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My Review of Keeping Her Close by Rayne O’Gara

Keeping her Close cover

Keeping Her Close

The Landcaster Brothers – Book 1

Rayne O’Gara


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After a less than perfect childhood, voluptuous Hailey Timmons is finally able to start leading a normal life when she starts living out on her own. Her peaceful existence is soon shattered though when her father shows back up in her life with a serious problem…and in need of her help. While taking a second job to help out her father, she finds herself falling into something more emotionally shattering.

Mark Landcaster is content to just be the mechanic everyone knows him to be, but he turns out to be so much more. When he encounters Hailey, he finds himself wanting to remove the carefully placed mask he wears to keep hidden from the outside world—the mask that currently is keeping his heart intact.

As the trouble in her father’s life comes to call on Hailey personally, leaving her no one to turn to, how will she pull out of this alive? Can Hailey keep her heart safe against the man who wants to help and keep her close? Or does the price of the protection cost her heart, body, and soul?

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I don’t know what I was expecting when I pick up this book to try a new author, but this went above and beyond. This is a story of the deepest betrayal a person can experience, that of a father. I kind of understand why Hailey endeavored to help him but I know for a fact I wouldn’t have. She exhibited a strength of a thousand women in dealing with the hell thrust upon her.

As a result of her father’s debt Hailey takes on a second job as a receptionist at a garage. When her car breaks down, Mark (the owner) fixes it ignoring all her protests. Now she has to figure out how to thank him. She decides to let her feisty side out to play and corners him in the break room. This is one of my favorite scenes.

Walking silently on my almost tiptoes, I leave the lobby and make quick work of the short trip to the break room and peek inside. Perfect. His back is to the door and he is very alone. I kick the door wedge and step toward him. His attention moves from the counter in front of him to the door when the woosh and click of the door closing fills the room.

“Hailey?” his confusion to why I’m here only makes this better.

“I wanted to thank you for fixing my baby.”

“You’re welcome. Now, go back to your office.”

Oh no, his bossy attitude isn’t going to stop me. Grabbing his shirt in both hands, I pull him down at the same time I lift up on my tiptoes. Our mouths slam together and I moan at my first taste of him. Sweet like chocolate but with a spicy kick like cayenne pepper. So fuckin’ good. So lost in the taste of his mouth it takes me a few seconds to realize he’s not kissing me back. His hands grip my upper arms, I now realize not by passion but to keep me balanced. I pull away from his mouth, let go of his shirt, and step back.

“Sorry, I just wanted to thank you,” I apologize. The anger in his eyes feels like a knife to my heart. He’s so confusing, I thought he wanted this.

“Why do you keep putting yourself into these positions? For fuck’s sake.” He gives me a little shake but still not letting my arms go. “Anyone could have walked in.”

“What? So you want me when no one is looking?” I stutter out. Figured. God I was so stupid! What was I thinking? A man that looked like him didn’t openly pursue a bigger girl like me. Set myself up for that one. Another shake from him has me bring my eyes back up his.

“Wherever you just went in your head get away from it. It wasn’t a good place. Now, I already told you I’m on the edge as it is, and you come in here and press that sweet body all up on me and give me the mouth I’ve been dyin’ for and expect what exactly? Everyone who works here thinking your free game? I’m trying to keep you respectable here, bunny, but you’re killin’ me.”
Keeping Her Close: BBW/New Adult Romance (The Landcaster Brothers Book 1) (pp. 35-36). JK Publishing, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

Mark on the other hand wants Hailey, but he is too closed off from his feelings to accept her any other way but his own. He becomes her salvation but only on his terms. Terms that make her feel more of a sex object than his lover.

This is a dark story, with enough light and hope to have you keeping the faith that they will come together the right way. The sex is smoldering and the story is intense. I laughed, cried and bit my nails.

5 Contented Purrs for Rayne!

About the Author Spring Blog

Rayne is a fun loving BBW who loves to write about curvy girls getting the hot man (men) of their dreams. She is the mother of three awesome (but exhausting) children. She has been married for 10 years to a wonderful supportive husband. Her mother was the one who got her started with writing and she will ever be thankful to her for that push. She loves sharing her brain babies with you and hopes you enjoy them as much she did writing them!

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