New From KaLyn Cooper! Rescuing Melina – Guardian Elite Book 3

Rescuing Melina
Guardian Elite Book 3
KaLyn Cooper


Her life is filled with lies and he’s one of them.

When Jacin awoke stateside, he remembered nothing about his escape from the Colombian cartel or his torture. He was sure of only one thing, his love of Melina, his handler. When she disappears, neither bruises nor the CIA will keep him from rescuing her.

Rescuing Melina brings together the Alphas from Susan Stoker’s Delta Force Heroes and the sexy men of KaLyn Cooper’s Guardian Elite series into a romantic suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page.

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This book is the perfect blend of Susan Stokers Delta Force Heroes and Kalyn Cooper’s Guardian Series.

We open with Jacin waking up in a stateside Military hospital, with Melina at his side.

If you read Kalyn’s Black Swan Series, you will remember Melina from Uncaged Love. Melina was Rafe’s handler and helped him and Harper get out of Columbia.

Now being a CIA agent undercover always has risks and Jacin has almost paid the ultimate price. Melina is at his bedside where the doctors are slowly bringing him out of a medically induced coma. Jacin believes that Rafe and her are an item and when she announces she has to return to Washington, they fight. He wanted to stay in the make believe where she was his wife, as all the doctors thought.

She meets Mary at the supermarket, a surprising encounter for us who read both series.
This scene made me cry, it is a favorite.

As the uniformed cashier slid the last item toward the new bag boy, she paused and looked directly into Melina’s eyes and lowered her voice. “Why did you do it? Pay for that other lady’s groceries?”

“I used to be her.” Melina was embarrassed when her voice cracked on the small sentence.

 “Don’t look like you’re her anymore.”

“No, but I’ve never forgotten what it’s like to be hungry.” Melina signed a small plastic screen and pushed her overflowing cart into the parking lot.

“Look, I was told to bring these bags to you.” The first bagger held out the groceries to the woman whose purple streak gleamed in the midday Texan sun.

“Who told you these were mine?”

The teen used that opportunity to shove the bags into the woman’s arms. “That lady.” He pointed toward Melina as he trotted back to the store.

When the woman approached her, arms extended as though to give back the three bags of groceries, she explained, “I believe these are your groceries, not mine.”

Melina shook her head. “No. I’m positive those are yours. The boy had yet to pack them up when you grabbed your bags and left. All I did was insist he catch you.”

Nearly in tears, the woman stood a little straighter as sad brown eyes met Melina’s darker ones. “Thank you. I appreciate this.” She held out her hand. “I’m Mary Weston.”

“Melina Torres.” Staying with that name seemed as good an idea as any.

As they shook hands, Mary explained, “I had to wait for my prescriptions to be filled at the pharmacy across the street so I thought I’d pick up a few things. They’re new medicines, so I don’t know how much my insurance company is going to cover. I wanted to be sure I had enough left for the co-pay.”

Melina wanted to hug her. The young woman was proud, yet willing to accept a gift.
KaLyn Cooper. Rescuing Melina (Kindle Locations 363-378). Kindle Edition.

It’s in this parking lot that things take a turn for the worst. Hold on tight, it just gets tenser, scarier and perfect!

Rafe and Harper, Alex and Kat, the Deltas, specifically Truck all come into play. Of course Jacin won’t be left behind either, injuries and all.

A page turner that will have you laughing and crying and holding your breath.

5 Contented Purrs for KaLyn!

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KaLyn Cooper   KaLyn Cooper

KaLyn Cooper writes romantic suspense based in fact. Twenty-seven years as a military wife has shown her the world and the men and women who protect it every day. Thirty years in PR taught her fact can be stranger than fiction, but leaves it up to the reader to separate truth from imagination. She and her husband live in Tennessee on their micro-plantation filled with gardens, cattle, quail, and a bird dog. When she’s not writing, she’s at the shooting range or on the river.

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