My Review of MJ Nightingale’s Beautiful Bounty – Bounty Hunters: The Marino Bros. Book 1

Beautiful Bounty

Beautiful Bounty
Bounty Hunters: The Marino Brothers Book 1
MJ Nightingale



Ronnie Sears has a college degree, a promising future, a boyfriend, and a plan. But, her perfect life comes crashing down around her in the blink of an eye. Arrested, framed for drug smuggling, and facing years behind bars, Ronnie sees no choice but to run. Only she can prove her innocence.

Nikko Marino is a sexy, devastatingly charming bounty hunter. His job, as told to him by his older brothers, is to keep an eye on the curvaceous blonde. Make sure she doesn’t run. But what his brothers don’t know is that he and Ronnie have a past. He and the Ice Princess are more than mere passing acquaintances. She makes his blood burn, and he knows how to warm up this woman.

Nikko wants to prove himself, but this beauty might just take him down. With his reputation on the line, will Nikko, the hot-blooded youngest Marino, fall for this temptress? Will he be able to protect this beautiful bounty from herself, from the man who framed her, but most importantly can he protect his heart?

Beautiful Bounty is the first book in The Bounty Hunters – The Marino Bros.
Suspenseful, erotic, and romantic, these books are packed with passion, sex and characters you will love. What more could you want?

This book is intended for a mature audience. 18+




Returning home from a pre-graduation cruise, Ronnie was left holding the bag quite literally when her now ex-boyfriend Gary planted drugs in her scuba gear. Not small amounts either. Now she faces jail time for something she didn’t do. At her bail hearing she hears her Mom put up her house and her Mom’s best friend Ava gives a check to the last person on earth she expected, Nikko Marino. He and his brothers have a Bail Bondsman Company and agreed to post the 250,000 dollar bond for her release. In order to prove himself to his brothers he is the one entrusted with the task of keeping her from running and causing everyone to lose everything.

Ronnie is embarrassed and upset by this turn of events. She and Nikko almost had something going at his brother’s wedding a year previous. She still finds him devastatingly irresistible, yet a player and he is remembering her as the Ice Princess he almost thawed. This is a favorite scene the morning after he is assigned to keep an eye on her.

“What are you really doing here, Nikko?” she demanded. The edge in her voice threw him momentarily off guard, that and his wayward thoughts.

He was at a temporary loss, but quickly recovered. “Really?” he sighed, giving her a sheepish grin. At her nod, he continued. “I have to submit some papers to the court here in the county regarding this case. And here,” he used his finger to indicate her home with a circular gesture, “Because I genuinely like your daughter, and thought she could use another friend around, distract her. Keep her company, give moral support.  We met last summer, you know,” he gently reminded her.

Lou looked at him sharply. “I don’t know about the distraction part, but yes, she could use all the FRIENDS and support she can get right now.”  Nikko clearly got the message.  “Are you watching her for business purposes, too?” she added without a pause.

The woman was sharp. He’d give her that. “Yes.” He, too, answered without pause. Honesty was the best policy.

He didn’t want to make an enemy of this woman especially since he wasn’t sure about his feelings for her daughter.

“When my brothers and I post bond for someone, we do like to stick around for a while. See the client’s routine, hangouts. That sort of thing. But, Mrs. Russell, I really am here this morning as a friend. She is more than just business. I like her. Ronnie will go stir crazy staying put, doing nothing but worrying. If I can help to keep her spirits up, then that’s what I’d like to do.”

Lou’s eyes narrowed, but she nodded, and gave him a small smile. She turned to retrieve the pot of coffee, and then poured him a cup.

“Okay, Nikko Marino. I agree she could use a friend, someone to keep her mind off all this, all the time. But she, and I want to be clear, needs only friends right now. I don’t think it would be fair to you or her to complicate matters if you know what I mean?” Her eyes searched his for something. Understanding.

He took her pointed reference and stress on the word friend for a second time. “I understand, Mrs. Russell. I don’t want to complicate the situation for her. I really don’t.”

Just as he finished speaking he heard a door open. Lou looked past him, eyes widening, and made a shooing gesture with her hands. He couldn’t help but turn to look behind him. And there she was, dripping wet, in nothing but a towel, a rather small towel. God help him, he thought, he definitely wanted to be more than friends with Miss Ronnie Sears. He was glad a rather tall counter separated him from the girl’s mother.

“Oh!” Ronnie gasped in surprise. “I didn’t think anyone was here. Jay left for work, and . . . oh, I’ll just be out in a jiff,” she responded, holding her towel closely, water dripping over her shoulders from her unwrapped hair, down her throat and chest.

He could see the rivulets of water, wanted to trace the same path down her skin with his tongue.  He was all of a sudden very thirsty as she quickly ducked out of sight into her room, and shut the door.
Nightingale, MJ. Beautiful Bounty (The Bounty Hunters-The Marino Bros Book 1) (Kindle Locations 1119-1143). MJ Nightingale. Kindle Edition.

This gets hotter and very interesting from here. I love how the relationship develops and also her trust issues make perfect sense due to his reputation and her current circumstances.

However the only way Ronnie can see to prove her innocence was to go after the real culprit Gary. Not a smart move especially without backup.

A steady paced, intriguing and hot read. Unfortunately I found a couple of my pet peeves.
Your instead of you’re: “I know your twenty one now, but you know your mom,” he told her contritely, winking at Nikko and shrugging his shoulders.
Nightingale, MJ. Beautiful Bounty (The Bounty Hunters-The Marino Bros Book 1) (Kindle Locations 126). MJ Nightingale. Kindle Edition.

There instead of they’re: “Yes, the Brimeyers,” he told her as she laid there mute with shock. “There a local drug scum outfit.
Nightingale, MJ. Beautiful Bounty (The Bounty Hunters-The Marino Bros Book 1) (Kindle Location 3834). MJ Nightingale. Kindle Edition.

But this popped me out of the story, putting Lou instead of Ronnie as she was going to talk to her friend and get her hair changed.
Pulling into the shopping complex on the corner of Spring Hill Drive and Mariner Blvd., Lou quickly got out of her mother’s car, grabbed her purse, and locked the doors.
Nightingale, MJ. Beautiful Bounty (The Bounty Hunters-The Marino Bros Book 1) (Kindle Locations 2008-2009). MJ Nightingale. Kindle Edition.

4 Purrs for the story and 2 Hisses for editing for M.J.


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MJ Nightingale is the author of the Secrets & Seduction Series, and The Bounty Hunters; The Marino Bros. She writes romantic suspense and erotica. She began writing young, and will soon pursue her dream of writing full time. But reading has been a part of her life since she was a child. She has been an avid lover of romance novels, and they have always held a special place in her heart.When not working, or writing, or spending time with her children, she devours books all summer long, and any type of fiction; thrillers, crime, suspense, contemporary, and drama.

In 2016 MJ will begin rolling out her new series of romantic suspense novels; Mystic Nights. It will feature Mystic Nights Casino and the family that runs it.

She currently lives in Florida with her wonderful husband, and sons. And, she loves to hear from her readers.

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My Review of The Tiger’s Heart by Marissa Dobson


The Tiger’s Heart
Alaskan Tigers Book 2
Marissa Dobson



When Raja Harrison, Lieutenant of the Alaskan Tigers, rescues Bethany from kidnappers, nothing will ever the same. It should’ve been an easy rescue, instead he finds she’s not only injured—she’s his mate. He’d always believed his job was too dangerous to risk having a woman in his life. Now Bethany threatens what’s left of his fragile control.

A rogue shifter wants Bethany Thompson and is determined to destroy all she holds dear, along with the tiger shifter population. When she’s kidnapped and beaten, her whole world tilts on its axis. The shifter problems now are her problems as her family secret comes to light.

Can Raja and Bethany join forces with the other Elders of the Alaskan Tigers to bring down the rogue shifter—or will the rogue destroy all Raja seeks to protect?


KindleLogo Barnes and Noble logo_150ibooks-logo-150x150KoboLogo AreLogosmashwords_logo


I am loving these tigers. I read book one Tiger Time in the Alpha, Beta, Omega collection and was totally hooked. Now I have caught up on the entire series of eleven books. I will be reviewing them individually here as my schedule allows.

Bethany won a trip to Alaska, her dream vacation and she is determined to make the most of it, including going to a nightclub something she normally wouldn’t do but promised her sister she would. Then she is kidnapped by the resort’s ski instructor.

A video sent to Ty and Tabitha has Raja rushing to save her. He arrives to see her captor smash her knee with a pipe. Unable to wait for backup he charges in to save her. After getting the information that Pierce (the rogue who wants Tabitha dead) is behind the kidnapping he snaps the man’s neck. Approaching Bethany carefully she still backs away and passes out from the pain.

As he lifts her he discovers something he never expected, she is his mate and human. As Bethany wakes up from knee surgery Raja is with her and when he touches her they both get that electrical shock-like tingling of true mates. But before he can tell her about that he needs to tell her what he is. This is a favorite scene.

“Yeah. You’re stuck with me now.” He handed her a glass of water.

She took a long drink, watching him over the rim, then handed him the now empty glass in return and wiped the back of her hand against her mouth. “It could be worse.”

“I don’t believe that was your sentiment last night.”

“Speaking of last night—”

“Wait a moment, Bethany. We can discuss that, but first I need you to understand that what I’m about to tell you will come as a shock. There’s no easy way to tell you, and I’m taking an enormous risk by doing so. Hundreds will be in jeopardy if this gets out. Worse, we would become prey and likely exterminated if the government learned of our existence.”

“Raja, you make this sound like you’re some escaped lab experiment or something. You helped me, and whatever it is, your secret is safe with me. Please tell me what the hell is going on.”

He wanted to believe her. He needed to believe. Revealing their secrets went against every ounce of his training, but he couldn’t live with lying to his potential mate. Trusting Shadow and Tabitha, he sucked in a deep breath. “I’m a shapeshifter, a tiger to be exact.”

She raised an eyebrow, clearly suspicious. “Is that like a werewolf?”

“Were-animals can only change according to the moon. Shifters can change at will.”

“Prove it.” Challenging him, she was beautiful and formidable even with her injuries.

“Now?” Raja asked, confused that she wasn’t demanding he take her to the nearest airport. Shouldn’t she be freaked out about this or something?

“Yes, now. You said the moon doesn’t control you. If it’s true, then do it. Or are you a few marbles short? Maybe you need to be placed in a padded cell.”

“I’m not mental.” He growled at her. For the first time in days, he let his inner tiger spring free. He usually saved his shifts for his evening runs, allowing the tiger the freedom they both wanted. Letting the tiger out invigorated his soul.

Doing as she asked, his body shifted and reshaped into the tiger form. Relief banished his discomfort and anxiety. On four legs he experienced only freedom, as though his human form were a tight pair of shoes he wanted to slip out of. Shaking out his coat, and tossing away what was left of his shredded clothes, he padded over to Bethany, nudging her hand with his nose.

He studied her reaction, expecting to see horror and found only wonder. Her eyes lit up with excitement, instead of the panic he had imagined.

“No way!” Bethany touched the top of his head and ran her fingers through his fur. “I always thought Dad was off his rocker. He said things like this existed, but I never believed him. He told me one day I would find out for myself.” Laughing, she used her nails to massage his head, scratching around his ears. “Guess he was right. Can you understand me when you’re like that?”

He purred, delighted and relieved at her response.

Raja wasn’t sure how long they stayed like that. He was perfectly content in his tiger form, with her rubbing his head. He felt almost like a big housecat as he leaned against the bed and let her pet him while she chatted on about her father’s stories. Shadow’s scent drifted up the hallway and he turned to face the door, ready to defend his mate.

“What is it?” Shadow stepped in.

“I brought you a pair of scrubs. It’s all we have down here. There’s an emergency meeting in the conference room in ten minutes. Tabitha and her guards are on their way.” She set the scrubs on the chair before hurrying away.
Dobson, Marissa. The Tiger’s Heart (Alaskan Tigers Book 2) (pp. 63-66). Sunshine Press. Kindle Edition.

Bethany has to endure far more than just her physical pain as this story continues, a video is delivered from Pierce showing him killing her family. This starts a new  level of investigation for the tigers.

We meet many new shifters in this one. Bethany’s Uncle James, Shadow becomes head of Bethany’s guards. Lucas’ brother Alex the Alpha of the West Virginia Tigers and Taber from the Bears. A new healer arrives Galen after he has a dream and the Book show Tabitha  more of what she needs to do.

A lot of action and suspense as we get close to those involved with Pierce and the traitor Carter.

I am enjoying this journey as Tabitha learns how to be Queen and to start bringing the tigers together.

5 contented Purrs for Marissa!


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Books 1 – 5 are in a wonderful box set


tigers-6   tigers-7

tigers-8   tigers-9






Marissa Dobson


Born and raised in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, Marissa Dobson now resides about an hour from Washington, D.C. She’s a lady who likes to keep busy, and is always busy doing something. With two different college degrees, she believes you are never done learning.

Being the first daughter to an avid reader, this gave her the advantage of learning to read at a young age. Since learning to read she has always had her nose in a book. It wasn’t until she was a teenager that she started writing down the stories she came up with.

Marissa is blessed with a wonderful supportive husband, Thomas. He’s her other half and allows her to stay home and pursue her writing. He puts up with all her quirks and listens to her brainstorm in the middle of the night.

Her writing buddy Pup Cameron, a cocker spaniel, is always around to listen to her bounce ideas off him. He might not be able to answer, but they’re helpful in their own ways.

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A New Kindle World from Susan Stoker: Special Forces – Operation Alpha: Aaron’s Honor by Lindsay Cross

Aaron's Honor

Aaron’s Honor
Men of Mercy #8
Lindsay Cross



As a Special Forces operative, Aaron Spears treated relationships like Tangos. He’d seen the wreckage of his Task Force brothers’ attempts and had no desire to put any woman through the hardship. He had one purpose – serve his country and protect his teammates. Then Celine Latimer walked into his life and turned his world upside down.Celine Latimer thought she’d hit the jackpot when hunky SF operative Aaron Spears asked her to accompany him to the high-profile wedding of Senator Cotter’s daughter. They’d get to spend two weeks together while Aaron pulled guard duty for Caroline Cotter and Celine intended to use every spare minute, seducing the man she’d had a crush on for over a year.

The time and place proved to be more of a barrier than either of them realized. With his commander watching his every move, Aaron couldn’t afford to show any weakness. That meant ignoring Celine.

Rejected and hurt, Celine packed to leave only to be caught in a kidnapping plot against the Senator. Here she sat, in a hut in the Middle East, waiting on a rescue that may never come.

He’d sworn to protect and he’d failed. Now Aaron lived for one purpose- to rescue the woman he lost before she’s sold into slavery and spend the rest of his life making her see how much he loves her.




Trying to have a relationship while on active duty is a challenge Aaron never wanted to deal with. Too often these relationships end either by death or divorce, definitely not for him. Yet he is attracted to Celine. More than he cares to admit, even to himself. He recommends her as the stylist for Caroline Cotter’s wedding. An event that would be highly guarded, as the bride is the daughter of a senator and marrying a general. Aaron and his team is part of the security detail for the event. Only all hell broke loose resulting in Caroline and Celine being kidnapped and taken to the middle east.

Now Aaron has to come to terms with his guilt. Guilt he feels because he was the reason Celine was at the wedding to begin with. On top of that he can’t get her out of his mind something that hasn’t happened to him before. The man behind it all is a traitor, former CIA known as Mr. J. and Aaron and his team have one goal in mind, find him and kill him. But before they can work on achieving that goal they have to rescue Celine and Caroline. With the help of Ghost and his team they manage to get Celine but there was no sign of Caroline. This is a favorite scene when Celine wakes in the hospital.

Celine was literally falling apart right before his eyes and he didn’t have a damn clue what to do to stop it. She’d gone completely white when she looked under the sheet. Was he supposed to hold her? Or would having a man touch her make her worse? Did he need to call the Sister back in here?

She shuddered and silent tears flowed from her closed eyes. Fuck, his chest felt like someone had stuck a blade in it and left it there to rust. He’d never felt so helpless. What was going through her mind? If only he could ask her without invoking more nightmares.

She moaned and bent forward, the first sob breaking free and suddenly he knew what he had to do. His arms went around her, as natural as if they’d been molded for her, and he held her against his chest. Bleeding and sobbing with only a stained sheet between them, he held her.

He’d never let her go.

Her knees gave out, Aaron scooped her fluidly, sensing when she no longer had the strength to stand on her own. He didn’t care about anything or anyone else right now except the woman in his arms.

He knew girls needed to cry sometimes, he’d learned that lesson from his sisters. Sometimes they cried for no reason whatsoever than a need to cleanse. Celine cried for a reason more real than she could handle on her own.

Her sobs filled the room, each one ripping a little piece from his heart.

He’d handle whatever she’d been through and he’d be here for her; hold her up so she wouldn’t fall to her demons.

He had no clue about recovering from rape or captivity, but he’d do his damn best to do what he could for her and right now he did what felt right. He held her.

Sister Mary Catherine eased open the door, saw them together and slowly closed it.

Celine clutched his shirt, holding on to him like a life line. He embraced the fierce surge of protectiveness and eased onto the bed, settling her in his lap. Eventually, her sobs turned to soft sniffles and then to even softer pants as she strove for control.

He remained silent, letting her figure her own way through. When she was ready, he’d be here.
Cross, Lindsay. Special Forces: Operation Alpha: Aaron’s Honor (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Men of Mercy Book 8) (Kindle Locations 1049-1066). Kindle Worlds. Kindle Edition.

With Celine rescued and brought back to the US they find Mr J’s reach is deeper than they originally thought and Aaron has to go off the grid with Celine.

Lots of suspense as Aaron comes to terms with his feelings for Celine and the fact his team has yet to locate Caroline. Fast paced and sexy and hotter than ever.

I cant wait to read the next book in this Men of Mercy Series.

5 Contented Purrs for Lindsay!


LindsayCross  Lindsay Cross

Lindsay Cross is the award-winning author of the Men of Mercy series. She is the fun loving mom of two beautiful daughters and one precocious Great Dane. Lindsay is happily married to the man of her dreams – a soldier and veteran. During one of her husband’s deployments from home, writing became her escape and motivation.

An avid reader since childhood, reading and writing is in her blood. After years of reading, she discovered her true passion – writing. Her alpha military men are damaged, drop-dead gorgeous and determined to win the heart of the woman of their dreams.

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Hell Yeah! Cowboy’s Break – Poker Flats Book 4 by Lexi Post A Kindle Worlds Novella


Hell Yeah! Cowboy’s Break
Poker Flats Book 4
A Kindle World Novella
Lexi Post



Cowboy and former detective Vance Gallagher never thought he’d have a second chance to convince Rachel Henderson they were meant to be together, nor did he think he’d want to. Now, after seven years, thanks to his old police academy friend, Vance is knee deep in numbers and computers, determined to save Rachel’s ranch and his own heart.

Rachel hadn’t expected to see Vance again…ever. In fact, she planned on it. Saying goodbye to him had been the hardest thing she’d ever done, but she couldn’t handle her sister, the ranch, and his job as an undercover detective all at the same time. Now she’s with him every day and buried feelings just won’t go away.

The closer Vance gets to solving the mystery of the missing money, the more convinced he becomes that Rachel is the one for him. But when prize animals start disappearing, he has to choose between revealing the culprit and keeping the woman he’s always loved from harm. He just can’t catch a break.




I am loving Sable Hunter’s Hell Yeah! Kindle World. The way some of my favorite Cowboy authors are blending their characters in with Sable’s is fun and exciting too. Lexi’s Poker Flats series is a favorite of mine and it’s fun to see these characters away from the Nudist Resort Ranch. Add in Sable’s McCoy’s of Tebow Ranch and it just gets better and better, even if the circumstances aren’t fun.

In this book we meet Rachel Henderson, she is a woman who has always risen to the occasion and done what she needs to keep her family’s ranch going. It hasn’t been easy but now things have gone terribly awry and she needs help. She just didn’t realize that when she called her friend Hunter McKade he would bring someone from her past in to help as well.

Vance Gallagher came when Hunter called him to help with a ranch’s sudden financial problem. He just didn’t know the ranch in question was Rachel’s. He’d loved her and she broke his heart, but he knew he’d do everything in his power to help her.

As Vance investigates he also has to come to grips with the fact he still loves Rachel and surprisingly enough she still loves him. A favorite scene is a the end of the day when her foreman had called out and she works the ranch in his place.

Frustrated, she stomped up the porch steps and opened the screen door and front door. As soon as she stepped inside, she slowed as the coolness of the air conditioning hit her. After riding hard all day, something she rarely had to do anymore, the temperature of the house refreshed her.

She closed the door then headed for the kitchen. The scent of beef stew wafted by. She hadn’t seen Crystal’s car out there. Vance wasn’t cooking, was he?

Stepping into the kitchen, she halted. Lord have mercy! Vance stood at her stove in a red checkered shirt and tight blue jeans that hugged his ass beautifully. He was in the process of lifting a wooden spoon to his lips and tasting its contents.

The need to taste his lips rose hard. She grabbed the door frame to keep herself in place. “I ran a bath for you.”

Vance turned and faced her, a small smile on his lips. “After a day of riding, I thought you might enjoy one.” His gaze moved from her face, to her dirty shirt, to her jeans and dust covered boots.

Oh shit. Her body responded to his look like a mare in heat. Her clothes were suddenly too confining and she took a step forward as if propelled by instinct. She wrapped her arms around her waist to keep herself from moving closer. “Thank you.”

She should say more, but her mouth didn’t want to work. Neither did her legs as she told them to back away. Luckily, her stomach rumbled, letting them both know she was hungry. She flushed and pointed behind her. “I’ll head upstairs now.”

Tearing her gaze from his smiling eyes, she turned on her heel and practically ran out of the room to the stairs. She took the steps two at a time, anxious to put space between her and Vance. She was in big trouble. She just couldn’t think with him around.
Post, Lexi. Hell Yeah!: Cowboy’s Break (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Poker Flat Series Book Book 4) (Kindle Locations 773-788). Kindle Worlds. Kindle Edition.

This is the beginning of a new start for them one where they communicate with each other. Unfortunately it also answers questions that Vance needed to validate his suspicions on who is playing with the ranch’s finances.

Many twists and turns bring us to the end of this intriguing tale. Complete with a renewed romance and plenty of hot bedroom time.

5 Contented Purrs for Lexi!


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cowboy-never-folds  cowboys-match



Lexi Post Lexi Post

Lexi Post is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author of erotic romance. She spent years in higher education taking and teaching courses about the classical literature she loved. From Edgar Allan Poe’s short story “The Masque of the Red Death” to Tolstoy’s War and Peace, she’s read, studied, and taught wonderful classics.

But Lexi’s first love is romance novels. In an effort to marry her two first loves, she started writing erotic romance inspired by the classics and found she loved it. From hot paranormals to sizzling cowboys to hunks from out of this world, Lexi provides an erotic experience with a “whole lotta story.”

Lexi is living her own happily ever after with her husband and her cat in Florida. She makes her own ice cream every weekend, loves bright colors, and you will never see her without a hat.

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Reviewing the Black Hills Wolves #20 – Infiltrating Her Pack by Dominique Eastwick


Infiltrating Her Pack
Black Hills Wolves #29
Dominique Eastwick



The mysterious and intimidating lone wolf, Z, has returned to Los Lobos. Descended from a long line of gifted yet secretive shifters known as Infiltrators, his people are the spies of the shifting world, rarely seen and harder to track.

Ripley Greystone has a big problem—her pack is Alpha-less and a local coyote band knows it. The safety of her pack rides on trusting Drew, the new Alpha of the Black Hills Wolves. But, admitting the reason for needing his help isn’t something she’s quite ready to do.

Drew senses there’s more to Ripley’s request to join his pack than what she leads him to believe. There’s only one way to know for sure—send an Infiltrator to spy on Ripley and her pack.

Forced to infiltrate her pack to discover the its hidden secrets and protect it from the coyotes determined to claim the she-wolves for themselves, Z finds more than he expects—all the while fighting the need to claim Ripley as his mate.


KindleLogo Barnes and Noble logo_150 ibooks-logo-150x150KoboLogogoogle_play_logo_002_002 AreLogo


Z is an infiltrator, meaning he tests the security of a pack’s boundaries to assess the ease of intrusion. He also evaluates the scouts and other wolves as to their attentiveness and reports to the Alpha. He gives Drew a better rating than the first time but advises of things to improve on. Other than that Drew has a task for him. Find out about one Ripley Greystone and her pack, they are asking for an alliance but there is too much information lacking for an informed decision. Even Z’s pack has no information on this pack.Ripley’s pack has a successful Rafting Business as such Z books an overnight trip. When he arrives he meets Ripley and realizes she is his true mate. She in turn feels the attraction but he smells human. Everything he brought with him is brand new with no other scent. Her wariness about this newcomer has her following the rafting trip.

Everything changes for her when they discover coyote tracks near the campsite and she finds out that contrary to what her father had taught her coyotes could swim. Her fear becomes real when her omega Will the cook at the campsite doesn’t arrive as expected at the base. This is where everything gets very interesting, this is a favorite scene.

The ten minutes it took to get to the boat seemed closer to ten hours. Neither she nor Zames bothered with life vests. As they came within view of the camp landing, the motorboat Will would need to use to get out of camp sat there as a bad omen, and coolers lay open on the sandy ground nearby. Zames jumped out, yanking the boat in and putting a finger to his lips. The trail to the camp showed no signs of life. That alone told her what she dreaded.He moved ahead of Ripley with the stealth precision of a Navy SEAL. If only he were wolf, he would make a perfect mate, perhaps even an Alpha.

Her skin crawled at the high-pitched shouts and woots of men in the distance. As she and Zames rounded the bend, the coyotes came into view. One of them kicked something, or someone, near the campfire.

“Stop it,” she yelled, unable to stay put as they attacked what had to be Will. Running into the open, she paused. Five of the coyote-clan baddies stared back at her.

“You got here quicker than expected, Miss Ripley,” one the men said, thankfully downwind from her because she could almost see the stink coming off him.

As two of them stepped toward her, Zames pushed her behind him, making sure he stood between her and them. “You take one step closer to my mate, and I will tear each of you limb from limb.”

Mate? Did he say mate?

The largest of the group stepped forward, sniffed the air, and laughed. “What do you plan to do, human? Call 911?”

One second, the handsome human protector stood before her, and a blink of an eye later, a large black wolf replaced him, growling, its teeth bared. It happened so fast Ripley still searched for Zames beside her. Impossible. No wolf shifted that quickly or easily. The world around her spun, and her stomach lurched.

The coyotes had taken a few steps forward then just as quickly turned tail and ran.
Eastwick, Dominique. Infiltrating Her Pack (Black Hills Wolves Book 20) (Kindle Locations 598-617). Decadent Publishing. Kindle Edition.

From here it just gets better and better. A truly intense mating, and another talk with Drew. A wonderful addition to the Black Hills Wolves series. I hope we get to see more of these wolves in future books.

5 Contented Purrs for Dominique!


Dominique Eastwick

Award Winning Author, Dominique Eastwick grew up a US Navy Brat, so if there was a Naval base that was probably home. She currently resides in North Carolina with her husband, two children, crazy lab and lazy cat.

Dominique’s love of reading started when she was told to read TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD in high school. A book that opened her eyes to the joys of reading and entering into the world of the author. To this day she ranks this book as her favorite.

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My Review of More Than Words by Susan Child

More Than Words
More Than Book 2
Susan Child



It was just fun & games… until it got serious.

There are reasons you’re not meant to fall in love with your best friend. The big one would be watching as he introduces you to a skinny blonde. A week away to drown my misery—with lots of wine—seemed like a good idea. Well, that was until my infatuation showed up. That one steamy encounter changed everything.

There’s a reason you’re not meant to sleep with your best friend. Because once you do, nothing will ever be the same again.


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I have to say I got a bit confused in the beginning of this book mainly because she was hot and it was 50 degrees then I realized she meant Celsius, I would have liked to know where I was other than in someone’s bedroom.

I didn’t even know the girl’s name until she was having lunch with Brett her best friend. Him I knew because of the fantasy scene right at the start.

Sam was meeting her best friend Brett for lunch and she was finally going to tell him she was in love with him. What she didn’t expect was for his new girlfriend Lauren to show up a girlfriend she knew nothing about. This of course right after she reveals that fact.

Fleeing she throws her stuff together and leaves for her vacation in Hunter. In her state of mind she ends up speeding and gets a ticket, the officer was far more kind than any I’ve ever run across. Tissues? Really? Follow-up call a couple of days later, seemed a bit unethical to me. Although I kind of wish she’d taken him up on his dinner offer.

I did like that Brett sought her out, the sex was very hot, but the events that followed left me cold. There was too much that didn’t feel real to me so I can’t even say I have a favorite scene.

I needed more background, like where we are, what does Brett do for a living that he had to leave her without waking her up and most disturbing why didn’t he use a condom?

2.5 Purrs for Susan.


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Susan Child    Susan Child

When Susan was in high school, she never really liked to read, but when she was a child she did. Go figure. It wasn’t until after she graduated that she caught the reading bug. Susan had to go to a book store to sell off her text books and a particular book caught her eye. This book stood out from the other second-hand books because it had a pink cover. It was only a couple of dollars, so she thought, “Why not?” But she couldn’t quite bring herself to read her bargain book. It had a pink cover! Then, after it tormented her for three weeks, she finally picked it up and… could not put it down. Susan finished it in two days! After Google-ing the author and found that she’d written a heap of books for Harlequin Mills & Boon as well as Single Titles. So of course Susan had to buy all her other books! And when she realised that there were other Mills & Boon authors out there, she just had to search out their books, too. And she loved them! Susan got a ton of inspiration from those books. But the most important thing she realized was that she wanted to write those books, too. She wanted to be a Paranormal author! Because let’s face it, who doesn’t like things that go bump in the night?

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My Review of Lisa Renee Jones’ Inside Out: Behind Closed Doors

Vegas. A bet. A sexy, alpha millionaire. Blackmail. Danger and scorching passion. 


Behind Closed Doors
Inside Out/Careless Whispers
Lisa Renee Jones



This book is a full length standalone novel that intertwines with both the Inside Out and Careless Whisper Series.

Desperate to pay for law school, Skye tries her hand at auction hunting with her friend Ella, only to find a poker chip and a note leading to an offsite locker. The next thing she knows, Jason “Red Bull” Wise–a famous, millionaire poker player–is at her door, accusing her of blackmail. Innocent, she swears he’s wrong. He rolls the dice and believes her, impulsively inviting her along to Las Vegas. And remarkably, cautious Skye takes a risk, finding herself seduced by this dangerously alluring man, on his private jet, and finally living life to the fullest. But there is more than passion waiting for Skye and Jason in Vegas when blackmail takes a deadly turn.


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I think this is the first one of  Lisa’s books I’ve read that is not a cliffhanger and I loved it!If you’ve read the Inside out series you’ll remember Ella she’s the one with the storage unit that leads us into that series. This book starts with the day the unit was purchased. Ella bought one unit and bid on one for her friend Skye.

Skye wasn’t exactly happy since the unit she got doesn’t contain much that she can see. Well except for a key to a bus station locker. What she finds there is a clue to something much larger than she could imagine.

The purchase of the locker leads profession poker player Jason “Red Bull” Wise to her door, much to the delight of her nosy neighbor. A favorite scene is as he is trying to convince Skye he really is being blackmailed. However, he has an obligation to fulfil and he doesn’t want her out of his sight.

“Until you know me and hear my story and believe it and me. That means spending time with me.”“No. I mean yes, but that doesn’t require I go to Vegas with you.”
“The sooner you get to know me, the sooner this is handled for both of us.”Why am I not saying no? “This is crazy.”“And sometimes crazy is exactly right.” And insane. And dangerous.

And . . . insane. So why am I even considering it?

“You want a reason to trust me,” he says. “I want to give you one. Or ten or twenty.”

“I promise you, I won’t hand the unit to the police or Stephanie or—”
“Damn it. No.” His fingers flex in my arms. “That’s not why I’m asking you to come with me. I could just have a private investigator watch you.”

“But that wouldn’t stop me from calling the police. And despite my telling you I won’t, you don’t know me any more than I know you.”

He doesn’t deny my statement. “Come with me to Vegas. Hear my whole story and then decide what to do.”

“In bed,” I say skeptically.

He releases me and steps back.

“I’ll get you your own room.”

I laugh at that. “Oh, please. Let’s not pretend you’re going to save my nonexistent virtue. Just be honest with me.”

“I’m being as honest as time allows.” He glances at his watch. “It’s eleven o’clock. I have to be at a table at five o’clock. It’s a television show that I’m contracted for, and I have to be there on time. Come with me.”

“I don’t have a plane reservation. You don’t have time to deal with that.”

“I chartered a private jet.”

“If that means small with propellers, I’m out.”

“No propellers. It’s a jet plane and a smooth ride.” He arches a brow. “Don’t tell me you’re afraid of flying.”

“I am afraid of flying.”

He steps to me again, those really amazing hands of his settling back on my arms. “I’ll keep your mind off the flight.” He softens his voice and says again, “Come with me. You can decide on the room when we get there.” “When do you get back?”

“When do you need to be back?”

“I didn’t say I was going.”

“When do you need to be back?” he presses.

“Tomorrow night.”

“Then we’ll come back tomorrow night.” He cups my face. “Look, Skye. What do you have to lose? Tell Molly next door you’re going with me. She’ll blab to everyone, and you know that will make you safe.”

“I’m not afraid of you.” It’s the truth. I just don’t know if that makes me right or stupid— but he’s given me insurance by suggesting Molly. That matters.

He kisses me, hard and fast, and settles his hand on my waist. “Say yes, and then go pack.”

Life is short and I’m barely living it, while he fears his life may soon end. If I can stop that from happening, I have to do that. My decision is made; I’m going to gamble for the second time in two days. “Yes. I’ll go with you.”
Jones, Lisa Renee. Inside Out: Behind Closed Doors (Kindle Locations 952-979). Pocket Star. Kindle Edition.

From here not only does romance blossom but also a suspenseful tale of greed. I couldn’t put this one down till I turned that last page.

We also see more of Ella and learn things that make me lust for the next Careless Whispers book.

5 Contented Purrs for Lisa!


~New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author ~

LisaReneeJones Lisa Renee Jones

Lisa Renee Jones is the author of the highly acclaimed INSIDE OUT SERIES, which is now in development by Suzanne Todd (Alice in Wonderland) for cable TV. In addition, her Tall, Dark and Deadly series and The Secret Life of Amy Bensen series, both spent several months on a combination of the NY Times and USA Today lists.

Watch the video on casting for the INSIDE TV Show:

Since beginning her publishing career in 2007, Lisa has published more than 40 books translated around the world. Booklist says that Jones suspense truly sizzles with an energy similar to FBI tales with a paranormal twist by Julie Garwood or Suzanne Brockmann.

Prior to publishing, Lisa owned multi-state staffing agency that was recognized many times by The Austin Business Journal and also praised by Dallas Women Magazine. In 1998 LRJ was listed as the #7 growing women owned business in Entrepreneur Magazine.

Lisa loves to hear from her readers. You can reach her on her website and she is active on twitter and facebook daily.

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Blog Tour, Excerpt and My Review for Magic and Mayhem: The Witch Singer by Heather Long

THE WITCH SINGER by Heather Long



Magic and Mayhem: The Witch Singer
Witches of Mane Street Book 1
Heather Long



Curses. Vampires. Skunks. The life of a Witch Singer shouldn’t be this complicated.

After years spent paying off an old debt by working for the vampires, Bridget the Witch Singer receives the opportunity of the lifetime. Solve one vampire’s oops—he turned the wrong person—and she’s a free witch. Desperate to win her freedom, she heads to Assjacket to find the solution to the vampire’s problem and everything goes wrong along the way, including a flat tire, getting sprayed by a skunk and the road trip from hell.

Unfortunately, Martin is no ordinary skunk and his spray is a nervous tick. She does her best to save the beast when her scream accidentally wounds him and springs him from his curse. Good news for Martin, not so good for Bridget who can’t get rid of him. Once in Assjacket, she’s tasked by the BabaYoMama to unite at least two couples and sing at their weddings in order to gain the cure she needs for her freedom.

No problem, right?




What happens when you are a captive witch and are made an offer you can’t refuse? You get a delightful tale of magic and mayhem.

Bridget has been a captive of the Vampires for many years paying off a debt she incurred by not controlling her magic. She can earn her freedom by finding a way to reverse a turning that should never have happened to begin with. Failure is not an option, so she begins her journey to find the one witch who could help her Baba Yaga whom she “affectionately” calls BabaYoMama.

Let me say this was so much fun to read. Bridget must sing her curses and some of them are hysterical. Talk about switching lyrics. Of course no journey is without it’s trials and tribulations. For Bridget it is a skunk…well a human cursed into a skunk named Martin. He needs to get to Assjacket too so he begs a ride. One of the bumps in the road is a flat tire, this is a favorite scene.

Panic-fueled adrenaline surged through me as we came to an abrupt halt. Shaking, I glanced at my passenger who had flattened himself against the seat, tail straight up and eyes wide as he looked over his shoulder at me.

“Don’t you dare.” But it was too late. He sprayed me.

And my mouth was open, dammit.

Choking, gagging, and spitting out the foul taste, I managed to get the car into park. Then I did the utterly mature thing— I beat my hands against the steering wheel.

“I’m sorry,” Martin sounded genuinely contrite. “It’s a nervous habit.”

Hardly mollified by his words or his intentions, I kept pounding my hands on the steering wheel. Tears seemed to gush from my eyes and turned the world into a wavering mess. I couldn’t breathe without smelling the acrid odor. It was everywhere. On me. On my clothes. On my car!

“Witchy-poo?” The skunk in question crept toward me. His soft, doe-eyes swam in my gaze. I could barely make out his white capped and striped black body. The tail, at least, was down, or I think it was. It didn’t really matter.

I’d spent years stuck in service to vamps because I said one wrong damn word. Then of course, there was the bill I ran up trying to escape that racket. Then the bill I ran up when I realized they weren’t going to let me go. That was neither here nor there. I had a chance. A chance to fix Nasty-Face’s stupid mistake— not that I thought one single solution actually existed in the universe, but I’d take what I could get.

All I had to do was get to fucking Assjacket. I slammed my palm on the steering wheel once for every word in that sentence. Martin touched me with a paw, and it served as a tipping point for every damn thing that had gone wrong in my life since open bar karaoke.

I screamed.
Long, Heather. Magic and Mayhem: The Witch Singer (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Witches of Mane Street Book 1) (Kindle Locations 371-385). Kindle Worlds. Kindle Edition.

There are lots of surprises along the way and even more once they reach their destination.

5 Contented Purrs for Heather!

I loved every second of this book and I can’t wait for the next one. Since it appears Heather is making this a series for this Kindle World.



You know how, when you’re young, you dream of how your life will go? Sometimes, the crap you watch on TV influences you. You always think they have it better—I mean, who wouldn’t want to be an invulnerable superhero who makes it at the last minute and saves the day? If you were a superhero, did it really matter if you were vulnerable to a bit of meteor rock? The last time I was afraid of a rock collection was, like, never. Too bad I hadn’t been born on another planet then jettisoned to Earth when my planet was destroyed. No matter how ridiculous, I had dreams. Big dreams. I always thought I would be a star. If not of the stage or screen, then at least at every backwater pub, club, and high school dance where someone let me hold a microphone. Hecate knows, I’m a damn karaoke expert.

But nope. No, I have a problem. A wicked temper, salted by way too much sarcasm. I got up on a stage and strutted my stuff. Okay, I was drunk, and it was a dare, but how was I supposed to know that half the audience in that club that night was there ashors d’oeuvres for the local vampire enclave? Did they have a sign out front? No. No, they did not. So there I was, doing my best Sandra Dee impression and rocking out to Summer Lovin’ with this really good looking guy when some jackass in the audience boos us.


Okay, he got up, turned around and farted in tune to the song. Not just offensive, but really profane. It really threw me off my game, so much so that when we got to the part about the true love vow, I said cow. My gift, it’s got some serious kick, and all the mortals in the place—including Mr. Farts-A-Long—were moo-ved along.

Yep, I said moo-ved, ‘cause I crack myself up.

Anyway, long story short, the vampires in the bar were pissed. Beyond pissed. Like metric-nuclear-to-the-max-you-wouldn’t-like-me-when-I’m-angry furious. Fortunately, or maybe not so fortunately, they saw me as asset to be co-opted rather than feasted upon. Of course, it could also have something to do with the fact that the potent herbal teas I drink to protect my very valuable throat also makes my blood taste like ass. Or so I’ve heard.

For the last few years, I’ve been the local enclave’s version of a jukebox. They want jazz? Well, I’m their girl. They want blues? Yep, there I am. Bubblegum rock? Just crank Bridget up and press play.

It’s so effing boring. I got hauled across town in the dead of night, while in my pajamas, my hair is standing straight up—not to mention I lost one of my favorite slippers when Goon One and Goon Two hustled me into the car. If only I didn’t have to wear the stupid choker. If my voice went even a fraction of a decibel above normal conversation, it zapped me.

I tested it once. My hair didn’t comb straight for a week. Not even with product and a flat iron. Again, I digress, the point being… if I could have shattered the vampires’ eardrums, I would have but nope. I ended up standing in the too-plush living room of one Alistair Hethrington Nasty-Face.

Yes, I know. It wasn’t his real name. “Good morning, Mr. Nasty-Face, what can I do for you today?” Keeping them on their toes required a lot more coffee than they’d provided. “Please tell me you want me to take off the collar so I can sing you a lullaby to permanent sleep?”

“Sit down. Shut up. Listen.” Awww, he was in a foul mood.

“Did Mr. Nasty-Face not get a good day’s sleep?” Flopping onto the sofa, I folded my arms and put my feet on his really nice table. Since I was missing a slipper, I’d likely leave a mark on the wood.

“Bridget…” He growled my name. It was pretty sexy, if one discounted his rather disgusting penchant for feeding on blood, his need for dominance, and the overwhelming arrogance in his silk black power suit. “We have an issue.”

“Didn’t do it.” Holding my hand up, palm forward in a show of surrender, I did my best to keep my expression empty of doubt or at least not sneering. “I’ve been home all night. Bridezillas marathon.” Awesome cat fights, too. The whole brides turning into monsters the closer their wedding day came served as a fervent reminder what a crapfest love could be.

Mr. Nasty-Face sighed then pinched the bridge of his nose. “I’m shocked no one has ripped your throat out yet…or at least your tongue.”

“Pity I need both to do your dirty work, isn’t it?” Mom used to accuse me of being too confident. On the one hand, I suppose I see her point. I mean why else would I have let the word ‘cow’ slip into my lyrics? I knew what would happen. Then again, the vampires didn’t kill me and, while working for them sucked, it certainly beat the alternative.

Most of the time.

With a baleful look, he stared at me. He might as well have had “shut up” stamped on his forehead or maybe he wanted to stamp it on mine. Either way, I mimed zipping my lips closed then waited.

I wasn’t going to give him long, a fact he seemed to grasp. “I have a job for you, a difficult task to which I believe you are uniquely qualified.”

“Peachy.” I flashed him a view of my pearly whites. Then stopped. I hadn’t actually had a chance to brush my teeth before they dragged me to his house. “What’s the job?”

“Always straight to the point with you.” The vampire sighed then cut his hand through the air. “Fine. I don’t care. Here’s the task. Montague turned a succubus.”

“The fuck you say.” Thank Hecate I didn’t have coffee in hand. I might have choked on it. “You can’t turn other species.”

“Not typically, no.” Mr. Nasty-Face strode across the room, retrieved a file then carried it to me and dropped it on the coffee table. The folder opened to a photograph of a very messy bedroom. Blood stained the sheets, the walls, and something dark and sticky seemed splashed liberally over the carpet. At no point in my existence did I possess a desire to be a crime scene tech or in any way attached to a crime scene.

“Gross.” I flipped the folder closed. Clearing my throat, I gave myself a minute so I didn’t hurl. “How does a nasty photograph tell you a vampire turned a succubus?”

Hands curling into fists, Nasty-Face stalked away to the bar and poured himself a drink. The agitation within him made for short, jerky motions. He slammed the crystal decanter down with enough force, I thought it might shatter. The amber liquid sloshed out of the glass onto the cherry wood counter, but he ignored it.

“Oh…dude.” Real shock rippled through me. “You did it.”

He held up a finger. “Not another word, never repeat that sentence outside of this room. Understood?”

Laughter bubbled up, and I pressed two fingers to my lips to keep it from escaping. As funny as the whole situation might be, Master Nasty-Ass was in a mood. Clearing my throat again, I fought for some semblance of control. “How can I help?”

“And delivered so nicely, too.” Nope, my attitude didn’t fool him a bit. Hey, at least I tried. “I need a solution to the problem. You will reach out to other witches and to Baba Yaga and find out how to reverse the transformation.”

Oh. Was that all? “Really? You just want me to track down the biggest, baddest witch and ask her how to undo something impossible?”

“If anyone knows what to do, it would be the witches. You will find the answer to my problem, and you will fix it.”

“Sounds like you have it all thought out, so forgive me if I’m stepping on your toes, but I see a couple of small problems with that plan.” At his baleful glance, I spread my hands wide. “I’m bound to your enclave, can’t travel out of the state. And, the last I checked, Baba Yaga isn’t a big fan of Texas.”

“That’s an inconvenience, not a problem. The collar will come off for the trip.”

“Dude. Seriously?” He had my attention now. How to play this? How to spin it so it worked for me?

“Yes. I am aware you will need access to your magic.” As if the fact he said the words were all that was needed, the locks on the collar began to turn. I could feel the click clack of it all. “I also know how that brain of yours works. Once the collar is off, all bargains and bets are in the air. I know you, Bridget. You’ll do what’s best for you which means running as far from here as you can.”

No lie. The vampire did know me well. “I bet you’re going to make it worth my while.”

“I will cover all your remaining debts to the enclave.” That was a hefty price tag. “I will certify your freedom from obligation and give you the collar back once the task is complete.”

Give me the collar? The last lock spun slowly, but halted before it was complete. One more lock off and my voice was my own again. As would be my magic and the ability to go anywhere I wanted. “What’s the catch?” I’d been around vampires too long not to look for the secret out they worked into their deals.

“If you fail to complete your task or if you decide to ditch and run, I still have the collar and an entire host of bounty hunters to come after you. Trust me, they will come in force. You might spend the rest of your life running, no matter how short that time might be. Then, when you are caught, the collar will go on with a permanent spell. One that can only be broken when you’re dead and your soul crossed over.”

“I knew there was a reason I called you Nasty-Face.” He ignored the off-hand comment even as I tried to examine the deal from all sides. “To clarify, you take off the collar, I’m free to leave. You want me to go to the Baba Yaga and ask her how to undo an impossible turning of a succubus to a vampire? That’s it?”

“I want you to get the solution so we can perform it and undo the unnatural act from having happened.”
There was the rub. “And if there is no solution?”

“I don’t believe there isn’t one. History dictates turning her shouldn’t have been possible in the first place. Thus, if it is possible to turn her, it must be possible to unturn her.”

Gods and Goddesses, I’m going to hate myself for asking the next question. “Point of order. Don’t you die to become a vampire?”

Nasty-Face hesitated. Yeah, I didn’t think he’d considered that angle. “That’s less important than undoing it.”

“Dude, if you don’t care if the succubitch lives or dies, just pound a stake through her heart and call it good.” Really? Could I just shut up for five minutes? If he took me up on that suggestion, I was right back where I started. Of course, in my defense, I hadn’t had any coffee yet. The man didn’t have any coffee handy that I could see, either. Just liquor.

Maybe I should do shots.


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Recently divorced author MacKenzie Dillon has lost her writing mojo. When she inherits her great aunt’s haunted house in Virginia, she is determined to make a new start. The creepy old house provides inspiration but at what cost?
Successful architect and paranormal skeptic Justin Kent returns to Penny Hollow to fulfill his father’s dying wish of revitalizing their small town. To do that, he needs the allegedly haunted estate at Summerfield. Mac, the new owner, may be gorgeous and spunky, but she refuses to sell.
These two have a dangerous history that spans the ages, but will they discover the truth in time to save their lives?

earth-witches-arent-easyHe’s supposed to be dead, but he’s killing again…Nearly a decade ago, hedge witch Chance Monroe’s life irrevocably changed. She survived the attack of a serial killer. His death should have set her free.

When her ex-lover shows up on her porch, Chance isn’t ready to hear Randall Oakes is still alive and less prepared for the sea of emotion swamping her. One man wants her dead and the other just wants her. When the FBI offers protective custody, Chance refuses. Connected to the earth, Chance must rely on her supernatural senses and her wits to survive this game of cat and mouse.

In the farm rich countryside of her native Northern Virginia, Chance confronts her troubled past, a supernatural adversary and a sizzling passion that’s lain dormant for years….

This time, she will teach her hunter a lesson: earth witches aren’t easy targets…

Urban fantasy. Previously published as Prime Evil, but has undergone significant rewrite and editing.


Heather Long   Heather Long

National bestselling author, Heather Long, likes long walks in the park, science fiction, superheroes, Marines, and men who aren’t douche bags. Her books are filled with heroes and heroines tangled in romance as hot as Texas in the summertime.

From paranormal historical westerns to contemporary military romance, Heather might switch genres, but one thing is true in all of her stories–her characters drive the books.

When she’s not wrangling her menagerie of animals, she devotes her time to family and friends she considers family. She believes if you like your heroes so real you could lick the grit off their chest, and your heroines so likable, you’re sure you’ve been friends with women just like them, you’ll enjoy her worlds as much as she does.

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Cover Reveal For Liz Crowe’s Love and Lagers: Releasing Nov 1



Title: Love & Lagers
Series: Hot Seals Kindle World Novella
Author: Liz Crowe
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Drue Hoffman
Release Date: November 1, 2016


When the founders of the Guardian Angel Protection Service realize the success of their business requires the assistance of an organizational pro, they hire one of the first applicants for the job. Lainey Jackson gets straight to work, while managing to avoid personal interactions with any of the powerful men around her. She spends her days helping GAPs get organized and her evenings cooking, and dreaming of the day she can run her own restaurant.

Owen Taylor believed he’d lost everything when he witnessed the violent death of his life-long friend and fellow Marine in Iraq. Determined to single-handedly extract revenge, he signed on for two more tours, only to lose his leg in night raid. As he struggles with his urge to lash out at the hand fate has dealt him, he takes an I.T. job with GAPs in Virginia.

After admiring the extremely hot, but mostly silent new employee for several weeks, Lainey discovers a connection with Owen that shocks and pleases them both. By the time he can admit his feelings for her, he and his fellow GAPs agents are forced to take action when the dangerous secret she’s been running from catches up with her.



a Rafflecopter giveaway


Amazon best-selling author, mom of three, Realtor, beer blogger, brewery marketing expert, and soccer fan, Liz Crowe is a Kentucky native and graduate of the University of Louisville currently living in Ann Arbor. She has decades of experience in sales and fund raising, plus an eight-year stint as a three-continent, ex-pat trailing spouse.

Her early forays into the publishing world led to a groundbreaking fiction subgenre, “Romance Worth the Risk,” which has gained thousands of fans and followers interested less in the “HEA” and more in the “WHA” (“What Happens After?”).

With stories set in the not-so-common worlds of breweries, on the soccer pitch, in successful real estate offices and at times in exotic locales like Istanbul, Turkey, her books are unique and told with a fresh voice. The Liz Crowe backlist has something for any reader seeking complex storylines with humor and complete casts of characters that will delight, frustrate and linger in the imagination long after the book is finished.

Don’t ever ask her for anything “like a Budweiser” or risk bodily injury.



Join Next Step PR as we celebrate the release of

Love & Lagers by participating in the Release Blitz!

Sign up closes on October 28th.

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My Review of Rebecca Royce’s Crashing into Destiny – Wings of Artemis Book 3


Crashing into Destiny
Wings of Artemis Book 3
Rebecca Royce



When one man can’t steal her heart. She gives it to five of them.

Restless and uncertain, Diana Mallory has no idea what path in life she wants to take. Unable to choose between marriage, pursuing a career, or spending her life praying with the Sisters of the Universe, Diana struggles with the course of her future. But when she’s thrown through a black hole, her choices all vanish. Suddenly, her only focus is surviving life on the ice planet.

Life on a strange planet isn’t as it seems. With five men vying for her heart and body, Diana grapples with her feelings for each of them. Each man stirs feelings and desire within her–a yearning she’s never known before. Although the men were not prepared for the woman who crashed into their lives, they’ll do anything for her–even share her. Now it’s up to Diana to embrace the beauty and love that each of them provide, while learning that the universe doesn’t believe in happy endings. Can the men find a way to love her and still protect her from the danger lurking outside the galaxy?

**Reverse Harem, Intense**


KindleLogo Barnes and Noble logo_150 ibooks-logo-150x150KoboLogogoogle_play_logo_002_002 AreLogo


This book opens with Diana in her early twenties. She is out near the black hole checking the remote alert beacons with her brother Asher when all hell breaks loose. Securing her brother in the only working pod she sends him off home. Calling home to alert them while trying to push into the black hole. Her engines fail from the attack before she can accomplish that goal. Under her Uncle Wes’s direction she sets off the only bomb on board to propel her into the black hole. Only the Cartel ship fires towards her and the entrance to the hole closes and she and winds up pulled through the black hole to the other side.

She set the Artemis down on a remote ice planet named Orion to wait for her family to come get her. With the Artemis cloaked she was invisible to the five humans that resided in a large pod and also from the zombie like creatures that roamed this ice-planet. All was peaceful while she worked and waited, that is until her fire alarm went off. Then everything changed.

Now inside the pod with the five men she had only observed from a distance she finds herself looking at them differently, they attracted her as no one ever had before. Once they got over the initial you almost died and didn’t report her to their corporation. We kind of settle in to getting to know these guys and Diana. A favorite scene is when they have a meeting with her after discovering she really wants all of them.

“If you’re serious about this, then there are conditions. Otherwise I get in the machine, and we’ll all put this to rest.” I steepled my fingers. This was hard. I didn’t like telling people what to do. If I didn’t, they’d all break apart. I was going to leave them. They couldn’t be destroyed when I did.Judge blinked. “Conditions?”

“That’s right. I know how these things work. This was how I was raised. I’ve seen where it works, and I’ve seen how it doesn’t. My family worked beautifully.” At least as far as marriage went. “As far as I can tell, the way that multiple men can share one woman and not ultimately destroy each other with aggression and anger is: I’m in charge. I’ll try to do what you want. Be there for all of you. Ultimately, I say yes; I say no. Or I walk away, and I’m done with it. Might seem cruel. I know that. What would be worse for me, for all of you, would be to end the years of friendship that the five of you share. You can’t fight over me. That’s my first rule. The most important one.

Do this, and you’ll survive this, whether it works or it doesn’t. Second rule. Damian, you want to know why Cooper Jackson travelled across the universe, leaving his royal family and everything he knew? Because my mom wanted to. He doesn’t take orders from anyone. Except her.”

I wanted to throw up. I waited for a response. I’d clearly stunned them into silence. “Why don’t you all think about it?” And since I still had to be me even though I was pretending to be mother, I had to add more. I wasn’t good at pretending. “I don’t like giving rules. I’m not good at it. I hate it, in fact. I’ll go. Back to my ship. I’ll wait.”

“Hold on.” Damian rubbed his eyes. “Please.”

I let out the breath I’d sucked in. “Okay.”

“I … I understand what you’re saying and maybe even what you’re not. I am personally willing to try. Some of these other guys take time to process. That’s fine. We’re not in a rush. The medicine the US has been giving us is, according to Cash, going to take a long time to run its course. He doesn’t know exactly how long because no one quits taking it.”

Cash interrupted, “It will go away. The chemistry indicates it. It’s the timing I’m unsure of. Or exactly what the withdrawal will be like.”

Damian finished. “Right. We’ll feel the initial signals of it going away long before it’s actually gone. I think that might be a good thing. We can get to know each other, without the sex, and see how this goes. If we like it. Without the physical getting in the way of the whole thing.”

“Let me know when you all decide. I’ll be on my ship.” Judge lifted a hand. “My turn to hold you off.”

I took a deep breath. “Sure.”

“I think right off the bat we need to, or you need to, make a sleep schedule. Sterling and Damian have both gotten to sleep with you. I want a turn. I imagine Lewis and Cash do, too. Can we do that? Even before sex?”

I actually liked the company in bed. “I’m fine with you making the schedule. I guess it could be the first test to see if you can manage not to fight.”

I was making this up as I went along. Damian stared at Judge. “Would you like to go tonight? Have your turn? Unless you need to think on this.”

Judge put his hands out in front of him. “I’m a yes.”

“I think you need to all be agreed before we sign onto this. I don’t want to presume I …”

Sterling interrupted. They were hardly letting each other get a word in edgewise. “I’m a yes. Cash?”

“Yes.” He looked at Lewis. “Well?”

“I’m a yes.”

And just like that, plans were made.

I hoped I could be the woman I had to be to make this work. Otherwise we were royally screwed.
Royce, Rebecca. Crashing Into Destiny (Wings of Artemis Book 3) (Kindle Locations 1397-1426).Kindle Edition.

From here we get to know all of them in depth, but you know it all can’t go smoothly. The sex is phenomenal and the love that grows is strong. When the impossible happens the story just gets more intense.

I couldn’t put this book down, I really hope Rebecca writes more of this series. I’d really love to see more of Diana’s family.

5 Contented Purrs for Rebecca!


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