Hannaford Prep – The Complete Series by J. Bree

Hannaford Prep
The Complete Series
J. Bree


The most exclusive school in the entire country, Hannaford Preparatory Academy, has offered me a full-ride scholarship and a chance to escape the dangerous streets of Mounts Bay.

The only problem is, no scholarship student has ever made it through freshman year.

None of the rich kids understand the need for survival that runs through my veins, the throne I’ve fought and killed to sit on, and there are more deranged killers stalking me than I can keep count of.

They think the can break me.

They’re wrong.

No one touches the Wolf.

These are not sweet romance books, I think I’ve discovered a blood-thirsty side to myself.
This book was on sale and recommended by a friend so I pick it up. Now I’m totally hooked. I should have just bought it in the Complete Collection to begin with but alas I didn’t do that until today. It’s a great deal!

In book one we meet Eclipse ‘Lips’ Starbright Anderson aka the Wolf. We see how she earns diamonds and the name of Wolf before we even get into the story that happens within the walls of Hannaford Prep.

Attending Hannaford Prep on a full scholarship is what Lips considers her biggest break. It’s her ticket out of Mounts Bay and to a better life. She has every intention of getting a full scholarship to an Ivy League college when the time comes. What she doesn’t expect is the Beaumont family’s unprecedented reaction to her presence.

She fully expected to be snubbed, after all she’s a nobody. The length Avery Beaumont seems to be willing to go to get her to leave is truly over the top as is her control over the others attending here. Avery’s twin Ash pretty much ignores her but the biggest surprise for her is the guy she saw at the courthouse who appears very cozy with them.

Her first class is History and she finds she’s seated next to one Harley Arbour, the courthouse guy. Bringing up seeing him there and listening to his summer ‘antics’ is what initially gets her on Avery’s bad side.

Then there’s the oldest Beaumont sibling, Joseph, ‘Joey’, he starts up with freshman at that first lunch and shows just a bit of his true colors. He’s not a fan of his twin siblings at all.

Then one of the hardest blows, her idol Blaise Morrison from the band Vanth Falling, attends this school and is friends with the twins and Harley. To top it off he’s in her chorus class and even the teacher is gaga over him.

The bullying at this school is over the top, but all the adults just seem to ignore it. The second round of the bullying of Lip’s comes in the form of stealing her bag while she’s in the shower. Then the girls on her floor taking pictures of her as she walks back to her room naked. That of course ends up in the hands of all the guys in the school and now Lips has to deal with the fallout.

This is a favorite scene.

By the time I make it to breakfast on Monday, the photos—yes,photos—of my naked walk have been seen by the entire school. The first guy to approach me about it gets ignored, but the second guy gets a bloody nose. He made the mistake of telling me how much he wanted to watch my tits bounce while he fucked me, and I take note of his name when his friend calls out to him while he slinks away. Spencer Hillsong is a dick.

I don’t get approached after that. I eat breakfast in my usual spot, and there’s a three-chair buffer on every side of me, like no one is willing to risk my violence.

That is until Joseph Beaumont sits across from me again.

“I hope you’re not embarrassed, Mounty. I’m actually impressed with what you’ve got going on under the uniform. I didn’t realize your rack was so big.”

I don’t even glance up at him. I’m reading the last book I need to for Lit for the year, having spent the entire weekend studying like a fiend to keep myself distracted. I hadn’t gone to the dining hall to eat, so I’m starving, and my plate is overflowing with eggs and bacon.

“Aww, don’t be like that, Mounty. Nudes are an everyday thing here at Hannaford. I can show you mine, if you want. I’m quite the photographer.”

I would rather gouge my eyeballs out than see Joey’s dick. I think about telling him that, but it’s more appealing to ignore him until he fucks off.

“Cold shoulder, and I’m trying so hard. You’re a hard girl to befriend. I could deal with Avery for you, you know. Would that win me your trust?” he coos at me.

“No.” I look up at his cold, blue eyes. The color and shape are identical to his siblings, but they don’t feel the same. Looking into Joseph Beaumont’s eyes was like staring into a void.

I get the impression that this boy tortures his siblings for the simple pleasure of it, and I have no interest in being dragged into it. Besides, I was starting to get ideas of what I would do to Avery senior year when graduation came closer and my chances of being expelled were drastically reduced.

I’d destroy that girl.

But I’d do it myself. I wouldn’t hide behind her evil brother.

“She speaks! Are we talking now, or are you insisting on freezing me out?”

“What exactly would you like to talk about, Joseph?” I put down my book and fold my arms. His eyes trace over my chest, and I clench my jaw because I know he’s thinking about the damned photos.

“Call me Joey; my father is Joseph. Let’s talk about my party. We’re going to the edge of the school boundaries, there’s a small woodland area that I’ve made my own. I’ll pick you up after curfew and personally walk you down there, so you don’t run into any trouble.”

I didn’t want to go to the damned party at all. How many of the guys would proposition me there? Would Avery and the boys be there, and would I get drunk and confront her? It was a recipe for disaster. I open my mouth to say so when Harley sits down next to me.

I glance around, but he’s alone.

“What the fuck do you want, degenerate?” Joey sneers at him. Harley looks at him the same way you would look at dog shit you’ve just stepped in. His uniform is crisp and new, so I guess Avery finally wore him down enough for him to replace his older one. He looks hot, but then he always does.

“Lips and I have a chemistry assignment to discuss.” True, but we had already finished the assignment. Neither of us leave things to the last minute.

“Well, fuck off and talk to her about it later. We’re busy.”

A slow smile works its way across Harley’s face, and he starts to eat his eggs. His plate is even bigger than mine. He’s a solid guy, but I get the impression it’s all muscle, so he must spend serious time in the gym. The image of him in a tank and gym shorts flits into my head, and I lock the image down fast. I do not need to get turned on surrounded by these assholes.

“I’m good here. Lips and I are regular desk buddies. She enjoys my company, you know. I don’t have to taunt her to get her to speak to me.”

Joey scowls at him, but I refuse to speak to either of them. Instead I pick my book back up and zone their bullshit out. Joey finally gets up and storms off. Harley doesn’t say a word, just eats his eggs and smells delicious.

“I don’t need rescuing.” I say as I turn the page.

He snorts at me.

“Everyone needs rescuing from Joey Beaumont. You shouldn’t be speaking to him. If he sits here again, get up and walk away.”

“Oh yeah, and what should I do if Avery sits here?”

Harley pauses and then puts his fork down. I watch as his face does a complicated dance before settling into what I think is an attempt at a sincere look.

“I know you won’t believe me, but Avery didn’t set you up, and she definitely didn’t take the photos.”

It’s my turn to snort. I give up on my eggs and start in on my apple instead. I kind of want to vomit thinking about how many people were looking and laughing at the photos. It’s bad enough that I have to put down the apple too.

“Think about it. Plus, I haven’t looked at them. If Joey actually gave a shit about your feelings, he wouldn’t have looked at them either. He’s a snake in the grass.”

No, he’s not in the grass. He’s a snake that’s wrapped around your throat. “You expect me to believe you care about my feelings?”

He pauses shoveling his food into his mouth and says, “Nah. I just don’t find naked photos all that great without consent. I have enough sent to me from willing partners that I don’t feel the need to look at yours.”

That’s…really decent. Like, a really human and empathetic thing to say. I have to fight back tears. This place is making me soft.

I sniff and say, “You’re not missing much. I’m just a scrawny Mounty.”

He laughs, but it’s not as cruel as it usually sounds.
Bree, J. Hannaford Prep: The Complete Series. Kindle Locations (882-931). Kindle Edition.

There’s so much more and Joey accelerates his plans only to be foiled by Lips. The only time it seems Lips gets to enjoy school is during the breaks when all the others leave. She of course stays and gets even more ahead on her studies.

There’s so much and at every turn Lips is battling something. I really love her persistence even when she has to call in the help of her friend Jackal in order to not be kicked out.

I swear I was turning the pages just to see what Lips would have to survive next, there are also some surprises as we learn more about her as the Wolf. The Beaumont family also has some interesting secrets as does Harley. I wonder if Blaine does as well. I know this is to become a reverse harem but only one of these guys has kissed her and they absolutely aren’t romancing her.

I really hope some of these folks get their comeuppance as this series continues.

5 Contented Purrs for J.

At the end of Just Drop Out Lips wins over Avery by saving her from rape. Ash still doesn’t trust her, Harley is now inducted and off limits to anyone, and Blaise still wants to know how she got a better grade than him in Choir. Joey is still escalating, that boy is both dangerous and evil.

We get some insight into the twins Avery and Ash in the prologue of this book, reasons they’re so protective of each other. Then the school year is beginning. Avery and Lips are going to be roommates this year quite the change from last. In fact everything this year is going to be a change.

From her last job before they headed back Lips has cash to be laundered, and Avery has the person to do it. Atticus Crawford, is her go to person and she also has more than a little crush on him. He on the other hand keeps pushing her away. One thing that comes out early is the pool to get Lips in bed is now over a million dollars. No one is ever going to win that pool, Lips isn’t going to ‘sleep’ with anyone at Hannaford Prep, not willingly and certainly never unwillingly. Those are just the cold hard facts.

Lance, a new scholarship student signs up for her tutoring. Ash and Blaise don’t care for that. With the help needs to hopefully please his father, Lips is going to tutor in private. Ash is still very pissed Avery and Lips have become friends.

Harley has been inducted by the Wolf but she’s still keeping him in the dark about all that means.

Avery’s recital has Ash and Blaise keeping their eyes on her, in the meantime Joey has another party. Now Joey thinks he can out smart her, but Lips isn’t having any of it, in fact she doesn’t even have to do anything it just happens. This also leaves Harley with some questions.

This is a favorite scene.

When we make it to the drinks table Harley swipes a bottle of whiskey, holding it up until I nod then he drops my hand to open it and hands it to me. As I take a swig I see Joey’s usual group of flunkies approach us. I roll my eyes at Harley and pass him back the bottle.

“Joey’s waiting for you.”

Harley slings his arm over my shoulders and sneers at Devon. “And he can keep waiting. We’re busy.”

I tell myself I’m not going to enjoy being this close to Harley all night and I also tell myself that I’m shamelessly lying. Harlow looks between the two of us and sneers at me. When she opens her mouth I tug Harley towards the makeshift dance floor and grab the bottle back from him.

“How long should we let the asshole wait for us?” Harley whispers and I smile and pull away from him to dance.

“At least four songs. I haven’t danced in weeks and I don’t have to keep an eye on Avery.”

He grins and pulls my hips back so we’re dancing together and I let the warmth spreading through my limbs turn me into something pliable and fluid. I let go of everything, all the stresses and worries, all the planning and manipulating, everything that I spend every waking moment thinking about. He’s watching my back and I’m protecting his. Harley is surprisingly good at dancing. He manages to walk that fine line between dirty sexy grinding and mindless dry humping. I’m panting like a whore in no time. It would be mortifying but Harley is just as worked up as I am.

By the third song we’d drunk enough of the bottle that I tug Harley away from the music. We need to have enough brains about us to handle Joey but I’m not really worried. Harley is a seasoned drinker and I’m no lightweight, despite my size.

“Let’s get this over with.”

Harley nods and I take the lead further into the woods where I know Joey goes to get high. There’s groups of students already out to play, moaning and grunting following us as we make our way over to Joey’s group. I don’t look around; I don’t want to know who’s doing who.

When we reach the fence line I see two very familiar figures leaning against the wrought iron latticework. Two of the Jackal’s underlings are doing lines with Joey. I freeze before they spot me and Harley steps up to press himself against my back.

“Friends of yours?” he whispers into my ear.

Joey has seriously misjudged who I am.

He looks up and grins at me, all baring teeth and threats. The two Mounts Bay locals notice his attention is elsewhere and look up to me as well. Daniel damn near pisses himself as he scrambles away from Joey but Trenton manages to keep his cool. He meets my eye and dips his head, a sign of respect. His eyes dart over my shoulder and he does the same to Harley. I stare at him with a blank face and I hope Harley follows my lead but I can’t glance back and check. Joey frowns at him and then back at me.

I arch an eyebrow at him but I don’t say a word. He wanted to out me as a gangster, either a whore or a drug dealer. Well, asshole, you guessed wrong.

“This guy bothering you?” Trenton says, jerking a thumb at Joey. His other hand slips behind him and I know he’s gripping a gun shoved into the waistband of his jeans. One word and the eldest Beaumont child catches a bullet between his eyes.

I look at Joey and raise an eyebrow at him. His lip curls into a snarl when he realizes his little reveal has backfired so superbly on him. I don’t think he’s noticed Trenton’s movements but the tension in Harley’s body tells me he has.

“He’s just a guy with too much money and too little respect for how things are done in the real world, boys,” I say and Harley grips my elbow.

Trenton nods as he looks down at his toes. “What’ll it be then? You need me to take care of him?”

Harlow frowns at me and her lip quivers as she takes a step away from Joey. Hmm. She’s more observant than I thought. I stare Joey down even though his eyes burn my skin with their manic fixation.

“I’m here to go to school, not start a war. Head home, boys. Hannaford isn’t the place for you.”

Daniel takes off from the clearing, damn near running towards his car. Trenton hesitates before shaking Harley’s hand and bowing his head at me, respectfully. The entire crowd of students watch in silence as they walk away. When the car starts and peels away Joey speaks.

“Who the fuck are you, Mounty?”

I grin and lift the bottle of whiskey to my lips, “Maybe you should watch yourself until you know, Beaumont. I did warn you.”

Harley sniggers behind me and, after I’ve taken a sip, he grabs the bottle and takes a swig. “Come dance, Mounty. Let’s enjoy the rest of the night.”
Bree, J. Hannaford Prep: The Complete Series (pp. 222-224). Kindle Edition.

There are plenty of twists and turns in this one, and a surprise idiot trying to claim the prize for getting Lips in bed. That was fun to watch and solves the panty mystery in the process.

The other thing that I found amusing is that Lips doesn’t have a clue they all are flirting with her, trying to get her to notice. They have no clue she wants all of them either, even with the Jackal’s threat hanging over her head.

One of the brighter sides is that Joey is graduating and they won’t have to deal with him at school anymore in the next book.

5 Contented Purrs for J.!

This book begins with the Jackal trying a power play, he shows up with Luca and Diarmuid and escorts Lips/Wolf to his car. She knows what he’s trying to do and has already set up a play of her own. He wants to know where she’s staying and there’s no way she’s giving that up. With Luca driving she instructs him to take her to the docks. There she springs a surprise of her own, waiting for her is The Butcher of the Bay. His reputation is notorious and even the Jackal is wary of him. Harley is wondering what the hell he’s gotten himself into.

It’s summer break and the Wolf has jobs lined up to fill her coffers and her time until the others join her. Harley will be first returning in only a couple of weeks after visiting his mom, then Avery, Ash and Blaise will be last since he’s stuck with his parents back east. Blaise returns early with the news he’s been disowned and his parents are having a ‘replacement’ baby to be named Blaire. All their parents are seriously screwed up.

Just to make things even more interesting, the Vulture is dead, The Twelve are in lockdown and the Butcher is now inducted into her little family. here’s a lot of stuff piling up within the Twelve. With The Wolf inducting Harley and proclaiming her independence from the Jackal in all things, the Jackal ups his game and puts out a hit on Harley.

As the school year starts there’s a new addition to the faculty one who is not only clueless but a predator of the female kind. She has her eyes on Harley and that just pisses everyone off. Of course there’s also Annabelle who wants all the guys back for her own agenda.

Then there’s a new player that comes into play. It seems Matteo has contacted someone outside the twelve about Harley and also the twins. Known only as the Devil, if he takes the contracts everyone is gone.

However it’s the breaks from school that are in my opinion the most interesting. Avery’s crush on one Atticus Crawford for one. He’s older and although he has interest, he won’t make a real move until she’s legal. They actually have a dinner date with Ash as a chaperone, a grouchy and protective one who doesn’t like the man at all. There’s also the meeting of the Twelve, and some negotiation to be done. The Jackal is about to see more of the Wolf in full independence mode as she reiterates to him that Harley is hers and attacking him is a betrayal not to her but the Twelve. The way she gets Harley’s inheritance back is quite genius even though it stuns Harley.

It’s after that meeting that things ramp up even more when a box addressed to Lips shows up at the doorway of their hotel room. Illi (the Butcher), is certain it isn’t from the Jackal in retaliation for the things said at the meeting since the contents had been that way for at least three days.

This is a favorite scene.

As the door clicks shut behind him, Avery comes out of the bathroom, her face still a little green, and slumps down next to me, eyeing the color on my cheeks critically. I tuck my arm into hers to distract her and she croaks out, “Fuck margaritas.”

Blaise is still staring between us all like he’s missing something big. I really hope that when he figures it out Avery and I aren’t around.

“I don’t like him.” Ash snaps, and I glance up to find him staring at the door Illi just exited.

Harley shrugs nonchalantly. “He grows on you. Give him time to get under your skin.”

Blaise laughs at them both quietly, like his head is still pounding and his usual raucous laughter wouldn’t be worth the pain. “Well, I don’t have a single fucking issue with the psycho. He doesn’t look at Star’s ass even in those booty shorts, he stabs people without her even having to ask him, and he gets rid of decomposing body parts with a smile. Don’t be a jealous dick and just leave him alone.”

Ash’s eyes flare and he fixes them on me. Fuck, what next? “Oh, Mounty, how could I forget? Your name was on that box.”

I tense up and throw him a stern look. His answering smile is a taunt. Fuck, I should’ve gone with a pleading look, but it’s just not my style.

“Yes, Ash, we’ve just spent the last hour discussing her crazed stalker. Have you suffered some sort of brain damage I’m unaware of?” Avery hisses and he smirks at her.

“I was referring to Lips’ middle name.”

Fuck. I glare at him and Blaise bursts out laughing. Harley looks between them and then frowns at me like this is my fucking fault. Nope, I will not feel bad that he’s practically pouting at me. No. Stay strong, Lips. Fuck.

“Ash, I would appreciate your discretion,” I grit out, overly polite because I don’t want to rage blackout and stab him for digging this hole for me. For the record, it would be justified.

“How does Blaise know it?” Avery asks sweetly, and it’s a total ruse. She might slit my throat while I’m sleeping for not telling her.

“She loves me the most!” Blaise sings and shakes his ass as he heads towards the balcony for a smoke. I stare at his ass for a second too long but, damn, he can move those hips of his.

When I look back at the others Harley is staring at Blaise like he’s planning exactly where he’s going to stab the fucker. I hold out my hands as Avery scowls at me. “He found out while I was off my head on those pain pills you gave me. I made him swear not to tell anyone because it’s fucking embarrassing and I’d rather die than ever hear it said out loud.”

Avery rolls her eyes at my dramatics, but Ash stares at me for a second longer. Something in my eyes makes him shrug. “Fine, I’ll keep it to myself.”

Avery also shrugs and smiles at Harley. “Mounty will tell me when we get home. She loves me the most.”

I squeeze my eyes shut so I don’t have to see his reaction to potentially being the only one not knowing the damn name and snap, “It’s Starbright, okay? My name is Eclipse Starbright Anderson. My mom was high and thought the moon was fucking cool and just ran with it. She didn’t give a fuck about how it would affect me for the rest of my life. Fuck, she couldn’t even stay sober long enough to get through her pregnancy or my birth, for fuck’s sake. Okay? Cool. Glad everyone is on the same fucking page. Where’s the fucking whiskey, I’m going to drink myself to death, or until I forget about it. Whichever happens first.”
Bree, J. Hannaford Prep: The Complete Series (pp. 419-420). Kindle Edition.

All this is just the beginning. Avery has a lot of research to do she needs to get Harley free of the extra work the new teacher has put on him. Annabelle makes a shocking move. More boxes with interesting contents and so much more.

I am really glad this is a completed series cause if I had to wait before reading the next book I might have screamed.

5 Contented Purrs for J.

This book begins right where the last one ended, with the dinner with Senior. It’s as they leave that Avery notices something about the Boar, something she’s going to be researching. The Game is run again and there’s a new member of the Twelve, Harley’s cousin Aodhan is now know as the Stag. The power play he makes at the end of that was interesting but not enough to ally with the Wolf.

This summer they stay at Avery’s ranch, she’s taken great pains to decorate it perfectly to house them all. There’s another meeting of the Twelve, sort of an intro meeting for the Stag. The only thing that the meeting accomplishes is the knowledge the Jackal has invited the Devil into the mix and that he’s even more unstable than before. The Coyote’s girl Viola has information for Lips after the meeting. Avery’s father aka Senior has been in contact with the Jackal. That information pushes Lips to contact the Devil about his purchase.

This is a favorite scene.

I lock myself in my bathroom when we get back to Avery’s ranch.

The mood in the car back was a little better than the way there. The guys all seem to think we’ve won something, that the information I’ve handed over has pushed the Twelve into taking our side. It’s not that easy, and only Avery seems to know that.

The guys all grab their drinks of choice, and head to the pool to drink. Avery waits for five minutes before picking the lock to the bathroom door and joins me with a smirk. Evil dictator, but she’s not the person I’m worried about hearing this conversation.

I can’t put it off for any longer. My hands shake as I hit dial on my phone, turning the speakerphone on so Avery can listen in.

“Morningstar Enterprises, may I ask who’s calling?” It’s a woman’s sultry tone so I’m pretty sure it’s not Morningstar himself.

“The Wolf of Mounts Bay.”

There’s a pause and then she replies, “Please hold.”

Avery gives me a look and I shrug. I had no idea contacting this guy would be so fucking formal but here we are.


I shiver. Ok, yep, he sounds positively fucking terrifying with one damn word. Avery’s face pales but her eyes stay fixed on the screen like she’s memorizing everything that’s going on.

“I’ve heard you were the buyer for Miss Beaumont. Her father was out of line. She’s not for sale, and I’d like to discuss rectifying this… miscommunication.” My voice is flat and steady, thank the sweet lord.

He hums under his breath, then says, “I could be persuaded to let her go. Is she yours?”

“Yes. She’s one of mine. Whatever the cost, I will pay it.”

Avery threads her fingers through mine and I squeeze her hand.

Morningstar replies, “I have some business in the Bay to attend to. I will contact you for a formal meeting then.”

He hangs up and I don’t feel any better; my stomach is heavy like I swallowed a pound of lead.

Why did that feel too easy for me?

I always trust my gut. I’ve honed my instincts for years, growing up the way I did I already could read situations other kids just couldn’t process and once I joined the Twelve it was those instincts that have kept me alive. Retrieving information and removing people from the board is only possible because my gut is always right. Even when it doesn’t make sense and, after that call, I’m sure of two things; Morningstar is planning something, and we have too much on our plates to take him on as well.

Avery clears her throat and says, “There’s something else we need to talk about, Lips. What do you know about your father?”

I startle out of my deep thought and look up at her. I don’t like the look on her face, not one freaking bit.

“Nothing. I’ve never met him. My mom told me he was locked up for drug trafficking and I’ve just… never really thought about him. I have too much other bullshit to deal with.”

Avery nods and cringes just a little. “Is there anyone who would know about him? I checked your birth certificate and the person your mom put on it… doesn’t exist.”

I frown at her. “What do you mean he doesn’t exist?”

She sighs at me and taps away on her phone before handing it to me. I find a file compiled by one of her many, many contacts, and see that every attempt to track down the man my mom listed on my birth certificate has come up with nothing.

For fuck’s sake.

“Why is this relevant? Does it matter who he is? If he’s just some drug addict I’d rather not have another one of those in my life. My mom was bad enough,” I say, but I can’t let go of the phone. Why would she lie? I can feel a headache coming on.

“I hope you’re not angry at me for looking into this, it’s just… the note in the box with Joey’s head, it said blood. The people being targeted are people who have wronged you in some way and the note sounded… protective. The person sending them is protecting you in a really disturbing way.”


Ok, maybe my gut isn’t that great.

I’ve been so caught up on the fact that I kill people for money that it never occurred that maybe someone would kill for me. Outside of my family. I already know the guys would all kill for me, or at the very least severely maim.

“Ok. There’s a few things we could try.” I say, hating the very fucking thought of those things but dealing with the heads could be a quick and easy fix, and once less thing to think of.

Avery smiles at me and says, “I have a guess. It’s a good one, but we’ll see what your… things tell us.”

I stare at her for a second and then it falls together in my brain. I shake my head at her. “The Boar is not my father. There’s no fucking way. For starters, he only moved to the state, like, ten years ago. He’s never given a shit about me.”

Avery smirks at me and stands up, smoothing a hand down her dress and looking freaking perfect in a way I’m still green with envy over. “He said he wouldn’t join the Jackal. He said it was a blood thing. Exact same wording Lips, that’s not a coincidence.”

Bree, J. Hannaford Prep: The Complete Series (pp. 568-569). Kindle Edition.

So many surprises in this book, I won’t spoil them you’ll have to read for yourself. There’s plenty of bloodshed as the Jackal comes completely undone. New alliances, more heads and an ending you don’t want to miss.

Next up is The Butcher of the Bay Parts 1 & 2, I’ve already started them I’m totally addicted to these books

5 Contented Purrs for J. Bree!

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J. Bree

J Bree is a dreamer, writer, mother, farmer, and cat-wrangler.

The order of priorities changes daily. She lives on a small farm in a tiny rural town in Australia that no one has ever heard of.

She spends her days dreaming about all of her book boyfriends, listening to her partner moan about how the wine grapes are growing, and being a snack bitch to her two kids.

If you want to hear more about all things Mounts Bay then join my readers group! There’s a lot of creative ways to dispose of a body in the Bay so come join the fun.

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