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SEAL for Hire – Silver SEALs Book 11 by Trish Loye

Welcome to Silver SEALs!
The New Wave From The Suspense Sisters!

Retired silver fox US Navy SEAL Commanders who sign on with the Department of Homeland Security to lead missions to protect the homeland.

SEAL for Hire
Silver SEALs Book 11
Trish Loye


He was hired to hunt her down.

Former Navy SEAL Commander Ryan Marchetti hates the fancy consulting job he’s taken after retirement from the Teams. So when the Assistant Director of the DHS offers him a contract to hunt down an assassin, he leaps at the chance, even if it means hunting down his former lover. He must focus on the mission and ignore Sutton McRaven’s sharp wit and way-too-sexy body, and bring the only woman he’s ever loved to justice.

She wasn’t ready to be caught.

CIA Agent Sutton McRaven found the life she’d always wanted in the CIA, one filled with adventure, and doing what’s best for the country she loves. But after her best friend dies, she finds herself anchorless and longing for a home. When she receives a mysterious call, Sutton investigates, only to discover another friend murdered, and all evidence marking her as the killer. She needs to stay free to clear her name and find justice, but Ryan Marchetti, a man used to tracking high profile targets has set his sights on her. Sutton must use all her knowledge to escape and evade the man who’d once captured, and then rejected, her heart.

But only together would they survive.

As Ryan closes in on Sutton, the real killer is still free, and Sutton’s the next target. The chase becomes darker and deadlier, with stakes higher than either could have imagined. Stalked by a ruthless killer, the two must learn to trust each other, or end up dying alone.

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After burying her best friend, Sutton McRaven took a break from her CIA duties to follow that friend’s advice and do something she loved, take pictures.

Now back, she has a cryptic message from another friend and then finds him dead. Unfortunately all signs point to her being the murderer and then another agent shows up dead. Being framed is not something Sutton will take lying down, and she certainly won’t turn herself in to be lock up from finding the truth.

When Silas Branson calls Ryan Marchetti, a former SEAL Commander, he is realizing he’s bored with this whole corporate instructor thing. He’s really hoping that what Silas has for him is more exciting than being behind a desk.

As Silas introduces him to the people from several agencies that make up his team, he also gets a shock as to the mission.

His ex Sutton is the primary suspect in agent’s deaths and the theft of classified information. The team is to find her and bring her in for questioning.

Circumstances being what they are Sutton knows she has to prove her innocence and returns to Mark’s apartment hoping for clues to clear her of his murder.

This of course is where Ryan will find her and she will find out the magnitude of the charges against her.

This is a favorite scene.

She washed her face and hands, and dug through Mark’s drawers until she found a comb to unsnarl her hair before putting it back into a ponytail. She cleaned up the bathroom and switched off the light. Fed, clean, and mostly ready. She’d grab a sweater of Mark’s and then head to the address he’d given her. In his bedroom, she longed to lie on his bed and shut her eyes just for a moment. Instead, she went into his closet and shone her light onto the shelves there.

The one hoodie she saw would fit over her leather jacket. She instead grabbed a soft blue sweater. Big but not too thick. She could fit it under her jacket. And man, it was soft. She’d bet it was cashmere. Mark had liked the finer things. She shoved it in her pack and headed out.

As she strode through the living room, the front door swished open. Her heart leapt and then landed, ready for action. She dove against the wall, out of sight of the door. The hall light flicked on, blinding her. She ducked back into the bedroom just as someone entered the living room.

She weighed her options. She could hide, subdue the person and escape, or kill the person. But until she knew who it was, she couldn’t make that judgment call.

She peered through the crack between the door hinge and the wall.

Nothing. And no sound.

Whoever it was had gone silent. She liked this less and less. There would be no hiding.

Dim light shone into the bedroom through the partly open doorway. The bedroom was large, with a big enough area between the bed and the en suite for an uninhibited fight.

She pulled out her gun. She didn’t want to shoot anyone but the killer. If it was some security guard or police officer, then she’d have a hell of a time later explaining why she’d pulled a weapon. But it couldn’t be helped.

With her weapon raised, she stepped away from the door and into open space.

The door burst open. Someone big and fast entered. Instinct stopped her from pulling the trigger. Then the gun was knocked from her hand.

She countered with a neck strike and an elbow to the head. A grunt of pain and then she was shoved. Hard. She flew back a few feet but kept her balance. Strong fucker.

Then she saw his silhouette.


“Did you have to hit me so hard, Sutton?”

“What the fuck, Ryan? I could have killed you. I had a gun!”

Even in the dim light, she saw his familiar, heart-breaking grin. “But you didn’t. You’re a good shot and you’ve got good instincts. You knew it was me.”

She grabbed her weapon off the floor and shoved it back into her shoulder holster. “You’re assuming a lot. I haven’t seen you in years.” And those years had been kind to Ryan. Even in the dim light from the hall, she could see that he looked almost exactly the same. And it made her yearn for things she couldn’t have. “What are you doing here?”

He kept his arms loose by his sides. “I’m here to bring you in.”

Options and exit strategies flew through her head, but she kept her face and breathing calm. “Why would you want to do that?”

Ryan eased himself back until he blocked the door. “It’s my job.”

She shifted her weight onto her toes. Nice and easy. She pretended she didn’t know he was leading the team that tracked her. “Since when? I thought you were a consultant.”

He shrugged and she couldn’t help but admire the breadth of those shoulders. “I’m also consulting for DHS.”

“I knew you wouldn’t like retirement.”

“Why don’t you make this easy, Sunshine? I know you’re innocent. I can help you.”

Her heart leapt at his words. And not just the fact that he believed she was innocent, but also at the use of the nickname only he had ever used. One she hadn’t heard in years.

No, her mind said. His job was to bring her in. He’d say anything to get her compliance.

“Two men are dead,” he said when she didn’t reply. “You were the last one seen with both. And now top-secret files have been found on your work laptop. It doesn’t look good, Sutton.”

Sutton took a step back. “What files were found on my laptop? What are you talking about?”

“Stolen military secrets.” He watched her carefully.

What the hell? “Someone must have put them there.”

He just nodded and she didn’t know whether he believed her or not, or whether he even cared.

“You need to come with me,” Ryan said. “I think you’re in over your head. Why don’t you let me help you figure this out?”

She didn’t say anything, but his offer seemed genuine.

“Come in with me.” He held out a hand. “We can get to the bottom of this.”

She just stared at him. She wanted to take his hand. She yearned to take his hand, to have him protect her, and be by her side again.

But he wouldn’t be by her side. He was no longer hers. He was someone else’s lover now. And he wouldn’t protect her. No. His job was to bring her in, and he’d do anything to accomplish his mission. Including lie to her.

“You’re working for DHS,” she said. “They think I’m the traitor and a killer. You know I’ll be buried in some cell on a black ops site until they find that list. And if they never find it, then I’ll never see the light of day again.”

“I won’t let that happen.” He seemed so earnest as he held out a hand to her. “Please, Sutton.”

She stepped back into a fighting stance.

His gaze flicked to her feet before he dropped his hand. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

She snorted. “Don’t you remember the last time we sparred?” She remembered. It had been glorious, and left the two of them hot, sweaty, and needing a private area. But they had been evenly matched. Where he relied on strength and skill, she relied on speed and sneaky moves. In a straight-out match, there was no way she could win. That’s why she always fought dirty.

Ryan sighed. “I was holding back, Sutton.”

She grinned, exhilarated for some reason. “So was I.”
Trish Loye. Seal for Hire: A Silver SEALs Novel (Kindle Locations 903-953). Tough Girl Press.

These two have a lot of history and the attraction is still there for both of them. Even though they do their best to ignore it.

Interesting challenges, suspense, lots of hold your breath moments and a slow build up to the outcome they both really want.

Trish Loye is a new to me author and with this book she has gained a new fan. I am going to have to check out her other books.

5 Contented Purrs for Trish!

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Trish Loye

I grew up in Kingston Ontario as a geek, before it became quasi-cool to be a geek – though I always suspected we geeks would take over the world (mwuhahaha). I was a complete bookworm and lived for stories (still do). I loved reading fantasy and science fiction and I now realize it was because those seemed to be the only books where women could also be the heroes of the story.

As I grew older I also became enthralled with learning and new experiences (not realizing I just wanted fodder for my own stories). I wanted to explore the world and do it all. So maybe it made sense that I joined the military and became an army officer while getting my physics degree. The experiences I gained there are the ones that shaped me for life.

I’ve had a wide assortment of jobs in my life. I’ve been a dairy farmer, crew of a tall ship, a troop officer, an officer in an electronic warfare squadron, an apple picker in New Zealand, a teacher’s assistant in a university physics department, a medical researcher, a seismic processor, and an IT project manager. (I just could never decide what I wanted to be when I grew up!)

But my latest jobs are the ones I love the best. Mom and author.

I have two amazing daughters and an incredible husband who thinks it’s funny that I can tell when someone is speaking Klingon.

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