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Kindle Worlds is Closing! Here are some of my favorite worlds and Authors within them!


Kindle Worlds will be gone forever
July 16th 2018!

This deeply saddens me, I have found many new to me authors by seeing them in these worlds.

It was always a place to find quick, inexpensive reads that blended with another author’s characters and settings.

I have heard that some of the World owners are going to continue them on their own and some will need to have an acknowledgement of the originating series before republishing. Yet others may go away completely. For some worlds no decisions have made as to their fate, as this news just broke.

This is a response to a reader friend from Amazon:

For five years, Kindle Worlds has been thriving, engaging writers and readers who enjoy writing in one another’s worlds, and we’re proud of the work we’ve done together. While we are closing Kindle Worlds, Amazon is constantly innovating on behalf of our authors and readers, and we look forward to continuing to do so.

As of May 17th, Kindle Worlds will no longer be accepting new submissions. Previously published Kindle Worlds stories will no longer be available for sale on Amazon.com on or around July 16th. The Kindle Worlds website will be closed on August 29th.

Rest assured previously purchased or borrowed Kindle Worlds stories will remain unaffected.

With that in mind and since the time is short until they are gone, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite Worlds and Authors from them. I hope you will take the time to browse through these links and possibly enjoy them as much as I have.

I put the link I have for the main world and then covers that link to Amazon for individual authors within those worlds that I have read and enjoyed.

I would also like to thank the owners of the worlds that so many wonderful authors wanted to play in, Elle James, Susan Stoker, Paige Tyler, Desiree Holt, Sable Hunter, Millie Taiden, Carly Phillips, Robyn Peterman, Cat Johnson, Eliza Gayle, Erin Nicholas, and Roxanne St.Claire.


This the first Kindle World I ventured into so I’ll start here. 

Brotherhood Protectors 

Special Forces: Operation Alpha 

Dallas Fire & Rescue 

Magic & Mayhem

Hell Yeah!!


Southern Shifters

Omega Team

Sapphire Falls

Barefoot Bay

Phoenix Agency

Paranormal Dating Agency

Dare To Love

Sassy Mates

Holiday Favorites! Music Under the Mistletoe : Raining Chaos Book 2.5 by Lynne St. James


Music Under the Mistletoe
Raining Chaos Book 2.5
Lynne St. James


Winter Blog Blurb

A message that changes everything…

Christmas is fast approaching and the band is hard at work on their second album. They receive an urgent phone call that changes their plans for a Christmas surprise. Dropping everything, they fly to New Jersey to give their foster parents a Christmas they will never forget.

A Christmas no one will ever forget…

While they reminisce on their past, the guys prepare a few surprises hoping to set down the tracks for their future. But when the snow begins to fall, they worry even the best laid plans will crumble.

Catch up with the seven foster kids of Raining Chaos as they bring love, happiness, and a bit of chaos to the only place they consider home.
Filled with home for the holiday joy and love, the rockers turn up the heat and melt a few hearts.

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Winter Blog Review

I have to confess this is the first book I’ve read by Lynne St. James, and now I am hooked. I didn’t know the characters, but quickly followed who was who and with whom. Foster kids growing up together they formed a band and became successful. They had planned a trip home for Christmas, but they moved up the schedule when the news came their foster mother Sally is in the hospital.

Cynde, Trent’s fiancé and is known for her organizational skills. As such she helps get everyone in gear to give Jack and Sarah the perfect Christmas they deserve. This is a favorite scene the morning after they arrive.

Jack finished the bacon and sat at the table with us. Cyn got out her iPad and pulled up a calendar, she’d wanted to be a kindergarten teacher and she would have been great, but it would have been a waste of her talent as a songwriter.

After pulling up the list she’d already started, she took a sip of coffee and turned toward Jack. I hid my smile behind my mug as I took another drink. She was just so fuckin’ cute and didn’t even realize it. I loved when she pushed her glasses up her nose and tucked her hair behind her ear. She always did it when she was nervous and I doubt she knew it was a dead giveaway.

“Is there anything you need for us to take care of today? I have a list started, to decorate, shop for Christmas and Christmas Eve dinner, and presents, but I don’t know what Sally usually does for Christmas. I want her to be relaxed and not worry about things getting done.”

“You are so sweet. I haven’t told her you were all coming home yet. I wasn’t sure how you wanted to handle it,” Jack answered then looked over at me. “Were you going to come to visit her as a surprise?”

“I don’t know. We talked about keeping our visit a secret until she came home but if she’s stuck in the hospital us showing up would hopefully cheer her up.”

“I vote for going to see her,” Cyn said shyly.

Jack nodded. “I agree. As much as I like the idea of a surprise when she comes home, there’s still the possibility they’ll keep her longer. Last night the doc said they still didn’t know why she wasn’t improving like they’d hoped.”

Tears welled up in his eyes and I felt helpless. We never showed a lot of affection to Jack as we were growing up. Sally hugged us a lot, but mostly we all had too many scars to let our walls down around anyone but each other. It was some kind of unspoken pact between us and our backgrounds were close enough, except for Rage’s, that we ‘got’ each other.

“Okay, sounds like a plan. Joe said he was going to rent a car or something for us so we have wheels while we’re here and won’t have to take yours. Why don’t you go over the to-do list with Cyn while I whip up some eggs?”

I swear Cyn’s jaw dropped as the words sank in. “You’re going to cook?”

Jack laughed, “Of course he is. Sally made sure they all know how to and do laundry, sew on buttons, iron, and clean properly.”

“Wow, I’m impressed. I guess if you ever stop touring we can take turns cooking.”

“Uhh yeah sure, but I may have forgotten how to do it by then,” I said and winked at her. She rolled her eyes at me and shook her head.

Jack laughed too, “It’s great to have you kids home. I’m glad you came, Cynda, it’s where you belong now. Which reminds me, how come Chris isn’t here?”

“He figured it’d be a little tight here with all of us so he and Joe are staying with Sunshine Duncan. I think he just wanted some time with Teresa though.”

“I see. Well I hope on Christmas you’ll all be here.”

Cynda reached for his hand and covered it with hers. “Of course we will.”

I nodded in agreement. I had a plan for Christmas Eve and I was going to need his help. I’d have to get him alone later.
St. James, Lynne. Music Under the Mistletoe: A Raining Chaos Christmas (Kindle Locations 423-451). Lynne St. James. Kindle Edition.

From donations to the food bank to a concert and gifts for the children in the hospital, this is a story of the true meaning of Christmas.

Being with family and giving to others, not only gifts but love as well.

Did I mention the mile high club? Yes folks there is some pretty hot sex as well.

I cried more than once and loved all the surprises within. I can’t wait to read the series from the beginning to get to know everyone better.

5 Contented Purrs for Lynne!

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If Lynne had her way she’d travel all over the world and set a new book in each place she visited. Maybe someday!

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