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Release Day Blitz: Fate’s Cry by Jalpa Williby


Fate’s Cry
Fate Series #1
Jalpa Williby


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When her entire family perishes in a fire, Kelsey Taylor has nobody to blame but herself. Grief stricken, she finally chooses death over a life full of agony. But, fate intervenes…

A mysterious stranger comes into her life. Although she has somehow found the strength to “live,” all is not as it seems when Kelsey discovers Damien’s deepest secrets. While her mind screams to run, her heart begs her to stay.

To make matters worse, a serial killer is loose, and he’s going after everybody Kelsey has loved. Seeking revenge, Kelsey is determined to hunt him down. But what happens when the hunter becomes the hunted?

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This book progresses over several years documenting the tragedies in Kelsey’s life, and the things that gave her strength. I fell in love with Damien from the moment he started bringing Kelsey food while she was healing from a fall. This is one of my favorite scenes and one that started Kelsey thinking more and more about Damien.
Tom ran to the door and began hissing. Kelsey wondered why he had been acting strange lately. Tom had always been a friendly, mild-tempered cat.“What’s the matter with you, boy?” she softly asked while she hopped to the door. “Who is it?” This time, she raised her voice, so the person could hear her from the other side.“Damien,” the voice answered.

What the hell was he doing here? Instinctively, she flung the door open, and instantly, she regretted it. As he filled her doorway, her heartbeat tripled. She had no idea if it was because he looked gorgeous standing there, or because the dangerous aura radiating out of him terrified her.

“Hello, Kelsey,” Damien drawled.

As the chills ran up and down her spine, Kelsey suddenly realized that she was standing in a mere robe. Hugging it tighter around her, she said, “What are you doing here, Damien?”

“I figured you would be hungry. Being that you are injured, I thought I would stop by with some food. Chinese?” He held up the brown bags to show her.

Kelsey frowned and replied, “Are you serious? It’s late. Probably past ten!”

“Twenty after ten to be precise,” Damien said, smirking.

“I’m going to bed now. You can’t come in.” She had to admit that seeing him in his black trench coat, looking dangerous and sexy, messed with her mind.

“You are going to sleep? I am pretty sure you stay up until the wee hours, Kelsey.” Damien’s voice was so soft, it took a few extra seconds for Kelsey to recover.

Swallowing hard, she said, “Well, you wouldn’t really know that about me. As a matter of fact, you don’t know me at all. Just like I don’t know you. And, I don’t like people I don’t know to just stop by whenever they feel like it—especially this time of the night. Thank you for helping me yesterday, but I’m good now. Take care, Damien.”

Closing the door, Kelsey leaned against it, trying to catch her breath. No longer could her leg support her. Kelsey closed her eyes and lowered herself to the floor.

Why was her entire body shaking? What was wrong with her?

After sitting for ten minutes, she finally was able to compose herself enough to think rationally. When she realized he must be gone, she gathered enough strength to stand back up to open the door and peek out. She released a sigh of relief when she didn’t see him. However, she noticed he left the food for her in the hallway. Should she take it? Chinese did sound pretty good right about then.

Without giving herself a chance to change her mind, Kelsey seized the bags and quickly shut the door, her heart pounding. She had no explanation for her irrational behavior, but she latched the deadbolt as well.
Fate’s Cry (Kindle Locations 304-326). Kindle Edition.

The attraction between the two of them was palpable inspite of Tom’s (the cat) dislike of Damien.

A serial killer identity unknown, targeting young women. A friend that thinks he is more. A boss that may want more than she can give all blend to keep us guessing what’s next and who is the killer. A mysterious man with one name, that she can’t stop wanting.

This book sparked my imagination and although I figured out who Damien was early in the book the rest was a twist and turn to a conclusion I never suspected.

I look forward to reading the next book in this series Fate’s Roar. I enjoyed the teaser chapter at the end of this one.

5 Contented Purrs for Jalpa!

Summer About the Author

Jalpa Williby  Jalpa Williby

Never the one to back away from a challenge, Jalpa Williby pushed herself to excel. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Illinois, Williby went on to earn Masters in Physical Therapy from Northwestern University. Her passion for helping her patients led her to a specialty in neuroscience, focusing on children and adults with neurological impairments.

Throughout her life, Williby’s love for books has never faded. She creates an unforgettable world with unique characters in her stories. Williby uses her writing to not only provide an “escape” for her readers, but hopefully, inspire them as well. Soon after publishing her first set of books, she has quickly become a bestselling and multi-award winning author with two gold medals and one bronze medal from Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards. Her more recent book, My Perfect Imperfections, has received rave reviews, including from Kirkus Reviews. Williby can be found either writing, reading, enjoying nature, or simply being silly with her family.

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