Stealing Vengeance – Vengeance Book 1 by Kaylea Cross

Stealing Vengeance
Vengeance Book 1
NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author
Kaylea Cross


She’s an expert at getting into places she doesn’t belong.

The government created Megan, transforming her into a Valkyrie—a deadly operative only whispered about in certain circles. They took everything from her and made her into a weapon. Now someone is leaking secret information about her sisters-in-arms, betraying them for money. Loyal Unto Death is the Valkyrie motto. So when Megan is recruited to find who leaked the files, she takes the high-risk assignment. Even if it means working with the man who betrayed her trust long ago. Even if it means giving her life. Because she’ll do whatever it takes to find justice.

But this is one situation she can’t escape from on her own.

Tyler Bergstrom never forgot the resourceful woman who escaped during the toughest phase of SERE school. So when he learns the stunning truth about her and his unwitting part in her past, he volunteers to work alongside Megan for a chance at redemption. Except she doesn’t want a partner. Doesn’t want to let anyone into her life, including him—hell, especially him. Yet whether she likes it or not, for this mission they’re partners. Now it’s a race against the clock to bring down the shadowy figure targeting Valkyries. But the threat goes deeper than they ever imagined. No one is safe. And if they can’t overcome the past and learn to trust each other, they’re both dead.

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A new series that will have you on the edge of your seat, or keep you up all night reading.

This book opens with an introduction of sorts. Trinity, Georgia and Briar are three of the original Valkyries, they are now ‘retired’ but a situation has come up requiring their special skills. Their boss Alex Rycroft is coordinating the operation to find a very skilled hacker who has put all of them in jeopardy. This is going to require more than just them since the fact that they work alone would give them away.

Megan is a Valkyrie created to be a master thief with the ultimate survival skills. She has gone into hiding at a friend’s home in England after a scandal broke involving high level officials.

As bodies start piling up, Rycroft contacts Marcus in order to set up a meeting with Megan and set her up with a partner.

Tyler is known to Megan as an instructor from years ago, she also remembers his betrayal. When Tyler found out what he had returned her to he volunteered for this mission. He needs to apologize and do what he can to help and protect the woman he never really forgot.

Fast-paced, suspenseful with many twists and turns as Megan and Tyler team up and begin a relationship beyond just a working one.

I can’t wait to read the next book in this series!

5 Contented Purrs for Kaylea!

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Kaylea Cross

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kaylea Cross writes edge-of-your-seat military romantic suspense. Her work has won many awards and has been nominated for both the Daphne du Maurier and the National Readers’ Choice Awards. A Registered Massage Therapist by trade, Kaylea is also an avid gardener, artist, Civil War buff, Special Ops aficionado, belly dance enthusiast and former nationally-carded softball pitcher. She lives in Vancouver, BC with her husband and family.

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Making Memories – 6 Books – 6 Authors in an Anthology to Support American Cancer Research for Breast and Ovarian Cancer

This anthology contains BDSM elements, explicit sex, and adult language.
Eighteen years of age or older please!

Making Memories


Roses and Thorns by Becca Jameson
Keys to Happiness by Brooke Lee
Parallell Reality by Virginia Johnson
Tangled Up In You by S.L. Carpenter
Because of You by A.L. Long
In Her Dreams by Rose C. Carole


Roses and Thorns
Club Zodiac Book 4.5

Becca Jameson

A decade may have passed, but neither of them forgot…

Denver’s Roses and Thorns was first mentioned in Mastering Rayne as Colin and Aaron are working to set up the new Club Zodiac. Master Robert is the owner of the club and he’s about to get quite the surprise.

Macy has decided it’s time to shake things up and convinces Ella to go to the Club with her, leaving out the fact it’s a BDSM club. At first Ella isn’t sure about the whole thing but then she is intrigued. The last person she expected to see was Robert, her ex. The one she can’t forget.

This is a favorite scene.

She narrowed her gaze further, ignoring his question. “You broke up with me.”

He nodded. “I did. It seemed…necessary.” Though for some reason he couldn’t fathom why at the moment.

“Was there another woman?” she asked, making him realize she had spent the past decade wondering why he’d dumped her while he’d spent those ten years missing her intensely.

He shook his head. “No. No one who mattered. Not then. And not since.”

She closed her eyes slowly, tipping her face into his palm. “Why, then?”

“You were so young. Innocent. Way too good for me. I didn’t want to introduce you to my world. It didn’t seem fair.”

Suddenly, she took a step back, jerking away from his hand and crossing her arms. “You broke up with me because you didn’t want to tell me you owned a chain of fetish clubs?”

He nodded. It seemed ludicrous now all of the sudden. But he rushed to explain. “I’m a Dom, Ella. I rarely date outside of the fetish world. You were the one and only woman I ever went out with that long, pretending to be vanilla.”

She narrowed her gaze. “Pretending…”

He inhaled slowly. “I don’t mean to imply our entire relationship was a farce. I wasn’t pretending to enjoy your company. I simply didn’t want you to know I was a Dom.”

For long moments, she said nothing. He feared she might turn around and walk away from him. He wasn’t willing to risk that, so he spoke again. “Would you permit me to take Jerry’s place? Show you around? Demonstrate a few things if you’re interested?”

“Why? Why now? You walked away from me a decade ago, and now you want to show me your world?”

“I tried to stay out of sight and let you explore on your own, but when I realized Master Jerry was going to do more than show you his implements, I couldn’t…” He cleared his throat. “I couldn’t watch. If you want to learn more, I’ll be the one to show you.”

“Awfully cocky of you.” She tipped her head to one side, sliding more into the defensive. “Perhaps I’d rather have Jerry show me. It’s been a long time, Robert. Maybe I don’t want to spend time with you. Maybe I’ve moved on.” Her face flushed a darker red as she spoke.

He took another gamble, one of many he imagined taking before the night was over, and stepped closer. He reached for her crossed arms and tugged them. She easily released her grip and let him lower her hands to her sides.

She was shaking. She also licked her lips. Her chest rose and fell rapidly. He could feel her pulse at her wrists. Nothing about her stance matched her words.
He lowered his voice. “Have you?”

“Of course.” Her voice was too weak. Sharp. Her response too quick.

He smiled. “Well, I haven’t. And I don’t believe you have either.”

She gasped.

“Do me a favor. Give me two hours. Let me introduce you to my world. I won’t ask you for anything else. Just two hours under my care. Afterward, you can walk right out the door without even giving me your phone number.”
Jameson, Becca. Making Memories (Kindle Locations 339-356). Kindle Edition.

The chemistry between these two is off the charts and the story compelling.

I love second chance stories and this one is kindle melting.

5 Contented Purrs for Becca!

Keys to Happiness

Brooke Lee

I need to take a break. Figure out who I am and where I want to go in this next chapter of my life.

Divorced after many years of marriage can be difficult, but being able to remain friends is a gift.

Now starting over in a place that is warm and full of good memories of the past. Pat has made some friends and also a decision to find a more permanent residence.

This is a favorite scene.

“Pat, what are you doing here so early?” Dorian asks.

“Yeah, shouldn’t you still be sleeping? Recovering from your amazing performance?” Greta asks with a shit-eating grin.

“If I weren’t a gentleman, I might consider telling you were to stick that smart-ass compliment, but since I am, I’ll let it go.”

Greta returns my comment with a raspberry and Dorian lets out a hearty chuckle. These two women are probably a big reason I decided to stay. Their easy-going ways made me feel like I belonged. Yeah, they asked about my life, and maybe were a bit nosier than I would have liked, but never have I felt an ounce of judgment from them. When I’m with them the air around me seems somehow lighter and I like that.

“So, really, what brings you down here this time of day? Need a bit of the hair of the dog?”

I slide onto my usual barstool and fold my hands on the bar top in front of me. “Nah, had that already over at the diner. I just came back from a jog and impromptu swim. Can I get a water?”

Greta places a glass in front of me and angles the drink spout over top, shooting the chilled water into the glass. In two gulps, I’ve drained the contents and she just as quickly gives me a refill.

“I was thinking it’s time for me to start looking for a more permanent residence and thought you two,” I wiggle my long finger between the two beauties, “may have some thoughts on decent, inexpensive rentals in the area.”

As if waiting for me to ask, Dorian responds quickly. “As a matter of fact, I know of a great place.”

“Really?” I ask in excitement.

“Yep, my Aunt owns a little quadplex off of Whitehead Street. She rents three of the units out to tourists mainly, but I’m sure she’d consider renting to you for an extended period, if you’re interested.” Greta looks over at Dorian with almost a what the fuck expression. I’m not sure what’s going on with these two, but honestly, I don’t know that I care.

“What is the rent?”

“I’m not sure considering she usually rents it by the week, but I bet she’d be willing to make you a good deal since you are a friend of ours.”

“Sounds great. Would you talk to her for me?”

“You bet. I’ll call her now.” Dorian reaches into her back pocket and pulls out her cell phone, before stepping away to make the call.
Lee, Brooke. Making Memories (Kindle Locations 916-936). Kindle Edition.

The apartment is perfect and Pat is happy with it, that is until he realizes the owner is the woman who broke his heart by disappearing so very long ago.

Another kindle melting second chance journey.

5 Contented Purrs for Brooke!

Parallel Reality

Virginia Johnson

I never considered him a mistake because he was the best thing that I had found. He was also the best thing that I was forced to lose.

Erin’s ten year reunion was coming up and she was on the ledge about going, even though she had the plane tickets and reservations. In many ways she wanted to go, if only to see if Landon would be there.

The pain of letting him go all those years ago is still with her, but she accomplished the goals her parents set for her.

This is a favorite scene.

1:46 am
Why now? Why message me now?

1:47 am
You have to go to the reunion. I will be there and I want to see you.

What was I supposed to say? He was the only reason that I would go and now, he is going to be there and wanted to see me. An hour ago, I had a novel worth of things to say to him. Right now, I could barely form a sentence.

1:49 am
You knew enough about me, but how can I be sure that you are who you say that you are?

1:49 am
You lied to me and I let you get away with it. You told me that you didn’t love me and I let you go on for years letting you think I believed you.  

1:50 am
I know better now. I should have called you a week ago. Things may have been different now.

1:50 am
You could call me now.

1:52 am
I am not in a place that I can talk. Even this is a bit more than most are allowed.

I was hesitant in my request because I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to talk to him. Not yet. I was relieved by his response.

1:53 am
Ok. I will go to the reunion.

1:53 am
I want you to know that I forgive you. For everything that you said. I never believed it.

1:54 am
I shouldn’t have done it and you are right, I am sorry.

1:55 am
How did you know that I wasn’t going? I had already bought my plane ticket.

1:56 am
Like it or not, I know you. I knew you 10 years ago and it is nice to see that the real you didn’t change.

1:57 am
I am the same person.

1:58 am
With no leash, exactly the Erin that I fell in love with and never stopped. Good night, Erin.
Johnson, Virginia. Making Memories (Kindle Locations 1590-1614). Kindle Edition.

The reunion began like every reunion, as old friends and acquaintances meet up. However, this one had a most surprising twist. After reading the first two books, it was both shocking and thought provoking.

Get the tissues out for this one.

5 Contented Purrs for Virginia!

Tangled Up In You

S.L. Carpenter

Breaking up is always hard. It’s even harder when you have no idea what you’re going to do next.

Getting out of an abusive relationship is not easy, but Kayla was strong and leaves. She’s moved back to where she grew up and was happy. Fortunate that there was a place for her to move into on the property of family friends.

She runs into their son Seth again while out with a girlfriend and then again as he picks up his sick daughter at the school where she’s working.

Reconnecting they have that first date while his daughter is visiting with her mother.

This is a favorite scene.

They shared grins, enjoyed the meal and spent the rest of the time reminiscing about the old days, both good and bad. She told him about her new job, and he told her that Maria had invited him to the cookout the next day. She was going to be there too.

She smiled across the table, happy, relaxed and knowing that the non-date was going well. The drive wasn’t bad, even for Reno, and they laughed and listened to old songs that brought back crazy memories. Even though they were older now, and both had been through a lot, they slipped easily back into their roles as the closest of friends, without benefits.

It occurred to her toward the end of their meal that one of the most impressive things about Seth was the fact that he never dug his phone out of his pocket and checked his email. He focused his attentions on her. And his steak. Man, he could eat. A dirty little thought ran through her head as she wondered if he was this passionate when eating other things.

Seth had moved into dessert mode, talking her into sharing a dish of tiramisu, and busily inhaling his half, when he looked up at her, and paused with his spoon halfway to his mouth. Her eyes were locked on something behind him. He turned, but all he could see were people wandering around in the casino outside the restaurant.

“What’s wrong?”

Kayla blinked and looked down at her lunch. “Nothing, I thought I saw something.”

“You don’t look okay. What was it? What did you see?”

“It was…”

She never got the chance to finish her sentence.

“Well, well, well. Look who’s here having a good time. Hello, sexy.” A man’s voice sounded behind him and obviously upset Kayla. He watched her lift her chin and put down her coffee cup carefully into the saucer.

“Hello Evan.”

“So, who’s the new guy? This your next victim?” The man moved up next to Kayla.

Seth wasn’t sure if he should get up and stick his steak knife into this asshole’s neck or keep quiet. So he decided to shoot for something in between.

“Hey bud, we’re enjoying our evening. Why don’t you do the same? I’m sure you can find yourself a crack whore to take care of you.” Then he eased away from the table and rose to his feet.

Evan wasn’t the smartest of characters, and hadn’t noticed that the guy slurping tiramisu was actually six inches taller and at least thirty pounds heavier than him. Those thirty pounds were muscle.

He looked up at Seth and did his best to puff out his inadequate chest. It was a failed attempt but he didn’t want to back down.

“I’m in a good mood and I would prefer not to make a scene. Kayla obviously doesn’t want you here, so how about you go back out the way you came in, before I drag you out.” Seth smiled. “By the balls. Assuming you have ‘em.” He sat back down. He fought his anger, but under the table his fists clenched as waited for Evan to shoot off his mouth and say something else.

“Well Kayla, I’ll be contacting you about that money you owe me, and those other items you stole.” With a smirk he looked over to Seth. “Be careful with this one, stud. She may be a great fuck, but she’ll rip your heart out.”
Carpenter, S.L.. Making Memories (Kindle Locations 1969-1994). Kindle Edition.

Lots of fun and a seriously intense twist in this second chance story. Plus it also contains some kindle melting heat.

5 Contented Purrs for S.L.!

Because Of You

A.L. Long

He was her first love, her first kiss, the man who left without a word.

Jillian was just trying to get everything ready for a big meeting. The caterers were late and after confirming they wouldn’t be on time, Jillian sets out to pick up the food.

An accident has her pinned in her car and the next thing she knows she’s in the hospital. The first voice she actually registers is one she never thought to hear again.

Nash was her surgeon, her first love the one who left without a word.

It’s after he discharges her that he calls for a date.

This is a favorite scene.

Taking her glass of wine, she took a seat on the couch in the living room and waited patiently for Nash to arrive. Picking up her phone from the coffee table, she looked at the time and saw that he should arrive any minute. As she was getting ready to check her emails, there was a knock at the door.

Downing the rest of her wine, she placed the empty glass on the counter as she made her way to the door. Taking a quick look at herself in the hall mirror, she had to admit that she looked good for as nervous as she was. Opening the door, Nash was even more handsome than when she had seen him in his scrubs. He was wearing a black suit jacket with a white button-down shirt underneath. If she didn’t know better, she would have thought he came from a photo shoot. He was every bit as gorgeous as any top male model.

Knowing she was staring at him, she said, “Please come in.”

Before he walked past her, Nash leaned in and placed a tender kiss on her cheek. “You look amazing.” Jillian could feel her cheeks turn every shade of red as the innocent kiss had an effect on her. Smiling up at him, she remained speechless.

Closing the door and taking a deep breath, Jillian tried to regain her composure as she followed him to the living room. Her hands were sweaty and just like the first date she had with him, there were butterflies in her stomach. She was no longer that young girl, but she couldn’t deny that he still made her giddy inside.

Rubbing her hands together, she asked, “Would you like a glass of wine before we go?” knowing that she could use another one.

“That would be great,” he replied.

Walking on unsteady legs, she managed to make it to the kitchen without falling. Jillian pulled another glass from the cupboard and filled it with the bottle of wine she had left on the counter. Filling her glass as well, she proceeded to the living room where Nash had taken a seat on the couch.

His leg was crossed at his knee, which gave her the impression that he had made himself at home. She wondered how he could be so relaxed while every nerve in her body was having a heyday. Sitting beside him, she carefully handed him his wine. Touching their glasses in a toast, Jillian waited until he took a sip before taking one of her own.

Placing his glass on the table, she watched him look around taking in his surroundings before he asked, “So, how long have you lived here?”

Placing her glass next to his she replied, “A little over five years.”

“Why Montana? I pictured you as a Cali girl for life.”

“There wasn’t anything left for me there. Mom and Dad sold the house and moved to Arizona. I could have followed them, but decided on a change. I needed a new start, so when I heard about this job, I applied and well… here I am.”

As they continued to talk, Jillian found out that Nash hadn’t spoken to his parents since he graduated from Cornell. He didn’t want them to control his life and after he got divorced, they literally gave up on him anyway. Feeling the need to get away from them, he moved to Montana, where he did his residency and was later hired on full time at St. Vincent.

Feeling the asperity he had toward his parents, Jillian placed her hand on his leg to comfort him. Even though she had a great relationship with her parents, she saw how much he was hurting from not having the relationship with his that every child should have with their parents. As she looked down at her hand, there was an unmistakable connection between them. Drawing her eyes to his, her hand remained on his leg as she leaned in closer to him. Thoughts began racing in her mind as she was taken back to when they were in high school.

There was no hesitation between them; he took her lips as his own. Parting her lips, she allowed him further inside, wanting nothing more than to bring back what she had forever missed. He swept his tongue inside, exploring every inch. Jillian knew that a kiss like this could only have one conclusion, and yet, she had no desire to stop.
Long, A.L.. Making Memories (Kindle Locations 2518-2548). Kindle Edition.

The spark between them had never dulled, but of course things can’t go totally smooth.

A couple of twists and turns and plenty of kindle melting scenes.

5 Contented Purrs for A.L.!

In Her Dreams

Rose C. Carole

He appears in her dreams when she least expects it…

Jamie was shocked to wake from a dream of her ex to find him sitting next to her, in the airport of all places.

This is a favorite scene.

“Are you all right?”

Huh? The voice didn’t make sense. It was the voice of her lover, but it came from next to her. Her eyes shot open and she turned, looking into the bluest eyes she’d ever seen, as blue as the ocean she’d been imagining, blue eyes she could never forget. Alex!

He was looking at her with an expression of concern, but his eyes betrayed an element of amusement. A flush rose over her body as she realized he had figured out what she had been dreaming about. 

“I’m fine,” she replied curtly. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“Traveling back to New York. Same as you, obviously…. Were you thinking of me?”

Good guess? It had been eons ago, a time when she thought she’d be happy forever, that her life had come together perfectly and she was with the man of her dreams. Before it all fell apart. Did he remember it?

“Of course not. Why would I, you arrogant son of a bitch? After you left, I forgot everything about you!”

She grabbed her purse and carry-on and shot up. She needed to get away from his perceptive gaze. He’d always known what she was thinking, what she was feeling. He could see into her soul and knew how to manipulate her. She couldn’t let the shock of seeing him again keep her from fleeing. She’d always been so vulnerable to him. If she wasn’t careful, he’d sneak back into her heart again.

“I’m sorry I disturbed you,” Alex said. “Please don’t leave on my account. I’ll leave you alone.”

“I’d like a drink,” she huffed. “I’m not leaving because of you.”

“Let me buy you one as a token of my contrition for ruining your peace.”

She didn’t hesitate for a moment. “No. I’d rather be alone.”

“That’s not what it sounded like a minute ago,” he replied.

Crap! He did know what she was dreaming about. She turned without saying another word and stormed off.
Carole, Rose C. Making Memories (Kindle Locations 2794-2809). Kindle Edition.

Alex had never forgotten Jamie, his obligations to his mother were overwhelming and he did what he had to do at the time.

Jamie needs to decide if she can risk her heart again to him.

Passionate, intense, and I think my kindle may have melted again.

5 Contented Purrs for Rose!

Becca’s Bio and Links

Becca Jameson currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband, two kids, and the various pets that wander through.

After editing for about five years she recently started writing. She is loving the journey, dabbling in various genres.

When not writing or editing she can usually be found taxiing kids to and from their activities, scrapbooking, and reading!

Late at night she can usually be found sequestered in her office creating fantasy with a glass of red wine and a bar of dark chocolate.

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Brooke’s Bio and Links

Growing up, Brooke’s mother instilled a deep respect for the English language and a love of words. She taught Brooke to read and write and shared her appreciation for poetry. As a teen, poetry became an outlet for Brooke’s innermost thoughts and deepest, often times darkest feelings.

In school, teachers always told her “write what you know”, so that is what she did. At the not so tender age of forty-three, she started to write her first novel, I Am ShelbyJames (Beauty in the Darkness) and it is what she knows—emotions.

In her spare time—when she’s not writing—you can find Brooke cuddled on the couch with her husband of 20+ years, their fur babies, and a good (often naughty) eBook—unless of course she’s having cocktails with her Bestie at one of their favorite haunts.


Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads
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Virginia’s Bio and Links
A love for reading and writing is a new concept for Virginia.
Before the Twilight rave and a need to know the ending after Eclipse was released in theaters, Virginia preferred to watch the movie or convince a friend to read the book for her.Needing to know the story of a random homeless man that she encountered on a freeway exit ramp, was the only reason she began writing in the first place.Soulless Nights spawned from the unknown story and a dare from her friends.She has had the pleasure of working with some of her favorite authors.Street teams and beta reading were what led her to the world of writing.She has released Soulless Nights, Vindicate, Expiate, Cessation, Always Never, Secondary Silence, Secondary Disaster, The Xmas Effect, The Blood of Abigail, Correcting Code 1.1, and the Bad Words Made Funny Series!She recently released Night Tales Vol 1. Wich consist of 3 short stories featured in anthologies.She also has co-written 3 books: Seraphines (Julia Clare) ,Bound by an Echo (Julia Clare) & Kepler: Humanity’s Ark ( Kyle Perkins )She is currently working on a Correcting Code novella.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads
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S.L.’s Bio and Links

Hello, my name is S.L. Carpenter. I wear many different hats in this weird little world. I’m a writer, an artist, a family man and cookie lover. My greatest joys are making people laugh and squirm and scratch their heads at my unique style of storytelling. I call California home and have been here my whole life. I know…poor me.

I’ve been writing my special brand of insane little stories for many years, but it’s only been in the last two decades that I’ve managed to persuade folks to publish them. My backlist now includes single titles, anthologies and several books co-written with my writing partner (and webmistress) Sahara Kelly. They are available at Unlimited.

Please note: I have recently received the rights back to many of my earlier publications, so my book list is shorter these days. I am in the process of revising and re-editing these books. Look for your old favorites in new exciting versions soon.

So dig around and find out a bit more if you like – just excuse the mess. I’m a guy. What can I say?

I hope you’ll like the things in my site and if you want to keep in touch with what’s happening, check out some of the links here, and touch base with me on Facebook, or better still, subscribe to my newsletter.

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A.L.’s Bio and Links

Award winning author of the Independent Press Award for Distinguishing Favorite. Recipient of the National Indie Excellence award for Erotica Romance.

My love for writing began several years ago after an early retirement from a demanding job that I loved, but also hated because it consumed so much of my time. Now, I am able to focus my time on what I love. Writing romance has been a life long dream and to actually say that I am a published author is beyond what I would have ever expected.

Even though some may say I have a little naughtiness in my books, I look at it as an added bonus for my readers. After all what is a romance book without a little spice.

When I am not writing, I enjoy spending time with friends either at home or out on the town. Mostly, I enjoy a relaxing night at home where I can enjoy a glass of wine in the company of a good book.

Out of everything, she enjoys driving in her little convertible with the top down.

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Rose’s Bio and Links

Rose has been an avid reader all her life and pursued that obsession into the publishing business, where she worked in both production and editorial for books and magazines. When her son went off to college, she decided to fulfill another dream and went to culinary school, thinking she would write a cookbook but loving the cooking so much she became a caterer. But her love for books is ever present, and she finally decided it was time to reconnect with her own creative muse and write the kinds of books she enjoys reading. She hopes her readers enjoy them as well.

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Take the Bride – Knight Brothers 2 by Carly Phillips

Take the Bride
Knight Brothers Book 2
NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author
Carly Phillips


She used to be his. Now she’s about to marry another man.Will he let her go … or will he stand up and take the bride?

Ryder Hammond and Sierra Knight were high school sweethearts. Despite him being her brother’s best friend, their relationship burned hot and fast…and ended with heartbreak and regrets.

Years later, she’s at the altar, about to marry another man.He’s only there for closure, to finally put the past behind him.

But when the preacher asks if anyone has a reason the couple shouldn’t wed, she turns around and her gaze locks on his.

Suddenly he’s out of his seat.



And ultimately stealing the very pissed off bride and taking her to a secluded cabin.

He wants one week to convince her they’re meant to be, to remind her of the fiery passion still burning between them.

When their time together is up, will she walk away and break his heart this time, or will he finally have the woman he’s wanted all along?

Ethan asks Sierra more than once if she’s sure, as he walked her down the aisle. In spite of seeing Ryder and the memories that swamped her, she continued to the alter where Jason waited. Only to get the shock of her life.It’s one thing to object at a wedding ceremony, it’s another to more or less steal the bride away.

Ryder has done both as he spirits Sierra away instead of talking to her at the church. Where they end up had me chuckling even as Sierra silently lets exhaustion override her.

Their past becomes their present as they come to understand what has happened between them, but can it be their future?

Full of passion and romance, this book is delightful.

5 Contented Purrs for Carly!


Click the Cover for Buy Links and More!

Coming Soon!

Carly Phillips

Carly Phillips is the N.Y. Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of over 50 sexy contemporary romance novels featuring hot men, strong women and the emotionally compelling stories her readers have come to expect and love.

Carly’s career spans over a decade and a half with various New York publishing houses, and she is now an Indie author who runs her own business and loves every exciting minute of her publishing journey. Carly is happily married to her college sweetheart, the mother of two nearly adult daughters and three crazy dogs (two wheaten terriers and one mutant Havanese) who star on her Facebook Fan Page and website. Carly loves social media and is always around to interact with her readers.

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Trusting Aaron – Club Zodiac Book 5 by Becca Jameson

Trusting Aaron
Club Zodiac Book 5
USA Today Bestselling Author
Becca Jameson


Her innocence gives him pause…
Her baggage is a red flag…

Hope can’t marry a man who doesn’t love her. She won’t. It would be better to flee the church and jump into the first car that pulls up out front.

Aaron is late for the wedding, but why in the hell is the bride running toward his car, fluffy tulle in her hands, and why does she jump inside and tell him to drive?

Aaron hardly knows the bride, but it doesn’t take long to realize two things: she’s running from her problems, and she’s far too innocent for a man like him.

This runaway bride is on a mission, however. Lose her virginity and learn everything she can about submission. If Aaron won’t help her, Hope will find someone who will.

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Hope Davenport has decided to flee her wedding much to the dismay of her mother. This book opens as she jumps into Aaron’s car and tells him to drive, surprising the living daylights out of him.

Aaron was late arriving to this wedding thanks to airlines and traffic, more than once he wonders what would have happened if it hadn’t been him in that car.

It’s not just getting Hope away from the church though, she’s gotten it through her head for Aaron to drive her to Denver and show her other things as well.

This is a favorite scene as they begin that journey.

Aaron’s eyes bugged out of his head. “What?”

“You heard me.” Her cheeks flushed a dark red as she glanced at her lap.

“Yeah. I heard you, but you’re out of your mind.”

She jerked her attention back to him. “Why? I think I’m more in my right mind than I’ve ever been. I’m a twenty-six-year-old virgin. I’m tired of wondering what all the hype is about. You’re sexy, smoking hot, kind, generous, fun, friendly, honest, and a good listener. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather give my virginity to. I know you’re a good guy because my sister likes you. I trust you.”

He leaned back, holding his hands up, palms out. There wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell he was going to have sex with Hope Davenport. He shouldn’t have even touched her.

He had no idea why he’d grabbed her hand and then felt the need to run his fingers through her hair. But he’d given her the wrong idea. For one thing, she’d run away from her own wedding just hours ago. For another thing, she had no idea what kind of kink he was into.

“Hope, it’s not going to happen.”

“Why the hell not? You said no man in the same room as me could possibly avoid an erection.” She glanced at his lap.

He moaned and shifted his weight side to side. She wasn’t wrong. His cock had been hard from the moment he pulled that first hairpin out, which was probably why he hadn’t stopped himself from touching her and leading her on. She had smelled so good, and every little noise she made as he removed those damn pins had gotten under his skin, making him crave things he should not have been pondering.

This was his fault. “That’s true.” He wasn’t going to lie. Besides, how the hell could he. She had eyes. “Nevertheless, I can and will control my dick. It’s staying in my pants for the duration of our time together.”

Speaking of which, he needed to get her someplace safe, have her call her sister, and get someone to pick her up. No way was he driving her to Denver. He didn’t know why he’d ever entertained the idea in the first place.

She looked like she might cry. She sucked in a breath, swallowing. Of course she would be emotional after what she’d been through, but he hated how he was contributing her to stress level. His chest tightened as her eyes filled with tears. And then they fell down her cheeks. Dammit. Her lip trembled and she swiped at the streaks with her fingers.

Fuck. “Hope…” He could not stand it when a woman cried. It brought him to his knees.

“No. Really. It’s okay.” She leaned away from him, hugging the door and turning to stare out it. “You were just saying those things to humor me and make me feel better.”

He groaned. “No, baby, I was not. I may have totally botched this up, but I never lied to you.” He couldn’t leave her thinking he’d made all that up. She was hurting. She needed reassurance. How the hell had he gotten into this mess?

Damn his GPS and the late flight and the hotel room not being ready. If he’d arrived at the church five minutes earlier, he would have been sitting in his pew watching her run out the door with everyone else. He would not now be responsible for a hysterical runaway bride.

On the flip side, he shuddered to imagine her sitting here with some other man, whatever random person might have driven up behind him. He sighed and reached for her hand, wrapping his palm around it and tugging it away from her lap. Her fingers were so small against his much larger ones. He closed his eyes and inhaled, which was probably also a mistake since she smelled fantastic.

She jerked her face toward him again, shocking him. “Prove it.”

“Prove what?” He cringed. God, please tell me she isn’t suggesting what I think she’s suggesting.
Becca Jameson. Trusting Aaron: Club Zodiac, Book Five (Kindle Locations 444-473). Becca Jameson Publishing.

I kind of felt sorry for Aaron, he was really caught in a conundrum. She is Rowen’s sister-in-law and vanilla to boot. The question becomes, can he show her and let her go.

This was a fun book, the conversations between them were priceless. The interactions kindle melting and the revelations perfect.

I can’t wait for the next book in this series.

5 Contented Purrs for Becca!

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Coming Soon!

Becca Jameson Becca Jameson

Becca Jameson currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband, two kids, and the various pets that wander through.

After editing for about five years she recently started writing. She is loving the journey, dabbling in various genres.

When not writing or editing she can usually be found taxiing kids to and from their activities, scrapbooking, and reading!

Late at night she can usually be found sequestered in her office creating fantasy with a glass of red wine and a bar of dark chocolate.

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Her Loving Hero – Black Dawn Book 8 by Caitlyn O’Leary

Her Loving Hero
Black Dawn Book 8
Caitlyn O’Leary


Wyatt’s SEAL Team rescued Emily when she was held hostage in Saudi Arabia. He’s spent the last five months subtly courting her friendship, after she moved stateside to start a new life.

Emily struggles desperately not to let one horrifying night define who she is. Learning how to step away from the pain and panic is a battle every day, but she will never give into the darkness.

Emily’s family is still stationed in the Middle East, and things begin to heat up. She is determined to help them, especially when she finds out that her teenage sister is planning on going into the lion’s den to find out information on a terrorist plot. As the situation spirals out of control Emily turns to Wyatt for help.

As Wyatt gets things under control overseas, Emily thanks God for Wyatt’s strength, friendship and ability to protect her family. But now she realizes her feelings run deeper than friendship and she starts dreaming the impossible. Will she ever be strong and worthy enough for this man? Is it possible that he could be her loving hero?

Barnes and Noble logo_150 ibooks-logo-150x150KoboLogogoogle_play_logo_002_002

Emily is an Ambassador’s daughter who had been kidnapped in the Middle East. She’s back in the United States healing and starting life over.

Wyatt was part of the team who rescued her and he has been volunteering with kids along with her. There is an attraction between them but Emily has a long way to go before she is ready for a relationship. Fortunately Wyatt understands and is very patient. Planning an ice cream date after dropping the kids off, Wyatt needs to wash up after cleaning out the van.

This is a favorite scene.

The door she was leaning against opened slowly so she moved. “Wyatt, I said I wasn’t coming in.”

“Well, you’re not staying here in the truck.” His expression was…She couldn’t get a read on his expression.

“Please, can you leave me alone. Please?”

“I have a deck. You can sit out there, it looks over the kid’s swings. I just don’t feel comfortable having you sit out here, okay?” He held out his hand.

Emily ignored it. She unbuckled her belt and grabbed the handle on the truck and stepped on the runner of the truck and carefully got to the ground. She didn’t look at Wyatt. She heard him sigh.

“It’s this way,” he said as he closed and locked the truck.

She noticed that the crepe myrtle trees were pretty as she walked beside him toward his townhome.

Darn it! She should have held her ground.

When had he crawled so deeply into her life? How had she let this happen? She peeked up at him under her lashes.

Oh yeah, he was hot. He was nice. He was funny. He was easy to be around. That’s why she’d let him in. Wyatt was just such so sexy. She’d never felt like this about a man before.

Darn. Darn. Darn. I can’t be falling in like? Can I?

She stopped in her tracks as shivers racked her body and she broke out in a cold sweat. What was she thinking? The idea of a man touching her was abhorrent.


Was somebody saying her name?

She felt a hand on her upper arm, she shook it off and fell backwards into the grass next to the sidewalk. She scuttled backwards like a crab. She couldn’t see, but she knew she needed to get away from that hand.

“Emily?” a man’s voice whispered softly.

“Stay away.” She tried to yell, but her words came out weak and hoarse.

“Please, Emily. It’s okay.”

She pushed into the ground with her elbows and heels, trying to get away from the voice. “Don’t hurt me,” she begged.

“Miss Emily Hoag, this is Petty Officer Wyatt Leeds. I’m not going to touch you.”

She heard a commanding male voice. It sounded safe.

“Emily, it’s me Wyatt. Remember? Emily, you’re safe. No one is going to hurt you.”

Emily stopped moving. Nobody was touching her. She slumped back on the soft grass and opened her eyes, she looked up and saw a blinding blue sky. Her heart was beginning to beat at a normal rate.

“Angel, you with me?” Wyatt asked softly.

Damn it. Again? When would this end?

Her eyes filled with tears. “When will this end? It’s been two months since something like this has happened.” She couldn’t turn her head and look at him. She just couldn’t.

“With everything Brant was saying today, and me telling you what I found at the back of the van, it’s no wonder it triggered something. You need to cut yourself some slack.”

After long minutes she turned rolled her neck and looked at him. “I’m a mess.”

“No, you’re not. I’m pretty sure they have some kind of official name for this. It’s a complicated term. Hold on. Let me think.”

Emily waited.

“Hmmmm. It’s not mess,” Wyatt’s expression was puzzled, but she knew he was going to be a smartass. “Maybe tangled,” he mused. “Nope, that’s not it. Maybe it’s a kerfuffle.”

Emily sniffed.

“No, that doesn’t sound right either.” Now his eyes were twinkling. “How about a hash-up. A goat-fuck?”

She gave s small smile.

Slowly he put one finger under her chin and his expression turned serious. “Why don’t we admit you’re still suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and that you’ve come a hell of a long way in a short amount of time, and skip this mess bullshit? How about that Emily Lynn Hoag? Huh?”

Darn it. He was right.

Emily watched as he hesitated to help her up.

“Oh, for goodness sakes, help me up,” she sighed. “I’m through with my panic attack.”

He still watched her carefully.

“Wyatt I’m fine.”

“Look, it’s part of the job. You just observe things, okay. You were a tutor for how long?”

“Almost two years.”

“Could you turn off being a teacher? Let me answer that for you. No, you couldn’t, because you’re a natural teacher. I see it with the kids at the center. Part of my job is observing, I don’t want to touch you until I know you’re totally comfortable.”

Bloody hell.

Emily pushed up into a sitting position and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Thank you,” she breathed into his throat. “Thank you for everything.”
Caitlyn O’Leary. Her Loving Hero (Kindle Locations 199-239). Kindle Edition.

Panic attacks are the least of Emily’s worries as things in Oman, where her father is assigned, become unstable. Emily’s sister Carly and her friends have stumbled upon something and she calls for advice. In turn she asks Wyatt for help and what they find well lets just say this is where things start getting really interesting.

From the US to Oman this story is fast-paced and action-packed with suspense and lots of romance before the heat.

5 Contented Purrs for Caitlyn!

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Caitlyn O’Leary

Caitlyn O’Leary is an avid reader, and considers herself a fan first and an author second. She reads a wide variety of genres, but finds herself going back to happily-ever-afters. Getting a chance to write, after years in corporate America is a dream come true. She hopes that her stories provide the kind of entertainment and escape that she has found from some of her favorite authors.

Her Series Include:
It’s a bit Paranormal, a bit Sci-Fi and 100% Action/Adventure. The characters have special abilities, that make them targets.

This is focused on a group of Navy Seals. What makes them special is their bond to one another, and the women they come to love.

This is the series that started her career, it is a Menage Series that takes place in Fate Harbor Washington. It focuses on a tight knit community who live and love and care for one another.

She loves to hear from her readers.

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Small Town Trouble – Familiar Legacy Book 5 By Laura Benedict

Small Town Trouble
Familiar Legacy Book 5
Laura Benedict



Erin Walsh arrives home to tiny New Belford, Kentucky from college only to clash with her young stepmother, Shelby Rae. When Shelby Rae is kidnapped and a dear friend of the family is murdered, Erin discovers that both victims had secrets connected to the violent death of her mother seven years earlier. In a small town the pool of suspects is limited, but it also means the danger to Erin’s own life is deathly close.

Noah Daly, an old high school friend, is the son of the man everyone blames for the violent death of Erin’s mother. But he’s also the one person Erin feels she can trust to help her find Shelby Rae’s kidnapper and her friend’s murderer. Or is her sudden attraction to him blinding her to his true nature?

Enter Trouble, the wise and wily black cat detective. His paws have barely landed in the bluegrass when he realizes Erin is about to put herself in danger. Can he lead Erin to the truth before she becomes a victim herself?

Barnes and Noble logo_150 ibooks-logo-150x150KoboLogo

This is a multi-author series about Trouble a mystery solving kitty. I like reading new to me authors and I get a taste of their writing as they interpret Trouble.

Trouble’s mistress Tammy Lee is much sought after for anything to do with books and in this one she’s left Trouble with her friend Erin while she goes overseas.

Erin’s step-mother, Shelby Rae is a piece of work, as is very apparent right from the beginning. Young and full of herself she has no regard for anyone around her not even her husband.

However there is a lot going on in this book and Shelby Rae is only the beginning. Then there’s Trouble trying to spark a romance between her and Noah.

This is a favorite scene.

Noah looked up at the starry sky. “Man, I could fall asleep right here, listening to the water lap, and the owls talking.”

“Tell me about it.” Saul took a swig of beer. “Fiancée’s out of town. Another brew and I’d rack for sure.”

Noah put his head back, but something landed on his lap, and he sat straight up. The black cat—what was his name? Bubbles? No, Trouble—swished his tail along the underside of Noah’s chin.

Saul laughed. “Probably a barn cat or something. Just pitch it down.”

Noah knew Trouble wasn’t a barn cat. Barn cats didn’t jump in your lap and start rubbing against you like you were their new best friend. At least he didn’t have to worry about fleas. Trouble was sleek and well-groomed.

“Dude, what are you doing outside? The coyotes would hunt you down for fun.” Noah scratched Trouble behind the ears.

“Friend of yours?” Saul gave Noah a curious look.

“He’s probably not supposed to be out. I think Erin—” Noah stopped at the sound of Erin’s name, surprising himself. “The Walshes are cat sitting him or something.”

“Keep ’em outside with a bowl of food, is what my family always did. If they wanted to eat, they either caught mice or fought to keep the raccoons off the porch.”

Holding the placid cat in one arm, Noah walked down the bank toward the house. There were still plenty of lights on inside, but he couldn’t see anyone. How late was it, anyway? He would go home as soon as he put Trouble inside. But when he touched the door handle, the door suddenly opened and he was face to face with a startled Erin. Now she wore a loose V-neck sweater that almost covered the legs of her shorts. Her hair was pulled back, too, in a low ponytail. She looked good. He held out Trouble to her.

“He was out by the bonfire. I thought maybe he needed to come in since he’s not from around here. Coyotes and stuff?”

Erin took the cat but didn’t seem exactly engaged.

“Is something wrong?” Noah asked.

Erin shook her head. “I don’t think so. It’s just that Dad can’t find Shelby Rae, and he’s kind of freaking out. She does this all the time, goes out and grabs a drink in town with a girlfriend. But she’s not answering her phone and her car’s here.”

“I could help you look for her.”

The Jack Russell terrier Noah had seen earlier, once in Shelby Rae’s arms, scrabbled at Erin’s feet, desperate to get outside.

“Jocko, get back. Now!”

The dog kept trying, so she pushed him back gently with one foot until he finally got the message.

Erin smiled. “Sorry. Listen, you’re so nice. But that’s Shelby Rae. She looooooves to be unpredictable. She’ll turn up. Thanks for bringing Trouble back. Bye.”

Noah told her, “Good night.” Then she closed the door.

He watched her through the glass as she walked through the kitchen, and dropped the cat gently to the floor. The little dog hurried ahead of them both.

He’d wanted to ask, “When can I see you again?” Except the words hadn’t come.
Laura Benedict. Small Town Trouble (Kindle Locations 305-330). KaliOka Press. Kindle Edition.

There are many twists and turns in this book. A convoluted plot with many players that will keep you on your toes.

Lots of suspicions, not a lot of proof and plenty of twists and surprises.

Trouble didn’t get out as much as he did in the previous books but he is once again responsible for figuring it all out. I can’t wait to read more of this series!

5 Contented Purrs for Laura!

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Laura Benedict

Laura Benedict is the Edgar- and ITW Thriller Award- nominated author of eight novels of suspense, including the forthcoming The Stranger Inside (February 5, 2019). Small Town Trouble, her most recent book, is a cozy crime novel. Her Bliss House gothic trilogy includes The Abandoned Heart, Charlotte’s Story (Booklist starred review), and Bliss House. Her short fiction has appeared in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, and in numerous anthologies like Thrillers: 100 Must-Reads, The Lineup: 20 Provocative Women Writers, and St. Louis Noir. A native of Cincinnati, she lives in Southern Illinois with her family.

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Hexed and Vexed – Wards and Wands Book 1 by Rebecca Royce

Hexed and Vexed
Wards and Wands Book 1
Rebecca Royce


The worst witch in school, Ava Blakely is the girl no one forgets—she’s a Blakely, she’s a potion maker, and her fiancé left her at the altar the year before. When Enforcers whisk her away from her sister’s wedding, she finds herself in the company of Lawson Abramowitz—the hottest, nicest witch she’s ever met. Weirder still—he seems interested in her.

So between running her shop, placating her socially minded mother, her match making best friend, and a magical world turned upside down, Ava will face all sorts of challenges. Can the worst witch ever actually be the savior the witching world needs?

Ava is a witch without powers, well she has a knack for mixing potions, but other than that, nothing. She has adjusted from being the ‘worst witch in school’ and then being left at the alter to owning a shop to sell her potions and creams.

Her sister Zoe has found the perfect match for herself and this book opens with her wedding and Ava moaning about the pink dress her sister has her wearing because she looks cute in pink.

With the party in full swing, enforcers storm the room and demand Ava come with them.

Two men flew into the room, their feet never touching the ground. They were spellcasting hard, and a collective gasp filled the room. That much power wasn’t used in polite society. People dabbled together; they didn’t show off.

But then again, the two men who had flown through the doors wouldn’t be at all interested in showing off to anyone. Ava had gone to school with both Lawson Abramowitz and Stefan Miller. They had left school early, taken by the government to work as Enforcers. Their job was to hunt bad witches. They worked in secret, their real lives a mystery, and people feared them wherever they went. To be accused by an Enforcer of breaking a witching law was to be, at worst, put to death or, at best, shunned. Some people might prefer the first.

Ava hadn’t seen either of them in two years. They’d both come into her shop for a potion. Stefan hadn’t acknowledged her at all while Lawson had paid, nodded, and disappeared back out the door. She’d never had a problem with either of them. They weren’t the taunting type.

Of course, the question remained: what were they doing coming through the door at her sister’s wedding? They’d not been invited…

“I need Ava Blakely, and I need her right now.”

Ava’s father, Emilio, shot forward. “What is the meaning of this? My daughter has done nothing to gain your attention. She can’t even do a spell.”

Gratitude for her father’s defense settled on her spine, warring against the need to cringe that once again it had been pointed out that Ava was downright defunct—in public.

Stefan swore. “Son of a moon drugged bug, we don’t have time for this.”

Lawson grabbed his arm. “Your daughter is not in trouble. Listen up, partygoers, Ava Blakely is not in any trouble. We need her to consult on a case. She has done nothing wrong. We’d not be here if it wasn’t an emergency.”

Ava sucked in her breath. They wanted her to do what? Melanie grabbed her arm. “Steady. They can’t make you go anywhere with them. They just said you’re not in trouble.”

“Why do you need her?” Mitchell moved forward, and Ava’s breath quickened. Was he going to help her? Did he care? “She can’t do anything. She was the worst witch in witching school.”

The room spun, and Ava thought for a second she might faint. In all their time together, Mitchell had never once called her the never-going-away nickname. In fact, he’d beaten someone else for saying it. Anger fueled her through the dizzy and forced her to straighten her spine. She would not be brought down by that man, not again.

If the Enforcers needed help, then they would get it from her. Although, she had no idea what she could do exactly.

She stormed through the crowd toward the men. At the very least, she had to get them out of her sister’s wedding reception.

“Ava,” Zoe called out, horrified, “don’t go with them.”

“I’ll be fine, Zo-Zo,” Ava called back. “They said I’m not in trouble. They need my help. People do all the time, you know.”

Stefan didn’t react, but Lawson raised his eyebrows slightly. “Thank you,” the latter finally said. “Come on. There’s no time to waste.”

It took Ava a minute to realize he meant for her to come with him. “I can’t float. No spellcasting. Worst witch in witching school.” Sometimes it helped to actually say it aloud. Ownership of the phrase gave her power over it. Or at least she pretended it did.

Stefan rolled his eyes. “School was over five years ago. These people…”

“Not here. Not now.” Lawson extended his hand to Ava. “Come on. I’ve got you.”

Ava stared at his outstretched offering and didn’t move. All gazes in the room were on her. The last thing she could handle was to be dropped straight on her rear. “I’m kind of a big girl.”

Lawson rolled his eyes. “You’re tiny. Although that pink thing makes you look ten times bigger. Did you lose a bet?”

“She looks adorable in pink,” Zoe sobbed from somewhere in the crowd.
Rebecca Royce. Hexed and Vexed (Kindle Locations 96-130). Kindle Edition.

Seems the enforcers know something not many people do. Ava can mix the potions to remove hexes and one of their own has been hexed. A serial hexer is on the loose and they really need to find this person.

There’s much more going on as well, really crazy weather, humans bringing a necklace they shouldn’t have and lots more add to the intrigue and suspense as Lawton and Ava fall for each other.

I laughed and sniffled, held my breath and gasped. A thoroughly enjoyable book, with just enough lead in to the next in the series.

5 Contented Purrs for Rebecca!

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Coming Soon!

Rebecca Royce Rebecca Royce

As a teenager, I would hide in my room to read my favorite romance novels when I was supposed to be doing my homework. I hope, these days, that my parents think it was worth it.

I am the mother of three adorable boys and I am fortunate to be married to my best friend. I live in Austin Texas where I am determined to eat all the barbecue in town.

I am in love with science fiction, fantasy, and the paranormal and try to use all of these elements in my writing. I’ve been told I’m a little bloodthirsty so I hope that when you read my work you’ll enjoy the action packed ride that always ends in romance. I love to write series because I love to see characters develop over time and it always makes me happy to see my favorite characters make guest appearances in other books.

In my world anything is possible, anything can happen, and you should suspect that it will.

I’d love to hear from you!


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