The Sword – The Mortal Fates Book 0.2 by J. Bree

The Sword
The Mortal Fates Book 0.2
J. Bree


The high fae are waging a war.

After the witches murdered the king and the queen of the Unseelie Court, the Southern Lands were left without a rightful heir on the throne. The law states I cannot be crowned until I marry my Fates-blessed mate, but the Seer has been clear about what I’m to do.


As a pretender king rules, the War of the Witches rages on, taking no prisoners as my kingdom withers away.

The high faes’ days are numbered, but the Unseelie Court refuses to accept the danger we’re in. Instead, they drink fairy wine and dance their way to our demise. I cannot sit by and watch my people lose themselves to their own delusions of grandeur.

Our enemy may wear finery and dance amongst the Unseelie Court.

Who is involved in the plots to keep me from my throne and brand me a savage beyond repair?

Will I ever find the mate the Fates have promised me?

Or will I remain the Savage Prince, a cold and ruthless sword knowing nothing but bloodshed and ruin?

*The Sword is a MF PNR short-story prequel with material that may be difficult for some readers. It’s recommended for 18+ due to language and sexual situations. It is the prequel to a three-book series coming in 2023.

The prologue of this book shows us a fifteen-year-old prince as he discovers not only maids and guards of Yris castle dead, but also King Silas and Queen Eldris, his parents. One of the dead wore clothing not of this kingdom and had a sigil on his shoulder emitting a magical signal not of this realm.

Chapter one jumps forward 983 years, I guess that’s just a few in Fae years.

Along with his cousins Tyton and Tauron and a party of ten soldiers, he came through a fae door to inspect the kingdom. A king without a crown he believes when Tyton speaks it is the truth of the fates. He needs to find his Fate Blessed Mate to claim his crown and wrest the kingdom from his Uncle who is far too comfortable in his role as Regent.

The Savage Prince also suspects there is treason happening, someone let the witches in to kill his family and he’s going to prove it. He hates witches and he is going to find one alive with the sigil and interrogate them until he knows the truth of it all.

As they travel through the kingdom they see the destruction, death, damaged crops and poverty that plaques the area. Pushing on only because he is required at a ball and wishes to be closer to the fae door in the Auger Mountains. They will camp near the largest forest in the kingdom, the cursed forest, which borders the Lore River.

Everything feels wrong, and they would not be entering the Ravenswyrd forest, but the trees are talking to Tyton. They are mourning, the Favored Children are gone, and will never come back.

The Savage Prince wants to know what they can do, to make the trees happy again. The trees want the Favored Children to return, but Titon has no idea who they might be or where to find them.

Battles and clues, a conversation with the Seer where we learn this Prince’s name, Soren. There’s so much that happens in this book and the realization of just who his Fate Blessed Mate is had me wondering just how all this is going to work out. In the words of the Seer…Patience.

I am trying to be patient for the release of Crown of Oaths and Curses!

5 Contented Purrs for J. Bree!

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J. Bree

J Bree is a dreamer, writer, mother, farmer, and cat-wrangler.

The order of priorities changes daily. She lives on a small farm in a tiny rural town in Australia that no one has ever heard of.

She spends her days dreaming about all of her book boyfriends, listening to her partner moan about how the wine grapes are growing, and being a snack bitch to her two kids.

If you want to hear more about all things Mounts Bay then join my readers group! There’s a lot of creative ways to dispose of a body in the Bay so come join the fun.

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