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Unmatched Love – Black Swan Book 6 by KaLyn Cooper

Military active duty women
secretly trained in Special Operations
assigned to governmental agencies
and the men who dare to capture
the heart of a Woman Warrior.

Unmatched Love
Black Swan Book 6
USA Today Bestselling Author
KaLyn Cooper


A crashed airplane.
A deadly virus.
A lethal woman.
A love unmatched.

The Ladies of Black Swan must secure sunken cargo more deadly than the Russian submarine looking for it.

When the team is diverted to Turks and Caicos on their way home from a mission, the only woman celebrating is Lei Lu Sorensen, Lady Kite. The only man waiting for her at home is another (loser) possibility from her mother’s matchmaker. Lei Lu is expected to settle down into the religious life like her parents and give them the grandchildren they crave, all before her thirtieth birthday.

Former SEAL Henry S. Morgan V is living his best life as Shakespeare, a dive shop owner on Grand Turk Island, thousands of miles away from the three-piece-suit life his wealthy family had planned for him on Wall Street. His biggest thrill on the sleepy tropical island is watching cruise ships bring new, scantily-clad beautiful women to snorkel and dive in the warm water. Until Washington calls him for one last mission.

As Black Swan’s dive instructor, Lei Lu is forced to work with the laid-back beach bum who runs the local dive shop. But nothing is what it seems, from the retrieval of the downed airplane to the unexpected chemistry between Shakespeare and Lady Kite.

They can’t let love interfere because if they fail their mission, the entire world suffers.

Unmatched Love is the sixth novel in KaLyn Cooper’s Black Swan series filled with strong heroines and the alpha heroes who dare to capture the heart of a woman warrior. Each romantic suspense features one of the active duty women secretly trained in SpecOps and a member of the Ladies of Black Swan.

If you like edge-of-your-seat military stories, billionaires, matchmakers, scuba diving, and sizzling hot romance, buy Unmatched Love today.

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Lei Lou is the only one of the Black Swan team still unattached. This is the book we’ve been waiting for and I think dreading since it could mean an end to the series.

As the book opens, Lei Lou has her first face to face kill and on top of that as they head home she’s informed her parents are at her apartment with another possible husband for her. Her mother has engaged a matchmaker to find a ‘suitable’ husband for her.

Fortunately for Lei Lou, the team gets sent off on yet another mission before even reaching the US.

Henry S. Morgan V, known only as Shakespeare to the folks on Grand Turk where he owns a dive shop gets an unexpected call from the US Navy. A call he thinks is a hoax at first. He’s been out of the SEAL’s for over three years, and can’t think of any reason the Navy would want him now. That is until General Lyons takes over the call.

He calls his friend Oli the island’s police commissioner to provide security for the airport where a team would be landing, and to secure the hanger for their plane.

I think I started giggling from the moment Shakespeare sees Lei Lou and then it was full out laughter as they encounter the mailman with the delivery they are expecting.

This is a favorite scene.

While loading up the bags into the police vehicle, an open-sided mail Jeep pulled up next to them.

“Hey, my man Oli, hoping you can help me.” Jacob, the island mailman, stepped out and rounded to the back of his vehicle. “You got any idea where I can find me a Captain L. Sorensen, U.S.A.F.? I got this suitcase for him. I thought the delivery note was crazy. It said he was going to arrive… tonight… at the airport. Crazy Americans. The airport is closed at night. But I’m absolutely supposed to deliver this tonight.” Stressing the last word, he spread his arms wide and danced in a circle. “Grand Turk may be a little island, but it’s a damn big one when I have to find me one American captain. I already checked all the hotels and he’s not there.” He dramatically threw his arms up in the air.

Jacob was known for his over-the-top drama… and gossip. It could take him all day to deliver ten pieces of mail and two packages. Spear had come to the point where he would often meet the mail plane at their tiny airport rather than endure the antics of their mailman.

“What am I to do? Oli, you know I can’t afford to get fired. Mia’s about to pop our next baby, any day.” The man who was two inches taller than Spear fell to his knees, his arms outstretched. “Oli, you gotta help me, man.”

Shakespeare wasn’t sure who was more surprised when the black-haired little beauty stood in front of Jacob, who was still on his knees. Their eyes were almost level.

“Where’s my box?” Her dark brown eyes darted to the Jeep then back to him.

When Jacob cocked his head, his dreadlocks swung to the side.

“Was I supposed to bring you a package, too?” The mailman’s body slumped over, his face dropping to the sand. “Oh, Lordy, Lordy. I’m going to be fired for sure. The Prime himself is going to come over here and fire my ass.”

“You said you have a delivery for Captain Sorensen. That would be me.” She stood quietly in front of him, her toes inches from his forehead.

Jacob lifted his head. “You be Captain L. Sorensen U.S.A.F.? He unfolded to stand, stretching to his full height. His gaze swept up and down her small stature. “Do you fly airplanes?”

“Yes. I’m expecting that package.” She purposely looked at the Jeep. “May I have it, now?”

The other women gathered near the trunk, a yard away from where Shakespeare and Oli stood.

After retrieving a large aluminum suitcase from the back of the Jeep, he wheeled it through the sand, stopping several feet from her. “How do I know you really be Captain Sorensen U.S.A.F.?”

“Oh, for Christ sake,” Lady Harrier said just above a whisper.

Lady Kite let out a long breath. Shaking her head, she reached into her pocket and pulled out her military ID card. Without a word, she handed it to him.

Jacob looked at the picture on the ID, barely visible in hangar security lights. He then looked at her. He twisted the card for better light, then squinted at her. “How I know this is you?” He waved the green card in the air. “I watch TV. These can be faked.”

Lady Kite closed her eyes. When she opened them, she gave him the most evil smile Spear had ever seen. She bent her knees. “How do I know that you didn’t open that case?”

She slowly took one step closer to him.

“Oh, fuck. This is going to get ugly.” Lady Falcon declared.

“I’m the mailman. I’m sworn by law not to open anything. I just deliver the mail.” Jacob sounded more than a little defensive.

Like a cat, Lady Kite prowled toward him.

“Then deliver my package.” Her grin broadened. “I don’t want to hurt you. I need what’s inside that case.” She stopped and leaned forward. “Now!” She roared.

Jacob’s eyes went huge as he handed her the extended handle to the case. “Yes, ma’am.” He turned to run back to his vehicle.

Shakespeare couldn’t help himself. He started to laugh.

“Mailman.” Lady Kite boomed. “Stop.”

Midstride, Jacob halted and didn’t move a muscle. He slowly looked back over his shoulder at her.

She wiggled her finger, indicating for him to come to her.

Spear couldn’t stop laughing. He had to turn away. He couldn’t watch.

Head down, Jacob took small steps like a scolded dog toward the tiny woman.

Once he got close enough, she held out her hand, palm up.

Jacob stared at her hand. Slowly he extended his hand as though to shake.

She shook her head slowly side to side. “My military ID card, please.”

“Duh,” Jacob said self-deprecatingly as his whole body relaxed. “Sorry, mum.” His gaze shot to where Shakespeare was holding himself up on the side of the truck, laughing so hard his sides hurt.

“You laughing at me, Shakespeare?” Jacob accused.

“Oh, fuck, yes.” Spear’s cheeks were starting to hurt. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d laughed so hard.

As Jacob turned to leave, Lady Kite ordered, “Stop.” She approached him. “Look at me. You didn’t see me. You’ve never heard my name because I was never here.” She waved her hand toward the men and women behind her. “They weren’t here either, so no one saw your embarrassment. None of this ever happened.”

Jacob stared at her as though he didn’t understand.

“I want you to forget that any of this happened.” She repeated.

He suddenly brightened. “Oh, I get it, this is where you flash me.” He opened his eyes wide.

Lady Kite lowered her beautifully arched eyebrows and glared at Jacob. “This is not Mardi Gras, or Carnival, or whatever you celebrate on this island. I am not about to flash you my ti—”

“No. No my lady.” Jacob started jumping up and down and waving his hands. “Flash me.” He made his fingers burst in front of his face. “Like Men In Black. Like in the movies. Make me forget.”

Tears were running down Shakespeare’s face. He could see the women turning around laughing, hiding their faces in their hands slowly shaking their heads. Oli was struggling hard to be the staunch commissioner and hold his shit together.

“Jacob.” Oli strode toward the island postman. “Thank you so much for coming out here and delivering this suitcase.” As he passed Lady Kite, he waved her toward the truck. Slapping Jacob on the shoulder and spinning him around toward his Jeep, he pulled the local man toward him. “What we’re trying to say is that we want you to keep this to yourself. There may be others who come to the island looking for the these wonderful ladies. We have to protect them. We can’t let anyone know they’re here.”

As he guided the man to the doorless vehicle, Oli practically shoved Jacob into the front seat. “You’re a federal employee and I know you take your position seriously. I’m asking you as the police commissioner, please forget everything you saw and heard tonight.” He pointed toward the ignition. “If I hear one drop of gossip about this, I’m coming to arrest you. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Oli. Very clear.” Jacob’s hands shook as he jabbed in the key.

Shakespeare wiped his face with his hand before he got into the SUV.

With Oli behind the wheel, they pulled out onto the main road a few minutes later.
KaLyn Cooper. Unmatched Love: Black Swan, Book Six (Kindle Locations 404-463).

Then the fun begins as they find the plane they were looking for and plan their dive, There’s a lot more involved than just the contents of the plane and the pilots.

I love the way KaLyn makes me feel like I’m there, under the water, on the island, enjoying the beach. There’s the sizzle between Shakespeare and Lei Lou, lots of suspense, some interesting action, and plenty of laugh out loud scenes too.

It was awesome that all the men from Guardian get involved as well as Daniel being cleared to come with the kids.

I really hope this isn’t the end. I love these books.

5 Contented Purrs for KaLyn!

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KaLyn Cooper KaLyn Cooper

KaLyn Cooper’s romances blend fact and fiction with blazing heat and heart-pounding suspense.

Twenty-two years as a military wife has shown KaLyn the world, and thirty years in PR taught her that fact can be stranger than fiction. She leaves it up to the reader to separate truth from imagination.

She, her husband, and Little Bear (Alaskan Malamute) live in Tennessee on a micro-plantation filled with gardens, cattle, and quail. When she’s not writing, she’s at the shooting range or on the river.

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A Moment Never Forgotten – Never Forgotten Trilogy Book 3 by KaLyn Cooper

A Moment Never Forgotten
Never Forgotten Trilogy Book 3
USA Today Bestselling Author
KaLyn Cooper


The moment he realized she was in serious danger…
he couldn’t protect her.

At forty-five years old, Navy Captain Micah Reid had never married, for good reason…no woman in her right mind would put up with him, and he wouldn’t tolerate the crazy ones. The secretive nature of his job as a commanding officer of thousands of SEALs working covertly around the world didn’t help relationships either. With a new job at the Pentagon, he vowed to spend his free time with his friends living in DC and helping them solve the murders of Gabriel and Marsha Davis — whose deaths keep leading to more questions than answers.

Berit Barker had earned every step of her way up the CIA ladder, no matter what the rumors claimed. She had worked twice as hard and three times as smart as her male counterparts while undercover in Third World countries, with the extra challenge of being a single mother. When asked to infiltrate a tight group of military friends in the DC area, she agrees, but only to find the true terrorists.

Friendship and lies never mix well,
but love and deception can be deadly.

A Moment Never Forgotten is the third book in the seasoned military romance Never Forgotten trilogy but is a standalone romantic suspense. This Navy SEAL romance features another of KaLyn Cooper’s strong heroines.

Buy this book today if you enjoy military romance, alpha silver foxes, and heroines who shatter glass ceilings.

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This is the final book in this trilogy, the one that holds all the answers.

Berit Barker is CIA, her son Mak, is a SEAL and she has ‘adopted’ his team. As his team buries one of their own, she sheds some tears. Each one of these ‘boys’ were hers and she will always support them. Along with their Commander Evan Hubbard, there is an unexpected person at this funeral, Captain Micah Reid, Commanding Officer of Naval Special Warfare Group Two. He had been in the operations room when this team was ambushed.

Micah is in D.C. preparing for his move to a pentagon post and was attended because for a couple more weeks, these SEALs are his. He sort of recognizes Berit although he can’t quite remember where they met. It’s Berit who reminds him it was at another funeral, one where she was the liaison to the family.

This is a favorite scene.

“Commander Hubbard, sir, permission to hug my mom.” The anxious SEAL saluted Evan.

“Permission granted.” His friend of several years, and SEAL Team Two’s Commanding Officer, smiled as the heavily bearded man in his mid-twenties threw his arms around Berit Barker and lifted her off the ground. She lost one of her black low-heeled pumps but didn’t seem to care. The joy on her face said everything. She loved this young man.

“The petty officer we just buried was on Mak’s team,” Evan said in a low voice meant for only Micah. “He should still be in the hospital in Germany, but he and two of the less-injured men, insisted on accompanying the body back. They may be able to ship back the others next week.”

When the young sailor finally set his mother back on the ground, Evan called to him. “Mak, have you ever met Captain Reid?”

“No, sir.” He performed a perfect about-face and strode the three paces to face Micah. He came to attention and snapped a salute. “Petty Officer First Class Makensey Barker, sir.”

Micah returned the salute and the man in his mid-twenties lowered his right hand. If he hadn’t been carefully watching, he would have missed the slight wince. “What are your injuries?”

He heard Berit’s gasp but didn’t take his eyes off the man in front of him.

“Two broken ribs, flying debris grazed my right shoulder, and I’m still thirty-five percent deaf in both ears.” He squared his shoulders imperceptibly. “Nothing major. I’m good to go, sir.”

Micah nodded once. Those injuries were all to be expected given the explosion he had watched via satellite. He was confident that Evan would keep the squad stateside for at least six weeks while the men recuperated. Christmas stateside was a possibility in between training exercises. Slots would have to be filled with FNGs straight out of BUD/ s. Deciding where the Fucking New Guys would best fit in was no longer Micah’s job. He trusted Evan to rebuild Mak’s squad. In a matter of weeks personnel issues at Naval Special Warfare Group Two would no longer be his concern. He had orders to the Pentagon.

“No, you’re not good to go anywhere except to the hospital.” Berit’s declaration kept Micah’s brain from wandering into his future. She spun around and got into his face. “You are going to order my son, and the rest of his squad, to report tomorrow morning to Walter Reed Medical Center where they will undergo extensive testing to determine the precise extent of their injuries. None of them are fit for duty until their bones are completely healed.”

Petty Officer Barker looked ready to panic while Evan was visibly fighting to withhold a snicker.

“Sir, permission to remove my mother. And please forgive her. She’s used to ordering people around over at Langley.” His shoulders raised a fraction of an inch. “She’s kind of a big deal over there.”

“Permission denied.” Micah had never seen a woman defend a SEAL. He wasn’t sure he’d ever seen the mothering instinct displayed before in his life. He was both impressed and amused.

Micah’s mother had died when he was five and his father never remarried, so he had never seen a mother in action. It had always been just the two of them in the house on the shores of Lake Erie.

There were only two hundred seventy-two people who could give him orders and all except the President of the United States wore stars on their shoulders. Yet, this woman had just given him a direct order.

Through his peripheral vision, Micah could see all the eyes of the young sailors staring at him. He held her gaze. “Thank you, Ms. Barker, for your suggestion.” He purposely emphasized the last word. “I’m sure Commander Hubbard will take it under consideration… next week.”

He lifted his head, his gaze sweeping over all the young faces in Navy dress blue uniforms around him. He understood their emotions and knew they needed a break. “Gentlemen, since tomorrow is Friday, and I believe we have all been through enough today, liberty is granted until oh eight hundred Monday.”

“Ten hut,” Mak called out. Everyone wearing a uniform came to attention, even Micah.

“Sir, on behalf of the men, I would like to thank you.” Mak raised his hand in salute and all the SEALs followed.

“Sir, thank you, sir,” they said in unison.

Micah and Evan saluted back. “Enjoy your weekend, and for Christ’s sake, stay out of trouble. SEALs have been getting enough bad press lately. Dismissed.”

Cheers resounded as fists pumped into the air.

“I’ll meet you all back at Mom’s house.” Mak’s voice carried as they all but ran to their cars.

“It looks as though I need to stop by the grocery store on my way home. Best I be going.” Her smile was that of a proud mother.

“Commander Hubbard, it was a pleasure meeting you.” Berit had moved back into her warm yet professional persona.

“The pleasure was all mine.” Evan grabbed her hand and enveloped it in both of his, giving her his lady-killer smile that under other circumstances was almost a guarantee to get him laid. He was between wives, again, but Micah thought the man had more class than to troll for women at a funeral. On the other hand, there was something special about Berit Barker.

She returned a congenial smile. “Until next time.”

When she retrieved her hand, she thrust it toward Micah. “Captain Reid, it was nice to see you again. Perhaps next time we meet it will be under more positive circumstances.”

He shook her hand in the professional manner it was offered. “We can only hope.”
KaLyn Cooper. A Moment Never Forgotten: Never Forgotten Trilogy, Book Three (Kindle Locations 188-232).

Even with the sad circumstances there was much that amused me there and as this book progresses we find Berit and Micah in some very interesting situations.

Berit is also assigned to investigate Micah’s old team and the mission that ended Mason Sinclair’s life. Of the surviving members of that team only Logan and Teagan Jackson were know to her. Micah she’d met in passing but Elizabeth Saint Clare was an unknown, although she is a CIA translator, her husband Matthew also with the CIA in an assistant director position.

There are many hold your breath moments in this book, as well as some truly hilarious ones. More than a few surprises, one that revolves around Mak and his team. So much intrigue and suspense, that in all honesty I am surprised my fingernails survived to the end of the book.

Fun, emotional, scary, intriguing, suspenseful and romantic with some serious sizzle.

5 Contented Purrs for KaLyn!

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KaLyn Cooper KaLyn Cooper

KaLyn Cooper’s romances blend fact and fiction with blazing heat and heart-pounding suspense.

Twenty-two years as a military wife has shown KaLyn the world, and thirty years in PR taught her that fact can be stranger than fiction. She leaves it up to the reader to separate truth from imagination.

She, her husband, and Little Bear (Alaskan Malamute) live in Tennessee on a micro-plantation filled with gardens, cattle, and quail. When she’s not writing, she’s at the shooting range or on the river.

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SEAL for Hire – Silver SEALs Book 11 by Trish Loye

Welcome to Silver SEALs!
The New Wave From The Suspense Sisters!

Retired silver fox US Navy SEAL Commanders who sign on with the Department of Homeland Security to lead missions to protect the homeland.

SEAL for Hire
Silver SEALs Book 11
Trish Loye


He was hired to hunt her down.

Former Navy SEAL Commander Ryan Marchetti hates the fancy consulting job he’s taken after retirement from the Teams. So when the Assistant Director of the DHS offers him a contract to hunt down an assassin, he leaps at the chance, even if it means hunting down his former lover. He must focus on the mission and ignore Sutton McRaven’s sharp wit and way-too-sexy body, and bring the only woman he’s ever loved to justice.

She wasn’t ready to be caught.

CIA Agent Sutton McRaven found the life she’d always wanted in the CIA, one filled with adventure, and doing what’s best for the country she loves. But after her best friend dies, she finds herself anchorless and longing for a home. When she receives a mysterious call, Sutton investigates, only to discover another friend murdered, and all evidence marking her as the killer. She needs to stay free to clear her name and find justice, but Ryan Marchetti, a man used to tracking high profile targets has set his sights on her. Sutton must use all her knowledge to escape and evade the man who’d once captured, and then rejected, her heart.

But only together would they survive.

As Ryan closes in on Sutton, the real killer is still free, and Sutton’s the next target. The chase becomes darker and deadlier, with stakes higher than either could have imagined. Stalked by a ruthless killer, the two must learn to trust each other, or end up dying alone.

Barnes and Noble logo_150 ibooks-logo-150x150KoboLogo

After burying her best friend, Sutton McRaven took a break from her CIA duties to follow that friend’s advice and do something she loved, take pictures.

Now back, she has a cryptic message from another friend and then finds him dead. Unfortunately all signs point to her being the murderer and then another agent shows up dead. Being framed is not something Sutton will take lying down, and she certainly won’t turn herself in to be lock up from finding the truth.

When Silas Branson calls Ryan Marchetti, a former SEAL Commander, he is realizing he’s bored with this whole corporate instructor thing. He’s really hoping that what Silas has for him is more exciting than being behind a desk.

As Silas introduces him to the people from several agencies that make up his team, he also gets a shock as to the mission.

His ex Sutton is the primary suspect in agent’s deaths and the theft of classified information. The team is to find her and bring her in for questioning.

Circumstances being what they are Sutton knows she has to prove her innocence and returns to Mark’s apartment hoping for clues to clear her of his murder.

This of course is where Ryan will find her and she will find out the magnitude of the charges against her.

This is a favorite scene.

She washed her face and hands, and dug through Mark’s drawers until she found a comb to unsnarl her hair before putting it back into a ponytail. She cleaned up the bathroom and switched off the light. Fed, clean, and mostly ready. She’d grab a sweater of Mark’s and then head to the address he’d given her. In his bedroom, she longed to lie on his bed and shut her eyes just for a moment. Instead, she went into his closet and shone her light onto the shelves there.

The one hoodie she saw would fit over her leather jacket. She instead grabbed a soft blue sweater. Big but not too thick. She could fit it under her jacket. And man, it was soft. She’d bet it was cashmere. Mark had liked the finer things. She shoved it in her pack and headed out.

As she strode through the living room, the front door swished open. Her heart leapt and then landed, ready for action. She dove against the wall, out of sight of the door. The hall light flicked on, blinding her. She ducked back into the bedroom just as someone entered the living room.

She weighed her options. She could hide, subdue the person and escape, or kill the person. But until she knew who it was, she couldn’t make that judgment call.

She peered through the crack between the door hinge and the wall.

Nothing. And no sound.

Whoever it was had gone silent. She liked this less and less. There would be no hiding.

Dim light shone into the bedroom through the partly open doorway. The bedroom was large, with a big enough area between the bed and the en suite for an uninhibited fight.

She pulled out her gun. She didn’t want to shoot anyone but the killer. If it was some security guard or police officer, then she’d have a hell of a time later explaining why she’d pulled a weapon. But it couldn’t be helped.

With her weapon raised, she stepped away from the door and into open space.

The door burst open. Someone big and fast entered. Instinct stopped her from pulling the trigger. Then the gun was knocked from her hand.

She countered with a neck strike and an elbow to the head. A grunt of pain and then she was shoved. Hard. She flew back a few feet but kept her balance. Strong fucker.

Then she saw his silhouette.


“Did you have to hit me so hard, Sutton?”

“What the fuck, Ryan? I could have killed you. I had a gun!”

Even in the dim light, she saw his familiar, heart-breaking grin. “But you didn’t. You’re a good shot and you’ve got good instincts. You knew it was me.”

She grabbed her weapon off the floor and shoved it back into her shoulder holster. “You’re assuming a lot. I haven’t seen you in years.” And those years had been kind to Ryan. Even in the dim light from the hall, she could see that he looked almost exactly the same. And it made her yearn for things she couldn’t have. “What are you doing here?”

He kept his arms loose by his sides. “I’m here to bring you in.”

Options and exit strategies flew through her head, but she kept her face and breathing calm. “Why would you want to do that?”

Ryan eased himself back until he blocked the door. “It’s my job.”

She shifted her weight onto her toes. Nice and easy. She pretended she didn’t know he was leading the team that tracked her. “Since when? I thought you were a consultant.”

He shrugged and she couldn’t help but admire the breadth of those shoulders. “I’m also consulting for DHS.”

“I knew you wouldn’t like retirement.”

“Why don’t you make this easy, Sunshine? I know you’re innocent. I can help you.”

Her heart leapt at his words. And not just the fact that he believed she was innocent, but also at the use of the nickname only he had ever used. One she hadn’t heard in years.

No, her mind said. His job was to bring her in. He’d say anything to get her compliance.

“Two men are dead,” he said when she didn’t reply. “You were the last one seen with both. And now top-secret files have been found on your work laptop. It doesn’t look good, Sutton.”

Sutton took a step back. “What files were found on my laptop? What are you talking about?”

“Stolen military secrets.” He watched her carefully.

What the hell? “Someone must have put them there.”

He just nodded and she didn’t know whether he believed her or not, or whether he even cared.

“You need to come with me,” Ryan said. “I think you’re in over your head. Why don’t you let me help you figure this out?”

She didn’t say anything, but his offer seemed genuine.

“Come in with me.” He held out a hand. “We can get to the bottom of this.”

She just stared at him. She wanted to take his hand. She yearned to take his hand, to have him protect her, and be by her side again.

But he wouldn’t be by her side. He was no longer hers. He was someone else’s lover now. And he wouldn’t protect her. No. His job was to bring her in, and he’d do anything to accomplish his mission. Including lie to her.

“You’re working for DHS,” she said. “They think I’m the traitor and a killer. You know I’ll be buried in some cell on a black ops site until they find that list. And if they never find it, then I’ll never see the light of day again.”

“I won’t let that happen.” He seemed so earnest as he held out a hand to her. “Please, Sutton.”

She stepped back into a fighting stance.

His gaze flicked to her feet before he dropped his hand. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

She snorted. “Don’t you remember the last time we sparred?” She remembered. It had been glorious, and left the two of them hot, sweaty, and needing a private area. But they had been evenly matched. Where he relied on strength and skill, she relied on speed and sneaky moves. In a straight-out match, there was no way she could win. That’s why she always fought dirty.

Ryan sighed. “I was holding back, Sutton.”

She grinned, exhilarated for some reason. “So was I.”
Trish Loye. Seal for Hire: A Silver SEALs Novel (Kindle Locations 903-953). Tough Girl Press.

These two have a lot of history and the attraction is still there for both of them. Even though they do their best to ignore it.

Interesting challenges, suspense, lots of hold your breath moments and a slow build up to the outcome they both really want.

Trish Loye is a new to me author and with this book she has gained a new fan. I am going to have to check out her other books.

5 Contented Purrs for Trish!

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Coming Soon!

Trish Loye

I grew up in Kingston Ontario as a geek, before it became quasi-cool to be a geek – though I always suspected we geeks would take over the world (mwuhahaha). I was a complete bookworm and lived for stories (still do). I loved reading fantasy and science fiction and I now realize it was because those seemed to be the only books where women could also be the heroes of the story.

As I grew older I also became enthralled with learning and new experiences (not realizing I just wanted fodder for my own stories). I wanted to explore the world and do it all. So maybe it made sense that I joined the military and became an army officer while getting my physics degree. The experiences I gained there are the ones that shaped me for life.

I’ve had a wide assortment of jobs in my life. I’ve been a dairy farmer, crew of a tall ship, a troop officer, an officer in an electronic warfare squadron, an apple picker in New Zealand, a teacher’s assistant in a university physics department, a medical researcher, a seismic processor, and an IT project manager. (I just could never decide what I wanted to be when I grew up!)

But my latest jobs are the ones I love the best. Mom and author.

I have two amazing daughters and an incredible husband who thinks it’s funny that I can tell when someone is speaking Klingon.

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A Promise Never Forgotten – Never Forgotten Book 2 by KaLyn Cooper

A Promise Never Forgotten
Never Forgotten Book 2
USA Today Bestselling Author
KaLyn Cooper


As a Marine Lieutenant Colonel, he could take on any mission and succeed. Raising his two godchildren…with her…just might kill him.

Marine Lieutenant Colonel Logan Jackson thought he was too old to start a family at forty-four, but when his two godchildren are left orphaned, he is forced to fulfill the promise he made to their parents. Accustomed to the battlefield, he’s in for a different kind of fight to keep the children from becoming wards of the state, and out of the clutches of people who want access to their inheritance. Then there’s their feisty godmother, who has relegated him to the friend zone, but he wants her so bad he’ll do almost anything to have her.

Teagan Williams can safely dangle a Jeep underneath one of the largest helicopters ever made, wrangle her Alzheimer-afflicted mother who enjoys taking walks away from her memory care unit, and yet she still finds time to enjoy her godchildren. When their mother, her best friend, is found dead, she gets the one thing she’s always wanted, a family. Among the dozens of problems that accompany the children, the biggest one is that she’s forced to share them with Logan Jackson, the best man she’d ever known in her life. She can’t allow him to be anything more than friends, though. It’s too risky.

A Promise Never Forgotten is the second full length novel in the Never Forgotten trilogy.

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KaLyn Cooper does it again!

This books opens with Matthew Saint Clare and his wife Lizzie gathering the original team together before Gabe’s funeral to explain the circumstances of his death and what they have discovered.

Aside from the shock, it has them all wondering more about the Syria mission that went FUBAR.

As Marsha begins the necessary clean out of Gabe’s apartment, Matt takes the things that could possibly hold classified information for further investigation.

In order to give Marsha some uninterrupted time to clean out her home of Gabe’s belongings, Teagan and Logan have taken the children to the zoo. Matt is expected to come to help with the Gabe’s home office to take anything else they might find that is classified.

What Matt doesn’t expect is to find the door open, and Marsha dead in the office. He calls Logan to tell him not to bring the children back to the house.

Now the two small children are orphaned and Teagan has lost her best friend. As Godparents Teagan and Logan have a responsibility to Brann and Anora, one they take very seriously. However, social services may have a different idea and it’s not making things any easier.

Fortunately Teagan remembers Marsha’s will and calls her lawyer, he turns out to be quite the lifesaver.

This is a favorite scene.

When they returned, Melissa announced, “Given the wishes of Mrs. Davis as stated in her will, on behalf of the Commonwealth of Virginia I am going to grant temporary emergency custody of Anora and Brann Davis to Teagan Williams.” She walked over and shook Mr. Keller’s hand. “I’ll see you in court.”

As she headed for the door, Detective Russo stood and called out, “I still have questions for the children.”

Melissa glanced over her shoulder. “You’ll have to get that permission from the children’s temporary guardian.” Her gaze slid to Logan and she gave him a little wink.

Damn. Melissa Cook had been looking out for them the entire time. Logan only hoped she continued to keep the best interest of the children in mind when they went to court. No matter what, though, he controlled the purse strings and would see to it that those two precious little children had the best childhood possible.

“Ms. Williams,” Detective Russo approached Teagan.

Mr. Keller reached over and touched Teagan’s forearm. “I’ve got this.” The older man stood and quickly moved between her and the detective. “The children have just suffered two traumas in a row. At ages four and seven, I doubt they have any relevant information as to who murdered their mother.”

“I haven’t changed my assessment of the incident, yet.” Detective Russo crossed his arms over his chest. “It’s still filed as a suicide.”

Incredulity washed over Ed’s face followed quickly by anger. “Marsha Davis didn’t commit suicide. Detective, you need to do your job and prove that, then go find the son of a bitch who killed her. If you truly wish to waste your time interrogating the children, you’ll need a court order to do so. I suggest you re-examine all of the facts in Mrs. Davis’s murder so you can reopen the case.”

Teagan was beaming when she stood. She looked at Ed with grateful admiration before she strode toward the door and opened it. “Detective Russo, I believe that concludes your business for today. You will not speak one word to the children, even if you see them on the street, without a court order which will be examined thoroughly by Mr. Keller. You will never speak to these children without me present.”

“You have a good day, ma’am,” Russo said through clenched teeth as he left the apartment.

Teagan shut and bolted the door closed. She practically skipped back to Mr. Keller and threw her arms around him. “Thank you. I’m so glad you were here to deal with him.” She corrected herself. “Both of them.”

Seeing Teagan in the other man’s arms sent a rush of jealousy through Logan.

What the hell? He had no reason to be envious. It wasn’t as though Teagan was his. True, Mr. Keller came charging in like a white knight and saving the damsel in distress, which was usually Logan’s job, but that was no reason for him to be resentful. He and Teagan were just good friends. He was thankful Ed had shown up.

When Teagan placed her lips on the man’s cheek, unexpected anger rose from deep inside Logan. He wanted to punch the man out.

She quickly released Ed, then launched herself at Logan.

“The kids are ours.” Her huge smile was so full of joy just before she wrapped her arms around his neck. It was as though her touch forced her happiness into him. “I was so afraid Ms. Cook was going to take them away from us, then it might be weeks or even months before I could see them again.” As he enveloped her small body, he felt her shaking.

Is she crying? Or were those happy tears? He could never tell the difference. Women always confused him. They were so emotional. He liked the feel of her body next to his.

She leaned back, grinning ear to ear. “I have children.”

He could clearly see the excitement in her eyes. Deep down, she had wanted children in her life. He could see that now. He was happy for her. Teagan would make a good mother. Logan had always thought he would make a good father, but that hadn’t happened for him.

Her face fell. “Oh, fuck, I have kids. All the time. I can’t send them back home when I get too exhausted. What the hell am I going to do with two kids?”

He couldn’t stand that look of terror in her face.

“No, we have children.” Saying the words out loud made them real.

Fuck. I have kids. What the hell am I going to do with two kids? Then he knew exactly what they would do with Anora and Brann. “We’re going to do our best. We’re going to love them every day and let them know how special they are.”

When his eyes met Teagan’s, a silent message passed between them.

They were in this… together… for at least fourteen more years.

“We can do this,” she reassured them both.

“We’re going to do this,” he volleyed back.

“You’d better not walk out on me.” Her warning made him wonder who had walked out on her before. Then she corrected herself, “I mean us. Me and the children.”

He gave her a half grin. “Marsha already committed me until Anora turns eighteen. A judge is going to make it legal and binding.” He squeezed her gently. “I’m not going anywhere. I’ll be there for you and the children.”

Her blue eyes darkened. “You’re one of the best men I’ve ever known in my life.” She laid her lips on his. The contact was all too brief, but he felt the shot of heat in his heart. His lips still tingled when she pulled back.

“You’re going to make a great mother.” Logan believed his words.

“I sure as hell hope so.” She tilted her head. “You can put me down, now, big guy.”

He grinned. “You’re the one that jumped into my arms.”

“Yeah, I was excited.”

Loosening his hold on her, he gently slid her to the floor. “You have every right to be happy.” Logan glanced over at the attorney who seemed to be taking in their reactions. “And Ed is going to make sure you keep those children.”

Mr. Keller gave them a big smile. “It looks to me as though you two won’t have any problem working together. It may take a few days before we can get in front of a judge, but I’ll see what I can do to make that happen sooner rather than later.” His phone buzzed and he checked the text. “Excuse me, please, I need to call my clerk. She’s at the courthouse now.”

Logan grabbed Teagan’s hand. “Let’s go check on our kids.
KaLyn Cooper. A Promise Never Forgotten: Never Forgotten Trilogy, Book Two (Kindle Locations 1208-1259).

I love everything about this book, from the initiation of Teagan and Logan into parenthood and building romance, to the suspense and intrigue of the investigation. The added drama stemming partly from Ashley, Marsha’s sister and our knowing there is a mole in Matt’s office, just amps everything up.

I hope the wait isn’t too long for the final book in this series, I need the answers and can’t wait to see how everything plays out.

5 Contented Purrs for KaLyn!

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KaLyn Cooper KaLyn Cooper

KaLyn Cooper’s romances blend fact and fiction with blazing heat and heart-pounding suspense.

Twenty-two years as a military wife has shown KaLyn the world, and thirty years in PR taught her that fact can be stranger than fiction. She leaves it up to the reader to separate truth from imagination.

She, her husband, and Little Bear (Alaskan Malamute) live in Tennessee on a micro-plantation filled with gardens, cattle, and quail. When she’s not writing, she’s at the shooting range or on the river.

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SEAL In A Storm – Silver SEALs Book 5 By KaLyn Cooper

Welcome to Silver SEALs!
The New Wave From The Suspense Sisters!

Retired silver fox US Navy SEAL Commanders who sign on with the Department of Homeland Security to lead missions to protect the homeland.

SEAL in a Storm
Silver SEALs Book 5
USA Today Bestselling Author
KaLyn Cooper


As a former SEAL commander, Dex Carson had participated in more than his share of rescues. When called upon to lead a multi-agency team into the Virgin Islands National Park jungle to rescue high value targets, he knew he was headed for trouble. Ten teenage girls—whose parents were members of Congress—and their chaperones, needed saving from kidnappers. He cringed. The thought of entitled children and diva mothers made him clench his teeth. When he saw she was on his team, he was ready to quit. His heart couldn’t take it. But a SEAL never quits.

At forty-two, Rayne Yoshida felt too old to go tromping through the jungle after the Speaker of the House’s new wife. The recalcitrant prima donna had slipped her usual Secret Service protection and followed her sweet-as-sugar stepdaughter to the Caribbean on a student work/adventure trip. But as Agent in Charge of the Speaker’s detail, she had to go. Her mood darkened when she saw their team leader, the bull-headed, bossy, but oh so sexy, Dex Carson. They had history…that had almost gotten her fired.

With a category five hurricane bearing down on the tiny island, they only have days to find and rescue the girls and their chaperones…and keep their hands off each other.

This sizzling military romance features a seasoned hero and heroine, second chances, and edge of your seat suspense. SEAL in a Storm is part of the Suspense Sisters new wave of connected books, Silver SEALs.

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Silas Branson always seems to know who the best fit for an assignment will be and also where to find them.

Dex is enjoying his retirement and with the help of another former SEAL has found the perfect spot for big mouth bass. As he reels in his second catch his phone rings and even though he tries to ignore it, he can’t.

Normally Silas would have to meet in person but thanks to Guardian Security, Dex is able to secure his phone. He knew before Si even finished he would be taking this one and done mission.

The addition of Secret Service Agent Rayne Yoshida to his team has Dex recalling the past.

Rayne knows all the girls and the adults that are with them. Although she is primarily concerned with only two of them. The Speaker of the House’s daughter and wife.

This is a favorite scene as she throws a major curve at his initial plan.

He signaled for her to sit across from him. “You’ll be staying on St. Thomas with the FBI women.” It was a statement, not a question.
“No. I’ll be on the breaching team.” She hoped her voice would have been softer, but Rayne had never been good at hiding her feelings.Dex narrowed his eyes. “That’s my call, not yours.”“The women from the FBI have a completely different mission than I do. Callie and Angelique Sedgwick are my responsibility. I’m going in to get them,” she insisted. “And if Jaja gets in my way, he’s going down along with everyone else who dared to kidnap those children.” She hadn’t meant to pause, so she quickly added, “and the four women.”

“I’m in charge of this team and you’ll do what I tell you to do.” Dex leaned forward and put his forearms on the table.

Rayne was not going to be intimidated by that tactic. She had gone to the same Navy Officers Candidate School as Dex. Then she had additional training at Judge Advocate School before working in the JAG office as an investigator, even though she had a law degree. She’d always preferred to be the one kicking down doors. After completing her tour in the Navy, she’d been recruited as an investigator for the Secret Service because she was damn good at her job.

Until she had literally fucked up one night with the hunk of testosterone sitting across from her.

She couldn’t go there now. She had to rescue Callie…and the Speaker’s wife.

To counter his move, she mirrored it by placing her forearms on the table and leaning forward as well.

“This is a joint task force and I am the Secret Service representative. I will be there to rescue Callie and Angelique.” Without realizing it, Rayne had moved even closer until her nose was only two inches from Dex’s. Aware of their closeness, but unwilling to back off, she held her position and stared into eyes the color of good whiskey.

“I see you’re still the ballbuster you were twelve years ago.” Dex straightened his back as he sat up.

Once again, she mirrored his move. “I didn’t get to be the highest-ranking woman in personal protection by allowing misogynistic men to walk all over me.”

His eyebrows pinched together. “I thought you’re on the investigative side?”

Damn. She did not want to talk about this. But maybe it was time he learned how badly he had damaged her career. “I had to switch career paths eleven years ago after I was finally cleared of any wrongdoing in Nigeria if I wanted to stay with the Secret Service.” She glared at him. “I like working for this agency and didn’t want to give up my job.”

She noticed her name on the personnel file in front of him and tapped it with her index finger. “I’m sure everything you need to know is in there.” She spread her arms wide. “I can assure you I have kept in top physical condition, a requirement for my job.” She started to stand up. “Now, Commander Carson, unless you have specific questions for me concerning this mission, I’ll just return to my seat.”

“Sit down,” he ordered sharply.

She debated just turning and leaving but thought better of it. She was expected to be a team player and he was the team leader, no matter how much she hated that fact. She had given him her word that she would follow his orders.

When his gaze met hers, his eyes softened. “Please.”

She settled back into the plush captain’s chair. As the Speaker of the House, Robert Sedgwick was given first-class treatment everywhere he went.

Even though she had become accustomed to executive jets, she had to admit that this one was exceptionally nice.

“First, it’s no longer Commander Carson.”

That was a shock. When they had worked together over a decade before, Dex had wanted to make a career out of the Navy, the lifer kind where they were going to have to throw him out after thirty years.

Her heart beat faster. Had he been dishonorably discharged after the Nigeria incident? No. She had cleared his name, even though he hadn’t done the same for her. She had proven to the investigators that Dex had nothing to do with the hookers.

Had something else gone wrong during the years that followed?

“It’s now just Dex. I retired over a year ago,” he explained.

She quickly did the math and realized he had been in the Navy for twenty years, the requirement for retirement. Rayne still wondered why he had left the job he had always loved. Maybe, like her, his career path had to change.

He brought her back to the present and the situation at hand. “I need you to talk to me about these little girls.”

Rayne didn’t consider Callie and her friends as ‘little girls.’ Young ladies, yes.

“Do you think that each man on the breaching team could carry two girls to safety?” He cocked his elbows out to the side as though he were holding small children.

“No. I don’t believe they can.”

Shock washed over his face. “Have you seen the size of the men on this team?”

“Yes. But I also know the size of these girls.” She tried to explain, “At twelve and thirteen years old, they’ve reached their adult height. They are all between five foot four inches and five foot nine.”

Dex’s eyebrows shot up.

“These are young ladies, not little children.”
KaLyn Cooper. SEAL in a Storm (Kindle Locations 631-674). Kindle Edition.

An intense, dramatic and suspenseful tale as Dex and the team, not only try find where the girls are being held but also the reason why.

Even though Rayne and Dex are angry with each other the almost electric attraction is still there and comes sizzling to the surface when it was needed the most.

I loved that KaLyn included some of the Guardian Security team and a little peak at the Black Swans as well.

There’s plenty of action, surprises and so much more to make this a book you won’t want to miss.

5 Contented Purrs for KaLyn!

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KaLyn Cooper KaLyn Cooper

KaLyn Cooper’s romances blend fact and fiction with blazing heat and heart-pounding suspense.

Twenty-two years as a military wife has shown KaLyn the world, and thirty years in PR taught her that fact can be stranger than fiction. She leaves it up to the reader to separate truth from imagination.

She, her husband, and Little Bear (Alaskan Malamute) live in Tennessee on a micro-plantation filled with gardens, cattle, and quail. When she’s not writing, she’s at the shooting range or on the river.

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Securing Willow – Special Forces: Operation Alpha – Guardian Elite Book 5 by KaLyn Cooper

Former military SpecOps,
these men now work for Guardian Security
(from the Black Swan Series)
protecting others but they
can’t always protect their hearts.

Securing Willow
Special Forces: Operation Alpha
Guardian Elite Book 5
KaLyn Cooper


Guarding her wasn’t his job, but he couldn’t let her die…even before she stole his heart.

Although Willow and Remi had only two nights together several years ago, the former Navy SEAL was pleased to discover that she was still working for the U.S. Embassy in Venezuela. In the politically tumultuous country to guard an oil executive during sensitive negotiations with the new president, Remi discovers the temptingly beautiful foreign service officer is being threatened. His protective instincts take over.

Willow Cardenas was receiving threats almost daily. Someone wanted her out of Venezuela. With a new ambassador, the country on the verge of civil war, and nowhere else to go, she couldn’t leave. The last thing she needed was an overprotective man in her life, even if she was drawn to Remi by memories of their steamy past.

Securing Willow is the fifth book in the Guardian Elite series. This story is a crossover with Susan Stoker’s SEAL of Protection: Legacy series and written in her Special Forces: Operation Alpha world.

If you enjoy reading second chance, military romance that keeps you on the edge, you’ll like this book that includes the men of Susan Stoker’s SEAL of Protection: Legacy.

Once again KaLyn takes us on journey fraught with emotion, drama and romance.

Remi is new to Guardian Security and this is his first opportunity for a long term assignment. An oil executive is traveling to Venezuela to prepare the reopening of oil wells and he needs protection. The economy has been going downhill as a civil war brews and he’s surprised to see Willow was still listed as Public Diplomacy Officer, he would have thought she’d been evacuated earlier. They  have a bit of history from his deployment a few years earlier and he looks forward to seeing her again.

Willow is very good at her job, and she along with the Ambassador present a public face for the US in Venezuela. Instead of being sent home they merely moved her to an apartment within the embassy.

Now things get a bit complicated right off the bat. Ambassador Vance has been recalled and replaced after some disturbing files reach the US from an anonymous source. He was far too close with former president Mendoza.

The new Ambassador, Mark Snyder, has no experience and he let Willow know right off the bat he’d be depending on her knowledge and expertise.

I love the way Willow handles Mark ‘Bubba’ Wright and Decker ‘Gumby’ Kincaide, Susan Stoker’s SEALs, assigned to the new ambassador. The meeting with James Dunaway, the oil executive from Zon Petrol, also held many surprises for her. Not the least of which was Remi.

Planning oil well visits with heightened security would prove to be a challenge but with Blake ‘Rocco’ Wise and Remi working together it should be easier, at least for her.

With Willow keeping the threats against her a secret, I really wanted to scream at her.

This is a favorite scene as they wrap an initial plan.

As they passed the doors, she pointed out the various departments. “All members of the Cultural Affairs Office were evacuated as nonessential. As you can imagine, their job is to provide a conduit between the U.S. and Venezuela for history, art, and cultural exchange. There are still two locals manning the office.”

Pointing to the next office, she explained, “General Services is more like the accounting office. They actually left before the election. Bills can be paid from Washington just as easily as they can be paid here.

“Although they call this Foreign Agricultural Services, it’s really the economic development arm.” She grinned over her shoulder at Remi. “Joseph Allen works in that department. He’s the one who tried to get into the meeting.”

Remi chuckled. “I almost shot him.”

Willow stopped and turned to face him. “What? When?”

He quickly told her what happened in the limousine.

Since her door was next, she unlocked it and pulled him in before her giggle burst through. “I’ll bet he about pissed his pants.” She shook her head. “That little weasel. He is always sticking his nose in uninvited. He and former ambassador Vance were always traveling together. I don’t even like to be in the same room with that man.”

She shouldn’t have said that. What the hell was she thinking, being so casual with this man who was virtually a stranger? Yes, they’d had sex, but that was several years ago. He certainly had a different position now and she had no business trying to influence his opinion of her coworkers. As Mr. Dunaway’s bodyguard, Remi was going to have to be around Joseph Allen. “I apologize. I know better than to express my personal opinions. Please do not allow my views to influence your opinions of my coworker.”

Remi touched her shoulder. His hand was so warm and reassuring. “Don’t worry about it. I guarantee you I was not happy to find someone sitting inside the limousine, and when he gave me attitude, I was ready to shoot him. I already have a very firm opinion of Mr. Allen and I guarantee you it is not complementary.”

She barely heard his words, but they did penetrate through to her foggy brain. His hand was still on her shoulder. As though it were generating some kind of power, it interrupted clear concise thought.

Finally remembering why she had brought him there, she stepped out of his grasp and circled to the back of her desk.

Centered in the middle, on top of the disarray, lay another inner office envelope.

Urgent. Personal. The words were handwritten over the black ink.

She stared at it.

Her heart began to pound.

She recognized that handwriting. It was exactly the same as the others.

She could barely get enough air into her lungs.

God only knew what this picture was going to be. She had never gotten two in one day before.

“If you need a minute, go ahead. I have time.” Remi’s deep voice made her flinch.

She forced her eyes to meet his. “What?”

He pointed to the envelope. “That looks important. Go ahead and open it. We have time.”

“No.” She snapped out.

She needed to get a grip. She was not going to let this…asshole…continue to frighten her. Forcing in a deep breath, she tried to remember why Remi was there.

Oh, yes. Business card.

It wasn’t hard to ignore the envelope as she opened the second door on the right and found her box of business cards. As she held it out to him, she realized her hand was shaking and her gaze immediately fell to the envelope.

Remi grabbed the back of her hand with one of his and plucked the business card from the box with the other. “I see you have listed a cell phone number. Can I reach you here anytime, day or night?”

Her hand had immediately stopped shaking when he touched her. It was as though his calm demeanor flowed through her as well. “Yes, day or night. I’m on call twenty-four seven.” She couldn’t imagine an instance where he would need to call her at night, but at the moment she couldn’t think clearly about much of anything.

He brought her hand to his lips and kissed her palm. Jolts of electricity flowed through her body as though she’d been struck by lightning.

No one had ever done that to her in her entire life. It was sweet. Romantic. And a tad bit overwhelming. She knew him, and yet she didn’t. What they’d had years before had been fun and completely physical. Did he want to pick up where they had left off?

Did she?

At the moment, though, she felt more comfortable with him than with anyone else in the embassy. Hell. In all Venezuela. She had already let her guard down with him, expressing a personal opinion, as though they were friends.

With her hand still held securely in his, the heat from his kiss radiating up her arm, mixed with the turmoil of what was in the envelope on her desk, she reached for him, desperate for the comfort of his arms.

He pulled her shaking body to his, wrapping strong arms around her. He seemed to immediately know what she needed.

“It’s okay, Willow. I’ve got you.” Remi’s stroked his hand up and down her back reassuringly. “I know it hasn’t been easy for you lately. I can’t believe the State Department didn’t evacuate you as well.”

It was nice of him to say those things, but he couldn’t really know. She was needed even more, now. Besides, Venezuela was her home. She had nowhere else to go.

Getting a firm grip on her emotions, she took a cleansing breath and let it out slowly before she stepped out of his embrace. “Thank you, Remi, I needed that.”

He ran his hands from her elbows to her shoulders and back down, never losing eye contact. Slowly, he lowered his head until he touched his lips to hers. The kiss was sweet and brief.

“I just had to have a taste of you before I left. I’ll call you tonight.” He turned on his heel and exited her office.
KaLyn Cooper. Securing Willow (Kindle Locations 773-821). Aces Press, LLC. Kindle Edition.

Remi caught right away that something about the envelope on her desk had frightened her, but he lets it go figuring she’d tell him when she was ready.

So many interest characters in this book, some suspicious and some engaging. Willow’s command of the language provides some insight to locals working at the Zon Petrol compound and I fell in love with all of them.

It was fun to see how KaLyn incorporated Susan Stoker’s SEALs with her Guardian Security team. I was truly on the edge of my seat wondering how this would all resolve.

Plenty of intrigue, some laughs, sizzling romance and interesting twists make this a must read.

5 Contented Purrs for KaLyn!

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Coming Soon!

KaLyn Cooper KaLyn Cooper

KaLyn Cooper’s romances blend fact and fiction with blazing heat and heart-pounding suspense.

Twenty-two years as a military wife has shown KaLyn the world, and thirty years in PR taught her that fact can be stranger than fiction. She leaves it up to the reader to separate truth from imagination.

She, her husband, and Little Bear (Alaskan Malamute) live in Tennessee on a micro-plantation filled with gardens, cattle, and quail. When she’s not writing, she’s at the shooting range or on the river.

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Unbeatable Love – Black Swan Book 5 By KaLyn Cooper

Military active duty women
secretly trained in Special Operations
assigned to governmental agencies and
the men who dare to
capture the heart of a Woman Warrior.

Unbeatable Love
Black Swan Book 5
USA Today Bestselling Author
KaLyn Cooper


The cartel had left him hideously scarred inside and out. If he didn’t die from a bullet first, he would die from wanting the beautiful and lethal SpecOps trained woman who was there to protect him.

Salvadorian Vipers 16 have stolen enough nuclear material to level major U.S. city, or start a civil war in Central America.

After ATF agent Marcus Hernandez had been beaten to within an inch of his life, his facial scars and those on the outside of his body are superficial indicators of the ugly pain he carries deep inside. Resigned to a life alone, because who would want to be with monstrous-looking man, he is willing to sacrifice himself to stop the Salvadoran Vipers from starting a civil war in Central America or killing millions in the USA.

As Lady Falcon, Tori Denton kicks ass and takes names, uses men and tosses them away, and lives life to the fullest every day. She’s a highly trained special operator who knows tomorrow is not guaranteed so why bother with a relationship that’s certain to end badly.

In their dangerous hunt for the stolen nuclear warheads, they may find a future worth living for…if they don’t get killed first.

Unbeatable Love is the fifth full-length novel in KaLyn Cooper’s Black Swan series.

If you enjoy fast-paced, steamy hot romantic suspense then buy Unbeatable Love now.

Barnes and Noble logo_150 ibooks-logo-150x150KoboLogo

Once again KaLyn Cooper takes us on a journey through some very pretty but also treacherous country.

I love Marcus, he has suffered so much trying to protect Hailey. The ladies of Black Swan had adopted him and took care of him during recovery for one of the many surgeries he’s had to endure so far. Through it all he’s only had eyes for Tori, a former model, he feels was way out of his league even before the Cartel beat him almost to death. Now with all the scars he knows there is no chance for anything but friendship.

Ironically even though he’s ATF he has no clue as to who and what Black Swan is, all he knows is that they work for Homeland Security. until he’s escorting nuclear devices with another agent and the truck driver.

Still not quite knowing, he’s invited to breakfast at Katlin’s, well more like dinner because of the hour, but they had all gotten in around noon and crashed.

It’s going to be a wedding! Harper and Rafe! and Tori and Marcus need dates. Tori asks Marcus I am so thrilled.

This is a favorite scene when Marcus picks her up for the wedding.

Her phone rang, and she snatched it off the counter. She smiled and shivered deep inside when the caller ID showed it was Marcus. Looking at the time, though, she hadn’t expected him for another ten minutes. A shot of cold fear ran through her. What if something had come up at work and he now couldn’t accompany her to the wedding?

“Please tell me you’re not canceling on me.” She didn’t hide the begging in her voice.

Marcus chuckled. “No way in hell would I stand you up for a date. I was just going to tell you that I’m running approximately two minutes late thanks to traffic.”

“Whew.” Tori was truly relieved. “I was so afraid I was going to have to go to this wedding by myself. Have I thanked you for being my plus one?”

“Have I thanked you for being my plus one?” He parlayed back. “I’m looking forward to this date, but I’m also thankful you’re running a few minutes late.” She looked down at her bare feet, makeup strewn across the counter, and she hadn’t put her weapons into a small purse. She still had several things to do.

“I know the front door code changes all the time—”

Tori cut him off. “No worries. I’ll be waiting for you down in the lobby. No need to waste time just to be chivalrous.”

“That’ll work. I’ll see you in seven minutes then.” He sounded excited about their date which just made Tori even more anxious.

“See you then.” She hung up the phone. She was OCD about cleaning up and putting everything away exactly where it had come from. Perhaps it was just good habits she had developed living in and out of a suitcase and on the road. Everything had its place and if you returned it there after each use, you’d find it there when you needed it in a hurry. Also, if it was properly stored, no one could steal it. Lessons she’d learned the hard way on her first photo shoot.

Accustomed to multitasking, Tori slid into her gold strappy high heels while stuffing her small carry gun, lipstick, additional magazine, compact, throwing stars and touchup foundation into the sparkly gold and black bag. She checked her hair one more time then fussed with a small strand the didn’t want to stay in place. Another douse of hairspray tamed the little beast.

She slid on her black watch with gold trim noting the time. Grabbing her necklace and earrings, Tori headed out the door. While waiting for the elevator she poked the Onyx cabochon ear rings surrounded by braided gold into the holes in her ears. On her way down to the lobby, she was able to fasten the matching necklace. By the time the door slid open, she was as ready as she was ever going to be.

Striding across the small lobby to the glass door she watched the dark blue Civic Coupe pull up to the front. Tori smiled when Marcus stepped out of the car to greet her at the door.

Stopping four feet away, he simply stared at her. “You are the most beautiful woman I think I’ve ever seen.”

His honesty made her blush.

“You clean up pretty good yourself.” She closed the distance because she wanted to touch him. Pretending there was something wrong with his tie, she readjusted it. When she lifted her hands, he grabbed one. Turning it over, he kissed her palm.

No man had ever shown her such personal affection. On the other hand, she’d never kept one around long enough for him to really get to know her. Marcus knew her casually, socially, and through discussions they’d had at parties. He’d been a friend for…wow, over two years.

This was new territory for her. She never had male friends until she’d moved to D.C. with her Black Swan team. Hell, she hadn’t had female friends either until their secret training. Now she had lots of both and liked it.

But Marcus was taking her to a different place…friends to lovers. It was exciting and made her nervous at the same time. She rarely thought about the future because sometimes, she wasn’t sure she’d live through the day. Life was to be lived to its fullest, every minute, every hour. For the next several hours, she intended to have a good time with Marcus at their friends’ wedding.

“Are we ready to go?” He didn’t release her hand as he stepped toward the passenger side of the car and opened the door for her.

Tori wanted to melt.
KaLyn Cooper. Unbeatable Love: Lady Falcon (Tori) & Marcus (Kindle Locations 767-772). Kindle Edition.

A friendship that is suddenly burning hotter, will capture your heart. Now even though there’s a wedding, there are also plans in the works to get back the stolen nuclear rods.

There’s a lot of tension in this book, most of it caused by Jack Ashworth. If you’ve been following this series, you’ll remember the hell he put Lady Hawk (Katlin) through. I really wish someone would do something about him, he really gets on my nerves with all his posturing.

I loved all the interactions with CIA Assistant Director Tom Callahan and Commanding Officer of USSOCOM General Lyon, they definitely get it.

We get to meet the rest Black Swan Team 2 in this book and some Deltas too. The Guardian Security guys lend a hand as well as CIA agents Daniel and Santiago. Essentially the gang’s all here. I loved catching up with them all.

I laughed, cried and held my breath as I read this book. Tori and Marcus are a match for sure. He has quite the learning curve going on as well.

Don’t miss this awesome addition to the Black Swan Series.

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KaLyn Cooper KaLyn Cooper

KaLyn Cooper’s romances blend fact and fiction with blazing heat and heart-pounding suspense.

Twenty-two years as a military wife has shown KaLyn the world, and thirty years in PR taught her that fact can be stranger than fiction. She leaves it up to the reader to separate truth from imagination.

She, her husband, and Little Bear (Alaskan Malamute) live in Tennessee on a micro-plantation filled with gardens, cattle, and quail. When she’s not writing, she’s at the shooting range or on the river.

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