Building Trust – Blossom Ridge Book 3 by Becca Jameson

Building Trust
Blossom Ridge Book 3
USA Today Bestselling Author
Becca Jameson



For the first time in my life, I’m dating a man who rocks my world.
He gives me exactly what I need at the club.
And he’s amazing in bed.
The only problem is this can’t last. We’re too different.
He’s a Daddy. I’m not a Little.
I haven’t even told my friends who he is.
No one knows about us.
I like it that way so when it ends, it won’t be as hard.


For three months I’ve been dating the perfect woman.
I know she thinks we’re not compatible, but she’s wrong.
I give her what she needs when we’re at Surrender.
She gives me what I need when we’re at home.
It’s just that she hasn’t realized it.
At some point I’m going to have to tell her.
I know she’ll panic, but she’s got a Little side.
She can’t see it yet, but she’s mine. Forever.

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Stella has her successful cafe, and she has recommended a couple of her employees to Blossom Ridge. One her former Chef Amy is now head chef and the other Brea who was head housekeeper there. Both of these women found their perfect relationship with Daddy Doms. The thing is Stella isn’t a little she knows and respects that relationship but she’s more into impact play. She’s even kept this relationship secret from her best friend Amy, that changes in a surprising way on a phone call. A call that has Stella rethinking everything.

A few months ago she started dating Walker, he’s a Daddy Dom and she knows it really can’t go further since she’s convinced she’s not a little. The problem is she really doesn’t want this relationship to end. They seem to fit perfectly except for that one undeniable truth.

Walker wants forever with Stella, he sees a side of her she doesn’t. He’s been ‘Daddying’ her from the beginning and maybe it’s time to renegotiate their relationship.

They have a dinner date and dinner ends a bit early as the discussion turns into a deeper conversation. They go to Walker’s home and continue the revelations there.

This is part of that conversation and a favorite scene.

I need to force myself to take this discussion in another direction while we’re renegotiating. “I’m holding you back,” I point out.

He narrows his gaze. “How are you holding me back?”

“Because you haven’t dominated anyone the way you prefer since you started seeing me.” I wince. “At least I assume you haven’t. Maybe I’m wrong.”

Both brows lift high on his head. “I’m not seeing anyone else, if that’s what you’re insinuating. I know we didn’t specifically discuss exclusivity, but I just assumed… Are you dating other people?”

I shake my head. “No. Of course not. I wouldn’t be sleeping with you if I were also dating other men.”

“Me neither.” He grins. “Or women.” I appreciate the way he can keep things light during this intense discussion.

I cup his face. “Let’s not ignore the obvious. You’re a Daddy. I’m not a Little. We can’t keep this up forever. That’s half the reason why I don’t like to talk about us with Amy or any of my other friends. It feels like we live in an odd box that’s made of very thin paper. One of these days there will be a tear and it will all fall apart.”

Walker’s expression is serious, but I continue. “I guess I feel like we’re just playing. It’s not real. As long as I don’t speak of it, I can keep playing in this pretend world where I’m dating this amazingly hot guy who checks off all my boxes and rocks my world in bed. I do all of that while ignoring the fact that you go out of your way to meet my needs and I do nothing to meet yours.”

He shakes his head. “That’s not true.”

“Isn’t it though? You’re not the kind of sadist you force yourself to be so that I get my masochist needs fulfilled about once a week. Do you see me bending over backward to return the favor and submit to you in the way you need?” Now that I’ve said it out loud, it seems even more obvious this isn’t going to work.

“Have I complained?”

I sigh. “No, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t frustrated and close to the breaking point.” I meet his gaze head-on again. “At first I worried you thought you could change me, but it’s been three months, and you’ve never once insinuated you could turn me into someone I’m not.”

He grabs my hand again, pulls it away from his face, and squeezes. “Being a Daddy Dom can look like a whole lot of different things. It’s not always what you picture from watching your friends. Lucy, Leah, Amy, Brea… they have a very specific arrangement with their Daddies. They live in a more permanent role in which their every move is submissive.”

I nod. He’s not telling me something I don’t know.

“Some people have a Daddy/ Little relationship without ever using the words Daddy or Little. Lots of couples do. A lot of D/ s relationships could easily be more Daddy/ Little with a slight tweak of the vocabulary.”

I tip my head to one side. “And?”

He leans forward and kisses me gently before speaking. “I get what I need from our relationship just fine. We just don’t use the terminology that makes you uncomfortable.”

It’s my turn to lift both brows. “How’s that?” I’m almost afraid to hear his answer.

“You’re exhausted after work sometimes, Stella. Emotionally and physically. You often let me take over when I pick you up. Did you not realize it?”

I guess not. I shake my head slowly.

“About half the time we go out, you defer to me. When we stay home at either your place or mine, you nearly always submit to me.”

“I do?”

He chuckles. “Yes, sweetheart. You do. I make suggestions and gently guide you and you follow. Remember last week after your main refrigerator at work broke down and you spent the entire day stressing until it was fixed?”

I nod.

“I picked you up, brought you back here, settled you right here in the corner of the sectional. I took off your shoes, massaged your feet, cooked you comfort food, and held you while we watched some cheesy rom-com before carrying you to my bed and tucking you in.” He lifts his brow.

I wince. All of that happened.

“If you don’t think I got my Daddy fix, you’re sadly mistaken.”


He grins.

“I never looked at it that way. I just thought you were kind.”

He chuckles. “I am kind, sweetie. It’s all part of my Daddy persona. I love when you let me pamper you. I jump at the chance to see you on the nights when you’re the most frazzled and exhausted because then I get to take care of you and you get to rest.”

I stare at him. Shit. He does Daddy me. How did I never notice?

“You look like you’re about to panic.”

I shake my head. “I’m just thinking back on all the times you came to my rescue. I feel like I took advantage of you.”

He shakes his head. “Never. Taking care of you fills my soul. It’s my favorite thing to do.
Becca Jameson. Building Trust (Kindle Locations 381-422). Becca Jameson Publishing.

This is just the beginning as Stella realizes she really does have Little tendancies. She’s questioning a lot and getting answers becomes a priority. It also means open and honest conversation with not only Walker but also Amy.

Walker consults with his best friend Nico who is Brea’s Daddy Dom. From this point it’s all about testing the waters.

I loved the growth of both Walker and Stella, they had lots of obstacles to overcome and it’s both challenging and satisfying for both.

We see characters from the other books in this series so far as well as Roman and Lucy who are the owners of Blossom Ridge. It’s good to see all of them still in love and thriving in their relationships.

There are ups and downs and plenty of kindle melting heat as this relationship blossoms into something that is defined by them and fits their lives.

5 Contented Purrs for Becca!

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Becca Jameson Becca Jameson

Becca Jameson is a USA Today bestselling author of over 100 books. She is most well-known for her Wolf Masters Series, her Fight Club series, and her Club Zodiac series. She currently lives in Houston, Texas, with her husband and Goldendoodle. Two grown kids pop in every once in a while too! She is loving this journey and has dabbled in a variety of genres, including paranormal, sports romance, military, and BDSM.

A total night owl, Becca writes late at night, sequestering herself in her office with a glass of red wine and a bar of dark chocolate, her fingers flying across the keyboard as her characters weave their own stories.

During the day–which never starts before ten in the morning!–she can be found jogging, running errands, or reading in her favorite hammock chair!

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