Derailed – The Driven World By Anjelica Grace

The Driven World
Anjelica Grace


I want to save the innocent and vulnerable, right the wrongs they’ve faced in their young lives. I strive to give those in our care the love and support they may have never received before.

This mission, my job, brought him to me.

Liam Hayes is the most unexpected, amazing surprise of my life.
He sees me for me, accepts my career, and is just as passionate about saving kids as I am.
He’s perfect.
He’s also hiding something.

I can feel it, but I have no idea what it might be, or what it means for us. I only know whatever it is, it drives him forward, yet seems to hold him back, too.

One child. One case.

It’s what cements our bond. It may also be the one thing that ruins both our lives for good.

When hearts get involved, lines get blurred.
Can we overcome and grow?
Or will our lives be derailed forever?

This book may contain triggers for some people, it deals with domestic abuse and aftermath.

As this story begins, we meet Liam and then Everleigh and get a glimpse of their inner demons. They both have their ways of dealing, Liam by working out or working extra shifts and Everleigh does yoga and has some quiet time on the beach.

Everleigh works for Corporate Cares she, is the lead counselor at the Castle, a home dedicated to the care of orphaned, abused and neglected young girls. That means long hours and sometimes middle of the night calls.

Liam is a firefighter/paramedic, most would see him as a hero, but he doesn’t think so. He gets a big surprise when his lieutenant tells him he would be in the auction at the Firefighter’s Ball.

Although they first meet at a softball game, things don’ really happen until the Auction. Everleigh and her sister attend and without telling Everleigh, Addie bids on and wins the date with Liam. Addie’s crafty and changes things up turning a coffee date into a blind-date with Everleigh instead of herself.

On a professional level they meet up again after Liam and his crew respond to a domestic abuse situation. The little girl, Sky, was unharmed but her mother wasn’t as lucky. Everleigh arrives at the hospital to find Liam with the child. I really loved his interaction with Liam and Sky and how he introduced Everleigh.

Sky becomes a focus in this tale and Liam is very protective of her even though she is officially a resident of the Castle.

That closeness brings him and Everleigh together even more and that relationship just sizzles of the pages. Until Liam royally messes up and puts both their careers on the line.

I couldn’t put this book down.

I hope there will be more in this series.

5 Contented Purrs for Anjelica!

Anjelica Grace

Yes, that’s Anjelica with a ‘J’ not a ‘G’. You can thank her parents for the birth certificate spelling mix up, but it makes for a unique and fun story.

Anyway, Anjelica Grace is a twentysomething Denver native living in the same suburb north of the Mile High City that she grew up in. She’s an avid reader, and blogger, turned Contemporary Romance author that has an affinity for crazy socks, Minions, and candy. But not chocolate.

Family and friends are the most important things in Anjelica’s life, but when she’s not with them, you can find her with a book in hand, writing, or studying hard while she pursues her other career dream of becoming a Child Life Specialist.

Still new to the publishing side of things, Anjelica started her journey off in late 2018 by publishing a short story as a part of a Christmas anthology with a group of amazing authors that helped and encouraged her along the way. Once she dipped her toe into the writing waters, that was it, she knew she couldn’t stop or look back again.

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