ARC Review of Hidden – McKenzie Ridge #2 by Stephanie St Klaire

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McKenzie Ridge #2
Stephanie St. Klaire

Summer Blurb

Firefighter Colton Sparks is beautiful, brawny, and lonely. A total man’s man with testosterone driven tendencies smothered in a tough guy exterior. He’s every woman’s dream; they just aren’t his. A die-hard romantic, Colton is looking for a Hallmark happily ever after, but finding Mrs. Right has been as fruitful as playing the lottery. It’s no secret that he dreams of white picket fences, finding love, and having a family. He has the white picket fence…he just needs her.

When a beautiful woman comes to town, he begins to wonder if he has finally found her? Megan Johnson is stunning with a regal quality that doesn’t live in small mountain towns, and a mystery that has him intrigued. She also happens to be his neighbor.

Megan thought McKenzie Ridge was the perfect place to settle…for now. It was the polar opposite of the glamorous life she abruptly abandoned. Small town living was anything but simple; it was damned hard! Gone were her days of fancy make-up, and designer clothes. Here were the days of flannel, fur lined boots, and becoming Megan Johnson.

As things start to heat up and fall into place with the handsome firefighter next door, her past flashes its depraved and wrathful face. Can she stay in McKenzie and fight her demons, or will her secrets leave her alone and on the run?

Is there a happily ever after for Colton and Megan, or is love a deadly game of chance?

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Available tomorrow 6/30/2016

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Summer My Review

Megan is happy, she has a new business that is flourishing in the small town of McKenzie. She met Colton at a friend’s wedding and felt an immediate attraction to him, but needs to stay away from him because she is sure he can steal her heart and she couldn’t do that to him. She can’t do that to anyone, it was too dangerous.

Colton, is a hunky firefighter/paramedic who adopts animals that are considered unwanted, thus he has an unusual menagerie. He too felt that attraction at the wedding and has wanted to get to know his elusive neighbor better.
He gets the opportunity in a unique way, she was being “attacked” by a flock of geese that contained one duck. Mainly for the bag of bread hanging from her back pocket. One of my favorite scenes is in the aftermath of this attack as Megan meets more of his pets.

Colton recognized that he had been holding Megan’s arm, and now hand, for some time. The realization spread quickly and they both found themselves speechless and unable to let go. The silence between them was deafening and their locked eyes were creating a sweat worthy heat that was laced in undeniable desire. The spell was broken when a large German Shepherd entered the room and sat in from of Megan, holding a mewing kitten by the nape of its neck, in his mouth.

She jumped startled by yet another animal and stated the obvious, “That’s not Nancy! Oh my God, it’s eating a kitten!! Do something!!! Oh no, where’s his other leg?” She shouted as she leaned back in her chair attempting to distance herself form the cat-eating monster.

Colton laughed again, finding her antics amusing. She clearly had little to no experience with animals.

“That’s Duke. He only has three legs but it doesn’t slow him down.”
Hidden. Kindle Location 245-252.Kindle Edition.

There is lots of laughter as she meets the whole of the menagerie. Her and her nephew both have been enthralled by the animals. Now Megan is trying not so very hard to stay away from him. Even more so as her past starts sneaking up on her.

This book kept me guessing at what her problem was, leaving me more than a little surprised when the truth came out. Suspense was high throughout the book, growing with each chapter. The relationship between Megan and Colton starts at a slow simmer and the heat just kept getting turned higher and higher. Lots of great characters in this story to continue to build on. I look forward to reading Rescued, and the next in this series.

There were some editing errors most of which can be excused for an ARC. However, this repetition kicked me out of the story for a bit:
The tables were lined with big baskets of fresh sweet rolls and farm fresh butter. Simple, but plentiful and absolutely delicious.
The tables were lined with metal pitchers of iced water and clear glass pitchers of sweet tea to accommodate the two glasses set at each place setting.


4 Contented Purrs for Stephanie and a Hiss for editing!

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Summer About the Author

Stephanie St Klaire  Stephanie St. Klaire

Stephanie St. Klaire debuted as an author in 2016 with her McKenzie Ridge Series. Rescued, released in March of 2016 as the first book in a five book series, launched her writing career. Stephanie is a Pacific Northwest native currently living in Oregon with her husband, five children, and two ferocious lap dogs.

As a writer, Stephanie brings realistic circumstances to the pages, and fills them with real emotion, reactions, and outcomes. Her characters are passionate, have bold personalities, and full of life. She writes happily ever after’s, with plenty of twists, turns, drama, and of course, steamy romance.

Stephanie has always been a story teller, with the gift of “gab”. With a life-long goal to be a writer, unfortunate circumstances with her health, finally afforded her the time to do so. Irony at its best, she began writing her first novel at an adverse time, to escape her circumstance and explore the stories in her imagination for relief. She is happy to share those stories with her readers, and bring a little fun, entertainment, and of course smexy characters to the pages.

Follow Stephanie St. Klaire on Social media to learn more about her, and to keep up with her work.

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My Review of Brave are the Lonely by Heather Long – Fevered Hearts #2


Brave Are The Lonely
Fevered Hearts #2
Heather Long


Summer Blurb

Set in the 1850s, Fevered Hearts is an epic saga…

When the spirit fever struck a town, a village or an outpost, it left few if any survivors. The white man blamed the Indian saying they used their mojo on them. The Indians blamed the white man for angering the spirits. The survivors knew it didn’t matter. The Fevered were forever changed.

When death seemed preferable…

Mourning his mate drove fevered wolf shifter Cody out of Texas, but a brother’s need drags him back from the brink.

…and good deeds never go unpunished…

Gypsy princess Mariska only wants to protect her people and her freedom, but a dangerous choice puts her on a collision course with an angry wolf.

…the best thing that could happen to him…

When Cody touches Mariska, his wolf cannot escape the hunger that fills him. For Mariska, Cody’s touch brings her a pleasure she never imagined, but is it enough to heal his fractured soul?

…was the last thing he expected.

As danger stalks all three of them, they must confront who they are or risk losing Cody forever.

His wolf. His woman. His way.

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Summer My Review

You shouldn’t be surprised that I am reviewing this so quickly. After all I did stay up late to finish up book 1 and start this one. We met all our main characters in Marshal of Hel Dorado, so now we get to know another couple of them up close and personal.

After Scarlett and Sam’s wedding, Kid the youngest of the Kane siblings sneaks off. Frustrated with his father’s expectations and his lack of meeting them, he rides off heading west and just away. Another wedding guest is planning to run as well, although not for the sake of getting away. Cody is a wolf shifter, that is his gift/curse. His wolf had decided a long time ago that Scarlett was his mate, but that wasn’t a mutual thing between Cody and his wolf. Cody loves Scarlett as his sister and nothing more, now she is happily married to Sam. His wolf is mourning the loss of his mate and wants to die from the rejection. As Cody sets off for the wilderness he scents Kid, and senses he needs their support, companionship or something. Kid’s need changes the path they were going to take.

Traveling through the wilderness can be a bit boring but Kid definitely livens things up for Cody. His visits into towns more often than not include more than just supplies. But the most exciting one came as Kid goes to gather supplies before they headed into the Mountain passes. This involves saving a virgin from her fate in a brothel and helping the other girl with her. This is a favorite scene.

“Well, I’ll be damned.”

“Not yet,” Cody growled. “But the night’s young.”

His whore escort pushed at the door and Kid opened it wider. Cody caught sight of one woman, nude on the bed lazy with satisfaction and stinking of Kid, and a second woman sitting huddled on the far side still dressed. She smelled of terror, not sex.

Kid followed his look and scowled. “Leave her alone. She’s terrified enough as it is.”
Biting back a scathing comment, Cody lifted his brows. “Get dressed.”

“Fine, but we need to take her with us.”

“What?” Cody’s wasn’t the only one to give voice to that question. The girl that had to be Delilah went pale. Kid jerked away from him and did the damndest thing, bare ass naked, his cock hanging damp and used between his thighs, he walked over to kneel in front of the woman.

The whore on the bed and Cody’s escort turned, like little moths following a candle, to watch him. Kid gathered Delilah’s hands in his, careful to keep his nude body from touching her anywhere else.

Though his voice was pitched low, Cody had no trouble hearing him. The violence below was escalating, bottles smashed, tables were being overturned and the steady thump of fist on flesh. Across the hall, a door opened but Cody shook his head at the woman peeking out and she shut the door quickly.

“Delilah,” Kid’s low voice was smooth, silky and relaxed. “You don’t belong here. You don’t want to trade yourself for gold and you don’t have to. Let me help you. I can send you somewhere you can be safe.”

Was the Kane boy serious? Cody sighed, but the wolf’s rage seemed to quiet under Kid’s words. Delilah relaxed, color flushing her pale cheeks.

“I promise you, no one will touch you. I’ll get you out of here and you’ll be safe. You can start fresh, no questions.”

A clomp on the stairs jolted Cody into the room. He shut the door and glared at Kid. Whatever spell he was working on the girl worked because she was nodding her head. Kid rose and grabbed his clothes.

“How many are coming?” That question he threw at Cody.

“Three, maybe more. Some trapper wants her virginity and since it’s still intact and you just told her it would stay that way, we’re going to have to get her out without being seen.”

“We can do that.” The whore on the bed scooted off and grabbed her own clothes. She dressed faster than Kid did. “Simone, can you hold them off?”

As fast as the first whore dressed, Simone shrugged off her own clothes. “Yes.”

Nudity wasn’t something that fascinated Cody, but the shucking of clothes on and off verged on the absurd. Until ‘Simone’ pointed at him.


“Excuse me?” The wolf rallied at the command.

“She wants them to think you two have the room,” Kid explained jerking on his boots, before securing his gun belt.

“I’m not fucking her.” Cody spit the words out.

“You’re damn right you’re not fucking me,” Simone snapped back. “You haven’t paid for it, but you have to have some clothes off or it won’t work.”

Cody scowled.

“Cody,” Kid stepped between him and the lean built whore with her too small breasts and their erect little nipples. She stank of another man. It had been bad enough that she rubbed that stench on him in the first place, now they wanted him to get naked with her.

Show or no show, he’d rather go join the brawl.

“Please. Help me help the girl.” The request cooled the anger raging in the wolf. He looked at the terrified girl with her exotically dark eyes and thick black hair. She was innocent. She smelled of female. Hurt, scared and lonely female.

The wolf relented.
Brave Are the Lonely (Fevered Hearts #2) (pp. 40-41).Kindle Edition.

Those ladies are sent escorted to Dorado and the boys travel onward toward California. Then our tale takes a major turn as we meet our leading lady, a dark haired gypsy named Mariska, now Cody and his wolf will have some major decisions to make. We also get our first real look at the elusive Wyatt the eldest of the fevered.

This is in no way your typical Western romance. I laughed, I cried and breathed more than one sigh of relief. Once again I stayed up way past my bedtime and started the next book in the series Micah and Mrs. Miller.

5 Contented Purrs for Heather!

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Wanted Fevered or Alive 6  Wild and fevered 7  The Quick and the Fevered 7  Coming soon


Heather Long




Heather Long




National bestselling author, Heather Long, likes long walks in the park, science fiction, superheroes, Marines, and men who aren’t douche bags. Her books are filled with heroes and heroines tangled in romance as hot as Texas in the summertime.

From paranormal historical westerns to contemporary military romance, Heather might switch genres, but one thing is true in all of her stories–her characters drive the books.

When she’s not wrangling her menagerie of animals, she devotes her time to family and friends she considers family. She believes if you like your heroes so real you could lick the grit off their chest, and your heroines so likable, you’re sure you’ve been friends with women just like them, you’ll enjoy her worlds as much as she does.

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My Review of Bound – A True Desires Novel by Sasha White

Bound Cover

A True Desires Novel
Sasha White


Summer Blurb

The strongest way to be Bound, is by emotion.

Everybody has a dark side. I just never expected mine to come out in my sexuality. But in that quiet time before I drift off to sleep the images that come into my mind shock even me. You see, I’ve always been the good girl. The steady one, the responsible one, but ever since I set eyes on Joe Carson, the dreams have turned into urges… a restlessness I can’t resist.

So I don’t.

No one is more shocked than me when after putting on a private show of self love for Joe, I tell him I’ll do anything for him… and he holds me to it.

I admit it. I’m an addict.

I’m addicted to the freedom that I find in his arms…and I’m worried it might cost me the freedom from small town existence I’ve been working towards my whole life.

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Summer My Review

This book was a gift in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Katie did something she never would have considered before, she put on a little show for the head of casino security from her office in the cash cage. In the aftermath she ends up making a promise to him. Oh what a promise and oh wow does he deliver on his end.

A favorite scene is when Katie returns from poker with the girls and Joe is waiting for her.
“Where were you?” He stepped closer. So close his breath floated across my cheek and my nipples rubbed against his chest when I sucked in a deep breath.

“I was at Julie’s.” The words were out of my mouth before I could bite them back. “You going to punish me for that?”

“Last chance to back out, Angel”

He trailed a finger gently down my cheek, lingering near the corner of my mouth. “I want you as mine. You said you were mine. I don’t take this lightly and I don’t want you to either, That means punishment, as well as rewards if I think you need them. What I say goes. Are you sure you can handle it? That you can handle me?”

My tongue darted out and sampled the flavor of his skin before I spoke, confident and sure. “I’ve been wanting to handle you for a long time, Joe.”
Sasha White. Bound. Kindle edition. Chapter 5

But not all is as it seems, he is more than he appears and Katie has some plans of her own. Plans that never included a man in the picture. Katie has to deal with some strange feelings when her Mom starts dating a new man. The aftermath of joining a private poker tournament tests Katie’s relationship with Joe, even as he considers a long term relationship with her.

A lively, steamy hot tale. With lust, suspense and so much more. I couldn’t put it down and you won’t be able to either.

5 Contented Purrs for Sasha!

Summer About the Author

Sasha White    Sasha White

Bestselling author Sasha White writes modern erotic fiction with an edge of kink with the occasional foray into paranormal and science-fiction. White has published over thirty stories with publishers such as Kensington Aphrodisia, Berkley Heat, Avon, Black Lace, and Samhain Publishing, and is recognized as one the top authors of the genre.

After over 20 years as a waitress/bartender, Sasha now works full-time as a writer. She’s says “I learned how to build well-developed, realistic characters from exploring cultures, including our own when serving millions of drinks to millions of people. I’ll talk to pretty much anyone, and more importantly, listen to them.”

Pick up one of her stories, and enjoy something White Hot today.

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My Review of Heather Long’s Marshal of Hel Dorado – Fevered Hearts Book 1

Marshal of hel dorado

Marshal of Hel Dorado
Fevered Hearts #1
Heather Long


Summer Blurb

Set in the 1850s, Fevered Hearts is an epic saga…In the shadows of the Old West, that untamed land, live bands of outlaws and outsiders. In a time when fevers could fell whole towns, these few survivors are marked. Marked…and forever changed.

Sam Kane is the oldest brother, the steadfast son and the confident marshal. He’s never met a problem too hot to handle until a gang behind a string of robberies across the territory set their sights on his town. Now with the bank’s gold inexplicably missing from a locked safe, the town hunting the elusive thieves and a passionate redhead with a fiery secret in his jail, Sam has his hands full.

Scarlett Morning Star lived in seclusion in the mountains of West Texas most of her life. She longs for adventure, but with seven very protective older brothers, adventure is hard to come by. When she tags along uninvited on their latest escapade, she is left behind during a bank robbery and finds herself in the custody of the very sexy town marshal.

The town wants to lynch her, the Marshal wants answers and her brothers want her back, can Scarlett keep it together or will her explosive secret burn them all?</strong

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Summer My Review

I don’t know what I was expecting when I picked up this book. I figured a historical western romance. Boy was I wrong and in a very good way!

Heather Long has incorporated the old west with her own unique flare. In this first book of the series we meet the players from the very beginning. By that I mean the original onset of the fever and how those survivors came to be. The interesting fact here is that each of these survivors has a gift or a curse depending on your point of view.

A gang has been robbing banks of gold, gold belonging to the US Army. Marshal Sam Kane is watching the bank from the shadows, his brother, the one they call Kid, is in Sam’s usual spot relaxing as Sam would. This gang would not get away with his town’s gold.

Nothing more than a couple of flashes inside the bank gives away that someone is in the bank. Now the fun begins, as Sam takes into custody a beautiful red-haired thief while the rest of the gang escapes with the gold.

Here is a favorite passage as Kane takes Scarlett to his family’s ranch for her protection. One that had me giggling.
“You should sleep,” Sam said, surprised at the gruff note in his voice. They’d been riding for nearly an hour and it would take at least four more to reach the ranch. The ranch was twenty miles as the crow flew from the town it helped to foster into existence. The Kanes controlled nearly three thousand acres and they’d be on Kane land within the hour, but the bunkhouses, corrals and main house were some distance beyond that.

It was a two hour flat out ride, but nestled in the deep bosom of night, he’d keep Corona’s pace to an easy loping walk avoiding pitfalls, stones and exhaustion. The night was a cool blanket, with a northern breeze ruffling along his neck, occasionally stirring a red lock up to tease his nose.

She smelled of sunshine, horses and something distinctly feminine, without the overwhelming lemon verbena favored by the town girls or the eucalyptus and horse lineament that ranch women often reminded him of. The feminine scent was sweet cakes and fresh baked bread rolled into one.  

“This isn’t the most comfortable way to sleep.” The low hushed response prickled with irritation and just the barest hint of entitlement.

“It’s the best we can do for now, unless you think sleeping at the end of a noose is more to your liking.”

“Could you at least move your gun?” The complaint was more plaintive than vitriolic. “It keeps jabbing me in the back.”

He was glad for the darkness, for it shielded the heat that ruddied his face. That wasn’t his gun. He shifted in the saddle, easing her forward and then back so her bottom nestled on his opposite thigh. She let out a sigh of relief, her body softening and settling against him. The new position teased him with even more of her scent, but kept that sweet bottom from rubbing on his arousal.

He was male and she was definitely attractive, but she was a thief. He tried to tell his body that, but it didn’t care. It was more interested in the soft curves, sweet fresh scent and the little soft sighs she kept making.

“Better?” It went against his nature to ask, but he liked the sound of her voice.
“Yes. Thank you.”

“If you don’t want to sleep. You could answer some questions.” Where the hell had that come from? He’d just wanted her to go to sleep so he could stop tormenting himself and now he wanted to add to his own tension.

Corona nickered and he forced his legs to relax. He didn’t need to accidentally urge the mare into a faster speed. The loping walk kept rubbing his prisoner against him as it was.

She was silent for so long, he wondered if she had fallen asleep. They were leaving the main trailhead, Corona picking her way across the rocks to the downward track that wound through the hills. He knew the moment they crossed onto Kane land.

He always did.

The pressure on his chest lightened, his lungs expanded and even the air tasted sweeter. He took a deep lungful, but it wasn’t just Kane cedar and sage that teased him, but the rich scent of summer raspberries.

“It would depend on the question.” She wasn’t going to make this easy for him. Oddly, that pleased him more than cooperation. He liked the independent fire that blazed in her eyes, the warning snap in her gaze and the temper that sparked when Ryker and his boys burst into the Marshal’s Office. He’d watched her watching them.

It hadn’t been fear clenching her fists.

His little redhead was a fighter.
Marshal of Hel Dorado (Fevered Hearts #1) (pp. 27-30).Kindle Edition.

This couple have much to overcome. The main one being the robbery and the threat of hanging. But also her brothers and his have some interesting conflicts. A page turning read that so engrossed me I stayed up way past my bedtime and then started the next book in the series.

5 Contented Purrs for Heather!

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Heather Long




Heather Long




National bestselling author, Heather Long, likes long walks in the park, science fiction, superheroes, Marines, and men who aren’t douche bags. Her books are filled with heroes and heroines tangled in romance as hot as Texas in the summertime.

From paranormal historical westerns to contemporary military romance, Heather might switch genres, but one thing is true in all of her stories–her characters drive the books.

When she’s not wrangling her menagerie of animals, she devotes her time to family and friends she considers family. She believes if you like your heroes so real you could lick the grit off their chest, and your heroines so likable, you’re sure you’ve been friends with women just like them, you’ll enjoy her worlds as much as she does.

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New From Carrie Ann Ryan – Ink Enduring – Montgomery Ink #5 – Here’s My Review

Ink enduring

Ink Enduring
Montgomery Ink #5
Carrie Ann Ryan


Summer Blurb

The Montgomery Ink series continues with a forbidden love between three friends and a past that they can’t escape.

Jake Gallagher knew from the moment he saw Maya that she was the one for him–it had the same breath-taking intensity as when he’d first set eyes on Border. Only life never turns out the way one plans, and now he’s falling for someone else…or at least he thinks he is.

Maya Montgomery never should have looked past the friendship she already had. Now that she has, she can’t stop thinking about Jake and what he means to her. When a mysterious stranger from Jake’s past shows up at their door, she’s forced to admit that if she doesn’t take the risk of a lifetime, she’ll regret it for the rest of her days.

Border Gentry walked away without a second glance once because of what could happen if he let go, but now he’s back and ready to see what he’s missed. He’s been on the road a long time and has seen things no man should ever see, yet once he rediscovers the broody Jake and meets the inked and fierce Maya, they’re like a balm to his soul and he realizes what path his future should take.

It will take more than sizzling chemistry and a heat that never dies for the three of them to overcome their pasts. And when someone from the outside wants to stand in their way, it’s not only their hearts on the line…but also their lives.

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Summer My Review

I knew this was going to be a very interesting relationship just from the hints in the previous books. I didn’t quite know how Carrie Ann would pull it off, but she definitely did it.

The book starts off with a bang, and progress from there. Maya is irritable and trying really hard to accept that Jake is with Holly. She’s hurting but can’t define it or she would lose her best friend.

Jake thought he could maybe get serious with Holly but if he was truly honest with himself he can’t. He too can’t define it but somehow everyone else can.

Jake and Maya are in love and denying it because of their best friend status. Then Border returns to Denver and damn if all hell doesn’t break lose in more ways than one.

This is a favorite scene from immediately after Maya meets Border and he gets called to work.

Maya stared at him, confusion in her gaze, before leaving him standing alone. She went into the kitchen and flipped off the chili on the stove.

“I’m going to guess this is Border’s since you don’t know how to make chili.”

Jake let out a relieved breath. He could talk about chili. That was a good place to start. “I can cook.”

Maya raised a brow at him, that damn sexy piercing glinting in the light. “I didn’t say you couldn’t. I’m saying you don’t know how to make chili.” She leaned over the stove and inhaled. “Smells good.”

She covered the pot and set it off the burner before leaning back against the counter and folding her arms over her chest.

“So, you going to tell me what just happened? Because I’m confused as hell.”

Jake leaned against the breakfast counter so he was directly across from her but not exactly touching.

“I have no idea what just happened.”

“You’re lying,” Maya said smoothly. “And you know I don’t like liars. So why don’t you tell me what was going on in the kitchen before I showed up. Tell me why your hand is red and Border’s jaw looked like someone had recently hit it. Tell me why you hugged me like you did when I showed up. Why Border kissed each of us. And what you both meant about having us both, or whatever you said when I walked in. How does that sound to you?”
Ink Enduring (Montgomery Ink Book 5) (Kindle Locations 1185-1196). Kindle Edition.

We finally meet Border and learn about his relationship with Jake. How neatly he fits in with Maya becomes a beautifully written ménage. Not saying this relationship was an easy one. I wanted to smack both Jake and Maya at some points. The interruptions when they all got together to talk was both annoying and true to life.

This series just gets better and better, a peak at Alex’s return home and a bit more of Tabby. The whole Montgomery clan. Meeting the Gallagher brothers, and of course the requisite announcements. I really loved this book but I wanted a bit more of Alex and Tabby.

I can’t wait for the next book Ink Exposed!

5 Contented Purrs for Carrie Ann!

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writteninink 7 HiddenInk 8
Summer About the Author

Carrie Ann Ryan Carrie Ann Ryan

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan never thought she’d be a writer. Not really. No, she loved math and science and even went on to graduate school in chemistry. Yes, she read as a kid and devoured teen fiction and Harry Potter, but it wasn’t until someone handed her a romance book in her late teens that she realized that there was something out there just for her. When another author suggested she use the voices in her head for good and not evil, The Redwood Pack and all her other stories were born.Carrie Ann is a bestselling author of over twenty novels and novellas and has so much more on her mind (and on her spreadsheets *grins*) that she isn’t planning on giving up her dream anytime soon.
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Release Celebration And Giveaway – HeartBreakers & Heroes Box Set: 12 Stories, 12 Fabulous Authors!

H&H_BlitzBadge_June 21

Love doesn’t always play by the rules in these twelve sexy HEARTBREAKERS AND HEROES stories about a brotherhood of men bound together by their troubled youth and the mentor who taught them the rules for becoming men of honor. These all new romances from USA Today bestsellers and your favorite contemporary authors are guaranteed to get your heart pounding.



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Summer Giveaway

The wonderful authors of the HEARTBREAKERS AND HEROES Box Set are offering up a fabulous prize during today’s Release Celebration event. One (1) lucky winner will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card! To enter, simply fill out the Rafflecopter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


About the books in the
by USA Today bestseller
Virginia Nelson


Rule: Protect the innocent.
Making people laugh for a living is easy, but when a beautiful stranger needs Aloysius Sutton’s help, he has to find a way to become Jude’s hero.



“When they found you and Mr. Braunberger, you were with the victim,” said the female officer.

“Yes, I ran to his side when I thought he might have been hurt.”

The woman nodded. “I see. Yet you didn’t make a sound or call the police or 911 at that point?”

Shaking her head, Jude twirled her ring. “No, because I wasn’t sure what I saw.”

“I see,” said the woman, jotting something down. Another officer entered the room and whispered something to the male officer.

“Miss Cramer, is it true that you exchanged heated words with Mr. Braunberger earlier today?” he asked.

Spinning the laptop to face her, he played back the security footage of her and Braunberger talking earlier that day. It looked incriminating. But she hadn’t done anything. Surely…

“I’d like to speak to an attorney, please,” she said.
Copyright © 2016 by Virginia Nelson

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by USA Today bestseller
Jennie Marts


Rule: If you love her, don’t let her go.
Solitary cowboy, Trip Turner finally has a chance to correct the mistakes he made when he let the woman he loved walk out of his life twelve years ago. But now that Bre Wilson is back, will he be able to unbreak her heart?


He tried to keep the images of Bre Wilson from flooding his mind, but they were there—hell, they were always there—under the surface, like the ache in a sore tooth. A reminder of the woman he’d never been able to forget.
Copyright © 2016 by Jennie Marts

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Michelle Major


Rule: A real man doesn’t build himself up by tearing someone else down.
Travis Jackson might not be the white knight Hailey Moore needs, but he’ll risk his future to win her heart.


“Here’s what I know, Hailey. I know you deserve to give your heart to a man who wouldn’t be fool enough to let you go.”
Copyright © 2016 by Michelle Major

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Sharla Lovelace


Rule: A real man doesn’t buy respect, he earns it.
Billionaire playboy Jake Jericho thinks he has it all, until one phone call reminds him otherwise. Can one week in disguise reform this trust fund playboy, or will his deception destroy the only real love he’s ever known?


“Feel that?” He pressed her hand to his chest. She felt heat. She felt his heartbeat racing. She felt too much. “That’s me, Harper. That’s my heart going ninety miles an hour just because you’re standing in front of me. I’m still me, regardless of what my name is.”
Copyright © 2016 by Sharla Lovelace

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Carmen Falcone


Rule: Never leave your woman unsatisfied.
Can Stefano and Roxie resist the heat flaring between them or will working together force them to face their rocky past and give them the happily ever after they deserve?


Stefano swallowed. Hard. His new employees talked to him, but it turned into background noise. Moisture evaporated from his throat, and even before his brain named her, his body responded. Roxie Sullivan. Those two words were the blood thrumming through his veins. They were the tight string stretching across his shoulder blades.
Copyright © 2016 by Carmen Falcone

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Codi Gary


Rule: A real man never kisses and tells.
When an A list actor returns to his hometown, old wounds and fresh gossip emerge… along with a second chance at love, if he’s brave enough to stick around.


“I thought you didn’t do it in cars anymore?” He dragged his teeth across her sensitive skin and she gasped, “I guess you’re the exception.”
Copyright © 2016 by Codi Gary

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Christine Glover


Rule: A real man never breaks a woman’s heart.
Can Olympic mountain bike champion Ryder Bennett and his public relations rep Addison Carrington keep things professional between them this time around, or will they risk a sexy scandal for a chance at love?


He lowered his mouth to hers, intending to give her a simple brush across the lips. One that danced on the edge of friendship, and skimmed around the border of his desire and stopped short of leading to more than they could handle. But when they connected, she felt so right and sweet in his arms that all of his good intentions shot into the stratosphere and flew over the Montana mountain range.
Copyright © 2016 by Christine Glover

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Veronica Forand


Rule: A real man always helps someone in need… he may be the only one who does.
A disenchanted police officer must choose between keeping a woman’s affection or keeping her alive.



“If you need anything, holler.”

Holler? He needed to stop acting like she was a contagious disease and make a move.

“Hey,” she hollered.

That got his attention. “Are you okay?”

She smothered her laughter. “I need something.”

“Anything.” He looked like he meant it too. He’d probably run out for ice cream if she asked. Men could be so dense.

“Rocky Road ice cream.” His brows furrowed. Was he thinking of the logistics of buying dessert at one in the morning? Seriously? “Umm. Sure. I think I can go to the 7-11.”

“That would take too long. What about if I just take you instead?”

A flash of hesitation crossed his expression and then he stood. “Me?”

“Yeah. Ice cream would be a bit more satisfying, but I figure you’d do.”

He remained welded to the floor in front of the couch.

Self-doubt crawled back into her conscience. She’d taken a chance and lost. No harm, no foul. “Never mind.”

She retreated toward her bedroom. By the third stair, his hand rested on her hip, causing her to stop and turn.
Copyright © 2016 by Veronica Forand

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T.J. Kline


Rule: A real man never lies, especially to a woman.
Ty Preston ran out on the woman he loved twelve years ago, but now he’s back to prove he’s a changed man. However, Rayne can’t risk getting her heart broken by the cowboy again.


He was so close she could feel his warm breath against her ear and, in spite of how much she wanted to hate him, she leaned back against into him, letting his strength support her, like she always had. Ty had been her rock from the day they’d met. It was instinct for her body to crave his touch, but she knew she had to fight it. His lips brushed the shell of her ear, and a shiver of longing raced down her spine. “I left Saddle Creek for you, Rayne, but I’ve come back for the same reason. I lied when I left. I loved you then, Rayne.” His voice was husky with emotion, making her entire body quiver from the inside. “I’ve never stopped loving you.”
Copyright © 2016 by T.J. Kline

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Jodi Linton


Rule: Love should always be fun.
She’s about to change this playboy’s rule book.


“You wouldn’t happen to have a geeky blow-up doll of a guy who looks like a cross between Chris Hemsworth and PeeWee Herman. With glasses?”
Copyright © 2016 by Jodi Linton

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Heather Long


Rule: A real man always puts his best foot forward…
Zeke always planned to steal her heart, but she left him on base. It’s the bottom of the ninth, and Charity is up to bat. Can she tell her two-all stars the truth or will a foul end her best chance?



Surprise flickered in his blue eyes, and she dropped her gaze to study his very kissable mouth. On that thought, she pushed out of the chair and he let his hand fall away. For a moment, hurt turned down the corners of his mouth and fresh regret stung her. She hadn’t meant to react so badly.

Catching his hand before he could walk away, she searched for the buoyant mood she’d had earlier. “I’m sorry. Maybe I am tired. I didn’t mean to snap. The coffee smells good…care to have a cup and watch me eat one of the cupcakes I made?” They’d been a final surprise of the day, Andie had adored hers but, based on his earlier comment regarding his diet, it hadn’t surprised Charity when he’d declined one of his own.

His tongue swiped over his lower lip. “Watch you eat a cupcake?”
Copyright © 2016 by Heather Long

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Hayson Manning


Rule: A real man never touches the hired help.
Can Savannah teach serial heartbreaker Walker to be domesticated in ten days and convince him that maybe they can have a shot at a ‘them’ or can Walker convince Savannah there can be a ‘them’ on his terms only?



“Savannah, I know you’re checking me out.”

“You’ll need a couple of Sherpas to climb your Mount Everest ego because I was not checking you out.”

He turned and grinned. “I don’t have an issue with you checking me out. I just wondered if you liked the view?”

Well, only a blind nun wouldn’t mind taking in that view.
Copyright © 2016 by Hayson Manning

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Barclay Publicity

My Review of Clinch – Book 2 in The Underground Series by Becca Jameson

The Underground Series
Becca Jameson’s spin-off of her wildly popular series
The Fight Club
featuring those insanely sexy Russian fighters. They long for a good, clean life totally unlike that they lived on the streets of Russia, and left Vegas for the Chicago underground fight scene. But trouble follows them, and they get caught up in some distastefully dirty Russian mob dealings.
Clinch cover Underground book 2

The Underground Series #2

Becca Jameson


Blurb Spring Blog - Copy

Dr. Katie Schwan has no idea what she’s getting into when she rushes to the back of a speakeasy to tend to an injured underground MMA fighter. But the hot Russian guy leading her to his friend has her attention.

Leo Gulin allows the sexy blonde to take his friend to her clinic. He hates that she inadvertently becomes a part of his deep-rooted problems with the Russian mafia. However, he can’t seem to stay away from her, even though she doesn’t need his problems on her doorstep or his dominance in her bedroom.

Months pass before Leo has the balls to ask her out, thinking the threat from the mafia has passed. But he’s wrong. And now Katie’s trapped in his world, and he must keep her safe from the multitude of people following them.

What does the mafia leader want? How can Leo convince Katie to accept him permanently in her bedroom and her life? He must, or risk losing her forever.

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Review Spring Blog - Copy

This is an edgy series involving an evil Russian Mafia king and his son. With his son in jail Grigory Yenin has taken over the Vegas end of his interests. In the process he has neglected his son’s pet project Underground MMA fighting. This has allowed several of his fighters to leave Vegas to start over in Chicago under a much more amicable manager. One who gives a better split in the prize money and who is willing to help them start over.

The problem is Anton is out of prison and wants his fighters back. They are being watched, all of them and not by all good guys.

Katie treated Dmitry after his fight with Joe Manitoba, a fight he was threatened to lose, but didn’t. This occurred after being ditched by her date Mitchell, his main goal was to get his winnings.

Leo was slow to ask Katie out but has been bringing his friends to her clinic for treatment. Some things not bad enough to require medical attention.

Leo can’t resist the doctor and finally asks her out. Here is a favorite scene that had my blood curling.

Anton Yenin leaned back and to the side in his chair to extract the phone from his pocket. He glanced at the caller ID before taking the call. “This better be good, Millings.”

“It is. Dayton and I are at the fight tonight. Mikhail Dudko was just in the ring.”

“Yeah. Is this supposed to shock me? I know you didn’t call to tell me that.”

“No. Leo and Ivan were here too. And not alone.”

“Who were they with?”

“Leo was with that doctor. The one who treated Dmitry about six months ago before he took off. I looked into her. Name’s Kathryn Schwan.”

Anton knew exactly who Dr. Kathryn Schwan was. He’d been keeping an eye on her for months, ever since she became a pet project of Leo’s. Surely the man was fucking her. Not that Anton cared who fucked whom, but he did like to know who Leo was keeping company with.

Millings continued, “And Ivan was with a small pale blonde. Cute. Blue eyes. Ring a bell?”

“Mikhail’s sister?” Anton sat up straighter. He’d assumed for months that Alena was in the country. There was no record of her in Russia. He’d tapped every resource he had over there trying to locate her.

“That’s my assumption. She looks a lot like the girl in the picture you showed me. Older of course. But I’d bet money it’s her.”

Anton leaned back in his chair and smiled. “Excellent. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll arrange for someone to leave a subtle message for our friends. Stir the pot. Keep those assholes on their toes.”
Clinch (The Underground Book 2) (Kindle Locations 824-836). Hartwood Publishing.

Katie has been puzzled over blood results from the sample taken from Dmitry, now having treated Mikhail and seeing the same results. Her curiosity could very well unlock things better left unknown.

Lots of excitement and twists in this one. I loved every page turning minute!

5 Contented Purrs for Becca!!

More Books Spring Blog - Copy

Get Book 1 – Force!

Force Book 1 The Underground

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About the Author Spring Blog

Becca Jameson  Becca Jameson

Becca Jameson currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband, two kids, and the various pets that wander through. After editing for about five years she recently started writing. She is loving the journey, dabbling in various genres.

When not writing or editing she can usually be found taxiing kids to and from their activities, scrapbooking, and reading!

Late at night she can usually be found sequestered in her office creating fantasy with a glass of red wine and a bar of dark chocolate.

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I am deeply saddened by the loss of Author John Tucker


13428397_1063036263770846_4152956358696036151_nJohn Tucker passed away on Monday of a massive myocardial infarction.

He was an erotic author that I enjoyed reading. He hosted parties and take-overs that introduced me to many of the authors I now read. 

He was sweet and funny and always had something to say with an innuendo or three. 

Next week there will be a facebook event to remember his life and his books hosted by the authors he mentored and was friends with. If you enjoy reading Erotic romance please join us to say a final farewell.


Donations in his memory are being collected for Heart and Stroke.

This is part of his bio from Amazon

A life-long Georgia native, John D. Tucker has loved and lost three wives, raised two sons, and has persevered despite being brought up in a wonderfully dysfunctional family. He started writing at the age of 46 instead of suffering through a mid-life crisis, joined the Internet Writers Workshop to hone his craft, and has written a dozen books in five years.

He is a multi-genre author with five psychological thrillers – DIVISIVE, THE FIFTH GAME, MOUSE AND KATT, THE WISDOM OF SOLOMON, AND SPLITS IN THE SKIN). He also has a Celestial Paranormal Series called BEMUSED AND BEDEVILED (TERPSICHORE IN LOVE, THE MARK OF CAIN, and THE SEVENTH SEAL), a young adult Mystery – THE LITTLE GIRL YOU KISS GOODNIGHT, an Adult Contemporary novel – ROMANCING THE FOX – and the Erotica sizzlers TWELVE DOORS TO ECSTASY and TWO DAYS TO PASSION.

A Contemporary Romance titled eTERNALMATES, VERGENE – an Erotic thriller, The Eighth Game (the final book in the Divisive:Rask Trilogy) and a Supernatural Erotic Romance – VIOLETTA’S VOYEUR.

Release Blitz! Giveaway and Review! Skeleton Key Series Book 1 – Royal Enchantment by Lia Davis


Fans of C.S. Lewis’s The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe are sure to fall in love with Lia Davis’ latest fantasy romance novella,


Royal Enchantment

Skeleton Key Series Book 1

Lia Davis


Blurb Spring Blog - Copy

Ava Green has made a name for herself in the real estate world by reconditioning old, historical homes with her partner and friend Jeff. But her newest project, a three-story Victorian in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, promises to be her biggest moneymaker yet. And one she’s undertaking on her own. During her first walk-through of the house, however, she discovers a locked door, and a skeleton key that seems to appear out of nowhere. Unlocking the door, she is transported to a mystical world of fae and mythickal creatures and meets the King of the Morna. The sovereign of the Dark Elves.

King Finn Sylcan has searched for the one who can bring the magick back to his world, Edra, for eons. An old prophecy told of a female of both Dark and Light elven descent, a hybrid both Calim and Morna. It is said she is the only one who can repair the damage the war between the Dark and Light kingdoms caused. But after searching for so long, Finn never dreamed that she’d just show up outside his palace walls. Or that she’d be his mate.

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Giveaway Spring Blog - Copy
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Review Spring Blog - Copy

The Skeleton Key Series is a multi-author series, Lia’s book is the beginning and introduces us to this world. Learn more here Skeleton Key Series Group.

This book was a gift in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Right off the bat I love this world. It didn’t take long to find the key to enter this realm and open the door. I just don’t think I would have been as calm as Ava if my life turned to crap as quickly as hers did. I totally understand why she just wanted to get away after all that. She just had no idea how far she will really get away.

King Finn is the first person she meets on the other side. He is both surprised and shocked to see her. She is the one he has been looking for, the hybrid that the prophesy foretold. Now he has to convince her that she belongs in this world with him.

Ava’s parents had apparently kept a lot of things secret from her. The biggest one they were elves, her father a light prince and her mother a dark princess. Now she is in their realm and has to somehow save it and bring back the magic.

Finn gets his powers from the light and according to him, her magic is both dark and light, so she should be able to draw on either. This is a favorite scene, after an encounter with Finn’s Uncle Quinn who wants his throne.

Kellam spoke from the window. “She’s a Fire Elf.”

Finn studied her for a long moment. “No, I think she’s purely elemental. At least, that would make more sense because she is both Morna and Calim.”

“I still don’t want to believe it, but I can’t explain what happened out there.” She wrapped her arms around her waist, refusing to fall part. Not again. She’d done that once, when her parents died. And she’d vowed to be stronger.

“Come sit. Please.” Finn patted the couch cushion beside him.

With a sigh, she sat. “Why didn’t I have any of these powers before? And what triggered them now?”

“Simply being in this world could have triggered your magick. Like I said before, we are almost powerless in the human realm.” Finn caressed her cheek.

“You burned Quinn, wounded him.” Kellam glanced at her, one side of his mouth lifting in an approving smile.

Ava glanced from Kellam to Finn. “So my parents really were the elf couple that started the war.”

“Yes. I know it more now than ever.” Finn framed her face and pressed his lips to hers.

Desire flooded her in a hot wave. But too soon, he pulled away. “And only my fated mate could share her power with me.”

Her heart slammed to her feet. His fated mate? As in bride. She shook her head. “I don’t think—”

He placed a finger over her lips, stopping her denial. “I will not push you. The choice is yours. But you should know that I’m willing to do anything to make you mine, including seducing you.”
RoyalEnchantment LiaDavis-ARC (Kindle Locations 360-373).

This is a fast paced read, with lots of twists and turns to keep you on your toes. Nothing like trying to get to know someone while others are trying to destroy you both.

5 Contented Purrs for Lia!
I can’t wait to read the next author’s interpretation of this new world.

About the Author Spring Blog

Lia_authorphoto_June2016  Lia Davis

In 2008, Lia Davis ventured into the world of writing and publishing and never looked back. She has published more than twenty books, including the bestselling A Tiger’s Claim, book one in her fan favorite Ashwood Falls series. Her novels feature compassionate yet strong alpha heroes who know how to please their women and her leading ladies are each strong in their own way. No matter what obstacle she throws at them, they come out better in the end.

While writing was initially a way escape from real world drama, Lia now makes her living creating worlds filled with magic, mystery, romance, and adventure so that others can leave real life behind for a few hours at a time.

Lia’s favorite things are spending time with family, traveling, reading, writing, chocolate, coffee, nature and hanging out with her kitties. She and her family live in Northeast Florida battling hurricanes and very humid summers, but it’s her home and she loves it!

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Cowboy Justice 12 Pack: Reviewing One Book At a Time: Cowboy’s Best Shot by Lexi Post

Get your TWELVE Cowboy Lawmen who are so hot it’s criminal. The COWBOY JUSTICE 12-Pack includes fresh novellas by twelve New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors!

Cowboy Justice Cover

Cowboy Justice

Twelve Novellas one Book

12 Bestselling Authors


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Today the Seventh Book in the Collection

Cowboy's Best Shot cover

Cowboy’s Best Shot
Poker Flat Series Book 3
Lexi Post

Blurb Spring Blog - Copy

Cowboy Hunter McKade is former military police who survived two tours overseas, but when he came home, his wife and his life as he knew it, disappeared in an instant. Now a security guard at Poker Flat Nudist Resort, he exists in his dark place, requiring little social interaction – until the night he breaks the barrier that separates him from her. As a former prostitute from a high-end bordello, Adriana Perez loves sex – any kind, anywhere – and her rules are few. Her new bartending job at Poker Flat gives her lots of hospitality opportunities, so why is someone trying to get her fired? Baffled, she gratefully accepts Hunter’s help and protection, and is more than willing to show him her appreciation. But the man has far too much control.

Pushing Hunter beyond his boundaries becomes Adriana’s satisfying distraction. But the evidence against her mounts, and she ignores her gut to take matters into her own hands. Unfortunately, her best shot at fixing this may not be enough to save her job…or her heart.

This is the 3rd book in the Poker Flat series that began with Cowboys Never Fold.


Review Spring Blog - Copy

I love the Poker Flats Series, I love Hunter, he is strong and protective, and Adrianna is funny, sensual and very open in her sexuality.  As this book opens Adrianna finds herself in a bit of a situation. This is one of my favorite scenes.

The impediment brought his rage to the surface. Picking up the stone planter at the edge of the patio, he threw it into the glass, his body coming through after it.

“Hunter!” Adriana’s look of relief was all he needed to see.

He squelched his instinct to put down the enemy first. Holding on to his new reality by a thread, he pulled the switchblade from his back pocket and cut the rope binding Adriana’s hands. Then he faced the two men. “You will leave this resort immediately.”

Keeping his eyes on their surprised faces, he felt Adriana stand up behind him. “Do you want to press charges?”

Before she could answer, the man with the whip raised it and brought it down toward him.

Hunter lunged, grabbing the leather coil at the thong and ripped it out of the Dom’s hands. He wrapped the whip around the man’s neck, cutting off his air supply. “Adriana, do you want to press charges?”

The other man pulled at his arm, trying to loosen his hold as the dominant man struggled to breathe. She stood next to him on his left not saying anything. The need to choke the life from the man took over his brain. He tightened the whip, his gut rejoicing at the gurgling sounds coming from the victim in his hands.

Something soft brushed against his shoulder. He stopped tightening at the movement. Adriana was there, a piece of his new reality. He wasn’t allowed to kill.

“No.” Her emotionless word, spoken softly as she shrugged and moved away, broke through his killing haze.

He released the whip and the man crumpled to the floor. Hunter kept his voice even. “You have one hour to vacate.”
Cowboy Justice 12-Pack (Kindle Locations 12863-12876). Kindle Edition.

This begins a series of incidents all pointing to our lovely bartender. All circumstantial and horribly incriminating. It takes a lot to overcome the things that Adriana has but she has always survived and been better for it. There are things she wants now, but can she have them or is she going to be forced to move on.

Then there is Hunter. Strong, silent and so attracted to Adriana. He doesn’t feel worthy to feel alive, to love again. But he does know Adriana is innocent, he just has to prove it.

I think this book has more tension and unease than any other in this series. A lot going on and so much intrigue, plus lots of that hot sex we’ve come to expect. I can’t wait for the next in this series.

5 Contented Purrs for Lexi!
Note: This book is also available on it’s own.

About the Author Spring Blog

Lexi Post Lexi Post

Lexi Post is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author of erotic romance. She spent years in higher education taking and teaching courses about the classical literature she loved. From Edgar Allan Poe’s short story “The Masque of the Red Death” to Tolstoy’s War and Peace, she’s read, studied, and taught wonderful classics.

But Lexi’s first love is romance novels. In an effort to marry her two first loves, she started writing erotic romance inspired by the classics and found she loved it. From hot paranormals to sizzling cowboys to hunks from out of this world, Lexi provides an erotic experience with a “whole lotta story.”

Lexi is living her own happily ever after with her husband and her cat in Florida. She makes her own ice cream every weekend, loves bright colors, and you will never see her without a hat.

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