Full Potential – Heart of Seeton Book 2 by L.J. Kentowski

Full Potential
Heart of Seeton Book 2
L.J. Kentowski


Jena Morgan avoided the small town of Seeton, Wisconsin, for as long as she could. Okay, it probably wasn’t so much the town as the sexy fireman, Tyler Cole, who resided in it. All right, fine, it was all about the man with the fire hose. Nearly a year ago, they had a one-night stand that rocked her world, awakening harbored aspirations of a career, family, and love. With only three months left to help her best friend, Riley Kastner, with a wedding, Jena can no longer forestall going back to face the man who lit a fire under her…you know. Armed with a mature mindset, she has vowed to keep him at a distance while in town, at least, as far as a maid of honor can steer clear of the best man.

Tyler Cole had always been comfortable with a life of family, friends, and the career of his dreams in Seeton, Wisconsin. But ever since the red-headed vixen, Jena Morgan, blew in and out of his world almost a year ago, he’d become restless, not quite satisfied with what the small town had to offer. Just when he’d resigned himself to a life outside of Seeton, the woman who once set his body on fire shows up again, determined to pretend there was nothing between them. With a fractured man card, he vows to prove the maid of honor wrong before their best friends’ wedding.

When love is in the Seeton air, and meddling residents seem to be around every corner, whose vows will prevail?

Jena has been avoiding returning to Seeton, even though her best friend Riley has moved there. Her reason, Tyler. The firefighter who stole her heart her first night there.

With Riley’s wedding on the horizon, Jena’s run out of excuses and returns to Seeton determined to avoid Tyler and concentrate on her Maid of Honor duties.

Things don’t quite work that way since Tyler is Best Man. However when the sink in the apartment above the bar spews water everywhere, she runs into him at the hardware store and he offers his assistance.

I really love the conversations Jena has with herself and there are many.

This is a favorite she has while Tyler goes to get the correct part for the sink.

For the next five minutes, she thought about ways to protect her mission. She could call Riley, but then she’d have to fess up about the broken sink, and she still had no idea the extent of the damage the water spraying all over creation had done. Another alternative would be to throw on layers of clothes, but that would be too obvious…and sweltering.

Of course, there was always the whole willpower route she could go…

The tiny devil on her shoulder swatted the angel away and whispered his suggestion.

So, what was the worst that could happen if she slipped and fell into sex with Tyler? It wasn’t as though it would be as earth-shattering as their first time together. First times were like holy shit, we’re having sex, and everything is overstimulated and exaggerated. Emotions are mixed with hormones, and things get confused for appearing bigger than they really are.

“Yes,” her devil cheered.

It might even be beneficial for her to have sex with Tyler. She could realize their connection wasn’t as explosive and life-changing as she thought. The energy between them would fizzle, she’d go on to successfully own her daycare business, get married, pop out some babies, and live happily ever after.

So, in a nutshell, in order for her to die happy, she needed to have sex with Tyler Cole.

Her devil plopped his ass down on her shoulder and lit a cigarette.

Crap, she’d completely lost her mind.
Kentowski, L.J.. Full Potential: (A Heart of Seeton Novel) (pp. 116-117). Kindle Edition.

These two are hotter than hell fires when they’re together and there is sizzle even when they’re just in the same room.

As Jena looks at the possibility of a day-care, helps with the wedding plans and considers staying in Seeton, Tyler holds back a secret, one that could change everything.

I really hope there are plans for a book with Ivy and one with Riley’s sister Evie as well. These two definitely caught my attention.

Sizzling, romantic and some drama to round everything out. I’m going to have to try L.J.’s other series.

5 Contented Purrs for L.J.!

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L.J. Kentowski

L.J. Kentowski lives with her husband and son in the Midwest, where to keep from freezing her tail off for nine months out of the year, she bundles up in front of a fire, writes stories, eats Twizzlers, and tries to ignore the Great Dane on her lap while she types.

Her first series is an Adult Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance trilogy, The Fate Trilogy, filled with Angels, Demons, and the In-Betweens.

If you don’t hear from her for awhile, please send Snicker Bars.

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