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Release Blast, Giveaway and Review! Forget You – The Kingman Brothers Book 1 by Nina Crespo

In the first novel in the new Kingman Brothers series from Nina Crespo a disgruntled assistant is wrangled into staying on to help her boss when he suffers from amnesia after a plane crash…Playing this out with him was so wrong, but she didn’t want to stop.

Forget You
The Kingman Brothers Book 1
Nina Crespo


In this steamy and sexy first book in the Kingman Brothers series—filled with relatable moments and electrical tension—a disgruntled assistant is wrangled into staying on to help her boss when he suffers from amnesia after a plane crash.

Sophie Jordan dreams about hooking up with Nicolas “King” Kingman—the gorgeous CEO of her company—but as her boss, he’ll always remain out of reach. King knows he isn’t built for happily-ever-afters and only indulges in brief romantic encounters. But when Sophie agrees to fill in as his last-minute date to a charity gala, an unexpected discovery quickly escalates their platonic relationship to one of passion.

King is determined to ignore their attraction and, feeling betrayed, Sophie severs ties with him and the company. Everything changes, however, when he’s injured in an accident, and Sophie agrees to help until he closes a major deal. Unfortunately, he’s developed amnesia, and although he doesn’t remember their night together, desire binds them in ways they can’t resist.

Time is running out on closing the deal, as well as Sophie moving on to her new career. Will King deny love in favor of winning and lose Sophie forever?

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This book was a bit of a twist on what I consider the norm for rich boss and employee romance and I liked it.

Sophie is the best admin the Kingman brothers ever had, and never has Nic ‘King’ though about her in any way other than that. That is until he fought with his flavor of the week and had a friend dress her to attend a gala with him.

One night of passion followed by rejection has Sophie quitting her job, two weeks notice.

His plane going off the runway leaves him with a head injury and no recollection of their one night of passion, or the things he discovered at the gala.

Sophie makes a connection that will help her make the decision to leave King once he’s well enough to return to work. His friend Meghan who dressed her for the gala has a new clothing line coming out and she is designing and making the jewelry to compliment it.

I liked the twist of the guy having the accident and having to figure everything out again, including the way he managed to lose the girl.

A fun read with angst, family drama, sexual tension, plenty of sizzle and so much more!

A favorite scene is in the excerpt below, don’t miss it and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

5 Contented Purrs for Nina!

He pulled into a space, threw the gear in park, and got out. Sophie’s shocked expression alone would whip him down to size. Guilt over dreaming of her naked would replace his attraction to her. That’s exactly what he needed. A heaping pile of remorse.

Signs with numbers and arrows led him through the maze of duplexes in the courtyard. In the past, he’d followed her from work after a long night to make sure she’d made it safely home, but he’d never actually gone to her apartment before. King located the right door and rapped on it. Not that he had a good reason now.

A porch light flickered on above him. He heard movement inside. What if Sophie’s roommate answered? He’d forgotten about her. Shit. What was his excuse? A lost phone number. Problems accessing the presentation from his computer.

Sophie opened the door. Devoid of makeup, hair swept back into a ponytail, and dressed in a faded green tee and jean shorts, she radiated uncomplicated beauty. “King? What are you doing here?”

He barely squashed the need to take her in his arms and went inside. “We have to talk. Is your roommate here?”

“No. Robin’s at work.” She closed the door. “Why? What’s going on?”

“When were we together?”

“Yesterday. Don’t you remember?” The genuine concern in her expression made him feel like a cross between a jerk for thinking of her sexually and a man struggling to prove his sanity.

“No. I mean yes.” He raked his hair and pulled so hard his scalp stung. “When did we sleep together?” Shock. Laughter. An emphatic denial. He braced for them.

Sophie paled. She shrugged and brushed her bangs from her forehead. Her tell. She planned to deny what happened.

No way in hell was she getting away with that. “How long ago was it? Weeks? Days? Why didn’t you tell me?”
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