ten.

There is definitely an attraction here, and once they hit the lake and the cabins (called camps), things change in so many respects. Onyx learns she’s looking for something Sofia left for her and Ranger and him are sure that’s what everyone is after as well. Ranger’s brother Jimmy also shows up and there are many twists and turns.

Plenty of fun and romance interspersed with the intrigue and suspense as this story unfolds. You won’t be able to put this book down.

I’m so glad Onyx will have his own division of K19, I can’t wait for that series to start!

5 Contented Purrs for Heather!

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Heather Slade

My books are filled with things that bring me joy: music, wine, skiing, families, artists, and cowboys. Not always in that order.

I’m an Amazon best-selling author, and a PAN member of Romance Writers of America. I speak, teach, blog, am an executive sommelier, and all-around entrepreneur.

I grew up an east coast girl, and then spent half my life on the west coast. Now my husband, our two boys, and I happily call Colorado home.

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The Duke and the Assassin – The Royal Agents of MI6 Book 1 by Heather Slade

The Duke and the Assassin
The Royal Agents of MI6 Book 1
USA Today Bestselling Author
Heather Slade


An M16 agent falling for the wrong woman.
A Russian with secrets to hide.
And the passion that defies the rules…


My team. My family. My allegiance. As a duke, the boundaries and loyalties are clear. I may be the Marquess of Wells with a stoic and rigid father on his deathbed, but I have desires and needs that break those boundaries. Falling for an assassin may be an issue. But I haven’t faced a problem yet that I can’t solve—other than assembling a crib.


Secrets. Lies. Deception. As a Russian assassin, I’m riddled with it all. Now, with a ten-million-dollar bounty on my head, there’s no way I can get out alive. But the irresistible and incorrigible duke thinks otherwise. He wants me in his life, in his arms, and in his bed. There’s no declining the desires of a duke. And quite frankly, I have no intentions of denying him anything.

This book was previously published under the title of Shiver, it has been extensively re-edited.

Barnes and Noble logo_150 KoboLogo google_play_logo_002_002

The determination of Thornton ‘Shiver’ Whittaker, the Marquess of Wells, to locate the love of his life, Orina ‘Losha’ Kuznetsov, is quite the project. He has agents all over keeping their eye out for her. It’s MI5 agent Axel ‘Pinch’ Fulton, who finds her in Finland. Axel is the Whittaker estate gardener’s son and one of Shiver’s best friends.

Before he can follow her, he has to speak with his mother, Duchess Victoria, his brother Sutton ‘Wilder’ and sister Darrow. With his father the Duke fading he has decisions to make especially with regards to his position with MI6.

Shiver does finally locate and reunite with Orina in the US.

This is a favorite scene.

Fear, longing, regret, and hunger all rowed within me. I took several deep breaths in an attempt to settle my racing heart. Just being in Losha’s presence again flooded my system with adrenaline.

The baby looked so much like her that I yearned to just sit and stare at him. There had been a point in time when I wondered what she’d looked like as a child. Now I knew, at least as a baby.

Kazmir. That’s what she’d named him. When she said it, I could feel the pride and love that poured out of her. There was no question the baby was Losha’s. But who was the father? Would she tell me if I asked, or would she refuse, saying it was none of my business?

When we arrived at the house, I waited behind them for the gate to open and then followed them inside the compound.

Gunner came out of one of the front doors and walked over to the car. “Shiver.”

“It’s good to see you.” We embraced, patting each other on the back.


“It’s okay, Gunner. I understand.”

“I’m relieved to hear it.”

I watched Losha get the baby out of the car seat. “Can I help?”

“Do you want me to take him?” Zary asked.

Losha shook her head. “We’ll be fine.”

“What can I do?” I asked when Zary and Gunner walked to the door I’d seen him come out of.

“The house code is 1223,” she said, motioning to the keypad.

“Got it.” I opened the door when the lock clicked and held it for her. “Do you need anything from the car?”

“Not for now,” Losha said, shifting the baby to her other hip. “He’s hungry.”

I nodded.

“Will it make you uncomfortable?”

“What’s that?”

“If I feed him.”

I shook my head, wondering why she thought it might. When she sat and unfastened the buttons on her shirt, I understood, watching in fascination as the baby found his mother’s breast. When his tiny hand rested near Losha’s face, I felt certain it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.

I looked up and found her studying me in the same way I’d been studying her baby.

“Thank you.”

“What for?”

“Letting me… in.” I was so emotionally overcome, I couldn’t think of the right words to describe the way I was feeling. “I never…”

“What, Shiver? You never what?”

I ran my hand through my hair, glancing back at the baby. “Dreamed that anything so beautiful existed.”

“I know,” she whispered. “He takes my breath away.”

“Not just him. Both of you. I’m so in awe I can hardly speak.”

Losha’s eyes filled with tears, and she turned her head away. “I’m sorry,” she whispered.

“What for, Losha? Why are you sorry?”

“So many things.”

I looked out at the ocean. “Me too. So many things.” In that moment, I was consumed by regret. Why couldn’t this have been something we’d done together? Why had she shared this miracle with someone other than me? I wanted to shout the questions at her, while at the same time, never wanting to know the answers.

“Can you ever forgive me?” I thought I heard her say.

“What ever for?”

She shrugged, her eyes resting on her baby.

“I would never begrudge you this happiness, Losha. Not ever. It’s so obvious that you were meant to be a mother. I would never dream of wishing anything else for you or him.”


“Who is he, Losha?”

“What do you mean?”

“Who is the man you loved enough to have a child with? Who is the man you loved in a way you could never love me?”
Heather Slade. The Duke and the Assassin (Kindle Locations 929-965). The Royal Agents of MI6 Book One.

Things get a bit crazy as Shiver’s father dies. Losha and her friend Zary discover a bomb in the townhouse they were staying at. It’s here that many people get involved to keep them safe.

Some of my favorite characters show up in this book, there’s plenty of suspense and intrigue as well as a fair amount of family drama. Shiver and Losha have many ups and downs, but their love is very apparent right from the start and extends to their son.

5 Contented Purrs for Heather!

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Heather Slade

My books are filled with things that bring me joy: music, wine, skiing, families, artists, and cowboys. Not always in that order.

I’m an Amazon best-selling author, and a PAN member of Romance Writers of America. I speak, teach, blog, am an executive sommelier, and all-around entrepreneur.

I grew up an east coast girl, and then spent half my life on the west coast. Now my husband, our two boys, and I happily call Colorado home.

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Win Me Over – Cowboys of Crested Butte Book 5 by Heather Slade

Win Me Over
Cowboys of Crested Butte Book 5
USA Today Bestselling Author
Heather Slade


Bullet Simmons never rides shotgun, but there is no question, Tristan McCullough has taken control of the wheel.

Bad boy, bull rider Bullet Simmons has a good heart, he just has trouble in the decision-making department. When he meets Tristan McCullough, he vows to win her over, and convince her that he is worthy of a Lost Cowboy sponsorship. But can he become the kind of man her family’s brand represents? Tristan says she doesn’t believe he can, but there’s something about the cowboy that makes her hope she’s wrong.

Hired as a hand with Flying R Rough Stock, Bullet Simmons, dreams of one day becoming a world champion bull rider. But after the death of his baby boy’s mama, he doesn’t know how he’s going to juggle raising his son, working for Flying R, and riding bulls.

Billy Patterson needs someone to convince his daddy to raise broncs on their ranch in Black Forest. Enter Bullet. If Bullet can help convince him, Billy says Flying R will not only sponsor him, but they’ll arrange for Bullet to have his own personal bull riding coach.

Tristan McCullough swore off bad boys in college when the bull rider she was certain was “the one,” broke her heart. When Lost Cowboy teams up with Flying R Rough Stock to sponsor competitors out on the rodeo circuit, Bullet’s twin sister, Lyric, challenges her to consider sponsoring Bullet. As much as Tristan tells herself she’ll never fall for another cowboy, this one particular bull rider becomes harder and harder for her to resist—especially when she finds herself alone with him for a week at Colorado Black Mountain Ranch.

As we follow Bullet and Tristan’s stories, we also take a peek into the history of beloved characters Bill and Dottie Patterson. What brought the two together, and why has Bill vowed never to have anything to do with rodeo for the rest of his life?

Favorite characters from the Rice and Patterson families pay us a visit, and also serve to help these two “lost” souls come together.

We’ve gotten to know Lyric pretty well in the previous books, we know she has a twin but haven’t really seen him. Bullet is Lyric’s twin, and he’s quite the character. He’s a bull-rider, a flirt, and he has two children, only one of which is with his wife.

As this book opens Bullet’s wife dies, she had bipolar disease and her mood swings were brutal. When Bullet left her sleeping, with her parents due back soon, he never thought she would take her own life. While he feels guilty, he has his child to think about. As such he accepts a position with Flying R Rough Stock and also their sponsorship for his riding.

Tristan and her father own Lost Cowboy, western wear for cowboys. She’s also the face of the company for many meetings. Such is the reason she’s heading to the Flying R to firming up a a sponsorship deal. She feels the almost magnetic pull to Bullet, yet she also recognizes the player in him. He isn’t the type for her company to sponsor. Perhaps though he’s the actual Lost Cowboy, one who needs to find his way.

This is a favorite scene.

The door opened and Bullet walked in, carrying Grey. He’d been standoffish to her since the other night even though she’d tried to apologize more than once. Each time, he’d waved her off.

“Mornin’,” he said, more to Liv than to her.

“Good morning to you, too. How’s my big boy today?” Liv walked over and took Grey out of Bullet’s arms.

“You sure about this, ma’am?”

“There are at least two things I’m sure about. One, you know my name. It’s Liv, and I expect you to use it. Two, Caden has been asking me for over an hour when her buddy Grey is going to be here. She’ll be thrilled to see him, which makes my life much easier.”

Liv unbuttoned Grey’s jacket and went in the direction of the family room, where Caden was playing. Tristan heard the little girl squeal when she saw her playmate.

“He loves comin’ over here.” Bullet shuffled his feet. “And she’s so great to make it seem like she ain’t doin’ me a favor when she watches him.” He looked at the floor, then the ceiling, then over her head, in the direction of the family room. Everywhere but at her.

“Bullet, I want you to know how sorry I am about what I said the other night. What you do isn’t any of my business. I don’t know the first thing about being a parent, or a bull rider. I’m in no position to judge you.”

“I told you before not to worry about it.” He still didn’t look at her. “My life is a mess right now, and I’m workin’ hard to get it right. As right as I can anyway, considerin’ my son no longer has a mama.”

Tristan’s eyes filled with tears.

“It ain’t nothin’ for you to cry about. We don’t need you feelin’ sorry for us.”

At least he finally looked at her. “I don’t feel sorry for you, Bullet. Or Grey. It’s just that I understand—”

“Forgive me for leavin’ in the middle of your sentence, but if I don’t, I’m gonna say somethin’ I’ll regret. I will say this, though.” He walked closer, his eyes boring into hers as he did. “You don’t understand anything about my life, or my son’s life. Nothing at all.”

When Bullet stormed out of the front door, Tristan closed her eyes and waited for it to slam behind him, but it didn’t.

It wasn’t her fault. It was his. But he couldn’t help it. Every time he looked at her, he saw his own shortcomings. He’d wasted a hell of a lot of the last couple of years having fun, not thinking about the consequences of his actions. He had two kids to prove it.
Slade, Heather. Cowboys of Crested Butte Boxed Set Volume 1. Kindle Locations (16672-16696). Sparrow Publishing. Kindle Edition.

As Bullet works to find his way, he and Tristen also bump heads. She’s watching him and he’s watching her a dance of a sort.

There are many twists and turns in this book and Bullet rises to the occasion once he realizes what he really wants. It’s not a surprise that he gets together with Tristen and the way it happens is almost typical for this plotting family.

We also get a close look at Dottie and Bill’s relationship, it’s quite the love story.

I wonder if we’ll see more of theses characters in future books. This author tends to have folks show up everywhere.

5 Contented Purrs for Heather!

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Heather Slade

My books are filled with things that bring me joy: music, wine, skiing, families, artists, and cowboys. Not always in that order.

I’m an Amazon best-selling author, and a PAN member of Romance Writers of America. I speak, teach, blog, am an executive sommelier, and all-around entrepreneur.

I grew up an east coast girl, and then spent half my life on the west coast. Now my husband, our two boys, and I happily call Colorado home.

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Stay With Me – Cowboys of Crested Butte Book 4 By Heather Slade

Stay With Me
Cowboys of Crested Butte Book 4
USA Today Bestselling Author
Heather Slade


Professional saddle bronc rider Jace Rice has a habit of falling in love with women who turn around and fall in love with someone else.

It had happened three times, and as much as he vowed to never let it happen again, it does. Although this time, the woman is in love with a guy Jace can’t possibly compete with—a dead man.

Comforting sad-eyed widow, Bree Fox, leaves Jace Rice with plenty of gaping wounds himself, and a pent up desire to get to know more about her, other than how much she loved her late husband. But he knows Bree is not ready for that, so he waits…and waits. When she never contacts him again, he takes that as a sign, but that sign doesn’t stop him from thinking about her, from wondering what could be if he just confronted her with how he felt.

The problem was confronting her would be almost impossible, since her sister was married to his brother, who hated him, and they all lived together in Crested Butte, where he wasn’t welcome. Going there would be like walking into a hornet’s nest where he would likely be stung.

Jace had been stung before, though, so many times he should be immune. And he wasn’t a coward–otherwise he wouldn’t be the fierce competitor he was in the rodeo arena. He knew he had what it took to go to Crested Butte and pound things out with his twin brother, if necessary. It wasn’t like it was the first time they’d come to blows. What he didn’t know was whether it would be worth it in the end.

Could Bree Fox ever feel about him the way she felt about her former husband? Or would she forever be just another woman Jace was rejected by when the dust settled?

I almost feel sorry for Jace Rice, he seems to fall for women who are in love with someone else. It started in the second book of this series with Renie, then continued on the same path with Blythe who is now married to his twin Tucker. Tucker hates him now and he has no idea how to make amends. Then there’s Bree, still mourning her husband but not even close to being ready for a relationship.

Jace needing to be far away and wanting something more than Bronc riding, got a tip to invest in a rough stock ranch. It turned out the family wanted to sell that part of the business in Montana. Now Jace and his parents own that ranch and the business and hope to merge it with the businesses in Crested Butte.

Bree is leaving Monument for a while, she needs to grieve for her husband. With everything going on she hasn’t allowed herself to think about him, although the nightmares bring it back, time and again. She’s going to go stay where she has the best memories of Zack. Then there’s the feelings Jace awakened in her. She not ready to move into another relationship or with her life right now and that needs to change.

Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch is Bree’s destination, there she meets Red Dugan, who brings to her mind a grandfather figure. One who knows the best places for her to fish. Her nightmares still dog her but the days are filled with things she loved to do with her late husband.

In a rather sneaky move, Jace’s parents have him traveling to Idaho to see a man named Red about a bull he’s selling. When he arrives he’s told Red is away and they give him the cabin adjoined to the one Bree is staying in.

While waiting enjoying the surroundings he decides to take a ride around the nearby lake. It’s here he sees Bree with Red. The ensuing conversation reveals there’s no bull for sale and that his parents and possibly Bree’s had set this all up.

Red invites Jace to join them for dinner and left them to talk.

This is a favorite scene.

Dinner was served in the main lodge, and the food was as good as it had been the night before, but Jace wasn’t paying any attention to what he was eating. Bree’s cheeks were pink. Was it from the time she’d been spending outdoors or the wine she drank with dinner? Whatever it was, it looked good on her. Damn good. Somehow, her eyes were even bluer than he remembered. She kept her dark hair cut short, but it had grown some since he last saw her. It was just long enough that it curled around the edges of her face. He longed to wind his fingers through those curls and pull her close enough to brush his lips over hers.

He heard what sounded like live music coming from outside the dining room and saw other guests making their way in that direction.

“You wanna go see what’s goin’ on?” he asked her.

“I’m okay sitting here a while longer, unless you want to.”

“I’m good,” he answered. He leaned forward so he was only a couple of inches from her, rested his arm on the table, and looked into her eyes.

“How’ve you been, Bree?”

“I’ve been good,” she paused. “No, that isn’t true. I haven’t been good at all. I’ve been terrible, in fact.” She shook her head and laughed.

Jace laughed too, although he sensed the conversation was about to turn more serious. When she rested her hand on the table, he ran his fingers over her knuckles. “Tell me,” he whispered.

“I decided I couldn’t hide from it any longer. I had to face it.”


She nodded. “He and I spent a week at this ranch. It was part of our honeymoon. I thought, if I came back here and let myself remember, maybe I could also let myself grieve.” Soft tears rolled down her cheeks.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart.”

“I have to do this, Jace. I can’t keep denying he’s gone.”

He could tell her he understood, but he didn’t. He missed his brother so much there were times he felt as though he’d die from the ache of it. But Tucker was still alive. If he wanted to see him, he could. He might not be welcome, but he could see him. Bree couldn’t see Zack.

“I’m sorry I never answered your texts.”

“Yeah, about that,” she laughed through her tears. “What the hell, Jace?”

“I just didn’t—”

“You don’t have to explain. I understand, and I’m not just saying that.”

“You were awful mad at me the last time I saw you.”

“I handled that badly, didn’t I?”

He leaned closer, so close he could almost kiss her. “You handled it honestly. Somethin’ I’m tryin’ to do more often.”

“Jace…I’m sorry about you and Tucker.”

“Nothin’ for you to be sorry about, darlin’. Did that all on my own. Can’t say as I blame Tuck for not wantin’ to see me. I wouldn’t want to see him if the situation were reversed.”

Jace looked up just as Red turned to leave the room. “Red? Can I help you?”

“Didn’t want to interrupt.”

Jace recognized the look on Red’s face as he gazed at Bree. He looked at her that way too. Red wanted to comfort her, help her through the pain, ease it if he could.

“You aren’t interrupting,” Bree told him. “What’s up?”

“Thought you might give an old fella a dance.”

Bree stood, put her arm through Red’s, and let him lead her into the other room. She turned back to make sure Jace was following. She didn’t want to leave him sitting in the dining room all alone.

He stood and stretched his leg. Just when she was about to turn around and go back to him, he looked up and waved her off.

“Go dance,” he said. “I’ll be right along, soon as I loosen my leg up.”

Red was a good dancer, just like her dad was. It felt good to have his strong arms lead her around the room.

“Seems like a nice young man.” He pulled back to look in her eyes.

“Yes, he is. He’s very nice,” she laughed. “Although I didn’t always think so.”


“I can’t remember why not. Except that he was kind of pushy with my sister. She’s, uh, married to his brother now. His twin brother.”

“Why do I think there’s more to the story?”

“There is, but it isn’t very interesting.” She rested her head against Red’s shoulder. “The truth is, he comforted me. He helped me a lot right after Zack’s death. He didn’t have to, but he did. Even when I pushed him away.”

“Must care about you.”

“It’s a family thing. I love my sister; he loves his brother. We were thrown together, whether we wanted to be or not.”

“Uh huh.”

Was it that obvious? She supposed it was. Jace Rice made her heart beat faster, and she loved that he was here. She still didn’t understand why he was, but they’d get to the bottom of it eventually. In the meantime, she’d take whatever time with him she could get.

“Pretty moon tonight. Maybe you and your young man would like to sit out on the porch, take in the sky. Nothin’ like a clear night in Idaho for stargazing.”

When the song ended, Bree walked over to where Jace stood, waiting for her. “Red recommends the porch for stargazing.”

“I know just the spot he’s talkin’ about.” Jace took her hand in his.

No one else was out there, so they sat on the porch swing. Jace put his arm around her and pulled her close.



“I know I said it before, but it bears repeating. I’ve missed you.”

She rested her head on his shoulder. “I’ve missed you, too.”

Should she tell him that she’d missed him as much as she missed Zack? He would think she was crazy if she did. Or he’d think the same thing she was. Missing Zack and missing Jace got jumbled up together. She couldn’t tell the difference between the two sometimes. And that wasn’t healthy. It also wasn’t real. What she’d had with Zack had been real. She hardly knew Jace.

“I’m here because I need to let myself mourn the death of my husband.”

“I know, and I won’t do anything to interfere with that. In fact, you say the word, and I’ll be in the truck back to Montana come sunrise.”

Pain bit her stomach. “No, Jace, that isn’t what I’m saying. Please, don’t misunderstand.”

“I’m glad to be here with you, Bree, but I know there’s a road you have to go down. I get it. I’m a detour. You’re gonna have to go down that road eventually.”

He’d articulated her thoughts perfectly. Jace was a distraction. A detour.

“Maybe you could stay another day?”

He smiled. “That could be arranged.”

The mountains, with their peaks illuminated by the full moon, took her breath away. Or was it Jace? Probably both. “Oh…uh, where are you staying?”

“I stayed in that cabin right over there last night.” He pointed to her cabin. “I think they might let me stay there again tonight if I promise not to disturb the ‘little lady’ stayin’ on the other side.”

Bree closed her eyes and felt heat flush her cheeks. They hadn’t booked anyone else on the other side of the cabin, and she’d wondered about that. It must have been intentional. “They’ve been so good to me here.”

“They’re very protective of you.”

“They are?”
“Yep. The only reason they let me stay, last night, was because you weren’t here.”

“You’re kidding?”

“Nope. Think you can put in a good word for me tonight?”

“I’ll do that,” she said softly.

He wanted to tell her he’d be there for her, on the other side of the cabin. If she wanted him to, he’d hold her when she cried. He’d comfort her, like he had one other night, when she’d begged him not to go.

The door opened, and Red came out on the porch with a key in his hand. “You’re welcome to bunk in the same place you did last night,” he said and went back inside.

Jace tucked the key in his pocket. “You ready to call it a night?”

“Not yet.” She sighed and put her head back on his shoulder.
Slade, Heather. Cowboys of Crested Butte Boxed Set Volume 1. Kindle Locations (12508-12578). Sparrow Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Jace and Bree spend much time together it almost seems perfect except for the fact Zack is still between them. Jace can’t compete with a memory.

Jace and Bree are definitely meant for one another and it’s almost heartbreaking to watch the ups and downs in this book. There’s also Jace’s relationship with his brother that needs to be resolved. Both Jace and Bree need the connection to that part of the family and to be part of baby Cochran’s life.

Plenty of tears, laughter, surprises and that sizzling connection between Jace and Bree.

5 Contented Purrs for Heather!

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Heather Slade

My books are filled with things that bring me joy: music, wine, skiing, families, artists, and cowboys. Not always in that order.

I’m an Amazon best-selling author, and a PAN member of Romance Writers of America. I speak, teach, blog, am an executive sommelier, and all-around entrepreneur.

I grew up an east coast girl, and then spent half my life on the west coast. Now my husband, our two boys, and I happily call Colorado home.

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Kiss Me Cowboy – Cowboys of Crested Butte Book 3 by Heather Slade

Kiss Me Cowboy
Cowboys of Crested Butte Book 3
Heather Slade


Blythe Cochran is a woman who’s never been treated the cowboy way—and Jace Rice knows he is just the man to teach her what that means. Unless his twin brother, Tucker, gets in the way.

The last place Blythe wants to spend Thanksgiving is at the Flying R Ranch in Crested Butte, Colorado, but that’s where she’s headed. She and her best friend’s family have always celebrated the holiday together, so it was go along, or spend the holiday home alone.

Feeling sorry for herself because she’s dateless and her best friend is newly engaged, Blythe asks Renie to fix her up with a hot cowboy. When she arrives and meets not one, but TWO of the hottest cowboys she’s ever seen, Blythe decides the holiday might not be so bleak after all. When both men compete for her attention, it’s hard for her to choose. Who would win her affection—easy-going, bronc-riding, cowboy Jace, or brooding artist Tucker?

Regardless of whom she chooses, there is a secret being held between the brothers which could drive a permanent wedge between the two men, who each touch a different part of her soul. When the hidden truth is finally exposed, will it tear a family apart, or heal past wounds?

Blythe is Renie’s best friend and Paige’s daughter. She never expected to meet two very different twin brothers when she joined the families for Thanksgiving.

Jace and Tucker Rice are cousins to Ben and his family. We met Jace when he was falling for Renie but realized her true love was always Billy. Now Jace is a cowboy through and through, but Tucker is a very talented and often reclusive artist.

Tucker takes her to dinner and things sort of escalate from there. At the very first contact Blythe knew Tucker was for her, but there’s something strange going on, and he takes off from Thanksgiving dinner without so much as a thank you to the hosts.

Billy takes on Jace to train him for Broncs and we next see Tucker when he comes to watch Jace compete. Blythe isn’t sure how she feels about seeing Tucker again. It’s while they are at the Grizzly Rose at the end of the Rodeo that bad news comes in. Blythe’s sister Bree’s husband has been killed in Afghanistan.

Blythe becomes Bree’s rock and once everything is over, Tucker more than comforts her and this leads to more questions from Bree and even more strangeness from Tucker.

This is a favorite scene and also a turning point.

His phone pinged. Whoever it was, whatever they wanted, he didn’t care. He had nothing to give to anyone else right now. As hard as he tried not to look, he couldn’t help himself.


Where are you?

What could he say? Around the corner?

Are you at the inn? I’ll come over. I have to see you, Tucker. Please don’t leave me again.

He stared at the phone. It was one of those moments. He could be stubborn and ignore her. But would that get him anywhere? Would it get him what he wanted? Did he even know what he wanted?

He realized he wasn’t standing still any longer. He was walking toward her house. If he cut through the woods, he’d be there in less than two minutes.

Meet me outside, he texted back.

“What?” asked Bree.

“He’s coming back.”

Bree got up to go inside.

“Wait, you don’t have to go.”

“Do this, Blythe. Talk to him.”

Blythe walked to the end of the driveway and watched for his truck to come back down the road. She was so focused on watching for him, she didn’t hear him walk up behind her.

“Blythe,” he breathed into her hair.

She spun around and he caught her. “Tucker,” she cried. “I’m so sorry.”

“I’m sorry, Blythe. I don’t know what—”

She didn’t let him finish. She reached up and brushed her lips across his. She opened her mouth to him, and he took it. They stood at the end of her driveway, bodies intertwined, mouths locked together, as though they were a couple of teenagers with nowhere else to go.

“Where’s your truck?”

“I didn’t get very far. I was too pissed to drive, so I pulled over.”

“I’m sorry,” she said again.

He kissed her forehead. “Blythe, this isn’t easy for me. I want us to talk. There are things I want to tell you.”


“Okay, what?”

“Let’s talk. Do you want to go back to the inn, or do you want to go somewhere else?”

Tucker looked out over the valley in front of them. On the other side of the highway, he could see what looked like a fire road going up the side of Mount Herman.

“Ever been on that road?” he asked.

“Many times. My dad and I go up there and shoot.”

“When’s the last time you were up there? Is the road open?”

“I don’t know, maybe three weeks ago. We haven’t had much snow since, so I’m sure it’s open.”

“Do you need to let anyone know you’re leaving again?”

“Nobody saw me, except Bree. She won’t say anything.”

“Why not?”

“Because she was the one who insisted I tell you I wished you hadn’t left.”

Tucker nodded his head and took Blythe’s hand in his. “Let’s go.” He led her back through the woods to where he’d left his truck.

What would he say? He wanted to talk, but where should he start? He wanted more in his life; he wanted Blythe to wipe away the bad and replace it with good. He’d spent so many years believing he was incapable of loving or being loved by a woman that, now, he didn’t know how to ask for it. It was his damage, as Jace called it.

His brother felt it, that’s how Jace knew how to name it. Tucker was damaged. He hadn’t allowed himself to consider it would be possible to repair his heart, or his soul. But since he’d met Blythe, he’d felt hope. Even in the light of a tragedy that hit too close, he’d felt hope.

She was quiet, looking out the window as he made his way toward the remote mountain road. She’d practically begged him to come back to the house, to give her another chance. Now that he had, she was waiting for him to talk, to tell her what was so important that her unwillingness to hear him had set him off, made him angry, made him leave.

He was scared; that was the truth of it. What would happen when he talked about the one thing he vowed he never would? Allowing himself to share his past would mean the wound would be ripped open. Would he be able to get through it without breaking down? He doubted it. And when he did, how would Blythe react? Particularly now. She hadn’t had any time to process through the grief of the last week.

stop. His truck hit a rock, and he knew they were going to roll. He looked at Blythe. Her terror-filled eyes bored into his. He knew that look. He’d seen it before. The nightmare was repeating itself.
Slade, Heather. Cowboys of Crested Butte Boxed Set Volume 1. Kindle Locations (10045-10091). Sparrow Publishing. Kindle Edition.

With Blythe seriously injured Tucker once again takes off. This time to parts unknown.

Blythe recovers but she also gets a real big surprise. Once again it’s Jace who stands by her even though he knows she will never be his.

Very emotional read with lots of tears, some laughter and of course that sizzling heat.

5 Contented Purrs for Heather!

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Heather Slade

My books are filled with things that bring me joy: music, wine, skiing, families, artists, and cowboys. Not always in that order.

I’m an Amazon best-selling author, and a PAN member of Romance Writers of America. I speak, teach, blog, am an executive sommelier, and all-around entrepreneur.

I grew up an east coast girl, and then spent half my life on the west coast. Now my husband, our two boys, and I happily call Colorado home.

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Dance With Me – Cowboys of Crested Butte Book 2 by Heather Slade

Dance With Me
Cowboys of Crested Butte Book 2
Heather Slade


Wherever he was, Billy owned the air. It belonged to him, and he took it.

Last year saddle bronc rider Billy Patterson reached the pinnacle of success in his sport and had the championship buckle to prove it. He needed that flashy reminder this year, because now nothing seemed to be going right in his world.

He couldn’t manage an eight-second ride to save his life; the girl he’s wanted forever, his best friend Renie, is oblivious to how he feels about her; and her mother sold him a ranch that he was incapable of taking care of alone. But the worst of it was, with no anchor at the ranch other than her horse in his boarding stable, Renie was probably leaving too, if he couldn’t convince her to stay.

That becomes the least of Billy’s worries, however, when he suddenly becomes a single parent to a child he didn’t even know about. That complicates everything, but he can’t regret having the daughter he quickly falls in love with. The question was—did that mean the end of his chances with Renie?

At her age, asking her to become an instant mother would be selfish, even if she would entertain that absurd idea after her own mother was tied down around the same age. As much as Billy knew letting Renie go was the right thing to do, he also realized letting her go would mean allowing her to run right back into the arms of a man she didn’t belong with…and he didn’t think he could do that.

Renie has been in love with Billy forever. He’s been a part of her life for a very long time and a few people thought he was in love with her mother Liv.

Now Billy on the other hand has just realized he’s in love with her. He’s ten years older and now owns the ranch where Renie grew up. He boards Renie’s horse and he expects her to continue treating the ranch as her home.

Renie and Billy take their time coming to the conclusion they should give this relationship a try. She also convinces him to get back on the rodeo circuit. It’s after the second night of competition the almost unthinkable happens.

Billy is confronted with the grandfather of a girl he remembers hooking up with a couple of times. The information the man has for him is quite the surprise. Apparently Roxanne had a baby that she said is his, and now she’s died in a car accident. Her grandparents can’t take on the responsibility of raising the baby and are asking Billy to take custody. Something he won’t do without a paternity test.

Renie isn’t sure about anything when Billy tells her about the meeting. She wants to see and talk to her Mom.

This is a favorite scene.

At noon, Renie’s phone buzzed.

“Hey, Mom, is Ben on his way?”

“No, honey, they’ve been at the airport, waiting for the weather to clear. It doesn’t look as though it’s getting any better. I’m sorry, sweetheart. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow.”

“It’s okay,” she answered, knowing her disappointment sounded through her words. “We’ll talk in the morning, then. Bye, Mom.”

“Bye, sweetheart. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“What’s up?”

“Bad weather in Gunnison. Ben can’t fly out today.”

“I’m sorry. I know you wanted to see your mom. It’s my fault for talkin’ you into stoppin’ here.”

“You saved me. I might have been stuck on the pass if I hadn’t stopped.”

“Thanks for makin’ me feel better about it. I wish you could…”

“What, Billy?” As much as she hoped he wasn’t about to ask her to go with him, she knew that was what he was about to say.

I know I’m a selfish prick. You know I’m a selfish prick. I can’t imagine doing anything this big without you with me.”

“You’ve done lots of big things without me.”

“This doesn’t feel like me, Renie. This feels like us. Whatever I find out in Texas affects both of us.”


“Please go with me, Renie,” he begged.

How could he ask this of her? Because he was Billy, that’s why. If he wanted something, he took it. He also knew that she’d be powerless to deny him. Renie put her head on his chest, and sighed, knowing she was about to let go of what she wanted in order to give Billy what he needed. “Okay.”

He held her tight and closed his eyes, saying a silent prayer of thanks.

“Your mom still needs to go with us, Billy. I can’t go if Dottie doesn’t.”

“My mama will still go with us, darlin’. Don’t worry.”

He knew he shouldn’t have asked, but he needed her with him.

It cost him a fortune to get her ticket, and theirs, at the last minute, but he would’ve paid ten times more to have her with him.

Renie sat next to him. Dottie sat across the aisle.

“I didn’t realize we were flying first class, Billy.”

He often flew first class, and even if he didn’t, he would’ve this trip. He was about to ask his mother and the love of his life to help him bring his baby girl home. He didn’t need a paternity test; he felt it in his bones—he was Willow’s father.

He closed his eyes, wishing he could sleep, but knew he wouldn’t.

He lifted the armrest between them and brought Renie closer to him. “Sleep, darlin’. Get some rest.” She was asleep before he finished his sentence. He doubted she’d gotten much more sleep than he had the last couple of days.

The Johnsons had suggested they meet at the hospital the following day. Billy had gone, right after they landed, and given the lab what they needed to run the test. They were waiting in the lobby when he walked in with Renie and his mother. Sophie Johnson was holding the baby.

Billy knew as soon as he looked at her. It didn’t matter what any lab or doctor told him; that baby was his.

Renie saw it too. Billy saw it in her face. He watched her, afraid to look away, afraid he’d miss something. Her look went from shock to…something he didn’t have words for. But when he looked back at Willow, he hoped Renie was feeling the same thing he was. It was indescribable.

“Here,” said Mrs. Johnson. “You hold your girl.”

Billy hesitated, not sure what to do. Willow started kicking her legs, leaning toward him.

“Hold tight, Billy,” said Dottie, smiling through her tears. “She’s a squirmer…like you were.”

“Why don’t you have a seat?” Earl Johnson motioned. “Your mama’s right. Willow’s a squirmer.”

Billy could hear him, understood what he was saying, but he couldn’t move. He and Willow stared at each other as though they were looking in a mirror. He was sure that, any minute, his heart would burst right open. When he did look away, it was at Renie, and he had no idea what the expression on her face meant.

It was as though all the air left her body when Billy took the baby in his arms, and she watched him fall in love. In that moment, she realized she would never hold his heart the way she’d hoped she would. She’d dreamed of Billy holding their baby. Only in her nightmares did she see him holding a baby he had with someone else.

Why had she come with him? She wasn’t part of the scene playing out in front of her. She was a bystander, and not an innocent one. She was a damaged bystander, feeling the worst pain she could imagine.

When Dottie rested her hand on Renie’s back, she flinched, as though the touch burned her.

“Renie?” Billy was walking toward her, with the baby.

“Billy—” Her voice caught. “I can’t do this.”

She felt the walls closing in on her. She couldn’t breathe. Things were happening too quickly for her to explain or even understand the way she felt. All she knew was she had to get away from this…Billy and his baby, as fast as she could. It might make her the worst person on the planet, but this time, she couldn’t put Billy first. This time, she had to take care of herself instead of him. Her heart was broken so badly, she felt as though she was bleeding—soon she wouldn’t be able to contain the tears of her pain.

She turned and ran out of the hospital, and jumped into the cab parked outside the entrance. “Take me to the airport,” she said. “Hurry.” The cab sped away.

She couldn’t look back at Billy, standing outside the door, baby in his arms.
Slade, Heather. Cowboys of Crested Butte Boxed Set Volume 1. Kindle Locations (5330-5384). Sparrow Publishing. Kindle Edition.

It’s not just Billy’s life that changes at this point. Renie too does a complete turn around from what she had planned for her life.

Both of them have so much to think about and ultimately come to terms with.

I did a lot of sniffling reading this book. Plenty of emotional ups and downs, right along with the sizzle between Renie and Billy.

I’m already reading the next book since I bought the collection.

5 Contented Purrs for Heather!

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Heather Slade

My books are filled with things that bring me joy: music, wine, skiing, families, artists, and cowboys. Not always in that order.

I’m an Amazon best-selling author, and a PAN member of Romance Writers of America. I speak, teach, blog, am an executive sommelier, and all-around entrepreneur.

I grew up an east coast girl, and then spent half my life on the west coast. Now my husband, our two boys, and I happily call Colorado home.

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Fall For Me – Cowboys of Crested Butte Book 1 By Heather Slade

Fall For Me
Cowboys of Crested Butte Book 1
Heather Slade


A guitar player looking for redemption.
A widow needing a second chance at love.
Fall hard for the rock star and the cowgirl…


Barrel racing competitively was my dream, but my heart took me elsewhere, into the arms of a F15 pilot, forever—or so I thought. Fate had other plans, leaving me alone, raising our daughter, widowed and broken. Now, years later, back on the ranch, cranky and bored, I need more, want more. And when Ben Rice’s music reignites my fire, he’s all I can think about, all I want. But why would a rock star fall for a cowgirl like me?


Hard work, dedication, and talent, got me where I am, climbing the Billboard music charts, following my dreams. But when Olivia Fairchild shows up in my life, my dreams, my fantasies, my desires, start to shift. I can’t give her what she wants, what she deserves, now I need to make sure, she doesn’t FALL FOR ME.

Ben Rice lead singer/guitarist of the band CB Rice met Olivia after their performance at Red Rocks. He spotted her in the audience and sang to her.

Olivia ‘Liv’ Fairchild was at the concert at Red Rocks with her daughter Renie, her best friend Paige and Paige’s daughter Blythe. Much teasing occurred as Ben crooned his songs to her. It’s after the band left the stage that things got more interesting.

The seats the friends had scored for the concert were next to the VIP section and that’s where Ben and his band settled after their set to watch the rest. For Ben though he only had eyes for Olivia.

When he introduces himself after the concert we see just how clueless Liv is about flirting.

This is a favorite scene.

The second band began to play, and soon everyone in the ten-thousand-person audience was on their feet, dancing and singing along.

“Look.” Renie pointed to Liv’s left.

She looked up at the large rock formation, expecting to see something projected on it. “What?”

“Not up there. There.” Renie pointed again to the VIP area, where CB and his band were seated.

When Liv looked over, CB was looking right at her, just like he had been while onstage. Warmth traveled up her cheeks, and she looked away. A few minutes later, she looked back. His eyes still rested on her; this time he smiled and winked.

“Hey, you.” Paige smiled when Liv scooted closer, putting Renie and Blythe between her and the ropes.

“Mom’s hiding from CB Rice.”

Paige leaned back.

“Don’t look,” Liv gasped.

“Why not?”

“He’s been staring at her all night,” Blythe groaned.

“Shh…” the people behind them whispered again, which only made Liv and Paige giggle.

When the second band’s set ended, Liv sneaked a peek at the VIP area, disappointed that she didn’t see any members of CB Rice.

“You were ignoring him, so he went home,” Renie smirked.

Liv rolled her eyes.

Soon, the third band took the stage, and the audience went wild. Liv forgot all about CB and his band as she danced and sang along for the rest of the two-hour show.

Too soon it seemed, the band played their encore, and the audience slowly began making their way to the exits.

“Wait,” Liv heard someone yell.

“Mom, stop.”

When Liv turned around, CB was standing right behind her.

He smiled. “Hi.”

“Uh, hi.”

“What’s your name?”

Liv looked around. “Me?”

CB laughed. “Yeah, you.”

“Liv,” she answered, and then turned back around. “And this is my friend, Paige, my daughter, Renie, and Paige’s daughter, Blythe.”

He bent to see around Liv. “I’m Ben Rice. Nice to meet you.” He waved, and then rested his gaze back on her. “Thanks for coming to the show tonight, Liv.”

“You’re welcome. Um…well…nice to meet you, um…Ben” Liv pushed past Paige. “Come on, let’s go.”

“Nice to meet you.” Paige waved and followed Liv, who was already beyond the end of the row, near the exit.

“What has gotten into you?” Paige asked when they got in the car.

“Nothing. Why?”

“You weren’t very polite to him, Mom.”

“What are you talking about?”

“He was flirting with you.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Liv murmured and turned up the volume on the stereo.
Slade, Heather. Cowboys of Crested Butte Boxed Set Volume 1. Kindle Locations (183-208). Sparrow Publishing. Kindle Edition.

This isn’t the only time Ben is going to run into Liv and that becomes the catalyst for a interesting relationship.

Liv’s daughter Renie is heading to college, and every moment she can spend with her is special. Skiing they run into Ben again with his sons, and then Ben once more in Las Vegas for a Charity Concert. While Ben takes this as an omen, Liv decides she has to find herself as Liv before she can even think about a relationship.

Lots of Laughter, Tears and Some Sizzle.

5 Contented Purrs for Heather!

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Heather Slade

My books are filled with things that bring me joy: music, wine, skiing, families, artists, and cowboys. Not always in that order.

I’m an Amazon best-selling author, and a PAN member of Romance Writers of America. I speak, teach, blog, am an executive sommelier, and all-around entrepreneur.

I grew up an east coast girl, and then spent half my life on the west coast. Now my husband, our two boys, and I happily call Colorado home.

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