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Royals and Rogues – 5 Novellas – 5 Spectacular Authors

Royals and Rogues cover
Royals & Rogues
Heather Long
Shelli Stevens, Carole Mortimer, Susan Stephens, Heather Long and J.C Makk.


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Sexy and we know it! They’re on the hunt after your heart. Discover 5 brand new passionate tales of royals, rogues, dreams, passion and conflict.
Escape with these modern tales, where happily ever after takes hard work, determination, and some good, old fashioned royal luck.
Discover the passionate Royals and Rogues with Shelli Stevens, Carole Mortimer, Susan Stephens, Heather Long and J.C Makk.
Warning: Contains royal heroes and heroines, tempestuous passion, second chances, roguish competition, and family ties binding them together. Sometimes a royal’s greatest challenge is love…


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Her Marine Prince
Heather Long

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Princess Francesca “Frankie” Grace has no interest in scandal or pomp and circumstance. Her desire for a military career puts her on a collision course with retired Marine Hugh Dillon.

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Princess Francesca is no ordinary princess. She wants to follow in her father’s footsteps and serve in the Royal Marines. Unfortunately they don’t permit women in their ranks. Fortunately Frankie knows somewhere that does. The USMC allows women and she wants in. The only prerequisite she doesn’t meet yet is residency. Beyond that she is also going to need Prince Armand’s approval as well.

When she approaches her father, he issues a challenge to her. Complete this mock basic training camp program and he will support her all the way.

The camp is run by Hugh Dillon a former Marine and acquaintance of her father. Hugh has been told not to take it easy on Frankie. This must be a true test as to whether she can handle joining the Marines.

I love a strong woman and Frankie certainly is that. This is a favorite passage from hand to hand training.

“You four switch partners and work on choke holds. Frankie, you’re with me.”
Her heart pounded at the invitation wrapped in the order. Leaping off the fence, she strode to the center of the ring. The others headed to the separate areas and began grappling for a chokehold.
Suddenly, she was locked in Hugh’s arms and, for a split second, his arm tightened on her throat. Real panic swamped her, and she slapped his forearm before fighting to grip his fingers. Sweat on her hands and his made it almost impossible. His lips pressed close enough to her ear for her to feel his breath. “When you’re in a fight, you should pay attention to the person closest to you, not what’s happening elsewhere.”
Slamming her head back, she jammed her foot into his instep. The moment his arms loosened, she broke the hold and caught his forearm. One moment he had her, and the next she flipped him. Training had her holding his arm as he struck the ground.
Oh crap.
The last thing Hugh expected when he seized on her distraction to deliver a lesson was to find himself flat on his back with her in control of his arm. Shock rippled across her fierce expression, and her grip on him loosened. “Sorry.”
Huh. Unwilling to let her back down, he adjusted his grip and tugged her off her feet with the intention of flipping her. A fresh spark of surprise broke through and, instead of going where he sent her, she became dead weight. He had to let her go and roll, lest her knees slam into his chest.
Jumping to his feet, he pivoted to face her. Frankie hadn’t wasted any time in standing. “Nice.” He paid her the compliment. “Now defend.” How much did she know? The best way to learn was to come at her in a series of feints to see which one she would fall for. Speed was definitely on her side. Although slighter than him and definitely shorter, she moved with grace and alacrity, avoiding his more obvious feints while not leaving herself open for a real blow. Forearms up, she blocked a couple of lighter jabs and he pulled the punches enough to avoid real harm if her guard came down.
The last thing he wanted to do was explain a black eye to her father or her bodyguards. When she gave him no openings up top, he went to sweep her legs and ended up with a snap kick to his chest. The blow knocked him off balance, and he tumbled.
Royals & Rogues (Kindle Locations 666-684).  . Kindle Edition.


The story that unfolds will have you laughing, shaking your head, and sighing with approval. With sexual frustration and some very hot sex, a wonderful opening to this anthology.

5 Contented Purrs for Heather!

Carole Mortimer

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Billionaire ruler of a Mediterranean principality, Prince Alexandre of Androcco took one look at Anastazia Carmichael and knew he wanted her. And he’s determined to have her. In his arms. In his bed. Any way he can get her.

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This one starts off with a major OOPS as Stazzi sends off an email meant for her best friend to the Prince. I really felt her pain as she tried to retrieve it unsuccessfully. All she could do is wait for the axe to fall. Within Prince Alexandre’s arrival is one of my favorite passages.

“I’m sure you’ll find Grant and Adrian more than sufficient—” She broke off her brisk dismissal as the prince stepped forward, totally invading her space as he lowered his head and spoke softly beside her ear.

“‘ A princely pain in the fucking ass’?”

Stazzi felt the color leech from her cheeks at hearing the prince quietly quote those words directly from her email. Even her lips felt numb, and she was pretty sure her eyes had widened guiltily as the prince moved back only slightly to look down at her in challenge, the warmth of his breath a soft caress against her jaw.

She couldn’t look away, was held totally captive by those predatory green eyes.

Intense, compelling eyes, that told her she hadn’t misunderstood him. That this man meant exactly what he’d said. He did want her. Physically. Tied to his bed or otherwise.

That realization was a little overwhelming. Flattering too, if she was honest with herself. The man was a prince, for goodness’ sake, and as rich as Croesus. What woman wouldn’t feel flattered at being told she was wanted by him?

Except it wasn’t going to happen. She was almost engaged, and even if she hadn’t been, she certainly didn’t supply those sorts of needs for the hotel guests.

Alexandre admired the light of rebellion that appeared in Anastazia’s eyes even as the color returned to her cheeks and she tilted her chin in an attempt to return his challenging gaze.
Royals & Rogues (Kindle Locations 1815-1825). . Kindle Edition.

When an expected proposal turns into a break-up Stazzi decides to take a chance. A double date with her friend Lizzie and Alexandre’s friend and security advisor Asher ends with the couples heading their separate ways. Stazzi and Alexandre into a steamy hot interlude with a surprise. Lizzie and Asher well lots is insinuated but nothing confirmed.

Sizzling sex intertwined into a tale of intrigue, jealousy, lust and love.

5 Contented Purrs for Carole!

Seducing the Princess
Susan Stephens

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Angel: The first time I met Gideon Black, I was a teen who hated him with a passion that kept me awake at night.

Gideon: A tease at sixteen, Angel has grown into an irresistible, kick-ass woman. I know exactly what I want to do to her—how thoroughly, and for how long.

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A troubled kingdom, a princess about to become queen and a bodyguard with more on his mind than just keeping her safe. Angel’s country couldn’t afford Blackheart security, yet the Council had hired them specifically Gideon to protect her from her Uncle’s nefarious efforts to eliminate her. One of my favorite passages is the disclosure of her problems to Gideon.

The more she talked to Gideon, the more her feelings were conflicted. She needed him, but she couldn’t afford him. She wanted him close, but she couldn’t afford to become attached to him— and there was a real danger of that if he stayed.
“I don’t know how I’m going to do it yet,” she admitted, “but in memory of my father I will restore this country to its former glory and make it safe. And I won’t waste one hot dime on myself.”
“There’s no question of payment.” Gideon’s tone suggested she had offended him. “I’m here to protect you, and that’s what I’m going to do.”
She let his words sink in, and then started fretting over the next problem.
“And I have to marry.”
“So?” Gideon probed.
Flattening her lips, she refused to say more. The last thing she wanted to share with Gideon was her opinion on marriage and sex, let alone sex with some stranger.
“You also have to provide an heir,” he said bluntly. It shocked her that he knew everything, but of course he knew everything.
Gideon would make it his business to know everything there was to know about a potential client.
“And you have to provide this heir within a year of ascending the throne,” he added. “My best guess? You can’t find the right man for the job.”
Her cheeks blazed red, and she retorted without thinking, “Why? Are you offering?”
“Why not?” Gideon’s powerful shoulders eased in a careless shrug. “Better the devil you know, Princess.”
Royals & Rogues (Kindle Locations 3389-3400).  . Kindle Edition.
A very hot, twisty, up and down emotional and suspenseful read. The fire between Angel and Gideon is such that you can’t wait to see what will become of their relationship.

5 Contented Purrs for Susan!

Corrupted by the Prince
Shelli Stevens

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On the heels of his worse scandal yet, Prince Kostas of Mykorini decides to keep a low profile at his American beach home in the Hamptons. Taking a lover isn’t part of his plan until he meets Eva. Evelynn Fairchild knows she should be wary of the bad boy prince, especially when she’s considered the levelheaded one in her high profile family. But one earth shattering kiss makes her wonder if she should ditch her virginity status in what surely will be a one-night stand.

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Prince Kostas didn’t expect to be intrigued by a beauty merely reading on the beach, but he was. In an attempt to possibly run into her again he accepted an invitation to a costume ball. He didn’t have a costume so he made do with the clothes he had on hand, a business suit.

Evelynn never attended these events, but this time it was her parents hosting. She promised her sister she would at least come and make the rounds. She never expected to see the Prince there, let alone before she ever made it to the party. This is one of my favorite scenes.

“Are you, Eva?” His voice dropped an octave, becoming low and gravely. “Just waiting for the right person?”

He couldn’t have known she was a virgin. Couldn’t have known she would take his guess and twist it to suit her own needs, but suddenly and selfishly, she did. No, she wasn’t waiting for the ‘right person’ to turn on her naughty side, but she had been waiting for the right person to make her feel a hot awareness and desire like this. To make her feel something.

Somehow, this man— this bad boy prince of a small island outside of Greece— had been the one to wake that dormant part of her life. And she couldn’t make herself walk away from this moment, no matter how completely foolish it seemed.

“You know what? Maybe I am.” It hardly seemed like her own voice. Confident and husky.

She didn’t hide her eyes from him, and was thankful as she watched his gaze darken.

The only warning she had of his next move was the slight flaring of his nostrils, before his head swooped low. There was no asking permission, no gentle coaxing, just the sudden, intoxicating firmness of his mouth claiming hers.
Royals & Rogues (Kindle Locations 4570-4578). . Kindle Edition.

An explosion turns the Prince’s world upside down and Eva’s too as her sister leaks information to the press.

A delightful, hot read with twists and turns to keep you on your toes.

5 Contented Purrs for Shelli!

His Royal Redemption
J.C. Makk

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Sir Antony Richarden is determined to win the King’s Favor, a prize which will save his family estate and secure his nieces’ future. His only obstacle? Princess Estelle of Dirksbee, the woman he left at the altar is going to make this competition more than difficult. Never mind the fact he still has feelings for Estelle…

Small Review Spring Blog - Copy

What can one say about a man who’s brother dies right before his wedding, and he has to postpone it? That he is awesome and takes on custody of his nieces, triplets who have already lost their mother. He is struggling to keep the girls in their home that is falling apart, one of the many things necessary is a new roof. On top of that Miss Crumb from the Royal Children’s Bureau keeps showing up to make their lives miserable. Trying to prove him unfit to care for them. A way out for him is to win the King’s Favor, a treasure hunt of sorts with a nice monetary prize as well as a renewal of his honor. Honor he somehow managed to lose when his brother died and his wedding called off.

Antony also has the ire of Princess Estelle for not contacting her after the postponement of the wedding. He had tried repeatedly and been turned away by her father’s secretary Boris and advised to stay away.

Both of them have been suffering and now the King’s Favor is the one thing that will elevate one of them back to the top of their game. Tony needs this to keep his nieces with him in their home. Estelle needs this to regain her reputation, tarnished by being left almost at the alter

They love each other still and by a cruel twist of fate the King has made them partners in this quest. This is just part of the conversation in the car. One of my favorite scenes .
If only she had known then that the man was her doom.

Her drug. Unfortunately, she was still as addicted as ever. “Don’t think I’m going to make this easy on you.”

“I wouldn’t expect it, Princess. Nothing about you was ever easy.”

She leaned forward. “You cost me my reputation.”

“That was not my intention.”

“You didn’t even have the decency to call. Not a single frickin’ call.”

He squinted, but said nothing. He folded his arms and slouched back, looking all masculine and cocky.

She laughed. “You think you’re going to win this thing, don’t you?”

“I don’t think, Princess. I know.”

“You should drop out. Leave now while you still have some shred of a reputation left.”

“I’m not a quitter, Estelle. You of all people should know that about me. I don’t give up. When I put my mind to something I follow through. Every time.”

“Except where I was concerned.”

He gave her a poignant stare, but refrained from speaking. He spent the rest of the short ride staring out the window, avoiding looking her way as if she were some kind of plague.

She was going to beat Tony. Show him exactly what type of tough stuff she was made of, what he lost by leaving her.
Royals & Rogues (Kindle Locations 5900-5910). Kindle Edition.

From here between the quest and the people working behind the scenes to destroy him, decisions are made. Love takes the fore and the sex is spectacular.

5 Contented Purrs for J. C.!